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Full text of "Oratores Attici Et Quos Sic Vocant Sophistae"

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V • ; • • 

• • * 

















'necnon adversaria 
petri pauli dobree 










Petri Pauli Pobree ad Demosthenem Adversaria 


Index Graecitatis Demosthenefle • • • • 3 

Index Historicus in Demosthenem • • • . ii94 

Index Geographicus in Demosthenem • . . 327 

Index Primorum Orationis 336 

Index Tribuum et CuriarumAtticaram . • • 337 

Galendarium Atticum 339 

Index Festorom Atticis diemm • • « . 340 

Indices Archontum Eponymonim • • • « 341 

Index Rermn Memorabilium 343 

Tabella indicans Consensum Paginarum Demosthenis 
nostri cum Paginis aliarum Editionum Oratoris 

nobiliorom « • • 349 

i'^- . 



-.t «^v>(« k .ilj ii. J. 

/. i A I. '■■'. W W 7 = /. 





N B. HoDO libeH°;^ ^9 ^^T«rsffiis ^ Ep. i^ fhil. eonjUnenteoi]. 

loica prima [Oljnth. I. — I^ibtMii Bp, a4 M<¥ft4l«wi w five 

TOCO Demottbeoica i 

OlyatlHaca pfhua. 

[1] Kfgam,^w\ii ^vc-fjutyntfrni. Vide 
p. 10, 8. 15, 10. etc. nisi forte pertineant 
ad ^hil. I. p. 4^, ^ Qerte oUU^i^ ^ ^. 
- . nei vf^> iroMrm^c iufifM^, referenda 
ad pyi. I. p* 4^, 9-47, 24. 
'p. '9, 7. Recite coi^ert Ulpiaiii^, qaayi- 
f is m^e exDjonat^ Pr 1^> ^« xl^u0-( ^^ — . 
VisprooenMi bs^^^: NDe peoaniis alHegere; 
1^ rea ?gi\9r pmni petunia |fr%xi.of / "Ei?- 
mrd. est' Pro. 3. Is forrau lioo ordipe 
. Olplliiac^s legebat, 3. 1. «. Oi^diiie, yql- 
gato, ot Tidetur, L^bl^nqs Jpre tra^opdq,^ 
ioit. Confer or. tt, oyrr, p. 1^9, 2. An- 
drot. p. 607, 5. 01. t, seenis to be a^speecli 
In opposition to iBab^aa's plan of fiijanceji 
eonpar^ OL II. jf. 26, 21. etc. (Irxi^pf^l. 
nt, f . 9, 60 aod Pf ^5, 3. Pe pro^ose^ 
DO measure bii^set)t, ^at metelj^ bmis wbat 
p)fn sliontd be followed. The. driQ of the 
Apeecli is tp ijiEe tbe oecessitj of dpcisiye 

9, 10. af^<nv biflc Bp|st. I. p. 146^ 4. 

9,' li. iPlalo Protfeg. t. I. p. 246, 18, 
ed. Bekker. (361. H-St.) Mini videt'urii 

— jtoi ll ^ctvnv \iL0ei i!^eTv etv Srt etc. (il 
^hyy^ XaCot, Agara. et ibi Blonjf. tl x&' 
Co<|yaur&n«rtv, F. L. p. 36?, 1.) ^^scl^ities 
Ctes. p. 72, 9. ov ir^yXfyov, ou v^lo^iAai- 
inn d fft^ ^uX4$Mr9(u, /uovoy [^il wv, ai^^<U' 

10, 1. Wflri^<». Vide Oljntb. II. p. 19, 

25. Geterum legati hie a^ Oi7n(bio9i Ol. 
II. ad Thessalo^, elo. 

10^ 5. Speclosa lectio, a^hria^a, 

10, 6. Q. hutrifeiv Avar^n rt ndi-r-, 

to, 9. pe lytitJta? Sol^ol. Hat. p. ^59. 
Plato Prota«. p. 8$9' 4- 9. 

10^10. A<J51»14, 

10, 21. Sfir^rrw ^tq. U^tta^ eadehi s9q- 
tentia de Pfai1» e^ Olyr^biis ag^ens, Airlr 
stocr. 6^6, 19» 

^1, 11. Lege, va^ff:ay^ 
. ^1, 27. Si recte ai^tin|a)t Stekkerct?^ 
oroittendnm erit j r^ *OXwd;{«y, i^ primd 
vo^nerat Valckenerin;^ 

11^ 28. Ad 18, 1. imprimis ^scbnu 
locqa, p. 87;^ 1^. etc. 

12> 2, H|nc Pro, 15. p. 14?8, U. 

12, 4. ttinc Pro. 41. p. 1449,^5, ^!c. 

1^,' 5. Lege onm mar^. voKiv. Nil 
mjnos. ft&Kvf pro v&'KAi. Wesjieliug. ^\ 
MS9. in Diodoro X^I. torn. II. p. 
128, 8., 

12, 9. (J. &r«if ¥42 v%^ — ^al irigl 

T. v. 0?/T(^?ff. 

12, 22. Totnm loenm in usq,^ f^aos Qonr 
Tert^t Aiu;tor Phjl. IV. p. 133, 9.,et«v 

13, 10. «rg^f 2UrtfyT«c onir muW W^» 
vide ad PbU, IV. p, 131,, 12. 

13, 22. Detendnm so;spicor e^y-t ^K ^^ 
constr. 9|9o(Xci, fiA ^aarZfAn, seiisq;^ Ifia^ 
tfie shafl turn oHt. ut "Hippol. 520. ec^ 
Monk, ii^x^^^ M^* f*^ ^y t^^^? (^^1 


O R A T O R E S 



























'necnon adversaria 











Petri Pauli Pobree ad Demosthenem Adversaria 


Index Onecitatis Demosthenett • • . • 3 

Index Historicus in Demosthenem • . • • i94 

Index Geographicus in Demosthenem • « » 327 

Index Primorum Orationis 336 

Index Tribuum et CuriarmnAtticaram • . • 337 

Calendarium Atticum 339 

Index Festorum Atticis dieram • . . . 340 

Indices Archontum Eponymorum • • • • 341 

Index Rerum Memorabilium 343 

Tabella indicans Consensum Paginarum Demosthenis 
nostri cum Paginis aliarum Editionum Oratoris 

nobiliorum ..••««•• 349 

• • • I 

:. '. ;■> ,.n '.;■•'''; 

'1 iti;; . ' / >): I 



wtiv>- vif:.Oii 

1 1 ; i 1. i. I 

/. I ,i /. ■' '<' :i 7 .- /. 




A D V E R S A H I A 


IM Vm* ^* ▼Wrs* edit. Eei^lc.] 

N B. HoDCi libelloiq b A^^erstTiis ^d Ep. i^ Pbil. oopjlinentem]. 
▼000 Demottbenica prima [Olynth. I. — lihaiMi Bp< t4 M(M^Awn hi ( 

Ol^Btbiaea pihoa. 

[1] Argom. ^w\ H ^vff^fxayntjwu Vfde 
p. 10, 8. 15« 10. eto. nisi forte pertioeant 
ad Phil. I. p. 4^, ^. Certe nlUmaj ?. ^ 
' '*ai «rf$} wclhtraini ^uv^/ca«c» reiferenda 
ad Ph^. I. ^ 4^, 9-47, 24* 

p. 9, 7. Reo^te con/ert TJIpianiis, jqaa^i- 

Visprocenyi hjfft: *l)c peconiis alHegere; 
1^ rea agi\qr 9mni petunia ^r^^i^o^ / "E35- 
ord. est' Pro. S. Is for^au boo ordiqe 
Oljnibiac^s legebat, 3. 1. 3. Ovdiiie, ypl- 
gat'o/ot videtar, L9bf9nq8 Jpve tragc^do,^ 
ioit. Confer or. tjt. c^-t'. p. 169, 2. An- 
drot. p. 607,5. 01 L Btem^ to be a^spjeecb 
in opposition to EDifqlai^if [ifan of fipaoce, 
oompar^ 01. II. p. S5t €1. <<tc.(lrxff(/((E- 
v»C,j^^ 9, ^») and p. 15, 3. $fe j^ropose^ 
no measare hii^scir, Lu I inertly hints what 
p)^n shontd be rollowed. The. dri^ 0/ the 
Apeecl^ is to i}icge the necessitj of dpcisiTe 

9, 10. af^t<nv hinc Bpfst. I. p. 146^^ 4. 

9,* li. iPlalo Protag. t. 1. p. 546, 18. 
ed. 6ekker. (361. H.St.) Mini videt'ur'ii 

->ju(« f! ^cnhv \Si0oi tiiriiv Sy Sri etc. (il 
f^ayyh XaCm, Agam. et ibi B)on)f. e{ Xa- 
Cofivftir^yiv, F. L. p. 36?, 1.) ^^scl^ines 
Ctea. p. 72, 9. ov wpouXeyov, ov w§ov(rfifxai; 

fcon ^wa^ v^ofKrna-JifAivai ; 

10, 1. Wfhtidf. Vide Olynth. II. p. 19, 

25. €>eterum legati bio a^O)jn(bi«9; Ol. 
II. ad Thessalo^, elo. 

10^ 5. Speciosa lectio, a^hrtffra, 

10, 6. Q. fifCETfp^y &farfhi>i^ 71 ad^-r-. 

^0, 9. Pe lTfE(x«»c Scbol. pi>t. p. 159. 
Plato Prolan, p. 3$9. 49. 

10^10. A«J51,14, 

10, 21. Sfrr.iff^cv ^tq. Ut^tor eadem 909- 
tentia de Pbi1» e^ OhyrHbiis ag^ens, At^lr 
stocr. 6$6, 19« 

|1, 11. Lege, wagjffrt^ 
. 11, 27. Si recte aiKtin|o}t V^ekkeni^, 
omittendnm erit 6 rBIn \}\\n%w, j^ primd. 
TQ^ner^t Yalckenaeria;^ 

11^ 28. Ad 18, 1. imprimis iEschin. 
I00Q&, p. 87, 13. etc. 

12> 2. Hjnc Pro, 15. p. 14?8, 11. 

12, 4. Hino Pro. 41. p. 1449^25, ^Ic. 

\%', 5. Lege onm marg. noKiif. Nil 
m4nos. ft&Kw pro v&''KnK Wes^eling. e;^ 

MS9. i "■ ■ 

128, 8. 

MS9. in Diodoro ^YI. torn, 

eiing. e^ 
. II. p. 

12, 9. 9, Smrmf ^ m^i — «a2 wEgJ 
T. flr. Q^Jr^ff. ' 

12, 22. Totara loeam in asq^a. ffoos Qon,- 
yertit Aui;tor Phjl. IV. p. 133,^^ 

13, 10. v^Q iveifraq on}, vinUj 9|^S. 
vide ad PM), IV. p. 131., 12. 

13, 22. Delendam snspicor 4y>t Mt« s^ 
constr. HioMek fJth ^ewSfAWif* seusy^s, J fiar 
%a€ shall turn oift. at Hippol. 520. ect 
Monk, ^i^x ^^ M** f*^ '^^ t^^^^ (^^^ 



T. iv «. iff x"^^ satpeota habeo. Vide an 
lint 6 sohouo naU* Omnino Tidt M egalo- 
poi.p.206,26 — «8. 

13, 22. M koKkS p. 105, 1. Retpioit, 
at Tidetor Ii?iii8 III/ 68. p. 322, 19. 
Gron. ^i omnia, a verbis At enim com' 
musitf ra at qae ad orationis finem e De* 
moithene adambravit. Vide Olvoth. III. 
p. 34. PhU. I. fin. Phil. III. p. 127. 

13, 26. Hinc Pro. 21. p. 1432, 22. 
VU% et 40. p. 1449, 2. Hino fortasse et 
aaotor Aristog. n. p. 806, 10. 

14, 1. alriwi) (va-r&r9vs. Prooem. 15. 
p. 1428, 22. 38. p. 1447, 3. 

14, 3 — ^5. Hioc profecit ProoBm. 23. 
p. 1434, i. 

14, 26. tMraoTUuoff^dntai [lui raZr §Thu 
ffTfartantMei'] ual /xlav — Hteo deleoda, at 
nanifestam soholion ad neqnentia. 
15, 10. Lege ex MS. rk vaM' V^jtu 
15,16. Q. transpooeoda, ^Avti ki^'waX 
wSo'a, at Cherson. in 6n. cUi nai veara.'xfi* 
Diphil. Athen. VI. 225. A. ivfCovXov icrrt 
iff ^vatt jm2 woirra^w, 
' 15, 16. Thess. perfidi. p. 657, 25. 

15, 1^. Confer p. 21, 15. 

16, 3. Leptin. p. 472, 2. qnem locam 
•oapieor obserratam esse Sallostio Jag. 

85=^7. VITags. " non isdem artibna im- 
periam — petere -— et gereire, — eto." 
16, 5. Heliodor. Mik* II. p. 75, 19. 

TJh* iirxfideat thf hubm, ^oXib Uirr9c ^^'' 
tZro, Dem. St^h. I. p.* 1123. rikg rSh 

ToS yofu^MT. Lif ios IV, 58. " tantum ab- 
foit at ex iiiooBoiodo alieno sua oocasio 
peteretor.'^. ' 

16, 8. Omnes fere MSS. om. 4rc. Mid. 
581,21. h^fjaXa^, %\ — M^ — hika^. 
Timoer. 743, 24. hibvfvAirrH rl mvi &f 
liti^iri.. Blacartat. 1075. bdvfU(<rdf -r^ t( 
iroT* MM-df . 

[2] 16, 20. Seosus opinor, 9I)mjm fid 
>Ui fxh iruc^, IhAif r J. Vide PhU. III. 
p. 110, 10. Possis, li'fAii'^h, at nnos 
vel doo mssb Vide Proism. 36. p. 1445^ 
25. Plato Eathjd. p. 283. E. (417. Bkr.) 
il fxh &y^oM&rmn h slfrtnr, sTrov h — . li- 
vias VII, 40. p. 662. prop. fin. ** atqae 
in bos — mitior, qaam in vos^ horreo di- 
oere, hostes." 

16, 24. Vide an hino Cioero BTiIon. 
16. fin. p. 860. Gr^v. ** Qaom ille non 
dabitaret aperire qnid cogitarit,vos pole* 
stis dabitare qaid fecerit? ^^ 

17, 4. Coof. Sjmmor. fin. 

Oljtithtaca II. 

[7] p. 18, 1. Cani exordio cf. exord. 
pro Rhod. p. 191, 5, etc. 

18, 2. De deoran| ihnia et fortona 
Athen. snpra pp. 11 — 12. mox p. i^4, 17. 
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p. 1445, 20. 21. p. 1449, 25. uEschtn. 
Ctesiph. p. 6^1. 37. 72, 10. 87. 13. etc. 
Aristoph. Nab. 587. Eapolis apad sch. 
etBergleram. Oljntb.I.p. 11,28. [Cioero 
Milon. 30. p. 924. ed. Graev. " fortana 
P. R. etc."] ^aifimiittq rivig iinoiai hhty/jM, 
F. Up. 423, 13. Fortans mbs gerendos, 
et qase bene ereniunt exseqaenda, Le- 
ptin. 490, 22. 

18, - 10. toCt* ^h o%ovM ain9vt. Vel 
delendnm avrou;, at Phil. I. p. 40, 8. 54, 
24. vel kg. hfAot earn AJdina Taylori. 
Vide R. P. ad Hfec. 1167. ed. nit. 

18, 21. Saspicor e roargine irrepsisse 
u«rl^ TovTMf, adscripta infra pro var. 1. ad 
19, 5. rwr^n oix} ^ — <ibi qaidem ita 
rescribi malim. Sed restant ista, qftSc 
9v^ M,\Sf^, et mox, h/AXv ^' cl^l koKSs 
vtvfixfieu, qaas valde mihi displicent. 

19, 11. XoiJopla) (lUyxM, Vide An- 
drot. p. 600. 

19, 12. Hinc Epi«l. 3. p. 1476, 11. 

19, 17. ^fffXnXudev transitive aocipie- 
bat Aaotor Orat. ad Ep. p. 153, 8. 

20, 20. rS Ira] X'^i^** 

20, 27. [Hat f4Hiflv trraXo-fJka"^ t3 tu^^ou 
Aaotor irf. fir. p. 154, 12. — lUislc. Ind. 

21, 4. Jo. Cbrjsost. in toanoem HoMil. 
29 (28) init. Ov^h rq; akn^tUq <|>«v^drm- 

ovJiif ia-^mm^dv tiav fxu^Uiq vafitmrA' 
cfxari avo-iuHnraf tv^parw n yap ttai 
wret yiynrat, »ai xara^^X ffiutg. Ibid* 
(torn. VIII. p. Ij57. A. ed. Montfaac.) 
T<1 /xtv oZv avBfeijeiva S,vdrra iv^^ara ital 
crabfk xat, xarap^iT nta^w^ M* av6)<kvrat, 
(Indioavit inihi J. A. Jeremie.) 

21, 15. Vide 15. 19. 

23, 14. 'jraftMO-Sai et vafU»^aa-^at oon- 
fasa Aristocr. 6.55, 16. 

23, 15. yiXo»<wTic Valck. Oralt p. 
Xiiaric quodammodo defendit Theopom- . 
pus Athenaei IV. p. 167, C, 

24. 7. rSv iroXfow Hal rZf nev^amm, Q. 
Tvpam^aw. et sic legisse v^detar Aactor 
or. vp. l9r. p. 156, 2. [in marg.JMale. 

24, 14. LiVius IX , 17. prop. init. " for- 
tafta per omnia hnmana, maxirnc In res. 
bellicas, potens." 

24, 17. Athen. rv^n* Ad orat hujus 

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24, 29. Hino vel ex Cherson. p. 99, 
13. profecit Auctor Prooem. 1. p. 1419, 3. 

25, 3. iwip t5v 'exxwhw itxaMv, ma- 
nifesto nata ex Phil. I, p. 40, fin. Mihi 


videtoT faio leg. Muri^ rSnt 'EXkhnn, ibi, v.t. 36, 1. Wfo^lamt* Phil. I. p. 47, 9, 

iauUm, 96, 6. Vide 46, 87. Loons insigiiit 

t5, 18. nni frotovrrafy [o x* &• ^(tX^^vdiy]. ^sofain. F. L. p. 37, 10—34. 
Vido Prooem. 35. p. 1445, 8. 

Olyntbiaca HI. 

[IS] 28, 1. loit. Eecte oapit imitntor, 
Procem. pi. 1419, 21. male 1424, l5. nisi 
consnlto detorsit. 

28, 6. Hinc Pro. 52. p. 1458, 15. etc. 

28, 7. >soy pro iiXv. Ita Phil. I. p. 44, 
19. vXtuffrim, soil. iTvtu. (Aoctor. Phil. 
IV. p. 136, 18. si locas sanus.) 

28, 9. Lege, BouXtuota-^i, 

29, 17. Hino Pro. 1. p. 1419. 10. 
.£spbiiies'Ctes. p. 71, 34. v6rt^» raXnBie 
fToTA; q TO q^io-TOV ixwo-ai ', TaXi]&£C i^oi. ro 
yaP ati nfj^i q^oyqy KsyofAtmv ovruai rhv ff^Xiv 

29, 20. eto. Hino et ex Phil. I. p. 50, 
1. Aaotor Prooem. 21. p. 1432, 5. 

30, 8. Hino Pro. 30. p. 1439, 2'8. lb. 
41. p. 1449, 9. Converse Epist. 2. p. 
1471, 1. ra yk^ fA,h ywifxwet ovk la^i voin- 
cai ytytimT^ai. Leptin. p. 476, 16. tk 
tgyt* rk 'nr^A^ivr la^h ivuihv6§ S^pl^ 
iitfixP^* Soph. Aj. 377-8. Simonides 
apnd Sohol. ibid. 

30, ^9. I«ri»xryai* An resp. Auctor 
Procem. 41. p. 1450, 3 ? 

31, 6. TetftoTW^rai [ra «Er;.-^V^o»fCi0a] 
0j(fi' Snspicor esse e soholio. 

31, 18. a^fjLOTi^wc* mss. f<t&; .^ch. 
Ctes..79, 12. 88,.41. Tutara bono locam 
adanibrasse videtar Livias IV. 35. p. 387, 
12. ed. Gron. 

3^, 7. Towff fo/Aovg [rowToyc] dele. (Vide 
ad F. L. p. 399, 23. 428, 15. sq.) rovrov 
reote del. margo sopra p. 29, 27. Leptin. 
p. 461, 5. Tov yofMv (rovrov) male margo. 
Mid. p. 586, 15. it ordv vra^aQeit f^Q tovc 

32, 12. Sallast. Jagdvtb. 88. ed. Ha- 
▼cro. contalit Victorios V, L. VI. 15. 
Confert Wassioa p» 290. ed. Hav. Tha- 
cjdidem I. 44. ' 11^ 40. ' Demosthenes, 
qoem Doster labens seqailar.' Idem p. 
325. (iSl.Havero.) 

32, nit. Gollatis r. U. lege, it woUfAh- 
€rua» ImIvm — . 

33, 18. adfolaavra iv\ \Syto Brodseos ad 
fior. Here. F. 1391. 

33, 26. Hesiod. Opp. 364-5. C^indari 
Pjth.3.35.) _ . 

. 35, 29. itivif ffa-rcv. An potest accipi 
pr6 ocotmify in as mtick as; for the savie 
reasffn fts^ Oerte argamentom est,. nam 
faciUhnum'eit eUs, Non ergo. Caeteram 
eonfer Prooein. p. 1424, 27. 

33, 29. yh^ etc. snmsit Dionys. Hal. 
t. 6. p. 898, 6. 

34, 7. Maliffl oom msa. (rfiy) tov iroXl- 


[14] 34, 11. iitsx, sablegit auotor/ 
Pbil. IV.p..l33, 10. 

34, 19. qi^it Reisk. at mox p. 35, 20. 
Vide ejos indicem. 

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Pro. 53. p. 1459, 23. 

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Hods. fAH^^ roT; ynnvofAivui vTrif CoX^y jmta- 
X49ra^. Isoorait. 

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Bkr.2.p. 298, 17. 

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' S6, 19. Kat \iifovq, iGscb. Ctes. p. 68, 

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etc. Adde iBsch: Ctes. p. 89, 31. 

37, 10. Plato Gorg. p. 485. E. H. St. 
s=193. Ronth. iXiu^cpov %a\ fjiiyt», %aX Ixa- 
ycy fxriiivvn ^'biy^off^hai* Malim yfavwov 
cam Heindorfio p. 1 30. Vide mo^ p. 486. 
init. (194, 1.) Repub. IV. 425. C. (264» 
Massej) rlXfov %at navuiSv, Q. tamen an . 
defendi possit'2xaydy ex Gorg. 480.. A. 
(109. HeiiTd.) 484. A. (125, 4.) imvSt 
Rep. I. 344. C. 7. 362. C. 

37, 25. va^ei rSv iar^w a-irlcif, Hseo 
fere verba occarrant ProcBm. p. 1459-60. 
Hao allndit Athen. VI. p. 270. B.. vide 
Gataker. A. M. P. IX, p. 499. r.KnBler, 
ad Soid. II. p. 11 B« I^^ds Djonia ett 
LVIII. p. 622. E* ed. 1606* B77. 5. 
Reim. Philemon Slobwi LVlI, 219^ Grut. 
(373,50. Xd^^aymv jyii t^^ lege, 
Xayy(a^obV r ael ri {iytt^ mil). Be * el r 
permatalis Hemst. ad Lucjan. T. I. p. 
287. vel Branok. ad Acbarn, 1177. ^ii n 
pljnth. I, p. 13. 9, 1,^. Piiiilp. I. p, 43, 
i. p. 753, 14. jEftob. F. leg, p. 3^, 15. 
Oljmpiodor. 1175/4. Pbilipp. Ep. p. 
164, 6. cvitiK^tiv^Qii^'FiL^ all "Ti JiAfA^aVin 
Felicianoa. [Male &oIljL4tBtCa£^aub.Alb£* 
naeom IV. 141. D. 5* ohi (uox E. Gl nil 
mutant mas*] Posidippits Slob, GroU p. 
419. etSch^fi^r. id 1. tnBranRkji Gnom. 
p. 279. Soldier, Do chin. p. 302. 417. 

£15] 37, ulL a>.\' fiTTi Tftur» '/ TKV i)ta' 
o^ov ^. V, Ifpsiu^hc'vra. / addc ta, ut Ma- 
galop. p. 2QQ, 14. ^itfa TO IkiifAttiyofAi' 
vav v&¥^ tii^ha^^rv. Adde F.l^g. p. 347j 4, 

39, 26. Ti£f*t. (Id Ph* III. lia. yi^t^} 
Rhod. p*2D0. 

p. 1^. fiOfifcfilJ ADVBIiAARIA 

Phtt^pica Prima. 

p. 40, 1. Biordium. Prooem. 1« p. 43, 16. v#^^ om. iftv. Fil^ i9S4. et 

1418. Adambrator ib. IS. p. 14^. ubi n habebat a prima mana. Lege igitar, 

recte capit rSv iloebirw* 'tiSPi^ f? ti vi^ot, im2 t^ rn; rvynt h/juv 

[23] 40, 6. m^) Sf flroXXAxtc il^xa^-ty ({{ffi^ — lirifiiXou/ui&ciY «a2 rwr.ift^' 

Sm ^r^'-rt^W 6tc. 6b 4!^, !^, itavdt&tJ^ &§} <f«to — u>(^«' /i« ^d rfife; tbirifai^unt to 

9np2 r£v aurSv CovMvo/aivoi. 43, 7. vtpttS^ giik uiederiHuU MHtiitagif V, L. p. 44^ 

fflfUOVTIff etc. 45, 20. KvdfAiV -*- tf nH^aiq ' *Air% Ual fauTo. Mid. 56fJ, 13. JWi yh^ aZ 

lt^, (44i 6'. r? w^vt Co«^ftA)oo*49, l./ttii ToSr^'e mSR. [thjdt p. 5QS. 23- foraan tU 

j?o»i&ik«c — ^^/Af( o^iVii. 44, 24. o^-p*- feg^iidijiii.] nionysiftdof. p. TS04, g°l. khI 

Ift&ttf irti* n^Xdc" jMJ XipTTobSl, rift, lavly j-i^ Tcui-a. Leacrtar, p. 1037^ 4. inrd wi- 

Xiff, — lay lirlTj;X. 45, 12'. iieiTrVKifxaUvi mXin. Arliitug. if. p. B05( 17^- mhI j^i^ ^tS 

t, SMXh: tfr^ ^fpXs«fYcr'rti>-b6'46, 2b. >Fjj<^/- Tffl/&' (iflaliiti Teu^j, Hinc defend i poBSse 

a'fiOit&( nCdX lifia-^, et ^i 24. rjA^i; Ksvkg VidettiT, ^iXX' I'-ripsv; a pud LjjyiiiD p. I^'jT, 

etc. et 53, 8. -^fifia-fM xivoi'. 45; 16. ToyTW 10, — xaftoi itai toy to* i' [rt *a3s( Kdij t* 

^M-rtn, et 4Y.1, i" rr^g/»T»j);oj axoXotJ&sT » -^-TT? ry^ii; — 5eiJ uunn vernm polOj «4i{t« 

53^ 15. flTTflTW /uly i a-'f^ii'fhy,- 46^ 2iR fctJ toDto 11 t* ^Hj tu^^ij hfMf, fiwtf -^ l^ri- 

i*bbc ^oOifitiCa — ol t l^ftit Co' 6$, I'O, tl iAi7,svfxt^af iwJ TOirr* if^fy- (vel il J£*fy*) 

f*h hfidoi tidrayi'KSd't eX6', et 59, 27*. . • • at Cberaon, p. 95, ^4. mu wifj Jr — x«T 

^ 49i ItJ. 5l,22'. ^ffdi^iflSrii? rpiinj Af J<r- #ig* tou^j-wk ^ — etiamsi kite — f^tamii', in* 

flrirtff. 47, 5.fif9rff Iw^^tta? 00 53, 21. ftip- (jittajfi, 1iq& — l^aU. Leg. p'^ 3)312, 28'.^ eu 

•M/ja^fafe o-+f<rtTjy. (vidt 49, 19.) (k,h a)^ Sri — . xat roSr* oT/xaC ist^uv, 

40, 9; 1I >ffijf* T. ** j(f^«i] rk If. Msohinek Ctes; p. 58, 20. «? tcwV-^jwI 
fOi n. eic. EitsijribU Fro* 30, p* ♦cCy yjuiff J^ijfagA*. if em. Iiept5h. p. 4i^i 

1440; B. 9. et 461, 17. Mid'. 56^, 21. 570^ f^. Aa- 

40; 20* [tbTV it^Jfl-tv] auTifrf ftW/A. drot. 596, 16. (599, 21. pro v. I.) 613^ 

40» nli. tsTt ['exxhwx^] ^ma^ify, Omit- 14. (siv'e" 7'53, 18.)* 65)^, 20. 665, 19^ 

tunl pltiriihj PliiL I!, p. 74-, t2. sri^i Tflif 775, 20. . / ^ , 

RKiCi, ubi c conjeotfli^a edidiL Wclf, T«f 40, 1^'. p0 sehtcritia'a'dOf; IT^ ihKl 

'EXX: V. Q- 43, ttlt. &« eit fA,oiQ, xaJ t. Jd*Jf. Le^e 

4t, 2* Hino pr<J. 4:3^ p. 1431, 5, cum mss. Joxet, et foii'&n oa^ av — . 

[?1] 4lj 4. Lege, oTif &y IfAit^ C^hcurh^ 44, 1. liocum paiiUaiu iihinnlaTit Aii- 

41, 9. [ir^iTTKjj qo' <^^ Joo" p. 3B8, cliir^o. 21'. p. 1432, 25. 

«5; 44, 3. irgpXa/ut^. Thncjd. Itt. 3tf. An- 

42i 13. q*xtf3 Ti £, a, ^af^itTF^t, v^\ itsd stoph, Ljsi^t. 1^*39. fieiiidbrf. ad Gbr- 

tA K. ?r. avHXHs<r9** dekndft? giam p. 28. 

43, T. tJvtti ormrti suspkor ex □ILintts 44, 81 S^risps: Jarti/acfa fie^uetint tri- 

prtf (Cedent in aiir^vvtf** fetta reddi ; defuturiscavenduth. An de- 

43, T\ auTi* -jTu^SaSBff&fli. RcUlc. ex Ifeiida Tff vwi ^oii^6i*?"^ut'spilicet*dicatttr 

una Ttii. tf&Toyj i/lfc, ^tiitr^xilC' sed Felic. >^aMAix£^. (Sed defende yu'g. ex OFjutK. 

et ml. apad Au^ti'. aurju'F, i.e. aXXA^aa^. 111. p«30, 8. abi'sl^ad' yvd^n'q' (or'm&m 

dfe qno Welkr. ih p. "241. Vn\ redigereybloisset^dlxissetS^)), lioo toti.) 

ftdHQi. ?tVni.p. tl7S. uhicltal DemoMli. Qdod si' probetiif^ diiBtingDeBJdum erit, 

dc Cftrojifc p* ^1, 12. nLii aL iWiii?i(?LJf. hytta-^at (w yif — . \tyova^iv) ou y«f ay -^ 

ITL 81. p. 316, 6. hi Tbticjd. VllT. 6S\ etc. at de ClassibuB, p. 17^»49^ ^ . 
p, 541 , 10. lege, If* kavrsT^tvtt elo. (tu-roi; 4.^, ^'^V Matllm, ol «r«yT Ifayyii^javfii^ 

teg: Oryiilb. m: Pi 35, S6. NB. j-^fwy ttv' re] v&rp* tv i|tf>ylxXflVTif, aed illbdine- 

rSv pro iXxftXwv, Aiiiif>dd, p, 24, 39. lius. 

43| 8. luiTa Tiftf fl>^p4v. Kecdi qaident 45, 1^. Reiak. I ml. i^i^oXt^fiXoc, 
per «*, Pt Dem. p. SSSj 9. (411, IC) 45, 14. Lege, ot fere mss. aXX'J; t^f 

54B] 13. .^aeb. Cxm. p.&4, 'i7. Nan re- wjXi«; to-rat, ot mox p- 47, 19. iV' ^1^ Tnf 

qqirilur } vide de Cor. p. SBD, SI. F. L. tt, a JiJiw/iiff, ut reel* B^isk. et Bekker. 

416, 24. Mid< 525, S3. 570, 15. [532, a^ nun & — ^^i 111 oft a/ffrcp ai ihall really 

12. grt^iWTit putJds a affgi£7mh^ An ei^ &i that ^iha iiuis ^ pdtins »£ tlie diV 

Qrat. «•• Iw. p. 157, 1. p^sal oj the stats, kctr. de Pace J. I55r 

43, 11. rl y V. >. hinc, at fidetar, i^f isroXutfc ovr^f. Wlcifl^f up t<i iA* stiit?. 

Hesjch. t. ^. p. 1395. Arist. Eq. 856. fxh rov xlywroc &•&«. — 

43, 15. [ov^i T'i^e — ilftiXiMv]. Nescio an legendum, aXX' i| nc, n&v vftfrc. 

A9 l>£MaSTH6N£]l. 

Ill • p. Al, IP. nata slot r?; ftiyu^ Ifwai 
rel i0-T«. Sed legebat Aootor orat. «r. 
rvfia^* p. 167. 20, Jam olim aXX' ^ H. 

45, 15. Mid. p. 585, 25. «ir ti p^tX/ovc 
2y *&* eiro0-6i;c &v a v^Xi; lut^lo^. Vide etitm 
to K ay orrtvoCy sit glossa pro xay Toy ^irya. 
rel tandem, qaum xav rtyouv del mt. an 
leg* 3EiM(«, o>T(y' l»y ;^itp. Ceterum, «i ^mX 
aocipl potest qoomoldp in TMhro vmvtft^ 
ktd a-^ha^y et limilibas, forsao verteada 
l^tio T^Ugaia, have an armt/ which shall 

veally he yours, ai\ 

Ir t*oUier general 

ipealiy he yours, and k will obey this, thai. 

!V wmcn I 
iey this, t 

4«y — Wflntri. Tbacjrd. II. 60. p. 135, 
$4. Jj^^ — -i^AA^SkV — aai /un wJy — JpSri 
-— n^Uffht KoX — ix^f*' ««ft auna^, p. 
167, 23. lege cam Reiskio et mas, /ud 
rtuiy .&irip yvy} ov/A^m' rwQ t. a^ivirf , xa2 
mtfUa^uu Ibid. p. 176, 21. recte irulgatar 
httf oi ar. artvov^o't'^. VfMof ouk twr al- 
rtTf •— Toth-o luci b/uIV 9rs^;|^Tiu(f. qaod 
misere foedavit Reiskias. Badem fere 
•ODstroetio, Mid. p. 636, 23. et Aodrot. 
ijiit. Vide me ad Aristoph. p. 152. 

45, 25. TA fAiKffit V9ino-Amg tiat] vtpt- 
ffarve^. Var. lect. esse Tidetnr. 

46, 11. fABiim,rov( 9v^7f«krsu0'afUvovQ, 
Vide p. 46, 21. 

46,27. Vide 26, 6* 

47. 14. Beisk. Ind. Isfov, 

47, 15. qrqXivov;, i. e. at^utrrof ex 
arXilTToyrt;. Ita hvTMf latet in ^vXsviu, 
Feed. Alex. p. 212, 21. Eadem ellipsn 
SCenopii. 4e Repub. Laoed. Ill, 6. hlsj, 
Camparat Laciantun t. II. p. 347« Mei- 
nek. ad Menand. p. 275. 

46,9. X*ege, •rfo<r»rojii?r«M rk \, ^o» 
modo tresuMt. et alios a post mano. 

48. 15. Non sine specie saspicator Ao- 
jecini,oomiptom esse Dioay8iqm.(Vlde 
jui epitoflM ait'inu<| oposo. Dion/aii.) 
lata oerte 9tft rnc ^iP^mXq tSv vna^atri^ 
jm2 ritfv h *E\kitne6rr^ aroXf «y oralioni de 
^aloneso (vide pp. 80. 86.) molto meliui 
ofiDvaDiBnt, qoam huic apiU^^. Sed fa- 
oile potoit DiQnjrstos, dum ar^Mucoc enti* 
f ooa axacribebai, casa ordioem mutare. 

48, 19. c^cnn. S^mmor. p. 182, 1. 
ProcBm.p. 1439, 17. 1443, 9. 1446, 4. 

49,-6. £^y, i.e. nah* &pa,v, ot Eartp. 
^ccb. 723. Barn, obi vide qu« ascripsi* 
Aadoo. p. 18, 4. Msehy\, Eamen. 109. 
^ioUv Pbil. HI. p. 123, 16. i9srny Mid. 
518, tT.hfxi^ ib. 21. kfjuftu 524, 16. 
Sed qqid f^^^ — fA^wi ? Hoc per se bo* 
Bun, ol p. 53, 17. at thsir ea$e, [Sed ibi 
.potina-JBoge com Yiv)^^ et verte, r«ad|^ 
to lie as fast as it may be vwited, Vidd 
JBiob. Ctea. p. 54,7. Confer Ariatocr. 
683, 15. 4"^^^ fTo/fu«c*] 

49, 9. surtrhs Hieroo. Wolf. 

49> 10. Haao looaoi et io&a Cbem. p. 

94, S. 93, 1. forsan el ». nrr^.p. 167^ 
24. aablegit Anolor Prooem. 21. p. 1432, > 

50, 16. Malim, AV Jitn^n^rtof (oU$v) 
ou J' — . 

50, 22. xa^^tco^iti^v de civibas. Mftoart. 
1056,3. Ever^f. et Mnes. 1149, 23. de 
libertis. Everg. et Mn. 1161, 15. quo* 
cum loop omaino confer 1156, 1. 

50, 26. E Tbocjd. L 142. Coofbr Xir. 
XXXI. 48. p. 65, 14. (i£scb. Cle«. p. 
77, 8. respi(wve videtur Thacjrd> looum.) 

50, 27. Vide pu 42, 8. Proosnt. p. 1428, 
4.'et p. 42. 23; 43, 16. 

51,7. Hiao Pro. l.p. 1419, 14. 

5X, 13. oni W Irovs o^b&s -^ VftujfjJk- 
7m nuiX] Toy axnh — et mox 52, 4« eu^i 
V(i — 9r. oii^sy, introsa aospieor. 

51, 14. Plato Thesetet. p. 162. B. €. 
H. Si. 389. Httittdorf. evx hfmi v^ >J^yw 
inn^srai, aXX' o{ \6yu of n/Kfri/M &Slf^ 
olxirai. Bine 4»iTiaa IX« 18. prop. fin. 
" Trahont consiliis oonota, aon aeqaan- 
lar.'l Ubi pcieterea Oljrnth. 1. p. 10, 10. 
respiai, notat Grono?iaa« 

51, 24. Qv^es I' iffffXttgrco-^i delet J. 
K&je, recte at Q|)inor. If one pato, si 
servanda sunt, aeosam ease, you are never 
itt time I allaw ; but you are busy enough 
uotwith^nding, Vel, si -mavis, you are no 
where to do any good, yet you do take cora 
to be every where, Sed leetio incerta est. 
An adjnvante optimo oodice S. legendnm, 
9ti^iy y aveif^ttmrt, nil intentatum relin- 
^tis, uH reliqoi facitis? 

51,26. Recte fisipL tj(p^t Reisk. in 
indioe. Blveraum est illod Lnoiaoi D« 
Mort. 27. p. 438. to tfovfAPk ly taTv xH^^ 
sTxjt* qnod recte capit Wlejandos. Ppeta 
aoonjmos apod Plotarcii. de Oarrol. t. 2. 
p. 513. B. firov TIC aX}/t7, usta-t (ita Scaii« 
ger in Stromal.) nsi tqv xfif ^X'** 

52, 4. v^h tin arfa^futTMr boo tracta 
videntor e de Pace Jnit Oonfer Phil. U. 
p. €ff, 8. 24. Totom boa, ou3(l er^— «{• 
iiu3!<y,-aiiie damno abesse poterat. 

52, 11. [wniTr^a.vtai HAi\ argoi^n^ 
An «x p. 42, 29. Sed vide 41, 28. 

52, 21. trrntrsrau [Vid. ad Pbil. IV. 
p. 141. 3.] Hino or. Pb. IV. p. 134, 3.. 
Vide ProGsm. 41. j^ 1450, 3. et bio ad 

52, 24. Ba one ms. edidlt Reiskioa, 
T^t^pfic troXtTUMc ^tJn»/«c MWkt glossema 
^manifeitam« Recte vulg. at Oljrnth. IIIT 
p. 30, 1. obi ms. Bav. apod Reisk. jcsxi^* 
MM»k^ voXiTUinC /?onCtiMtc. 

52, 25. Reisk. Ind. IfA&olv. 

54, 1. MMfMi^yw /Aiy >«^( — frflXJ^ftCi^ 
delenda piito. Neqoe placet ^«MTOfftoti«i 

54, 9. «rMr^a9yAlv«y'^ari«r/K9^Miyuc. Al- 
temtsnra ttendi sospeotam. Utnim pi^- 
oris looo leg. mfo^fiitfxm (giddy wUh t&a 


grandeur rf thg scene around him) — an 54, 15. ivomharn y<Cg iHrtf ol Xoy^ 

&e\endviy rfiv r Ifyifxlan — l«^f/AEVov? Sed srtfiouvrcc, dele cum Lamb. 

faioo rSv havriota-ofx, i^nfjkUi, ut Tidetar, 54. 2f4. Tel ir^offix^rt — rduv, ve\ rhif* 

or. v. avrra^, p. 171, 23. F. L. p. 437, w. ISiXno-^i. delenda pato. 

18. v^ayfA&roiy — rSav fnv^tty/Aivogf, 55, 1. Hioo Prooem. 21. p. 1434, 8. . 

De Pace. 

Argam. Ineplit anctor; iitfo, si rede Phil. I. p. 54, 16. P. Leg^. p. S62, 20. 

refert Seagerus ad F. L. p. 375. rem 369, 16. 387, 5. 432, 5. 449, 1. Leplin. 

hUo narrat. p. 457, ult. 458, 27. 487, 17. 493, 26. 

[29] 57, 2. JwnwX. et mox ▼. 17. 502, 14.506,4. Aristoph. Ran. 7. Wolf, 

resptcit Aaotor Prooem. 1. p. 1419, 2. ad Xeplin. p. 282. Midian. p. 557, 8. et 

57, 3. wspi auTwv tZ Xiytn. Citat Ba- >* ia-ri fAiyivra — tavr lf«. /uSXXov 7^ 

daeus Comm. L. 6. p. 715. ed. Stepb. rt lutXto irma-o)* ayuyvMo-Cfjuu — Video. Spodr 

pro lu (vide de Cor. p. 303, 10.). Veram p. 1033. Dionysod. p. 1290. (F. L. p. 

puto en. Non male tamen Reisk. fjLn^iv 368, pen./rovd*offv xa2 9rf^(iM(Vo0Xfirs(v.) 

It' ttven, tZ ante \iytn male om. Sjmmor. Quod si vere interpretor, neceisario ool- 

hiit. ligilor, quod qaidem per se satis liqoet, 

57, 10. DetOTsit Aoctor Pro. 42. p* nonnisi orationis initium hie noa babere. 

1450, 16. Pollux X. c. 36. $. 161. o-Ayfjutra fxlv ovf 

.57, 19. Aristog. I. p. 774, 1. wTrtfuyMov uArk tou; leoKkovq iv rS vrifxitrtf 

• 59,11. Vide 73, 1. ^ (al. tJi 9rl/t*WT»j) ^iKiitmitSn ia-vh tv^iXr, 

59, 28f tvrvxf»¥. Mid. 538, 21. o-«fg^- Sed nil certi. — Miram ni recte se babeat 

mg /uSxXoy y tvTV)(Sif. Tulgatum hi^uv, E superiore hX leoitti 

63,10. rovr otfAai h/Jitv — IxiTva 0ov- boo natum pnlo. Initium tantnm ora- 

• XofMtt Xo^Voerdai. Id est mov o&tendam — tionis exstat. Orationis integritas non 

INTERIM hac eos qui etc. monitos velim, defendenda ex simili defectu, Phil. I. pr. 

Bl «r. (Tv/ifAM^, p. 18(), 6. roTf >f ^^aawo- 48, 14. et Phil. II. p. 72, 21. 
fASvoig etc. sxeIVo Xiyv, oTi etc. IxfTvo, de 63, 20. Bv^avriovg naruyM rk ft\oXa, 

hoc quod proximo diotaros est, orator Q. an bac facit Stepb. I. p. 1121, 2. 
toper p. 62. 22. Oljrntb. II. p. 25, 1. 

Philippica Secunda. 

[34] 67 f 10. >,oyi(ofjt,Atf riim o ♦. Co- ;c?ovoff J3&iv wrtf^w. Nos, who had time at 

Sitabam, ri; Sv — sed pro tivon malim yonr disposal* safe contra metrom ni fallor 

V, nt sensns snspendator post 0. orfa- Valck. 

yfxaroif, ScUicet ad c; sspissime supra- 70, 2. Collatis v. II. lego,l»«nelirTatfy )'lclir 

scribitor rt; pro glossa, ad significai^dnm rtc o^Bug^iw^n, ithta — Vel ^ay, i. e. lay. 

Sc Yalere id quod oiTTfff in recentioreGrs- ' ^ 

cismo. V. ad Aphob. III. p. 849. ^to^vn natnm est ex doabus lectt. ^ft^^eiT. 

67, 20. Malim cum aliqaibns mss. apnd 70,18. Snspicor, ^^. Gtij^aiot;;. Ka* 

Auger, h^ w Vita-bivrti — w^ohna-b9, turn videtar rivag e p. 72, 11. 

fieote edebatar, Summer, p. 187, 25. h' 71, 16. vaa-iv lo-rty tlZimtt, Imo,m faf- 

ol^—avaXva-ovrai. Yid. F. L. p. 354, alt lor, HiXv Vide ad Aristopb; Pint. 48. et 

lieptin. p. 487, 21. Ji* cUv — oy*yxcw-it. Addenda, Cberson. p. 91, 13. [Symmor. 

contra Marklandum defendit F. A. Wolf. p. 189, 18. expeude.] 

Mid. p. 550, 17. iv oTg^-^a^rai — ly oTq 72, 13. Non necessariom Lambini it 

—aiiTSy iMflti/aovrtr (mss.) 559, 5. H n /xh ante vfASig, Vide Phil. III. p. 125, 3. 

Ximlto-st( ^mss.) 586, 14. h' orov-^ev Cliers. p. 97, 12.. Melius ille potaisset, 

iua-ti, Aristocr. p. 683, 25. ^* oi; — l£f- aXX' u/utitV — li roD /cAu^y, scil. I'vixa. Sed 

cnrai. Nans, et X. p. 989, 12. }(* trov magis propendeo in lectionem, &(rvs /u.-^ 

_>m4o"i«^6. Pbacnipp. p. 1045, 27, ^ouXvf vel woma-eu, Vix ferri potest Ix tow. 

68,20. io^t yif^x, — iforw. Vide an An, lysx* toS? — Vernm videtar, axx' 

tint e scholio. Confer. Sjmmor. init. if^g — Tn^io^ni'xHtff^tt rw fjtnih — E 

69, 3. ou)* &fximfMviX etc. Videtar Phi- glossa ix, e superioribus &t, at recte H. 

llppiis quasi pepigisse cam Atheniensibos, Wolfius. Utrum ex w;, an ex alia glosaa, 

vtt pro istis qpae memorantar p. 73, 6. natom loa-rt, non secernu. Vide F. Leg. 

ipse in re naatica ab illis adjuvaretur. p. 351. In Xeoopb. Mem.. I. 2. 17. 

69, 21. avfjtJ^aXKuv natum videtar e MaUm, o^u hiKfvyrag B* abrovg rttXg fA, fvt^ 

evnfiB&Wttv, qaod est de Cor. p. 299, votwa-n — vel polios, o^ ^etxv. roXg /x.av- 

11. 304, 9. Similiter in /bctXXln' ludit roue, jivff veadvc-iv. 

Earip. CresphoBte 8. obi vide ao leg. vT [35] 72, 5. ftdki/xou (nrwvrti iiraX- 


yAy^ifhrw^mn tv(fictrt, ViTiditii i«raX- titulot, AnOKPlZlZ. Vide Hieroo. WolC 

Xayqv, at sabslantivum sobstanliYo oppo- Compara nOPOY AITOAEISIX ib Phil. I. 

natur. Contra CalKmach. Ep. XLIV. de Docail Olivetas in versione Gallioa Phi* 

qao ne vide ad or. de Sjoiroor. p. 188, 19. lipp. I. et II. Paris. 1727. p. 72* 

72,21. TAUT* q^qXiftf. DeesBO vtdctar 73, 1. Confer 69» 1 1* 

De Haloueso. 

[40] Or.'^qo. an oontracta ex deperdita 
IHoiosthenis, qnomodo Ljs. Theom. 2^*. 
^ 78, .5. claro^ouvai, Mamhat, Ita lodit iu 
Im^id. et awoi, \£8cbines Ctes. p. 56, 26. 

79, 11. VArra^vi vel — ;t^l. An, 

79, 14. Reisk. Ind. avfA$. 

79, 20. [ita2 ^fovq n/uTv l^i(f] An ex 
Or. ir^. iirt0^. p. 156, 18. Nam etsi sta- 
teamaa ittnin compiiatorem vioioa bine 
petiTisse, facile potait olaasala Ticissim 
ilMno interpolari. 

80, 12. Lectio mi. Y. orta e sebol. 
edito in ed. Paris. 

80, 27. Hino A actor or. w^. Imrr, p. 

157, 7. Vide an e de Coron. p. 241, 9. 

compesitas locos: qood si ita est, sopbi- 

stam tenenras. 

82, 6. Malim fAtra&aXuv aurtu, > 
82, 25. Btsi in boo scriptore non ma- 

gnopere de elegaotia laborandum, sospi- 

cor ista, vS U ^iXm^rouf — t. I>^«a4«f 
delenda esse, et opp6ni int^AVO/uoy /aiv, et 
iMmit U p. 85, 4. 

85, 1. mf /A, w. tvt^ytrhrm e p. 85, 15. 
nata pato. Vide or. arp. Im^r. p. 153, 7. 

86, 2. ir^Tifoc wfinfo^ fJn Urt, wirt(09 
Aid. 1. Vooem omitlant Aid. 2. et FeUo« 
Simili errore pecoatnm est Aristopb, Nob. 
937. abi reote RaYeooas, wirt^ X^sf 

87, 1. aXyik nai Wfdtf Kh^Immvc, of oUhv- 
0-iy 1^ ayo^SCy firf0^XXf( — Arc hi IfsSk^ 
}i«)(Ka{f7d«( [ir^3cKcif'<<*yovc] touc •laovmic 
iy Tq ufcirlpdu Hsbo certissime interpolata* 
«rp. K. bm. Lambioas. 

>mBm et avoXaCily. Eaergc et Moesib. 
p. 1162,14. 

88,1. ReprebendilLongioasXXXVHL 
monenle Toapio (ibi f. suppleodum iMTtt- 

De Chersoneso. 

[46] 90, 1. Exordiam hoc respicere 
videtor Aaclor Proopm. 31. certe in fine. 
Item scriptorEp. I.p.l463,6.etl466,20. 

90, 4. Lege, i jtAtf-roc wyoTr©. 

r 90t 9. Male Bekker. a<f>eXoyTac. 

91, 8. Im if,' ft /t*i»] Q. U^ot ^ — 
Vide p. 92, 12. 

91, 16. Recte rh ante iroXifAOv om. pr. 
ms. O. 

91, 26. Q. w; ay afrlpi^qrcu, i. e. lay, at 
p. 101, 28. 

91, alt. Simile, Sirt; /u. y. tret'npU, Ear. 
Med. init. Alexis Atb. X.p. 459. A. 
ar^fA fAM y(i<^ arfoCaXXft? rourov etc. is 
Ms a fHinle. Ibid. XV. p; 665. penolt. 
male vertitar. AndooideK p. 31, 30. Lj- 
sias, p. 92, 21. 93, 16. Taurny ya^ rixynv 
heu, delete rtiv, Eorip. Cjcl. 337. Zfu; 
ot/TK. VidemeaadLjsiam,p. 107. r«t,vTn 
ip^orrai Reisk. ex ma/g. Sed vide Phil. 
III. p. 113, 1. et me ad Aristocrat, p. 
676, 9. Qasere an hie delendam rqy ante 

92, 19. rk [flroffXSoyra] wfay/xara. 
Ex emen^. hoc uatum pro ^o^^a, qood 
ipsam ex de Pace init. vel aliande (e. g. 
infra p. 95, 5. Phil. IlL p. 123, 3.) in- 
trosain palo. VideOlyntb. III. p. 29, 18. 
Relinendnm fuisife poto ^oroXwXty, ut Phil> 
1. p. 53, 15. Sin mavis an'oXwXfxfy sabaodi 

tl WO\lf, 

98, 1. Ad 49, 10. 

93, 9. /Asrk wXf/oTHf ha-vxf»4»' Q. ex 
p. 92, ult. interpolatora. 

93, 20. Malim, 4>d<£<ni \a0inf ahrSg. 

94, 3. Vide ad Phil.'l. p. 49, 10. 
94, 26. Lege, sx^mTv. Vide ^schjl. 

Eumeii. 893. ed. Pors. et Barneii censo- 
ram. Photius ms. fudftttV. |y rS i Xfxrlor, 

^^t f udqVfTv. 

94, 29. Reisk. Ind. tvxji(r^*^i. 

95, 10. Vereor ne delenda omnia ista, 
aXXa 0ao-kaivofA,n •— ra routZra, atpote ez 
apodusi prim am asoripta pro scholia^ 
deinde in textum intrasa. Pro Ivtumjfjw, 
qood e proximo natom videtar, an Iwfjtti^ 
at mox ? Qo. 0aj?a(ou/tAfv, iyafrSifAn, 

95, 26. T* roinn ^farai [arotfTy]. 
delendum, quid hoc sibi velitf at infra p« 
103, 27. Sablegit aactor Aristog. I. p. 

95, 29. etc. Insignis locas- Aristocn 
639, 19. etc. 

96, 1. Reisk. Ind. 9r«^. 

96, 1. Pro rtfjuifXAi Hermo;?. apad R. 
cital fToi/Ko; f(fu, forsan ex Phil. I, p. 
48. 12. 

96, 23. Xly« apod Tiberiom Rhetorem 
(p. 46. Boiss.) ortam e p. 96, 3. 

97, 3. q. ro^Tovrait [fTf^aic] n/xac, . 

97, 24. Livius XXXV. 49. init. , 

98, 5. Inepte ad iutda-r, transtolit ad^ 
ctor r. avrr, p. ill, 9. 

. 98,11. yyy U J«j/t*ay«y«vmc — 7 Wn iMy- 



>mim. ft put. III. p. llt» 15. inkiiMi DeU tsnm AU. TajK N«eMtAM«i^ ariiM- 

liM infra p. 105, 3. hie noeet. 

105^ 2. M n. Vide 13, 22. . 

103, 19. a^tHMlyTa ortum e Phil. III. 
p. 11«, 12. Imo coilAlo PbU. ly. p^ 14^, 
21. dele ar^ar. retine ihn. Quis anqaam 
dixit ^if«c fl-TfciTiiko? Vide ad De Co- 
rona 177. NB. ordioem rerom ad De 
Corona 21. J&»c\An* p. 68, 10. Moz 


95, ISL fli^fr }^^ refercndoM tAivH-^ 
fa^vfxovf ii|(L py 97, 26. 

99, 9. I^T. hino aaetor PUL iV. p. 

99 13. Ad 24, 2d. 

99, 18. Lege, vavaAo^at r. r. ». aX- 

99k 28to wv ^ ^^ orlofli e Pitil. II. p. roCrov iwdidem reeep^riH. — Vel o. f|^ 

a^iXMrvra /m. vel t, ^. tf-rporf u«n^, 9, k, f/k. 
legi posM pato, vei e\3mBh <^0^ ^"t^ 

70, 4. Mirer Schaeferi judictnm. 

lOOr 1. Ma4i«, IMC HAJcf»Ti<^:&f. Qq, 

eoim tit l»c iuszwiiUk Selet until. ?«« tv^. x. 

&«» wMIe* HhL IIL p. 114, S<^ nisi ibi 104, 8. Conf. p. 113, 12. 

4jii» 3*. 104, 8. ReAto on. Bekktrnt ifi?, nt 

[^] 100, 10. Le^e, n^ wmf IfM^ Phil. IV. p. 147,20. 

IhS^. ex PhiAw IV. p« 155. 10. vide mn. 104,*il7. Wf^ )W to^ iv oM rji «JMi 

100, 20. Recte ms. S. Afxvvireu* mik&^vn {Jx^ffUft hmftrvcHkn'm infiiw) 
aOl, 1. #i(4trperoiunnf. EratoetbeiMt Vide iofra, p. 59. 

Branck«Analeot.I.p.478. Anaxandrides [48] 105, 12. Sv f4,h ^jn^rlftir^g. 

AHmioBi IV. 131. C. ati malha Iraoapo* Seaspe Tidetv, que-bdlijitr* olimcepent 

nmn^ Hirxj^m tt rif^, /a^(yv ft ;cw^a» pratereo: et saspeotom iinrr. priefertiiifr 

A«^ Vidk Aritftopii. Bed. 1093« Vak}k« qoom ex inseqae^to oriri potoerit. ^^ 

101, 12''-^^. Certe ntqoe ad rrfa- 
Ti)}/otl lin. 18. ex Phil. IV. p. 157, 7. awga-ri^na^i ri»iy a-uuirS — deleiii deiBde 

speoHreniy m fth i^^va-^B (ot mox lis. 
2f.), aal simile. Sed siaipiieias, i«y/i«iv 

feraAv et rtli^foa. obi vide 4e IkOO'loeo. 

lot, 15. hifMnovQ, Aiadrot. 615, 12. 
confer 22. 

101, 35. Mallm, av^TAvra f^h l^iKnn 
vtouXf, forsan ex p. 103, 9< 

esUi, 8«d sintpliciter omiaiftM, ut Olynlh* 
III. p. 36, 9. Vide inox p. 106, 2. 

106, 27. )i}w0-( saspioor esse'schol. «d 
tnfitt^i, Sed vide an del. Karnyo^X at 

101, 27. Sececa Epist. 82 ioit. *' Desii schol. ad x^ivu, accasat, bona damnatO' 
j*m de i«^efiM lolKcitM. Qoem, inqQis, rUm jmneribit, picuniam publkam pUbi 
deorpm iiponsorem aeeepisti?" latgitur, Atqoe hoc vernai* Nisi ill- 

%69j 12. Reiak. Ind. ivaik^Qtu. proscriptcrnm bonm. Primo infuiu. He 

102, l5. Confer Phil. I. p. 45, 6. conJiscates,dmdeiLhc!ri{ta^\egJta,H^dm), 
OI^Bth. I. p. 17, 6. Valde aasptcor omnia, he squanders it in idle largesse*, Ponan 
PvA9 vh A(i — Xsytiv ^»«v, priiBo e laco reapicit Auctor ef. «•. rwT«^. p, 166,5[. 
Plill. I. et cUonde eompaeta ab anctore 106, 21. Cam toto boo lece cofspava 
Philippicie Qaartae p. 138, 15. fttqae inde Mid^r p. 575, 24. etc P. Leg. p. 405, 20. 
hoc transkita. (Aristocrat. p.-622, 12.) 

102^ 15. iraXai iraf»\h\v&t, Imo. nil 107, 2. ete. Hine el de Conn. pp. 

isiniif qgdam ptdtteriH; saspieor aoototem 292—3. (vide et 291, 19.) Procea. 25. 

a«Megi9se ftliomuii loeatioiMflB, abi erat p. 1436,1.^ 

Mdt^, Hon &yiyttn4 Tld* de^Corofl. 60. 
iNete aiiotor Preo»>. 1. opp. Utafjh et 
viXat k^teirrtbtt 

102, 16. ri» ^i rSv hvharv ihrsvxju^»t 
Mitm; /(*^ ytve^bm hX, Cam Sopatro omitte 

107, nit. R«)8k. Ind. km^. 

108, 5< Hine Fro, 55. p. 1445» 1. 
108, 14. Locoa plaa* gemellm Mfd« 

p. 552, 20. 

108, 17. Mellm, Hfi^tS nai tut^. ^w 

Mr, «t lege &invxi<f^*' Vide Phil. II. p. in Ariatopb. Venp. 450. ol U i^ 'f 3al^ 

71,18. Pbil. III. p. 119, 26. ivX^fjbtfot *f xuxXo» xivrtiVi *et) t^( IttarukMr^ 

/it^ ytts^^ah Le\A. p. 489, 16. ami^air* Broak. ex etn. Florentis pro $i U (ffie 

Av — ysyiffSat. Arislog. I. p. 779, ^* ad Phil. IV. p. 146, 2. ad De Coren« p. 

Hinvx'^a-^^t foTt dt^; /un ytvh-^i h7. Ti- 245, 21.)<-^BmeitdationeniBO»improbe; 

moor. p. 718, 16. oy A'sni^cua'lbs-^/xii ys- minus aliquanto neoessariam pato ob W« 

vIrdeM. Cetemm confer PbiK III. p^ 128, een Mid. p. 552, 20. ovu a.vgK,rtv£t§; 

7. Androt.610,3.(752,12). Plato Hipp. ♦^ — fiahtX^^i; — •w^i ^nAX^+s^&i j 

Maj. (. 5. p. 432. ed. I%r. ' — fcov !<}>(- Nempe video tton'lTd Idem refereodMi 

kio'Bai'jrttfM'rat.n^Jiiytif'yha^omqtli ease tree qufeBtieneai t, ndti impM>iti§f 

cev iA^vitiq Irrt. Vide d6 Cor. p. ^t non ibiti$7 3. non dedncetie? sed ease 

296, 17. dnas, Mnani simplioem, nm impicfrtltfl 

102, 21. a^cf. Vide de CoroiM, p. alteram b4pertitAfli, mm jam, 1. ikUs,9* 

293, 25. , deducetis? 

102) 25. ri {ir^] tlfkm iyw in <i9«^- 109, 12. Hine Pro^4l. ^ 1449*, M. 


Pbilippica Tertit. 

[5a} 110^.1. ioit. t«UefitaiictorPn>« tatas bunc locan optime ?«Ktk, iMa iim»- 
6b p. 14d9t 9. mii mittmip apttd Gneoos,) Dmh. locm 

110, 5. R«i»k. lDd.^)iu¥n apwi Robnk. il>i4. sont F. L. p. 424r^- 

llOy 9. e.fln»yjw<w — [ito) vpoM/ulm} d»Oor»p. 263, 19.Afi»l0Ct.68CV14— Ift. 
dei« «BM mt. ortt 9% ▼. 1. VfwiyfjUfa. pro qoi locus' knprinifi D«taiid«s> iiitx*» Mil. 
v«t99r^ nt ex lectioiit Aldinie Tajlon notione im»^i(an«i4reljWf^ii(«; «t ^ 1. 
dM»7]i«. liqvetv PaoMniet. 9tO, t* 'tj ^«^ x^mSrs le TMterh, c^ 2. qai amyxfif 
w^Yflt* He 'MV719 «p^xt«. ir«#nv w^o^fit MiitM esse*. 

. Itl, 24. i»2 «aeA0{<w — MNfmrdv. Nil ISI, t4« MaKih, jus) 7^ (ftv) ««v -^ 
aafiDO, •«$ qo. Mex iwiw DeA. (oeiv 1S2» S. [ovit 'Aftiva^t.J iwSt' So^ iv 
cotffttsA* dele, ex leqiieiitAat preeol dobio orta. 

llt,7. sMiyJbaxTMDic. DeinrtbatoF, L.pw49S,lrAeok€ttf^ 

Sit, & %^9aM»c(<k) ic^esw R. e cm^. p*90. Diawefa. p,108. 
Wt% SjiMBOf. p» Igt, SB. If^ 7. ^ }«f| XlXaA l#T» vffc 'Aeiefr 

lt9^2d.s<)^CoaferIifwXLiI.15.p» Q. all tcbetimi. 
772. prop. fiiK " VMebeei qOMi eto.* Itt, 15. LegOr an^m l^iMUv ; iooC 

tl3, It. VMe ie4, 8. oX" b 'mf f im mX f riy^mwrm W/bmk i«^ A» 

113, «7. [i^ttuTwO Tide p. It4, 1* «e/is* 3»>*<f»<wir l»wi«r&« IkC tUy^ » 

116» 19; Vide pw 118>^ IK 140, 19. 'jA ^mmnTm^KAn MtMOZ (q.'iTiim,i»m^ 
INfRBogenem p. 9M ^ ifeicbln. Cieew p. i «It.), fnvi, TBeKATOr Mif «f6i tMm* 
89^ 19ti 9^,4^, sfMtttf ii ibf«en<m cade UgUtatar mm 

117, 20. HiDoprofecit Aaotor PbM. iV. sink qu(tri, sed qnds impune occider* Btet,- 
p. 133. Scilicet, ou omisso, scriptoni est ad inar|^. 

117, 23. [/An^ha]fMiy tlw, rds otmia AAAOr,.iniod aliqois, Degativani potans 
say, esse, supplerit ex seqaentibus. Similia 

118,^ X»f^f^ Mid. d79, S. h wiXic ret aeeidil J^Xken. VI. 248. Faasao. V. 
avrof ov ywpct. Cicero Milon. c.32. abt rid* 424, 8« rmiv H xifyu <^>>^ ov T«i>r« xi}«t 
Afapaa. omitt. HarpooraU v. ifrtfMc. Gsters- de« 

118,11. Hino hof, Hermog. p# 252, dere mss, Poeste etian, ^XX* •& ydOrsXi- 
Vide ad 116. 19.< yti* axx* iy 'T. 4>. >^ W|U«c YHEF etc. vt 

IftO, 26. iir eu^ ir, ytywif^ [}^/i^90t] haec poslrema sint (Aristocral. 639,, 10. 
(• fvperieribas) — a^igt /uil/u^iVf. Pro Fbtfrm. 95% 15. nb* me vide) iitnlaa 

119, 26. iii^jiMMi (adde i»hf ex ma.) iegis, nt apitd ^seb. Tim. p. 4, 8.NOM0I 
jutSf' imvvdut imt^ro^ y. Per se rectiesi- ^no-l niFI BTKOZMI AZ. Mf. Mid. p. 529* 
miun, at infra p. 130, 7. Sed ob §&* 4. (0 vofAodirm) i^oaKiv vve^ r$vrov ^f^# 
qoeotia iegeedtun pato, iavrov tKo^rog. Aristocr. 635, 3. Naos. ei X. 989, 27. 
YideM»pr»p^ll8, 18. Pbil. I. p. 42, 11. ^ouwtr tUw, Aristocrat. 642,15. itShnf 
et 54, 7. collate Brunck. ad Arjat. Plot. 3»jUI{w&«i» .[yj afar&«», Timocr. 705, 2I5.J 
rm* SiBg.eipliMr. eeaf. Rhod. p. 198,^7. Pro Phono, p. 962, 28. 

129, 4« Vu^o dist. <r. 0. $vx hfjuof; 122,17. tu^m^* Vide Leptift.p.505^ 

peeamervjde de Core*, p. «54. 257. 526. 18. 

Vide Phil. IV. p. 138^ 20. 122, 2». Ckero Mileifc 6. "NiMt eflfiM 

190| 5. [IS- 'T^xXtt — Ke^'av]. Deeeese e^t eMnfim ne flagHie- proferre." 

120, 12. ri ouv atttw nmnoM j p. 127> 123, 4. ^t«ar3i ; ♦ ♦ •(Vide p. 129, 
6. T( ovv 9roT MiriMf — 1^ pro xrr msii. 1,) Gsetera bejiiit lineie deUada oaai mas. 
msHas^tioZn mon ttihm, Cbere. p.l03, 124, ^ Reisk. led. Ix^^ax* ** ^^^ 
17. et F. L. p. 405, 27. rl mr oZv U^ astra speonfamini, sie fovcaat iocidtftia." 
f^ ^tuv. Aristocrat, p. 65, 7, alt. Ze- Ur, Arist. Plut. 70. 

BVtbem. p« 884, 26. F. L. 412, 1. ri nrcv- 124, 12. i.yoh) (irSksfM^, Sjntnor. p. 

9«r mhiof, Aadret. 614, 5. sed mox I'm.- 180, 44. 

12. To5»* i(fr»«y. Aristopti. Ran. 1385. ed. 124^ 19. Leg*, nj httm^' jw> root — 

Br« JEacb. e. Ctea* p. 65, 3. Phit. II. p. Pblie. iiemU tS n^v^'vn^ — . 

66, 6. AtTm U To^raw. Tboeyd. VIII. 124, 29. [v^nf^frot/vi-Ac txitvf] dd«ev 

56f . 'rSr *Ad^. -*- alti^ ytyia^m, q* reX^ p. 125, 9. proealdvbfo orta, et aapple 

fmf* ^X?t^^* ^^^^ ®^ sckoHo trrepsit is leotinr 

120, 19. Vide Reisk. lad. irt{^. sinilei!! €ber#ofK p. 11)4, 27. lU delenda 

120, 20/ aid eem [xa<] x^t«^ Gum oe« sont etiam umig. sk. quse ex lioc low ja«i 

pohi pelwe est, up and dMcm, backwards uNerpektto flox^ne, et qaea ifoa lefcbat 

and forvttrds ; aiiie eopaki, upside daiviii anctor Phil. IV. p. 148, 10. 'q«l tame* 

Uptfif iuwf, at Mocua and semns. A yeri est babet i^x^fvoi. 

Bakert aesiextia ad Ciemed. p. 381. 124,27. Hioc, at videtnr, ItrooBix. 91* 

<Bei^. «d Arkt £<h 362. Ibidem oi- p. 1440, 27. 



If5, 2. Xoi^. Vide Proosm. 53. p. 
1458, 27. ov^l htwf It. ov d. Eadem fere 
Mid. 537, 34. 
. 1«5, 3. Confer Pro^m. 42. p. 1450,10. 

125, 7. ia-at — ra ♦. ^tnfwrn^ nai 
ni^y v«Df. etc. Keote Bekker. <^>fov9vrrtf 
oatttfli e seqoente. vide et p. 115, 16. 

126, 3. T^ }i7[Tcl] vaKkeL Tiiynv; 

126, 18. SallasUCatil. 51,29.ed.Cort. 
" Eapopalas lietariet merito dicere fieri." 
Sed if loous potiaa est e Xenopb. Helleo. 
S. 13. 12. ot aonet Victorius. 

127,2. Si saoaa est locos, videtor com 
SeAgftro. oapiendos : qui te (tyraonos, ab 
Eaphrvo accosatos) $ervarunt, et qui £u- 
pkrttum quooit malo dignutn putarunt, 
Sed Talde ambigaam co»(, qnod oollato 
loco p. 126, 1. et mox 127, 13. acoipias 
•o sensB qaod dioitar, h sr^Xi; o-ttBhaireu 
etc. etc. Deiode exspectares o'tirarraf, 
Aof rout rir% rtivf o-M^ovraf. ilUi qui bonas 
civet Euphraumque ibant perditum ? 

127, 10. seqq. Hinc Pro. 1. p. 1419, 

127, 17. Valde saspioor et hio et llu* 
27. decartanda esse cum codice S. ^ 
ol fAtv if* off nht ya^idvrrai, ravr ixtytv, oT 
y i. o5. 1, a-wbna^ffhai, vciK>Jk — Certe hsBc, 
Kal vfoia^t — rtvkf, farciUis ejicieoda. 
Vide an orta sint Cberson. p. 102, 5* 

[60] 128, 14. Proxirae ad Seageri 
menleni inalim, &a^t ftn)* kv orwiv jT, fxnHv 
2iiir3v fnirta-bM. None malim, &0"rt{fMih^ 
f^ni' euf irtclvv ?, S^tvov int^io-^at. F. L#. p* 
445, 6. fAfty if OTitfvv 7. De Cor. p. 284, 
6. o6)* av I? TtyfvwTo. Leptin. p. 497, 27. 
et Wolf, p 356 Pantaen. p. 971, 6. Le* 
ptin. p. 458, 21. 26. /ahUvI fAniiv,fA^y «y 
H^^ ?» ^(^y<«, el prorsQs simile, 488, 28. 
(506, 9. fJtnU rd Xoivov i^iXveu itSheu, ftv^ 
kf — yifonreu;) Afid. p. 534, 9. fAiiiiM 
rtlKfA^a-eu viiwn /MtV m i-\^a^bat, 

130, 5. vfAtXi y &w9ifamBai rede ms. 
vide me ad F. L. p. 447, 5. 

130, 9. yi^at. Id 01. III. fin. ra^K. 

130, 14. il ye^ ^a-av — aXX* ouit tlarh. 
Si servanda sout, ponenda sunt post rwe 

Pbilippica Quarta. 

[72] 131. 8. Chersou. p. 109, 11. 

131. 11 — 12. irfit tifAtraq a. ♦. (ofJ) 
^nrai lege ex mss. et Midiauae initio. 

131, 15—132. 10. Efficta ex Phil. 2<J*. 
ab ioir. osqae ad p. 66, 20. et Oljnth. 

II. p. 21, 20. 

132, 17. rfl; iiumu ir^ipia-ta>(^ Mira 
locntio pro Iniiwi t?c it. 

132, 24. I^ge rS roXi 0ov\ofxmK p^. 
cam Lambino. 

133, 9. Totos locos usqae ad 134, 5. 
ex 01. 1, p. 12, 22—13, 2.i. et Phil. III. 

,p. 117, 20. etc. conflatos. Confer etiam 
F. Leg. p. 412, 12. lin. 10. ainxQ. ex Ol. 

III. p. 34, 11. lin. 23.l9riTfix. ex Chers. 
p. 99, 2. ov <rrh<rtrai p. 134, 3. ex Pliil. 
I. p. 52, 21. Deniqoe ovfAfA, ^ra vfAun 
1. 20.,arsaspicor, ex Phil. III. p. 120,4. 

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ad 101, 3. 

136, 2. etc. Vide Cberson. p. 103, 18. 
etc. unde ii^fra p. 146, 20. 

136, 5. ortc vdkifAha-irt, civem in quern 
impune sisviatis. vide mox Jin. 14.^ £ 
Cberson. p. 97, 27. etc. soblecla sospicor. 
Omnino coof. Procem. 21. p. 1432, 21. 
et 35. p. 1445, 7. etc. 

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fira p. 147, 11. 

136, 19-^27. Adombrata ex Cberson. 
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16. et alibi ibid. 

136, 24. yiX«^, ex Pbil. I. p. 47, 6. 

136. 29. oXX. aItm^^s, ex 01 jntb. II. p. 
25, 16. 

137. 4—7. EfficU ex Pbil. I. p. 51, 
14—52. 5. 

137, 7—19. Ex Cberson. p. 101, 12 
— 21. nisi ibi delenda, ov yif la^i &mBiUm 
— Tou o-TfftTJjyov, lin, 12 — 18. ot primum 
hoc convecta sint ex Pbil. I. p. 49. 1. et 
15. p. 47, 2 — 6. {v^of. etiam Oljntb. II. 
p. 26, 2.) deinde illuc intrusa. 

137, 19. etc. An ex F. L. p. 434, 3? 

137, 23—138, 24. Chers. p. 101, 22 
—102, 22. 

138, 2$. iBiXuv eUovftv. Exspectarem, 
avixi^Qai, aut simile , qoale uvo/xlvfiy. - 

139, 3. Vide Cherson. p. 92, 24. etc. 
139. 14. £ De Pace ioit. 

139, 20. rMffxarw^ Vide Olyntb. I, 
p. 11, 27. et seqq. 

139, 21. Q. de bistoria. 

140, 4. <|>o^ipfluTigoc lo^' *. Lege, 

140, 11. ih 0a^$A^ recte legit et iu- 
terpretator Reisk. Ear. Hipp. 966. ed.. 
Monk. Rbod. p. 199. Menander Athen. 
XI. p. 502. B. Demetr. Rhet. $. 223. - 
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A. (32. 7. Heiod.) sed ib. y. 1. Acdde de 
^ Plato Gorg. ed. Heind. 141,6. 143, 
2, 153, 4. 183. 5. 214, 1—4. 235, 3. 

140, 18. ov^evic rSiv v, Eadem fere 
verba alioubi apod Ljslam, ni fallor. , 

140, 19. XiKTTou. Vide ad Phil. III. p. 
116, 19. An hinc SallosUos CaUl. 52, 16. 
Cort. ssp. 173. Wam. <* Sin in tanto 



•tamlom metv solos non timet, eo magis 
refertmibi etqoe Tobis timere." 

140, t2. etc. An aduinbr. ex Olyntb. 
p. 36, 3. 27,1, etc. f 

141, 3. " ProcBm. p. 1150, 3." ScbaB- 

141, 16. ov^nog oitUv ^n/Mov/xivoVf aWa 

— Sic lege. 1. omisi tw rkq ovcrlA^ ^X^' 
'ran, 9, vnlg. luvopot. 

142, 6. Ineptiee merte ; sed recte An- 
gems ovfAVarras, quasi to «Xq&oc, rovg 
iro\Aoi5ff. Omnino vide Ps. Dem. Ep. S"*»» 
fin. . 

142, 26. K^Bhit 4'?<^y judiciomm esse 
pato, non conciunis; per yii^oroUaVf 
quantum nonomemini; res illic ageban- 
tnr (^ide Leplin. p. 458, 11.) Aristoph. 
airo^ti^oroini9' at^in ff-xiXn. Qaantom per 
orationis torbidae obsenritatem licet, bnnc 
aensom extrioo : quum videant suasorem 
gratia flor ere, pane securum; quippe qui 
Judicum suffragiis absolvatur, etsi clatnore 

condemnetur, Alludit ad veL^avifAMi y^a- 

143, 23. fTcgo;, tu^alfxtif, etc. Cberson. 

p. 106, 13. 

143, 27. Aoxf}. etc. Oljrnth. III. p, 
36, 4. 

144, 6. "/uuy T» ;^ — Phil. II. p. 

144, 10. ify^nPhil. II. p. 66, 16. 

' 144, 11. wiw. Cberson. p. 106, 15. 

145. 8. Reisk. Iiid. vr^oa^aa; 

145, 25. wiv^arau Ex Phil. III. p.' 
120, 27. seqq. 

145, 27. fiSTftX. etc. Cberson. p. 102, 

145, 29 — 150, 5. Omnia, panois hie 
ibi mutatis, e Cberson. p. 102, 23 — 106, 

146, 2. ov UX Xqfcry (an , ex olih hi 
Xlyiiv, Cher son. 5 1 polins e Phil. III. 
12. ^eudt^ttv) ovH (al. ttal eodem sensn) 
yfa^n vohMfAov* Sed quis onquam bellnm 
ant dixit ant pnta^t esse Xtlgwl An sori- 
psit aXX^? Vide p. 136,3. Sed tnmqnid 
fient istis, to rhv ft^. ayttv etc. e Cherson. 
p. 102, 25. etc Mox lege cum mss. wc 

ofw Tf *X. ou )i7 Xijff iV est, miudsfae 

ambagem et aperte die quid velis» Nos, 
speak out* i£>cbin. Cles. p. 74, 7. 

Resp. ad Epistolam. 

Huno titolum non agnoscit Dionjsins. 
An confictos ex p. 157, 3. qui locus e 
Phil. 1. p. 51,2. 

152, 4. iTTSi^h ya^, i. e. opinor e{ ov. 
^omodo firti tragici. Porson. ad Med. 
138. Seidler. ad Iph. Taur. 247. (258.) 
Demostb. Svmmor. p. 188, 10. nisi ibi 
leg. iml Vs — . 

153, 6. oTi fffmpoy etc. Ex Oljnth. II. 
p. 19, 17. 

153, 7. fjtty, Bvtpy. Vide Halonn. p. 85, 

153, 27. wc Kinmrat (xh etc, Unde? 

154, 5—156, 29. Ex Oljnth. II. p. 
20, 19—28. et 21, 27—25, 1. 

154, 17. »f ©rsTrt* T«ff, Olvnth. I, p; 

156, 18. ipofovi. Halon. 12. (bio p. 31.) 
1.57, 1. Kara rriV ay. etc. Phil. I, 13. 

157, 3. i7n<rr, Phil. I. p. 51,2. 
157, 7. OiicaU etc. Halonn. p. 80,26. 
157, 12. oori ^fvor. Cherson. 21. eto, 

157, 13. ovKoZv ^avfxaa-tov^ Oljnth. XL 
23. ^ 

158, 5. Ix M. offA, Halonn. p. 78, 14u 
De Coron. p. 247. 


[80 J 160, 6. lie rovro [Teafavofxiaq] 164,3. Isocrat. Philipp. $. 82. coi^tit- 

i^7j(Bi [naI] iva-fjimlaq. Dele ex p. 159, litCoraes. 

12. ortnm. 164, 7. n crvKo^rrovyrat aifnXafxBanif] 

160, 14. &<rrt -^ ha\iyt(r^M, Q. — 6i. a,ei rl X. Felio. Me vide Ol. III. Alias 

161, 6. v6>ifMv al^sXa-^ai* Suspeotnm non malnm esset, iv ri X. Mox vt^iiroiit' 

Reislcio iq indice. Lego, ipacr^ai. Vide ff^ai Felic. 

Summer, p. 178, ult. amtgsurdai probum, 165, 16. In 6ue transp. roalim, v/Mg 

Qt Sjmmor. p. 180, 23. — hKaUv, et >. x. t.' x. IfAag, Nisi de- 

. 163, 9. cTt waXiv avrZ irpoa-rarrsrs, iro- lenda potios u. a. /t*. t. hnaUv, at scho- 

Xf^iry pro va%iv Felic. lion. 

p. 166, 5. ^Mti, Cherson. p. 106, 27. 167, 16. Oljnth. III. p. 38, 4. seqq* 
166, 14. 15. Confer Androt. p. 607, 167, 20. t^c 9ro'Xi«c olx. Infra 168, 7. 

5. 608, 24. Infra 169, 2. Phil. I. p. 45, 14. 

166, 16. Resplcit Oijrnth. III. p. 14, 167, 21. afM. rt. Ex 01. 1, p. 14, 27. 
. 27. fM^y 0-. s. T^y avt^t, unde et infra 168, 21. 

167, 11. Toy JiTy*. Olynlh. UI. p. 38, Vide Hhbd. p. 197, 20. [Lysias p.. 180, 
21* , 5. ex optima em. Reisk.] 



167, f S. Vide 01. 11. p*. 96, %7. #1 «d 

168, 1. a4»iX. OljBtli. II. p. ^6, 14. 

168, 3. ipo^Jtac. Phil. I. p. 45-^^ 
16a, 16. Mtn-iX. Vide Rbod. p. 196, 8« 
168, 18. /b(ftf« p^. Coafer Rhod. p. 

195, 11. etc. 

168, 21. CC «Bp«ft ad 167, 21. 

169, 2. Sapra «d 166, 14. 4ii hoo 
ex Ol. I. iult. 

169, 9. fAurSo^, OlynUi. 

169, 13. neqq. Vide Phil. IV. p. 139, 
lr«tia7, 1. 

170« 37. Vide aa totma banc locum 
ivde a p. 170, 4. conformarit ad exemplmn 
F. L. p. 434, 6' et feqq. 

270, 19. Saitew 1. «{ oroXXo^ -«. 

171, 9. Rx CberaoD. p. 98, 5. 

17t,U,}x***'*^?' Q- €X€INeMAYTiil. 
17 1 , 15. Reote R. raSm \iyu^ rag irpo- 

171, 23. Ex PliU. I. p. 54, 10. 

171« 24. xhngw/*, ReKpicit OJjdUl 

XU, p.S7, ±.lm9Mi Afkio0. p. 690; 14. 

171,29. ato. «x01.n.fiti. 

172, 7^11. Ex At'mioor. p. 690^ 11 
— 16. Hiuc autem Pracan. 55, p. 14611 

172, 13. Olynth. III. p. 35, 1. 
172.14—173,22. Ariatocr. p. 686, 5. 


173« 16. Diatiogoe, ia^im'irwi, oUwr^' 
Zan oijcfT^dSac, a depaty »op-sqoae»er &• 
a aixpeDDy wbore'a naid. 

173, 5S. usqae ad 175, 20. p. 34, £7— 
S7, 14. 

174, 1. «* QasBdaraex Isocr. de PaW 
H. Wolf. qo. de boo. 

174, 7. U Rbod. Oo. 

174, 20. Arbtoerat. p. 689, 9--^90^ 

174,24. Aodrat p.^l7« 19. 

175, 12. ouT 3«ap ex Fala. l«g. p. 429, 

176, 1. Aa ex Eorip. 

176, 15. ToJ^tv. Oljmth. UL At. 176, 
22. Xeaopb., 

Yltpl ^VfJlftOptWV, 

Orationis tt. ov/AfA, consilijam fuisse 
patat P, A. Wolf, praef. ad Leptiii. p. CX. 
•t per spedera exponendi qoes esseiit 
agenda, popolam a gravi hello suscipi- 
9nd^ dcAerreret. €oio«arare pateratWol- 
fius Nioian Thucyd. VI. 19. et Horaliam 
(ad PiaoAes (si modo reo4e atainlt Wie- 

Exord. mi Prdoem. 7. 

178, 6. Vide an le^. avrpl /ufv ri ^MtiTy 
•V \ijmv ^i^wrai. Vulg.jiata a ▼. 11. ^oiuif 
•at ^i^. Deifide la^i. est pra te ferunt, 
osteotant, etc. quum oporteat repcrtant, 
^uuquuntur. Confer Proceib. 9. p. 1425, 
1. et 32. p. 1441, 12. 

[7] 178, 15. [oi julXXomc] Xlyiiv. Del© 
oam MSS. parte. Scilicet turn omitsim 
asset hrts post <{MMui/i«fv, sapra scrtptam 
fait, oifAvnmg, soil, indicans r. lectionem, 
.^yoifiiy [yel ^ntfAtt] Syrif, ol y^iywrtq 
<}oiyicit R. nt raox p. 185, 5. — hfAiXe cl 
Xiywrts 9. ^, «. in Prooem. Sospieor nfuTc 
hiwt sine niediis. 

178, 20. vag 0. ff. ^oc AlXz^rat. Ma- 
lioiy X^irr' «y (?el XsX^t*. q. de orthogr.} 
optatiT. perfeot. 

178, 23. Exspectares, vofjU^oa fxh, ot 
Cherfon. init. sed oonsalto omisisse vi- 

179) 2* d-^d-fv auToTc prscfero. Alteram 
a lio^l6. Dalom. 

17p, 19. Malim, iU ^ rkn m^a^ — 
et forsao, irpoMtdftW (tivac) 'rdv or. - 

179, 20. [t^v ffoXiv fiju«v] Sospeota. I 
advise (3/ou)tiot toprectpkot^ ((^e Gsw^)* 
•hm^omA abiolate, st Megalop. iin. 

179, 27. 9Tt y oOt* -mDr* l^ii. MS. 

vid. Oljnth. I. init. Leptin. p. 522—3. 

179, olt. Lege, iv nohifxoi y, ova la'ao, 
R. ex MSS. reole. 

180, 5. Ob mss. legeadam pute M 
favrn Trfoai^vfAitn* Valgata orta est ex 

180|6. Hi9cPro.50.p.l457,2..Vide 
et82. p. 1441, 19. 

180, 15. 4ySr*. PbiU III. p. 124, 16. 

180, 21. Lege, Kinivfiva-wa-i, Vnif, xA- 
■aonqae d«f. are ihrtatmud, 

180, 29. «<f>aX<tta [rvq iw&fjttMf] iMu. 
Exanperiore. Suntma, non oopiarafn,«ed 
rerum gerendaram. xi^. Oljrntb. HI. p. 
34, 28. Sjnmor. 189, 21. ' 

181, 2. roXs Ivua-i] avfAfx&x* ^'^ vicinia 

181, 3. ofA.o\tywrraq Ix^i^og, ▼. I,— 
wfAimK, et — /4,ivo»(. sed vid. Timool. 
Athen. VII. 300. B. V. ad Apbob. HI. 
p.82a,14. 857,7.Iiept.469, 2. , * 

[8J 181, 1 1. Distingne, v§oopav, 'i atfif 
rov At^c, oUer^t tovto; et post (itfiai aapple 
vgotfifv. Jam vide qoam ineptiat R. 

181, 15. Malim, a yS» oUfAjH^a hfaXf, 
vgarrnn, oom MSS. -« rat inepte R. 

181, 21. Lege etdiatingoe, ^Taf i0-xfv»« 
ffbat (ms.) rei vfAirt^a avrSv iifio^fffv, ho- 
fiivout o-ttf^M (omisi jut2) i? tliheti, Cod^ 
structio est, lu tHhai veivraq ^^wr» ^, a; 

181 , uh. Reote acbol. atfiM U — Idem 
moK icvrihr pro ui/nuf, Q. aOrovc'ay^ifiowi, 
ntPbil. Lp.48,19. 

182, 2. yf^ftat [ufM*]— 

182, 23. avTAmTrXn^mrag, Reote opi. 
nor AmemGort. p. 757. ut eui /Jbiftt trikuuri' 
tur ditissimi, eidem tribuantur patiperriaii; 



quo paeto totiuB f^i^mt eentus^ad juttam 
iummam redif^Our* GnstB «xpriniM, tt^i 

nrirtuf* 8ed valde dabito^an bid seasot a 
volgata omttir: qav iiotios boo sonata 
mnmn dtvitem bi /mI^ A, peoMuidBBi mm 
vtuUis pauperkribui m fiti^u B. qoo nil 

ineptiat. Vide m leg. tVMkn^Mfras to(( 

18SJ, 27. Malim, «lflro>i({tfVT«c, iwtA ti 
ittv(, at mox xa&* g raXarra, at aheroro ex 
seq« flaxerit. Sed videtor leg. xara rig 
t§t litres Apbob. I. p* 815, 11. 837, 1. rid. 
Leptio. p. 467^ 6. 

183 » 2. MaliiOy Ixcb^my rvv viiTtit. 

183, 7. eto. Vide Reitk, lod. «nvTii- 

183, 9. Malim oom mss. 2(>ix«miT«« 
XavTtMc 'viAwr^ rSh fjLtyi\»v ilieo^i — • 
4phob. II. p. 838, 25. flnyTiM«i)|iMT»A^y- 
Toi/c coojnnetini msf . — <• Vel •rfiy (uttyJ^ 
"Km, Tel Twy itx«ri videtor etise lofaolioo. 

[9] 183, 18. SoB. 60 talenla et 19 
oiTes euique navi. avm:khq eto. De Coroiu 
Deinder legendam anspioor, \af li tioKo- 

TfTTct^A a a-wfjkara* Ut scilicet oietera 
aiot e margine, qood oerte lactoin est 
paulo infra p. 184, 6. 

183, 22. h xf"^'''^ «*• — Twf TOJ. 

184, 6, Deleto mataifesta sobolio ad 
hrntXvgeM^ai rkf <f>t;Xii(, lege, rSn 9i t«* 
{(^i^anr liMTTW Sy 2(» w 4>i/X^ -^, Q. tamen 
an TB» — ;i^w. Taxtarcbnm babebant ain- 
goin tribas. .£scb. F. L. p. 50, 42. Mox 
Kn. 11. maKit), h iit&a^ julpoc* 

1 84, 15. Tpi^giiff voo'at [xeil T^tetxorra — 
r^i^fiiff ix?'^*'^Tf — Dele. 

184,21. Possis, m^i^o^ fAtv filiA fAiX" 
Xary xlj^ftv. sed vernnt palo,;^^/AaTafy wofcv, 

fnii^4|^«ir ^iv oT^ 3v, S fiiXXi» X. tan* t«1i- 
qnis. GeHe tSln del: Ol. I. p. 14, 18. 
Wl. I. p« 48, 14. 15^ 20. Hjrperidea 
Apainis (Rubokep, ad lUlil. Lop. p. 10.) 

iV ir^..£an PboBo. 998, Soppl. 787. 
ed« Gais. 

[10] 184, 25. lUiak. Ibd. v^. 
^ 184, olu Diaiiflgiie* T^r «Sr M' «&ro( 4 
yi^ fdiv oIk th, vv&ffym H rim ; el ?. Her- 
mog. p. 416*,^ €fiap«. 

185, 7. Reisk. partim p conjt U^i tl 
vX. xjt^M^^t *^^» ^0oTn, recte. 

185, 15. v^oSMtyiyairy R« ex anons. 
165 > 22. Lege, fffoc(Ti^c)^i4M0i«c eto. 
185, 17. &d^ [jca2] troXXi^ — De iBfU 

Leptin. p. 496, 25. 499, 5« 

186, 19. Reotiss. Schsf. Sed snap. 
rifiuifMt, An, hfuv U <r^ Xf^* ^^iXf* 
^^p/uqy axoutftrat ? 

187, 2. eto, Isoor. (Paneg.?) 

[11] 187, 10. Maliv). (imc uftvnig'di 
r»h *£XX. Deinde xfAT^aync &y R« ex 
oonj« non male* Le'ge, xfar^tfrrK. Ctfn- 
(br.Rbcd.p.l97, 20. 

187, 18. [oi»y] «y«t&oy— . 

187, 25. )i'«uiyaXv0wrM, recte Tolg. at 

188, 8. rn l«c /uly lM7yoy. Inepte B.' 

188, 19. loepte &^nfA kf inferoit R. 
manifesto ▼. I. pro ihtuXy k^ OallimMb. 
Epigr. ^ LI V* s( rdSh* Ivr cbKan^*, d^iXw. 
Lege, ^iicitV. 

188, 22. {anty. Sospeot. 

188, 27. ^sobia. F. L. p. 38, 9. «oXi- 
fftiSy qr^Mfouyro w }i/y«fiiyM. 

189,7. Confer ooUoq. Biantia H Croear,. 

189, 9. Malim. Sfip. <R. P.) 

189, 15. &*«y yyy imt^ovfay, Vid. 
Reisk. Iiid. 

189, 28. Oljnlb. I. fin. 

Pro Rhodiis. 

Exordium eat Pro. 27. p. 1437, 
[19J 191, 5. Lege, 3<j)ifXiiy tou tojc hk 
— Qoam tov rwi in rovrcvf coaluisset, 
o^raq supplevit librarias. Admisso ati- 
^em/opahrTt^, at fecit Reisk. ntoes&ario le- 
gendam esset ixorrat^ Confer Oljrntb. II. 
luit. Prooem. 24. p. 1435, 2. 

192, 3. «f«f iX&«y r. lyi — De Sjmroor. 
p. 181. 

192, 4. otfAM ii nai /jUfoq 6 9. Malim, 

ft— . """ 

1 92, 1 9* ^iffoLf ft va^axfowa/Anit* Vide 

193, 18. Non placet vf^rrovroQ ftlir — 
v^vTorroc 9fi — prpeaertim prfecedeottbaa 
arga^Bi et 9rpa}/^Ta»y. 

193, 25. )tiyMfniKOT«c oT; unxf^fi^y* 

Nol»8jntaxin 193, 10. uvifSv cXat. 

194, 10. iTxov] An .*. ope Atbeuiensis 
CDJosdam (Cbaretia pata) arbem tueban- 
tor ? Certe patet Libaniam et Scboliasten 
more soo ineptire. 0! I;^«yTf(, com optima- 
libas et Manaolo, plebem jamdodom ex* 
pulerant: naperejeotisoptimatibos plebem 
redaoere vclebant : interim arcem reline- 
bant barbari. Contra boa Atbenienaiam 
opem implorabant. (yvyt p. 196» 2. non 
probat optimatea adhao rerom potlrr.) 

194, 10. ot [yi^y Imq h alrrn] 'Fi^m, Q, 
an del. ?el leg. breutbi 'P. nam de exsnU- 
baa Idqoi videtor. ^ 

194, 13. ovmf naraXJu^roiff-i omoes. Qu. 

194» 18. 0^ fk( WfoitpS R.e MS. 

195,i-r3. Hine Pro. 24. p. 1435, 15. 


195» 4. irtkXm — woXXoT;. Prooem. 9. hi^er 

p. 14?4, 13. tore troXXoTc Aag. 1. 383, ^4. 431, 13.) v/Atrifw fern vufAfAit* 

195, 5. TO* XwwSy rw y^w Aag. 1. ;t*'' ^^''» •« «wTouff (at ed. Par. Felic^ 

Yide Wolf, ad Lept. p. 223. In Or. o. iihi tkimtelvet, the Bjzautiiies, ^toli. F.. 

Theoor. p. 1326, 16. rpy ifXiXff^n rw Xf^ ^^' P* 44, 4.), «tnmXi (virenXq Weimar.) 

Mv ms. Pro Phonn. p. 947, 4. n^t «r^^ itMM nai t^arriuv (-riovs Felio. etc. -tiov 

^ TJiv hfjUotutv,, Alexia Athen. II. p. 47. MS.) ifl(ii¥ — itutov^ftMuc [t^c ««xtt(] (cmd. 

C. D. 'IliDOyd. I. 30. p. 24, 35. obi achol. etiam Felic.) iTv. yiy^anrtw ou)e hUtva-ttXn 

iU}9oMtv9.TovirX^(a»r0ir<lf0tv(ji«f(.aedVIII. {arrr« (vio Felio. Oe (wy, Eabolid. p. 

17. rd irMtiTTOV <r«; v\ou, 1306, 1. Leptin. p. 481, 12. Pbom- 

[201 195, 10. ^uatt ay f?Wu R. e OOBJ. p. 960^ 7. {wy avroy R. e MS. recte). — 

■t'F. L. p. 342, 26. Leptio. p. 248, 14. Expl. and make their territory (part of) , 

195,16.1)^. Vide Wolf. De Pace p. Byt. Xeoopbon, Argot it Corinth. M- 

60, 25. Sjmmor. p. 179, 17. achines, Besotia, Thebes. 

195, 21. Nota infinitivoa ooaoerratos. J 98, 21. tUXocvoXii; irl^oc. Sie 2xXoc 

et(abi?) hurtfog Ear. Troad. 614. hvrt^cf irt^ 

195, alt. [ro7;] fAtr' lou^/o^; {ny i;^- Dem. Arisloer. p. 643, 20. Deaioxtb. e. 
f*smti, ' Spud. p. 1031, 23. recte R. ^rra (tie ooo 

196, 16. Veatfgia ioiilaluria in Proorai. irra a^erss.) R. P. qai in adversarila 

22. p. 1435, 16. manasor. cttat Platen. CratjrI. p. 92, 5. b. 

196, 18. Lege, oteLvrtf av tovc aXXov; Fiscfaer. CI. 438. D. 5. ti. St.) 
^uia-atrt* Iliad earn ms. lioc coin. Lam- 199, 12. R. e ooiij.W futtrik rav^* (o^) 
bino. va^rtftv. debebat, mai a; f^trei v. u. 

196, 19. 8 /Mt^ ylyMTO [r9twr6 rt] ovfA- 199, 19. iyfonthai — [irotiry] varapx*^**^ 

Ctfef. Vide De Cor. p. 331, 15. « fJurer Vide Hieroo. Wolf. Couf. p. 191, 1. 200, 

«<}>iXi, awi$». 26. 

196, 20. Lep ex msa^ Koi yk^ ovV it 199, 19. rk ^ituua [xoi] voafff. 

ikaia — «rfir«v§lya(, iwirn^, Similis fere 199, 26. Plato, sive alias, Aldb. 2. 

corraptela in Aristopb. Ran. 1076. indt> Bekker. 2. p. 279. H.St. 142. tmlavitoip^ 

osta a Rv P. Rec. p. 48. eol. 2. ed. olt. woXtoftu 

196, 23. ^fno-Bai jSwXojCclyouc recte ma. 199, 27. Malim, ttal v^off-ib* Ifrtpoc (ol 

196, 26. Nun obstante Scbaofero, ma- Megalop. p. 207, 21.) v. R; Vid. tamen 

lim ov¥iCovMno'av» De ArgiTis W^olf. ad 01. 1, p. 17, 6. 

Leptin. (Tsocr. de illorom misero stata.) 199, 28. De Coron. p. 306, 10. 

196, 29. Bpiat. 3. p. 1477, 12. wc F. L. p. 399, 17. 

arvyfiffctffiv atl — sed iste simal respexisse [221 200, 16. Nunc malim, -*rovc tot 

videtur ^scb. Ctes. p. 72, 39. avrov i)fif<k (q. «n hoc pertioeat ^acb. 

197, 3. yii( xai ^a'Karmi Sif^cfhrat: MSS. Ctea^ p. 68, 6.) i^ ^oy h/MV fxh ofAmfMtU' 

Kfetrdurraf, v. Phil. III. p. 123, 9. F. Leg. rat, yo^t^irf hjffvoua^arove. fxh ex cooje- 

p* 425, 21. Mox lin. 10. riiy A. a,fxf"f, ctara addidi, cetera MSS. nisi fx^ poaere 

Leptin. p. 478, 6. mavis ante rh avroy. Aristides t. 2. p. 

197, 5. &q faa-iv. Notabilt exemplom. 382. Cant. 1. p. 561, 16. Jebb. tZv ov/a- 
Contrario sensa Megalopol. p. 203, 26. f^X""* ^^^^ nurriraroi xol imytuuoraTOi, 

197, 20. clXX* eifjka iv. av. nrh nrs viXtv otrinskt rw alrcv Ix^f^ ^"'^ ^^^ w/jil^ato'tf 
^ Aax.illddex ms. booex Felic. Symm. (apod Abreacb. Tbac* p. 51.) Caeterum 
p. 1^, 10. et de ifxa ad ». a-t/rr, p. 167, similis fere antithesis Aristocrat, p. 668, 
21. 17. ivffyove citalar ex Thacyd. II. 60. p. 

198r, 2. sM H iiyt? [of] vaf; hfATv om. 135, 34. addc Platon. Repob. V. 450. D. 

2* mss. H. St. Xenopbon. 2. 1. 2. Sophocl. Antig. 

198, 5. Malim, avrtvt — arMrnVm; ex 212. Plat. Tbeet. p. 151. C. Deinde ad* 
marg. ffn/Airous supple ^tKov^, ut paalo ante p. 

198, 9. Dist. iUauff, hrjt froUmf, r. 194, 11. Phil. II. p. 68, ult. P. Leg, 

soil. u/tAcnpoy. sed addi hoc malim, at F. L. p. 383, 1. Megalop. p. 219, 18. Vid«^ 

p. 374, 26. (sed ibi ▼. IK) Vel vfjtSv, at Androt. p. 607, 9. 

Megalopol. init. 200, 23. iypi7y — iwpitV. Pro lioo an 

[21] 198, 14. Lego, fAnH ln\v(A0(iaf iJjriTv? 
vaXiv (edd. mss. aroXiy. Vide F. L. p. 

Pro Megalopolitanis. 

[29] Exord. est Prooem. 8. p^l423. 203, 8. «raXiy l^v^ws [ytrhartffBm, rel 

202, 9. Malim, rSv h^Mt cvfx&wK yw/MaiJ] Deleodam videtar at e sape- 

203, 7. Paallo melio« vjdetar ayai^nr riori repetitam. 

ff9vn. Vide Px204, 10. 208, 25. 210, 5. ^00, 17« Notabilitaire lectio aive enror 



«pod Scbol. ovTOff l;^tt» ^Aa-ofjin, 

203, 21. v^ixritur^t I* !ti Reisk. e 
Wolf, conj, )f T« TO rei ^, Pelic. 

2Q3, 25. y hfuv ti fxh iw^, OniUit 
oJ ^fv Aug. 1. hfMt Paris, i^ hoo, nt opi- 
nor verani. 

204, 1 5. Miiliin, uvif qc uai w^trAlmcdt. 
mam 4th ipsam etc. Nempe erat, vvif Sc 

KoX 9raftr, Xenopli. Meinorab. I. 2. 16. 
Itcge, imn^ twui (to}) lonif»n» St0x?^mf, 
nl ibid. $. 47. Smsf ivixiy xa2 2. qr^oo^&oy. 
Vide Aristoph. Nab. 1499. Eqait. 180. 
ed. Br. Mschj\. Eumen. 71. Vide ad 
PantaPD. p. 974, 21. ad Steph. I. p. 1104, 

204, 26. [vuy] lay v,. Ex toperiore lio. 
24. »uv »T?jo-. Fraslra Sohaef. 

[SO] 205, 23. Lege, oWiv' iy «rmirir» 

205, 20. fi [(T. flr.'A. xa«] raZra k, 

205, 25. xtti it^ir%%m &nBaiwQ, Qaum 
eos in Cadmea recoperanda adjoverant. 
Vid. F. L. p. 364. 

206, 4. Recte corrigitar, iuvSh ifyov ov- 
^gcffvonv, at de Coroo. p. 316, 10* Hero- 
dot. I. 4. Leptin. 

206, 15. Q. (luu) /uq rqy ^/xouty. Appen- 
dix Francf. avo^iUaa-n, qaomodo legen- 
dum esset, (it) vt^l Sv t^tway. 

206, 16. rivat Ajm, [*Apx^}«v]. Imo 
de Messeoiis agitar. Valg. e superiore 
lin. 7. 

206, 28. An, m^i woXKovl (fxixfou Ha- 
lon. p. 87, 5.) Intelligit, inf^ rifc 'ATTUt?c. 

207, 13. Lege, ly«o i* o7)* — raZra fna-ttv, 
ex mas. vel v/aSv ay — . 

208, 9. Legeodom pato, vel com mss. 

^o\v yt foot, re\ v&tv-yt PAIAION. Sed 
illod animosias. 

208, 11. fAi^ii TOW yt -(sic) Felic. V. 
Olynth. I. p. 11, 4. 

208,12. a9(iMicpr»fertSoh«fef|M,ror- 
MD recte. Sed vide an boo dioat : Uy U 

rtf,yrk iUam a^iSv,- avrn iruliiv iiaiM, ^- 
Nff Sc lyomovTM i <l(f oi^^oc, nkf iroXv fxtC- 
(w a^ut^. 

200, 18. LeicrS enfiaUvq (rS touc 
Felic.)— juu wfAVfirrufAn fiwroJ (Felip.) 
To^a >^ wed (om. ita2 Felic.) xoXi^. 
NH. Toi^ra y^ — IfayMTwfl-ac iunt 9iA 

[31] 208, 23. Lege, eMVtSr jmJ muc- 
TOMtfy, ut aopra p. 203, 4. eorrexil ReiaJu 
e MSS. 

209, 6. Prime qoid fAhl Naiam ex 
^dtf-ty MVTMc. OUm oorrexi, ^aav/ tu 0^- 
Xac ^XXi^— delete ioholio. fTvai agoosoit 
soboliaates. p. 114. $ 44. Paris. Corru- 
ptelam Yidit Scb»f« sed male emendat. 

209, 19. li$Kmi. Ex formola« at Tide- 
tar, Herodot. I. 69. Aristopb. Lysislr. 

209, 21* narwua-^mci (jjihw) ioepte 
R. qoamvis ita MSS. rdv 0vov)dr, the 

ftaletfjtet, Cberson. p. 90, 10. 

209, 26. Q. Toorevc rove aurovc — • Vide 
me ad JSsoh. Cies. p. 85, 38« 

210, 9. Lege, rl U oVfAffno^fAmv, t)v 
Tou K, X. Omisi not, proiqoo inepteR.iuci^ 

210, 19. Lege, v^Xa^at rove 'a. • 
210, 22. Lege, iySi> /(4v (^,Si, De- 
inde legendam, akXk vofil^w avfd^i^, et 
forsan, itpiua (a tl^na) at sapra p. 208, 2. 
Herodot. II. 49. woiei^i t^ wot»ja%» Ari- 
stoph. Aeh. 559. Plato Apolog. p. 88. 
ed. Fiscb. vrototiv 21 TrotoTiy. qaod sertan- 
dam Tidetor. Idem Plato Gorg. p. 506. 
A. 3. H. St. 245, 3. Roath. <nSk — ilii^ 
Xiyat tk Xfyat. Protag. p. 323. o. 7. Rep. 
£.342. fin. 352. c. 7. Eotbypbr. 10. e, 
Possis etiam, servato Si vofiu^dt, legere, 
(ou^fy) oSn ^X«y — sed praestat alteram. 
Vide Procem. p. 1421, 13. 1422, 26. 
210, 25. eiXKw &vXSt9 MSS. 

De FoBtkre Alexandreo. 

Melius sine ZYNeHKAN. Vide Cber- 
son. p. 102, 24. 

212, 12. wc fnfi fAiy, pro ret magnitw 
ditte, Male, opinor, Scbaefer. 

212,16. Non satisfacit.Scbscf. Mihi 
noD liqoet, otram aya7«a{oi. sit vitio^a le- 
ctio pro ayayaxT^atri ,^an l0fa{fTe e p. 
913, 3. 6axerit Vide an a>'ayaitT^aiTi ; 
§7 TIC ^ya>'^oi, •Tfjuu, f I ?ifl-ay-r-n««o^pa- 
rthii-xarayM aurouc )lv^'* *A(«r<irAyrac &y 
vfiat otftat reL oWXo — . 

De Corona. Jul. 10. 1812. 

Hone libellam in Adversariis oito, De- drot. n. 106. ed. Benenat. Fals. Leg. 454. 

mostbenica seoooda. TUfil avrra(, 9. De Coron. 361. (ut Taj- 

QaR ot fragmenta bojos or. cttat Tay- loras, sea potios de Cberson. 66, sed 

loros ap. Reisk. IX. 179. sunt ex Ao- locos estc Androt« 95; rel Timocr. 264. 

- 215, 15. etc. Intricatom locam bodie 
non mate, modo aurouc ▼. 17. aspere scri- 
bas. Usilala constroctio esset aurot, sed 
non deesse pato exempla accasativi. 
Nisi forte aut illos latet,se, quutn jiaeem 
tervandam suadent', de rerum statu loqui, 
in quo nulla fiat iiyuria; aut, neminem 
putant pro injuria habiturum, quod tyran-^ 
nides etc. 

220, 5. ^liBtBttittfifAnVf w; ay r. 



notante Oadendorp.) o. Thnoih, 666, n. 
98. Androt. 98. vel Neer. p. 743. n. 18S. 
, [1] Ar^m* Sft4f, 15. Lege, ^rfamyt' 
itiit KtfM^c it fiia^w Ixi^an^, eic 
^. 299. abi Qoiootil. V. 19. 14. eitot 
Gltrk. «dde Xenopb. Memorab. III. 1. 
8. C^ropaed. VII. 5. 5. 

Imt TtTff ^o7c reote mss. at p. 974, 

t96, 20. ix m^uuaUc, Steph. 1. 1122, 
-S. r=:l{ tinrofUtQloioxlm, 10. PlmtoTbeetet. 
p. 154. D. 9.Tbaoyd. VU. 1S.iDit.(lbid. 
VIII. 46. 6o. IxTou mptirroi, sed too del. 
MSS.) " 

226, 20. & <f>u0tf iedidit. R. e oonj. rat, 
«t poBit oookma post ^p^^i^m. 

227, 14. Malim, o ^, at Aristopb. 
Nab. 1425. Dem. c. Aristoor. p. 628, 14. 
632, 5. 649, 10. Androt. 602, 18. Ti- 
ffloer. 716, 25. m^rif Androt. p. 596,'21. 
601, 6. Arittoor. 629, 5. 9. 28. c. Tbeo- 
erin. 1325, 2. Plato Gratjlo p. 407. B. 

[2] 229, 6, re^ fJthf whf narnyfnfdm 
«to. Similis JoGUt p. 319. . 

229, 20. vo^' aurk v iM* i* e. waf 
Avra reL mihiMr^ p» 230, 4. 320, 26. 
(▼el ir\nam hrm rSh iim, ot Phoroi. p. 
960, 23.) at tieptio. p. 499, 16. abi recte 
Tajlornm ad bono de ,Cor. loonm repre- 
bendit P. Wollias. Midian. p. 583, 12. 
323, 7% Vide c. Smooth, p. 884, 3. Pantaon. 
-p. 966. 19. 

229, 2d«. Hoo video isla, mu fjt^ ft n 
Twv a\>M9 — awAO'f xfriv^M, esse variam 
Jeotiooem soperioram lin. 16. 1^* ok ah- 
*(Sirr& f4i — T^itthfM.rO' Xf^^!^»i* Deinde 
lin. 13. malim A^su^Xv^m Di t, constroens, 
oux ilc( wptu^Xff'^cu com AMJir p^ffri&ai 1. 

[3] 230, 16. Q. fTf^ ^* oT«. De ^ 
Phil. IV. p. 136. 5. et a|t. ConJert Fiscb. 
ad Wellerail. 340. Herodotum V. 87. 
p. 416,79. Simile p. 295,3. 

231. 13. iv ofc p. 259, 19. 30*, 23. 
310,19.21. 313,7. 321.9. 

231, 22. iyww. p. 271, 15. 24. 293, 
nit. 245,25. CMyntb. II. p.;!0,7. F. L. 
p. 372, ttlt. 373, 17. 399^ 18. 

232, 18. '.^cb. c. Ctei.'p. 61, alf.— 
64, 8. ' 

232, 19. Irt Ml jtsiuvXtmwc. tn om. 
-nss. qn. an potins del. jut/. 

232, 22. [irpayo^K; Kot} hi^nuf, om. 
ms. ex p. 229, 19. repetitam.' Ibi ge- 
Duina pato ob p. 229, 25. de qno- loco 
roe vide supra. Deinde roox i^a^ag pi 
htpixBif] valde suspicor esse v. 1. pro tuti 
hi^nut* ■ ■ 

234, 12. wroq hiavf. Mwh. Gtes. p. 
65, 22. 

234, 21. itA^AiUti iEseh. p. 69, 20. 

[4] 236, 11. f»f «F— woi^o-fliTo. Omit- 

t!t h Aog. 2. 

237, 7. BouknO'V v. I. Vide me ad F. 
Leg. p. 448, 10. 

237, 11. [ahriif] ix^^ recte mas. om. 
«x lin. superiore ortam. 

237. 17. Inlerpnngo, /jurk rwrr luduc, 
o£k iic /UAK^Av ; roue — • f*Jnk raZr lu&uc 
PbilemoD Stob. p. 395. ed. Grot. Soai- 
pater Atben^ IX. p. 378. B. Infra p. 
278, 3. fjOfrk taZr i{a/^Ct F« Leg. p. 
349, 16. 

241, 1. rSn il Xh^yrut [nttl iroXX«y] oro\ 
ms. Per se optimom rm il vtiKySn, at F. 
Leg.p. 426, 4. 

241 > 10. ^i\m uttl liim. Biodor. Sic. 
XVI. p. 539, 15. H. St. ( ) fivowc JutJ 
^ouc ovo/u^wv. Fals. Leg. p. 424, 10. 

241. 18. [wo'&iv;] mWw yi Taylorns. 
Moxp.242,26. 274,22. Sedr. Robnken. 
ad Lohgin. 

242, 2. De Perilao Meg^rensi F. Leg. 
p. 436. 1. 

242, 18. jea/roi <^Xktv yt reote roargo. 

[5]. »42, 19. 3 rnf 'a. fiy^v* ^soh. p. 
63, 11. 

244, 5^ Iv T? ina'Kna-ia. tres primas edd. 
Iv om. "2. mss. me vide ad JSscb. Ctes. 
p. 58,28. 

^45, 13. irl\MwiTi'mfjM» Nans, et X. p. 
990,18. Poljrcl. p. 1218, 28. flrXfovOtrsry, 
Dionjso'd. p. 1297, 1. 

245, 22. roTc W J<)«Jff. p. 309. 10. rS 
9i)oyat naX iut^ilfti*, sio MSS. - 

245, 24. Malim, h rotavrp ih xetra- 

24€f, 23. TO e^Ufjut [tJiv hytfJtwUv] — . 

247, 5. Pro Rbodiis p. 196, nit. ^f «tv 
Ipi^ovTOff TOu ero^tw rouff arvx^a-arraf otL 
(Me ad Plat. 1027.) iEscb. o. Cles. p. 72. 
38. Sopbod. CEd. Col. 258—262. etCalli- 
macb. apad Sohol. Pro Megalop. p. 205, 
25. (Aristoor. p. 672.) Enrip. Herad. 
177. 330. Isocrat. Panegjir. p. 51. C. ad 
Pbilipp. p. 410. D. [Sed vide vera faten- 
tem AJcibiadem TbocjdidisVI. 18. prop, 
init. rfiv rt ^x^ oZrotf inmo-afxt^a clc. 
qoB fere expriroas verbis Ciceronis apnd 
Nonium (De Repnbl. p. 253.) " Noster 
▼ero popalns sociis defendendis terrarnm 
jam omnium potitas est."] Andocid.p.27, 
5. Isoer. Plataio. 1. 45. Plato Menex.p. 
397, 1. t. 5. Bekker.=3244. fin. H. St. 
•Thuoyd. 2. 40. prop. 6n. 

247, 8. [o! T^] recte margo. 

248, 12. De Cberson. p. 98, ^6. r 

252, alt. ^iym &t ctamv /t»|y eto. J£sob. 
Ctes. p. 85, 8. 

253, 12. [hyifMfoq] el^ovroc. transponit 
anas ms. sed dele. 

[6] 254, 5. a m ouTOff Zfu. p. 86, 14. 
40. 88. 34. 89i9. 

255, 7. a^iiS^ delendam pato, at sobol . 
ad &TX£c,de qoo vide p. 288, 12. Deinde 
recte uargo Mou^» 


956, 10, ««#«» iwv Uirmifyi&r Asg. 9, p. 77, 25. 
et m legeUat Poneiiw» t«ftt» J. Greed* 269, 17. avroctlfUt^c etc. iBsob. Clet, 

^i»C «3ir l^^n^iidM'My VelekenasriQe Dia- S69» 26. Lege, 'r^c fJO/rwo-Ui ; li rfiv tm- 

trib. p. ^8. et 0i«(((ic Porsoiius, tette ouraiy tU t* eotn Hieron^Wolfii edltione. 

eedem J.Cffeed,- • Gam Morelio ooMeotisiit AMioie, et at 

256» 18. 'Tclv'n* A^.pro ffibmc egregie videtor MSS. Soles Felicienas onuItU \ 

PoreoBot ad Prom. d62» ed. filonfield. JuASh* Nempe boo erat aobol* ad 'mwrm, 

256, 26« wfimm fMyfcrm lyt&Sh ma^ ^ fjA erat aliad sohol. indioaos rw ha/ym" 
•ir^ yiiymt Stookias ed. DabL 1769. mf esse inter ^xaXA et 'tfJ^ fid luri^ For- 
Debebat or. rSn fA»yia-eWt at p. 275, 16. san flsalit qots oainia oaa opera delere, et 
Sed maliflU, ikntSHfAMyitrm, sine w&rtm, legere, rk furwoia, nelg 1. Cetema tSf 
de' qoo me vide ad F; Leg. p. 343, 19. ante 'rMovTMromittaotomnefpreter Wolf. 
WMfMrMt aotemv sive Stookii sit site jet Tajl. Vide p. 317, 15. 20. 318, 2. 
Reiskii, probat R. P. in ad?ersariie ; et e< , 
■BOX k-i^^irwro iv rS ».— |y rS ab am 270, 10. avixdm marginis est xxsiap. 
abeorpta. [9] 270, 23. &nl Tf^/urr«c leutirtf 

[7] 957, 22. tuur^ rch'EhfiMm, JRtch* *ArfifMv0, Hemsterbas. ad Lociao. Ti- 
p. 65. Infra p. 306. aon. XX tl. p. 134. 

257, 23. iv(anim* Infra p. 306. 272, 14. h^if ttim rorro [tocouto] m* 
858» 9. K>4en^' Q. de bietor. Deinde idrtofM, Om. tomvto 2. mss. YideF. Leg. 

rAc oXXMfc 1^0'fvc reete se habet. Vide Be p. 442. Aristoph. Bg. sTc oviwi eri^c. 

ad Uerodot. L 193.' Herodotea prima p. 276, l5. Lege, oollatis r. >L «^y* Av 

30. ^acobSk ad Athen. p. 22. Andooid. p. kytif «i(O0^tv. me vide ad F. Leg. p. 342. 

17, 17. ihXipif, trt H i. glM«c. Aatipb. 277, 1. er^Xn&s^. Herodot. 1. 98. p. 

p. 135, 4. rSv fAWf A* \iym. Aristoph. 50, 38--40. 

Pao. 769. Tboejd. VIL 5. p. 449, 96. [10] 277, 12. [oMT & tSvouroc. 

qoem btno expedi V. 18. p% 330, 71. Elm* 278, 10. rrn y* l^aU^s* 2. vass. rh* 

aleiom (Ed. T. 7. ad Med. p. 132. abi i{. Lege, m ^ to y* l{. Yalgata oonBate 

confer. Ran. 1195. Ljsias p. 176, 8. ri 7« 

clXXo vXn$oc. est ex virt et t^, rirt, Sio, «ri /(aIv )^af 

258^ 20. Homer. Iliad. M. S22. ad iia^ik,F.Lo9. 371,14. (Mivt§pnmm) 

qaem looam Clarkios soa soble^sae Tide* Zenoih. .p. 885, 8. ter (semel e MSS.) 

tar Berglero in Aloipbrok.I. 25. p. 100. Leoohar. 1083, 4. 1085, 28. 1087, 15. 

qoem oitat Persooiis 1068, 12. 1099, 27. Oijmpiodor. 1176, 

260, 1. [rh «t»/M^f(orr»]. 17. th i^t^X^* Nioostr. p. 1247, 5. r6 

260, 19. y^a^t tdv AySm twrm \ita/^ yt tra^avrUa, Aristoph. Vesp. 829. to ra- 

fifAmf] forsan deleedam. Sed atot boo sit, (axjpifxa r^ airU»i Prisciao. 18. p. 1210, 

▼erte, a trial Uks the prestnt. 16. 

260, SI. MMTN «r^' kf, Tel hUnu &y, 280,14. DosBfaissevidentarleotioae^: 
Marklandas. Male. }il«y<ei est fifferre, at roTc H firi owavTi7<ra<n vcwdnfxel, 
iiiioa-af, p. 261, 6. Me vide ad F. Leg. rtiig Zi av/tiCouKut hfjCCv f/i^ xi^f*"^* Xi^^^ 
p« 410. ^&« l9r({. (xi»f^oii9 pro luifAinit Felio.) 

261, 16. Lege, Twy r^M^ofx^wy. Q. an 282, 15. Et bio pato fuisse daas lecti- 

cum mas.— «»fX**' irop' oM^ hy* t&q hfi* mn^BfiKaf Kal Spfcov^. 

262, t. «liro rn; •v^(. in pr&portion to, ones : vu^&aifw rkt aotvac wi^rtiQ, , 
G. Mid. p. 565, 15. « wap'oidiw — 

[8] 266,23. RecteSoftmgeci.schedfe^ Q.igitaran.leg.xoiT^y itVqm, va^n^yaw 

Ttrffljt«.'r.fvXarydf«(o7c,alternmexliBea oihsovq, 

aoperiore eatam, plane at Boo^ofixv so- -" vianiq, Xvfiv imfiaWarat, 

pra ». 256, 1 1. nbi Boo^S^v ed. Felio. 283, 5. Reote interpretatar R. non mtt- 

268, 4. ov* UtrnfAMToi iWwif — . addit *entcopiasarf©criu«PWi/)pMOTiltA«HW««es, 

PtoTs * earn aliis quibusdam, X«/Siry rifjat- dum tderabiles $int, quM ilU vdlit, eondi- 

fUf, male, ex p. 319, 12. *«^«»- Q** »e°»«* reqoirere videtur iw 

268,9. Xlynca^retc.iEscb. p. 77, o^^f^ —• . , . 

39^ [11] 283, 14. 0^ov9t)y iffoif 10^1 coojieit 

268, 26. fX«T«w ?x*»« Lept- p. 479, '^°*^."": / ^^ „ „. 

15. 485. 16. Mid; 575, 14. (Ear. Sappl. 28d, 2. ^y« jutflinrro mss. at Bar.Pbcen. 

743. ed. 6aisf.niladrem.>o.Spad.l035, ^^81. ^, , , 

28. 1036, 7. 0. Stepb, I. p. 1124, alt. 28J» 11- [«» ^^ «» ^S^t — ^^»^ »<^''* 

Plato Rep. I. 343. D. 3. 7. nyu^M] Minim ni bieo snot delenda. 

269, 10. Imi^a wW. vid. Rhod. p. Similis interpolatio, c. Midian. p. 525, 9. 

199 19. Toiw** > ««t) ri t»c iroX««»c wofMi> ex sa- 

269,16. X^youc T(y«c auw^ii. iEsch. perioribus male repelita. 


885,22. 9r«fMtoXou&ifjuS(. Aristoor. p. quod c&n$equendum omnia tentavitilU,i',e, . 

683/ 6. Timocrat. 705, 9. o. Phorm. 909, Pbilippns. Aristopb^ Bqait. 519. Vide p. 

18. e marg. 915, 19. F. L. 423,25. 301,10.302,11. 

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8. Alhen. I. p. 6. F. 9. III. 102. C. VII. oM* htfvv fjtif iviiv o^rnfai (qa. de ^vo^r^- 
291. B. 5. cinovfjUni, Dinaroh. Dem. p. 91, feu), rvn H* e^ clftov )* tWivfSut y% — uai 
38. Ljoarg. p. 149, 30. [Dem.o. Neasr. t^ «r^. Recte enim statoit Taylorof 
p. 1382, 14. yni irip^o^or.] AtbenKas III. omnia ad /Bsohinem dioi, at liqaet ex 
116. F. _ ' seqq. Im U nfavr* — v^q v/ma?, i. e. 

286, f. Qi^atoor leciiODes, t9( oroXi- cetterum, Judices, qu<e huie modo disi, o& 

riMc I T?( woffnq or. I t9( «^Xi>c leoyK, \ vosdixi. 

rqc vaoni aXXdc troX. Vide ad F. L. p. 294, 9. [votfrnrt] t^ iriiKti, Reote om. 

362. infra «p. 27. Sed atai bfeo tint, sab- Aag. 1. Vide ad F. Leg. p. 446. Confer 

audi i/bpic. Vide p. 302, 10. 304, 7. tamen Or. in Tbeocr. p. 1330. Sic hm- 

, 287, 8. fAMToAMAt ntaX ^tta-^ai vrav- Mxira — hoathaainAphoh,!, p. 828, 22. 

roe Mp e. Q. del. $tat ^tXaBat, et leg. 294, 14. *EXX^«y ^Tvp^. Versos Hexa- 

warra, scil. rov ^0of, ^ meter. De rersibasfortuitis yide Boiss. ad 

[12] 287, 23. xe^<r«0^t — hur&M —i ArisUsn. p. 233. Tajlor, ad p. 275. Notes 

hrmyyiXXt^at, Dionjs. Hal. 44. et 56. ad Ear. Soppl. p. 183. ed. Gaisf. Vide 

ed. Sjiborg. idem bis w^y/Miri ira^ttSt infra p. 319, 8. Diog. I^iert. II. 28. •Sroc 

Tovrw — boo procdldabio recte. Lego, fc^rrot «ruv«y wrmi^ ov mimvt ItXh itoX«- 

ir«c y^ftvht (q. p^^^tf'&f) tw v^^yfutrf x^ja-eu, obi Menagias com soperioribos 

wa^tS ; TouTw v&vu fMi-^vultU dodeam? oonjongit, male, at credo. Demostb. La- 

optime Wolfios. Sabjanctiras est, at crit. p. 930, 15. ruaZra ro&ran la^ rk- 

i7ir«» Phil. III. p. 123, 4. Reiskios y^- naiMu^fxekra, Confer Ljsistr. 399. Iso- 

aoff^ ex Dionjs. et mss. qood etiam orat. Antidos. $• 7. rdv Bin *Ov («, lUt 

bonomest; sed debebat etiam ^irirdaf et mhifaihtMVt^h^Mr^m, Pbilipp.171. 

IwaYyiKKMvhau De Cberson. p. 99, 18. Koi yi^ iMiy«yf(aXX«y«y»mt< Tnv WfcWT^y 

leg. KeiX wava-off'^ai vtfil r. ^contra edd. et iv Of f /iMirvXatf \n t^] "aXXac fUa( tud ri 

mss. so. xjS^ ex tin. 9. sabaadiendam. r^oqtaXw, Demostb. o. Conon. p. 1262, 2. 

289, 5. WfM^ofiMva [itteti] iUata, Dele Mriiorulvr ia^eu to7c fMr^iciq 3^fXo(« Mi- 

€NA repetitara. Deest Lindeobrog. dian. p« 585, 20. tCa2 tim ^h fti "Koyto'fAS 

[13] 289r 18. [xoi] t»q fjth. Dele nud, m^nTvat rtuhtt vtAinrtt, praeoedit, ou /3f - 

Mox i^ia(, soil. 'A^nvoidMr, at recte inter- BaiAauvrt^ ifxot $a!iit7a'bt. 

prelabatar Reisk. apud Harlesiam, qaam- [15] 294, 18. tuil vkKn ou oroXntvif. 

vis postea sententiam malavit. Infra p. Per bypben constrae. Bene de faac figora 

290, 1. rkf lilav varp!^a. (mox 289, 20. post alios egitMonkios ad Hippol.196.lo- 

TD i(c auToy orXn/u. citabat R.) cam Baccb. 455. recte defendens, at feoe- 

289, alt. iiort. Timocr. . Dinaroh. ratH. P. not mss. ad Aristopb. Ecel. 115. 

Dem. p. 90, 1 8. 93, 9 — 11. ter. Psepbism. 495, 8. cvOtet luvlt/m orrn ow^ Mfxit' 

Plolarcb. II. 852. D. Dinarch. Aristog. vw, Reisk. ex 2. mss. oitans in indice lo- 

p. 105, 29. Dem. c. Tbeoorin. p. 1333, com c. Aristocrat, p. 657, 25. Valg^tam 

alt.B<Bot.ILp. 1008, 7. 1020,25. Spod. ciUt H. Steph.Tbes. I. 1159. F. Adde 

1035, 6^ ETerg.1152,1. Poljol. 1209, Eobol. p. 1309, 11. XiXot^o^jci wih ST, rt 

17. 1214,12. 1224, 11. Calliol. 1276, oS, ms. Megalopol. 208, 26. ovhlf ^iq 

20. 1281, 15. Plato Tbeiel. 158. A, 9. ob. Sopb. Aj. 725. oiJ Tic M'o^a. F. L. 

205. C. 6. Crito Athenei IV. 173. C. 4. 417, 11. Androt. 609, 5. o. Theocrin. 

Thacjd. alibi et IL 61. p. 135, 50. III. 1323, 28. wih ^, rt w vnroilautn, Plato 

59. p. 205, 60, ill, 62. init. 68. init. 81. Theaet. p. 170. A. Steph.' 376, 8. Hein- 

fin. 113. prop. fin. Alhen. IV. p. 175. A. doif. Srrcv* ov pro — ovv recle Stepb. Vide 

9. XIIL 610. B. PInfarch. t. II. p. 110. ibid. p. 178, B. = 408, 1. Mv 7, ri o&, 
B. (Meinek. Q. M. p. 29. qoi errat.) Batliyd. p. 294. D. 4. E. 4. (61, 14. 62, 
Anaxandrides Stob. p. 277. 6r. 8. Rooth.) Protag. p. 317. c. 2. 323. c. 

290,15. Lego, tl^iti Srt iavroTig fxiv 1. Pbaedon. p. 97, 8. Wjlt. Xenoph. 

3ktf/cA<|»(0^qnTy.irpoc &KknX9ug enim est schol. Cyrop. I. 4. 25, et Schneider. Simile fere 

ad iovroTc. Mox deleo ttvai post &9a^tw $. 26. Esempla dent Badnas p. 935. 

lb. 19. Herm. ad Viger. p. 709. ovk ta^tt Smg, 

292, 12. va^et vaa-n ei^Trai, Sic om- Eor. Hec. 858. Aloest. 851. Hipp. 861. 

nes, certe tres primae edd. Malim tamen Herad. 977. Ion. 1530. (Brecth. I. 50.) , 

AftiTAi. 297, 25. ixc}/ic, scil. p. 137. seq. 

292, 28. o^nvros [»J X**/**^] Delenda 300, 9. t* waf wrote mu lret].wtL^ 
conjieit R. ' vStu Vide p. 310, 16. 

[14]293, 10,'r/;^^recteMarklandas. 301, 15. a >vy tvro; ^lirv^, ^scb. p. 

293, 12. ijtiryof fr&Tc^ a^nitt ^i^, ad 67, 43. 


/ - 19 

* 309, S. Maiim, v»^aXtirwv m ct lioi 
Wfa^tm, bop ex oonjeotaira. ** in eo esse 
acquiescendum, ut nuUo labore, nulla peri- 
eulo detrectatOy ita demum id subirenif 
quicquid erat £f)entarum" 

SOS, 7. Qa. an 9oXXSf del. pott ^n- 
^fAairon. at vdKkSn Ai.r, I. pro «ttXM«y. 

303, 11. W alr^ tSc &kiA^, rStt I. 
Recte ma. om. iyyvt ow^tic. v. Tajlor. 
Mox recte oredo om. ma. vamg, ^ 

303, 20. xa2 4>dW. ^aoh. p. 62, 5. 
303^ 22. :&6cte eddidit R. or umBa^al 

ex ma. 

304, 5. ><9ywfMQ, Rehk, Ind. at Pao- 
tasn. p. 981, alt. 

[16] 305, 13. Malim, §.( )ma/» XC^<^ 
full rS \oytt>, at Leplin. p. 457,jlO. Mid. 
623, 27. Or. de Symmoriia 180, 1. recte 

margu&rai. Infra p. 311, 16. vm^^vmi 
»ixgnrat rS xfyat^ Vide Ariatocr. p. 628 

6. luMipio Gliersoii. 92, 13. 

306, 5. iKk* &m\&f avrof Ha-mnti, 
hytfMn, jtupfo; va»rm, Qoere an haec in- 
terpolata sint ex Ol jntb. 1. p. 10, 1 1 . pri- 
mo acil. adaeripta ad aoperiora, rwv hi fov 
ffikifAw etc. Confer And rot. p. 615. 

306, 7. TO Ju/AuyopilV v^&rov. Me Tide 
adF.Leg. p. 438.^ 

306, 11. J«* h htavrw rv^ju w^i^aa-if. 
Malim, hrn ac. ra abaorptom eat ab 
III'. Sip Tiff Valck. Diatr. p. 150. A. Poraon. 
Hee. p. 73. ed. 3. Mid. 528, 1. Vide me 
ad F. L. p. 352. Vide Phil. 111. 124. 27. 

306, 16. iEach. p. 73, 40—74, 12. 
306, 1 8. Lege, o^nv hMi^ lyw irXsia^nf* 

307, 28. etavt^ni Ttj Jarfoc, iEaoh. 
Ctes. p. 86, 2. etc. 

308, 20. Scite ^aehinea F. Leg. p. 51 , 
10. Toir.TW "Kvyan av^w, rat nroav Ifyw 
vgoriai'utq atreurovo'tf, 

309, 6. ^»&f«flr«v iv^ii reote msa. ob 
Daweaii regolam. 

309, 13. Me vide ad F. Leg. p. 343. 

309, 20. A J* ol vcivTiff, arlicalam delet 
ma. et pr. m. alioa, recte; nisi mavia 

[17] 310, 5. ir<tVT« [ravra] iiraynrotf. 
Dele. Vid. ad t. Leg. p. 343. Sic varra 
woiwa-iif F. Leg. p. 408, 12. rid. Timocr. 
729, 11. 

310, 8. Xtt6* iK&0"nv cx'^^ov rhv h/xifaf^ 
4. mas. tf^iJav ti optime Reisk. Vide Por- 
aoni Adversaria p. 110. ad Atben. IX. p. 
^76.V, AloseasComioasPrisoiani XVllI. 
p. 1173, 5. Patscb. (deest locaa ed. Aid.) 
'Onn fl^^f >oy t* fAwa; iyyvq r^ug oXwff Tnpw 
Tov *EyivfxiSvct» sic coUatio Scaligerana 

^ Oxon. ----- (Ed. Putscb. o rvyix'^^v 
f*») tf'XS^w ''•* in Steph. II. init. c. Lacrit. 
p. 936, 18. Pantsen. 969, 7. Leoobar. 
1085, 21. 1090, 3. Plato Tbeajt. p. 143. 
A. H. St. Everg. et Mnes. p. 1140, 24. 
Oljmpiodor. 1171^2. 14. 

SlO, 16. rSh ofAVfMwhm Mat t<^ tv, recle 

310, 19. Lege com mi. t^ yf»^ ivi- 

310,27. iXX^To TOW Ks^wXovJUXay — 
iEscb. p. 81,37. 

31 i, 9. &^* £v wipl Tflff TuYiJc JtfXlvfla. 
JEscb.p. 76,6. ^ 

311,111 Qa. ail duplex fuerit lectio, 

Tfl fieknara wpdrretv vofiiC«m 
nv ykf o^io-TW ixitv olo/ttiwc oux oTJiy. 
[18] 311^ 14. Q. an leg. tl fAsm h alrm 

31 1.14. fux^ not Tflff iffvi^as R. ex mas. 
aervandam poto not vfttw F. L. p. 406, 6. 

311, 20. rhv TQff vSXiatg rv^wf, Solon 
apud Dem. F. L. p. 421, 25. qaem ridet 
Aristopb. Equit. 1171 — 3. at recte Hem- 
sterb. ad Locian. Timon. Dem. F. Leg. 
p. 436, 20. (coof. iEscbin. p. 72, 10.) 
Oljnth. II. p. 25, 2. ^Eaobioes p. 86, 
olt. Aristopb. Nab. 587. et Eapolis apad 
Scbol. (qoooum omnino confer Pbil. I. p, 
43, 10. seqq.) Pbil. I. p. 52, 25. seqq, 
Lepkin. 490, 22. Wolf, ad Leptin.p. 219. 

313. 15. a-tntoTUVM^ov, you helped her 
to cabbage, F. Leg. p. 419, 19. xapfrou- 
fjkiw rat rM ^j^oo/jkifon oljciaq (vel ova-iasy, 

313, 18. Lego, x«2, haarkq am tow 
ttaQaf/xov, JCiXiiMtfy — cam ms^.. 

314, 8. a ta)v akXMv namyo^tXQ avros 
voihauf, Q. Timarchum? Vide F. Leg. 
p. 40.3. 19. vatia hra etc. ex mox lin. 
27. owTOff aXXoy|Jtf^wetc.• 
3l4, 7. Torff aovi^Uit, F. Leg. p. 419, 

25. 403, 20. 

[19} 314, 14. «rXf/» -KafABhm &ito 
rouroef v^/jtara. Dele r^avfAara, et verle, 
plus inde lucri faciens, quam ex cert'amini' 
bus, seu potius pro vita et capite veris pu- 
gnis, Ineptissime interpretalor Reiskiuii, 
ad cujas mentem si scripsisset Demo- 
stbenes, dedisset, h Ix T»r Aycevon vfJuTg, 
owff — . Ne quis antem boc arripiat, faciaro, 
mon§ndo 1. u/Mit; et vfAXv ad eosdem plane 
apectare, 2. dictoram faisse w^rlp trig va- 
Tp/)off, non m^ Tfff •\'W)(iig» Deinde I. hfjuv 
Wfoff Towff hsarkq (rowff cam 3 primis edd.) 
De re confer p. 449, 20. Paulo sopra 
anna ms. Ivebt^^g IxfTvoff, et sic edidit 
Reisk. Qaod babent Aid. B. teste Reisk. 
el Felic. o VM^aens, dacere yideretur ad 
owwwfacwff, nisi recte oww. habere! Aid. 
A. Deniqae Zi/uvXm reote Reisk^ Alteram 
natnm ex xai sequente. 

[19 b] 315, 3. Malim, oa-a fAti^ a-lo-^w 

315, 9. ix^pivsg, iyd ¥ ix'^^^O^ow* X*P**'" 
red in contempta Mid. p. 577, 5. 

d* hfJ^Xv 

315, 21. fFa^avaywbt in /uoi. 

315, 23. nxw X(9r«y x. Kal an. vvXag, 
plane omissb nufSv, etiani citat Libanias 
Declara. X VI. p. 458. B. ed. Paris. 

316, 6. v9rti\Ji<fi' iyw^lyofjuiv'] t^/miV' — 



|«terpQnge onra Mtrklaodo ; sed delen- 

dum yo/ui^tf. 

[20] 316, 24. zab* tw hify ms. anus, 
qaod oriri quidem potait ex a, i. e. fxhn 
pmolo ante. Sed potias ex &vi^et male re- 
traotam. Menander Ammoaii p. 93, \}tu^ 
Ti^] K&iw recte Bentleias.^ ex Ic'ua- 
tain. Herodot. II. 175. p. 189, 89. nal 

ante ftWi om. mss. pars ( j, y. I. pro m) 
Phil. III. p, 109, id. maUm Im ar^^a. 
▼ide taiiien pro Rbod. p. 197, 11. Legem 
apad Demosth. Arislocr. p. 649» 5. ve\ 
Timoer.719, 6. Enr. Androm. 911. xaxSv 
y lX|fiif,i/«v>p« J^tf-* f;^inf xlp^u. tw om. 
merabr. sed reote Masgr* pest Grot. Stob. 
^ff V M(t nt 178. Hel. 579. Vide me 
ad Sopb. CEd. C. 563. ad Paitteen.p. 978. 

[21] 316, 2a. ^XrtioTifov [x«i aX»i&l<rTi- 
foy] om.Aug. 2. ex p. 311, 18. obi, rioe 
Tersa, ^titM^i^ mss. qnidam ex hoc loco. 

317, 18. Interpange, rovrw. Ouri ^- 
»«» — irtUToy tovi, «i Kar&^^nfft fAtB^avety- 
Td»y. Postrema oorrigebam — booo'tf/ 1^' 
Av. in every thing, Sed puto s^nabsse, 
etTerteDda,yai2«d in common with the reit. 

317,24. ay^a^oii yo/jUfJtoif, Ayfi^ffS' 

' fAouff, Xen. Memor. IV. 4, 19. Vid. Soph. 

Aatig. 454. Dem. c* Aristocrat, p. 643, 

17. nbi confer p. 639, 23.648,22.Steph. 


319,6. (xa2) vcuffKt \y^i Kanlav reote 
Reisk. ex Aug. 1. qaomodo vitatar Pen- 

320, 1. phrofOf H,/4,ht tres .primae. h tl 
Reisk. ex mss. daobos, at Leplin. p. 
470, 5. Onet. II. p. 877, 14. 

.320, 1. MaJim, ffv rolvw ouro; tvfiBtit, 
/ ttra <t>d. parlim com mss. Vide tamen F» 

Leg. p. 442, 6. olrog pro rnwrog Mid. 
576,2.c.PhOTm. 914, 19. 
, [22] 320, 23. ffaXxa tuti xoX^ — Sv 

ouje hfximfJi>6vno^» Veretor Reiskios, ne qaid 
desit. Ego ista delen<|la censeo* ^n/j^iinii 
— enim ad pnecedeptia clare spectat. 
Sabintellige, rw /mq Ifxi rSi¥ xaxfiv atriw 
ttvau Hagc aatem omnia a p. 312. Tersan- 
tnr in refellenda Echinus iosectatiotie 
Demosthenis rv;^;. 

321, 19. iXBivra rifjuia^t fxn^i — 
recte Reisk. ex mss. Idem r6n el lio. 
13. et 24. delet. Qa. 

321, 25. i>f 9eaf ohtHoriroi* Sopra p. 
309, 2. &i ilg i\AX}<rr&, Mid'. 585, 3. et 
Phil. 111. 124, 9. mi U m-KtUrtau, Ari- 
stocr. 654, 11. otq ha ^^axur&rov, Plato 
Theaet. p. 170. A.Steph. (376,3. Hein- 
dorp.) &{ hk Q^Ayytirtn, Idem Gorg. p. 
449. C. 1. D. 7. (101, 8, 102, 5.Roalb)t 

Thncjd. IIL 46. init. o^f It ^if^xytisfrm, 
ibid. fin. Zn l«r' iKkxwrw, II. 34. fin. m 
I vl 9rXi7rTov new ifdhow* I. 63. p. 42'» 85. 

322, 10. ^tiiAaroc Tertit CoUinsiin 
pMta nostrasy 

324, 19. Distinotionem tolle, et lege^ 
«CTo'* hinitf — nmnfiMi'* tit.rf — ista 
verba non trtbuen.- 

[23] 323, 10. rii yviS wmonuuiQ s? 
^nfSi, Qnidfeoisse. 

S23# 14. r^mjra qaod millti cm. msi. 
est ▼. I. pro TouTo. 

323,24. ^lUmmfffih, Mwh, 

325, 13. «Urflrifayii h r^vtkfn,. De Pace 
p. 60, 7. ' 

325, 26. iu»J froXXw>c twvwq deleo ut 
▼.1. pro xa2 ffoXttff )mX r^eus, et iroXXovc 
oncinis inolarit R. Sed iirvuiAV in(ra p. 
329, 5. F. L. p., 442, 25. Dinarch. c. 
Demotth. p. 102, 24. viXttiv mtl roKotf 
Oljnlh. II. p. 18, 15. 

325, alt TovTMC hrtlj^ta-a* iEsoli. Ctes, 
p. 65, 33. Bemades p* 178, 38. rh 'at- 
T«ny Irtixtva, rtv( ofeug tS? Xl^fot fttfiBa-' 
X«y ov TitBot^ aX)^ rtn r^c^roXf «« iua-^'K^. 

£24] 326, 15. \mI >iky9na wti y^- 
^ra rouwrft] Sobolion boo est ad l»« 

326, 18. EvBoMV mendosnm esse yidit 
Mnklandos, variam leoiiooen pro'AJSi^oy 
Reiskios. De cirovvfzinif agitar, non dd 

326, 27. Conjioit Reiskios, ^oifAmk 
Ttyof (<|)dovoc vel Ji/r/t*biMt) ft twx** rn^ 
^^xiq. Hoc yideo, lff)^i ex ^y«c natom. 
Elegans sane conjectora ^wou Ear. 
Eleotr. 907. ^902.) optime Tjrwbittns, 
fjA fjki T(c ^oioq^ C<eX>i;: at ^scb. Agam. 
956. Valgatam defendit R. P. not. mss. 
ad Arisi.'Tbesm.. 90S, ex Aiistoph, et ee- 
quentibas, apod Eorip. 

327, 19. ^0^, fAtyiair»i avafA^iffQhrvt 
iani^^ kvjilfttt, boo com Markl. illad oam 

327, 20. «c hriffttf, Phil. II. p. 68, 9. 
supra p. 298, 22. 254, 7. Caeteran de 
eopbemismo Lennep. ad Pbalar. p. 112. 
Valck. Diatr. p. 112. Sio clXXoff Apbob. II. 
p. 841, 19. 842, 15. 

[26] 328, 1. Malim, te^ yAp, la-n (nrti) 
hffvxfa — TIC ab ha- absorptum. Me ride 
ad F. leg. p. 352. 

328, 27. Lejje, ©uxow Ivi y* ott nai h ' 
Travfii — . 

331, 1. OtXa/c«/u«y. ^scb. p. 81, 2. 

331, J25. uai riv rov rk VfotrtCa tw «r. 
lio^wX^hrTuy vf oMpfcty, Reisk. apad Har- 
les. Ix»y p* S23, 6. 

De Corona. 

Pag. et yersas Reisk. prout notantur decreti yerbam. yide p. 243, 18. (253, 

in Bekkeri ed. Oxon. 20.) 263, 10. 286, 3. 294, 17. 317, 28. 

225, dt. wnv ^mav. Ipsom ni falh)r 018, 12« 319, 16. 321^ 6—323, 13. 326* 

Ad demosthenem. 


7. SSf9, 8. 830, 15. 331, IQ. elo. (p. 310, 
*19# forsaD o)>poni potest : expende.) bino 
'Bpist. 9. p. 1472, 16. Ita p. 32d, 4. &it^ 
•rng ex psephismate. xnfvmrtu m Iv rS 
dtar^ 0T< a-rt^vovrai ofirvq twut Hat iv- 
^fayaOlaf ual tivuat — h ntcut koI to rvQ 
infAeM^tUt otofjta — . JEaeh. p. 89. 2. et 
14. ToTc Siore, p. 274, 25. wc btoXs lege- 
bat compilator Epist. 1. p.' 1469, fio. 

226, 5. wSt ox. Respicit iEsckinem 
p. 82, 43. etc. 

226, 6. fMi vn irriBuiw ovfA&Wkn etc. 
Tide sch. <ad p. 244, 9. qu. apod iEsohi- 

1. ra fA,h (ivy tiar, — rk roiavra, 

(dele fABv ante hvn^UMf*,^ 

2. ov yao dk<^atptXo-^ai Uti — rv^iTv, 

3. iXX* 1^* oTg aitXMif i^envofxw — ^^ 

4. xatrot nrgoc ^v, — ahniat touts yt, 

'nisi potinft excidil claasola respondens 234, 13. Mov^cxnf JEscbincM p. 65, 

istis, o&n fjta rovt ^tw( etc. Potait esse 23. nbi vide Palmer. 

4niju«modi : itoX/tou Y &ytt^w n av9p3c 2U- 235, 20. Reisk. lud. (nrtTf, 

XMov ava(iai&riv, Certe excidit claasoja 935, 28. vaforrw hfJtSh. nobis Athenieri' 

in loco p. 246. gemelfa isti, y. 16. i^kk tibus per nostras legatos, Err^t Tajlor. In 

luX rouran voWol — sed vide bic ad I. seqq. primam personam com ros. S. re- 

Csternm pro iirq^«nr qa. an leg. irtx^/ay. lineo. EmendarnntscribaPjUtcampsepbi- 

Cffiteram baec repetit, p. 269, 1. 319, 1. smate qaadrarent. In ultimo loco p. ^36» 

^ai locos diligenler expendendos 18. delere inalim pronomrna« et legere« 

229, 9. Male Bekker. auru. Debebat ^wtyyiXX^rw, xaxitVoc — . 

certe distingoere, aDni* Ip^SfPu — . flrpo*/- 236, -9. rovrovf [toi>c]. 

226, 8. oji^M^cn pejor lectio t nimU 

226, 10. a/u^rlfoic e ie27, 24. 

226, 19. ^f recte, ot pottos existimo, 
om. S. Vide p. 293, 19. 

227, 14. Junge, chrtfX. hnaivf, at 5244, 
8. et 25. 

228—230. Nexus: Opos est 

at prias amoveam etc. 228, 6. Primum 
.'. da privatis 228, 14. Deindo de pa- 
blicis, 229, 6. soil. ^o7i ?f« tii; ypa^r.^, 

229, 6. Egregiam operam bio prsstitit 
TajloraSf quo dace itcfere conslitoo : 

1 . TflSr j4,iv rcaw Kamyo^iSoit — • 

2. TO y h im^tUiQ -— *ABnta7oi, 

3. 4. Koi /Mqy ir Ti — ei^Xia-^ai ^aiHTtu, - 

^a-tf abrii p. 168. 19. 292, 20. Vide an 
omiserit soboliastsB lit>er ista; ix^^^ — 

229, 24. ivfctvtu. Citat Sopater apod 
Reisk. abi forsan ad sviuk, referebal ov 
ya^ i^at^tXo'^at hX etc. sed sire ad ivitm, 
sive ad aiefayfA. baec spectant, liquet >u- 
fcweti enm oepisse pro tItXhmv — (noslra- 
tes, is capable). 

236, 17. Reisk. Ind. aawsb, 
1239, 23. Reisk. Ind. iivf. 
240, 3. Reisk. Ind. ivanifM. 
240, 7. DeleTerim rSn, 

240, 9. ad 275, 11. 1 

241, 4. [ir\hy\ ovx. An fThnv ex lio. 8. ? 
241, 6, Srav (oovXonreti. qu. 

241, 12. [rS vpoiorri] avfAQovXoe, et mox 
p 242, 1. valdesuspicor del. v^o^orcSv cum 

230, 21. ieod' h Ixa^Tov. At minime ms. S. Certiss. omittendom, ol Bekkerns 

hue fecit. 

231 , 2 1 . %a0tXv, Vide 239, 17. 

231, 22. Reisk. Ind. eima. 

232, 2. Reisk. Ind, iot^Unfxa* 

tSt, 18. Reisk. Ind. tXftm, Ibid, t, 

232, 21. Inepte, vaf&ra%vt Taylor. 

facit, p. 315, 26. Subdobito de P. L. p« 
374, 96, Vide r. II. p. 424, 1. 

243, 25. -^iv'^iXf ypafof. r^a^h pro a do^ 
cument, nt videtur p. 723, 5. sed qa. an 
leg. yvaofxa^. Vide JSsobin. p. 54, 10. Qo. 
de loco iEsob. p.. 60^ 39. 

245, 21. An, toXq ii hiovt ttai v&rra, 

▼ide infira p. 292, 11. (irpSJat p. 281, 20.) t^^oit ^la^Biifw ? Vide p. 309, 10. et p. 

Fere est nostrum negotiation. 321>, 7. 241, 1. Vide ad Cherson. p. 108, 

233, 10. Reisk. liid. f*train/AV, 17. ' - 

233, 11. Reisk, Ind. AxXei. 246, 1. el 27. DHe, Ati^x^w. Vide p. 
233, 18. Reisk. Ind. vfeaipi70-&«i. 248, 2. qood quidem distinguendo fere 

234, 8. Reisk; Ind. orxpepf y. eludit Bekkerns, quasi sensns sit, nh yi^ 
234, 9,*yffi^[v\»Xv — ^qreXajuCayeiv] as rtnjv ipwrw. Deinde dispcsco, dues 

ex 233. 23. Retinere posses roue of. t. t. Tajloro : 
airoX. aed illud vericis. 

246, 27.»XX'liMr(n— ^ofufTw l«.^ .^ . . . > ~ 
247)16. \ /247,16.x«JHy~o^oXoy*. 

j!48, 2. iXXA ri Ixjfiiv -^ 3**^' *• 



246, 26. hfio^hara, Hoo scilicet pro- 
batione egebat; Vide p. 313, 4. Sensus 
debet esse optima, \el necessar^a^ 

248, 2. Re'isk. Ind. l^torav. 

248, 25.Fruslra Markl. iJorTw, Taj?. 
opotfVTMV. Si iaui'i esl, vide Ciceron. Sext. 
26. p. 81, 5. GraBv. F. L. p. 361, 15. 

. 261, 19. flTf^o^ov. Vide Coray. ad 

233, 11. Valde suspicor leg. *Ew2 *H>n- 
fMvoc ^^x®*^^^ (vseudoD}mo se.), at Xctt- 
p«v^ou sit e% emend, doctioris scribae. 

254, 10. 'Teuc xpovouc. An, w. w. r^oTeovtl 
Ut Arist. Plal. . vel iravrMq, deletis t. 
X* Sed et infra p. 328, 22. qu. »a HitifoTtI 

256, 2. et 26. Maliin, eifXfxt Ik rSovfAt- 
y*VT«v, et oTt Toy* fxvyla-Toov i. ita^airMq y. 
qu. an hoc R. P. Vide p. 275, 16. 

t57, 16. TTgoiifxiMi \roW] aJtx. Vide 
infra ad 240, 7. et 236, 9. 

258, 9. lCXi«0V«c> saspectoin. Ao, Kl«? 

258, 18. Citat Hermog. apod Rei»k. 
voce o^&Sa^. 

258, 20. Respexit, ot videtar, Clemens 
apud Reisk. Ind. dcLvaro;. — Reisk. Ind. 
T. olxirxo;. 

258, 22» Cam Iioc loco comparant Ci- 
ceron. pro Se%l. c. 68. p. 206. Graer. 
melius ijaam cum Leptin. p. 506, 15. 

258, 25. etc. Respicil Miiiuoianus Aldi 
pi 731, 29. apud ileisk. v. /MVii:riM«xetV. 
Videmoxp.259, 7. et27. 

262, 10. Reisk. Ind. v. itmq. 

266i 12. Hermogeoes p. 364. apud 
Hejsk. Ind. ypa4>i(V, et 0-uxo<|MtVTfi(V. 

266,23. tSv <|>uX£v ^iat^uioXq. Mirum ni 
leg. "x^yo^iM ^totfoti bino, ut videtar, Au- 
ctolr Vit. Dem. Plutarch, t. 2. p. 846. A. 

267, 6. Reisk. Ind. ivapayo^oc. 

267, 8. Aduiabravit Auoloj Aristog. I. 
p. 794, 22. 

268, 16. etc. accusare) (conviciari 
LiviusXLll.4l. p. 802, 11. 

269, 9. Androt. 808, l9.^uattnon esset 
Euctemonis inimicus, sed vester, 

269, 16, Xoyouq riifat — Interrogative 
Bekkerus, forsaii reqte, ob proximnm r^. 
Ita F. L. p. 361j 6. rl mff-rtva-amf ri 
ivaBof—. Vide Blemfield. ad .^sohjL 

. Sophoole» Electr. 751. pT ifya >;<»- 
cat, out >M,y^ani iuuta, 

269^ 19. Reisk. Ind. vipir^. 

270, 4. XwtXv Plutarcb. apud Reisk. 
Ind. Toce XuTrity. forsao ex p. 313, 7. 

270, 27. Reisk. Ind. nvofMi. 

271,3. Reisk. Ind. «/t*<|>i<r/S. 

27i, 25. wgo<rllMtf-0i, H. Vi^olf. 

272, 12. Vide an legebat scboliastes, 
rovrou ^IWcvre; aifh\aa-tf if 0OU\h xa2 hi' 
yfiv flppoo-ETrt^fv iWg«. 

272, 19. Hinc Epist. 2. p. 1469, 19. 

272, 24. Reisk. Ind. aficr, obi leg. 
Hertnog» pro Harpoc. 

273, 20. etc. Vide ad PhH. Ill, 65. etc. 

273, 27. 9roX8/uir9 <^vfipitfc — <|Mtyfgw; nh 
— . An priore Uco f, del.? Cert.e istn, 
ouxiT* — TroXs^of, plane supervacanea. D« 
^Hfw; ad Chersoo. 57. 

273, 29. Reisk. Ind. hwos. 

275, 11. Reisk. Ind. avayyiXUiH Reisk. 
V. raXetiwfOf, potius qaam ex 240, 9. 

275, 29. ReUk. liid. iirtthX. 

276, 10. An leg. rii^ ovXot;? Aa del. 
rS woxljuw ? 

280, 28. Cicero PhiU II. c. 22=55. 
** Utigiturin seminibus etc." Vide R^iak. 
Ind. in a-<jr, 

282 — 3. Suspicor lispc duo decreta, et 
omnia fere in hao oratione citata, spuria 
esse : certc alterulrura spuriae lnUa-et ora- 
tiunis tribuenduro. Si genuinum illud p. 
288, 26. an iude prpfecit bornra auclor. 

283, 14. Lege, n^oKAXia-aer^cn, soil, ft j 


284, 1. An in ms. S. latet ivoifit, vol 

284, 17. oiJ' af si — ovfAvnucovrouf, 
Qu. — carron^ 

284, 19» Reisk. Ind. :&ogwfioc'J 

288,17. Reisk. Ind. Bar. 

288, 22. Vide Meinek. ad Menandr. 
p. 279. 

288, 25, An om. swpa-rroy? Vide Phil. 
I. p. 42. 9. 

i^89, 25. Reisk. Ind. ^ovXouv. 

291, 14. ^Ueisk. Iiul. ivtrtfia*, 

291,16. HincProcBm.35.p.'l444,2^. 

291, 19. Mox ad 292—3. 

292 — 3. (Totoa loou«) Ad Cherao*. p. 
107, 2. 

292, 16. Reisk. Ind. sx^«M«tv. 

292, 24. i(Xo/ui)v. Ex.<:peolarem wpoft- 
^ofxnv, at 326, 12. iinv 308, 2(3. Si m- 
tines i(X^ft>iy, in ckTrAvra latebit t^ (SiX- 
ricra aut simile, qu. an et o^ov y — . 

293, 5. [q mX a-. oK«c] Deletik malim. 
Sed confer P. L. p. 347,5. t* — Xw/uiiv<t- 
/^tvee — Koi het<^slfetvB* oXmc. 

293, 7. [^&f«rif ] owJ'— vide lin. 1. . 
sed videtar excidisse clausula: "^^iiy 
«y, [ovrt rSh hifjiMf ixparov^*] ow^* Wt^ 
Confer p. 307, 28. et s^q. 
. 29S> 25« Reisk. Ind. i^m« Hano lo>- 
cum respicit Hermog. p. 192. ed. Criip, 
et infr* p. 300, 91. Soadem looot, ut 
videtnr, scholiaatea Aristotelif (Reisk. 
Ind. v. 9r«(t3Mi) et forsan p. 317. 

294, 23. Bxpvessit Ci««ro in Pisonem 
c. 14. p. 6.57. " forsihm boo quod dScta- 
rus-sum etc." 

298, 4. hrX rSv IKm vi/xoav xai T^bi^ 
a-Kovfdtmtq* Qtr. 

298, 6. An hino Horatins Ep. 2. 2. 1 10. 
** Cum tabutis imimnm eensorit sumet ho- 

300, 21. seqq. Ad 293, 25. • 



304, 4. 4'^^vf. An baec cogitabat 
Anotor EpisU 3. p. 1477, 28? 

304, 26. Dele v^of vf*as cam ms. S. 

306, ^ Saspicor, BouXmif^gint, oUi 

^' — • Caetera iotrasa pato, forsan parliin 
ex OljDth. I. p. 10, 10. et 111. p. S6, 

307, 1. DisUng. margo S. Xi^t?; — 

308, 14. Recte om. ms. S. v^^inv. nam 
boo admonuisset ultimi casas, qaam The- 
baa cepit Alex. 

308, 25. [o] pnT»f. Sed vide 291. 16. 

309, 1. Malim, a froXirtxa. m^oa^a-riv 
airao-i Koi — vel sine eiirae-i, Saosiun vidit 
Reiskios. Nos, inherent defects, 

filO, 5. Dele ravT. 

311, 10. Totum hone locam de forlana 
contrectavit aaclor Epist. IV. ifiscbinis 
loca sunt p. 69, 36. 76, 8. 71, 2. 61, 38, 

313, 2, Malim, uv a, woKKm v, sine 

313, 18. [jttti] xiXiuaoi'. Recte ms. S. 

314. 7. Reisk. Ind. ifx»J. 

314.8. KtirnyofiXq, An impadicifieao- 
CQsat, ad Timarcham scil. respicfeEfs ? 
Vide F. Leg. p. 403, 19—27. Oieleram 
nil bto transponendam ; Vide P. L. too. 

314, 25. Xtfyi> 0(<iv, Respicit lo. Cbry- 
BOst. in Ealfop. p. 354. ed. Anger. 

315, 11. Reisk, Ind. ixPfk* 
31.5,21. Ad 793, 16. 

317, 5. Ad 293, 25. 

317, 10. Delenda sospicnr, oXXa — 
$i\rio¥, oerte nait rS /ic« I. s. iSiXrtoy. 

317, 23. fofxifxcig. qu. an deiest aliqbid, 
qood bp()onatar seqnentibus. not merely 
in human institutions and laws but elc. 
Confer p. 264, 21. An !» foT? stuta-ra^ou 
V9fj(,lfAoii — vel potius w/ttifojuivoic, vel v«w- 


317, 25. Ah heec sentenlia alibi occur- 
ril in hac oratione? 

318, 9. Vide an forte hioc colorem 
duxerit Cicero Miion. 5. p. 808. Gncy. 
" Quae quideiri si potentia etc." 

318, 27. iffxi [t<] rS ^/t*«. Rede 
Apiftor Bekkems. Vide mss. ad ^ristopb* 
Eq. vel Vesp. Sapple ri v^ayfAa^ vel o 
ftyiv, ut Cherson. p. 98, 8 — 11. 

319, 9. ^aauy Ip^e^ )ta)dav, om. ms. S. 
An lacnnam expleverantl^Certe non hno 
trahendas infinitivas indigntfntis. 

319. Confer totnm locum cum p. 268. 
{^hw iUnv 268, 4.) 

319, 18. o^fltT. Eadem inetapbora, id- 
qoe pulcherrime, utitur i^scbines Cles. 
p. 84, 4. obi recte Reisk. post Tay- 

319, Sf2. liduf — Wfte^evrri^ IwofCyou— . 
Omnino confer F. L. 

320, 23. Quis'nexos? Exoidhse pato 

320, olt. Vide an leg, tuti «raffX&^ec 
TIvBoH. sine fftS kaI — 8alis liquet turn 
temporis non aperle rem gessisse iEsohi- 
nero. ob pluralem ttariiyoffivfroiv* 
Nil opus, vide p. 332, 1. 

321, 3. It Sifjisitn. Exspectarem po- 
lios iTi /uaXX9v, ut Wolf, el Markl. 

322, 6- Dele km sive ante ayv. aive 
ante fxia^ov, 

322, 19. fJiniit AfAa^riXv diwv. Epist. 
4. p. 1487, 25. An dnctnm ex Simonide 
Platonis, Protag. p. 544. H. St. &ioc i» 
fiimc rcSJr i^oi TO y«f«i^? Imo p. 341. et 
344. II.St.=204. el2l5. Bekker. 

^4, ^S. Magisler v. vim e Dem. v, 
veet^ Vf. cital, vfvvtt rht'EXXAia. An 
hinc, ut legatur rnv IXfuds^v? Certe hoc 
refereudus Photius (nnde Suidas) v. or^o* 
frbtsi cum Kustero et Porsono. 

324, 24. Puto verba wp. /*. ♦. y. is *A. 
delenda, vel poftins liic servanda, moz 
tollenda, 325, 7, 

324, 25. R^isk. Tnd. luJoiftovI*. 

325, 6. Ind. «fx«'^* 

325, 8. flino Epist. 2. p. 1468, 18.— 
Reisk. Ind. KenfSg, 

325, 13. [So. ay si iv rfvran] Ex or. d« 
Pace hue intrnsa. 

325,25.. Mirnfrordo,ci^X« ...... muf 

eto. istis alius generic interjectis. (hie d« 
Demeg. p. 39.) Locum vaide interpola« 
turn esse suspicor. An i(a purgandost 
wXrtSoic ^yoo. oXX' — iv^na^i^ trSXttf — vAvt 
Kdl tvjtovq. Vel, ii^rttQ '^Xct not vew( Kai 

iVTrovif sine cieteris, quae ex p. 326 

adumbrari potnernnt. (oJJ' hrl t. — <|>p«rft 
est scho!. ad vo^^ao etc omittit Plutarch, 
apud Tftjior. sed oitKci agnoscft.} ^Mima 
acqne ordo, var^ta, avtura, ejui^vra p. 
295, 25. An deh IfA^vTttl De ^roXst; vide 
ad Lesbonact. III. 13. . 

326, 24. Nisi variae lect. sunt v^tfsQirra 
ei v^uBivrdf vidft afl leg. ir^eiQirra. et con- 
fer Phil. I if. p. 121,2. 

326, 27, Valde blunditnr Reiskii su- 
spicio excidissd' ^6fO( adt simile verbodT, 
puta lva-fji,mia, vel ayvvfxoa-vvn. Neqne 
muUnm placet (crp^u; (Markl. ad jEschin. 
p. 691. ed. Reisk^), qnod (nisi forte na- 
turn sit ex Tv;^;) forsan e grammatici 
conjectnra fluxit, ad lacunam explendmn. 
An, fit W ^difMvuv Tifo? h TfJp^nc ^w»ff — . 
SiSy Tiyoff p. 278, 11. ^«t//M«v, Tupf" P* 
'297, 20. iEsob. Ctes. p. 69, 38. 

328, 9. &KKo, Ita n«mpe p. 309, 1. 

328,22. ;^foywc— Xl^voff.bicad254,ia. 

330, 1. An, vr^ocXaQofra va^* vjxXv? ut 
nempe jnngantur iv. ira^* v. Alia ratio 
loci p. 303, 6. 

330, 10. [koI ^eovreof.] Satis hoc ex 
oaeteris intelligjtor. 



»i44, 19. . . 
*26S, 19. elc% . 
^66, Psepliisma. 

305, «. . - . 

ami, avfxfiovXo9 • 
cimvSt Xafiatv • • 

335, 4. qoare ^iou 


55, 26. 58, 17. 

56, 15. 

6(), 32^7, 28* et S3. 89, S. et 14. 
66,42.68.12. etat.75, 36. 

62, 8. 4WJW. 

63, 13. Tflv {. 

65, 34r ^a>MoTg ti(j^. 

69, 36. 76y 8. Deni. Twyn. 


77, 39. i 3iijU«Ttieo;. 

81, 4. Pbilauinion. 

82, 42. 

83, 5. lorfiUv »«. 
85, 8. 

85, 18. ha\»l9d9f» 
86| 3. medioiu.. 

De Legatione male gesta. 

Butto libeUam in Adversariis citn Demostbenioa III. 

fl] 3il^9. Reote ed.Felic. Ivdou/uov/ul- 
fW(. iBscb. F. L. p. 52, 2 1 . iiofAMi aSa-ai (M 
—- Sirot aytt/uwo-flsyrac ros. pro — tsIj, nt in 
orationis initio p. 28. Ic'o/ucti vfxSnt — Idi- 

342, 11. Pro i/*irs»pt^xii, (quod sine 
BQspioione oitat T. H. Miso. Obs. IV. 
, 291. siveXenopb. Epb. 196.) Lambinus 
et mss. — qxn, Mark land as — oinxfy. In- 
fra p. $7*^, 1.' UUi%a fxh Kt\n^afxt¥, (Ari- 
■topb. Nab. 493. >«i probabat R. P.) 
. 342, 12. Totum locum sio lego, wc ii 
fiO( ioiuTr av — it o-xi^fio^f — Koi \oyi- 
fffo-^f- ^f ex conj. alia ex mss. ipiUin ms. 
ill gemello locoy c. Arisioor. p. 627, 25. 
obi pneterea roalim cxi^g^u ^oxi7ex ms. 
Reisk. in iGscb. Ctes. p. 54, 4* Dem. 
Onet. II. p. 877, 24. hxtT ms. Bavar. in 
text, rente. Vide Porson. ad Xenophonl. 
p. 156, 8. JojtfTr* Felic Sjmmor. p. 178, 
13. ioJuX ms. in Timocr. p. 721i 17. 763> 
1. Alia ratio loci de Rbod. p. 192, 5. 

[2] 343, 22. av ii fjw >"«{« raura h f^h 
vi.rra» Tres altimsB yGces (vide me ad 
Pbii. III. p. 122.) in alienum locum mi- 
grarant, primo soil, adscripta ad fjth Utieo, 
at indicarent aliam lectionem, ea.nqae 
veram, jxh vhra iii^ee raura (contra 
wavra facere videtur locos infra p. 397> 
;17. ubi vide). De S, signo var. lect. vide 
Rabnk. ad Rul. Lup. p. 7. Porson. ad 
Odjss. B. 232. Scbol. Arist. Piut. 631. 
Tfl5v cfMUty o-ot fjuia^iyivn, it r^on. Pbot. 
V. Vtta-ttvjfWiq, Hesjcb. v. Ovhranv, 
i^cbow. prjrf. ad coliationem HesjcUii, 
p. VIIL Reisk. iiol. ad Dem. p. 309, 13. 
T^ y« [m ha^Ba^mai XJ^hfjuao'iv h fAn, xttifa- 
mKA ^tXiVcrov. abi ^ fxh recte om. tres 
primib edd. et mss. pars : prios fjth om. 
alii. C. Aristog. II. p. 801, 15. avos-<paXn 

n itafxa^^./ Posteriora sdiolion esse 
putat Reiskius. Infra p. 406, 15. tlXn^oiQ 
h fABrtiXrupcoi. Duas voces om. ms. Bav. 
Dionjsod. 1291, 1. ^ o viicntc v. 1. esse 
videtur. Atben. I. p. 30. B. h fffojpoftov* 
Ihid, I. 21. antep. h TiXio-rnf delenda 
conjw Scbw. Jam irctvra scppissime qni- 
dem male additar, sed non ~raro male 
omittitar. Male igitor additar in locis 
a R. P. et filomfieldio in Prometb. 362. 
notalis. (Soph. CEd. T. Il0.-7r2» to ^nr, 
etiam Plutarch. wigJ T«x«ff» H' P* 98. A.) 
Aristopb. Vesp. 540. CTumrifAWu ^ hf 
raXi oioXi Ba\K R. P. Conf. Suid, v. ox»wv 
com Antig. 322. Dem. c. Timocr. p. 766^ 
1. recte deiet travrai margo Mtch', Ctes. 
p. 55, 40. a^xhq [eLwAaaq] M m, om. 
Mead. Quaere. Dem. de Coroo. p. 303,- 
14. pro Megalop. p. 205, 26. to auto 
{isaa-vi) iti Mab omittitar. Porsoui 
Adv. p. 110. 115. Dem. de Cof. p. 245, 
25^ 287, 1. c. Phorm. 918, 25. vitnc 
om, Pollux IX. 4^. In Epicliarmeo 
vetvra om. schol. Hermog. p. 377. apod 
Rubnken^ ad Xenoph. Memorab. II.. 1. 
20. qui recte servat oam Slob-. Trine, et 
Gesn. p. 198. (Priscian. p. 1333.) Eurip. 
Iph. Aul. 1175. vid. R. P. apqd Gaisford. 
ravfra [vavra^ Luc. XII. 31. Xenoph. 
Anabas. VI. p. 221, 5. H. St. De Coron. 
p 329, 8. iravrw pro rovran 4 mss. otram- 
que dedit Reisk. Q. Oljntli. II. p. 24, 1, 
obi magna ieclionis varietasj'malim cam 
mss. raSr IJ. v&vra, vel w. e. t. In Phil. 

I. p. 49, 15. Cherson. 98. 22. non Hqaet, 
F« leg. 380, 15. vavra raaXKa tres primn, 
rk a\Ka om. ms<«. alii TauTa habent. Vide 
me ad de Coron. p. 310, 14. ad Onetor. 

II. fin. Menander Atheoaei IV. p. t46. F. 
5. vide an leg. varra rSxka Harimw. to 



'Mivh i^av Bpitoroator apod Scb. Pjtber- Ad versarU p. 1 12. ad Athen. IX. S95. C. 
mus Alhen.XIV. p.'626. C.tnEopolide PHeudo-Phalaris CXLII. (XXV.) init. 
Harpocratiouia t. ivon^taif, lege, »i vfjtXf Lege, ov wfiAKKk «roXXiju(, at Ear. Med. 
iyit I v^oQ vaVT awmt^tfovfxai retKttrnyo^oV' i{94. y. Valok. ad Schol. Pboen. i366, me 
/xvfA.XImo recte statuil Elmslei. adAcb.) ad Apob. III. p* 849. 
Arbtopb. Av. 1065 — 9. lege, irafx^Ayoti 35?, 8. fl-fewrlgowc — *wAf recte mss. 
et «ravd* t^-aiti^ \ io^iv, vel ex coDtexla. dao. Pbil. II. p. 73,5. ^u0^toX«( tlfjtl rtt» 
In vof enim laditar. Leptin. p. 495, 9. Dem. de Cor. 398, 8. me yjde, F. leg. 
omittitor injns. v&9$* ante ^a-a. StS, 8. Mid. 537, 17. 541, 17. 547, 4. 

[4] 344, 12. Nanc verum pato, iut2, 574, 15.^Bcbyl. Prom. 721. ed. Blomf. 
airayyi\\0n /Mrk rau^y inxw hhi/ji,nyof;fi' Aristopfa. Thesm. 618. ex ros. Bar. (vide 
xlvai, Jiijiftv — nt soil. &iretyyi\km - - - R. P, Heo. p. 73. ed. ult.) ^sob. c. I'i- 
^i^fCDyoptixifeu pareotbesi iodadantar. xai marob. p. 24, 2. 9vV i-rxtjfhq^ t<( i2Ju* lyit 
ante ^if^ti^ omisi. Contra Reiskias ante Oi. III. p. 34, 13. Reisk. eX mas. 2* 
onfff-cK deletnm yolebat, ai ejna notam in- qaibsa accedit Doryill. Conon. p. 1261, 
teliigo. Ejtfs ooBtextiia, forsan errore 22. vctfo^m;; /»ly rtvac R.e ma. 
operaram, ante kifayyt'KKw uncia incia- 352, 11. De bac epiatola infra p. 396. 
dit. Hoc ceirte falaorm ex p. 438, 12. collato .£scbine p. 44, 30—45, 14. 
439, 17. liquet. Membra antem periodi . 354, 11. Wa.yytiXao'^at, recte. Harpo- 
•ant, 1. <t!a^o^cyo( — 2. xci^ l;i^«y — orat. et Sohol. aurX rov airn^-at, infra p. 
hvre^aywiTriiift v^omuv — xai vtia-af • — 3. 402, 17. 22. 

nai, eiTfayyiKKm — hhi/xvyo^ttheut ^(sftflk^v [7] 355, 20. !^ poat v9ro\a$oiiv addant, 
— . Similis oonatrnolio Timocr. p. 741,2. post a^a^aa-9 omittnnt edd. trea primae. 
Hbi roe vide p. 186. Si adjovarcntmsti, lotom locum sif^-lege^ 

[5] 347, 10. Vide ^sohin. p.'43, 1. rem, &^rafutf.'AXx'S'<9ra»?^v9roX.r. A. ov- 
aaque ad lin. 34. et omnino p. 44, 14 ro&i^ fjth m aitoTreks (vel &fia^^) rhr 
— 21. fe^oa'frMtiatt, at modo 550, 20. ou, r&n 

347, 26. EvjSbiwv. Xlleocliarea Ghalci- ctyha-attWfa^ia^afJMt.Sic Kei^k. exmsa. 
denaia, i£scbin. p. 44, 2. Sed ,365, 18. fAh (Zv — fjth ioroi, Tr^oa-irot^ 

348, p.3.52. Pbiiipp.II.p.73.^8cbin. ovfAat, tniJu vindico. Macb, Ctea. p. 77, 
p. 44, 1—21.49, 37. 34. 

349, 12. q. juti fA&>iiff^*, om^ tttrav rov' 357, 26. xara vkrrai r^Svovf, rclvqr^, 
Tocr — coDJicit neaeio quia in Append, omnea ; trea certe primse edd. Infra 411, 
Frft. Supra p. 345, 6. 7. xareL voXXouc xai ittwit^ r^iwwi, aine 

349, 12. Collatia Marklando et Reiak. artic. msa. v « ^ -/ 

lego, Uvri^ )i, rivof, xai ovUt ix&rrawt ; 358, 12. Malim, cV< KAI TOIC €KrO- 

— Toyrw tva — . q. xai wHv y — . ' ^ ^ ^ h „ 

350, 5. Simplicissiraum eat, %hn% cum NOIC THN AYTHN (6lNAr) i>|^<|>. Vooem, 
Jurino delere, at natum ex ^^rsp, varia quae facile a proximia abaorberi potait ex 
lectione pro vvm^. Citat Bodseua p. 935. p. 356, 7. addidi. Adde Pbil. II. p. 73, 
xvftoy, «uToc s?«i$ ooffvt^ ouroc. . rovrou; 14. Vide infra 430, 20. Contra ^scb. 

— TouTouff infra p. 362, 8. towto — touto Ctea. p. 68, 6. iTm* delet Tajlor. neaeio 
966, 29. TouirSis — Touo-^f c. Aphob. III. an recte. 

p. 854,21. . 359, 4. et 365, 1. rbt/f 'j^ffnw^ vfMv 

[6] 351, 12. Malim, av awfMnM'vi, at Xoytotz/Mcei. Vid. ifiscb. F. L. p. 45, 18. 
p. 444, 7. AV iu|)«. iEacb. Ctea. p. 89,12. [8] 359, 15. Malim, h V U. h fxtrk 
Infra p. 370, 10. Sic il Ariaf ocr. 624, lO. ravra, vel h Ji /u. t. Ix. 

351, 18. Nunc malim, o-wuZhk, itn^ 362, 20. Vel cam marg. delend. SXko^ 
i( irowfSy X. J. I. WJfi X. rS a; (ttnh poat rel leg. aXX«, ut ma. Bav. pro v. I. ^ — 
cvniHiiai p. 408^ 2. om. 2 mas.) Arist. ilXXo; om. ms. 371, 13. aXXmv ante 'EXX4- 
Thesm. a^otViixavrn itdKh^ ()i(y'). In- vm om. tres primas edd. 382« 9. (Me- 
tftlligi facile potest, ut Androt. p. 602>7. galop, fin. aWov — fxtiHm mss. de Sjm- 
^(vovit de Pac. 59, 2. Aristocr. 633, 20. moriis 187, 1'. rhv [iXXnv] *EXXtt5«, om. 
638, 7. 667, IS. Eubnlid. 1306, ult. ubi Aog. 1. F. Leg. 368, 9. roX^ 5xXo»ff ["ex- 
ne vide. Deloco in Pbil. EpialolaE) initio, XDo-iv] oro. tres primae edd. Lysias c. Bra- 
nox vide p. 7. — Dnas lectiones, ut polo, tostb. p. I'^S, 25. 'EXX^vofv furs. del. cum 
faerant, htvov it et il htvSv, quae coalue- Marklartdo.) Deletam malim aXXo, de- 
rant in him S(Wt( htvw. Sed tutam cor- pravatom ex aXXeo vel iXkm soripto 
raplelam explioare nequeo. De>^vera supra Aisriivran, non pro v. II. ut 
lectione aententiam non muto, nisi quod Reiskiua putat, sed pro glo^aa. Paulo 
delenda sospicor xai hivSif. ante 360, 27. aXXou twv tea^Srron (vel 

351, 25. Uv¥ Vfxeii a axtSjo-tUt i. e. ^r^w- varrw) ovin6f, 427, 13- vainan rSn JtX* 
Tw, ut infra p. 399, 13. De irfwrot male Xwv af^p(k>feM/, iratron om. multi, SXKm 
onMaa. v. me ad 444, 4. infra, Poraoni Bav. De Coron. 292, ult. iravratv rw aX- 



\w*EKKnvm, MS. om. wt, alias eisubdit 
Koi, Ibid. 310, 14. tou( aXXou€ [fivavTa;] 
'A0w4^yff. Ibid. 231, 9.roTg «lXXoic ^w«<riv. 
dao mss. addaDl*'EXXii0-(y, alter habet loco 
Swewiy. Ibid. 286,, 7. iv. lectiones, sc. rrj; 
vioTiQ I rHff TTaaitf alXXn; | t?; | aXXnc fVS 
Tooe oinnino ora. Xenopb. Mem. I. 
2. 64. fA&Xio-TA rSiv aXXagy av&f»ir«v. ifl*: 
veuvrm^ In Tbacydide Hi. 59. fin. saspe- 
otam babeo aXX«v ante 'EXXnwv. Vide ool- 
lationem mss. Cantabb. ad Nob. 412. In 
Borip. Androm. 1164. M. jaspicor leg* 
TMf''EXXij« &fy, — roi^if oKKoia-in x^. [aX- 
Xoio-i Bi9le pro ''EXXv* Diog. L. 2, 27. in 
Nab. 413. Br.] Confer SM,w i*rp««, Euj. 
fr. CCXI. Ciceronem ad Divers. IV. 5. 
p. 195. apod Valck. Diatr. p. 194. Anti. 
phon. p. ,135, 4. nrSM ftiv [iXXoiv] X^w, 

[9] 363, 24. Reote Lambinus, toutov 
a^^<riT€ auTo* ; alteram ex seqnchti na- 
tnm. Deinde^ or 3^ av aimt X&^nrt, at col- 
latio ms. Veneli Tajloriana. 

363, 38. seqq. iBscbines p. 44. 

366, 25. Leg« ex coliatione Leasing, el 
Lambino, eiXXa, rov ^ovXivtn. (Speciose 
etiam Lambinns, wi^\ roucvrxaTny^ftV.) 

De <»f, i. o. TfltfV, et Sv Reisk. nolt. p. 754. 
rdCy pro ovB" R. P. ad Orest. 224. resti- 
tail Euripidi Antiop. Stob. XXXVL 
217, 18. G«»n. Leptin. 469, 10. L. cum 
3 primis edd. oh to rnc ^> vulg. natam ex 


»To. Mox recle citat Tajlor. Phil. I. 5.1, 
8. Priscianum XVIH. p. 1176, 34. (230, 
JO. Aid.) quanqaam alio upectare Pri- 
scianam patabat, ni fallor, PorsoVias. [Pri- 
scian. Aid. Kaiiei^ a h iv$oiA ri^riyia a'Tto- 
iaiii Tor 4>. Pulscli. Koi/TrB^m'lv 0aiQiq re- 
Svavai TW ^eat rov 4>.} 

367, 14. IfxnU itg t^v ^aVtjxJJv] qaaBrc 
an del. 

367, 20. Collato Reiskiojege et inler- 
pange» fxiyaXaig, cvfxfji.a.'/juy a'^^^ciiv xji^ay 
woXX^v — . 

£10] 368, 23. Recte MarklSindas avTn, 
xa\ To?V Ityovoig, rel potius ilf «wTny, at 
syy^a.<pgi — iig to 4^4»ie-|CMi p. 356, 15. xat 
voXg'iKy, S'Be, 9, 358, 12. 25. 440, 25. 
Phil. II. 7.1, 14. Caeteram supple ro'g 
lutivov, ul Ph. Ep. 161, 12. 

369, 3. Infra p. 449. jEschines a p. 
S7, 37. ad 38, 39. 49, 40-1. 51, 8. ad 

370,>Tcy a<ptiT4n. a^eXn alii, quod 
defendere quiK possit, ut aor. 2. ride 
Branck. ad (Ed. Tyr. T405. sed delen- 
dam avTov ex m»s, qnod e linea se- 
qaeoti forsan ntrtora. 

370, 27. ^wl rig ex conj. Rei^kius, H 
mux TOUTOV Twv «Ignv»iv. lllud recle. 

371, 16. [rhv afX^"] "^^^ wpTuv. Omil- 

tant qnatoor minimum Harpoorat. 
T. Kxjjo-i<|>c5v. De ret v^Snet <^pi«* Bentl. ad 
Menaod. p. 91:^107^ ^ 

[11] 372, 2. Si<nni ol U.n^ifJtw>i yix ^ 
dub^lo quin interpolala sint ex Oljntb. I. 
13, 20. Si relineantar, interpnngendam 
oQm ed. Paris. Itxri txroXkS Clu^rson. 103, 

I. — Per se nou male habent verba. Gx- 
empla comparfllionum siroili breviloqaen- 
iia faclarnra. De Coron. 328, 10. &Tirtf 
vrviufjut. IbiA, 325, 13. awT«ftfV6< Iv r^vriyp. 
Ibid, .fiawsg vi<pog. CEd. Tjr. 923. Ran. 
1434. Vesp. 700. (Male BenUei. PbaJar. 
&g rig oXiKrotfi damoat.) 

371, ^X, KM ^iotg ix^f«i [mm] yfctft/nta- 
rtvg.uai habent oilhieSy ttes certe priiosB 

372, 7. x«P»* «Wff ixsTw, recte MSS. 
Hermann, ad Vjger. p. 708. nil ad rem* 
Phil. III. Ill, 10. avrng fMrttMeciutrB 
Rehk. ex MSS. In ^^cb. Ctea. 71, 39. 
dubito. oTg — alroig ineptisiime legitReisk*. 
in or. fr. awra.^. p. 176, 21 . 

373, 21. Recte roargo tiig Xowr^f. 
Contra 424, 11. ol U vreXXot optime oon- 
jioit Taylorus. Voces confusas Mid. 551 , 

II. Mid. ad fin.' fCA^a^tiyfjM voiftawrrtc 
rovrW roXg aXXot;. 

377, 7. xtiho-rng, Phrjnonis. Vide Tajr- 
lor. Porro ex iSchoIiastae coliatione com 
Tzetzae Chiliad. Vl. 37. liquet, liseo de 
Demademale inteliexisse Rhetorem anti- 
quum , quern seqnuntur turn Tzetzes tam 
Suidas et .Schol. Hermogenis apnd Rnhn* 
kenium Hist. Or. p. 73 — 4. Recte> at 
yidetur, oor^rgitur imTveg. Recte margo 
Ufmig in Epitaphio p. 1395, 4. Contra 
IxiT pro Ixetvo mss. in Arist. Av. 759. 

[12] 377, 11. Mid. p. 580, 20. wr 
a4)ti»T« a<piiia-tv,, . . 

378, 5. Lege, 9 rt sUvng. Vide Dawes, 
p. . 

378, 7. Malim ai^u hvKOiV, ab at^ofuuti^ 
Nisi quis velit repetitis literis, am^st, at 
supra 366, 17. 8;^9fay avs xl^^t. Pessime: 
Arist. Vesp. , tiXov iieoKon, 

378, 8. iravhivog tl rig» Plane assentior 
Marklando post h^o verba deesse ali- 
quid ; forsan enthjmema de Pbiloorate^ 
quod referl iEsohines p. 29, 1 — 7. 

379, 12. In proximo antecedentibnsq. 
an leg. koX liro^Ug fjteyaXng (infr. p« 49. 
MatlhisB §. 372.). In Eur. Androm. 521. 
lego, avoiag fxtyeixng. Vide me ad locum. 
Thucyd. JIl. 45. fin. Plato, siva aliua, 
Alo. 2. torn. 2. p. 292, 8. Bkr. VoXXwf fv- 
XaKtig, Inrra415,8. Athenaei VII. p.321. 
C. et325. F. Epicbarmos: aiiai U k»U- 
you irufoc. Eur Phcen. 726. ed. Valck* 
quera vide. Dem. c. Aphob. 1. 1). 824,12. 

[13] 300, J. etc. ^scliines p. 49, 42. 

382,16relc. Infra 424-5. 437. 450. 
383, 6. 0|irtin9e xu/ua Felioianos (^rviu* 



fjut Aldinfe), ut p«tet ex istis p. 44f , 17. 


383, 24. Vef «IB pa to, *A|u<^9Xtv hfjUr. 
J. xar, (V. me ad Rhod. p. 198.) uHr6>^iv, 
T«l iroXiy ex precedence nalam sit. toti, 
sc. cum iu Persia esaet Titmif^nis. Eo 
Domiiie peocat Marklandi transpositio, 
qaml itiurov ante ^ovKnv necesMrio pesta- 
lat ifiseri. Ciett^ruiQ ex Xenopb. Ilelleit. 
VII. 1. 36. eolligere ?ideor, in tslo foedere 
Ampbipoliin tataodam in i^e sitsoepisse 
Regern. Vide an hoc speett't Demostbenes 
infra p. 4^0, pen. Vide or. de Halones. p. 
84. ' 

384, 14. v^ovvrmv racte MSS. Similk 
confasio p. 380, 28. 

385, 22. Q. oTc <n;»iifrt, at p. 387, nit. 
Sed yid. 434, 27. 

385, 25. Infra 397, 6. rp rvv xrvfxfjiA' 
y(W ti^im* iBscb. P. L. p. 35, ^. 

[14] 386, 11. rn f^h \%mifM^ffn ^oXei, 
eloB Tny tres prims edd. recta iit raox 
386» 28. 387, 1. 

.S87, 20. yiyni MSS. ut 385, 1. 369, 
20. 370, 1. Malrm, ixyiyw. c. Apbob. II. 
p. 836, 12. B«eot. II. 1024, 2^. flero- 
dofais aliqaotie», Arist. Eq. 847. Pac. 
346. ex Rav. et . R. P. ^»cbin. o. Cles. 
61,> 43. Supra 421, 8. tva i* iyy^nrrtu, 
Fanten. 966, 9. iyy. Av. Ran. 702. 

388, 6. Herodot. I. 168. erx^vrt «rXi- 

389, 13. ff^ox«Ti»xip^Tdeu. Budasos p. 
386. ed. Steph. Laiobimts, oWi^ wv Xt^w, 
T<< f. airroSr. K«* /mqi — . Malioi, «fl*irsp 
wJv Xf>«» avrtXf pn/twwnr, ay. «•). p. 345, 9. 
ToTc p. ToT; (tvtt^i* Hailoii«;«. 81, 25. aurouc 
Tw- X9y«t/c — 8rtrojiitrwT«K 

390, 3. *Itfoy ofoq oaptnni VI. ^BnwrtK 
Elaphobol. Legaci profipcti i^ostllL l<rra' 
f*kfiu Manytb. , proxtml mensia. iEscbinw 
p»40, 10— 14. 

390, 10. iBaebinea p. 40, 6. •S^nut ~ 
Sr^ tvt fe^o-0§lai Siv nyifutcaf hyu — . 

390, 21. Maltm, juet r«XX* — . 

392, 19. iirUnrav ;^^vt«,.siBe ror,^ tret 
,primaB. Forsau itvirtUa-av, Pbil. III. 129,, 
14. Arbtocr. 651, 26. pre Pfaonn.944» 
la ProQete.1432,25. HjeoindexReiakii. 
Xg^ov vottiv ex Archimede citat Hooger. 
id Viger. p. 59. a. xt^mf^anr^tiv l/uvoftTv, 
Thacjd. lll.38.init. l«rafWa»T»ex lectW 
e»e td^ Paris, cffidt Tayloroe* 

[15} 395, 24. Reete interpretatar 
BeiakiBa v«tfa raSra ^Acraa^, sptctate 
atquf tonvparaie nrwi hu. > De vctp^ Bu- 
daraa p» 246^9. 

396« %\, Lcfatonim dissidia fateior 
AacbkMap. 41,1— 5. 

399'^ 12. S>faftrentMSS.I«gereiu,otix- 
ow, a u^'eo-p^o^w !»•«. Travr'awiJ. 

398, ^. Malim, aXX* tkcmntiffvyy. 

398, 25. Lambinas>/MD^*ava^;^ti0-^s xe- 

ywttq «;. — Signom TMias ieot. anie 
kwa-yfj. babet ed. Paris, taoente asargine. 
Sed facile inieAIigkar vox, at Naas. et 
X.p. 990, 22. 

399, 3. Lege, naX avfXi^i^wTaf, 

399, 26. oi rapATrmtc ete. Sio Pbil. 
IV. 140, 11. ih 0i^Ca^f recte mstf. 
Kecte ialellexil WoHicrs, qoauivis inele- 
gaater verterit. Infra 442, 12. o yty^f/t- 

400, 1, tJ 4«'?C^' "^ **?**' — '*• 9onl 
inlelltgeada hk i»e(nv, ct vertenda: ut 

frif^ido et ad nauseam incuUato verba utar, 
Deinde Ittgettdmn, x^iviuuVwr, vel — jum, 

[16] 402—3. Schol. ad 402, 23. dicit, 
DeiD05lbene bxc narrante, discessisse 
judicos, aoadente Enbttko. Vide iSsehr- 
Beio p. S8, 20. 48, 39. 

403, 3. ZMt^tiwkoyiq margo. Q. afl == 
^kxxpoo^a/tAivnc, ta nwrai trahente, Sed 
mevas error esse videtur. 

403, 24. va^'T^^fjfUw, Voce otitnr 
Athenaeoa V. p. 211. F. abi noatram lo- 
cam citot Casavboaus p.~S69, 61. Adde 
MeBdodnini Tbrasjleonte Alfaen. Vh p. 
248. B. TiiiiooL VI. 243. C. 2. 

404, 22. Lego, ttal nv hxcuav Srif lartv 
m'nok9y(tiv, «Bfias^ <}iim iiti». iptv^mnf qnod 
uatum est fortasse ex 369» 4.^ Vnlgataoi 
explicit Taylor* lod. Alt. ad Ljsiam 


405, 1. Maiin, of toti tat^rtia, 
[17] 405, 9,»a\iov lau.. Sia, at videtor, 

oiiuiea o. Ari«tegp# I. p. 784, 19. $oStt nmi 
KgK^ayoaq Uv lov, abi Feliciauus et pars 
oerte MSS. aot ioterponunt. Aristopb. 
PI»t. 276. 478. Nab. 543. Jalian. £p. I« 
p. 373. C. MaKm tamea tuu ri oi; scil. 
votnmv. Pro Pborm. 960, 28. malim, 
tlveit; ou ; ofip^i — Panlico. 970, W. Every, 
et Moes. 1152r 12. Qaanqaam ienias 
eat ^mpjieiter delere nai, 

405, 2 J 4 etc. JEscbinea F. L. p. 47, 24. 

406, 15. Vide sopra ad 343, 24w 
409, 10. ou}<y ya^ v//ta< nH»si niaHm ob 

wf. Per se optimom e&i ahtuX, ut ^seW 
F. L. p. 29, 6-7. Sapr* 899, 1. 

410, 2. a-MemCn -«- ft i<^* of? — I <^€«^- 
fxw lyvt " — rC TooTou? arpw^afi na^Tv, 
(?ide ad 432—3.) Videtav Retskias «o#o 
jioere, 1^' of; fAnltrridut^ftiUovf, Quod sfc 
fecit, inepte fecit. Deleto etrim d, oinni» 
plaM fiant. Pbil. Epiat. 1.59, 23. (oaaHio 
oonf. Lept. 498, 10.) li !<)>* «; ete. e^ 
T9t>c fama^at voidufra^, il on. Aid. B. 
serrat Aid. A. Ferlie. MSS. pera, tl -^ av* 
ycH <}MuWdt aroMvyrsf. Sed Aldom sequor. 
Vide 01. II. p. 24, 22. ovtov igyMn^ 
(8ie lege). Pro Rhodiia 198, 7. Cootra 
fi ex mas. addend. .Aaob. F. L. p. 39, alt. 
Pasaira-aotem purticalaa male addant vel 
demont librfurii. R. P. ad Hec 62.5. ed. 
alt. Podem modo snspendetar ri infra in 
orationis fine. (Olyntb. 1. 16, 8. a>q rette 
ora. mss.) Leptin. 483, 20. abi videodam 


•de «r5;, qoamTis suloeoiMDOBi Tooet F. p, 421. £fcb. 33,40 — 43. 
A. Wolf. Mid. 578, 2f. 423, 18. MaHin, imMmuanvri, ma ciu- 

[18] 410, B. Tov himrof ferri potest, toS iiamyoftXv, hominem, qui aliis ofcftfCtttMf 
vertendo 9111* dartvoiebat (s^tlov 393, 14.), JEtehinem accusalurui ertU. 
figara nolissima, de qaa Valckenter. ad 424, 4. Phil. III. p. 121, 7. 
Pbcea. 1406. Sapra p. 393, 19. )t}ou( 424, 16. Q. ^ouXotvr* av autoc liM<rroc 
Terteudam yidetar offereni, polUcitut* De roiouTo; iTvoi. dao MSS. 
Coron. 260, 21. 9ro<rcLy — itUm Mark- [22] 424, 23. rotrauTDC vaftaofjUac xai 
JaDdas, quem miror non bio conjecisse, f4,atimf hivTitm, tres prioMe. Ao]^. 1. 2. 
rw ^^VTPc av — -. fJUtvUg xai vek^anUf, ei sio proculdabio 

412, 10. Malim, etv )' «lp* SvarrA. (vel vra^oiWac, qaod meroa eat error acri- 

414, 2. xlx^tKf. • # • • • ^1^ ^ — bee) MSS. Pariensea. ^g/ctc ^ frofWoUg 
Mhrnm ni aliqnid exciderit. Pbil. II L 124, 24. Cseteram aimilis coii- 

[19] 414, 8. rhfSfxaf IBog vctSh, In boe fusio lectionam diTersarom in contexia 
coDsentionl tres primie. Msti alii to v6fM- ed. Paris, sopra 435, 25. reL rocauTA tdXc- 
ftov ldo(, alii TO xoivoy ldoC> alii t^ xoiyoy vo- xatmt itat TOfavTo. 

fu/juf Uog, tmfjiog de Coron. 267, 6. 310, [23] 426,4. el H vroXkol [haI] koB* «y— . 
20. de Halon. 83, 3. 5. 6. ^schin, c. 426, 8. Iint)n rauB* — Hsc sadissima. 
Ctes. p. 81, 37. et alibi. Vide Borneiam lirfi^q repetitur post longam parentbesin 
ad Miltoni Poemata Grasca p. 598. ed. ex 425, 27. 

Warton. lyyoju«c Aristocrat. 644; 19. 649, 426, 15. [ol w^tiorrtg] xal ♦. rcote 
13. 652, 17. v6fM/x9f Phil, llh 123, 22. delet Markl. Deinde emendabam, juti «. 
Legendom eredo* ri tou re/jufMu idovc. ov¥ iTxiy* viroxoMW to7c «rf . ci ti Vfirw X. 
Apator. 898, 15. t3 t?? Iwit^t??, collatis v. II. rou/d not even tell which 

416^ 21. Distiague, ?ti " *Avtikcyfia^" traitor** cffer to accept fint, or what place 
rai — v<^x6fji»img" Mh ov ya* Ista yero de- to tahefir$t, Sed none credo yel ouxit' — 
sumpla aant ex Umarchea p. 24, 36— Wfo^Ma-it, vel ov)' iT^. — X^, plane de- 
25, 7. Paolo ante ixtytg rown Reisk. e lenda. Potat Tajlorns ad or. de -Coron. 
oonj. non male. prop. init. daplioem bQJBS oratioois Ixla- 

• 417, 7. Lege, Se-u ykf ea — , aZ tres o^iv foisse. 
primae. . - - 426, 27. i^^a-ao-^^^edvoiffOt, Reoto 

[20] 418, 14. Bmendal Valokenier. bsBc. R. P. ad Pboen. 91. 
Diatrib. p. 182, B. t^ toutcv; rv^avnug [24] 427, 9. }ia4>3«(fft, fxtatCv ofjteUtg, 
tuttrkoTt. Bgo malim, ^0 rv^&fHvg tied 0%, Vel onm Tajloro ^ pro If. Vide an po- 
tmbQs«rtiealifl delelis. tins, vo/u/^iti* if yt [yel clirff] /uiv — . ^ 

. 419, 4. vel Soph. Antig« 186. Forsan 427, 26. rm m^vyvvm [leoAo'ti], Dele, 
yideri pessit Demosthenes legisse ia-a-oi et subaudi ex praeoedentibos irfafii. 
pro ^TOK»qaippe infra 419, 14. interpre- 428, 17. t^ ;(fn/«ATa [tavta] Oljntb. 
tans, Ifxw (i. e. iyyvg) oTi/p^otwav. io-van III. 32, 6. tovc iiofAOug [tovtovc] ft^ ^. abi 
Ari8topb.Eq.l303.IpseSopb.(GSd.Col..^) me vide et ad p. 399, 23. Recte Tturoic 
419, 14. Sanissima omnia. Distingue com mss. om. B. 413, 17. Vid. Leptin; 
" Tw" )l " 5Tuy h^Sh tTTirxowrw" ifMu, 460, 11.461,5. Confer. Atben. iyri46. 
TOP — ar^aritav, o&— «t CUM voxAM,expe' £. com VIII. 364. E. F. Leg. 388, 18. 
ditionem Phocensem dieo»jam prope acgs- Ixitvov lege, vooem omiserant, nt patet e 
»«NTBai. viDERET — . Do f/uoS pro iyyvg, Lindenb. deinde interpolatum est tovtov. 
Scbol. Homer. II. E.'867. Harpoorat. et Contra de Coron. 311, 27. reote Reisk. 
Vales. Saidas, Scbol. Plat. p. 10. o/tAov, tovtmt avTwv»^ infersilBronokiosVesp. 
fere, eirciter, sopra 390, 1.413, 3. (Vid. 396. al/jta pro *rlivH Ipb. T. 558. ed. Aristog.L p.785,'23.)mox420, Gaiaf. legit V. D. Vide v. II. ad'Ari- 
14. c. Aphob. I. p. 820, 22. o/aou ti ibid, sloph. Plot. 879. 980. (Ed. C. 1148. 
817, 1. Plato Theag. p. 129. D. H. St. recte Heath. 
Pro Pborm. 956, 1. 432, 1. Dos leotiones, veUx^^*, et 

[21] 419, 20. Male omittit MS. anai rig x^f^ velx«r>>^* 
voTwroug, Eorip. Heracl. 575. Ljsias p. 435, 1. *amfi, not Kark rSh vcUdcn — 
150^ 24. (me p.l30.) Ari8topb.Ay.ll32. sic lege, omisso ♦tx^^irov vel — ^ir«, sab. 
Wvfc «xod^jtAq0-ay aiir^ TnXixovTon'; to^'ovtoc o^ttvrSf at de Coron. 320, 8. Delude verte, 
Phil. ill. 116,10. Aristopb.Eq. 412. Ti»- et per liberurum tuorum capita jurabas^ 
XiXovTM Ljsias *A9roX. Aaipo). p. 163, 26. xat' fv;^qv 9roi90-di Av. Eq. 657. C. Aphob. 
421,4. Longam narraliunem de ova- III. p. 852, 14. xaT*f/(AoDxa«T?c«*optime 
tione soa ad Pbilippvm de reddendn Am- Reisk. et sio tres primsB edd. Ibid. 19. 
phipoli babel .^chines pp. 31 — 32.qoem (854, 16. abi similis variatio) 860« 3. 
vide p. 34, 24. et 42. collate Demostb. 861, 5. 8., Omnino me vide ad Conon. 







*#* Notandam, Indices bos accoronoodari paginis et paginarum Terstbot £)dit^t]<v 
Rfiukiaoa. Ulas ad iiiargiiiein Nostne interiorem apponicararimus: hos Noatra. 
panlo arctius dbpoaita, tantum non exacts lefert. 

•Abahfithz, •jmbolom ciiatatis tiIU et 
contemptte, miQatsB atqae infirmaB. 218, 
iWaUf irrtf i KfMC. 1541, ult 
a$t\rtfiav dvo&lirdai. 140, 10. iBOiruU 
et ti/iAtta, nt diversa copulantor. tm 
»$t\rsfia(t h h' iim^uof, 372, 27. nisi 
haec postrema yocabola schonom sunt. 

TowTW X^). 373, 13. 
affiXttfte] aBiKn^amrog, 114, 4. /M^h 
vfAMQ AfiiXngw vaBn-n, 449, 25. & rtv? 


^C^MToc] oBUtrcv MT9 U-toBai kavrtlu rov 
0itf9,, 557, ult. *744, 19. rw i^wrriU 
p^nfn^tl( a2«c &0lotm lavrfi hyiia-aro 
, Tir^wr. 1399,2. 

l£d» WfomXajua-fAM ywfiv^M, Tosmet ip- 
SOS quoque suspicabar non nolle, (b. e. 
velle) me a contumelia intaotiim ma- 
nere. 1471, 19. 
aye^ lie m oT f iibof iari, 1046, 9. o&r» rl 
f^H AyaBor yaotro* est genus affirms tio- 
ois, vel dejeratipnis. 1442, 23. i Kfjwt 
xv^ioc etvrit "h aTt&mw rSev iytASn, 36, 
27. rSn iytASn rkg iXir»}«c )<* v/mSv au- 
T«v Ix^ru 167, 10. T^ ^* vMfV i}«6ov 

^9rO T«V AVftOO'd^WC X^yO0V ytVOITO. 169, 

20. rnv ft^ rSc «r^Xi«( rupi^ Aya&h fi- 

«r«y JUt< )tty^. 311, 20. oyadp ru^n ovfA- 
^f^jUtfC, Tnc IfM? wc ^uXdc xamyopfT. 
315, 18. ^uoTy ayo^oTy hrou voffw ^y- 
dpdiireic — Tov fvTt^fTy, xo^ rov j(aX«c 
Bw'hMvaaa'^cu, ou;^ ^|bM lb utno-ig va^ 
ylynrau 658, 2. 

A7c(XXf0-&a(] oTff iMBrd irtlyrw >i/tf7^i{«UyiTtfi, 
TovTMC i^v 9t<(V«ay ^}^cLxXita(. ob qufls 
aliis molestos, invisuH, exosus est, ob 
ea in sinn eaudet, in interioribus animi 
lecessibiis Taetator, eisultat, sese effert 
1489, 7. 

iiyaisAi «w TlXivrSi ih 0laf, 1086, 15. 

fyof pnBponitor interdnm vocabuUs ita, 

at cum illts arete copulandom, et dno 
istsec pro uno babenda et proferenda 
sint. ut in illo twJtwc rnc Syav — «oX«- 
ttdof heia^a^rt, 1128, 16. tanquam 
SyAt sit praepositio, nt sunt ilia Latino- 
rum yra et ve {wtgrandi*) ti fM ravrm 
rqy iyat i^waieiv vyhwn, 428, 22. 

dyattMrHii] de injuria sibi oblata in foro 
ad judicero queri. «r«g' ahrk riJkiAfxarm 
/uSXXoy n jfjfwonlyytywniiAitmiyaifMifr^v. 
966, ult. dytatutrrtRv ti pro M nvt. ;^- 
"Kiie&Q i^ o2f rliroy&a |yi)y«^«c> ov;c ^"^^ 
Toi>r' Ayavawrfia-aifA iv, 1261, 25. 

ayavat] a) amare,amplecti,magni facere. 
7ouT«v( iyaitf nai ntfi minw l;^ii. 23, 
23. ovTf T<1 ^iX/vtrov Swpa luU f lytay q^^ 
vno-a. 263, 7. Ayairav t^ nrXioyffttty. 
662, 5. ifvo rSi¥ BiSh hya'tnfMhn <}>a/vi- 
tr^eu, 1404, 4. 4 fjkh eZry irpocii^0-<c oSt» 
imX^ Jtoi ffo^cl irStf-ty clvdpd^ot; ^j^vq/itlnf. 
1409, 7. b) in aliqua re, quamvis ma- 
la et aspemabili, vel detestabili etiam, 
tamen acquiescere, et sibi, ut in malis, 
<^of)gratuIari adeo, quod vel bac, qoam- 
Fis miserabili, fortunar liceat oti, neque 
deteriori loco sis. ^T^ira y roXg mwr^a- 
yf^hoiQ, acQuiescere preesentibus, cum 
gaudio et delectatione, ut condition!, 
neque meritas, neque speratie antea. 
13. 11. oyawStmQt Iky fAtrptZiiZa-k Buh 
((xSy vfuV. 37, 5. *A^nvian rk ly n do- 
Xattii X"*?^ kyawStci ^a^h toC Moiti )o- 
vof \afA0avonMi* 78, 9. iyawa MAra- 
oTLfva^wca rki o)ouc. satis habet, quod 
▼ias reparet. 175, 3. v/mXq kyavart, <tv 
Tt Mnu /Jttraiiicia-tf KafA^&vamt, 175, 
19. iyof H va^aia-aifju ay IfMf — h 
iKeurrru ^>foyi7v, ka\ vrk iifjUrt^' avrSi¥ aya* 
tray irfeiTrevrtf, satis habere, et congra- 
tnlari Tobis, quod rerum vestrarum sa- 
tagere liceat 176, 8. h it rig iSs ^y, 
iyetwfv 2ht. 582, 3. oim^iyaira Boietrif 
vwroui, Boeotus his contentus non est. 
1002, 5. kyiira, Zrt tfw 9r6>ug, otxtk, wa- 
tiIp yl^'oyt. dmJce Gott dtrfur, doss — 
[thankGodforii, tfcat.&c.] Vyif »C «?»»- 


X^tfif avrS, 650, 2d. ubi alii ovx, alii 
fid praBponant^ ambo male. 
iyamroQ'] cupidearoplectendus[,9t tenaci- 
ter retinendus, ut si magnairt et inspe- 
ratam prosperitatem adeptus sir, cujus 
deo gratias ingentes debeas. Ayetfi^rov 

ay«^ou Ttvoc ijara'Ka.fJ^&nif. 56, pen. 
175, 14. ayAVnThf fl, v&fron nakwQ 
lj(Vfrm hfMV, x^aroTfJitv tSv I'xpivn, 730, 

^wf • off ayawrr^ h fJiM vacywa-i iulkSc 
AvToTf. 1234, 6. y^t *i iApceyew ovrm 
aysturuTov t^c aiirclv haf»af >s&yw vfei^iw, 
1436, 6. a>«'Bn)Toc erat cognomen 
Nicerati, filii Nicise. 56f , 24. 

iyatmrMi] vix, aegre, in magni benefiicii 
parte. ayaWTZg imy^eifx/jutroi Irvy^a* 
vw. 491, 3. i7t* T^y fl^nw? ittoiltd-aa-Bt 
ayetirnrSi. 409, 8. IwJ rS r^irayant'- 
a-nXv ayaifnrooq wtt^at^t^fxnn, 

ayair^ai] delectatlone et adrairatioiie ali- 
cujus rei^ splendidse, et praeclarsD duci. 

* t/c yeif 9vft an f tx^TA/? iyacairo rS/9 Ar^^ocv 
intiveov rng ajii^c. 296, 4. 1395, 10. I J 
£v Koi fAoKia'TA Ttofjd^oo varetKf iyaeMv^ 
ra^ fAt rifjiria-at in/xoa-ia.. 1472, 7» 

ayytXov'\ area, cista lignea. i^im iyytiw h 
^Juo. 934, 25. 

ayyihhuv] lirvs^a yk( h, ?xii ^ ayyix^m, 
284, 21. 

iyuv"] agere, ducere, bajulare, apportare, 
rabvere, iropellere, trahere, gubemare, 
tenere, educare, erudire, sequivalere 
certo modulo pundoris, aot valoris pa- 
blici, etc. ahiav"] rov fAh ir&a-^uv abrci 
Vaa-en ahiav nytrt. securi eratis. 387, 
17. alriav'] roTf i** IxiTvov iyovci fvv 
alriay rou ^^wv, 548, 18. codf. iireiyuf. 
il^fmv] tnt^tif tJ^tifnf eiyitv, 38&, 11. 

Xm aywrsi. 372, 2. havxytv] &itK(ii>^ltal 

»U r&XtM U^i. 1315, 15. camliri] inuih 
Tovro ri fr^eiyfxa, crimen caedis, varra" 
'^n «Tf !<!>«#, wx wiJf r h ayaytXv Iv* i/u|. 
in me coiiferre, contorquere. 552, 14. 
nyayn i^* avriv rwlfuMf/utra, 704, 21. 
cum vflro] Siytrt aurouc M rov^ vifAOvg, 
freyocate eos ad leges, cogitelegnmedi- 
cto parere et obnoxios esse. 741, 18. 
nyaycv avrditQ i/iro rnv u/ufrifety 4^^* 
adduxi, pertraxi ad forum vestruro, vo- 
bis de lis judicandi p<cnasqiie sumendi 
facultatem dedi. 1388, 13. <^m not 
Siyuv] depraedari, depopulari, anSene, 

Suae ferri, abigere, quae abigi possant. 
m TOW Touff Xijo^^f vfjuiq ^i^M not Siyin 
U Ti)( Ev0olai. 304, 14. adducere, af- 
ferre, ut raerces navi plaustrove. A;^6f»-. 
ra (scil. w^c «tnr3r) tar Ifxvri^t. 
1199, 18. medicnm. 1260, 6. ancillafn 
ex alicujtts sdibus et pptestate per vim 
abducere. 1358, 18. ire, ambulare, va- 
dere. ^yiv Ivl ti; rSh '^oXtrSv oIkUc, 
608, 14. gubemare. aywns ▼«» v6Xaf 
h ofAOfoia. 617, 27. junf v^* h>of tSv a-mi 
^foioinron ^Xftif ayw, patere te agi^ da- 
ci, gubemari, fxtiV hrrZ, aXX' iKihwg 
ayt llii rh. o-ol JpwtVr*. 1491, 2. tenere, 
servare, tueri. Ixcvdipciy iyt r^v '£XXi)». 
120, 17. educare, erujdire, assuefecere. 
^auXo^ hyfjibfoi. 170, 18. movere, im- 
pellere. rof; Ifaoflw X^ic, rebus a re pre- 
sente alienis, rr^juevo;. 228, 11. de rebos 
libra examlnatis, Tel de numis, pon- 
dere,vel ralore certo, cuidam ponderis 
monetaeve modulo aequivalentibus. X!^ 
Tih^ rirraftQ, ayova-a inAa-vnjMan, 617, 
20. acinaces Mardonii, o( iyt r^taxo' 
aiovi ^agftnouc 741, 7. Srw Hycfv al ^ta- 
Xat. qtfttntnm ponderabant, b. e. pto 
valore earum, si pondus pecimia cor- 
rente compensaretur. 1193, 21. 

Sttoi/Xov nervyiait ayuv. 327, ult. ^ot^v iy^fiti^ comroendicare, mendicando co- 

«y£iv, princeps sacne legationis esse. gere. i^ «v iyiiftt mat mpo^atnX, 93, 

532, 6. biao-01/'] IV ii raXf hf^ipdiq nxHf 17. 

xaXouc Btaa-ov^ ayoev hi rSiv liSn, 313, ayvn^^ kywlt vfJcSSf eu92y narayiyA^iug, 

23. vo\tfjtov] xMVoy s<p' hfjuii vSkt/xw baud arbitror a vobb profidsci posse 

ayayata-i. 62, 3. v^ayfAara] el /ucy 1^* dedecos ullom animi degenens. 563, 

hfjuLg Jiycv rk VfayfjutTat o2 t itii <PlXtir- nlL uiva iytm nal ^Z\V9 ivei volfA.n» 

irov. trahebant. 125, 20. fxo\hii] hfjuSv ouWc ima-rftortti ifv\irrttf» 807, 3. 

91x01 fjtivorrwv, c^oXw ayorrvn. 98, pen. aytneoq avrira^^vai le^oq oMf* 152, 10. 

^ihayya"] ov^ t« ^Xayya^ oitXtrSn ianguide, segniter, cunctanter. 

Syw, 123, 26. Xififxeira] ft^hf iiaKoa^- ri aynfjUva Dorice pro nvofAta-fxifa, 1072, 

af Kat ;^(X^( Ka/unXouc. «( ^a^'i rS /?«• 27.~8tatuta, usn recepta, sancita. 

0-tXjt ra ^nfxara aytiv. bajuIare, an- ayft^att svkKttav naraXimiv. gloriam conse- 

portare, snbvebere. 185, 23. )(jpvo-n'] nescere nesciaro pone se reiinquere. 

on y^ve-h rSn lAriion et? Tli'Kvirlmma'n 1399, l5. ayfi^oog rifxkq xma-afxhout ivt' 

^fyay%. 122, 2. cuui slf] il\^cia(i ilf JfcV. 1400, 18. 

axa^iTriav KOI vF^TnlAiua-fJuv aytiv. 330, ayKufa"] afayKaXav ^y Iv uyxv^at airotf'aXtu- 

14. tig iovXtUv. 213, 27. ik cXioy kcU uf rh fCxra fAirtii^vg. ad anconrm 

^iXav^pooviav eiyttv rovg >txafovT«f. 793, starC in salo. 1213, 24. /xny iifft JuoTy 

4. ilg fAsa-w aytig, eXiy^eig, hixvviig. 959, Aynvfaiv offxtXv avrdvg Ian. 1295, ult. 

2. ilg ifAQwiav rhv «roX«y ayovrig, 617, proverbiuro est,'geminam ad ancoram 

37. %U ^vg avKo^Arrag. 264,6. iic tovc stare, de iis usurpatum, t^ui.ita titA 


prospexeraht, gemino nitentes pnesi- 
dh), at, utrktnvid in partem res cadat, 
talvi sint, freti hlterd prssidiO) obi al- 
teram lefelleHt. 

AynanJ ctibittii. )ifor^f avrif rotf iykS^f 
fi^iot/i &ni iffirs^Cyw vag v\tvf&t» 1259, 

Aynvtif] castas, pams ab incesta et polio- 
tione esse, oup^t ^rpoftpn/Alvov h/MpSv o^i- 
dfcov ayytvsw, &k\ek tvv &im o\w hynwUvM 
'^Si9 roio&rw iminyiiitvfAarott. 618, 9. 
758» 20. aynvDt n<d f 2/(a2 %aAafk nti iyA 

Aw' aifJfoc avnvaiag. 1371 » 22* 

tLyvoM] a)nescire. iy9otlurra^tiio%itv,S90, 
8. iavrwg'] semet ipsos pro arrogantia 
' ^t fasto igndrare, baud meminisse, qoi 
' oliio foerint, tibi e medi9cribus fortu- 
nis ad aropliori>8 transissent. insole* 
scere, superbire ex insolentia roelioris 
fortune, vel oblitos prisiinarum sordi- 
tim. IA tou inarfxotniplmj le^oHrraq rtv^; 
aywiTv iavrwq, 151, 7. fcSXXev yk^ ht 
hynartufAnv h» orra ifxavrov ayvottv rii 
x^eiricra, h vfjuiq ifayraq, 14.51, 21. vav 
av ayfofia-tittt, plane tardus et stipes sis. 
958, 2. Tnv -nroXir, mores civitatis hand 
tenere. 413, 11. rlv kxAa^w nai^ ov 
vaft^irra, ooJg ayfcmOivra, oHi v^cQif- 
TA. 326, 24. b) errare, labi, peceare, 
deihiqoere, inscitia reruro, festinatfoife, 
temeritate. v^ayfjM iwaB* rotovrdv, oTov 
ou;^ 2fr< a^^myog hyv^wtv iv rig iJvai 
^&aTun, iW* ov^ 6 rvj(iff afsffaonroq, 671, 
\0, hoj^^wa-^ai taynoufum. 1463, 18. 
nrh In** f uma 9ri^2 «v «v iynnrt itxnrifjm- 
• a-wra,, 1470, 3. Sa-a roX( v^* vfjuSv aynm' 
^iiffif vvnfiTovrrif rmg imlwv. 1473, 

aytout] inscitia, ignoratio,1mpradentia,te- 
meritas, furor, h mavrn In — ayin^ 
tvu awio^afJihw xai ^uof^iwu xaxov (obi 
tTtayvoM pro ono vocabolo haberi po- 
test) com tanta adhuc esset ignoratio 
raali. 245, 24. ivo tJj? avr^g ayfoiag, i^* 
ticnn^ TfoKKa V^Ua-Oi Twyjeoivfiv. 271,24. 
-riff e^nUg aynioQ urnvdwot §7 roXg iroXXoTc 
293, pen. tav iinipiaf rhv hfxwi^f Hail 
thr If ay^yxuff aywutv tSv wiv^ttyfAtfrn. 
^6, 16. >roo"AuTu rig Aynut irof vfxXv 
iani. 1261, 27. Ayv^ag fjttfAiyfjiivtig xaxia, 
1394, 11. imri/juif vfxXv vnifcofxsfon rn 
jtarifxi ayvoU. ob errorem,vei delictum, 
furore mve in me admissum. 1472M> 
amipi? vhv w^rlj riig ayvoiag owi^n. 1476, 

iyt^l V. aynvin, 

iyveofAmXt. 249, ult. 

ayvvfMwg tx'^^^' ^^* ^^* ' 

iyvmfAiovvii] tarditas, coccitas mentis, 
Dummheit [^(lulneu, -blockiMhness]^ et 
scaBvitas moruni, Grohheit, Ungesehliff- 
enheit [coarseness, otoumtshiieu, impolite- 
-neti}, 1T9, 20. 311> 7. ffi, y^lg tw^' 

hatg iymfAoring* 958, 23* 1395, 1. 
1469, 9. 
Ayi^AfAMf] tardus, fataoa, inoonsoltos, scc- 
Tus, importonos. ovHm ov)* t&npc Ayvt*- 
fiMA, ev)* irpwi o(w. 143» 26. ti tltf^g 
0'auToy ayvmfMtii KaX di;xo4>amiv Svxvl, naX 

• fMafiv* 322, 6. AyfotfAOtag jmH «rui^c 
hfJMg XATtoiUMt^. 1261, 23* tHc awy- 
KoiiftC f^» eiyfufAWog Z» ru^ng* 1468, 15* 
«rivT«v iyvoifxnio^ariv ia^n. 1477, 25. 
jui))' fic ci iutl rng iyvcifMfft toy oXXw 
Xpiw IroifAOi 5ti. 1479, 24. 

eiytiig'] ignotus. owTi iyfvrtg vfjiX^, our \m\ 
TO xfitn ytytwriufAntn. 851, 27. iywrif 
%0'ay oirorot Ttyi; i<0-*v. baud constabat, 
quinam eorum aniroi, qui mores essent 

* f atari. 990, 20. 1140, 7. it ma £iw 
iynirra it'Kwciiit X^ot iforrin. 1359, 4. 
fxv^ ia^M rSif ieytatron titnai KfiXrrw, h 
rk cufA^ifwrek vfMV itciKirtvifjtMfM yvyti' 
<ni»<r^au 1481, 1. 

aywaia] coecitas mentis salutaria consilia 
aut non cementis, aut aspemantis. ir«^' 
oXor TOY $iw TQc iavTM ayfotcrUg tarofAvh- 
fMtrtt i;^ov0^v. 1412, 8. 

iyo^a'] forum ; quo vocabolo comprehen- 
dontor et locos, quo res venales vene- 
unt, et tempus pnesertim per stata in- 
tervalla recorrens solennis nego6ationis, 
et jodicia, qosB in foro agitabaotur, et 
deniqoe negotiatio, seorerom, merciom, 
nomorom commutationes. kyo^kg ua^. 
vduadeu vectigalia e foris et nun4inis 
percipere. 15, 20. vDv )i etvArra Saa-vtf 
cf kyp^eig hifvwfareu. 121, 5. to rSn 
&vla»v «rX?do( o^nc xat rh lufTUpicty r^y 
nark rhv iyo^a,%. 144, 12. a-nnvtu al K»r^ 
rnv ayofkt. die Krambuden [the shops, 
$talU>], tabems institorom in foro. 284, 
24. Kark rnv kycfkt 9n^(fp;^o/buti. 332, 8. 
ayofk xai l<f>o^a (vel etiam sine copula, 
&y<i^ i^U) locos in limite duarom 
terrarom, abi fioitimi statis temporom 
▼icibos inter se coibant, mercesque per- 
mutabant. 632, 26. ol fcq xa^ofkg rkc 
;^f7|pac IpC**''^ siciimg tig riiv ayopkv «)<- 
n&avt. 719, 24. i^yafyoBeu mat i^wri 
^im n rp ayo^, 1308, 9. b) jodicia, 
tribunalia, actioues causarum forensiom. 
vsplrfifAfxa rtyofSc. 269, 19. iv if rStv 
apxj^ron ayo^i. 1091, 17. c) negotiatio, 
emtio et venditio. wmXtyowc (rr^amywg t\g 
T«y kyo^ka ffXaTTiiy. auf den Kauf [for 
saW], 47 1 14. vra^k rk 4'^<pla'f/tar» rk 
vrsf;) rrig ayo^ag, praeter id, quod jus et 
fas est in emendo vendendoqne, ad- 
versusjura mercimoniorum. 1308,1. 

ayo^a^ttv] emere. wop**? hyo^a^s nal i^^vg 
tBTt^uwy. 412, 23. Ifov avrn ^i\rUi (sell. 
vreLXick) vfUff^M r^g loxg rifxng, rourov 
hy6paat. 563, 7. etiam in medio usur- 
patur. tfa rk imrhhut ayopna-aivrat. sib! 
emerent, quibus ipsi uterentur,frueren- 
tur. 1223, 20. a twrn if kt^fvvria hyo- 


fVdn* emta fuis«ent. 1360, 8. 

ayepavo/iioc] aedills, judex et arbiter pacts et 
boni ordiDu iii ioro, moderator, pretii 
annonarii etqui provideret,ut alimeota 
neqae deeneat, et tolerabill veninBat 

&y6fa9'fia\ merzeipta. ivBia^i riyofoo'fAA' 
v» rwv ifASof xffifjUL'nn, importare, im- 
ponare navi merces emtas noiois a me 
creditis. 909, 37. 915, 26. 

^^w^utif] verba facere, simpliciter ad 
qaeracunqoe,demdeimprimift pro con- 
done ad plebem. if rtf iyftun rvtk lut- 
uMf tk 4^;^. si qais alium probris, Us* 
que ementitis, prosciderit 63d» pen. 
•rfe ay^ftuM /SowXirai. haec erat formula, 
^ qua prffico concionaturos citabat atque 
ad dicendom invitabat. 985, 6. «c «>«- 
^1 h rS i(m, at legislator in Axone 
edicit. 6S9, 21. 

''A>'favXo;] fiiia Cecropis, cujus in'fano 
ephebi recens in albo script!, et a pa- 
tria armati, jurabant, se pro ea dimi- 
cantes mortem, si necesse sit, oppeti- 
turos. Toy iv r£ t?; ^AyfoxiKw rStv f <^»v 
SfHW &MyffciaiMf. 438, 28. 

Ayfo^ov y^a^ qus fuerit, ipse orator p. 
1338, 19. his verbis exponit. erat actio 
in eos, oirmt ay, iyyptt^ivrtf (scil. in ta- 
bolas serariorum) koI fjun iitrla-ettrtt t? 

iyfo^^ h ^vrtt avrn toT; iy^A^q WfMis 
■ ttai rdit h^fotwlmi Hbta-t it<iguti». 317, 
^3. An»^ vofMfjM. 643, 18. 

raSiba 3qXo7. 1122, 23. 

ayfdmi] rat i^ '»'•*? '^p^'V ayfihrtre^ ai 
rSv wfM^irSev iiafoutt i|op/^oiM-iv. 808, 15. 

iymki tme-erav, 530, pen. 1073, 21. fvft;- 
Xf^wtHor iywAf. 531, 4. 

ayvtiut *Aw6x>M9. 531, 9. 1072, 20. 

a^;^fty] colloin obtorquere, feuces didere, 
nodo bracbii, aut.compressu pugiu,gu- 
kun alteri coarctare. &i*vxe^ sv vS rftt- 
;i^X» »7xv ir)(pfAm, 1157, 5. iy^'*^': 
KaX viv vo rr t q trn y^tMV, 1157, 8. trans- 
■ late, de coascientia scelerum. iyjftttO'iot' 
. nav voait. quod posterius est explicatio 
prions. 406, 5. 

iyXtoTtU] cognatio, consanguinitas, et jus 
inde exsistens successionis in bona cog- 
itatorum defunctorum. &fM\oytXro ykg 
fcafk ifkrtm rnc ywaml^t tJveu h xXnpovo- 
fjUa KArk T^y iyxta-niav. 1051, 11. /ui- 
;^C <3'y v6fA0i xfXf uii tjiv ayYimUy tfveti. 
1058, 13. »^« )f, fJUiH v^, /uq iyx}' 
miav %t¥M, fxin% U^Sv, fxiirt iaion, ne- 
que jus eadem sacra, eaderoque jura 
civilia cum illb communia habendi et 
usurpandi. 1067, 13. 

aytiytfMt] est is, quem jtis et fas est, eve- 
stigio, ubi reperiatur, a qnocunque, qui 
velit, actore in judicium, ad undecim 
viros, in servitutero, quoquo velit, ob- 

torto collo agi* npi. 624> 12. 1249, 
27. de conteotioiie inter Salmasium et 
Heraldum loper hoc vocabulo oboita 
V. Taylori prsefat. ad orat. in Aristocia- 
tem. b) rk &yc«yif4M aont meroes; que . 
plaustris navibotve hue iliac agitantar, 
vectahtur. ol^iv aXKo. ayvytfAW ly tm 
9rXo/af tTvah vectabile. 929, 17, 1290, 
ayvv] est ccrtamen, aut discrimen, qadd* 
cunque, capitis, fortunamm, gymni- 
cum, scenicum, forense, beliicum, labor 
et coiitentio qu^cunque. rvp rSh wAt- 
rtwfjMon $iw -^ikcuriw a<^ tf^oXip^ »ai 
tuiy ixio-mv hf*if0tf iytinm lui luucwy 
fuMrrif, 150, 9. toTc /An oXXmc iv^ftiimt 
ilg iyttf ia^n o or^c rove «rpo)nXotit ix," 
^^i, 199, 24. T«y Ayiiven, oSc iiftfiC in^ 
tq; 4'^**f &yem(ia-Bt. 314, 15. iySne 
a^ta ouy/ay u/mv ^MUftln* diena forte mi- 
nus videantur, ob que jure oertetur. 
519, 22. aySivte (gymnici) ol nark rif 
'EXXa)a iwivo} vacif tiai, 633, 6. V{«f^^y 
iv ro(V ayS^i (gymnids, sed prsdpue 
scenicis) ^^oycu. 256, 7. ^wtSici fMi 
ivarrti e2 vra^ vfMi iySmq (forenses) 
9VX, qTToy Twy lUUfjSn, h rSn v^yfA&van, 
i7yai* judicia vestra de rebus in foris 
vestris agitatis non Veritas rerum ipsa- 
rum, argumentorumque evidentia ma- 
gis, quam temporum, quibus caasae 
qufeqne agitantur, rationea guberdare 
videntur. 342, 7. iIc "A^fioy v&yat ifd^ 
AyM0 jMnoYiuatf-av. accusarunt me apud 
senalum Areopaeiticum, de falso cri- 
mine et a se conncto. 1025, 10. I«>c av 
ol &ySns yivanreu. donee causae contro- 
verss disceptate fuissent 1173, 10. 
rw{ aySvaQ xp/viri «rpoc rk^ ain^^ut. 
caiisas dijudicatis pro argumentis. b, e. 
at litigantium quisque, avt certiora, 
auHnfirmiora pro causa sua argumenta 
affert, ita vos aut secundum, autad?er- 
BUS eum datis sententiam. 1467, 14. 
fl; y aySyet (Martis aleam, prmlium de- 
cretorium) ixsZyoc ifAwm hfJtSv mnreu» 
124, 15. riv fjth v&kkfAW vaXfordy, rh 
y ayma rw Ik rw iroXifMu fdiiw. bellum 
ipsum esse molestum, h. e. contributi- 
ones pecuniarias, amentias domo, sta- 
tiones castrenses, itinera, aliasque quae 
infinitas numero molestias, bellum, pr»- 
sertim diutumum, seQum affert : ipsam 
antem pugnam, que sortem 
cemit, altenitram ip partem victoriam 
inclinans, esse citam et exsecutu faci- 
lem. 180, 14. rwg iyStmg iwttfrmg wh* 
fO( wrot hofAitws, «; ^v^pSv ayabSv, 180, 
18. hHiut yk^ i iyint ixdji rw ffoXf^tosi/. 
1396, 23. Toy )f 6«rff^ rov i*h ynia^i 
rwra^ySva Iti^m X^^? hfASv l^a-af mt* 
vnnfAmi, conteiiderant4ntercedere,quo- 
minua ista fierent. 295, 13* Iv rS ^- 
yUrr^ iySm iripi tpv ctiftarof fitiBiffrwut* 


deveni ^isbrimen capitis, 
sen libertat]s» ne an^ssa ingenaitate pro 
mancipio venirem. 1188, 4. irjorl^ 

haufMuimf. persuasuiH tibi babe, me 
scratinio too iibenter laterfaturom esse, 
quo spectem, qoem ezilum id sit sorti- 
tiimm. 1417, 10. 
iiymla] trepidatio, formido de futiiro- 
ram eventa. oDtm I* h ^\ivit9( h ^oo 
Mai W9MSi &ymdf, 256, 1 9. b)cootentio. 
tiwaaw oMyr* HPf iiymUn Uriku, nihil 
sibi ad coBtenikmeRi esse reOqaom fa- 
ciendum. 1398, 20. c) idem quod Ayth, 

quam preclaram et splendidum hoc sit 
genus certaminb, in quo tu tibi dele- 
gisti, ut elaborares. 1408, 6* 
«}«ii({i0^M] hi discrimine versari, certare, 
de spiritu, de capite» de fortanb, de 
tuendo statu civili, de crimine aliquo 
pnrgando, de approbandaarte sua ejus- 
que Tictoria potiunda : itaque usurpa- 
Ua de bistrionibtts in fabulis scenicis 
partes agentibus, item de Accusatore 
reove causam agente, nee non de re in 
qusstifmem .atque disceptationem ve- 
luente. uSkm (histrio) hyc0(l^tro^ 418, 
5. a fjuv (spil. i^&fJUbr»a%n¥uiik)wtlKka' 
iuf }eywiw. 420, 4.- ova kr) t&t HaifS$ 

trmavai. opera danda est, ut quo tem- 
pore partes urbis nostras recitandte et 
agenasB veniunt, non turn demum eas 
memorife infigere atque cxercitationis 
nsum atiquerafrequentatione repetitionis 
arripere contendamus, sed ut memo- 
riter eas teneamus, atque Toce et actio* 
ne reprsesentare promte et cum artificio 
sdamus. 1414, 12. if r&^u (rerum puta 
in oratioa&ns forensibus tractandarum) 
jm2 Tp Siieo'hiayU, &i 0ovKtrM rSnt iymt^o- 
iXhtn tuao^of, tnjrm ^ffBat^ 226, 12. 

nrouTW iud eiiniK9ytX^t, 407^, 27. lyvnaX- 
1KU mat z^AnvttM rd vfj&yfJM touro* 516, 
19* • W9 iymi(6fjttws vS/Mt* lex nunc in 
controversiam adducta,de qua certatur, 
dtne proba[ida,lin repudianda. 709> 7. 
TfAfqv A)^Jm^«< VA^v6fjbiti' 653, 25. 
irlfMTcr lymivnriU nna (avSv ^w. 543, 
17. Srt Ityonidtro rhv v^orifoir hht(n, 
906,14, imtiv^SV'^w^ofjuifrttftm (sal. 
)6tiiv) Ayttm^wrrai. 741« 20. «r^dc tqt 
Har* hfdvan alrUt — iyoni^ift.^a» cer- 
tandum nobis est non adversus yertftn 
aliquod crimen nobis incusatum, sed 
adversus invidiam ab Hlis falsis, subdi- 
titiisGivibus creatam. 1299, 91. &vr% 
vuH vtft rourw hfMf (id est le^q nfjCSsi) 
i^«Ml»9^. 1073, 11. f( ykf ftiroirrtc 

inrif t9$ IxtudifUtq AyotnrrUif, 1:29, 5. 
it) «f() wftirtim NA^ riftSt not S^n^ iyw- 

w^e/Mlvqy tw ir»rfia, 247, 5. tJJv iyd- 

3 14, 16. fAMrk ir&rnn AyoM^cmai ir^ 
Tovc imret^Bknat. 155, 8. 

iywiarits] qui exercenda quadam arte 
studiove contendit htbitum ejus adi- 
pisci. iU^ iymta^r^, perfectum te fieri 
etconsummatnmartificem, ynMat (ge- 
^ometrisB puta, similiumve artium) tqc 
0'nc i^Uf nreunnirt^n, 1414, 20. touc 
wwnT«c, rwi x^?^^* "^ Ayonio^it* 351, 
1. aycmrriii n^fmfJMi fjuiXkof iTwi *rS¥ 
^roHfv, ^ hiaTttdkof rSv AB\an, 1415, 27. 

dyafyo6rrt(V] ludes gymnicos, aut per se, 
aut per legatos, instituere, cunAre, ap- 
parare, preesidere in iis, palmas et pro- 
ponere et dlstribuere. tou; ^ouXevc ^yw- 
fc^rna^rretf vrifA^ti, 1 19, 15. 

aytml^mt] qui in certaminibus victoribus 
palmas dispensaret, ut in liberalibus 
poetis et histrionibus : curabat item, ut 
a populo ooronandonim nomina per 
preconera significarentur. tqc ii ivayo' 
ftvatnq rdu a^n^vw InnfJA'Kr&imi r^ 

2.53, ult. 266, 1. et 267, 1. 

Siitkq, civile] quod metn vacat ou yk^ fy^tyg 
TOUT* aHnt intc^AfJt^im t? ir^Xii. 207, 22. 

Shiet] securitas, ab insultibus alienis, im- 
munitas, impunitas, inviolabilitas, sen 
majestas, qua quis sacrosanctos est vS 
tHc tI;(WC v^oa^fifxart a^af rv^^fra, 
58, 16. nam histriones Baccbi ministn 
habebantur, eoqne sacrosancti, ut tuto 
et sine noxa liceret in Macedonia m et 
retro commigrare, flagrante Philippnm 
inter et Athen. belto. noi t1 ri SW9 $9u- 
Xi0>^ «fouSV, bfMf i^oua-Uf not Shuiv ora- 
pcM'XfucLroM'i. 171, 7. Tovc iv) tok aM- 
}^oC; Arvx^fAda-if, Sf l^^mn \a0ornt ihi" 
«y, id est, ffoucrtetv rw raSra ihSf ^. 
ft^afo-at. 321. 10. h iiri rSt mffeUirt 
MUia ufTrfpx^ hfxXf, securi eramus a Thtib. 

- injuriis. 567, 12. Jc ^ h viXiq rt¥eL AJkt- 
ay, 4 m^ni^laf, ^ rtfiiAf nrna h9S, 
525, 2. nein SZuaf, (jus et spem atqtie 
fiduciam in publico tibeie commeandi 

. sine metu accipiends contifmeli^) h ti 
vSfAOi KOiviiV hfMii iva^f 9a^i'xwo%, 582, 8. 
i! wroo rwc fofjcovq ^nt, — fur i^^aq 
(id est in* A^ila) Touc wonfovf Uto-bat, 
601, 13. *i^ fxh n6\it htia^v hfjuSv H' 
haUmi ihtm rw (aM ti vnhHf inHq* 
709, 27. To?c Ttt nMtk d^iit^ovn Uittffn 
BHiai (scil. tow t«wto irodTv). 732, 15, 
ievLj(vli ffopivl^lrrac S^tleiQ irap& Toi^rtiy 
Ti^iS. quo fas erit ire, quo confugere, 
ut tuti ab horum contumelih simus. 

SHiv] %A'rMfOMff''^At nai Tt mai SHtf iai- 
XitMy. 402, 24. ?h yho 'roue iii^ULrpjoia^ 

T«?f «ai»/!*liw«wrmf. poets lyrici.l39i, 



hXuuav etitiit ft t)o(Tf, eux av Bvyaripa 
fjtou, ahX* ahX<f^v vofjUaturg, 1024, 26. 
aiiX^hv yctf ^rawof ovfto; iynfxif oif^ 
ofAOvnr^Utif, 1S04, olt. 

1008, 2. w\hv, ia^lf *« A*",, fio-riy avrS 

flrgoff roTf iXXoic UMHoXq JtJw/tAOf. 793, 21. 

A^iToc] liber a vioculis. oWw;, «v av u/mimt 
}U(T«(>^£Tf, a^iTOt ivs^tta'o-iv, 753, 1. 

A^io); juc^^oi/a'dcK. 16, 18. 

a^nXoc] TO ^eXXov a^nXsv airaa-n eah^Mvaiq. 
196, 23. It* yag oyrauv T«y VfayfAiwron 
fMTtw^ODV Kal nrov /uiXXovro; a^qXov. 378, 
24. ainXoQ x^iQ. gratiii, de qua certo 
non coustat conferenti, num ille, cni 
confertur, ejas sit meinor faturus et pa- 
rent relatarus. 416, 4. vo/movc Idc<r6i ItD-* 
aInXotc /(Afy ToTc aZiitMa-wffn, a^aXoi; ^1 
ToTip a^uuidqa-o/ufm;. citat Scliol. Herm. 
p. 88. 

o^fAWMl animo dejecto, et qaid agat, quid- 
Te loqaalur, iucerlus ei anxias esse. 

XoMTHf (scil. ct^fiy) euTf smia^afAinii, 
402. 24. 

vSfAoV, 732» pen. /uid* «y 01 {oT^^ailfoi rove 
AO'i&tJ; y^a^wcn h aiov, fjctra rovron 
vmipxjtrau 786, 12. v. etiam tit. athis. 

cLhoKkoitrog ix^^og, inimicas, cam qao red- 
Itas in gratiam desperetbr, aut negatas 
sit. 100, 13. 135, 12. 702, 11. styi fxoi 
rk v^oq Ifxai a^Kka.KTa vma^si, si vos 
sine remissione irasciraini, atqae TenioE! 
et reconciliandas gratiae spem prorsus 
ampntatis. 1472, 23. 

i^ia^ofoq] iXX' av* o^n; tuu iaiaUtf xa2 
aiutip^Sfov sincera rne 4<^C* 325, 14. 

o^/^MtToc] qoi magister et disoiplina defnit, 
band eruditas. ^i^oMrog af fldr^x^fv i 

aimynriv rtva trnc voXiott hiXvciv uai (xaXA- 
tdav, qaam facile jion sit Terbis expri- 
mere. 219, pen. 

aitiuTf] ouxiri roDd* \iyw a^ucfT. 33, 15. 
(ov fjUvov IfJMQ, aXXtt KoX TOVQ aXXovc^EX- 
Xnwc A^MCit. citat Schol. Herm. p. 385. e 
Pbilippicis.) anuff-^m to /m^ A^iMu^^tu, 
redimere securitatem ab injnriis. 96, 8. 
^tat >«^ 0! u^ULWfAwm ofveovrai, (sctJ. hii- 
** MO'^ai) ri roS aiuuZvrt WfoarfiKBt (scil. 
voaXv). 147, 16. touc aiiMvvrag mas 
XJS*' ^^'^oiv rZv icaxSii vtvcv^oroov ixB^civq 
hytia-^a^. 196, 10. tva n Ixovtic aJiinovfjU' 
vol ays^na-Bt. 212, 6. a^iKsX m fixow, ofyii 
JUtT avrw Koi ri/Au^ia, 317, 15. nri Au- 
jMff^ims aiixtX, id est, ti Ij^dl; a^ixw. 327, 
. .1. ou fjtmy Touc oyTAC 'Adnvoiot/c, aXXa xa{ 
Tolf S^Tfpoy croTi fxiWmraq ia-ta-Qat 9ray- 
Toc hiiKtiKtmi* 358, 23. ou 70»yi;y, fxh 
AiVHMV a J»xij0ij, JiT^ovov 0-xo^i(V, aXX» xat 

frncalxxo^etc 469.11. froXX^^v^Wn- 
xiy n^ ria-iv h^MncQai f^Ut^of rSh fU XS^' 
fAwra aiuin/Jitiron» 983, 14. vjrotg Ikvav- 
"ff^t ^X'^^ ^* ^MVQfoy vi(( T£y aiuiw^ivoov, 
wff ft T( x'*'M'>'9* S /lA^ ovfjJ^n, Tev( «lXXovc 
a^uoa^iv iTfoq aimv iiuta-ros i^W* 1433, 

'^ 16. I7* ot'^fy^ (id est iv ovitvl)rSi¥ ifiwpa' 
yfMVM tv^nnri i/xi .h^u^nMra. 1473, 9. 

aiutrifjut] pii^* aiuuXf av iifxag fXf (Voy o^UnfA 
hi IdqxA. etiam^i a nobis ad earn Injoria 
quaepiam proGciscatqr, ego ne id qqidem 
III namero reram injastarom babnero. 
188, 19* vaf avrhraUnhfAO^a^ recenti- 
bus, flagrantibns delictis^ 229, 19. ira^* 

. l/(Mt t^^xh/m' av Dc/xwiy oy. 305, 10. x«- 
ydyf/MM>«^l^ii/M«(oux a^nfjM fxorw^rov- 
rot mvfix?*^ ^ntX* 548, 11. (tow^ vifxwi 
Idf0-3t «rf9 T£y a^ixiif«aT«y. citat Scbol. 
Hermog. p. 88*) a^uthfjutra run v6f*m, 
id est, vc^ Tovs fifMug, yel xata t£» yo- 
fA«y. delicla, commissa in leges. 586, 
10. aiituif4M. iU X'S^f^'"*'* I»sio in bonis 
aocepta, dimioatio fortonarum per inju- 
riam oblata. 983, 15* imi^kv U tt^tig 
Tit H*^y^?'» TnyixovTA oiuinfAATa yiyft" 
TAi. appellationes soeieram, faoinorom, 
in fraudem legam commissomm, qaibns 
appellationibus uUmur ad ilU scelera 
designandum. 628, ult. 

iiutUL] vw^iMmfAa t?c kiifUag ffTHrai ov^pt- 
ayT* wpo T«y flrwXfiy. 159, 22. rif yi^ ia^i 
v^fMS rwavmg aiuiiag xai fjkia-av^fMwiag 
fAtrroQ, 264, 2. Iv ihtda t?( flroXfw; 
Tidioo'i Wfjkovs, id est, ivl w a^uuXa-bat 
TQy nr^Xiy. in fraodera reip., ut resp. ex 
eo detrimentam aocipiat. 745, 2. 

kitUiwrov 9vin nf» 709, 5. 

dhof&urog] ireutra, aUfU^TAt aito^vra 
avofra, 50, 18. 

«3ox</Moc] snblestus, param siuceras, baud 
idonens. ia^i H itarr wrS ravr a^oki- 
/M. 781, 3. 

a)oXfa;;(f7rgarrire TuyoXX^ff. 75, 21. 1206,^ 
^ 16. ovx fi0-i XayM oroXXo^ toTc (An fyukfifAi" " 
vote fjkimv d^XtTxfiv, 1462, 11. 

c^Xa»( frofou/(Aeyd»y h/MV cvfjkfAaxwS' 209, 
18. ov)f TaDTA air\Sif, ov)f d^Kete ^pavh- 
atrai yvy^ofAfxiva, 725, 25. 

a$o^ui\ Toy W\ rug fnir^yfAkmig di<^iav 
JiwoTfi^fAida* 12, 19. yt)y fy d^U itiurn 
'xa2 TAViiyoniTi VM^wravai* 151, 8. rag 
aht^iag rag Ix nrng wiiag xat' lft,w \iywau 
dedecora paapertatis de roe predicant. 
1315, 4. 

c^o£oc] e^ dvotvvfjtoty xai d^o^m iv^o^oi xat 
yvot^ifMi yiyofoo'i* 106, 7. }o£ay /MfV 2yoy- 
rag iw* dvi^ia, irkfiUo^ )s /c^oXXoyTwyAlo- 
^on (S^ag. 155. 5. x^€^ eL^o^ev xai fu- 
x^. sic vooatnr Pelia. 247, 17. «ldei§oc 
d<r<pakita. 295, 16. 

'A^eb-Tfta] eadem qaae Nemesis, et dea 
Rbamnosia, RomanonunFortonaDltrix. 
*A^^affrtiav fxh avb^enrog an iyeoyt orpo^- 
xvyw, deprecans invidiam dieti, ne For- 


taiML Bilrix jaotantiMD OMam oMtigct. 
781, 8. 

«J^^iw/ui»] defeotns viriani, p«iiuria,OQi ne- 
galnni est pecanwf impentasderepente 
pnestare. Xf^ ^' '*^^^ ''? '*'*'''' ^f^' 
Xfir ah»a^^. 399, 20. ' 

olwAtw] exoQsatio legitima, cur qais 
maiiiis demaodads fangi minus poto- 
«rit. ik¥ fAk Tf A^uMToy Ivthaavn %tfi 

Xly«»». 564, 1?. 

lUf^wc] v> sab vaimff, kM^ roH Ip^iv. 
sooceQsere aliooi, malevolo et infesto 
animo esse. 500, 15« Xo^'ouc, oS^«u» av 
4uid!j»C QKouiTf. baod cegre, band ilUben- 
ter. 144^, 95. 

a.i&ni\ insaetos. i^iic 'rev xavawiita nvoc 
•itfi 15, pen. 
iavrw •»,' 238, 12. in^ ii rSif. ahnk- iinrvnq-h ir^Xic tltuur* i/xi. 309, 16. 

you qnae aatem exoosationes legitime 
sint atqae p^obabiles, et rorsas qaas mi- 
nos, arbitrator prator castren9is. 238, 
12. wtlKKk )d ra i^uwurm amk^, multe 
oconrrebant al]egationes et exoosatio- 
nes facnitatis defioientis. 262, 23. irpoc 

Twc ?;^«v k»a)Jinun in, tSn ilXX»T{/«y. 
homines invalidos, infirmos, >obore et 
effioaoia carentes, qoippe qui ^ignitate, 
fortnnis, amicis destitnti simus. 1089,9* 

iitni.To^q'l TJiv Mn^iav rw \iyM mm «c 
a^<iT«c (soil. V(6t TO Xiytiv) ix**^ ^^' 
fjUw, aurti v&mq o^ts. infaoundian, 
defeotum &ealtatis auimi sensa tolera- 
biliter declarandi. 944, 1« obi oxplioa- 
tio vooaboloexplicando, oontra morem, 

A^w^o^oxqrwc* 310, 22. 

atauXioq] torpis, foedos adspecto et-aodilo. 

422, 21. 
AfiXt^] sponsio, cam quis le paratom 
ait, yolenti cuiqae de re, qos? jam do- 
dnm in Jodioio agitata atqoe disceptata 
fois8et,qnandocuuqoe et qootiesconqoe 

MTft. tam firmas et stabiles ipsi esse 
fixasqoe res secundas,"^ qoibns ouno 
floret, ut nulla fortnna rorsas eas ever- 
tere posstt. 42, 15. fjUyav ildiotf riv 
Xfyona, odittVAToy ii tnutt aa-^cikiiat. 
qui imoiortalis adeo sit fotoros, si mor- 
tem aliod nihil afferat, qoam via et c«e- 
des alionde oblata.* nam a Testris inju- 
riis ejosmodi oratorem secorom esse, 
et per tos certe ipsi licere rel immor- 
tal! esse, tamilloio penes tos gratiosom 
esse. 142, 25. v^c S^^a S^Toy y^k- 

^tr&ia-dtu alffyfiniv, ita pacisci, ot ea 
pax sBtemum sit fntororo reip. dedeoos. > 
358, 16. dtwi£y nai dydyw h^MfJiiyovf 
ahav&rom, 1400, 19. 
*Ai&i)»5] Minervfe serariom, et qoaetstor, in 
cujos tutela id erat, scpius oomme- 
moralur. v. tit. h ^tit. tic to U^ t?c 
*Adiiyac iX&«y. ibi jorandi ergo. 949, 12. 
nam ibi fiebant -partiom litigantiom 
compositiones sab arbitris, et inter se 
postalata remittebant, quibos satistk- - 
otum esset. 

postuletar,rationem actfe a se vitae, ant 'Ad^m(f et *Ahrmbn» 882, 6. 

booorom gestorum reddere. t^ osiXo- 'A^wotoc] l&wktn yk^ 'AduvaToc iTvoi. boo 

yUf i^& v^ortaofjLifwt* 341, 15. vnfi 
iv at TIC iStv butUv a-^ mfi rw yhwf, 
iuuuw rti)e vrtu^ag (scii. 9np( tovtaiv) T^y 
att\9ytaf va^ivuf, 1306, 26. tqv cUtXo- 
T^ay ir^oTfiyo/uiyovCjOTay ti 9/xaioy vrt^rtv" 
coto'a avTMC vnm^k^au 1456, VT. 
. att^vyia] ^avkru xal ku^vyiff exsilio per- 
peluo, xed hifjuua^' rSh ifvofxfnfrm {n- 
fuovtf-i. 528,7. 
kiih(] molestns, rixosas, sievus, atrox. 

nempe proderat ipsi contenlio soa, ut 
oivitate Atlica donaretur. WolUe er 
dock mit alter GtvJoU ein Burger tu 
Athen seyn. Nun hat er et. Nun tiekt 
er, VHU das auf skh hat [He ardently 
derired to be a citiMen of Athens, Now 
he has obtained it. Now he sees what it 
signifies']. 1215, 11. t3 'A^yoSoy yni- 
0'1^4(, oivitate Atbeso. dooari, elurv jcaxjv 
xal nfMf^ hyha-arrc^tlyau 1^375, 3. 

imporlonus. kniie sfxol not t«ut« ^l>^«yf > £6\njx»] rSv kkhut a^J^nfAkran xai {i yovff uai 
ilc nravrtpf rh h/Mfav ovHv. 411, 11. ^ovXov; fAMrrij^rekq, 1408, 11. ^ 
v^ fdh iM-«;^d^vcu lie T^ ^ixotf-T^^tev, »&X«Ti)c T^y i(aX«y l^yw,- qui bonanim in 

2v kii^q, kteUete er skh baerbossig an 
[he behaved in a most atrocious manner'], 
1147, 12. 
. ai}^} malevolentia, atoipUas, animus ad- 
versos aliqoero exacerbatus, ut eo gra- 
Tetor, at eam moleste et aegre ferat. 
T^VA savrv vrpoc aitrov knilttv incffojuaf, 
401, 18. fxnUfAUtt TUfoiripti anliay tTwi, 
1169, 17. b) importonitas, scie vitas 

artiom exerbilatione streaoe desodat. 
799, 16* diotiobeo a mollis imitatione 
est expressa. v. Philostrat. p. 685, 28. 
odXioc] miser. «&Xioc xal raXaivat^, de 
Aristarebo Mosobi> 548, 12. b) seele- 
ratos, improbos. mti^i out«c «^A<oc, ov^ 
otfMt stym ^oxii Tqy yya^/^ny. 142, 18. ov 
yk^ iymys elOratt abXut M^rf d^fW. h. . 
orationis et morom, qoa quis aodienti- d^xUtf Hal mohvs orvXi/ufTy. 276, 2f 
bus, ant inter quos versatnr, molestus AdXo&lmc] genus aliqood honoris, sen 
et intol^rabilis fit. kvtKvaiu kn^ tuu magistratus. kv kXKn tk dpx? >^<' 




dXodlrat. magistratuft hio ordinalNil ad 
ludQspertinentia, ci?esqae designabat, 
qoi ehoros ederent, etc. 997, 5. 

2&X«] ladi gjmDici, a iota Gneoia oele- 
braii solUi. SAym Av^ifAtm. 631, 
nit. &Q}<ort lirmitSv hmX yufAfmS^ dt^^ut. 
1393, 2« a^Xa] pnemia oeriaminoni. 
reujTet, iariv tkvaina tk X*P^ cTdXci tm; 
V9>>Mfjtw, 41, 24. 

A&^(ny] v&ty, ta-m CouXi r«/ nc, iv oX()«m 

^^•etroXucdifferant. Uyric ^' »&rSy 
i^fU mai vvtXKk XttfACavn, si quia illinc 
crebro baoriat (boo est voXXil, pro 
triXXixtc) et, qaoties, tnfXes maltam 
«iinal baariat (hoc est A^fia), 186» 16. 
i^poot fr«ji*9rX«&<rc «v&^««ro«. 496, 24. 
ah a^^^ ^xnf rnjUlffl* \afA^amv A^iw. 
qasB omnia, malta cum sint iHiinero, si- 
n al anis poenis vindieari par est. 61 4,25 . 

cl^v/ufTV] 0^ i^fxnriof tmc (id est Iv, vel 
Mrdis) flfA^oH ff^/Mcctf-i. 40, 11. 

«&i;/ui*» iroXXfl* ewTil irAgip^ii. 15, 14. 

{«». 31, 16. A&ftJof tJk ♦iX/wflrou itfirn^ 
mX nrt 'Pkkt^ia^fw twamU^. 316, 17. 
adaioy iStf'At, tinpdneiiitraDsiniltere.423, 
pen. al^wov a^Maif transmittere sine ao- 
Gtttotione. 549, pen. timJt»)c f*h {nmi 
^Unq) i&woc A^trrM. ab boo qaiden\ 
jadicio liber et absolotusdiscedit. 646, 
13. iA<lawq *rwq Hivivnuq irma-wo'W «u- 
TMc. innoxia discrimina. 1437, 9. 

AltfV-n^ai. 1399, 2. 

Aiyfl^w. 1397, 23. 

•T^Eioc] caprillus. aXytia ^iffjutra, ivo h- 
<r/utac, n T{i7c. 934, 26. 

«I)f70-d»(] revereri, padore et reverentia 
alicaJQS duoi. Sed in foro Attieo est, 
ant, boroioidsB ignoscere, ▼eniam caedis 
ei faoere, onm eo in gratiam redire^ 
hamanitate, sen qaa, alia caasa motum, 
eamqae pati4oroiim'ab exsiUo redire; 
ant, placiLre^eremti cognates, ad igno- 
soendnm eos permofere* iAf iXd^ rig 
(scil. &Kkov rnk) ixcvciov ^ivw, fAirk 
rwre^ euiinreu, ooniBliseratione ejas 
dnctoa ig^oscat, tuU Afv, ab eoqne in 
jure perseqnendo dedstat. 983, 19. 
lav fAif olHeaa-bM Hjf — w^yrac, icil. 
aShXff&ai, omnei ignoicere, (b. e. lex 
6dieit, at consaogvinei onmes in con- 
dotmodmn et ignofeendambomicids 
consentiant) ^ ^ natik^vfret it^rstV, aot 
si quia obstet, rel anus, at intercedentis 
pertihaoia potior ait, reditaqoe in pa- 
triam exdvdat esedis ream, 1069, 2. 1 »c 
kv a^XhnteU rntt rSn h yini roB «Hroy- 
I^^TOC* ttd oonmiserationdm pennoTerit, 
nt patiatar exsalem in patriam redire. 
644f 1. fAikvm rSh ht$aX6ifnif Tnha^uihvf, 
645, alt 

tCtho-iq] ifldolgentia, ooiini?entia; 

serttio. dtHTt»f not ^fXttv^^irur; 4lr*X- 
X»if h^ie0creif, 528, 8. 
itt^nq, idem -qoi ainq. clxx' At^tMittit idtvVo 

Af^] fAW JU^vt TMC Afvxfto'ua't rkg a-vfx- 

^kt xoditf^^i. 1480, 20. 

otltMc iUn, actio erat in ean, qai in eofi- 

flieta manaam priniaa intalissef rer- 

bera, et vifAoc •IniMf, caput 41lad juris 

Attiei, qno capita his deactionibas con- 

ititoebatnt. 525, 14* eattsas baa jadi- 

cabant XL. viri. 976, 11. ahtUc jtadi- 

cifim 'est, Mrrt^ ri^9 X^^i''"' &lUo0v* 

1141, 7. 1151, 14. alidat )iW ratmyt 

lx«;^«f eivrS, 12.56, 5. erat biec minor 

actio, qaatn y(tt^ 8i9pi«#f* nam hseo 

erat pnblica, ilia privata. ainUv vifl 

iyudXlttv. 976, 6. etlxU proprie est, cam 

homo redditnr Aukhf foedos adspecta, 

-cam oris et vullos notte plagis ita com- 

miscentar, at homo fiat ignorabilis. 

a2)u{i7dai rk x^(<** e^astare, &ttKn red- 

dete, torpia adspeoni, deformia, et sibt 

diAtmilia. 1075, 11. 

aw(^/uoc] detarpatio corporis, qnae fit pla« 

gis. wXnyai uai i rov a-eofAarog oinio-fAOC 

IovXm Ayayun*. 102, 20. 

tJfAtt] barm at rdv atfAarofy ti xSyeu, ftf- 

. ra^oZval rm. 421, 10. »i|>* at/Aari ^v- 

ytiv. caasam oapills dicere ob crimen 

cedis commissae. 548, nit. 

a\fAaa-ik'\ maceria fillae circamdocta. vrtpi- 

onKoiifAna^ rny ulfAeta-ikv ravrm. 1274, 

pen. \^ayaywi Ifjw trr/ oXfAoo'iSuf. eo ^ 

quod Ihacerlam nlterias, qaam olira, 

Tel primitus erat, in viam pablicam 

prodaxit, at partem hnjas carpat. 1278, 

3. v^yayiivrti rh aifA. 1279, 1 3. et 

19. Kara0tt7iii ti u^oo^ tw alfA. kie^oa-' 

)ojtAr«f. 1280, 9. 

aHyfAO^i yk^ ofAoitv rduro yt. 184, alt. 

ylyow rk ir^ayfAata rf «roXn i5oTnp aU 

fiyfxa, perplexa, at expedire se neqai- 

ret. 446; 13. 

alfiiy] voXtfAOf a)o{oy tiai 3ct«r«y)ipoy Sfa- 

c9au 58, 6. 178, nit. ovh Icrrty Sv*; 

ifAAfTtrt Toy wfrJf Ttjf kvivrw Ixi&di- 

(la; jm{ canti^t tUth/vw i^kfAtvoi, 297, 

11. Tdy^Mp TSy e\«y nhhrm kpao-^dt,' 

1395, IS. af^tf tS irfiyfAA rf \oy», ora- 

tione rem exftggero, xai ^tfiov ftaS, 

537, 13. i^Ao-bat iyP^v, soscipere ai- 

moltatetli cam aKqao. 558, 9. oro^uf. 

Ttti Wk TQc Ayo^i, Sa-vt^ 3^ic, 9 ^no^' 

«r%, n^HwQ t3 xlyTgoy. 786, 4. 

affi7y] proprie de Tenatore feram cons^- 

ctante et capiente, bino translate de 

aooosatore ream peragente et conde- 

miiante. /m)) IXiTy t^ y^afh. 226, 17. in 

medio stgnifioat, aot Telle simplicfter, 

ant malle, aat derignare. a) decernere, 

secnm oonMitaere, «ibi proponere. 

Telle. «foe yy hr»f oX/yw woXXwf, ntd 

iwwfrtQ AfX^ct ToTf /*!»• IcTiyop£«c gi» 



2w/uoy ly«y« slx4»«v< 292, 23* t/c r^ av 
xaTnydpsTy sXaro ti^f6f4i¥o^, tx/*n o* 'ri 
.avoXtj^tf-f Toi. 407, 1 9. nisi ibi /t<cSXXoy 
q atraXo^fiir&cM sttbaadiatur. b)maUe, 
pnebaber^ aliad alii, deligere, optare. 
avnrl 9roXX«v cty ufuk X^Qfcaraiv iXfO'^ai 
vofju^w, 9, 1. et 1420, 21. tov T?e fi/Mf- 
iri^ac tvoXMic Tv;^v sKoi^ny (aobaadi 
ftoXXov^ « — 24, 17. IXwT* iy Tif ovx 
nrrw rqy vfJbtrifM iuTi;;^(ay, d rny liciiyou. 
156, 13. Tofty Tvc iroXtTi/a; atpErtf-dot. 
200, 4. «refe«'iusiy oyr^ tm iu»Tii>i)(f iV tU 
XCTo. 268, 25. fiii)i9r«iroTt rvs «roXf»c 
a0-4>aXfiay o^o^oy fulXXoy n Toy iiors^ rwy 
.xaX£y x/v^uyov tS^nuinq* 295, 17. riiy 
o^qv xa2 ^txmcty o3oy rSff vohiTtUt f!x^« 
ft«y.«332, 5. ev^ a^jgno^oriftus iifMQ 
Qn^euctv vofMo-a^t ituimvf ifXiro ay&' v/^wy. 
383, 1. c) designare bouori alioai ge- 
rendo. aift^Soa-t ^^i^Quf vpoc ^buiewcv, 
249, 20. a-iratmt aX^wfMtn^ (o Infxoo) Ifcl 
c;C*^®'''^''^^* ^^^> ^ aXftbvmq im\ to? 

. To^oc* delecU ad carandas faneris ne- 
cessitates. 321, 24. lea^k^ rSv ^Xirwy 
nrivie ifvf^nt o^^mqi* 689, 6* ol^itadat 
pro 4r]poa(^0-da(. rwy thv S^ay rn; o'o^- 
0n^iy kXofjiivw. qui sibi delegerant. 
1415, pen. Nam al^Xa-^ai TtokifMt pro 
aveunXa-^M asorpayit Dem. 161, 6. 

a*fga-ifj optio, delectas, id qooqae, quod 
quia pro optimo deligit, et seqaitar, 
aninii sententia et propositam, volan- 
tas, volnntatis propensio. nv fAtv aw* 
oppC^C Vf»f hfjuii olpio'ty (pro v^o^'pio-ty) 
sTp^STt. ^83, 13. rh ai!fia-iv tSn l&iXq- 
ckrwn iu»X£c a«re3yn0-xsty. 1400, 25. t^( 
7£y fi^rcni^u/MaTm' atpl^tc i^ o^v ^u^ty 
qfMtfy ^MUfta^fty. stadioram sectas quasi, 
b. e. vias diversas, aliis alia i^quenti- 
bns, testari de Qostnim cojosqoe ioge- 
nio. 1417, 6. «0-t I{ a^rayrtfy \q^\Mi nih 
tvu a-ufA^ifonros v/uciV ai'^io'tf yifia-^en, 9, 
9. 16, 14. tt TiC at^toiy /ah Inn. 24, 15. 
•uy affWiv t»/iAry ^i)«o-» tow wpArrtty, ft 
kcvxtftf ayiiv. 42. 25. ot* /9ovXo/Mfyot ^>* 
v/Aty vcoina-aa-^ai rhv iavrSiv atfio-a, ve- 
stri arbitrii facere nolentes saam par- 
tium optionem. 283, 17. m^ty vfjiXv 
Z^eu roTg aitouc-ofJtsyoii,ri vfSirw, n ti ^v- 
Tipoy, h Tt TsXf uraToy 0ou\o/xs¥oiq IfMf la^h 
ojuniirai. 626, 17. XaCwy ar^M-ty. 947, 20. 

M^T«T|fo^ 1488, 6. 

fJirA] sors, fs^tum, plaoitom, jassam. xa« 
ra [Mv Atoc opiror' •Xf7T«t,AV«y. 421, 25. 

ifrtCovXf Myra yfcTy^ tuu iififiit aWbavOfAi*. 
V9ui, 134» 2^* ovx «!0'&ayoyT<»( iroyr^, xoi 
tasAq vciiktooq, iuu aril o'^wy aurwy fAULfW 
jJifAfAettof 9r«»X«DyTic. 167, 8.. avfi$i0n' 
Mv tf vT^c — «^wf i0wToyff flnirp«Ji^ 
. «w !?4'd|i^d«c sonsenuit, lotellexanintf 
neminempriiis a s«8e rindltiiin faifse, 

qoain tevetipios. 241, 10. Ma^n fA.n% W- 

nt Thebaoi impedire non posseot, uo si 
sentirent qqidem. 354,21. outo; i'v^ 
T9C ^A^weUw aW^SfJtnoq ^ikiwn i^i' 
BWKtuorra roXf *'£XXi)0-iy. 344, 4. 

ata-^na-is] h j&d' i^i^cty fovrtm nuu ^a^v 
f4,Ut, Sea^if ly t«Tc litetf CtM(, ouTtf Jtav 
vmXs vikwra, eux f<|>* ij(<lffV|.ou rSv ^/4l* 
Xot^biiiEtfy Toy. a!0-&ti0-(y irotft, non statim 
in onaqaaque minala re sensam danni 
anegligenlia creati praebet, axx' liti rS 
)U^»akaioa van Tf^ayfAarmv awarra, 133, 
12. rovQ Vfoyitwi v/A&if »l Xa/Soiiy atr^n* 
c-tv, 362, 1. oDr«»c, atififin rh vcki Ijist- 
you aXff^nff^tt Vfoq ixari;* vtrofp^uy. mi- 
nistris Pbilippi tarn acrem, tarn aob- 
tilem inesse^ inditom a domino sensam, 
qai amions ejus sit, qni inimioos, qui 
aiiucitia«tjas dignos, indignusve.411, 
19. T^ fAtf 9%fi tSn aXX«y Jt^ic t^ 
«i0-di}0-(y inXoSy. sensnm commpnem do- 
cere, quid alia qoaconqiiQ de re nobis 
jadicaodnm sit. 1417, 5. 

akU^(jfo»k^M, 611, 15. 

oloxfOMf^Q^] turpis iuori avidos. a«rXi)0TOC 
naX alTj^jgvuf^i irtw o v^ovoq avtoD. 
1204, $4. 

aia^^fnfxoovni] ftsditas, sparcities ora- 
tionis. aio^(fOffnfAoav9if luu r^ ^nytXcbat 
vouMva, l<^* off iXyoCfl-ty ol oHovontq, 
1489,8. ^ ^ . 

T^y aiff^ioTon, 18, 13. oto-ypSv ^a-fsA- 

TAwTit yiy|<r&a«. 128, 15. aXa^^m Tumtf 
•rtyroD 4>{oyA^i*AToc T«Jiy. 176, 13. i* /uEy 
ftnTo7ff''EXXMO-«y i/jioloet alc^^ht'hro 4«w- 
^fi0-^ai xiEtt ItrtogMty, M<rfr^ Ixs/yw )e«iXoy. 

, 189, 4. ffvvta-tq, 7 T<^ M«iXa xcU otcrp^ 
>««yiya*a"xiT*»* 269, 24. rp ' yoffrii jm- 
vfouvrti M,l TOMj iflv^iavrQis rhv suSm/ao' 
y^y. 324^ 24. 
^la^Zfi] »l a^a hX vavff'aa-^at iTffotc 
a!^Xf^ axoXoul^otJyrac. 2^0, 10. oi opMM^ 
iyiyvorro IwAfhtuiat etia-XjS^Q if^^ ava^Ue^ 
i»/uc«y. 390, alt, 

aio'j^yna-bcu] >oxi* fAOi &l«y Ttf bvig t?ic 
oro'Xi«c a(0X*^V**^ ''^^ ^tXov^ayfjto- 
trxftnt ravmv ^ihivit» ifJtQaXiXv. 52, 9. 
oiix ala^vvcvrai ^iXfV«r« ZSvTtg, 157, 7. 
T« ^uutui, fay Kot ,/xh $w\oarra^ (soil. 
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vparruy. 20&, 11. outi Toy qXMV^pV^u- 
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solem intaeri, vel, in pabiicom prodire. 

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Vfitrftia ou0-ay, i<f ng iorvac-av. Ibid. 20. 
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yny i^rl^rotouTotf i^yoit* Ibid.21. olc^ffivefAak 
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nitvlominns ea^estri dacor reverentia, 
utia lUam^vel de illa),dicere tnrpias. 



aot iniqoSai atiqaid hand aadeatn. 

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c^Qjnff^^au 1364, 8. S \laf Ixiyatfot, 
OUT! Tduc elXXoof, outi iijbuLc avTOuc «!• 
OcJw^&i. 1483, 25. oWiy fJttrix«fra rtSi 
tdvypn&^ai. Ii86, 13. 
a}07^(;»i] modo est dedecas, tnrpitado, 
modo fag^a dedecorig, reverentia, vere- 
caodia. ^ rSn fxr^yfXBtroev aXcyim ot>9f- 
/MiSf \\k'rtw ^tifjUctf rmt y% a-ob^^oci. 17, 

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ale^(vmv. 43, 6. el 103, 17. ala^vtrif 
9^\tr)iAnn. 18-, pen. et 9r^o0'p4>Xi0'}eayf(y. 
93, 3. X*?*f y^S ''^ff in^ia^&o^Q «v njt*Sff 
tder)(inm^. 30, 34. aXa-yyvn avfA,^a.a-a, rn 
«r»Xi». 354, 3. I» «»tf^yw flrwno-ai trif 
vSXa, 373, 18. cl^^Mtrov irwl^^-^M lea- 
T^ 'rnc «r^Xf»c «?tf^umy. 358, 18. I«r* 
ar0';^vyfi tov tAif Ivtfjt^'' ^iTilwot, stapri 
ergo, debonestaodara. 413, 36. 9r£c ou» 
kv tiK&roiq ato^vtm S^in. qui fiat, at 
male ne aodiatis^ nt infomia ne labore- 

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cere. 689, 34. rotavra trotouvrf c, ^ iroX- 
X^ aiarxynv i^** >"«* Xlyiiif. 1363, 11. 
Ai0;^tW ou vaptffTS^iv. Terecandiam,.re- 
verentiam non incatiant. 1396, 33. al* 
^vn rSev fxMrk ravra In^an. 1397, 7. 

alrt'iff^eu vauwvyfie'cia'^ai fAUt^a. wXoTa, ro- 
gare teniam navigia asdificandi. 319, 
11. (xh fAirua^wn uv vfxsi^ rwt ^idvf 
alrtXrt. 355, 15. af9^ai airtiia-Qeu. 383, 
30. flTf fJ Tou lOfAAtv ToS haf^hif «ux ISyrof 
ftn irotna-ttfiin t? /?ot/Xn tic Tpi^fii? t^ 
' i»^v aWiiy: 595, 30. Svov it edrtCv ovk 
is, ifS»q oh c^^et yt imjvat xwXuii ; 596, 
35. etlrtXv iUaf n'pSrov xfXfvit i vofAog. 
69tf 18. b) malno petere, et accipere. 

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*at IfjiAna naX ^taXtfc k^yvfit Ivo Alrh- 
«rtta-6at» 1191, 1. 

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atrUc xal o'Kufx.fxara Koi Xo()op^ avf*- 
4>op^0-ac* 330, 5. AvfAattts S,fxa aIt/aic 
%ai ^Kaa-^rifxlaiq TouTov Jtip^on/Mivov. 337, 
1. airtav iir&yttf rwi ^iwSjj. 375, 4. et 
21. oTc &y ftx^dd? xot ^(x<tt«; rnv rSSv yt- 
ytwfxwfon alrletv iiti i^v xs^aXqv ^yadirw 
SfrAVTSf- 333, pen. hx^ex'^a-^'**' colpam, 
Tel crimen in ge gascipere. ,353, 35. 
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la^i* 600, 4. vbi docetar, qai ista dao 
inter se diflferant. airiAV roiaumc ^nfjUaf 
l;^i(V. commi^isse aliqtiid, ob quod spe- 
oio«a oriminatlone poslalari possit ad 
dandam sapplioiom. 998, 8. alrlt^ 
inlerdam est quicqaid aliqoa de re 
atramTis in partem praedioator. rht 

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res, de qua eontroyersia agitari possit. 

titrias partirsh, melSoris, an seqabris, 
scmtinio sabjioitar : nkr /zh th ihttof 
(scil. alrtav l;^ov) ^vji, ^ronipdv xfhtrM, 
et eJQsmodi qaidem gi sit ea res, at 
affirmari possit, iniqanm esse faoinas, 

- malis et tarpibas in rebas babetar, av 
)l rh iataUy, (soil. alrlAf l^w t***?) 
XSno^^ fw^ xaX^, sin aatem constet, ar- 
firmari licere, earn jore factam esse, 
tarn rero salntaris et pneolara esse 
existimatur. 645, 7. vS iinvtynSm riif 
AlrUbif. qai aliqnera briminis instmolavit. 
693. 13. off Wf^c tivAVTAQ rowf h toXq 
•alrUtf (scii. ortaf) J^. 147'0, 35. 
1471, 7. 'fjJc onX^yKTW (v'el potios in^- 
t\iyii'nv) VU9 ImrnxPtirni *!t^. 1471, 
11; AlnwifMUff rrrv^nttint. 1467, 17, 

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Tov 4roXl/cxov. 350, 33. Alrtaa^ai vt^} raSir 
vr€t^i\n\vbirm, 293, 4. Sf rrjv wniMf 
alrieia-Air if rtf, quaram cnlpam facile 
in panpertatem conferas. 314, 30. i? 
Tou v^eiyfXATOf edriShro ifzi. 548, 30. 
alriAa-AffBAi rAvra not te^i qr^oc rhv 9^ 
S>f»iv. 1404, 33. a» ovHw 
TOU xMtSf rk v^ayfjutra ix""* 1^1* 1* 

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est. ou ravg AltUvt f ak\ei rwi vcxAtw^ 
9nf2 Twy VfAyfjutroiv tlvirrAf h o^yn 
wouXaOt, 14, 1. 9roXX«y jcaxwv h eifota 
vcDil^oCf alria ylynrat, 195, 3. if^i aot 
Tw ifMV Tvx^ ai'dav tltat, 398, 33. 
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1465, 15. amotfTipoc] tou ^/tAoxpaTOu- 
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yojuonr alrteirt^ la^i, ov^ af ha tlinXv 
9i0fjuu» 701. 11. airiwrt^ot ufjutif ou- 
Jlri? fW. 1334, 8. alruuraroU alru&ra' 
rof iyhtro tou fjth itkrra^ avrovq "KifjM 
• ^iro&ctvf iV. 469, 35. aItu^atoc tou m^ 
n»S0«( uairia^rn. 531, 1. tou /mq Xo^i tv 
*A/(«t}>^9roX(y 9r^nw oorof AlTiairaT^f ian. 
670, 17. alT(«TaTou /wrri rovi Btdvf 
IrroQ Tvc ao&o^ou rS Vifxoi, 743, 36. 

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i;^«»ir. 107, 14. aira^iif rSv alxfjui^' 
T«v Mhion ifi^iarra XV*^^ avioTtiatv 
(Alexander aliqnis, - rex Macedoniae) 
flc AiX^i/;. 164, 31. euxf*k><»ra [sab- 
aadi o^fxara). 384, 13. Tpt^/Xta ctt;^- 
fxahMra ff'cifjtara Hv^ nyayt. 480, 10. . 
a{;(/uaXa»Toyov<ray rfv^f, 403, pen. 

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' snbhroes gerens. 313, 36. 

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kxadofaia] imporitas, sparcities animi, 
sctflerositas, facinorosilas. touto ykf, 
rwr oioL 2;^oy ia^v uwvpjSoXqv gXfl&apg'/ac. 

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oiU&iiftoc mi /JUAfif. 980, 30. 



inaifim] eum qvis ait inparmtas, aot di- 
atrid^g eat, ot raoare rai pneaenti, aat 
f oSoere oninibos oeqoeat. rh iiuufiaf 

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qaod illi tenpns eat rebus gereadis 
minas idoneum, fobia id habere opor- 

• taniaaimoio. 16, >4. I^v ^ ituufUv 
kyno-AfAww ara^dvn. ezistimantea nunc 
ilHs oil opas eaae. 169, 15. > 

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SO. irA t9c woXXSc luuduMi^ ^vfdUf, 

241, r. 

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tia. itk TQV awttfUf rm Wf^yfjUtrm not 
TQV ixajtUf Tiiv itkvrw. 137!2, 23. iiM- 
ida reSf nr^ou, 1373, 6. 

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aianplioem et antiqoi moria bojaineai. 
1153,10. Ahrtf aMuq Aytohd-Of rht a- 
xiaovc iyfwiiro xal mm^yfMHkQ, 1 164, 13. 

inoMMi] pro more hominam aiHipHciam, 
iBBOcentinm, nullam fraodem desigoai^- 

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(XM juii dnaxmq avaifinreu. 1154,18. 
Mtiiuet xmi raj(i /mm otfjutikiynovi, 1 162, 2. 

'Axafjtavdiat. 1398, 9. 

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biluiD qoidem, /mm heniir9i. 1223, pen. 
ibutpictro; grXovc. trajectaa brevitsimas, ci- 

tisnime conficieudus. 1292, 2. 
ojtaraXXibeTw; ffoXf/uiTv. aablata spe omni 

gratiflB reoonciliandie. 153, 17. 
aaaT^TOTOv, DQiiqQaiD consistena, neqoe 

eonquiescens, Sta^n^ Iv i^aXimi mwifxa, 

383, 7. 
AxIfoMc] aalvos, illaBaaa, intemeratoa. ^ 

XOJCfC ^M^f^oi TQC MMUIC AtUfoUu. 17, 13. 

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iTAT^dMcy evtf^v). 1087, 24. 
Mt^fuKrot viXifMi, 314, 16. 
axivaJtif; Mo^oMov. 741, 6. 

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attifh/M i«p«v. 258, 16. ^UtoftW om toD 
oj^wMC >^>«ii/uiy6t;. 501, 8. 

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ebtaivntfi^Siv ix^nra rk oUu. 14, 14. 

aninrtn {ygi rnv di«f(av (id eat di»^/Miv« 
/M|yi» Sdnna), 1406, 3. 

accoaativaa peodena, sen abaolatos. rw^ 
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dirr«C «9fHi? dir'^ avT&v rv^fiff pro 
wo? 91 y^ ^ro^lvdirra; ali^ '"fPC*?^ <***0 
T«h( roiwran ovHc^rrvv, 1342, ^1. 

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lir* awrny Sati •nh' dnfxhr Star mmr 
iyXP^ (soil. toDto vwiTv). in neryom 
empit res, Tenit in extremiun diacrimen. 
52. 7. 

ojtod] fana. ttXo« U-n. 597, 12. oaoqv /uap- 
rv^tXf] teatari in jodtcio de re, qoaoi 
testis Don ipae viderit ooram ae gestam, 
aed ab aliia findo aooeperit. dtulkf^t' 

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vir* avTtC w^yfiirra, qne lex peraiittit 
teati, Tt ex peraona defimcti teatcftnr de 

• re, qoauA ae aiai olim ex ipao aodiaae, 

■ cam diceret adbuc aaperatea, eadem 
lex vetat, adbao aaperatite in vivia 
patre, filiam de ejoa rebaa geiftia te- 
atari. 1097, 3. Axwiy ov» l«nv e{ v^/um 
(Srr9t /AofrvfM, dXKk {fuUvsv) n^nStrt^, 
1130, 26. 1131, 11. diu^ {Shrotfii- 
/udfrv^jti, ra 4*^^ '>'*f *uU vofk-tiv v^ 

• fAW, 1131, 8. «K««y (leallrooBium non 
ex aoa, sed aiiena fide) fMihfJtUn Vf^' 
dyuv ir^ Tcy TMMrrov dyiiHi, 1300, 14. 
•u» iSa-a «i nfJiM dneiitf /buipnfnV ovf iieX 

. votf vaw fAvXMC iytiXlifMiat, 1300, 16. 
Wfonn* invnAtt fl9^«f, certo gnaroa 
et pognttam babentea ean ex ana 
ciijnaque conaeientia, aMur waXKibt, 
San ^ irrl, fjutfrvfttv, Mai fik fJtim dtuh, 
non referre romores de ea Tolgarea. 
1309, 3. 

diioXaoid] l^nru rk vHf fAtir^ iBn tud 'rh 
«rap avrn dudKaaiav (nisi potioa <Ue- 
Xarriav e8t> 1362, 12. 

<b(oXoi;&f7v] pone incedere, aeqai, item 
comitari, prosequi, it4*m ae accommo- 
dare, ioservire. e rr^tnyoi dtulKmAit, 
milites sequitur iraperator, b. e. est in 
eornm potestate. ova «x«Xoul^7y UT refc 
v^ayfjutci rcivf ofBSf rS wl>JkfM» Xf^'^' 
/utivwi, dXK* AVTOW ifMTfoo^n iJfot rSv 
m^ayfii/rvn* 51, 14. f2 k\a, hX iriMif 
aia^(fS^ dtulXouBovfrat, 220, 11. ajco- 
Xovofty (roecnm ire)fr(^« rove ivotf^roXloc 
iud 1719 ffwKhv, 1150, 11. AKoXot/dfnr ova 
iidiXo? itV rhf CouXnv. 1254, 18. dn, iwl 
T^ Tf«Un{ay. me comitari ad meuaam 
Domularii. 1154, 27. b) incedere in a- 
gmine exseqoias euntium, comitari fa- 
nus. ix. ifri ti /MvSfut. 308, 3. 1071, 22. 
rcvi l{» Tov ylvevc ar^ rh rk/^ qlco^f<^- 
^virraq, 1392, tU. toiV l^vrwi luX 
xAt^t TOV ar^/uov ' ipi, 730, 18. <n«c 
Xcytc/JuXt Mai toCq vwof^ouo't iuuf»^, 
805, i5» (Atrk Tiyoc]aic /ui^* Iavtov 
yfik-^q rwt hUttut. sccom ire XI. Ti- 
ros. 608, 14. fAtrk Imriiov tov Kfnrif* 
oircumcursitans cum Sotade, quaqua 
is iret, cam comitana. 1382, 8. 

^Xov&ocl substantife acceptam, est mi- 
nister hunestior, pedissequns, quorom 
gregem pone se trahere, aoperbum et 

. Tanum habebatar, eratque inTidie; k- 
aoXou&owc Tgftff -ft TiTriipttc auroc (ipae 
aolns cum sit) I;^«y, itk Tac kyof&f n09t, 

■ 565, pen. t^iic wuiae djuiX»u^$uf nrt' 
ft&yuf, 958, 15. t^v iraXhn tov ia^Xoutfov 
^apaiwfat sic fida-afw, 1120, 3. b) 
a<]yectiTe, conyenieaa, conaenrtaneam, 
cum aliqna re copnbitam eiqne aooom- 
modatom. et coastraitur alias cam 
gcaitiro, aliaa cum datifo. •SawK-oSro^ 



^xoXttf&n/c. pojuUares, oihil habentes 

prBoipumn, popalt flortem exoedens. 

• 174, 27. T^ fjUv 'i'n^fJMrm irfof t3 

176* 6. l^iXd^m y l» VMon TojcoXot;- 
&a Wto^c «rp^lT9iliy. 3l9| 25. vo^mt avtw 

. (alii legi vetostiori) hulKw'bw tt'dvaAiai, 

. 745> 11. I <^yfT' <iy n ^vXq ojwXmi&oc 
0v»( T? dfo-fi Tov oy^/Maroc. coostitisset 
eom simili modo eaadem tribam fre- 
qoentasse, penes qoam reoepta« cl al- 
ba iDScriptos essetjoomenqoe acoepisset 
nimm all(}aod ex ib, qoae Ula in tribn 
solerent nsarpari. 1001, 26. il ^oxir 
IfMf iui&Kou^ ttiNu, 1134, 3. 117a, 17. 
WMfra raiUkw^a rn itel/Mm* omnia, oam 
grege ovium oonnexa, eoqne pertitien- 

. lia. 1155, 4. ourt itfc f4,sya>,o^v^ia(, 
ovTi T?c oXXuc vfxirifoq wpocuf fo'i^c ox^^ 
Xow&w. 1477, 1. 
.^xoXou&dtfC ToTc v6fxotf» 1100, 14. 

iikcvSv] acnere, b. e. irritare, exacerbare, 
efferare* ou)' i^' iavr^ axevSv rriv v&Ktf, 
1469, 26. rl rtnjrvt axaimi, S fjiAreui, 
qnid bono instrais, ermdis, armas ad 
8cdera« 7£4, 10. 
i(it0WTt] ooUa enm molestia, nallo certa- 

, mine, sine pnFvere et sndore. 200, 2. 

: inwiri vt^ta-^ett, 295, 7. ix. vav^* vif 

kavT^oi vot^rat, 365, IT. 
«JMer/uu7y. 1226, 12. 

^uavt^f] m^i rcSJro fxm^h w<^sXi7v o(o/a«i, ft 
tk BkkrvantA IfM^ axoufiv owfdt^w. 169, 
pen. 170, 4. (S/uut iMiia ainw vXng-itv 
nra nohS», tiai — oitat Scbol. Her- 
mog. .p. 97.) ^u0-it irao'iv ivB^amoif 
imiifXJ^t tSn Xot^opuSv ju^ xMKnytfuh 
iiUoff ixoutiy. 226, 21. axounv iutauof 
Ain^tywfAkfou, 227, 12. axM/utiwt. 237, 
15. wH ^>Mrqy qjcovof) i? tic aXXo ti 
Boifknro Xl>ftv. 240, 12. axovftc Aia^m, 
263, nit. TMV dl t9c «r^Xi«C ^yodfiy vi- 
i|)((x^ aKovot, jud my«y, )uU xu^rranr §lf 
yw.332, 11. trwp$c xm ivarrUte «xoufity. 
450, 10. oii^y yhf oln aJtoviiy avrotl tou 
vo/uctf. 529, 11. TV /Miv oKwc-at, ad 

. litecam qnidem, verbo tenas, specie 

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aatem. 623, 26. cvraiq ofSmg ra rSv 

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nai 4JMuorr*$ ^h kwauun. 797,* 3. a H 
fi«y ojMuiiy sroo'tv oToy ti, wSc 9roi»0v( >« 
T^ .l«r(Tvyou9>i tva%0ii Iffn. 1370, 3. 
fl fuy ovyJa tsD fi^ IdiXftyoxovfty IXart; 

• ca^n ^ TtfJi^fAara^ynia^M.CiX'rloa, rmiro 
Xf^ jr^rqcsty, id est, ./bid i^iknv ixootiv 

.TAC tfv/M^xic. 1446, 25. .htvorarot ^v- 

■ V«y ii/MiTc irri ^Uouiiy 2i,.ti ay tic ««d' 

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xfl&if ou» Im li^irov ftofiiMr. 1454, 21. 

; .M««fipTac ^JMutiv. 1462, 8. . imwfw /xh 

1474,6. b) appeUiwri-iJiqiiaaQBuiitff 
e. 0. igaominioto. yEir x^Xigcsc».««» dfoTc 
ix^i'^* Kft^ 9r<lyT« (soii. eyi^H, Yel pA- 
ff'Xi») <Uovouri. prohibere non posa ont, 
quominas audiani probra nulla non aibi 
ingesta. 241, 13. JuuUtt ^chf atumohau 
ignominioaa appellatione se besiim ait. 
442, 13. auHioi T«y «XX«v cadftlmM 
•Tfiai ri mfoafftra tunroXc (scil. vitia et 
dedecora^ o&iwc atuHJa-eu (ssqao aaime) 

VM/dtTOV/MyOVCf 4VC VfAMt T^ f*^ WfOSOfTa 

(scil, v/uuv, axouiTi) iuut«c ^Jtouoync. 
1453,25. . 

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n^tXXa^/f. 643, 20. 983» 15. 

^it^cM^] T^y xaff hfAi^ay anftwlav toS CUu. 

in^Ciic] l/biiropuMi ^ijuu T^Ti oux Vay, «0^ff^ 
vDy AxpiCiic. tarn assidoa, diligentia, et 
aiogolas minntas res snbtiliter atque 
aolerter ezseqaentia judicia. 79, 22* 
Tny rZf yjfnfA&rw ^>MM»r cvc hi oxfiCf- 
ff^arqy ytvia^cu* 101, 15. ^XX' ov Twlvai 
retZra naf Ifjui itc axpi/3q fAvhfAWt ^iii, 
h ir^eo^ixiv, ofykv, 273, 18. oux SdiXfy flc 
Tot/To Tax^i/9fc xar»^vyitv» mdaii td 
babe descendere, tcI se demlttere in- 
qaisitionem» oade tota Veritas in luoem 
erat prodilora. 874, 8. 

aiCfiffoXoy^q-dai] «rayi9' uVi( t7c oXifdg/ac 
a»^i$9\oy<ivfjuu ueii ^t£ef;^o/ucii. 232, 5. 
ti^t* ifMu wtfi routon anpiBoXoy^v/AWw, 
307, 9. f^n a-<p6i(a oK^iBoXsynffnt^s. nir 
mis ad vivum ne resecate. 398, 21. oxfi- 
^oXoysurdcti ravra ov vhv Jf T. 669, 1. 

iUfij3£c] diligenter, snbtiliter, exquisite^ 
cerUi, explorato. ax^iCSc o'tMriTy. 15, 9. 
fl It wreua^t tic, tot' axfi0»c )UtxaXt^• 
^^o'trttt varra reuhtiL. 155, 26. dav- 
/Aoa-n Zi /un^ftc vp£y, ci oxpi^wc M-fMr. 
si tam probe cognita istiec atqae per- 
specta babemns, nt nibil sit, qnamvis 
minutam, qaod nos effngiat. 1186, 6. 
If^MTitv eiyi^a not ax^iCwc ^oy 0ioy avnt^M- 
yfAivof, qui viotnm misere et minnlim 
comparcendo conqoisivisset. 1362, 10. 
aK^BMit^ihai )i;0^f^fcxg(yw. 1476, 10. 
^fXATttC ^mX rS affjkoa^ xaretviQtlg ox^i- 
fiSf, cum polvSsculo, ut nihil qnicquam 
namnlomm intervertere snam in rem 
posset. 740, alt. 

eU^iTOc l^ic NA^ ra^x^* ^^^» ^' ^**> ^^^ 
contentio, xpf^ii carens, b. e. diremtione, 
disoeptalione, obi nemo est, qai partes 
litigantes discemat, et in paoem com- 

&iiflrtiq] sine formnia juris legitima, non 
dicta^non aadita cania. ^^t«c t^v ^y 

. TeucTt^yyQVf(lvoucairoXXi//b»iyet;c. 212,22. 

&K^iieia6at] i£ Uw xadno^l axfo»/iAlvoi. l5l| 
15. o/buiwc ifju^'uf aXfoS^^fti. 226, 8. . 

OKfoaT^c] tatt Kal nwfot a/Jt^i^cSMf, 227, 
24. oxfMTatc l;(^«yTo uaB* vfjbSv it/uuf* 
cqao ferlii aiumQ, et gandeti* tdeo, 



MdMBtMvotabliU in boaeioDe liber- 
rime ebjorgtri et probris proedndt. 
1434, nit tavut att^rkt Mf IfiSft «v- 
'rmvynMAi, 1454. 7. 

im^fUfua] tfbores boiienseii. ^vrk A*^ 
Ipudcy ymaiuv ifA0tfiknfAi¥it. 1251, 2S. 

l«fO«rgXK] arx Atbenis, nbi tbesaoros erat, 
et tabalariom poblioam. wXtUt A /uv^ia 
tikKamk itcrihr aiif6w9\n ifiiymyw, 35, 6. 

Xiy» 121, 22. fxiic (Tel, Qt Minaoianas 
refeit, fri^rnc) •Same tfic ^oir^Xia»c t t^ac> 
428, 13. ft^ ixT^ff-ai, /lA^* rf? iUf^oXiy 
aMVfpir^Mi. Dec erariis adsoriberetor, 
qnoram Domiiia tabulis infloribebantur 
in arce asserrari solitis. 1327, 25. ovii 
nn&rm hhlfyiq i7wm, oa-oj /ttJ) i» ijtp«?roXi« 
ytyfafjtfjthot ifW. seripti pro sDrariis. 
1337, 24. b) aroes aliornm oppidoram. 
fia^Jt^tf not }ouX0ff, oCc sterile clx^Mr^Xftc 
«r«t^yT^. 194, 27. ou r^w, 0^5* owX<- 
Ttft', ov9* ij(p0iar)$Xfa»v xi^^toi, ouMc ye^S ravra 
V^<rBi<rn hy^i^t^a. 398, «7. 

lx(oc cl/amon^?. perfectns in arte. 1414, 
18. TfiretyoniTTn^ ebtpof. 270, 11. 

okpAtrnpta] artas, extremas ^oaDqne e tron- 
co pfominent^s partes. o{ r^ clx^trr^^ 
•r5fc Ndwfff fti^aU^frti. oapat, vel etiam 
amres, nares, labia, et alas, et manas 
pedeitqae Vrotorias aarete in aroe, in 
templo Minervie, dedicate. 738, 14. 

Ajc^flrmpia^io'dAi] hx^vni^iae-fAifoi tttaa^rot 
rkf iavrSv «raTfi)a(. qui suas qniqne 
patriaa nintilarant,et contaminamnt, nt 
ai qnis homini anres, labia, nares, et 
artns ampotet. 324, 22. 

htv(o(] intalidus, irritns anctoritate, y\ et 
potentia cassns. hirthiivn ixupoui ^tac 
vfjuh. moDstrate, eoa in vos nihil valere, 
T08 in eorom potestate non esse. 437, 
26. Siitufa w^mfxnfxeirw iauwriifM, 

• qnibns jas et fas non est mnlctas irro- 
gare. 700, 16. 732, 10. Amj^ ^wpii. 
incertaro, instabile donun. 467, 28. 
ojtv^oy ■\>ii^fAa, 651, 27. 

axAw] l^hfjMfri tic cUutfy, cvyy9{i/Mi rourtt 

- ivrl Tflc T»fM»f^. 1517, 17. 716, 7. «»;t 
snan, aXX*, iti oOv Tf fAoktrra, Sxtn, 
1167, 16. 

xal rk rvfXTrena. y^a.^mra, 415, 4. 
£Xa0-&a<] yagari, nesoins quo eas, inter 
Bpero metimqae. ^roXXwr cvyk^kyvn luX 

itXfirrai. 440, 20. 

iK&rrufi] &^ftair» fAUtfti iutl ni^MMtf tutt 
iX&ffrofit. 324» 21. fik^&a^w nai &K&' 
ff-TOfa riv ^iXiTVoy AfnuaXStt, 438, pen. 

Akyttf iTMfnr rove aKoCcyraf, 270, 4. 0^ fjttv 
&Kyil( kri Tsfc 9ii0aUn krvj(fifAaa%, xrif 
fMret ix»^ h BoimrU. 239, 26. AXyw 
rM( ala^otf X6y9it tialhttha'n. 798,5. 

If* 3( oKytluc-n fli iM^ortlc. 1489^ 8. 

ixyn/bni] arv^rrt) )f fUi anttgiiiMXiudimr rvr- 
fp^iif tutl iX7^i«: 1260, 20.' 

iXfiiWpydVs;] innBOffh, jove yaratioBit % 
moniis snmtoosis et oneresis frnens. 

kXii'TWfyfmtf «arSy tr^vrrojerSf Xiirov;- 
ytSv. 256, 10. 

1259, 26. 

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727, 24. 

itXf u^i iXf u^ (0f9^fiweu) w^ hfja/jkih/MW, 
1278, 23. 

<lXndi(a] ir^rni vir2( t9c ^Xn&fUc ax^o- 
Xe}^/buii no) li^lpp^fCAt. 232, 4. tc^wv 
Wiw owTfl*c irran *ai iff* alrvt Tnc iX»>- 
dffoc evT« hixw/ulvMr. 232, 16. iroXv ti 
oTt^of , w( lotxsy, lo"rf ffaf* w/tAlV wji rSfc 
ilXti^^. 281, 2. T?c^Xi}&i£«c hrrdifAtfOf, 
317, 10. fi >'c^f aXA^ta jm^ t^^ wntf- 
yfAim 0tvr^t avrk 0eS. 366,21. 9vx i^u 
rewra iX^&iwv Virt^. 873, 19. b) aX 
&Kin!btiai in namero plar. Demosthenes 
asnrpare amat, nt 875, 7. 1041, 9. . 
1081, 13. 1151, 6. 1154, 10. 1^01, 8. 

iXn&nf] Tiff a(X^^ *^ wwa&friiff tS» vefk- 

21,7* T^ Aknbri ^pi-paovf *Sh n^ayfJ^ 
rm AiroK^u^mvBeu, 279, 21. fUrari^feu 
cr^otfvtc Arrl tSv ttXq^ahr 4'iv)l('c. 303, 
9. ifffc^o'^at ^ptfjL&ren riXv^, 349, 
24. T<tXif^c1<rxv^ ^0^* 406. 1. 

iXii&tySc<t)(Xoc. 113,27. 1248,22. 1249, 
1. 1250,7. 

aXq^wc] rSf* aXndiSc vaihCeif rtrv)(n*6rm. 
269, nit. 

'axU doriee idem,qnod *HXMi^,seo exjcXo- 
tfiet, conoio. 255, 21. 

ixlf/iwwx'*^^' locnsimpbrtuosns.1213,20. 

iXtrn^tof] farialis, pestilens, pestifer, qui 
qno venit, illuo secnm exitiom aifert. 
iMtvdir aXtrhftof kv&rran nrS^ ianoXwXotaiy. 
280,26. 402,27. 411, 26^ 

aXXi^ tam objectionem, qnara responsio- 
nem ejos inoipit. 739, 24. cmn inseqq. 
nsnrpatnr loco H pone premisson fjUv, 
ilXX* tvi pro' M H, 597, 25. in argnipen- 
« tatione. M tin tlffmf ; &K\* vm9pj(,^ 
ftwtttfiv. oXX* i-ni rtv viXtfjun ; AXX* ttvrpt 
«n ^ Ti)c *tgfinif l0oOXsvi^btt oitat Hermo* 
genes p. 306. ex orat.. pro Corona. 
aXXk fxhf, porro, deineeps, 15, 25. 734, 
15. quin etiam. 1092, 9. &KXk wf yt, 
sio breyiter et abropte diotom,. pro- 
integro st Mail fxh ir^ipoy, aXXk f^^Vi, 
si Dou citins, at nunc oerte, edin adhnc 
oportanom est. 37, 18. iXXk pro •(. /ad- 
^m irifoy tlvaitiv N. ^la, oXx' *Ap£rT«g« 
p^ov, id e8t,n 'Af. 554,15. soiUim, tttmm.rek 
fxh iXXa iw, iXXk rt»i rS yd fa 0m6oif 
XvfAoin, si nihil alied, ant, nti'eliqnAne 
eommemorem, oorrampis ta qnidem se~ 
nio saos adjntores,eo, qnod — 733, 26. 
redoadire yidetnr ante ^ et 06H, at In 
iHo kXX' olhruSh. 771, 11. <^ 9UTot vpic 



vf4ac ^ir4yyfiXfy» &)0C 9vU (mm^, 968, 
21. \SfAfA» frap* aMtv h Ziiui Itm^v 

«(»». 821,7. .rw IfMrkfrn •\^^i9'f4Arogf 
«XX*oti^f rl fMftfharvf <^rr^ou0-(. 1455. 

18. &K>C n pro i-ykk simplioi. aXX* n t9c 
«^Xi«c lo'Ti. 45, IS. ideiB qaod A sim- 
plex, o )' ^vai)^c ex Ttvec dl>vo/w«etf'&ii tSv 
«XXa»v, aXX* >i Sray— 790,26. ot>)a/c«odfv £X. 
X«6iv crjtoirw, iXX' I » T»f a«'a>9r. 912, 6. i ?c 
Zrtfw i/xvro^unf ovHv,aKK* hiig ' Adnvac* 1 284, 
16. aXX' q, pro aXXoc h, vel «XXo n . evie 
f{( yo^b(w, ^XX* n (id est cSxXov h, ni$i)r6V 
avToy iu»T« «rayT«y rSv gr«XiTwy. 719, 7. 
Jca2 Ti XMoroy IdVtv ufAnr, aXX' n (id est 
«XXo, 1^ praterquam) Kara\tKua-bcu, 731, 

19. f«d ^uMwdtti 0on^ai, dXX* q (nui, 
prtfttfr^iMm) 0cttxi»* 1225, 3. aXriao-al- 
(AWt a¥ oviha — AXX' n virraq rourovs. 
1441, 1* ^XX^ pro«XX«c* iioi fjknii reiZra, 
«XX* A (id est «XX«c n praterquam) vrtfl 
Xhywr* Tor ivMvrif ^ Xa^tXv. 731, 9. 
usiurpatiir initio orationis, oeqoe ooiligi 
inde potest, aiiqaid deesse. 1401, 1. 

akXArruv'} aXXet(A/AttO( vrfOf Srfpa X^^' 
4280, ull. 

«^«&(] cv ykp iXKc^l vw BiBlonut, ii vag 
uft7v. 2S8, 16. pro iK)iOft, %t ra'A^vp- 
nv otKwv iXkoBL fTM ctmyho^Wt n — 91 8, 5. 

oXXoroc] aboonrens, inconsentaneas. av I* 
A^a av»fra Xo}^{o/(Afvo(«(s€il. itfMV i h6yo() 
aXXMOTfpec <|Ntv,?. 1442, 11. 

aXX«c] ol aXXoi, sobaadi voXXrat, qaod 
«tiam iuterdam pro ti ixrame, wel o2 
Skot potest aooipi. at aXXoc interddm 
pro Stmof, tSn aXKon Ivixa. 608, 22. 
oviiva rvn aXX«y, trXny rourov, o^iifXiiiP. 

' 795, 22. Tttc avfji^fat $t0edat toutm; 
fA&ms vSiv iXKm, 1480, 7. f«rt }f rvv 
aXXnf'EKK&ia, id est, Tny oXuv. 187, 1. 
vv^ >«p «UT0V TOVTOV TAff ttXXoc IXa|9o? 
ri/jikf, id est, ta? ara^'oc* 569, 25. «XXe 
ri q— (id est aXXe rt .^ino^i VMfiV, q — ^) 
«XXo Ti h a-iySnra. hiicti Xa^n/Acv lay 
AvToy vC^tJiiy. aliadoe qaidqoain sa- 
pererit, qaod agat, qoam boo, at nqoo 
ferat animo sibi a Charidemo insaltari, 
■eqoe id impediat. 638, 14. (simile 
illad Herodoti p. 55, 12. ed. Weasel. 
aXXo rt n Xi/virai ftot rSh nniuvotv o fci- 
yta^ott pro, ti aXXo Xft^rfrat i/uoi, n o 
ftkyta^oq T. X.) aXX« sinistrom, seoius 
quam veils, malum, dirom, nefandam. 
s7 Ti at dXXo 4'H^'*'^'^* t^fttr?, soil, 
qaam nobis volape sit. aXXo a at re^un- 
dat, aat est pro h, n «lXXo ri tSn ^XXmv. 
996, 24. nisi ibi t«v aXXw aocipere 
Yelis pro ron oXon, vel rw varrctv qoo- 
mode aocipi posse videtar etiam in illo 
p. 794, 9. veapei ritQ tSn ^Xaw (id est 
. iMomm) vfjuiv ^notf, psene at Franoi- 
oam nous autres, 

aXXoT^toc] aliena^ sea jare, sen animo, 
h, *. qaod sit in alios Jore et potestate. 

aat qaodtibi ait ihuBioam et infeatam ; 
item abhorrens et discrepans. a) alie- 
nas, peregrinas, in qaem tibi nihil juris, 
neqne potestalis sit. tt!*i3tc, rei olxius 

tAUvbat. 129, 25. h xm^f ^^^<^ 
7^iC. aliis ohoregos agentibas.403, 22. 

iuuciv oStw ;(p[0-da(. 1004, pen. im rS 
raKkorfMKafjL$Amv9rioZv tvr^ow. 1015, 
20. aXXorp&uc vcuiai tWetyvrm tU tooQ 
(tAtfrw) ^ei,ro^eii tutl hufxira^* 1349, 
13. b) band congraens cam alio, in- 
oonsentaneom. ev^fv aXXor^tov nrouvy otrrt 
T?f iavrw vdr^'ioq, oSn rw rpoww* 
289, 14. at bic cam genitiTO, ita com 
dativo in isto oonstractam cemiiar: 
ou» aXX^pi«y vytXrai ovrt tj ovyymia, 
<Art rS 6fjf,o<pv>M, 290, 19. f Tr* oux ofirt 
rof WxifD'orov aWorpuoriras raurn (11- 
bertati pata) koI rkt vrgooTtyo^f 'X"" 
rtt, 72, 1. c) inimioas, infestas, Animo 
abalienatns. ^Wor^uirt^ rw vvif 'ng 
y^a^nt htuiioiiv atioun /jkw» 228, 12. ff rt 
vportfw yiywn aXXor^ioy reuq viikwt* 
290, 12. . ^ 

aXXorptot/v] T«v )f t^inf&fxon row qXXor^MH 
KOToc iavTOv; avo tvc XitTOt/pyutf, rov- 
Tovc ori^tSta-ai xiXiuoiM-fy. qai Irierar- 
chatam saam aliis certa mercede eld- 
eassent, qaod ipsi eo fongi noloissent. 

aXXwc] temere, at fert, fortaito, sine 
fraade mala, rwy oXXwc voaq i^afAM^a- 
tinnw. 527, 27. b) mere, absolate, ni- 
hil aliad, qaam id ipsutn, qaod dioo. 
^Xo$ aXXAfC x«i BaoTuaU xaTfi<}>a(viTo. 
348, 23. sed T.-annotationem ad b. 1. 
nbi aliter interpreter, et, ni fallor, re- 
olias. hywvTQ rnv avyyfn^^ s7vm aXX«c 
(id est oXoatf ««rXSc, ovitt aXXo A) v^Xcv 
iud ^Xua^Uf, 931 , 11. c) seoias, prave, 
perperam. ra of&m BouKivbirra nai 9e- 
Kifjtaff^berra ovf voXX^ ovovK voXXoxxc 
rS Tovc ivio^eanas aXKMt ;(^0'd«i, ')(i- 
Xufxavbti, 1466, 5. 

^Xo>^v ex or. in Aristocrat, citat Har- 
pocr. h. ▼. ami rov /uq^im l;^iy Xvyn, 
aXX* aXoyirrl wfamiv, 

«Xoyto-T©c] rls owTdtff aXiyurrof, 536, 7. 

aX^97«f. 464, 4. 1288, 22. ou^ «ut»c 

aXoyw Kal aVfOTiwiiiroO ff'otm^i '*vyx^ 
nn, 67tt 14. naX yof oKoyw af im, 

aXi] cl &Xi9 sunt convictns et coutabernii 
oommanio. V9v ^s &Xtf ; vw rfdm^a* ; 
vov a-iffcv^al'f obi aatem manent jnra 
convictns 1 qoid bis fit? 400, 16. v^- 
nn^t (Zv rovt &Xac x«2 rk( awwUAc wa^i- 
Banw» 401, 3. Ax«y kmmwoc xaX ifJMgi- 
<f>MC ytv^ijam* 553, 5. 

iXwoq] fjiMMg Xiym iXvww Ip^crTo. IS'SO, 


vincalU coBstrictas. 778, 20. ^/MAvptvy] S^ ^/fMUfflS*. 4i5» !• 

i3mff*9gickf <^tkK, ix^^ec ^^ Wfu^tlfm, 188,' 4f«;«x^] iovioUif, indonitof > adye^iHis 

ISi r» ir(dti0-dM Jk»^* fjU^niy ii^ ti iwy qvmm ansa tolli, bellom geri neqait. 

1444^ 14b aXtf^vnXlc -▼• «fOfXftr&M r^ &^ 71 irotbvnnc i oinrovc. 458, nli. 

T0V ^jiMi^ hand expedire reip. gereo- i^HnVt^/^^JuaulH^ iDfov ofABim* fbimu;^ 

d« 8^ tndere. 1481, ok, U ab initiandif pironDiitiaBda< US, 

ikoa-tvOiSic igcui hauroSet 140ix li. 19. itii Ifr2 t} dfuum Awo tov nfotw, 

S3S^T0i r^ iii^a lutva^ hfiUiinrw it^fou^ 1072,15. 

. /4ffM xii2 iwvmraTtf^fMaMi. 916, 11. lit- ^ftlxiia] 'vvc iforifiac ^/«^^ «* TIC di6i 

' fjiMr(wrr9 rk aX^ra h rS tiittif^ 919,^9, hxaUit* 13» 4. r^ fMV ^umI/mm^ 74^, 

*AX^«] festmn agricobnuii Cooraiet Bao> t«c %r ««» v 1* oftiXiM 'nfc w^tfc. reip. 

cho peracta mess«m»amm, pie fingi- aatem torpor et fegmlief in iUU mri- 

b«a Qomportatia in arsanviihi primitia* minibnf ptuuescKa. 1382, 20. Tdv Unit, 

^ ipais. coaaecxabant. 1385, 2. vinpCoA^ rnc o^rev^ irAC«^(0'3Mi UT, 

aX«hrai] crimioiii conTictas ejiuqae rena a Snmnp !» tSv clywdiit XT*^ ''^s <^* 

judicibas declarants esse, ttinatai eof« Xa^K* •1440, & tq^ vfHTlfo; fa^fiUag 

p«a rei baud ta n an faf , sed foga ela- »ti 4fMXf ^ astp^im ^(A^wwof, t9c 

paiHB bU. TovMfiiiifJTtt, aoai^atiiiii, im* U artfXiaiC ov asafAroMy. 112, 3. 

om^^jvov, xa2 iaXmn^, coodeiDDatam ifuXiiV} tmc cl/MtXflS^'i mmt^ rm Wfoo-M^' • 

tametai absentem, iclmsf &ir«i| taf^ '»»'• 120, 27. i^'laaarw; rjlr ^fMXov- 

aa2 9W&?. 632, 12. tiMit wttwvn c^ f^fiv rh 42rd«rtv iv^liic ««M(l 133, 14. 

XtySv ^J«afii» f ilXM. 408, 10. fio-fflp, if IfuXaufAMa l^kf mi «v)ffuS« 7i^iiMrr» 

Ttc hfd'9atf h&KMf ffv rA^ oun ar l}f«4iK. CoadoW- 133, £0. Sc fMV o&M&iy Sair* 

653,21. « 2;^om«l^«c«i() ifAftf af(i^S<nu.303. 

!U«ic] trea tritarando fiiimeBto. %av» m^ 20. ^vott infAfX^ toSc idiXMio-f voi«7y «aZ 

1^ ftX« AvT^i, /Mapou «Aid^ i««Tif«. aivlmufiy 1^ iifir kfOkailnrm, 41, 26. , 

1040, 23. ^fiiX^] paaaiTe. iv^ vip vilKMg ifU>M, id 

&^ aimb^iff^ Ifrl S£m«. obi priaum, si- est, il/taXovfMva. oeroentes i«iiip..ia- 

mulao, iQ pobertate exeg^ertt bteoaimn. pine, per socbrdiaA et; contamtaiD, trar 

1135, 4k ivw¥ 4yad«y irroa rtXe v«kiv otari. 1211, 7. 

tt9^^0^S, Tou /ufv f urnip^, — To5 ^1 elfifjiMmc] Ova cl/M^bMrrouf f«^,.il)^ 

/ vetfctylnrM. 658, 5. 300, 17. 

ofAoi^ai] finek tuU if}nT» ovi|(tia{«y, JKoirf; !( «f^xf*^ ^ '''^ < yf a y fia , exoogitan dqIU 

ifMkgvQ, 268, 13. ratio poterat,qaa impeditom hoc nego- 

tt^u^^Muouc sU&ovc fr^ooTiofAle'^ imuteiofuT, tiom expediretar. aot, insoleotia bomi- 

1277, If. nis erat intolerabilis et j&m coeroeri 

aftufToMiy} delibarato coiuilio soiena et nto potecat amplias. 658, 18. ^ >^ 

pradens peecare. 297, 7. nm iam kvknim &/b(qxM«arra<roc h Zyn ^ x|- 

ZmtQ hfAAfrtrt rov uwif tSc cofimran yivt 9r«p(^(und»{. 1392, 16. 

' tXivdff^a(»)MBV^^ifbifyot. 297,9. ^a^iv afuaro;] noo solum ille, qui i^b aliomm 

ibfAttfriiv la"rl difiy aiU «(^bfT« aaTip&ovir. coaaortio abhorret, sed etiam qooomi^ 

322, 16. et 19. eilHie ov^ a* Aftct^rwir alii ooayersari dedignantor, aat quo 

oXXoy ^ 6^4, m ^d^My «ly.. ne si Itogaa Csmiliariier . uti salva hooestate ./et 

qnidem ei a propoailQaberret,at aliain religione aeqiieant ^ifAtM^et Aif^^mfoi. 

pra alio, oimib Toloisset, noninet.. 405, 786, XQ, fuo^ov rd bnfic* tui iftuK^w, 

14. mtd' d9 ivArrw MdkSei/ Ufyabih hv- 788, 10. ^ 

y oy, ttimvi AfAW hiii i^ttv fuU ifM^rtiff S^(XXa T«y Ayt»!^Sff iif9gS»» 490, 1 . 

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AfA^tfnuui] irSa-< «rarr«y •rahr <l/u4fni/(i<l- aaTi9lil)»yn;oy a«l v^sou^flvy. 4257, 17. 

««y MOtf M^2 TiXfVT^. 1478, 7. eua oX/- a/tu^^i iiaim^ voiftavf/itv, graUiito.731, 19. 

yo0 if ran a(xafrnfiL&rw ov^ ^a fAUt(w a/Aia-^fw T9 vr^TWfMu MiuveiikM'koff^ai, . ex- 

;^|W 0wttXf>'ftlyi»v. 131, 4. & awnhMa ercitns dissolveretor, quod slipeodia 

Talc «r^i0'iy Asr^aic Vf^tnv^ xa2 4yc(- dari oeqnirent. 1188, 6. 

yaaSa &uafvltfAanetu 309, 1. «r»tfSr&at Siida-bmrt^ hniwv Toy oTilMy «{ ^mx^^^*?^* 

s!c lavToy aXjiaw ofAo^rdfjutrA, soscipere, siibstaiiliain non ^lootbaot prc^ iserta, 

sibi piti impntari aUorani pecooU. pacta anooa veraede. 865, 20. 

352, 19. tLfAfuya (id est oim^C) wdrrat. ommpo 

offo^rv^ ayt&v* 378, 6. ifAa^rvfa, neoune oannes, aallo sexas, aat setatam, discri- 

coram acta. 502, 20. ifAd^^ irfS^k' miae.-531, 5. 

875, 4. ' afAf/^ia] intmojrtalitas. 86, 23. illa^ooiidi- 



Ho, qott (*ifm, aecessttaUe ftitali oooi- 
dendi, ptfreoodi, osrek, pro l/iMf(^. 
a^fVjMOMtV] oW HfjmfMni tow? Uywi, oW4 
'tk^ v«oax^cru(, 69, 3. /t*Aw >i jroSJro 

8. 1399,6. ingratos, imne'mor ense. 
990, 24. 

(AC ytfSfAnot. 158, 16. SfMi^ fAnhfof 
Tfiy Iv3^$«y >ivl^&ai. 1413, 4. 

Xfl3« Tik T^iy^AjtAjtA^. 1370, pen. 
A/utJ&»Toc] ttUjJ&tjTtf jfjfrfJMta if iXfff . 49, 

pen. AfAwftnTft xok^ »«« vfkyfAvrJk /aoi 

iraplyaiw. 520, 20. 
A/u^f d-Scu] alias defendere, a se profligare, 

alias oloisci, posnat injimarnm repe- 

hfxXv, 91, 25. hfAufAto avrwf h vaXiff mX 
evu awp«ra<r&ij. 123, 10. ll |i*iir o5ir In- 

&▼!? 1»» rpovoc T»C iwA/ui»f, 5 TOOC 

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{<rr*< inarrtii stdi rw9 «<nXyiTff o^» au- 
Toy cl/M^P-^tti lutril iflc opyiic, AXX* i^* 
i/Mq hX &yiif, 539, 11. Bovkofxtti wftSf 
vr^Srt^&f o^QnvM kfjonofjikwut; roue I^Stj otf , 
^^(vwrac TOVff flroX/T«c. 1432, 19. 
ilAvyjiy i-fAvx^i, vibioes, sagiltationes. 


•A/t«4>«tTt»vM»] collegiom Amphictyonnm, 
vel jas et dignitas in illocoUegiosedcn- 
di. or* *o»\vofAt9 avrh 'viii ^hfA^xrwnUq 
Kotwwrv. 62. 1. iiff T^ "KfA^^nrxxnlM iXa-* 
Uixnuk* 153, 14. , , 

•A/44HxwJV«a^] *\fA^WTvmnk<:^iiuii Ivayev- 
rm fAoi, 331, uU. *A|i*4><»Tiw<K5f lifSv 
Aino^fAhm. 632, 1 . iTrlaXswri rSn'AfA- 
^utrvovmStv ligaJvi 632, 27. 

'A/*<f>»KTwiry] Touff •rwiXuXw&oT^K ^t** roiJrouf 
xoi 4wbTeflrr«ec'Aju4>tKTuAwc ilVfti. 60, 21. 

322, 13. 
i^fA^tT0tirtti\ contendere, rixari, tricari, 
SQper re, qoam • cum alter saam aiat 
eise, ta tibi arroges ; repngnare. w/t*Sr 

rSv tl^iTfxifort afA^o-^nrtif xal rear ovih 
6/t4lV irpocnix^Twv. 165, 11. toS clrwrw 
hfA9ri^w afA^i<r0nrna-ai hfAXv. 884,26. 

Imxtitorwha-art, 1000, 3. xai rw u/*i- 
Tfpa>y AfA^iirffnTovo-t. 1254, pea. t«v 

^4. 1255, 8. b) tricari, jrgatari, ca- 
villari. a/uficr^i»Tf»V w^Sc w pf*» «» "lij 
d-wyypa^w. 917, 1. c) aot aiendo, aut 
infitiando, aliqotd contendere, contra- 
. dioere. our fifx^irBhm<tt fj^ fx«>« a««e- 
▼eravit se non habere. 818, 10. a/x^o-- 
|9uif , »ff vetvra imr^lnxi ra avytuifAtfa, 
908, 6. tl 3p« ^/Uifno-C^Tii fAii TttXij&n 
Xiyiiv Iftl. 347, 7. svui fxnil MraMt- 
^^fhai hf*^f0(i^nHt. 820, 26. fifx^<r- 

899. 11. 

Mtfv. 87, 13. ifA^ffvrno'ifAW wKrr (Suh 
rot Tou 9rp<lyju«Toc. 702,21. 
&fjt^r0nm9'ii oiatirt iMraXfivrirat 7-i ^ 
(sabaodi )ffiy) rotrra ^rotn^'y, A vroyn^^ tic 
otrro; Ix^tm B7va( v^i^. 498, 11. ivi- 

Bnrfio^s. partes omnes inter se litigantes. 

* 1173, 19. inpl /«*» »y irrl riQ afA^^- 
nm^-it, &9 ip«-— oitat Hermog. p. 342. 
ex or. pro Corona. 

Afjk^iridheu] K»2 ^afjtk rnt A)(xmc AfAtptri- 

Afukj^oftvf] l^Mtyunt h rS ei^oitn ifA^fia 
iicaa^v iyX^ "^^ ^^Bnrtwrm. 1052, 

&fjti^fla%»i ivo, 617, 19. 

^ft^oTi^Xtfuc] l^nio'A ^fjiimi rouTM •?- 
Hoart fjtvaQ ifjt^rt^Xwv lie roy norroy. ea 
lege, at pro illis viginti ininis qaas hie 
emisset merces^ ubi in Ponto Tendidia- 
set, e Tenditarnm merciaih pretio «ier- 
ces ibi alias, e. c. franentam emeret, 
qaas boc Athenas referret, iisqae hio 
▼enditis inihi sbs a ine crediinm cam 
foenore oonstitoto renameraret. 908, 20. 
et alibi sspissime. ideo sic dicitar hoc 
ses, qaod in mercibas ad anibos por- 
tas per?ehendora esset, tam illom, qao 

• destinaretar, e. o. Pontam, tain ande 
exisset, e. c Athenas, neqae prias sol- 
Tendi necessitas erat, qaam earn in por- 
tnm, ande exisset, navis redisset. 1 284, 

ifji^ot'] kfx^Xif i/x9Uo9 hi^oS^^M, 226, 8. 

iyawatyfty tU fh ixf&frokiv, 799, ulL «; yaf 
lyinro rk U^i tovta xai aviBwat ttc rw 
"Apitoy vayov cH Ima k^omq, 1372, 7. 
»U rin hui}jto'Uv, ire, ooire in oonoionmn, 
at contra illino domani redire nara^ai- 
yKvdicebatar.772, 8. 775, 24. 1422. 
11. 1427, 20. vid. Aristopb. Equ« t. 
149. et qoie de fonnalis kvaynf bua-Uv, 
et foprdv, ad Polybiom annotavi. p. 133. 
iml ro fftfAA, 247, 4^ tl rtyoc ^poyo^ 
"KaBifTTA kvaBeUntf M rl BUfJut Ott, 297, 
27. rtfirmv kfaBaivirrw (scil. ifti to 
BvfAo) >Jy$ui B^XJ^i vowa-M* 1461, 25. 
I«2 T^ y»iJy. 567, 13. 1221, 23. 

^vaCiXXiiv] Ava^cixxir&cu, diffisrre, proro- 
gare, extrahere in longam. %i tic vfJtSh 
fiC TOuTo aya^ciXXfTai «roif7y tk ^Iovta. 
31, 1. &«ravT avdBdMiOfAl^nuf, oa^ h f 
iuax*fi$ irayTflw hm^iZin rSn l^anr. 51, 
11. Toy v^X^^u«y; 152, 2» ktaioKhonai 
va^ viantg raXt «p>^rtK ol ofx/irnq rkg 
x^^YiC. 1042, ult. iitofAWf avrm aHt0A\- 
Xtrbai tvv vmptfAtpaf, if«c hv rh vaZt 
i9ro<m/X«. 1154, 16. et 21. 1302, 15. 
b) impedire, remorari aliqoeni, spe 
6ilsa objeota, qnominas celeriter agenda 
agat. TOiovTOvc X^yov?, f{ Sv aie^aXXwa^t 



rur, ;,Tt ay /3ovX«T»i. 102, j^. 1 14, 9. 

c) i2n» T^ X'^f * 'X^*^* aiwt|8^3Xn/Mlfoy. 

tametsi vestM ei cMet in haineram 

dextrom rejecU. 490, 10. 
iim0Aa(u¥] tttrnfiiBarcu Attice, pro imfii' 

Zoomit, in saggestom atioll«t, adtcen- 

dere jabebiU 440, 18. 
MmCtXi] dilatio. iifafit'khf fMihfjtUf mmw- 

fitktiK, S35, 11. irfov^«^n« Mtd awCo- 

Jikfimulh^. 1173, S. 

com in ftltam navigio pervexiisent. 677, 
4»afa,yurbtu, e portd in alUm evefai. !|(»3, 
20. 9i0, S. et 7. aitkytvU* JtiMuit J 0^^- 
7 ii> 4cT < »y<tuy.ll54, 14. «rXft'o«Af«v^T<l- 
JUrra ticrqv ^bc^e^ily^>«r. arx eaim 
in monie aila erat. 35, 6. b) referre, 
reportare iliac, ande samseras. htiytw 
v^ oiaiaf Sdn ftXn^oc* b. e. demon- 
strare, onde et qai facoltates iUas ade- 
ptas ait. 1126, 3. c) rerocare, retor- 
qoere. a»Aym avrh Iwt tqy oTfyyfm^, 
rerocate eom ad tabalas paoti. 1292, 
1 1. d) pro ctnkytw, fva wf lie ixAx'^^'^ 
Tnv fixaa^atfjuav iLwykym* oontrabam. 

kf de WM-rturM rdf mnS» raSira iTvat 
JtoUiWi. 175, 21. TJi fjtnrfi rtXtuarirkf 
A0>^Mi £vi>^ftNnuc. 313, 14. 403, 18. 

aMAyn&^w'] maytuto'divra wHv» hut yjmv^h 
f?Mu rniAM^, &KhA }»' ainif. 390, 15* 

ataytuuof] to rSnAwyitaimJiiroff^nfM rt9kf, 
xoiw JMMtAwc i^ irotw froXXov? rorc irj A- 
»iMi0-i. 142, 11. o*«T«c nai AueyKMOf rn 
ypa^ Xo}«c. 245, 4. ovfnKtiui, raif vS- 

ofAM^fMra, 309, 1. Tiiy iwyiuua* M- 
\utcf l^mrtQ. immaneii ideo cam aint 
neeeasario, quia, qaod dent, oil aoppetit. 
462, 25. al awynaXat Xff^^iu wf tl 
irfAJcrler % fjA "KvytafMbi avai^oSa-n, 668, 
alt. rhv AntytuUor&mv avyyimmv tt^^fAM. 
1088> 16. wt^l 9rXi/9voc Iffot^ATO vh 
4*^imo( ^XovTov, ft t^ roc cvyytnUg 
Afwynma, 1118, 8. avrt yii^ ix^^f^i 
WT a»aytuii9rifaut fcSXXov rovranr f^^^C 
fSpM Ttc dv. 1448, 26. iHq &myiuUat ftcv, 
iyf^/xmcf ii ti^iK. 14)S8, 14. 
£»«i}«ii] lie itf iytm l^x'^^f'^ "^^"^ iraXXilt 
Hot X"^*^' 1^* ^^* ^((^ iviymrtt 
f. 43, 3. I>^ fAtr oTf^M toTc Ixfv&ifotc 

<r«v alf^uvw iTnu. 43, 5. Avaynv iXfi/- 
d<^ iivd^d&«MV. 102, 14. et 17. ^ U 
TMV i96>M¥ Amix^bmt M? ft) yiylr^i. 
102, 16. ei 19. acite Arabicoa poeta, 
Jbi Doreid, eaodem Meotentiam «io 
more aae espressit 

My'iPi /u«)4Xri0^/n n^oetiario -eooae- 

quitor. 838, 10. 1^ ifiytmt Urt |ira i»«- 

yitow l<m. 1052, 19. 1056, 16. et 19. 

af&yfoio-K pro afAn^inc, sea sorotioiopre- 

teoiionom, qoaa amb« partes pro ae 

qoaeqoe alleg^ot, ante ipsam litis 000- 

testationem. 1253, 25. 
iTmy9(tvti9 (rh a^^am) h rS btArftt, 

imy6ftvnf] ttic ^ ifaycftvatttf rw tf^nf^ 

rov lin/utXq^at rv9 n^vran^ouo'av ^Xh* 

253, pen. 
Jifmf^&^ii] saxo, Tel moDomeoio alii po- 

blioo insr.ribere, iasoolpere. i;^dfiy ovrfir 

vifjiwf, 701, 14. iU Xfux«/bui. 707, 12. 

h 0^Xn Xi^v*). 1381, 10. 

AfaytgyH] disoessas e portu, eveotio oafis 
in altum. vtfi rh avmymy^f fn, in pro- 
cinotn com esset in attom evebendi. 
900, 19. 1150, 5. 1186, 12. k ivaym^ 
^ »ia 'Twx^ftrv i>^yMW fMi, 1247, 27. 

Mieia^fAiq ^C» distribntio fuodorom inter 
colonos, prasertim ea, qoe legibos ad- 
?ersls fit, ut qaorom de jore sOnt, et 
osocapione foeront adboe, iis. nuao ere- 
pti Dovis demiiiis prseter jos et fas tra- 
dantor. tm/uiXirff^ai, tmntq fj.^ yUmrai 
— fAf^l ktB^c^fj^ y^t. 215, 24. 746, 24. 

ifahRyi\ &whia'dfjtwwf nrk wXom Ixxnv tU 
rtiv Mofiuvuav. sttid e naf ibos religatas 
Bares alias pertrabere. 1213, 3. 

<hp«)i9)pclc] ambalatio arboribus septa, are- 
ola arboribns aot floribos consita. t<^ 
&faZnifiUtiiiif4*' i251, 23. 

if»iiX*^i*] reoipere,b.e. 8pondere,oopdi- 
eere, conditioois aUcnjosmolestiam sois 
maoibos sibi imponere, aot inipeni pati. 

eroXf/u^rttv. 20, 4. iHit^ifAW ittriattv, 
899, 21. AnHiaro rev vatia ovx WMr. 
recipiebat paerom, b. e. rarsus in do- 
mom etfamiliam soam admittebat. 1365, 
1. b) in se susoipere, aliena peccata 
aibt pati imputari. wirra eifahxofunt 
tud tU ittvrif flTM^MfiVoc ret nrodrtv k/Ad^- 
TnfAara, 352, 18. iwJiforra* J«|>* iavrif 
rk rni ^c ivMoxvrrUt ttal vcmflat Jl^y. 
613, 5. 704, 17. 753, 5. iff fJh oj^c 
eXov rd ar^Sy/ua am^Hnr: 1106, 24. Ik* 
fAh i ix/jutfrtffr^ttt iim^ixvrtit (^neh ia* 
Stt hehtttnet [awn t(], ista le aiat utiqoe 
scripsisse, atqoe vera esse) iuMmivvi^ 

IkxOC jT'T^V '\>VI^9fMfrVfUh' \kf M fJIM (Im- 

lixwra%, ti /Mi^nfhrayrH i^v ixfUMfrvfi' 
«K 1131,2. 
Afiliutm K»6i9*n9't vvy 4i»fw* resciadit, ir- 
*ritam faeit senlentiam jam pronootia- 
lam, et restaorabilem, repetita eog- 
nitjooi obnoxiam facit. 760, 3. evx 
wf^nv tkuitim ilwi "ravrm «r^<y ArihKa 
ytfMut, 1020, 16. 1021, 4. ^y^^ixoy 



ibkiofuu, 1018, 26. 
^Mt%W&a(] tergivenari, oanctari, ftobter- 

fogere. i»v li>i ri Trotiiv, avd^vo/Miyei. 
' 109» 12. oSxm;v ffpooiffi ff^ TotiTA h 

hArota, 4)J^*ayiSvtt«. 406,20. 1466, 18. 

rl.oHfivpt^vifMQfith ri fUXAo^Mtr oilat 

Sopater. 102, li. 
clWat^of 'Touc 9;^amic (toil. Tvy 4>^) 

afyv^ovXaC«v&«niXX<l}^. 1331, 1^ 
MdiifMi] TiSv tv TouTMC (tomplit putft) 

^Ivn^/MOTwy. 35, 17. 
ioHdiua rou r^ivew. 1123, 11. itXal^rtit 

iiHuhUf Hal iXiyttfiaf /uf^C 405, 13. 

afaikuk et inM^x^'i^^* ^^ ooguata, at 
. dirersa Uunen, oopatantor. 777, 3. 

106, 23. Svvf Tfv fMOfiv tud omiK 
^v>di»iM9 ^f^.mo&frn* 345, 1. o f^^fXt- 
oc nmL ium^q wrif, 346, 1. i^ ^vm)? 
AvTou yiAfAW Sf^irXn^w. 543, 24. Uv 
. 9mi^ aaXltf'ANri rdv &««(£ ApM&ra, a^i 

/bU(i0-dai. 1233. 27. tU XJS^t^ra Mm- 
Hi* oopidos emolumentoram. 616> pen. 
impodentia descriptio. 790) 25. 

attu^, 321, 1. 

€t9(duff$ai] 9offAU»A aq^M^ <liw6!jk 954» 7. 

^^av. 1415, pen. 
AMft^rv] de medio toUere, eTertere, pes- 
aomdare, refotare. «^(« kmda'a^ t&iwc 

«roT* fja4dw4v, tTwflu /ft^MV «rpo0txdorra 
fI«»V. 117, 22. 12 Mx»t^ la >«l0-«tf 
rkg fiTMc^fAtac, 141, 1. ri^ iwv irpo- 
T^dw aalu^ iui2 iUau^&wu^Xv, 246, 4. 
TOtfwrotc vofMfAMS anufWfAime. 647, 11. 
4«4M-/Ma VMft »v(W Tsvc v^ftwc aMupmhr. 
692, ull. AfifnrM ro vnq *B30Jthg &iim/M. 
1396, 13. b) homo jaoentem attoUere 
aepeiiendi ergo. hvAyyilkKirm o ^kfM- 
p(oc roCi 9(p0^uuuTiv afMftXv (soil, rn 
nn^) ital BavruK 1069, 12. o) aftufti 
deoa oraoolttm reddens, reapondens 
ooDBnlentibas. qaoniam afflatus nomi- 
Dis e speqti tnbterraiaco attolTebantur. 

vdXeu mandalum, piicecptani ftuotoritate 
numinii* 530, ^6* Bis^t o^ 'Jti>J^li nai 

TtLa(^F]£^Kdtc-ul465,uit, In medio d)re- 
«ijiere (h. e, promittere) psTigendunij oa- 
pessere, in ac snaoiperpj velaloiias ge- 
ataDdnm^tt^rn^hmen \tQ undertake, take 
t^on om't stif iduntarUy'^, ^X-^pa* wp^ 

fjaT if be? rfwrou iTfarffs*/; avm^tTc-Bai, 
. 180> S2» n i^Xfl Ti Tfcv Tfifi twv ^itif^Uu 
Igj^ow i^rti^t^Tft. 1^53, l(i. e) repel e|^e 
aliqaid, €. c» codictUo^, ob^rtA^ quas 
aostrnteB An^umflnr^ [dpcume^tff, deefis] 
-usnrpanl, tabula pacti ab hpbenle, et 
•eonm aaffmre, eoqaa ka ^eddere. 

twrikhidmen [to tcfce iwefc, tvlrvet]. 
Tib 0i;79fa^ clMX^fM( d«r^iXXa{o av 
. tfXi ^vft$9}MUu, 916, 10. &ftufiia4tu 
. va^a tvtoq yffifAfjutnXau. 1107, 23*. nrkg 
owBftifag. 1180, 6. MUr9 rihr gpfo^V. 
aotioDem oooc^ptam antiqaabat, a jti'- 
dioe repetebat, eoqae prodebat earn se 
nolle prosequi. 1332, 18. &fd}i»r9 'rnv 
Sldtw rtSi ffhw — uaL th y^m^ awpcl 
tSv dtoyMdrrfiy. 1363, 15. Qadaera- 
pere, sibi arrogare, ad se derirare. 
i^TMra rim ^wat rh fr^&yputvm Samfh-- 
ffwBeu, totam Graciss ampUtadinem at- 
. qae potentiam ablatoram. 15, 12. .g) pe- 
coaiam mataatioiam ab alxquo samore 
in foenna, Qeid atifnehneu [to draw or 
borrow monejii], kwreuuaia^ ^pQwtbf wa- 
fk N. yauTijtdy htiXSfMMV. 1212, 3. 
-knUfttv (ab aiftw) rk yifptt^ oratknlaa ▼!• 
mineas, tabemas ioatitorom, abi popel- 
los forenais aomta vendit, tollera, non 
demoKendi, sed exatmendi oavsa, die 
Budtn anfangtn, auftubauen [to ^gtn to 
erect the booths]. 1375, 19. 
imiptrif] ereraio, atragea. irfiy m^SSit nai 
. rSif96>Mn Amift^it,396,^. b)jiisnor- 
toom, ande jaoet, tollendi sepoltnnD er- 
go, o&y knUfsa-Vf ihmn, tm rn^, 86» 9.> 
AiMtrB^&U kmrntmUi, 564, 12. f^iifa kmi- 

oBwiea b^ nanwytSvtu, 147^, 18. 
^i«itf6«Ti»v. 302, 3. 

kuMnt^] ^teu^Atf f44rij(i3»ttt, ^ m«2 vtv^ 
iiHttffBittoog knnrtib^ W9uS» iaaX Hema^t, 
1477, !^ ol kftd&Bnroi 9»i0am.^, 1. 
240, 10. ffimiht oOrm tui aiia/^drm sT. 
267, IS. 
knua^^ymU ei avmfhui, at oognaia, oMra- 
lantur. 777, 2. Irrt M yiXmf /mm, 
/sSXKav V mvewj(99ria hnn, 364, S. 
^VMutXiiV] f xaf )i Ttiitf ar^og^ouc omfiv m2 
iie^C Ikmwv &fiTikcl«aiuiX«»exoito4ea(es, 
proTOoo adeds. 799,9. tSv yfrnfufuut- 
rtian, s£ d3^v 'rove htf^of kmubai,. nomU 
natim ekabat, ealabat. 1301, «1, 
M»ft0r] ^rgaslakmi, ptatriBam. irora^ 

o&ro« avvdtv tie «ni ilwiKikf. 1125, 34. 
kmmlXa^] de atatoa in pabKeo staate. 
1^ ykf Toy liKma iMLM^fBoi mif Tfiy 

420, 8. et 13. 

avatuifvo-oia a-rt^tbtovt. 256, 16. 

hnuomSiaBai] ooafbrreooff aliqao oonaiKa. 
^IfiaofNiff-avo r£s «vv mamut tirS, 

^Muco/uiM] reooperatfio aDissomm. mtfi t9c 
T«v «rM<Mr dbcuMfuKic. 250, 13. 

aiaMfi(;tiir] e pRorta in arbem tre)ioere 

. frtmsj^ortandt, i>iel ti aa a Toheada xiaiare. 
rk {uXtf ^c th daiotii ^ hmnmikHOtofAl- 
0-M.1192,4. rkiukA la n»i Xijuivec dvMto- 
^tf 1. 1194, 18. et 26. in media b)reoo- 
perare. fta^* Sv f^i^, e! uai fjth wdrra, 
kvauofjuo-aifjiw, 1484, 20. 

knm^M] oSc h Itimt ifuXg kvtMfayom. 



. 4S9, 90. If: Uv Ttc iffAoh Ahmttttfc 
&fmafii^, fT^oHlffyMSrMi tiiSfm. 686, 3. 
aM»p(M#Jdiol|Qr]itaB(or» Ml •Uam tMUr, 
oom paries litigantes pnwMiim domi 
sap flcrBtoUHr, iiileffr#g«M ie •tiU 
oaoNQ, . sivUie ssliv ad em UModam 
iBatroeti et trmaU* ^uibiif aqgaatalb 

. et tMtibaa fidaol, ^pio aoiat in aiHeMi- 
•Bfli» sitae «aosa io loraa admitteoda, 
.an jdaae raye Uc ^ da . AmMffm 'rit^taS^ 
'nuvmi, axaii^e hone f oamm. 1066, 9. 
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. i>«^ ffmofif. Iv i^H' 4i«MC^* ioterrafa- 

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yttiat & irMov0i. 192Q, 18. Con dadro : 
o i^m dii»fm ^aabaadi t^ tbS l|a»<pia« 
««C« ▼•! ^ "nv dfa^Bnri^wmc) mirtf 
ilf^ rne dfApto'finrJiiw'tv, »tii dm ufim t 
^Myaytf ^ .79 3toii«^rnfM0ii. 117:5, .28. 

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1173,19. i? in m ^ 9 if »mifmra Tfiit oSMifa>» 

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125«, 5. 

«ydbfi0^] cgoamodi, at dioiom est, ^vsma 
^{iloratio, ad qaam Taoaio^ qni <cmi1' 
. parere aoUet, is «o testabator se ikis 
BotwDem nolle piiose<piL, 114t2, 10. 
. Videntar -e^mmedi exauioa attqaoties 
kerata.esse. nifiu p. ISdS, 35. appalia- 
tar « flr^wm ebdytotvyQ : qood toc idem 
sigoificAt ibi looi, alque mmk^wvc. ao- 
-Xo«Wi*v auTov sic MW^JCfMif rois ^t^^mmv. 
1324, 13. 

^wuMrStf-dM] nbi devinoire. inuvriivma^ 
p* ff^l^lMMW f }C. TOU T^. 0iiv ^u^iVMnwi^v. 

fore, at te milu -cDDoiliein, adjongan. 

1416, 19^ 

AvaXeifMjUmi] reprebemdere, lum sensa ao- 

taadi, Titaperandi, oS^oi^gasdi, aed aot 

resiMBBiidi, desuo adsoUoeqdi, 4j«od 

jam antes tecum babalsses, aat emen- 

dandi, et Ineadi, aot restaarandi, xe- 

.«ap«Nuidi> aat rteresadi, re£eieodi; 

peo BOO redMndieadi. «) ddUna .«iira 

. bospUioqae ampleoteadi, id ^aod antea 

, «.te amaDdassas. Ivtuiip-mrQ rw omiSa 

iM« i^iAut^w ««i»vT^. resnmsit ad ae. 

1364,23. b) emeodare, .expaagere, 

oempeasare maleftMJta benefiiotia. drri 

0iu«t.^dO,14. o^reaopemre, restaonre, 
io .pnttioam, b* a. meruMem, statnm re- 
alit^ere.T<^«4Tffpfdupi/b*liw «EaXiy«r«- 
xAiI'M'df . 42. 14. qoasi recreare, refioe- 
tt0. ab a»iiiaBitioae at animi deliqoio ad 
bonam habitam redacere. )«' Jv la 
>XJCtm^ *y<HTO ▼• M^yfutra ^tifm *9k 

^•]^4«(rfiM. 157, S6. aMXafilUMiv inv 
'T^e. 282, %. 1049, 6. ^ >^ ^Alltf^ 

«r4x«tf^m 4( fawfaic W l i tf flu ifc n , mi d»i- 
AiWinr lavT^. 1364, 25. i y Hm h rm U, 

f«y) «vdi« avaXa/^iEV. 1463, 15. 

ctvuXi'S^] tarditas, stnpor. vSc ihnX>wrMc 
4ub) ^SftfuTrroc •mc t«» C» i Cafw £«mXM>^- 
MM. 237, 13. 

ofoX/oTtitv] absoBMre, coasomere, predi- 
ffere, axhaartia, vcrtbtin, dttfc wiiiyn 
[(o fMfi^, sfttondsr, loaita]. ia V £ra. 
KiniQ K&An. 12, 11. &y 7^ mp^a 
av«iX«07 at^c A M^ M*, Tdv d«trr«y 
sv«««90iM «e»c a m7. 33, 26. \kym, in 
0tmtm uh lig^in^ $m If Imyd^oQ, 253, 

I. |ttJ^ luyM:^ ^ondStf'M Ttic fjEMic flr^a- 
, >fwim' <b«X«]MlyMc..l225, 3, leffUnuL- 

%m %|wt, Iv ii TM0V7N «rtX?mi aoArr* 

wfrAi. eleganter dietom. ^eriaai pne- 
clare gestarom rerum, TeiuL fandnm, 
oacpentes at aunoaofeea aiadis omaibva 

. lamfB dispendeae naqaemit 689, J7. 
b) ieipeBdcn,insamera,«n](gl9a,>iIiqa«f 

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on]. roKarra aTffi\ortai fjufan il; tovc 
rSv *EKKhm dirjpovc. 174, 12.mtmi9kArrm 
^oym vrStKkBk IStf^Oa d«^SX«Nt. 228, 8. «•- 
jT9ur9ual yiymK JmikMitkuu, 319, 4f vov 
Tiv m^TVM tuufpv tK TO mm^merMm/^i' 
ff&m am\iati»fjiih 50, 25. roSt arf^^tmic 
(id est, f IcMi^«{tliT(K>dMli(MwiuilSl, 

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vSy ^fUKT* i ^waik / gi i ti . .241, 14. wi/uutra 
»ai xf^iftmra dmXiMUMSv Inrip ^^ktripdikc. 
247, 6. fu«fflri«aX«9»rrt« Xf^» ^^^ 
6. dy«X«jcoT« Tovc X^^**^ [scaL^Tsvl. 
343, 17. {aTM ««XKi^ ibalJ0iiM^ l$S» 
IXaTT«. 384, 1. iravTin *n&9m mfthraf, 
9t* Sv iwiiJiamw0'a st( iavn^ il ^lyc^dl 
vMNTtv. 1331, 13. rw.fMJ^ |cUm» numTc, 
dX^Md TivTOK,iXB*^y ^^M^'i^'Mt** 1342, 
15. Ereehtbeom rkt istmC a^eulk; tie 
fyikrTy>&^ifiaTo» ^imrn-km^M^ai, iatpen- 
disse salati patrin. 1397, 19. rShf in- 
.\Mirm mMJaUf rk Inw stf rmq !»•- 
rwfyUf, 534, 7. c) depeBd«re,4i«aM- 
rare, auvakkt^, htttAlem Ua fmy, ^U- 
€harge], dwa Wr a w ^iaw(»m J^fCfitft. 
937, 25. 

it»Xfl9^0^ Tovc !<!>' IfAtk wvStK reoprda- 
nini eo4, qai vastra sstata Aiemol. 802, 

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&vmkByiPfA^s] tunm liv a^rov imiksyt^ftiv. 
aeoondam asqnam ratiooem.262, 5«idem 
est, alqae paaio post tunck 9hf umXcytav, 

dvaXufty] porgare, diloere. htt tmi fAtiih, 

e^f -vnmtimn, &ifti>Z^m Svnaa^diu. 584, 

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rifof avaXva-onrai k/xaprUt^, 187, 24. 

40&ka»fJim] to /»iv tsr^^ •£r«tKrS»< Tob 'f^^Xfifm 

hui^M, 143, 17. d«to y*iay g».dyaXo»jBi4*na» 
. . dTi^iiC ywo /tdyy g isiic lartuaer^. per 



niovUi Inpeinas, aM paraoi quid era* 
^•rint. 260, 11. A£(ov0-a ra uaB* hfxi^f 
intX^fMirct &iraVT» rn oltUf «rap' tuirrSh 
\0Lf4.&ana» 1354, 14. 9vo-'m ykf o^ 

h/Aifov ifaytifjutrti bvo^i^n, 1359, 8. 

fjutt, 81, qao capita consequerer, me^ 
compellatione vobis incomroodare mal- 
lem, qoam mooDscDlo magittratos ve- 
stros comirapere, qai mihi, qaie Telim, 
Tel invitit vobig sint contribaturi, vel 
venditari poliai. 1455, 21. AvetX^fAara 
reip. enfnt tU t&C iiuikna-iai, (qoo Tide-> 
tor mercedet oratoribas constitatas 
designare) tU ri( bvaia^, )tal rh BwT^v, 

quo pertinent ledifieia pablica, classes 
navales et militares oopiie, terra ma- 
riqoe. 731, 1. 

liy rSv hrw iyoASn &9&ymrw, \4tHf 23. 

^yofi^pTiiToc] ovTf rSn Ava/jutfrhraif irrl 
Wfk iufuk. neqae noUo vos lieait crimiiie. 
€61, 25« 

Mttfjut^rvf iifiBnf, 1407, 22. 

JiMfdhuv Xf^^* ^^^y ®* ^ ^fMsmv rev 
jcA^cfXo. 392^ 17. AfofAhiiv to «r«di7v tk 
3k0^ praeeaotionem mali differre, donee 
'malam iptam ingmat. 411, 5. irafAti' 
van (Sv trif fwarw vtpjranUr ttra ror 
l^tfAif, 730, 9. t5» vcnm^ rkf iui^va^if 
Kol tuouu^yUq avafuwtv, 730, 13. ava- 
filnt nnf in twv vofMov Haw, 1262, 25. 

d^Jifiiffroq fearfiitns ijfifea irp3c rov 19/caov. 

i»afAiyM»i\ aMidj(piifAn, ill onom eon- 
gresii samns. 1259, 7. 

/MM^ ^Xori/(«(»c* ^20, 12. IvetytiaXw vfxZt 
ivttfMma-At, &f JMT* ijcfiWc tovc Xf^"f 
§TXi reL V(&yfA»ra. 230, 25. i» /Mvlilf 

trf«aC aHLfMfMAoTM TOVf Xf^vw^, 1460, 3. 

ivafA^M^nrhrMf. 218, 19. 

4Uay)f^] Twv clXXfltfV a«arr«w ovaK &^i»tXf 
iwvoxvrtu irofOtf'Xf i/a^o/uivaw, /Mvwt vfiaQ 
V^ ^iiutM ir^erf/vi0^a( ^bcq^ivoc s^^v avrt- 
Xa/M^ys/Mfvov;, ou ^tiuuotf^v, aXX* ovay- 
}^v n^^fcat. 199, 6. 

Sawt^i^oq] T0 itianan i»av^^aror, 37, 7. to 
fUv ^'ttf (dare aiiqaid sapplicantiam 
precibos) x?'*^^^* ''^^ ^' (importonitati 
pro imperio .flagitantiom cedere) ivav- 
iftav i^ycf icrlv, 717, 10. avavS^ot ual 
^evXoi. 724, 22. ivuh{ovron /am avavifo- 
rartff kiAfinetn tTteu. 1349, 2. 

^yaiiou0-&M riif ilfitntv >ud o/a6»omv» 284* t. 
rnv waTputib ^Xa»v. 660, 17. i'^^a-a* 
0'&f ff^v tSv auTov (vo/cMv) avamoStf-d^cti. 
1308, 15. 

AiwQ /M^ TOT Am Toy ifeuurd Ktd vwtiKKivf 
&«ouc. 937. 22. 

MkiwJ Sv InaoTW iaq avei^icv tvc vvv i/MW 
wf^io^rmtuMc 0v/M^pSc. quam parum 

pronerserit bano eakmitateiil. 141^0, 

11. fha^t V Ava^louf rnkt &t2rj^ouq tu- 
. ga/jiivwf T^ irikum, iii^§iMheu tAc Xii- 

nrwfyioi. 457, 7. 

ai«(M»f ] ot ifMM Ijdymro h rS wavlfmif 
alryjf&q nal iifaf^lmq v/Mtv, 391, 1. 

kntwMvtiv Xf (Tot^xovrrAc* oitam reapirandi a 
aomtoosoram maneram fanotiooe dare* 
1046, 21. &nve«M^tvr Sv/Mrm «hMX»- 
ftiranf. 1049, 2. iiw«iiv0'ayTf c I'Sv rtru- 
\anratffuUT«iv in^. 1049, 6. 

AvAvm^aa-Bai,'] navem reoens straotaiU' in 
aqoam demittere, atqoe agitare, pori- 
coU faoiendi ergo,qnod0eja8 agilitate, 
et nam satis densa atqae finna sit, eon- 
stet. 1229, 19. et 22. 

kvttvn^iv] de iis, qoi repeate ettrepidantes 
consargant, aot depreoandi, aot ioter- 
cedendi, h. e. obloqaendi et impedieBdi 
ergo, aat pnecapiditate, et cootentiofte 
ooonpandi. ivawn^a^a ir^ oi rw i ve n t Wfoc 
rk ymtra r£ *UiT;eitXi7« As, 5. ibwwn' 
iSmf el $9uXivrat Mtifro /An o"^ twtSn 
wptXia^^at rh ioift&v, 596, 9. anmni, 
— 1^^, vyavSMTWf, . IXo»)^(eSrro. 703, 
pen. o2 9VM9-Tarrf c TovTdf kvan^krmrtq 
\\n^arrfi. 1302, 26. 

htavivrnvil de rebos, qoso lente, torpide, 
segniter, per neglectam et eontemtom 
agantor, in longum exlndiantor. ivt V 
aftofrntrwninrtQ nr%» remissi, sapini. 411, 
3. inmtierciKu rk Tnc i^oim. oonsiliam 
expedilionis proorastinabalar, aat et- 
iam irritom tiebat. 567, 12. 

ivavtfAV\&ftu] ala^yni &fa«ifJkW\'Wiv Skn 
thv v6Xiv xat Hiffriof. 466, 1. Ava- 
VifAvryJaen )o{qc ^xtknq. 764, 4. 

cbwirXfry. Athenis versus Helles^ntam 
dasse sabvelii. 93, 21. &vmvr>AXv irtlq 
nvX«y. 290, 3. b) retro rerehi, jam.per- 
aotam navigatiouefn eandem ro^os re- 
metiri. 887,15. et 20. 

aveLm\n%wv] explere,idqaod nomerodeest 
addere, satiare alioojas inopiam, indi- 
gentiam, Jibidinem. Tovf iuMoviwinmi 
;^(Xiou? avaarXupctftf-M ^/mX XP^'* ^^^» 

12. I«9 anve\n^aro 'rk* wpouia. 817, 
26. Sf kv skkumrt vfAtTf, w^, tvffw^rt 
T0VC «va«rXiip(W0iovT«K. 1466, 20. ifcifAntv 
oux oMMrXitpoi', JuU fAiraa^kv fAftifAcniirtu, 
1404, 19. oull Tnv lUav ifyii* clva«rXiMfir. 

^ 1465, 21. - 

&¥»wtif] m a» o^rwtu, oimX^tv, aiwarwv. 
a-tu. 293, 17. toStov If v^^^fiv ; ^m- 
imTy li ; ov f 7 ti« ^^> aymv 1^.582, 
2. bM ivamvCv a {«v boo diisiert, qaod 
iUod sigaificat, libere, qoe libet, pro- 

iva^fMtffbai] enamerare, reoensert.M6, 

^ 20. 

«ya^el{fiv] fonditasperdere,pessamdare, 
at si arborem radicitas homo ereltas. 
ii/cA^To ttvTovc Q vciUt umL o&a kvnfwUhn, 
12S, 10. 0u» im^arfA^Q hih • t«9ts 



iMMrcwSlmt. 1548, 1. b) pro at/iw^- 
itJ^Mf, compere, aut u^ofva^m sar- 
ripere. «u ^w^w; ovrwoi fAuifA hIV r; m 
ToXarrA am^vijuitf'i.fqrati tont. 82S,27. 

oyyEfVAtf^oc T'l^oM intertcptos, interemtoi 
et e medio sablates est. 139, 25. 

av^^^K] praedicetio, promalgatio delatsB 
aliooi ooroDie anreae, qose proelamatio 
fiebat pablice voce prseconis. 344, f 1. 

ual vma^Crtffn l£ itvoo^ia-im, 346, 27. 

qni spes fortooasqoe soas ex ioconsUD- 
tia popularis anne sospend^ranL 1480, 
aiiartiM, intentare, hicatere, at bacolmn 
aliodve qoid metoendam, tWayyt\taf, 
784,22. ^ 

mensa namalarii e versa, h. e. negotia- 
tione ejo8 coDTolsa et profligata. banco 
rupto facto. 895, 5. ofjl^w&i rdtg Aw- 
oTUotwfihoii ran T(a9n^fT«0y.ii8,qai rebaa 
oon? asatis foro decesseront, et solom 
▼ertemnt. 1204, 26. It A rovrov^ tw« tif- 
^at <lwM-xtt;<i(orr<ii al 'rp<lvi{«u. 1205, 2. 

afaa'Vf¥ r^q o<^vf. 442, 12. rtitf ofovf 
(paloB ID fondo oppif^icrato poni hoIi* 
to8, hjrpothecaB iDdices) ilvinrMii. re* 
Tolsit, saslotit. 1188,3. 

Afma^ae-ii] devastalio, cum oppidum sit 
afAoTareif desolatom, incolis jossis iLH- 
ffraa-Beu sedibos sais exsorgere, alioqne 
oommigrare. vvt^ ivoffrAatui tqc «r«- 

/ r^0C iroXs/Mi7v. 10, 17. qoem Tooaboli 
usom Poliax III. 91. per vulgatios, 
Tel potias confiotom a grammaticis^ 
afaa^&r«0vif interpretatar. rk( ImXXa- 
>^C— T«c iavrSv varptUq ktiurtaa-vi iTvai, 
18,9.l«'i9Y^Tft!fiy l<ir* k^arr&^u Bv^av- 
rim, 255. peo. b) Avia^riwiq ran rttySn* 
exstroctio nuBniatD, faoinas egregiom 

. C^ononis, qui orbis patrisB tnoeDia a La- 
cedaemoniis dirata restaoraTit. 478, 24. 

AvATsAntf-d^fti] intentar^ (Telat fostem), 
comminari. IxiTMf /wiv ovliy av Hytv vfjuf 
avarthur^M ^0i^, 389, 1. 

Afari^ai] dedicare, consecrare pablioe, 
osibos divinis bamanisve, aot nieaio- 
rise, et spectacalo. ovx »Va ^ttvfjiA^ctfxtf 
avret^g&m ^w^cnJvrtifaXX* fret ueu fxifxA' 
fubn rkt ran inta^rrtn a^ir&q. 174, 8. 
201, 4. Sv iwt <n)H \wi rnt hfAiri^af yt' 
nut inri^, 615, 23. b) imputare, cau- 
sannj rel oulpam rei in aliqoeiii confetre. 
T^ alrUv ran ia rov woXifjLOu cvfA^ncO' 
-ftkinon liw^i^Sv i^amq roTc inrff vfAth 
rk BiKrtrru Xtytiy Mo^|yo(« aH&HnM 
/SovXvrrai. 146, pen. t^ wtie^ayfJiAya laxt- 
ri AMTi^c iful, 230, 23. wrinrw 

•Axa T^f ^SDif. 3^2, 20. aSi h tUfftfc 

al'Way IttX r^ M^yin kfadtih. 323, alt. 
riXkA mama t^Tv awi^cWk irfan^mti. 
1453, 10. o) reprebendere, b. e. emeo- 
dare, ot si calcohim na]e positom re- 
tractaodo melius ooUooes. il anpl Sf 
hfjJi^rrrtttvv Avadi^btu ^ovM^-^f. 1456* 

iwr(iw9» TO eiti^, 128, 24, ^f^f '''•^ 
A^^wy )ui2 MAv^ac. 324, 27. r^ r^Airt- 
{a». 403, 7. du^ ^•'•'C ^?^ vXtunirmi 
(patria) lefnihrOf iXX* ctrtrgt^i x«i k»- 
rllkMi. 41^, alt. Amrfl^tiy otit ri^ aoivi^ 
IftiuiMt. 778, 22. ifeia'af rriv wixof, 779, 
26. ft./tfi^ lirtTpl4*>i^ af«trpli|^i tm) fMi^S 
rourm, 968, 8. 

iy«^/v»v] ^^Tw; l£a/^f la t9c iMrxrj^Ui 
ba^fif rnnvfM kn^rt. 328, 10. hrctq uh 
XJ^iof U0~npev ytW/avov iva^ino-oirat ivi 

' rv x'^i^' 1040,19. 

iytt^fiv] referre aliqno, at innnmeramor- 
dinemTO aliquem rerum, aut at aocto- 
ri, causam ooJpamTe rei imputare. ay«t- 
^Ipfiv M ri Tqv oItmiv. 140, 25. rS /4,h 
iffr kmrynth lir' Sxi/vov;. referre caa« 
sam ad illds, at priocipes exempli, sa- 
amqoe factum illorom exemplo purgare. 
302, peo. r^ f^h i!c iXX^Xoi;^ iva^iftrt. 
alteri alteris imputatis, vos mutno ao« 
oosatis. 838, 14. to rng yvoS/uDC invi' 
ytutrt vj^ hnanra rh v^/ttoy. 493, 2. roue 
yj/bcouc iiri r^y ftf»ipav, k^ ?ic iri^rav, 
ralorem leKum ex lUa die ordiri. 714, 
12. T^ ovoiotfty, DumenitioDem, depeo- 
siouem aeris debit!, i2c ixitVoy ^oy kfo- 
^i^i. illom solom ait interfaisse, com 
aes relueretur. 920, 26. T«y %Xq (Avhwq 
avmyfjihm* que ad tempora fabalosa re* 
feruntor, in fabulis oumerantor. 1391, 
14. rk ix T?c ixaXutf-Uc Ayfvt>^Tic. gesta 
in cODcioae cum adsenatom retulissent. 
250, 11. evil yk^ raurm Xo/S^yrf; avo^. 
(otM-i. ne banc quidem (phialam) in cen*. 
sum infemnt, b. e. commemoraot in re* 
eensione reliqaaram rerum. 1030, 13. 
1031, 11. fllyl4>f;n tU rh *A^ia X^, 
o4>t/x«y avToc rk erxttm rn ir^Xsi. qaao ar- 
mamenta reip. debebal ipse, negabat ea 
ab Aphareo accepisse, ejosqoe socordi* 
am prastendebat, sed false. 1148, 16. b) 
pristinas ad vires redire, convalesoere, 
▼e]atantorbo,Tertigiae,crapbla, ant, ut 
qui e profunda Toragine eluciatos sit.i^v 
V inkyxMO'tf ifa ot Grt0aioi mil a-ot&Sia-s 
Ml /un arl0-«M-(. 210, 15. 

kfct^^"] caussatio, perfugiom, receptas, 
latebra cnlpte, quo excnsare faotom 
speres. vmXtimro yk^ avrwy ^uaarot 
iavrS &fuut fjuh paorcSvnft i/JM I*, tt n 
yivotro, iva^kv, 301, 24. kva^fkv Ixi/- 
vei; i7ya( «4g{ rwy ^fnfAkron tie rwt i^X^- 
Tttc* licere Ipsis ad eos, penes quos ilia 
bona sint, recurrere, ab iisqno relui- 
tioiicni repetere. 704, 8. 



nam decnrrit, •orsun in at^Qam ffidi- 

c-fjut %a.rra, avix/^f^* ^ Sti^urf. ^0,^27. 
propria do eomin dactqm est, piliive, 
-qjoi a caoda aoimalis Tersos oerrices 
reira agontar mftoa, aot iraottndia ter- 
roreve arrigantor, assnrgant. y. Plii- 
loft^at. p. 706, 14* 836» 7, Q6S, 39. 

iM'Xmui^\i^taittx?'Kiv9syiif 9^ eom ra- 
d«riba» oonl^eaiMi vian pobKcam exag- 
geriTUMQt. 1279, SO* 

oVAX'^''] ^<MnB» s«, aade venerat^se re- 
eipeit«t d« Ik>9W fugienle, et in patriam 
remigraBte. rwi. p,v»x^^*^ *^ IXKa- 
retuiv tSn Bi^Qi^w avo twj Sttuc. 173. 

«yaX'^^*0 ro<%PtB«, perfaglonit •ya;(«- 
f«0-ty fotnroi »«T4\Mr>f* S54, 11< 

X«t Tw 39fMy, aoil. toura* w r»»4»»»4» 
Hm^ivourekv, fomiala ituwriptionaai ea- 
niiQ> qii8B solerent coronU aareis in- 
gcribi, qne popalo Atbeo. ab aliis po- 
pnlU bonoris^l ben«voldnti» etrgodono 
darentar. 616, 2. tw Qaa-ihU o }9fiec lit 
Twv «rpoNf(T«y JMT* ctvS^ya^My vpciTO. 
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afS/sToc qui sit io rep. gerenda, qoi tnlnas. 

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xyv0-&ai. 180, 10. i^q ife^^i ofx^ ftcv 
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164, 21. u0^t( ot^ft^yrei E»3f}«fta>; ita-ra 

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ficaloetiM, imporiunas, agrestis. tot^ka- 
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TO* ^v)^<l»v« TBvToy (SdoD^) oivm vn^ 
rfmwra im ^cMvr aytfjtitVdMi., 420, 12.' 

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plarali asorpatar^ Atheniensia e. o. ii. 
qois ab alias alieajaacivitatis ci?e per- 
emtos faisset, atqoe baec pivitaa bomi- 
cidam dapoacenti raip^ Atheo. tradeve 
reoasarety lieebat peremtl neeessariis 
cives aliqaot; ad summiim tres, iJKos 
oivitaUs Telati pigaoria looo caperoit^ 
doDeo ipsia satisfieret. Haec eaptara av' 
i^o\ni>la appellabatar. vvb^ royreu 'rkg 
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teremli), 647, 24. rhv avipoXn-futv ^y»s 
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aaUum loco eapere^d tr^, wm phurei. 
^7, 26. Etiam ia nentro nsurpalar tS 
avifoKn^w, 648, 10. to anl^Xli^w ita^* 
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actas, a jadice homioida esset deoU- 
ratotf. 629. abi m»ttts de eo, quod eircKa 
boaaioidtaias esset, agilator. 

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aXtftov, iecalpabilMB, nrfvo^xi rvv v^ty. 
1470, 22. 

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WAfO^iiuMCL «!&, 1. 

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yi^ivuc. 229, 3. wonvyTa anha hty^AT* 
dy^eivm frotiTv. 1459, 9. 

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clamare delatam aliaai eoroiiam^ aa- 
ream. 24A, 2, rS fuh o'rtt^muufdw Toy 
ourdy 1;^ {^oy • orl^oiio;, Srou sv ^iifnffk' 


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svloy yni&a-Hm vifioff* 1124,7. 1383, 

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'OM'dr^ovc ayfHTivc «rttf7v Wit ^vyA^^At. 
1477, 24. »xx' tnm h'vewm, toC:-'a&j»- 
ya/ot? ir«lT{ia, out avtari^, out* i/u^rra. 
295,25. ^ . . ; 

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iXi^'Ka'ov leg. es4) vSr Miriytp^difo^. aI- 
T»A«. 1471,11. ^ , 

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AVt^nroi^, baud heredHate eifetaBr, in partes 



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1394, S.etl3. tt pen. 

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caadnm ibrmiibHto juris a jndiee adja- 
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par, ftUyr iwitAn^, 1135, p«ii. 1136, 3. 

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run T« avfjt^i^. roenper babtto a^pio 
et jfulo agatis id, q«od e re featraest. 
314, 5. €«)£{:«y iir* olnU^ imf ^'^fir/M- 
IX* 371,13. «irau i^juSir. Bobis bisoim, 
bao de re >oo interrogajkif , veiwi iostra 
oeqae rogata,]iaqtie impelrate. 935, 83. 
amv Ai/rw. ip^e inteio etiDTito. 1340, 4. 
b) amt Doo exclodtl, fed iraa q^oqiie 
c^npiectitar. htv fv& xoXito' l^g«i iw- 
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dat%y(%vi\ non solum ivi^o/MU in ftture lae- 
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Ariatopbania ad AobarD. 396. dr^« 
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mtiuTj(pi^. 338, 17. rivTt l$tt<^«ff i^l- 
X<9-^d«ct&^Xof9«. 1481, 84. l>)retinere, 
eobibere, -avpere* h S k 'n^ 3uiW«rei, 
lud rti>9 Ix^avc ^X«* ^449, ni*. o) 
aitffw in altam attollere, maBiia «. o. 
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13.. 1073> 24. d) proovl in mnm pro- 
oarfen, 4e preaioBtorio. «ii(«rr6;i«ir «V|. 
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elisa fiieirit. 937, 7. ^Wt; iiMSXvo>»v fM- 
Hv drhuc^rvtf hfjuit walbtTv, 1858, 5. 

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aetaorui»iin onmoiiL 441, 15* 

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MfA^, M^ ftyooTTo. 436, 6. •! Im /u^ 
vw AvS^ Qftrr«Xiei, n*2 Im| *ApiuiM« •»¥- 
'nib ^fflvo^vvm lry«p ifjtd, 337, 4. fti^; }4* 
ynrimi, ad f irilsaa »t|ite«i ndiritm de- 
olarari, praaaedebat ; seque^tmr^ sI^'rAc 
hafidxfbf ly^y^fsr^u 319, 13. c<4ii|ta 
ooflft |>K 314, 3. iM^ Ay<Af. HI Ipdife. 

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£vTM^. 450, 15. immUie »»l aa^foSf 

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pr^fltfiUMu^aif ovrfiiv is^lf J f^^ dm- 
a^. 1479, 16. 

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r^rw. onai owasaean, at Apatarias so- 
leaniter ooncepds verbia oonua laagi- 
atrata profiieretar, ae oavam fwam imbi 
readidisse. 894, 36.. 

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317, 33. vk ii^^fm «jt2 fM^ tfim- 
4««* 587, 13. af$fvirm9 $Ui* eoaunoda* 
chrilis, probabilis, Jioaasto rira digoa 
Tita. 77), IS. x«y Si^fAwnw h^ywu^av 
fAkkiffnr &v aarop^. 1465, 36. «(m nn, 

v^TTMa ^mknvQi, aleas seoaada foc!ta- 
na sobrie, aadeste* banuiiiiter; 14t7, 
15. v&ytJ^ uh VfM'^titak, Mi tm; 0t<ni 

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■lare, nalk>s esse oasos, qatbas boma- 
aa aatara bob pateat. 506,15. tM^ 
y^ U^i rh'bfAimth aialta enim hama- 
tue \ii» aaddaat mt t a b il iaet tagpiaata. 

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pavtem (d> svppositaBi aKqued, qaod 
ea hiNaaBo mre eogilaadi et loqaen- 
4M« oam ia rebaa bopania stabile oifail 
s^t, iaeile ooatiagaFe possit* 638,34. 
i»^fmriv<ut K09^t0-d«i. 1133, 3. &y i^i2 

ifedatia. 1485, 4. Mfdttfiwc hramfl- 
{for rk &ru)(f>fAwm, 64S, 11. 

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eifiim^ftm^eai Ibudvanffo^'ai'Te , ol oi^t- 
KM. adTerstfSi Bostram abseatis exoa- 
satiaaeoi jarefaraado •oafinaatftBi, alia 
oontraiio jtitejaraado oppaneado debi- 
Utataai Ibant. 1174, 8. «Crt i^ &ii^v 
itfi^i^wro aeqae tarn jeratm negabat 
veram esae ilkua TideAndinb excasatie- 
ncHi. 1306, 13k 



iAvpta^^aa;^at] tUf Mvnv ^XSc X/*P>y^ 
avBuwoa-rmti, ad imiUttooen, Tel sema- 
lationem alterios,<|oi se choregnm obta- 
ledt, aat ad segre ei facieodum, contra 
seinet qaoqae offerre. 5S6, iU 

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f4&Xm Xiyuf «(9( vfAAQ. 1182, 4. 

a-tv, i'ffUwa'Ay, ^ &vlj(o4«y. 798, 24. 
ayii<r«c] ■? >* «?* lx?ua-ii/ ourctt intirctf, 

av^i^vToc] (Harpocratio esponit at^thxt' 

^ flfx»«r«c.786, 10. 

oytlyiti (ab avufAt) adscendere. q/un ayt^wf 
lie T^ 'Afiw flrAyov. 707, 5. m^a-ag (M 
anivra lit Tlti^atSt o>|/l. 1252,7 » oam qoi 
ex urbe in Piraeeam irent, hi deacen- 
d«re dicebantar, et rurttos qai illioo in 
urbein redirent, adaeandere. « 

Uniyeu (ab ovlnfAi), inXftd ri t?c op>^c« de 
iraoundla remittere. 575, 3. rkg rtfAog 
rou tf-tTOV svd^g ayfutlvai. 1290, 22.s 

inarann, vel ^vm^avm] jobcre exsargere, 
vel efficere, ut aul assorgal, aut stet 
aliqaid. (l£^Xf}^a toy ^Xxorflrov oStm ^- 
ngStg, Sta^ Tov; 0VfAfMj((»vi avrou avia-ra- 
fxinvi [sqrgentea ad discedendam e 
congresso] JfAoXoysXv, citat Harpocr. p. 
233. c6o. ex or. pro Corona.) hinc a) 
, aigoiBcaiio devastandi, desolandi, com 
incolie oppidi e sedibus pristinis exsar- 

. gere alioqae inigrare jobentor. ;^(ay 
roXXqv vmti^trt avao-rabiia-av, 367, 20. 
b) avocare a coepto, institato, vitse ge- 
uere qoodam, et ad aliud convertere. 
ayierrnatt aAjn:rn dfei raumf rn? lutXnc I ^- 
yaaiaf. 270, 14. dfto^af airo rovxa^a^ 
. jU0v.313,18. o)donariaiD,8tatoaincol- 
locare in baai, templo, dcdicare.ay^^v- 
Ttt x^^^ avltf^nitfty ilc AcX<t>ouc< 164. 
21. d) reataorare, rursos erigere col- 

• lapsa, diruta moBDia. kAcmvt to, nt^. 
477, 23. iyia^off^Stat] aorgere a) ad di- 
cendam, et, qaod coDseqoitor, verba fa- 
cere. hytSjfAai Ha) firfSrw; kvaarhg iixorw; 
&y ffvyyvAfMQ nrv/fif* 40, 8. MocraQ ly rS 
lft{7 &|aTi %\9f&ro»» 359, 5. {aniii^nal fAoi 
hv^o &vaa^kt, citat Hennog. p. 179. et 
-Scbo).Hermog.p.l4,ll.) ;^<iM«r0y to «rctf* 
v/aXv virig vfM0V ifmhrra ayftf^mxlyai, &a^nf 
ffj^tatf TO xaSr* vf»Sf9. 1453, 23. b) de ja- 
dicibus ad caloolum in nrnam io tabala 
atanteiA injiciendum exsnrgentibas e 
sabaelliis sois. aXX* avaa^ivreg xara^V' 
^offBi /AW. 228, 18. c) e lecto a mor- 
bo. 1266, 3. JiK ytk( ana^rn fk^io^a. I J 
liaSmg Tfic ao-^vnlag, 1364, 25. 
' of^vq fp^fvfAoQ la-^f mX wXfiowxTixSlc. ani- 
mo erga vos fait iniqoo. 752. 17. 

aavmog] 00-at V ay6nroi* quotqaot aotem 
aant flagitiosse, libidinosas. oam opp.o- 
nnniur taU ffv^peiyouo-mQ, 1383,12. ovk 
avinrev l/xavrcr imi^M lxW{wv, f? ct 
TOMUTov Syra iyavS. 1403, 6. ayouT^a- 

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rihkt &f6nm kydvfuti koI dvat^twc^., 

dfoutf o^XMicibifn>.atalti probram mereri et 
aufferre. 16, 24. aroXXSy juucwv h &9ot» 
weXXor? alrla yUtrtu. 195, 3. rSv aXkttv 
'EKKfnon itrt )(jf^ olyotay, tXrt uaiUav, iX'r 
ifA^irtfa reujr iimXf, ex orat. pro Co* 
rooa citat Alexander Nomeoii de figa-> 
ria sententie p. 12, 22. ed. Normanni. 

afolyuv] Afimiav rmt Toy ovta^ofjun. 17 0» 
5. ifioMTM TO ha-fJMrn(un.764^, 22. Xi- 
Xirrai fir^yra, JLAvtirai, o C/oc evytti^vrau 
777, 9. de rebaa hiantibna, firma com- 
page carentibua, fluxia et disaolntia. 
Avdi^eti Tk va^ao-t^nfAOff-fASva Twy tiKnfAir 
Totfy. 1046, olt. ajtUyuv Ta ffnfAiXa twv 
olmfA&raif, detrahere aigna oatiia ceco- 
rom, vel horreorom. 1048, 13. ifenikv 
ivotj(bn TO yfafAfAonXof (acil. to Xufjof- 
XMt^) 1091, 21. 

&myn9ai] yj^uey, oc owt ^yo^>i»v0>i /ut^ rk 
• ho-fMtrri^ia, aXX^ juu xa^at^X. 765, 1. 

ayofeoXo>^7v] firayroc &mfM>ioynfAai rdug ^6^ 
youc tA i^ia^a vfarron t« «roXfi.'254, 
10. fca^oTioSy o^utiTy ^y«ftoX0>^/u«i. 315» 
14. ayofftoX^Tcu vapa irStf^y eabf<»wote 
h rourttv glyivtta, 1389, olt.. 

avoyiiToc] qai oKntn froctum ex aliqatf re 
nallam percipit. &a^* iv6vnm thai v&»' 
rmrM aya^Sn, 442, 26. 275, 5. iKKk 

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vwo Tc5y «'a»Xoj;yT«»y y^yy«Tai. 121, 16. 

avcffiog] &g firpoc aHCiear&rovf ay6f«ivrwq eu- 
)iy viro0^nXXo/Mly0x;. 390, 9. 

ayovdmToc wy, ilKSrmc* t^<^C sv l|otmk. 
1477, 14. 

ayo;^^] Tele e^roxac iroina-ae-bah 282» 21« 
283, 5. ayop^^c a(Tf70-&<u. 283, 20. 

arrayofi^tn] nomia e re vendita redactia 
aliad aliquid emere. Ivl rdXg iutXBn 
avrayofoerBiXa-i. 930, 22. laru^av avo^on* 
rat ly too noyrof a "^yw, arrayofo^Uf ar^- 
Xiy;^^iMAaT» X(U ayTt^>opT({ifl-^ai. 930,alt. 

arraywi^wbai] ov v&w foiilv ia-ri vaXg ro6^ 
ronva^aa-iitwusarraymliia^aiAOTQ, 12. 

avTdywt^i] a^mulaa, qui cum alio certat, 
conteodit, ei se oppooit, earn inpedit. 
TouTOtf ^i (acil. rw afX*^) .drrayoainerreit 
fAomtg u^iXq^c iffMig. 70, 6. 134, 19. 

a»ral(tif] repagnara. ov AaxiioffjuvMs /aShv 
arnpart (acil. t^ 2iirX«). 25, 3. fAiyt&og 
IxjtafAtotf, fff^oq qy e^$* arra^ai (acil. Tac 
;^i7pac, A touc 0<^dKfA0vg)ivJ(afAiBa, 66, 24. 

ayraXXaTTto^At fMihfJUac ;^a(iTo; ftu^' dv^^- 
Xfutc 'rqy lie Touf *'EXXqyac it!yai«y. 68, 6, 
ovTiffiXovc avT^ en0aton AaKf^aifxonws, 
■ 203, 12. ovit aVTaXXaxTsov »7vai fAOi T»y 
nr^C ^/CA«^ ^iXortfJkiav ov^iwg Mfiwg, 410, 
21. ovK avrvWa^afAnif avrl TttiWty ouisy, 
recasavi Tolautalem erga vos xneam 
prodere, ejusqne loco aliad qaicquam 
accipere, ov x^P'V* ^^ iXart^a, eu nrXouToy, 
ov ^vy«t0'Tf^v, ovN aXXo ev^y. 1468, 19. 



I io^f iAanf Ko* p^aptTCf arrdkk, 273 , Jf3. 

I dhrttnupfTv] alia aliis oompensllre. mU ii- 

nander aufheben Jjo arrange by tneans vf 

I nnitval comperuatum^, h 3ft7v cbraviXt^V 

nraZra.^304, 19. . 

arreofavXn^wv Vfig tov ixneofAravw ^ rove 
avc^otr&Twg. in namerom, Tel ordioem 
redigere alios aliis respondeatea, ot oni 
diviti plares pauperes illios unios opi- 
bos aeqaiparabiles. 183, 22. 

i»Teifrii'ninn, 633> ult. 

arrawclkeifxffansf] itiarti %Wiv «£iOi X'k'* 
arrafn'KBHAl^nn o! tr^irafp^ovTi;. 47 1 , 2. 

<lm>7^pc^fvl loco expancti e tabalis era- 
rii alinm msoribere. 792, 3. 
' artvyMXiXy. 1012, 17. 

^mcirsrv] rovTwr ovli^c Wd^won^iiouofVTav- 

I i« ovTiTvw, ovl« ^pi TO TrSfjut. 405, 25. 

To^ei; /tAiv X'^*^* Atmifrsr [on. this ae- 

count], oiit av avrif amiwcv. citat Her- 

roogeoes p. 354, 1 1. 

amto'^ytiv] ami^KTi )* arri nrvdrm* 
121, 6. 

^vTiitf-i^l^ftv vo/Moy. alias legis loco, qasB im- 
pognata e\ reprobata sit, aliam sobro- 
gare. 486, 24. 

avnxjt^irTtiv] hav Ttg o^a\fAiifhuS^n,(rm 
pata) AmMi64>M wofaa^iXf tot iaurw, 
744, 14. et 21. 

im/A0t0A(Mn. loco alioram alios in naves 
oonjioere. 50, 23. 
I imviyfi^if, deletis prioribas inscriptt- 

onibos alias novas snbjioere. 615, ult. 

^mporr2r] Maximas in libello irfpl rSv 
aXvTOfy, p. 572. sic dat prasimplioi p. 

^ 386, 23. 

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wPinbm. 476, 21. 494, 2K 
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torn, TA T£y 'OXwl^/onr. 16, 16. lie l^h 
iwti^ nai Bfax^ Xt^ &rrij(U, Tslet id 
qaidem ad nnom solammodo soeleris 
coBatOBi,etqaasi periooloni,et ad breve 
tempos. 21, 2. irrix*^^] mordicas 
retioere, taeri. ^vrlye^ac irfc IavtSv 
uai Twv iXKm *EXX^«y iMudif^sc* 290, 9. 
iUCKk *aX Hxeua 1^900" Wt SfiiX'nfi3i ^fO' 
^ foCrm Arrix9ff^a^» 1396, nit. 

arr2] qoasi. ^vri rSav i^fwhrtif. lanqoam 
mancipia sere redemta. 212. 20. irrl 
ffoXXow xjfnfjiJtrw ixia^ai, 9, 1. omitti- 
tor, at in illis rng xo^' hfxi^etif ffBvfxlag 
«roXXnv x<u /uty^qy vfftf^ovray u/u7y i u« 
S^/tMMttv 'TovToic ^(oifMfot. 172, 9. sic 
etiam /mo^w w^&ma nri. 242, 23. 

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'HfttJcXlovf t»oyo(c. 290, 26. 

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799, 24. V. sab Sxiec. 
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$9i<SL 835, 2. <lvT«/3oXoSrroc todtov ic«2 
Xtvo^oidrroc* 580, 26. 

krrvy^&^t9%ai\ alteri, qai priot aetiooeni' 
in seinteotastetf aliai& opponere, litau 
in ipsuro retorqaere. kmyfi^'mro #a(- 

na. 1044, 5. imykyf^'eu rtuha, 1115, 
16. arrty^a^^fA^ rk{ ifA^ia'^urhnit* 
caravimas ab aotoario pablico prseteo- 
- siones nostras motnas alteram e regioae 
alterios iisdem in tabalis aoribi. at si 
qois 11^ rq yfo^ falsi dicti testimonii ■ 
faisset insimolatas, Iv tn arrtyfa^ af- 
firmaret se vera fiaisse testatum. 1175, 
Z6. h/Mf imyf&4'aro 'Orfvnuf tTnu. in 
aotione snper bereditate ab ^pso in noa 
retorta affirmabat se Otrjnensem esse. 
1092, 10. 

Arrtypenpi^f] tabularias, contrarotolator. 

Sv txaa-Tog amy^A^^t i/MXKttWta^i rSv 

. tlomyxirrm, quie oontriboentiam qois* 

que in codioem ipse sais manibns esset 

inscriptaras. 615, 14. 755, 21. et 24. 

cLrrCyfo^ (adjeotivam). rwrm V kfreemn 
0^Xac imy^a^wg VKonatkcrii* vfAiXg vt 
udiuTifog* roonamenta dedicastis saxis in- 
soalpta ejosdem exempli inter se Uteris 
iisdem oonvenientia, at alterom.ex alte- 
• ro exscriptam videatar» 468, 9. f2*ai 
y at avrol fxtfJUtfTV^xaa't hddfM»t, irri' 
y^&^oug iKtlvw, consentienles verbis et 
apieibas omnibas cam exeropto primige- 
nio, ex eoqae exsoriptas. 1104, 23. iv- 
riy^a^ (sabstantivam). drriyfo^ ha- 
bimSiff ov^if «r« iftotno-aro, 1137, 18. ay- 
rly^a^ y^afAfAinron "KafABkna, exem- 
plamliterarum exscribere.ein«ilfr«eAW^ 
von einer Urkunde netwien [to ta^s a copy 
of a writing, doed, &€..] 1034, 20* caoii- 
dici, vel, athodie appellantar, advoo»% 
ti, exempla actoram in caosa qoaque, • 
qaam agitassent in fore, secamserva- 
bant. ot^a, Sn juU rk arrly^a)^ avrSf 
IX««.784, 24. 

kvrihaaro'kfi. 588, 15. 

imiiii^ai] alicai oonditionem riic kmii' 
oimf, oea permatationis bonoram,ol^r- 
To. 496, 21, amhicrrii r^mpapx^Vi oon- 
ditionem trierarchatas seoam p^rrao- 
tandi mibi offerentes. 539, pen. vg jui2' 
Tahr iutSv rourmv rou irrMnot ytyfOfjU' 

imiauTv'] repagnare, obloqai. avriiutfio^f' 
ra Sxfty v^ ivavra raZra, 1030, pen. 

^ 1032, 4. . 

dfji^Mog] fA^ Toy arrihiuv avf*$(nj\ev «ro<4- 
a-ao^ai, 226, 4. testes ab adversariis 
different, el qai. 1025, 22' sqq. o^t . 
fjkh vilq arrl hawirw xaXiitf^o*, l/wof ^ 
orn^MM?. 1127, 6* oghivl roXt ton Ay- 
ri^iaun v^iy/AOo-i, qai oausara adversa- 
rioram ageba^ 1327, 24. 

irtdociv lie* ifxi va^vxMwt^av. in fraodem '. 
meam compararant. 840, 27. rag km- 
^ut vot«Sia%v ol f6fju>l iuA* huta^M irog, .. 
1040, 4.TivTt(c avrtlM-ttc itowoft*'^. bo- 



warn ( 4ilw*i < hto< nt) fai gnifS«a istti- 
taitiM AmiHatam p«raMtationet. 6U, 

8» Y. or. toUun «dlTertta« Phfcmppnaiy 
Ubi malU de he« More faoulUlei inter 
•e i>etaa«aiidi dUfnitiubtair. p. 10S8. 

1^1. eeoidfi ftUqnid ftdrersi. 394, €0. 

ivttH^Vf] •4'k^fiM irrtkfvt wtfi rwiroo tov 
hifgarf yi^mimut expressis, 4iserti8 
▼erdis, boo de Yooabnlo pnecMe. 961, 
5. «fnii^ wd(^k rS JIMOJmm^ icaraXt- 
firtrv TO i,^fm, palatti, apefte, ««l di- 
re«U, breriMima via, dm imbagibits. 
1S4S, n. ct 25. 

«Ufi^>9^aiinr] ^ til adionem^ qoateaCas 
perseqwltir, alia contrarta aottone in- 
teroipias atq^ etadavk rqv iiaixwi ^irrt- 
X«|^ «va ufutrtv, adv^flia BeoteatMnn 
«b arUtH> in ae dicta« «fnN iosttMnsaet 
fMsltoneBi,al ill abiitaatiain irritaa «(qae 
illegitiraaiB, amas taiaeii aen est M Ai- 
ebre, qaod Sn ennri litis eoatoMiMiene 
fieri sol^t, at neaipe jurcfaraado eon* 
fiitaaret, iatkoi adteiieni i>ptimd jvreet 
ceHissima cam oeucientia vert a ae 
•natslai. 542, Itf.rb /uii •lam iertOimyfiv 
hfjit avrS. Mcabat ipsi exeeptioaem aen- 
ttintiiB oooira Jaa et fl» di6t», eaqne 
hriUb et pro iraUa bal>eadt» opponei-e. 
645, 14. 1YX)6, 6. i^ ifl^fAW Afnhdx?' 
laAntot Ikm jedieiaBi exoepttone eon- 
tmnaeiah aiit radiamiMi deserti. 889, 
•25^ JtttaJifXfiiHi» r^tm t^ wkfuyfa^v 
.^iMmvoty^bi. 976,14. 

irrOiMfufiana^'] azttttminre alifeid ad ae 
ipertanere, eoqoe id aCreane i^yere. <rfiv 
itfay fMi t ir m vfJM ^y^Xuarrfov if^Mftth»Q, 
sedulo res vestrse vobia tigeifdae a«4t. 
15, 14. 200, pen. Uq y*ri »m^^ ^im* 
lU(Stfrdl nmf wtdyfufdrmr, 15^ 5. ^ 
iModi^. 214, 10. fuqMc &nifii^M$m' 
iMpit9o^» BentBe 4wn banc aj^efite, \0ana1- 
4e. 1450, 4. 

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& fxiv axBofMt ToTc Xl}^ou0■^ «a2 o^H-On^Kw 
M^' <9W ^uwqudi /3o«0«v ifMf. 147^ 7. 

fa vnfi ^(waitUn. 818, 12. 

irvm^^'lavof. 1018, 7. 

Separate a tfiassa hereditatis «»qaalc8 

diis partibaa «ide janH Aate «^«bi8. 

946, ^D. 
^ArrioxpM. 1399,6. 
«9rlir«X«c] arpnri^biim Z0fn Avet^Mn^mv* 

522, 9. 

itti9af^ity$»] hoitileai exeroitoai ai kd* 

ooptta e regiooe op|iotilk quoqiw eat 
. «Muteria et ihaftquaraa, et e coaspeota 

non dimittaa. 239, 6. 
ilf^irlt^j^v fffiyfjMTu* who, qui tibi 10- 

eolttinodet, raraut vexarev 555, 12. 
AmwHM&tu\ 8ibiarrogare,ad te trafaere, 

eonleaderek •roC w^mrtutif «H'(X«/m^- 

tcvrai clarccm;. 145> 8« «3v fi^Hf tUnrS 


1420,17. imwfa'rrmToc'to&rvi.'%Q6,9, 
Irrtfr^naXiia&at] apoasaeai ab alio delatao 

aliam oontrariam opponere. 979, 9^ 
i$^ nrfi^imK i7irfta>] ai ttt ei, a ^mo in jadi* 
eimn Tooataa laeria, ipie nireaa ia?i- 
eeal diem dioaa^ ant ai eaadem aetio- 
nein in te retdfqiieat adTeriaria8,q«ini 
to in earn intorseria. 1153, 5* 
irri^MTog rv^fjukx^ eooielaB beUi atdtw^ 
sa, clades acceptas compensaris, atola- 
aiiqiie repafare valen^ 12> 6» 

Wfoniim vfMV imriia^^, 56,6. fxim 
JiymSai AV^vra^^difAt ai^aut^ 152, tO. 
^uri irAtrm •a^fmifomu' Wfi( <roa>c dm- 
vax^srrtif, 155, 8. cijtovwc •» It-ttt ^- 

vol. 180, n. <t>tXai6(<vflH« «^ f46«v 

mi loMtoouy* nfif utmUnf -^ d i mni ^ i^a *- 

liu. 507, pea. 
amrtriBam'] alietajas a rgnuie at l iold h M ao " 

o*rrere, eaa nfittare aif<Mneota TalMi- 

ora opponendo. 1033, 22. 
Antrtf/tac^'] «vvev Ijm^oii <bT<tyt>yi<iw. 

cum rea8 ipse baiM} aibi poanatt petias 

atattaerei, ioeo poiiiie a jodieibas di» 

eiatia, 743. 21. 

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^•(tUr^hreu, in iooammeroiam mi Pob- 
4Biti hiac iail|>ertMatam ibiqve direadi- 
taraii, Idiaa tfei Peatb cse a il a a»ei ia «a. 
¥0U impasftaa %ttUlAe«3(peftaiik 926, 
<lyTt^ii^oToyftv] TQgsttitMiemaiKqaata aaffim- 
gio auo impr^>ara, ^ obrogave. >m. 

<riy. 1346, 26. 

dv9^C«(^(v] ai to, sire ot pat et oallega, 
«kive «t sBiaakis «t adf ersaiioa, ia taa 
triba choregom agaa, alio in ate ttain 
agente. 554, 25. 

^^XVr^ 559> 14. 

drre/civurai] ivrt^xii&whn^^fgmntiAdt^fSSv 
^^ 'wfjeptaiinrtiiihtif vvrji Ac 7^ Ttr 
^Mov£y 'fyyfKfifm fiv 1^ Tuvam^. jnraie 
simpliciter,aat, imiliairejiinaite He'oolp- 
nalidna proxsinam esse, oootra jatare, 
•psoaMHiiiovase propiores. 1051, 10. 

iframXa^ai] oontra Ucari, pneripero^nlo- 



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. aea emtiooemf^stiBindo. i yk^ Arret' 

nofxviQQ xaX rayy rmK ««f* ^(^ «iri- 

Ajvijv] i»q ov2iv SvM TQvTM«. cQiD uhll boo 
pacto efficeret. 548, 17. 

xaraXiXfli«r«tfY« 1389, 7. tvv ^\0Ti/bt/tfy 

^itivoyonToy x^XXo( «rpoc t^c «(Tia;. forma, 
Gojos eansa sniit extra MspioioiieBi. 

218, 14. aH;«r«0'T«T« r^ rotovTa to\u^« 
ftara. 1268, 27. huftiv^tarw -rdv t«v 
rcrvMy Ivyufuy. 1410, 2. 
hot] uovrofJUMi i*l raZg a^^ati^ic rauTAtf 
rttXt ebw n x«2 xifw. 22, 23. ^v/mwo^o- 
dfiTf ataf xa2 j(aT«. 52, 2. ^m» juU iUitw 
WMra/oMf iri» Twv *fiXX^MiW ff^^'/b!***. tain- 
tBft tmis v«rtiU 120, 19. 434, 27. 680, 
16. rSv >.oym, eSc wtot &¥tt jud n«t» 
Zuuimtav'i^tyw, 263, 19. 9v2c » infmc 
S,m Mo^ro, in snlkseUHS* 205^ 2. tUxa 

a-etv hiuvf ^ *>f^^itf* ^^» ^^* ^y** '^^ 
>e«T«» Toi(f yofuov; K*i ir<li>fi*, «<r» ^ouXiivu, 
o-rgifu. 543w olt. oJ'w k*1 Karu (soil. 
voXiTtm}. ftosqtie de^e ferri, ct {>er to- 
tam epistolam rej^nare. 680, 13. ro «y« 
jiaiw yiyiwl#-fl«» ^i oror* oi^ ^vw. 792, 

20. ei 26. rSof im vifjbS» A^iwf vwtiXrt' 
^o/ov. hoDDribtts, cfui diis stipeas ha- 
bentar. 1400,3. h tiv» ^fvyU, 671,19. 

iwAa i^tvQai. Irani a pHora f ria«iptere- 
petere narmotem. 539, 22. oMt^tt h- 
^a^oa, rem a priaeipio rep«t«iide. 566, 

21. &im&6y ify'T^w ^ ylfO(. 1082, 7. 
et 13. ^rovq^; ovro; eavttn is ntv «Ua- 
xs/ov. a ▼etiuto iode> a prima state. 
1125, 23. 

AWtf^bu^oc. 774, 9. 

asvfxoroq ti^fmi, jorejaraode noa MnoUa. 

404, pea. Av^fMro^ imv^x^' ^^ ^^* 
avduyv/uocj fi^ «v«yu/M0y nai tt)^«v Iv&otfoi «a2 

yxu^Mot yMyima-i. 106, 6t* t? «»Xtt ** 

vv^f V iM0vv/bM Mtt ^«ivXa Te^ ^nSv flr{«>fo- 

vftnt. 150, pen. 

juuMtfC ^fOM^y 'I'mV ^VffnTMc y^M^rot. 16, 1. 
■vnrsp TQV (l|i«v. 18, 22. (u/ukv ita'R^ vhv 
a^Uty e(Xi)4>i. 155, 13. iyyvq'nit lifiMti' 
ftif ^(UqjTmi hX Toy X^'oy^ fXi t?? 'rov 
Xf j'oyTo;. 171, 13. a^lvai ro ^finfta *al 
irkf stu)riif ^^y. 246, 1. hmirtfiff tutr^ 
<r>iy r^ ohayu^ if/ut,*. S49, pea. <ltapa- 
tatSo, de fiiUone digpitalem et jaerita 
oajosqne aestiBiandi, aMa« faa civtUtfi, 
alii^ qba priTataa qotsqae utitur. 474, 
Beqq. Tdf Twy dtiSy ^wy Iw' «v3fiS«»v 
^M^rfMtf fX'fV. 1404, 20. v)y tqc »(/«( 
fflpoc-dqaw tf-uXXd^^j^syoc, r^ «o«Sva 
ier|}(piyiy. 1477, 21. 
«{iftr4ivof] ii ^HiSro /moksv & T&y nSv i(ii- 

«r«ifoy. 1405.24. 

i^tiarirTKav tUihw^ ^votre. nerito Tidea- 
tur is, qui mii^a aois §deni factia ipsia 
adatruatf Tel, qui noo credator facile 
minari, quia rebaa ipds miaaa iq^ro- 
bet. 10, 4. tAv itX«4Mr«y w^f hfut i^tr* 
arftf-Trnpey ietltV iTmt. 413, 15. 

fltfioc] digBOS, coDTeniens, faoiettlia,ttqai- 
parabilis. vagnifaoieiidaa. tiUs pratu. ' 
ou 9^ Hm %tmu head enim deoells, Tel 
expi^BOire. 82, 9. i^m 'kkyia, booestum, 
«ot fas dicta. 102, 21. rt^i /Jth ova 
U^i wXi^oyoc « ^umV o^otf et(iaiff tlvat, 
^69, 3. tSv /3a0-iXlwc bLC^ ;^«f*iT«y 
I^T^. onm regis opibas eqaiparaada. 
169, 4. ovr «y i^un <rou iroXijuov r^ ;(;^ 
futra. nolio modo snffitfidDt hm peca- 
nie aeoessifktibos belli gerendi. ld.5, 
25. Ttt l(ya hfx&v «W«c «l{<a Twt wfoyi- 
»o»y M^oi 0'ito9r£|My, ^d roue lar} 9«t; ^q- 
fMToc Xo>^ouc* operam demos, ton at 
orationos nostrti ni^tati renim • via- 
joribas gestantm respondeant, sed «i 
facinora nostra. 189, 26. il^ h-m 
&KnBiXt, 9VM. hi r? roXit Xtanf o^kv K»$iTv 
«6y 'iyyv(. 229,* 12. /ixrri ^f^oo-yftfMtVf 
A^iw Trie ^oXf «( rauret w^A^otfAm. 288, 
1. wc ov NoXA iut2 1^ «RaXidtf( «^a aftU 
yjbtaTM JyigTi y ^pig. 292, 26. «rpo^a- 
}^ v/eaS; ei^ia rSv Vfoiyinn <pfanXv, 296, 
24. Tov i^ut rvQ aroXfopf linp^Afnt X^ 
»«i». 327, 26. wXXSy ^{touc davaT«»y 
. X^yoi;« 2)iift«7'^f(. 345, 24. X^ tTroy, 
ovx i>if*i ®nBa^, aXX' virif «ft£y 4^(oy 
ii^nr&u. 384, 17« a^i«y Mv^vyng vi; yi- 
MM*e^iyiiC. qnod ianii nt, nt ideolvipi- 
tudo inde exstitara facile snaeipiator. 
463, 7. tK&TTm jcncm^fiyoi too t^kt^m^ 
)(faf a^ta l^tv. mintis inheiAes in beais, 
qnam ut possint eas BaouStataa habere 
videri, qaas qui poasideat teueotar 
trterardiiaa iMre. 465, 22. TttSd* &f 
OIK 3^uu noo magni facieada. aed<oon- 
temaeuda. 300, alt. raova mm. io-rvf a^ta 
4VX; on Svoiy TetX^broty frpo^^ov, ^X* i^^i 
iSko^ /«v5y. islco, aon diovBt daom ta- 
lelitum reditam, aed na Tiginti >qBidem 
minarom Talent. 9^,23. ttlTu6^»iyoi mx- 
9ijS irXeioye; a^ia iyjuv (soil. l^ouiXfiy) wy 
Ihh^iiftMv ^iptt^ivw. caasootes, qase 
Ipst bis orediditsent, eoqoe jreposoenda 
habeaat, moke jduris esse, qaam id 
tena,qiiod nos eredidiBseflras itsdem. 

ei(uviinu mrhftt; tS* dtaal^y Wfo( t^ flki- 
foufftof itrmfnsf. pront cniiqtte ^^Moitas 
ert jus sa«m <exseq«eBdi, ita j«a«i tti- 
bnxtmr vqaoas. 199, 8. ^^tfyi'nt ^'^^ 
^ttXacrmy-^lfwdtttnt M «£ 7«t^|.834, 
14. Twy dMav 4i|Waf hf»3i>; n im2 tov- 
owv^ oitat Heamog.p. 340. e Leptniea. 
^tmtrmtiimShini rtig u\n*it ftfMif 4^- 



36, b. iyywirhi a^U^Ms, 101, 27. «f<^- 
T^iwCft^tfTwfrtf lea^iytv^ai, 1026,19. wV 

iUnv itiovai rSn vofxan, l<f>' of; iayi, (qui- 
bag taendis vos presidetis) het^^apw- 
ren, 1427, 1. 

i^iatua avartmif — wipwXiTo. 246, 23. 
t^ivfxa ,T?c ffoXs«c Tut^dtfv. adeptus bo- 
Dorem, eoque persona pablioa indutus, 
nt remp. repraesentaret. 277,3. &vo- 
/Sxlvttv f»( T^ Tdtfv Vfoyofon a^id/Mtra, 
298, 5* TO T^y iXfiudf^a;y janraixaiy a^(«- 
AM ftc TA? sta/m; g^K. 1384, 3. 

i^Mtff] tfv oyJ* «» Hff af /«ff s<j>(xl0-dat Wv«<to 
T« Xoy«. 178, 5. 

5£«y] «? Iv TO? afwt ayo^iuii. 629, 21. 

aoiicnrw Toy *A. watla vtvolnKai. domas, 
b. e. patrimonii, seo foci proprii ex- 
sortein. 1123, 2. 

aoKVoif \iyegv Kai ^tfarrm,. 1475, 13. 

oofWTOff] oWsif avB^haa^cVf ovV aSfio-rw h 

TOUTOiff n/EAlXHTM. 50, 16. aT«»T«, O^fi- 

0^«, a2to^d«T« ATravra. 50, 18. 
aoristas loco fatori. hX^ai pro Wi^itv. 
^ 1241,11. 
avayytTdaJ rennotiatio legati de suoceisu 

legationis suae, quid effeoerit, minosve 

effecerit. 342, 20. 
avayyiXknv] reounciare, referre, recitare. 

avnyyu'KM (ad popalam) o{ v^vraniQ 

Ta fffooTiyyiX/t*nw (soil. UuTOif). 285, 3. 

xpowg \iyoui. 344, 11. o t« •\'%\j^ ICf 
awyyAhaq, Hermogenes citat p. 256. 
avaynii\ abdacere, ot victimam ab ara, at 
farem, latrooeni, caedis reum, saorile- 
gam ad jodice8,the8motbeUs,XI?iros, 
aut in servilutem ; item jadices, vel 
aaditores a caosa prsesente ad aliena. 
iivayin 7^ It^iiov atto toD BoofAOv, victi- 
mam, quam pro filio sea suo, sea ado- 
ptato pater |Airatoribas inferebat. 1054, 
6. ovx hBikna-aq avrio-Beu tov (i^eiov, ovr 
iveiyBiv avo rdv $wfjtaj, 1078, 21. aira- 
ytiv ifivov vpoaiixt. ad sappliciam rapere. 
431, 7. awaynf iatCtCag (id est fi<iir* 
f^'HXnfuiTi M*.). 601, 26. Off Toti; dto-fjtO' 
Birat, 630, 16. ^*iyfrv IfioTW itf to 
ho'/Ao»riifio¥, 647, 2. avayw xXIottw 
Iv* auTo^iiSpM itXD^c. 1125, ult. airajfin 
h>M)iiMi t9c tSv ywiocm xxutcio^oit, 733, 9. 
^9ra>«v ToTc hitHA. pro or^oc tovc Iv^ixa. 
736, 2. T0i>( 9uut0^ac ^a>«>^ avo tqc 
v«rol^l0V«c. 416, 24. awayayorra to 
VfSy/Jta iirl rSv Vitr^yfihw ft; >^Xa;- 

TA X<(( OXM/AfJMTtt Ift^AXltV Vltg^TCtl. 

1261, 12. ou^fiff &v&yu ct avo TouTanr. 
nemo tibi bis interdicit. 1005, 8. 
^v«>^suctv] interdicere, vetare, cam fjA. 

Vfo«X&ft* At^Wff otiTOtf-J TO?? >,vyia^ACi 
— avD}^fut /Mn MaXiTy l/EAi tie t2 )um- 

ff^fief. 406, 26. ivayopivorrw rSh in^ 
fA.w fxnH rStv eiXKotf ttari^ai riBnSna^ 
MMi&q "Kiyiw, 1022, 27. Iteayo^ivwaTtt 
Tflff ywa^Mt uh einrta-^ai ttvrSf, 1156, 
13. avoyopfuot/o'iv ol vSjuioi fjjffatq ravrdiQ 
Taff ywai^l fjiA tla-iiyai ftc t^ ^/xoTfX? 
Itpa. 1374, 4. airayo^tiAi (pronantiat 
com iiiterdicio) iiafphhif i v^fMQ, (An 

. t^tivai avroXg roiv Inia. ag^ovran ytfiffBeu, 
1376, 15. 

iwayo^J actio adversBs farem aliamve 
facinorosam, qao flagrante in delicto 
deprebensus ad jadices reram capita- 
liam, aat carcerem rapilor. awayo^v 
vpoc Tovc hhtm iTvai, 735, alt. a^ovri Sv 
avayouyeU S(d*tv. coram criminam convi- 
cto et condemnato, ob qase per leges 
licet »va>^(v. 736, 3. Xdtfvodi/TeSy av«t- 
yoayh, 1256, 8. tav rig vroi^ rei rSh av 
Ho^rrouVTCtjff hUi^iv avrw iTvai xal &itct~ 
yoayhu eos licere perseqoi et per h^t^a 
et per avayoayh* 1325, 9. 

^wad'^c] aVadi(( Micon t^ VMfMtra, Mat 
>wv«y inrtifoi rai •\'V)(&Q» 1399, 19. 

amtdiivTog^ ooTig inQfonAq wy ayd'pwvat tu- 
X"* ^f*^f**» *«»'TiX«f «y^Toy hywfjMt 
Kot aveuiivrsf* 311, 11. 

aireu^W] sors ejus, cai aat liberl nalli an- - 
qoam faerant, aat, qai foeront, deces- 
serunt, orbitas. 1365, 2. 

Avct^Etv] proficisci, in iter se dare, disce- 
dere. voT vori h t?? v^Ximc ivJfM W- 
vafju(, 137, 21. ol 91 ir^iffBuq airnputa-av 
ol Tou 0iX(arvot;. 387, ult ori svl fnv 
vporipav fl^io-^iutv &wi^afjttv» 392, 14. 
avn^v am rnf y^g (a Sicilia) ^ry h 
T^(£y qfCEgwy vXot/v. 883, 20. 

aVAfff] Avot^ fixfi^you TfXfvT^tf-AyToc Afplyanr 
VAtW 1028,3. 

^firAtTfTy] repetere, reposcere, deposcere. 
UcvyoffaQ axnh AVAiTStv tiavt e-ln'pio-fjti- 
yo«. 15, 18. TO fA^XXoy, h to VAgoy i^y tow 
ov/aSouXw ra^» (partes, provinciam)' 
airainT. 292, 14. tw? a"TgATny/A^, «; ^f 
TA? liduyAf imainX, 308, 23. 

AVAiTq^-t;] t£v TOfouTow 9ixwy vp^^oy t&c 
ivatrha^iq votovvrai vamt, n iixij^errdu 
nemo non in ejosmodi causis, prias* 
qaam litem in foro exordiatar, ad earn, 
de qoo qaeritar, privatim adit, res re- 
petit, et jas aequum sibi reddi flagitat. 
901, 1. 

AVAXit^ity] expnngere, at nomina terario- 
rum e tabulis pablicis, aat de formula 
testimonii nonnuUa, quse infitieris. ava- 
Xft<}>S(y AVToy tots xfXfuiiv tin, £ yvy ov 
^0-( fAifjtafrv^xiveu, 1115, 5. ri o2ry eu 
TOTf avnyai^v* cur itaque nOn tunc 
statim jossisti expungi.^ 1128, 8. ^va- 
Xf/^iy TOii; iyytygafAfjthovf iiri rov o^X'^- 
fAoroff >ut2r o,ri av ixT(^^ Sie soUen 
ihm den Abtrag absckreiben {they shali 
give him credit for \ohat he has paid <m 
account^^ 1338, 8. b) abradere, deror 



4ere, decerpere, H^dkti^tt iwi rSv ira,- 
fcautradqitSv. d« pignoribus apad se 
depositis. 1343, 16. 

iwaXXayn] hfAiv rnv ra^ia^rnv iiraWa.-- 
yhv ran im^fxivtiv ^&tn Wrt xoJ ff-otm- 
piav a0-<t>aX9. 332« pen. ^a ftot xaX rovroo 
syinro 0v/A06>uuet, vifraif a^aXKayvs 
Mat a4>l0Y«c ymofMmQ. 893, 13. aff-aXXo- 
y6 Tiff avTw yifMTo irttf vfMv kvm, 944, 
. 11. vov txrpoQ hfjuic vre\ifMu orlpaC) ov¥ 
avaTO^ayh ♦iX/wwo*, citat Herraog. p. 
245. ex or. pro Corooa. 

agretXX^rreii'] avertere, amoHri. placare, 
satisfacere. discedere. Uberare. Kntuvan, 
163, peo. ala^uny vva^p^otwav. 420, 26. 
Ik Toy dofv^sor oux airaXX^rrso'&i "koyotv* 
propterea, qnod obioarmaratis et cam 
fremita rejioitis concionanfem, non 
ideo liberamini t^edio ooncionam ad 
T09 habendarnm. rel, nihil eo minas 
ad Tos habentor conciones. 1462, 15. 
amoltri aliqnem a ae, plaoare, ul taceat, 
vel timorem ;ncatere, ot sibi ne oflB- 
cJat, et ^qnQoaiiqae alio dole corruni- 
pere, nt eqaum et reotam ne teneat. 
711, ^5. 712, 1. ubi avaXXa^a; xal 
ita^u^ copalantur. placare aalisfa- 
ciendo. nt cnm debitor creditor! sa- 

* tisfacit 9BS debitom relnendo. ]caoX<c 
rcve ret STtf oirXoM ianlreLfrtu airoXXa^t. 
914, 4. 1189, 13. ovWi^ai g^am !*«- 
}^v roue ^ifwg avaKhd^an. 1249, pen. 
a/piiveu KM avaXKamiv dicitar de ere- 
ditore, qai debitorem, de aceasatore, 
qaiteam absolyit, aibi ab eo satiiiractum 
profitetar, crimina et postalationes re- 
. mittit, sibi in posterum earn negat alio 
modo fore, obnoxiam. tL rSh yiywn 
afjL^rt^a, luu ykp a^M (remisit pne- 
tensiones) jut^ airqXXa^i (ab omni 8e- 
cam nexa et commnnione rernm absol- 
Tit). 952, 16. TTifi Sv ay tic a<pitf xoi 
airaXXaf «? hua^nreUt ytynoron fAOi a/A- 
^ori^otv rovron v^oq n»vraivtrov rotnni, 
966, 3. b) ab aliqno negotio qaacnn- 
qne cam fortana discedere. X'ljpov hfjtSiv 
awnKKd)(aa-i. $ie sind tchlimmer davon 
gekommen, als wir{they came of worse, 
t}ian we]* 246, 17. aXX^ •fourw Ktti woXtr 
$i\rui¥ &ini\\ax»n, 1488, 15. In pas- 
sivo a)Uberari, absolvi. vavrw ran fxirk 
rtwra. av Hn ittrnWetyfAivoi vr^Ay/xaron* 
11^ 16. r»' ivvofUv nvk liuto-roc aurS 
xriK^AfASfot avaKkwyn TWff .uwftpx®"^^ 
. mtUq. 186, ult. T?ff avaXyiifl-utc mX /9a- 
furnroi rnf rStf ©n^edon awAWaYivat* 
237,^14. rhv a-vyy^a^rsf aViXofMvoq AirnX-' 
Xafo k* rw avfA6o\aiou. 916, 10. o^yiJ- 
pioy XaCwv iwn^'Kayn. mercede placatas 
eausae persecntionem omittebat. 1331, 
3, b) discedere. iar fxh «rpS JuvovTof nX/ou 
awaXXttTTflrt'Tai, mdhifMout xgiVEiV. 197, 
7. i^tariKKayti rSv (HXiion a-oof/^ron rh 
rourw irnvfAara, 1396, 12. c) placari, 

td litem requttendam addad. itq iviiX- 
"kayfjMi, me cum illo in gratiam redisse, 
litem ei remisisse, atqne ab omni nexa 
reram mecam expeditam dedaraase. 
578, 14. avafrif fle-iv im^'KayfjUm. 
omnes erant insontes deolarati, et aool- 
pa liberi. 605, 16. 

offaXXoTpMvv] rif o it«XuTac r^ 'EMJiamr- 
rm a9raXXoT^i»d?vai. a sooietate noatra 
avelli in partesqae homiHom nobis ini- 
micorom traduci. 255, 3. 

airaXoav] tritarare, frumentom trilarando 
ab artstis liberare. oWou o 0'7toc (In o 
aamXon/ulvoc. au8gedro$ehen [to press out]* 
1040, 22. . 

afravatff^twTify] impadeni fieri, impoden- 
tiam indaere. 850) 17. 

avayray] oocarrere, tai copiam facere, in 
oonspectum et sensam venire, exsistere, 
oocarrere qaoconqne animo, sed impri- 
mis infesto, argamentis, excasationibos 
alterias refatandis ; con venire ad oon« 
dictam, devenire, descendere,receptam 
habere ad argnmenta, excusationes, 
magistratas. h hoB' hfxifav ^aa^om Ka\ 
^a^fjkU — lirt rS n^a'Kalf rSh itfaym 
fjMron tivarrSi, Kommt einem in dU 
H'dude [is at hand], cemitnr, qaam 
damnosa et pernioiosa sit. 133,15. oX- 
X^ MM ivt roXf aXKoTfUts iyoia-tv avarrZ, 
alienis litibas, ad se nil pertinentibos, 
sese ingerit, et in forom venit.580,20. 
^Bovfxapi lif TO iiKoa-rdptov sio-that, f/A 
T<ff hieo ffoXinuo^lyow iri^td^ ww XfXv- 
fni/cAfyoc hrwj^A AitArrnatiw «utw. hie ei 
se objiceret, sea acoosandi, sea con- 
tra eom testandi, sen oalcalom infe- 
stam ferendi ergo. 995, 17. oiltiAfAVj M 
ravjrm (soil. Twy o^oy) AfenmitMi Ifjul, 
nanqaam aasus hao via mibi oocarrere, 
b. e. me aggredi, et aperlas meojom si- 
maltates exercere. 230, 9. lyTau^a a- 
wrimiut(,- 269, 8. AWArrS (legislator 
occorrit, h. e. opponit sese viamqoe 
olaudit) 1^' tKAo-rm tXm rSn a^itxnfA&rw, 
KooXvM xtti ovK iSy 0a^I(siv. 712, 3. or«v 
TowTftj rS 'Kiy<a p^rai, ^irorraTi iwi rov- 
ra. descendite, confagite ad has exoe- 
ptiones, obmovete ei hroc argnmenta. 
760. 24. aTrayr^irgtf^at TaiV hfAMAiq ^u- 
ffsa-i, 1395, 6. TOtf-aumy noK^rti'^A nai 
roa^vrov mrof trap' u/t*5y aVayrav. 41 1 » 
26. 9rpoc ?»a0^oy dwArrAV, orav ovrotMyp, 
522, 22. AiTAfrfv iwi nv iUirAv, con- 
venire ad condictam apad arbitram. 
544, 2p. wpoc Toy JtoiTUTiiy ivrfivmn, 
1011, 15. et simpliciter a^rayrfy. «; )* 
9VH, Airfttrw ouTot, aXX' s^x/ytl^iMm, lOlS, 
6. Ivi rrfli avyKUfAivrtv n/ulpay. 898, 6. 
ou^'ilc ETffay TflSy hfASgSv Afritmasv* 1042, 
18. iirl f(fV TO ifAoo'M oux avniyTa. co- 
piam soi non fecit jurisjarandi dicendi 
ergo. 896, 27. IvAyytlkAq rS ^Airiwirat 
ivt TA U^k xarc^ tov yofiov AvArrZy, 10 41 



6. M vmhk U iwht^m, ad hone Mtem 
looom deveniebtnt, hoo argoHwatnai 
afferebaot. 563, 93. iiravrSv «r^^ rove 
dirfM8fT«(. reoorr^re, FeoepUm habere 
ad TlK 599, 27. £<rTf ttal n^ intivuhf- 
n»s «la;p^^M0-dM. at vel igoett quiqve, 
fortuilo m via poblioa oooarrootes, qai 
Beqoa te Boriat, neqoe to (Hot — 968, 

r5v avrSv rkq Htutq ihmt, 989, 13. iU 
fU» 2lirA£ ^trrix*** ^'^'^^ '^ qoidem ad 
unicBm modo soeleria conatom et effe- 
ctom, noB antem ad plarea. it, 1. t^, 
ov;^ &9ra£ AoroXwXlyat d^ioc 374, 27. 

(^irofo/rvTOf )(»h 77i0, 25. 

a«r«f<b^uof. 745, 93. ^ita^iaiumt v«r* 
i/uMS Xii4>d^a(, 1017, 17. 1065, SI. i^ 

dyml^B9^M, 1173, 21. dfreifma-Muirtfoq, 

^ 1392,15. 

aflptififitri&fiuj oifit <larafVov|bCili rw!vofUL. bob 
ncaso Bomea bee. 575, 27. 

aropTttv] disjoBgere. ^inipi^t^lyof aa2 raXg 
flBttppwxMMic JM^ Tat; 7<i«0|iuu«. 43, 22. 
Afra^Tfv T^ ^^«v tik >'P«^. adioBem 
a capiiiiMis aocasationts sejiutgere, ia 
defeaaiaBe a caaga alieaa exiBeqai. 244, 

X^p^rnh atiff^navf tig Ai^w^. Alaxaader 
Maeedoaie rex. 164, 21. 
anatti] ou MTuueiMf »tu /SxiC«c not i«niit9)c 
K6>yocfAt<rrk> 151, 23. ^t«» y If itrtjSw;. 
Xiff JuU «rX«arf£^c iv^ tied ^ xttri- 
X*Ten Ti itf&yfjMra, 154, 10. wStfw h 

yTclvt ♦^itscK iroX^n«i/. 365, 5. aw^Tiiif 
Irl^ (deoeptionem passivani, fa. e. 
^nod mi passi sint se decipi) fjiJh «;• 

id BOB prsesciibere Tobi», aeqve po- 
tcstaiem eripere ex aainii vestri senteB- 
4ia soisoeodi. 653, 13. <r^ ^Urrrrw tw- 
^tnifav Mfntm *7tcn tS? f*ireL t«v Xf^ 
Hu0ao^oiK 1456,21. ' ' 

'AaottTOv^al lyy^i^ (soil. •!; nrtirg ^Avor 
ff«c) TiTc AWftToupW 995i 28. 

cl«tl&ilV JM^ liilju^M rwg ^ofMvg, 532, nit. 

*AKxt0iih ^X^)uni»f. 561, 8. 

aVftX^} «oXXac hhdttf, ^ai p^A^cvac, luii «q 
Aiet x«2 ^imXil; voN/bUNWC 515, 17. 

aM?V«u, doma abeeae, v9c 36af( tnffa, tud •v 
^nfAOffif, 1174, 11. hv ra irofivra Ava* 
Xfltfvii 'nt Wfit ^ fi«i hT, wSq vSxt iwitivw 
fimofiaa-tu Vfig a HX, 33> 26. fv0«< vviif- 
JCI» ToTc WofiSmyk 'tSv ivirrm, 41, 25. 

aamirslV] Tetare, iMerdicere, aeqaeate /btn 
e«m inliintfta. Arun^ rw \otmiu fiin 
i9n^al»t¥. 278, 24. 681, ali. oXmc Aw- 
iiV», /i«^* «^rf, fAW AjJm /unSiW, |i«^9* 

717, 4. A9r§iwt f*^ Aw»fetUrbeu. 898, 
24. dariivwy xa2 tutkva-of roue omXiSra^ 
f*i i{^it« T^ ^mr ia tUg i^artuf, 1040, 
pwK i«VMrilrt^«r0VTOf^ i^ Sxnc fii Sirrf- 
«■&««. 104t, 4. b) raBOBtiare alieoi 
JBrI, e. o. haraditati. «ioik wwon totsa- 
gm [to rwiowncc]. revaBliare jari, qao 
qoia gaodet, ant teaetor, oognatam, 
oni ffit proxiBuia ia MmguiBe, ia matri- 
moaiBm daceadi. 1133, 7. o) deficere 
Tiriba«, aniaiove, bob ampliaa posse. 
Amtgwirm x$«^b»«ri 4>Mel«v. SO. aatcp. 
rS Aimpnuinn vA Uvrw Xf^/t*«T ilo'^i- 
fOTTi, id est, h rw tA twrw do-^lpctv. 
735, 1. So*c Af ilin^AMnv, deUqaeriat 
animifi sab verberibns, v0fi(t<rBM bxtif' 
|«. 1264, pea. Amt^miai irpo? rA \nvA 
XfnrS^a, ro7g AxftaraXq, t! vt^ rourov 
fiuimv n^^va-dfju&m, 1405, 26. Avof- 
pi^h i £^fM<r^6viii iT«n», Arri rw Atra- 
ycf§u$h, Julias Pollox. II. 128. 

Aml^iv^ Ik tw /4,t,h9l fxnih, fjcnlt Av «f wc 
ft ^^(Hf if&rrm^ Amif^irt rcnj f (Xotc- 
fMtffbeu. 458, 26. 

AmifU] iaiperitia rerom oiTiltafli alqoe 
foreasiasi, iafontia dieeadl, iaiacaadia. 
o« y^p ^' «fr»p^ y ob sii<ntf IxM, r.rt 
thF9tf. 378, 4. rriv AmtfUv r^ hfjtrri^av ' 
iwi T^v if ivAyxnt £yfOMY rm imt^tiyfjii^ 
Mw. 986, 16. f9/9«t//Aai, /Mti itA rhv Ami- 
ftw (ni h/fha-fjM v^\ tSv viftpayuuhon 
J»»X5w»<. 1028,15. 

offttp^MXoc frgooi^ iTmi. 617, 7. 

rtflnifOf] ot>x •St#? *9n«fo^ ha-fASV •rw*fi)/t««- 
ow(rfl«i. 907, 1^. Xwfiv aanig«. 1399, 19. 

AaaXauirin'] AkkA f*hv Srt rtvrw ArnkKetrtv 
k 09vXk 272, 11. rtwh Towff w»f h^ 
Air&Mvnf^wi wifw^^ie^fwc. 307, 6. A«- 
X««w»v Aflr* T#0 roK^u. 1373> It. du» 
AmXnXaf4hof rSv aXXwf n-ifiSv. 1416, ^S. 

a«iXcx;^piMr«c] i^rsXavde^d^aMc )^dXp l*-^ 
mten^a-fM. 215, 25. 

aorwiyicfrv. v. ^of l^sm, 

Aifi^rrdf] IVa /uq «irlp«yTN t«5i' miiMinfjUL' 
rw ml TtfAM^ ymtfrai, iafiqitc, sster- 
B». 632, 20. 

^wtsyd^ttrbeU] h i^^ <roy^i« — W ^iP«e. 
>^«To. 301, 16. 

dwi^Xl^^M] abira, 4i8oed«re> decadeve, 
i^, sea absolatas, sea ooadeBiaatas, e 
jodioio, desistciie. {jT o nB^g iutl imi^ 
p^au ia vivia Biasai lagis aootor, et 
aahroa a^qoe sqspes abit. 744, 8. o 
lfoJ»ag in rwwvwkai vmlbAn dwifx*nu, 
DOB iBvlto boe a vobis mSBaet, aad 
daiBBo sqo Jnait. 7^3^ 21. «9wXflw lw<- 
mpaui»9. abiit o jadBeiv, disoesnl ex 
bao oaosa obbi ^JOBtanelia peijofii 
ooBUBisfli. 1346, fS. ttofudrturSfm vA$ra 
rA xpfifMnfa ao} a«;^J^7r. deoedere de 
oa08a» missam agm fticeve, ab ea dasi- 
alera. 970, 2. MiXvXvddk, retwias, tig 
TW vat^w oikw. 1090,20. I«ii «5 (ifwr- 



- V9a» aintkbtf, er hat Hek auft Lugen 

• S^^ [.^^ ^**^ reeoune^.to lying], de- 

. soendit, aat perfagium babnit ad men- 

. daoinm. 902, 5. ri din%B%T}t,me Athenis 

diioeaaisse, solum vertigte, ovx av tltbi- 

rmt ojn^ 9rpoc if^ wu^^iutf 1471, IS. 

fih %Xdfv, ad concionem, « ^1 tiinixBn, 

e coDoione. 385, 8. awiXdwy haa^t 

v/Mtv ov fA&Kiff 0v^ fff^ airSh ^cftrlfitt 

dXK* ovii fAifAnrai, 131, 10. oi fj^ ov^ 

hrat&a Ixottw I;^«y 96ecu^ itfti amk' 

BiXv, 268, 26. 

AWM-diii T^ fiva rMfAm^v. 788, 25. 

atrtvp^fo^ai] Totis avernincare, ^eprecari 

inrecibna ad deos faotis malam, diram 

aliqnid avertere. cam et sine fjA, l£q- 

^fflvvTf, liiXy, 71, 18. rtwiuj^w^ "r^ 
frSn dovXAfV dv&yttm fxh ytfi/r^M, 102, 16. 

yofo^at. 489, 15. ri fxei\tff-r av ivtw 
iaijA^a. 505, 7. 718, 1^. l4>* & r 3* 
TIC nai yjfhff-airo fS tmoutw ^$^, aitfu- 
j(ia-hai rdC( dfoTc /ea« ysfi^dai hX, 779, 

^o/Mfy. 184, peo. iri/bcffXqdic airid^tn, 
, 347, 8. larti^av ya^ rt ^n tutl •^v<piffh^, 

«J«. 1437, 22. 

^9/uev, ov;(t tw; a>'ad^v 7( iroiovtf'tv, l^«yfl 
90fjU(» hXf, 503^2. ou ^oov roXf voXXof; 

. n ToTc oX»yo(c iui» T^ fAty&Ka, 614, 9. 

iifMh. 807, 24. 
tlvl^^difa] rijv )* flwlx^f MV, )(* nc av &irav- 
Ts; afAMifov iCfi^aifAVit rS nhr r^ ^IXtm-ta 
•tarerri (ofuov j^fvlo'&at. 32, 2. SiSMXct,; 
f(» Tw T<t yvy ^kKtirra fiw^rt, nv rote 

ma^ vfjutv, ravrnt imnyKov^i ffVfjkB^f 
1428,20. ovr Ifjuv vfif &irix,^uav hiuv- 
9art, 58, 26. 9r^o0^0-av V avi'xpuai. 

. 127, 19. T^v ftsv a«lx^**^ ^^ ''''^ 
^ini^r/Aanwf ix^ft<r^, 176, 2. ^mI t^v 
V9rt!v9'ca ikvi-xPuav, 237, 16. k'c vtaa-av 

, a«v;^9fM(y tout« IxddtfV. 896. 4. ;^afiv, 
ovie ^irf ;(&ft<tv Wfjtie-aivr ea hnalocq va( 

, vixSn. 1447, 7. veXXaXi? ^pw roj^ap^i- 

lyf}«ay,'rot; rd irpah'oy lyavTiwd^VAi. 1451, 
&iini;^l^&tf (j ou;^ fv! avixB»fxed ririv vfjt&v, 
34, 11. 

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tkftijifiuj.^j^* tl&hq iieuiv. 246, 18. rtujb* 

pwf f I'wv >X'^{^ ^irwiiTf (e ooncione) 

^iBmfXtVfdhoi. 306,11. ia^rt^voarog tK 

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. /Mifvoc (idem quod rJaywrog)* !^38,,4. 

oaricntv] 'TPo^vTM /t«aXXov dina-rwa;tv avrS 

. (sell. T« vfATrifto hoyti), qaoi Tobia est 

lini^a expeditior atqiie Toiobiiior, ho4 
- mafis ei difiiditor. 21, 23. dnftoTouatt 
hiunoif. 145, 10. r6Tt M, rirt »ai (uuatX 
no) aVm-ti? xoi w^oaraXoa^tf. 241, 21. 
tl )' ftanw^ntc, l^wmo-oy avroi);. 242, pen. 
Im jm2 TflSv ^flriffTOv/MlfdW im2 Avriic »«2 
rSv X!P*fjt^i/rm xvpuif mul^, eorom, qtti- 
bns diffiditar. 831, S. 

iieiarrUt Kotiiov tiwaa-i ^XMcHiptov. 71, 24. 
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ivimiat oua ^ ar^ki^^cw. 121, 4. (nisi 
potiDS ibi ixv^Mo^ leg. est) raSrr 
eimrriav,ravr o^yhv.ix*^ 142,27. vv- 
ayii9 tl( t)(Bfaf ttai (aXo^ jm2 kvte^Aaf, 
291, 11. 

iifi^roQ] aat qai non fidit alleri, aat oai 
alter non fidit, modo actiTam, modo 
passiTom. oX»c airtcrw olfjuu raXq vo- 
XiTiidiC n Tvpinit, 10» 20. r^ rah eer- 
'm:^£y «v(0^a fMV h invov <^v0it ttal Atl 
Mara af^foefpot^, KOfJuK ^ fiavtp Hf 
la"A i(i(2 vvv. 15, 16. iai (Ah A( ov2lsv aart- 
0^or 20*10;. et profecto non videtar boo 
fide carere. 15, alt. ritt vrfoaifio-iv avrtv 
Affa/Mnia^imf «c it^ofi^Xn/AWi ual im- 
0^oc(diffiden8)?Sv ir^o^ ^/Xiarirov. 349, 15. 

tt«'XA7(8cil. 0>MJrat)t genas soccorain, aat 
caloeorani, qaibos asi videntnr faisse 
homines aasteritatem in moribas Laco- 
nicam et raodestiam aflfectantes. ^arXac 
vvoiiitrrai. 1267, 23. 

awTinc^rW] )t* awXnoTiav rfiy rf^ttv ii^i' 
Btf tuL^wrroi, 614, 7. 754, 12. tSc ^c 
^wXn^n^f naX rrw c^v r^oorov i^c &y lu- 
vatro l^tafff-dot. 958, 7. . 

0i«rX80^o? . xa2 aXa-j^Kifi^z e rpovoc avtmI 
lo^V. 1204, 24. 

im>jsvq h BaXaca'a varo r£y Xito^roSv >^}i«Ta(. 
piratiD reddant mare inviam, haad pa- 
tens, navigationjbiis, 307, 18. . . 

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)U(2.1«rXq haic est, h &q ou arlar^oitTat rek 
Kamyo^fAha UX^ai, h itq itlVMyf^^iia 
cvfA^ifU rf v6\ti. ,404, 22r whv h a- 
^rXouv. ovV vyiU t9urm, 969, 27» tcI a- 

, wXotv ^Uam fctfi rnq xXupoyo/u/cK*. 1089, 
ull. aarXot/y ri ^iiK^iffavro, anum boc 
spectarant, qaod cernere,mirifit<oie non 
est soUertiie., 1091, 3, rt ?y .iarx^wcri- 
^i h raZra iyut lU fxierw, 1.106, 14* 

avXSf liotnia u/Miy IfAavriv, sine alia: tergi- 
v.erjsatione, aat detreotatione perioali 

- oaja8qaam.288, 12. hovxfat *>* vf*4Xii' 
irX«c ayirt, sine dolo malo, paira pente. 
. 328, 3. v&rra raSha vytSt xai ^vrXSis ual '• 

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vofjunf rtBtlq tUgrXd;, prfec^se, rotandis, 
disertis verbis sinei alia exoeptiQse, 
iTav, fAnhtfAStq i&fa X#/x^ysfy. 343*. 9. 

. roTc iv\Sit, siiqpiiciter,.bai|d affe6<;ate, 
«e vn^t^aa-t, ^^oi^irt. 1122, .17.., tt 
^mtf6f h^rif,*Af. Ait>iS^.nAi^r^kgof not 
ffVM^mf. sine .Tersatia mflos^ acer- 
bas,. <;alamniator, qai iroprobitatis ean? 




arnnvrrl avnifti roirouQ (<r«uc X^ytvc paU). 

Atri] oam nsorpfttar ad iadioaiMlttiD a) 
aliquid ab aliqaa re profectom esve/ex 
aliqna re exititisM, aat iUtoc peti de- 
bere. iw* alrS/t r&f Wfay/gJirw ufiniv, 
jndiciom de rebas e natora reram ipsa 
repelere. 25, alt. 9v» <l«r* loJif (soil. «I- 
rUtf, vel fTpo^witfttfc, Tel ^^/CftSc) ^pw 
Ib/uTv Tt Mat roif &kkoti rrtt ffwXht tZcav, 
id est, l^fMifjUfWf, non idem nobis 
esse, atqoe aliis, consiliorani principi- 
om atqae fandaoientam. 179, 21. rhf 
ifeo tSc '^uxnq ifut^if iud Kaxiwiav, obi 
iitei Tideri possit redondare. 580, 1. 
iir^ roc ir^Xswc Xaft^iyuy, id est, am 
rSn TQC «riX> XF^/u^iTttnr. 1341, 27. irXou- 
9iH &W0 Tq; iroXitfc T^ij/v^/tAtcot. ditescoites 
• fartis in aerarium pnblioain. 739, 21. 
a^' ittvTou. altro, sponte saa« 141, 11. 
ivi T^DC* forlaito, impalsa aflfectave 
fortanie. 1193, 12. rfivam £flr* ahrSn 
AffrhuM, troptcnm ab ipsis stabat, h.e. 
erigebatur ex "armis constmctom lis, 
qa» Tiotores fictis detraxissent. 444, 
6. b) -pro, sequipollenliam signiiioat, 
5rel valorem rei, qasB comparata fait, 
aat coroparari potait pro alia qmtpi- 
. am re aeqaipoUente. ^TJ<^yoc X'^^^ 
ivl TaX^VTWV s^fatamra, 256, 24> cUrd 
t^f ^tffiai NAT^ rif4va'a- awo nrdKekvrm 
h»a» pre faonltatibos, rite testiaaatis, 
nt out<[ae deoa snnt talenta in bonis, 
ita singulas naves com dignilate trier- 
arehi . taebitar. 262, 3- a«rd vSof mnSi 
XnfA/x&rm a-r^aric&mi, pro eadem raer- 
cede miles. 38, 8. ^«ro rth avrS» Xn/iA- 
pL&nm «'«XXoSc y^ii^^ifitvii ty Tt ^ ^96- 
Xetrrai. 667, 24. &iri fJtttifah ^vaX«- 
/a&rroiv irtXtXq ytw/ximui tov; v^wa-lw^* 
pro mioato impendio. 260, 11. ^o 
Ixifrrofof ivaXt&fjMro^. 1349,21. e)per, 
com adminiculom, vel instmmentom 
rei ei&eiendc designat. a«rd twv ^/uiri- 
f«n vfMV avfAf^Sk^M 9r«Xi|Uf7. per opes, 
quas sociis Testris eripit. 49, 22. &vo 
'Aq ^&tvotic Tavmc tuyioSioi KUfMv ^lai 
tih a^rofffiron. 776, 17. d) cum, idem 
qaod ftsra. ^XX' &vi rfic avvfi^auQ rtn- 
6tla( A^iKnXubom *a^hT<r^t, 773, 7. 
. e) proeui, idem qaod 4rop^. I^^rai 91 
vewra o&» Jlir3 tov 7rpa>^juaT«c. son alie- 
Ba a eaasa. 701, 23< f) in deduetione 
sammae minoris a majore. r^ti^v Htf^ 
tSh i0^fiuhu9ra xal ivtrei fitmXvytffritv, 
alimenta nostra, k. e. aes In iridtnm no- 
stran datam dedocendora, deminoen- 
* dnm est ab iHis 77; m'rais. 824, 24. 
eiirirw Q^XfifMtroq i&9riiXf^>inr. 1338, 10. 
avi redondare fidetar . M iHard rthrttf i- 
TM/ti^Tif;. illoram stndiam me prome- 
rendi, ab illit ad me proficiseens. 

cum^MinviX ivmiBn iroX^ txnlfjm d^ 'mir ^q»- 
^y.x«2 Iw^fdik deseendebat, invadelmt. 
1377, 6. b) erenire, exitam soriiri. 
tmV /JkrHifAittif n» nrsMiuTiif 4xx£«y tut>jvt 
^aroiSS^tty tmumJ^i, 1402, 24. tm^ tut- 
%Sq fjUv clirWwbmc vXiSWtt atf oartfBtoT- 
/ui», Sut^«pirr*c U ra fxiyi^ra ^'hawrol^ 
fAtBa ira^ tov 0mv. 1412, 11. o) 'rov 
ciwoCahtn fxwi^ roXf voXiTmc i%wa-iav 
dv^w, 1408, 12. f idetar genos aliqaod 
exercitattoiiis esse pabestrice, cum 
qais de corra concitato desilit anna- 
tus, et rursas in earn, cam rapidua fer- 
tor, insilit. ' 

aaroCaXXsnr] tva rhf lir&^wvav iirtidcsMer 
i9o$&K»fji,w. 919, 5, 

iwofixivtai] intueri, respicere. constntitar 
idias. cam flcj alias cam wp^. a^roCXairffnr 
iU '''et^ Vfayfuuf^a, 26, 17. ttc r^ m^kyf4Mret, 
%ai rdui y^ywq* 28, 2. fl? tk rah m^cyimanf 
ik^uofjMra. 298, 5. tU to tmt arj^siT^^- 
Twy ^lyt^of. 350, 1. o\m ivi&kt-^w %lg 
rkt Qvoiaq rourmft m^ it; rite ifV9^i^9tg» 
515, 1. ^o^l^ruv iffoc TMi? irx«0-(ov. 
120, 8. 9r^c ^XXqXot/c wc auroc /caiv Una" 
a^oi w woifirw, tJt U itXwiait fe^&fyrra. 
182, 9. ft«ro/8Xiarom« v^c T^t /3^ «a^ 
Toy rfivm mrauiiy. 1269, 2. fx^ Vfoq 
TDuc Sfiouc Xo>«ov$, /u«}^c Touc uiri'rou- 
Tou ^'bn&ttfA.hwq, 1329, 18. b) snapi- 
eere, venerari, raagni facere. &wifiknn9, 
i{n\ou9, irifXM9yivipae hywrro, 426, 6. 

iaeoybno^ai] Hxa /tinxoc ^wtiytveguiyov rir- 
B^e^ov, obi decem menses domo abfiiit, 
aut procol a vestris finibos se oontinoit. 
98, 23. b) mori, vivis excedere. roue 
&9roynof4,mu^ if roXq ^/jMi ikv fxt^lq 
dfoifShai^ 1069, 10. nbi leg. ibi sit t«^' 

amywioTiw'] de aliqno desperare, boaam 
spem de aUqoo oonoeptam abjicere. 
construilar cam genitivo et aeeaaat. 
il fA»i veofrafraa-of iavrm dwiypcinan, 
52, 16. fl m iwtyimaTU Qiifiahuf. si 
none ex animo sno amandasset Theba- 
nosj qttod opem coram desperaret. 69, 
pen. wa^rt vra,}naj(ii rk iraf v/xSv dmyvw- 
0-^cu. 358, 13. w yk^ dmywMiff hfjuiq, 
ov^l iri^ttat 0^iwan, tviafioT /Jt§ri9*niv, 
1471, 15. b) firmiter decemere non 
faciendum, qaod fiicere noUs. rS f^h 
dwfywfAh BvAm. 193, 5. o) absdirere 
lite, culpa, poena, insontem pronnnoi-; 
are, non ream mode, sed caasam quo- 
qae. qaatenfia opponitqr vocabnlo atf-' 
raytvota^inv, BSf*w touc ftfy KarayvirraQ 
avrclO — Towff y dirvyvirrag. 539, 3. sS 
fAh dmcyfti9t9B% — Uv W xaTA^^vt^rrf . 
604, 26. Constniitar cum gentiTo et 
aooQsat, i haimr^i dneiytm jimv (saban- 
di ir^ )(«»y). pronaiiciavit banc eaosam 
ad me -nil {ysrtinere, b. e. me absolvit. 
1O20, 14. I<^ dufQywn r^ yfo-^ iwv- 
Tqy. at reop hnjns cansm absolvatis. 



(sed f M. •HiMl«« pv»xiiluM d). 605, 

rsoffl a oauM absolrare, tMaadiun earn 
litea dare htad tanliuiiiL 913, ^. et 
25. SUM), 15. d) repodiare, rejioere 

, caosan, at iUagitimani, et improbam, 
aot a foro too alieoam. 91S« 25. 9!fO, 
20. 1^ li^tv &nnyt>^iaiun, 1327, 8. 

Miroy^o^v] et in medio pariter, ivty^- 
^i(r6$u, indioefli aot ooiuieribere, anf a 
ae coBSoriptam aotoario poblieo tra- 
dere io tabolaa |Hiblioaa, »rarii poliaei- 
noiD, refereodiuD, «oniia booorom, qns 
quia ab alio, tea lao pri? ato, tea pabli- 
€o nanijie petit, ot ant aibi, aot crario 
debita, tive e nuleta a jadidbna ipsi 
irrogala, neqae dilota, eiTe titalo peco- 
Jatnt. &^tlf TO rk xf^ hfuuuf tuU rkt 
cUtiac, ka2 r»vr Ai r o y f g ^ tr . 609, 
752« 7. imtyfa^tiTt raZra Wfof enpMrwf- 
hm ix^irtm tovr^. ilia se baben atqae te- 
nere declar»bat teatimoeio, qdo erga 
TberippideaB,^ (qoi id poalalaverat, at 
quo ia ittod lestinioninm penes m aer- 
▼aret) fatebator ista bona panes se ease, 
id^e teatiaioniam ourabat a soriba pab- 
Jioo ad aeta refi»rri. 817, pen. et in acti- 
▼o. 4VTec haurh i/w th m^XnA kmy^i.^ 
4«« 'ff^ i^i rvmrirfivnvQ, 818, 19. t«» 
TtpHKa XoBm ofJt/Ohoytia'tkfrm ua,) l;^iiv av- 

828, Id. videtor boo disoriioan inter- 
esse, at in aotivo oom qnis dicitnr <liro- 
3^4^, signifioetar ipse sua raano aori- 
psisse, oom in medio, signifioetar, id 
enm fieri onrasae per tabulariom. i ii 

^ aud ar^oovft^ovT^ /m Aviy^^** >» rationes 
gestK a ae tntetae mei meoronqoe bo- 
tiomm retulit nomen meom, at sibi de- 
bentis. 832, 14. tUf ev^Uf iwvyfotptUvs 
Mml ^/uiu^^^ earn soriba poblicos 
indioem bonomm ejus coafecisset (in- 
ventirH {made an tnMNt<^]) atqoe in 
labnbs retntbsei, eoqae faoto ilia bona 
•confiseata, et ad saclionem praserTpta 
faisseot. 1015, 9. ^i^^^/unv arpoc 
Tthf a^^tmryvuf ravmv rhv Awcfypa^hf, 
exbibni Stratagis, ant eorom tabellario, 
ad tabnlas refecendom indioem bane 
bonorum, 4]aorom possessione Pbasoip- 
pas me per ludibrium exclnsam it. 
1043, pen. rwro ri S^"?** &W9yiyfa^i 
fum. in indioe bonorora a se mibi tradli- 
tamm etaam vebioulum, ▼el^can%oham 
«iofnina?it, quasi magnum at samroi fa- 
ciendum . bonom sie mibi tradidisset. 

« 1046, 14. 0^ ikrpyfOi^ r^ ^rpoTx* xfiot 
«vt9. in indioe bonomm a se mibi ti^- 
ditorura non aommemoravit dotem ma- 
Aris, at adfaoc a se matri debt lam, pro 
qaa pars bonorum ei esset oppignerala. 
1047, 11. oTc euTOC &myi'yfeb^ uttrrov 
i^lKorra, 1048, 5. aaro^a^arm rwrw 

'ra»ia4ia»arl^a, aaa ntoteataliaaa soa 
«x«aptoria, apod Afoaontam eiiblbita 
filiom s0Bm appaUarit* aea annotari a 
aoriba enrarit filiom anam pni fiUo Ar^ 
obiadia. 1093, 2. tvlJ Im^mmtU din- 
ypi4avmfot$Mm.nmmau noaanaara- 
bat ab aotaario ad acta refenri, at ejus, 
contra qaem se profiteretnr in jara aoto- 
rom. er legU Uine D$iwntiation odtr 
Kiagie €m, ali wider atnan, der ihm dat 
Sdmidige wrnahtdUn hiUte [Ae did not 
give in hi$ denunciation or notice ofac' 
Hon, ai if oigaintt iowiebody who woe 
vntkhoUling what wot hit due}, 1 147, 19. 
1148, 17. et 24. Imifs^ntfM U imtf^- 
'\mnr9, mandabat nnmoUrina oonunanta- 
riansi, ut ad nooMO debitoris et sam- 
mam ^reditam adaoriberet banc annota* 
lionem, reloti qoandam appendioolam. 
11^, 3. rk riU f^ifi, boaoram soU. 
pablicatoram, a la tSt vifutm rS Ihtirn 
rf AwPj^A^'oirt ylynrM, i^lttfM, 1347, 
2* vk rtirm tit rtt iwiy(»4tf$ kfA^iffCn- 
nwf, 1255, 12. b)kinyfi^i^bai in pas- 
siro, expangi e tabalia, at fit debito di- 
lute, rk f4,h U9 Ir kfnyfo/^ wtwdmrmi, ri 
H heiii^ iw9yiyfemrt, doo qoidem no- 
mina diloit, onnm aotem ut a tabolia ex- 
pnngeretor, nondnm operaffidedit*791, 
25. e) prosoribere ad bastam. lyytyi^fj^' 
p^kmf )i T« IniAwri^, qaooiam varo, ut 
aMrarios, tabulis serarii insoriptas arat,'" 
AfFtyfo^kete^t j^iXXiv h im&fXffte^a ov- 
Wa 'Air«XX«)d0(« ^fMrU tfnu, fatflram' 
erat, at substantia Apollodori proscri- 
beretur, fisoo adjodioaia, seotiona dis- 
tn^oda. 1347, 20. d) denuneiare, no-' 
. men alioajus, at rai, deferre apud ma- 
gbtratam, inoaaare. kf t wyfa^ r m tn f^h 
vstovyra rmro « iSoiA^jumc Wfoe to» 

Atnyptt^'] index qaioasqne, pnesertim a) 
talmlariam publicanorom in portubus, 
nbi meroes invaotae et ereotSB, iotrantes 
at axeotttes, oum nominibus importan- 
tiam et exporfantlam, et qu» qaiaque 
▼ectigaliapersoWisset,pericriptam erat. 
rtSrn in rnt meifk toTc tf^re^Xagiy <Uro- 
ypof^ «y (Im tic. 467, 5. X^ t^v any* 
mxfirrpxiyw kirvyfo^ii*^ indioem meroi- 
uro, de qoibas siye subeuntibua por- 
tam, sive exeuntibos, quioquagesima 
depensa est. 909, 11. la th; kirty^^f 
rv( if T«# Bo9Vo^M va^ rug i^hif^toirMf, 
917, 10. X&0t fxqt rh9 kw^y^a^ ravrn- 
id, bono indieem bonomm, vel anpel- 
leotiiis domestioi, et moadi muliebris, 
qoem uxor mea ex baireditate paterna, 
et quae soror ejus, qom axor Spadiae 
est, item aocepil. 1036, 24. kirey^^ 

• ar«fi0'&a«. indioare magtstratBi, esse, qoi 
boaa teaeant babeantque pro sals, quae 
sint reip. eorumqne indioem exliibere, 
istoqne tiitale ia reos agera in iore. 



If 4(5) 5. MBpItu in ilia oratione et b»o 
4ictio et T. Amypa^ifUXb tenso'oceur- 
rit asoypatoiki. Afny^a^^fAnf Wfit rws 
a^rfatvy^ tavrm rh Amyftt^, ex hiboi 
Strateg^s lateroiHam bonoram, qooram 
osara et posMssione legitima Pbetiip- 
pas me arceret. 1043, pen. ^>a0'(f »«« 
Avoyfoi^ that roZ i^yv^v irpdcrovcivt- 
foXuri^f (scil. ToS Ifcwo^). licere aio 
pneter fas oreditam, in foro coratoram 
meroatDs Attici et ^vhv, boc est de- 
nonciare, indicare, et Hvcyf^^tv in pit- 
•■ tacio ea de re conscripto et curatoribas 
exhibito specifioare, qaantam sit illad 
flBS, et qae merces vetitsB (contrehande- 
Waren [ctmtraband goods]) eo enitie. 
941, 14. b) iv Aveoy^a^n nnnoolnrat, di- 
lait, persolTit nomen contractum. 791, 
iliro^iMiruity] depatare, assignare, aitriba- 
ere. item edicere ; deolarare. gotrrov 
^oSiixnJttv v6f4,fXaj(iff. sese ferre, profi- 
teri, offerre, ing^erere socinm. 191, 17. 
*niii ivtht^Xa-n Ix^i^Tt* professis et 
diBolaratis hosjtibas. 828, 20. ikv rwr 
iirM^nn re irX«6oc. 182, 14. et 26. r^f 
T^rm A^hi^av ituiknaiav, assignarunt, 
depntaront. 707, pen. S /ScM-tXiuc i^d^c 
«irf}i)iuiro. cni rex inimicas exstiterat, 
factas erat, sese gesseral, vel profes- 
s«s erat. 687, 11 . referre in rationibas, 
e. o. gestae tntelee. ivo sm rH it^a. 
iHY/bttXn^Jc (scil. ToS X^yavvn^Mi) ov^o- 
T'Mvy a9rd^f(xrv0'tv. tametsi per primam 
bienniam officinas haic oaratbr praefait, 
nihil tamen quflsstus ex ea redact! in 
rationibns retalit. 819,16. ctireii^etyra; 
SLvttffviv T^y ou^v IxiA^ov. tota ejus sub- 
stantia indicata et particulatim reoen- 
sita. 1255, le. toS /uif (<j>&aiw pnta) w- 
r^/tutroc ovTOff, tSv >i (rotf '/o-^ttifi pnta) 
ToTi; l^ofc aMtf!h%liiyft.ktm* cam Gratias 
diis sint consecratae, b. e. cum lege et 
rita Sancitum sit, at deorom beneficia 
gtatiis habendis et agendis i^mane- 
remar. 1481, 12. 

(fiC* coniremt personae meae, aot jure 
meo boo mibi samo, at demonstrem. 
245, 7. antMfyiq impyits xal ^n^al. 
326,4. Iy ?>iu^juu(^irif)»^iy,decIaratio- 
iiem, ov vvm^i v^orS^'n roT( xiytvci, 
772, 8. x^ivtTi rwf ayStvas v^s rk^ &vo- 
>«(fliff. 1467, 14. 

§im^iinig} sasoeptor, qui contributiones 
tl'ibotarias a oonferentc' qaoqae sosoi- 
pft in fisoam inferendas. Ehmekmer, 
Aeeisemnehmer, Steuereinnehmer fa col- 
UcUnr, exciseman, targatherer], 750, 24. 

iTf^UxJia^M] probare, admittere com assen- 
•so, giodio, coBgratolatione, amplecti, 
in eo acqnieso^re. constroitur cam ac- 
aoMtivo, interdam qaoqae com geniti- 

TO, sed sic, at aeeasatitrvs leetns rab- 
Bodiator. ic y^ vfuiTc imlii(iiffB», xai 
Wfic tiuia^of lx«'F* ttmlac'tShmf e Xly«r 
1^1 ^offiV. 31 8, 1 1. arpec ^wc ttai BiStv, 
fA^ £iro9f{tw&i, oitat HermogeBes p: 319. 
el orat. de F.L.) il«s)ig<M-di «c o^ ts 
fA&ki9ra, laodastis, grata et aecepta ha- 
boistis, qoanto potokt maximo stcidio. 
519, 8. i! yk^ rvvrw ravr* iw6H(9a-^9* 
599, 10* fj^tZv AveHxto-^ to^tov ^tnt- 
K^orrot ifd&c, 1292, 9. iauUtiQ kt ot^o- 
Ttovv ^ere^ip^oi^i ro6r9U, otf vyiic t< Xi- 
ytimq, 1181, pen.. v£c kwiii^aa^ed ts 
ir(o0^( roltrm "kiyinran ; 832, 15. &iro- 
h^ofAhws itfjt&t i^mo'i rkc nn&rm v^o^A- 
ffttt. 1335, 10. vaihUof kvnHj^u, 1490, 
11. b) reoBperare, reeipere. ii vur ota^eU 
fM rv/jirttt t£v ^xaim ^af vfMtif a«ro)l- 
(t^^ai, qaas mater mea Banc spent fa- 
torom, at domi me recipiat, e jodicio 
sic refersom, at plenum jas meoin a 
Tobis adeptus aim. 842, 13. 

kwoinfMiv] ktmVtfMoist htna^, profeotas 
est iliac. 988, 14. in/jtoffia air«^fMu»rog 
hfjcw, r^n^f^wrroq vfMf. me dome ab- 
sente per fanctionem muneris paUioi, 
qoippe qai.trierarchus in olasse'Vestra 
essem. 1102, 10. <l«no^fMvrroc rvorov 
vafk ffaa-iMt illo in peregrine solo id 
castris regis Persarom agente. 11912, 
21. !<{>' iTipf kmhtfjtSvifAWo^noa do- 
mi, sed peregpre agens, negotiatioais ne- 
soio ciijos ergo. 1236, 23. 

iirc^uuraii] dicitor arbiter aliqoem senten- 
tia sua absolvens, et opponitar rS xtf 
raitairSf. constraitor com genitivo et 
dative. vfiiBu aurov vnv 3W, h Kar»9§' 
itvriatsi, a«oh)ti)TV/uW kvo^i^sw, (nisi 
. potias ibi a«ro^mv leg. est.) declarare, 
sententiam, quae in Midiam pronancia- 
ta esset, secandom eam faisse pronon- 
tiatam. 542, 7. 545, 26. ivduuTia^fjuf 
avrS Tqy MstTay. arbitriom secondam 
se daremus. 544, 24. kirsitiprnffi uw o 

absolvit me arbitier ab jis criminibos, 
qooram hi me iusimolabant. 1013, 14. 
e iiairrt't^f ev xartMialra, aXX* airtc^ ^X'" 
TO iirtHuttrha'ai toutov rnv ^frav Itfwl- 
ftt? nhi oS^c* 1190, 8. rk awd^trvBh' 
ra fAW \vc-ac, rescissis iis, quie pro me 
prononciata foerant. 1021, 12. 
av^iicvai] ei, cujus esset, et onde soBisis- 
se#, restitoere. wUr fMi voaX rSv ^atai- 
flMT, ov¥ km^mn TO ^amat. non reddit 
aes matnom a me sibi oreditom. 911, 
10. b)tribaere,largirisimpliciteretianK 
id, qaod minus debeas, at accipiens id 
pro sorte sua sibi coaveniente habeat, 
teneat. at hoI ovma^v fxtr^iav h ^wo-ic 
i^v avdiS. 1383, 27. c) exhibere, at- 
tribaere,persoUere debitnmi pnestare 
id, quod et cai dandum, praestandum 
• era|< fAh Tib* o/(«<^ avtoTc X^f*' awMcnh 



10. ir^ Tdw Toyj ojpiMvc «irpJ«uwM. priiw- 
qoam jasjaraiidoiii dUisset, qaod di- 
cendam sibi eiuet neoessvio. 2S4» 5* 
TO ;i^«(^y avtiwmi itofavofAW yfo^p* 267, 
6. T0u( ofxovc 0«reloM avroTc. deferret 
jarandi conditionein.44S, 15. rSvuturn- 
f*^w If ifx!^ 'n ywv iofryi eunivniMn 
^Hu. at qui antea possediKseot ea riir- 
SOS tenerent per dies festos Mltim, ip- 
8i& ^Itribaistis, adjodicastis. 518, 17. 

TW VWt( Vftwy rifAMfMf iiKOUtf VfMlf ^ 

>J^aQ xoi m Avt^Zomotq vfMf, reaervayi 
Tobis et DQBO vobis hajas juris exer- 
cendi* h. e. poenas exseqaeiid«, oopiam 
feci, at par erat, qaippe quod jos ye- 
Strom essetalqoe vebis deberetar. 527, 
9. «ra^ roD (a qaonam ?) «^o0^jtu /mm 
nrkf rtfAMfUu Aireit^nfM, Si «riiro»d«. inju- 
liaram mihi oblatarom pcenas dependi. 
559, 7. rat IviainlKkt ov» A<iroitioi9-a ou- 
Tof, tig IXa/9c vaf I/moD. 909, 19. aveii- 
^oHu rh TifAh, rei pretiam persolvere. 
1030, 23. h rvxn Vfoq to Hw eiirMra 
ifMikoyoufU»a aviiamsf. effeoit, at, qaie 
repognare viderentar, inter se amice 
consplreiit, qao id, quod oportet, exsi- 
steret. 1405, 20. d) assignare, depa- 
tare, delegare, mandare, adjadicare. §1 
nrotf fjih — imrarrm afeoitia-trt, 27, 1. 
&a^rtf rS TioBtTv uuCKna-Uv anc^tivtut/xn, 
ouTw xal on^i rot; evrrtuxfinvai. 167, 6. et 
8. Touc ^X^f^ fffutSirrat iv i;)^dpotl fxoifa 
KoXo^ity avMotntv o vofMf. permisit, aat, 
jos debitom reddidit. 638, 6. i! /xh 

fou; avroif, 1330, 21. In medio, ven- 
dere. ov;^ «C avo^oto-ofxinn ra u/ulrrpa, 
. aXX* «c ^>J»iiinm roTt aXXotc. 344, 24. 

- a«r«^(}o0-^a< vnfAarm nraM^, 349, 24. 
vjuiV ^* a KciX sumIm^ ki \k t?c Hirmq vm- 
?f£f, toiIt* axy Sv aviiovro ovroi Xoyf* 
{i0-di. 369, ult. ou yif avrctq amii^ovrff 
Tqy avTdSy fXiv^f^^ftv. 689, 1. tla-ayyt>Mtv 
aTtdmocBeu. meroede se pati corrampi 
ad tacendom, et sapprimendam denan- 
ciationem, quam qais alteri minatas es- 
set. 784, 16. collato versa 13. ovx a.ifO' 

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ruv, 986, 20. afr^ofAtvof ray TtoXifAio^- 
fm imvof uaraBiBniUf avo rSev twogy, 
1046, 11. avoioa^eu to it^ayfJM i^fiot 
XaCirra, 1323, 25. awoiofjiMog ra Uah 
ToZra fJUH^w >A/xfxaroc> 1332, 16< civo- 
iS^^eu rhy iixarnf. redemtoribas, pabli- 
oanis decimam (vectigal) pro certa pa- 
cta mercede Tendere. verpachten [to 

AVe^i^p^oxf iv] fM — airo rwrw avfoi^vat, 
refogere. 91, 3. ufxsXq i* iTtoi^aa-taht rk 
v^&yfjuira. 130, 5. ovk a^rl^pA ravmf 
rnv av^arwMy. 567, pen. imoiiif&a^uM 
tin aXq&i(ay.;inqai8ilionem in veritatem 
rei devilare. 1024, 13. a^ro^i^^xovo-iy 

mlnh o&tirai lyiTc. 1248, ^ fim H fA 

iinifStm, AuTovc )S(tfm. 1478, 17. 

il«o)Mu/b(<^f<y] To7ff ffiroh^oNi/tig vfAvn^q if 
XJU9 XAp^oiM-tn 779, 4. qoi, qaamvis sor- 
te daeti ad magistratam gerendam de- 

. ttinati foissent, tamea scratinii seTeri- 
tatem baud sastinentes, reprobati fois- 
sent. T^ o^X^* ^* '^^'^X*'* ii^nUmiA&^tb' 
Ti. magistratai gerendo, ad qaero sors 
earn delegaverat, inbabilem deolaraktis. 
790, 18. {qXoDv fxh Towc irMitf^rouc ^ 
"Kwq j(4U BtBatoreirwt Ixorr«C> ^VoiiuufiA- 
^iiv }f Tov( [scil. ix^nraq arM^o-Tovc itat 
0t0aior&rovi] hforrat, 1402, 20. 

airSifactt 0^(»nlag» 568, 8. 

a«o^i0-d«(] tSv yiytnfjUvan rk m^Aiffra 
ckir^VfafAMOt fFfOt vfjMf, &a-wt^ ffon ytiA- 
a-ofAftu 1118, pen. airoiufiifjtnoi h* Sv fxk- 
Xio-T* fXmfoiwiv t^aireima'M vfiag, 1255, 
17. kwdiu^fjuftii huing rk WfjiSaina, 
1278, 16. imoiu^afAtm naX rk v6fjuf4A 
voiw-ams kmrt, 1400, pen. 

kvo^trof] rrv aTToQtrw toTc tvtfyireuf )«- 
pfav. solis reservatom, ut propriom et • 
peoaliare donam. 1376, pen. 

avoQvha-KUf] ovV »f hKoiUf avobavn ov^iy 
fxkXkw if/AiXg y% tuynvwr^i, 99, 5* i! to 
iud TO Wmffw, ou» ay avi^mvn, 308, 4. 
iuUtoi o<rT(c ytX^ aroXtTwy avo^wtitron t 
l^a^ft^n, ri ovrof vaAtXy vvrl rSv ^tirnn 
9iiuu6( ia^t ; 314, pen. 

kfeoB^aovysffBai Tofc Bm\of4,bniQ roawrnt 
AToX/MMy h ah aot^oa^ fraftantutuuy, 
fidentios aodere, somei'e, arrogare sibi 
vetita et negata. 1407, 14. 

atrouio^o/uiiv] iTrouu^ofMVfAiynyrhy Xf^^P*** 
oanalem oppositis manimeniis vel ag- 
geribas occlosom. 1273, 6. et 8. ofMu 
{muovc yJiOovg vgoanofjdg-at aifoMoio/Mi, 
1277, n. 

amwM oiyo/xaiovol voXmoi rk x^A*'^** 630, 

affOiVAv Tiy«. ab aliqao, qoem vinotam tone- ' 
as, per vim extorqaere pretiam redem- 
tfonis; 629, 22. 630, 27. obi exponitor 
per Ypfl/uaT« v^ei/rrta^ai, 

kvoMUiarayuy rny lekr^ «roXtTi£«y xat 
Touc y^fJLOvq tutX rovg ri^vg. 256, 3. 

&7F0HaUiy^ o2 Ut^oi tray Ho^mw — tioto'iy, 
amuMway. 798, 24. 

^woxaXsry] per contemtam ladibrii et pro- 
bri ergo appellitare.AoT/o^^go^oi/; mX 0-0- 
^arki avoKa>Jm rwg aWovi. 417, alt. 
fiifia^ov neu oKaarofa toy ^(Xi woy airo- 
juiX^y. 438, pen. ovq ivy vBfL^u Koi vrot- 
Xovs kmxAXit. 582, 11. 

ufFOKM-Qat'} xotTOt troi rk rSv*Ek\liyaty aru- 
^rtfjukra IvMoKi/tAiiy ivixtno, reservata 
eranl, aat is sibi reseryaverat. 294, 
14. oTw «roTS TMy a^royTonr aTtUiirMt ev 
VfihiXoy oy. com param constet, quis is 
sit, qaem sors ea maueat, at v^niaopas 
habeat. 633, 26. 2y^oy airoxf^yoc o-iVoc. 
sob claostris jacens a9serTatum,in bor- 



reo oc<lafir,«it«olano lepoMtaiik t<HO, 
26. AwoiUM^i 90vr«i« wftvimu rkt tm- 
itvmt mmrm^vfiJit' sspereiM, ftterc 
senper, ^oti«s iis indicant. 1X63, 20. 

▼mle proclamM-« fab fooe pneeoais. 
687, 2S« fo) par pneconeai aliot^ua e. 
G« noBUoif, aatjnris, oaorpationen ▼«• 
tare, eaqae interdioere. i ififjoi tw% yo- 

(liberifl) i( ^?C, aXXik im2 mlWf !{«- 


AiraxXidiy (soil, r^ Vf^rtlov ar^dc u^cacIc) adi- 
tam ad ?08 oooladere, eeoeioaandi oo- 
piam naffare, Tel etiam ejanaiodi onto- 
ri Td wr^AA os oooludere, aoi wufStq %aki 
. mmrltK huutif, 450, 10. awl»Xft<n rov 
^v)fo^>W Twy *A/u.^uiTtMWiutfy UfS^, 632, 
pas. ^iTMtXidi i(0icc}'O0>^ »U T^ )uuia^^t«v. 
1098, 6. Awui>^lir^ rov X^yov rmXv. 
1107, 3. ^«r«}cXs(wy q/uo; rav {irr^nu n 
^mua/raXu<p^irtwif. 1110,15. invataXf/- 
rfunr rSf o-mon* comedere non poteram 
faocibus praaolnais. 1260, 23. dvoaXi/- 
«v Ivlov, doBii so® obseratom tenons 
ascBobanifXA^ «p>^i9y9r^«TT«/Airoc. 1359, 
^. b) irrthmuk fiw, iitUnkUira ti — de- 
aoeadi qaideiH ad delatatn conditionein 
parpM^andarom inter noa faonUatom, 
sed hao exceptione, atu^i Iteeret acti- 
oneoA da bonis nels fraadatenter inter- 
▼ersis perseqai. 841, 5. 

^rnxXv^o'^ai], subsortitione, seu iterata 
sortitione ad jadioaodum designari, de- 
patari. tri l\a.y^m, i7t* aarfaXn^wdnrt. 

4»«MaXHt(y liti TO fa^/MXv. 13, 3. eLifoiOdnaf 
vfASLi ar^ tov Ki^^^xlamiv. volantate ei 
studio forri, propendere. 655, 16. svl 
tnurovt oaroxXuat. 889, 1 7. b) aar«xX{vdq- 
veti M^afjuav IXa/ov. in latas dejectvm, 
eversum esse gattom olei a torrente. 

huXwiav ravra \iym. odio et stolidi ta- 
le eoronaai enecat, aut aaffajj^ere oogit. 
564, 12. 
AmtmnXi] caayjim ^a-m «p«v o/mm; afirMvw. 
tamen reformido/ eunotor. 57, alt. ovk 

Ip^WTfif ^MCfvyai. 197, 3. idem quod sim- 
plex okhTv et xanroxvfiV. 

^iTMCMTsTv] seoabare.b. e. per nootem aata- 
- tioBe 8oa, pnssidio, abease. 238, 10. 

iiefiHofju^io'^M'] aTtBxofMo-^, domnm refe- 
rebar, wr5 tSv vtt^Arv^cmfv yvf^wt. 
1259, 23. 

flaroKoir«{ X(*^* ^^^ nov», tabakB aovae, 
▼eterom debitoram eassationes. 215, 
25. inroiunras Xi^ rSh liUsv ou 4^*^^ 
/w*u 746, 24. - 

vgroK^TTTfltv] oi larfoi ^a» «ut{«iVov — UoM'if, 
Awkuma-av, h ivino^^, 798, 24. 

4a r Ayi / tiiMi w^mu Tivt«* <fS. onaSa abrapta, 
prsoipiHa, iBTia,ardaa hoio W^eo, h. e. 
qaamoiBqaa ad partaai prKsMioram, 
argameutoran, exooaatioiraiii, qnibatf 
alii Mia ia oausia otaatar, ae Tartat, Dn- 
diqaa aaptm Ti4eo, at iatereeptam« 

hhxm A^irm^tn^^M ri l^tm^UMr. 1131, 
27. iwcH^rtu kf4Xv ^ ^ovX^ 4**tf'f^''^ 

ilaroKfvimnr] 1^ irftc v^ciSc «4l •&» aamtfu- 
4*fM<. Boa diaaimalabo. 73, 17*. 168, 
pan. tf^« iui2 Ma ^anaf^4'0^buu. 76S, 
19. iiaiiStf tuU oh^ ^ta^iAl^/Mwc «ra- 
vokui. 723, 23. t^ ovra, laoaltatea, ^aro- 
Kfu^ih^to'^at. 1121, 16. iliroNpv«rn0'd»« 
imI tta^^tflr^M iui2 vttVTA Vedfv, If .«3r /ca^ 
XKTWpy^ff. 1045, 26. tbSp I^Xt>^o- 
fAlvMc, «!v (bUv fitf'ir, Airo»(uirTO{|b»lwi?, id 
ast, 9rt TOtfTovc 'rove yovlac ^arox^uirTov- 
TM, iv (kn»t ilWy. 1314, 22. 

i^niKMfA$Sniv] reoaperare ; aooeptamfBrre ; 
repetere, exigere ; iatercipere. a) re- 
cnperare, qood taaai sit, et tn aatafaao 
babueris. Sv rt X^^jSari, aeoipiatia pro 
dooo, iv t' aitoXifinn, reoaperetia re- - 
stra. 78, 3. o2 fhto^ ^ofA^kna fih ov» 
•tflMT, AmlKafAfiavM ti wn$9o\Mvof, 162, 
17. Mn/bt(Xlt;9'd^«u, twuq &v tkyivr iwo- 
7^001 fMv ret ^(fifui/T», 932, 23. iara- 

1 366, 11. b) aooeptam ferre, at ^debi- 
tam, aive debitor eas ipsas re« a rapo- 
soenta aocepit, siva alio qaopiam pa- 
eto debait. riti MATaSixiiv. aialetaiB, quae 
cosdemnato irrogata fait. 1155, 2. t^ 

Tt/biqV vS» <^X«V. 1193, 21. TOVC T^* 

xou(. 968, 10. o) sasoipere« ab aiiqao 
repetere, exigere, at jasjarandom. ^<- 
li»M et £flro9i^a< dicitar, qai prestat, 
aTf'ket/xffi.naff cui prssstatar, qai axigit. 
To^ SfKov^, 59, 11. 234, 10. 678, 7. 
d) iritercipefe, exeludere. >6<ro» Kai ^u- 
f4MVi xa2 aroXifcoic Airo>ai^irroQ, dJMTf fxh 
iufoa-^eu ivanritXv ehtak, 98, 24. 

airclkavw t?; tmv IvavrtaMiOjtAfMfy IfnfAiai* 
abali saam in rem eorum absentia, 
qai si adessettt, repagnaturi sint. 171. 
23. t5v hMoim. jura sua tuerl, exer- 
cere, fructua eorum pereipere. 218, 5. 
T«c^uMrqc. abati aileatio concioois malia 
suis consteraatse atqoe dfe^eclte ad de- 
oiamandum et affliotisinsaltaBdam.579, 
^3. i^ova-Utt, 681, 2. t9( hfittri^i lun- 
SftUf, 717, ^. cum aceasativo. atriXew- 
cn nraZra. iyoi nmi v^q rmim xoivomac. 
quasi dixias^t, ravra tXo^ov Awi riif 
«r.T.K. 1174, alt. 

aaroXfl^arttv] deserere, ut uxor maritam. 
iwc\»\tniFuTav tqv yuvatxtf. 865, 6. et ut 
naotsB narem.. tt&v/und-avrf; oi voXXm, 
9*5 irXnptafAaro^ AX'iwo ryfli »«5v &ir^<- 
amrfif. 1211,2. b) reliqaam sibi fa- 



cere. 1^ tif i^x^wK SCfM? iw ^wu ; 
fWUB onitUt extrtnim eoatanelicdi ? 

limvr iS«^ui«r«r. 1 f57 « 19. c) oreaie, 
otwciMtre. inXX«^ jm^ itfrj^l^if Jkw 
hm nu 9 a (pon^ *• reUnqvem) Xiym^, 
1491. epMloU yi. 5« In pafsiTo ifro- 

Hemine riapMiini aapleDtia, sagaoitite, 
■olertia, recta eonsilia inTenieadi et e- 
Tentiu rennn fbtaros prespieiendi. 51, 
S4. b) noB fOitttfm, conMqni sensa qvo- 
eoiiq«ie,atocolii,aiitemente. imXti^li- 
vai rSh WfayfAAraeif, reraai ▼eritatem baad 
▼•lere per^cere. 815, pen. Iwttkdin- 
0^ai IMmw w irjp^ jtoS ^ tw i . Tideban- 
l«r proool sedenlea jndieea non pome 
ocolia conseqni in tabola exarata» 1055, 
19. kf rvorsa rS fei^ rw AyShot vmfmt 
wofMuXw^^nrt, xai rSft SXkm ov^fevdc 
hfjiaq &9f^ku^!^ii(nffbau 1083, 3. &f 9* 
^«v«Mi^>3jt (sin aolem hoc minas oonte* 
qvtttnr) %ai fAii^{mn»i h^im. 1421, S5. 
c) carere. reic ^ il«roXiif^?0'( jmit, carM- 
t^s, racaia vhrtute et moran bone- 
state atqae Itberalitate, Wfo^'fretovjitliibic 
M. 170, 2. /MuhfuStf 4^XoTtjuiac <l«r^i^ 
«M>da(. 312, 27. d) abesse. lan^'voV^, 
9v o&tvc T^y^tt** a«o^x4*^i^c hiJtS/9. nebit 
insoiiii, in Goitntiam non adfaibitie, ab- 
aeotibus, prooal a nobis, dam nos. 
352 ,12. vinret nvt hfni^f kvt&rrm h- 
1*09 Imui^ wa^ 4iX/tr«r«. qoetiei 
no» a Pbilippo diaeederemns, aire in- 
terdfo, life necto cim eo eongretsi es- 
semos, Ascbinefl o«m eo solas reraane- 
bat totom ittnm rellqviini diem noetem- 
re. 396, 14. *r9bc iaroXmrofAlvovc (soil. 
T«y yiwv) vaurtti. 1231 , 10. e) omittere. 
intiikimtt^M jMi^. eportnmtetem e 
manibns omittere, pali aliqoo aoerbo 
tempore snam operam deai^rari. 918, 
a«f^Xfi4tc] desertio, at axons a marito 
diseedentis. 868, 1. item tabohs paUi- 
e» ft magistrata bao de re eonsoriptw. 
ft a«r^Xi(4<^ hi^' 8^B, 2. Td» ilflTD- 

denantiabant apad magifttratam, ma- 
lierem illam a marito discessisse, eam- 
qoe rem oorabant in tabuKs poMiein 
constgnari, et postalabant caationem de 
dote malieri a marito reddenda. 868, 
17. &ir6'hU'\4( ir\drryi yfynrM* ploriroi 
milites desenint ordines saos. 1209, 
' 26. iwiXti^ IfMi iykmr9 ftXii^rn tm 
iWm r^mf&^m, reliqvoram oroniam 
trierarclMiram a nallo tarn crebri disoe- 
debant naatse, qnam a me. 1211, 14. 
ir^tfUvM /tioi fAtrk raShra ytticBM dt«rlKti- 
4ii^ir4Xty. 1214,2. 
iinlKnfttf] nagatf , blaterare. il fjih Al^^f- 

398. 20. 

iUrAifl &wi»u9 pA fjm wuficmh 1990, 2f. 

UfXhiw Tel il^roXX^mil pwdere, eonrmu- 
pere, pessanidare. Mh tfuutoctUut rftk- 
fa0tr, if ixAnraf inift^^|wf&* hf^t, rmtc 
Vfo}^^MVC «vroC X<x2«< imikicttrra^ vaUc* 
186, 7. Tovf M ivS w^ifMv iuig-otHrtoQ 
vSf ovfAfA&x,'" ^^f^^*^* 371,10* ouf^ 
wv |{ ^ ^ifftfAara iar^xXvrf, &niitriw, 
iXX' i! tud Wfay xfw"^. 459, 25. b) 
prodigere, duperdere, dilspldare. elrnc 
wmf ft/uipay X^*"^ ''''^ fMiywrm tSif iti- 
Xfwff Aff'oXtfXix^^ 1«7, 9. 'T^ iro^i^ 
wf ^vfAfxkxw (sci). xf^»^y aXiiTTw- 
Ttc jm2 il«roXXv>Ttc. fl^ift et ventre mer- 
gentes. 613, 20. c) amittere, jactnram 
fmcen. aaraXXvfiy vofuU^ant^, il,ri kf ric 
t) itaifov ianteaSnf, 1046, 23. In passi- 
▼o &frix\vff^i perire. M^lolvftr tJv xjt^- 
»»to5tw, ©y 5XXoc <lir^XXtn'cu. 11^, 17. 
tvthfrS 9n!kifjup ovfAfuUtm^ Utna'&ft;^, 
•uroi h TJi dfhni AmTSkaa-i, 174, 16. 
oM^otQ irtiy i^av «rouc 'rvfetmufjjfoui 
4««XXvjKf«ooc. 212, 22. oii r^i^fnc Ifv 
iuiTaX«<^70t( ^ira»XfTO iff ic^Xit. 262,. 
19. Wf«WT»j; ^{Iff, oJ;^ &««{, ^9rDX«Xlra» 
>AuMof . 374, 27. 

*A«^X«v wfo^rtutii^. 531,8. Aytfttic, 531, 
9. imrfiwMOf, 531, 26. 'rtr 'An^XX^ 

274, 27. ?lyov sl< Touf i^fo{«c, ftc 'a- 

1315, 16. GenetfB appeUabanfor, qai- 
busApollinis Patroi et Jovis Hereii st^ 
era essent commnia. 1319, 26. 

mf* 227, 13. AwtlK«yfffv^at ri ifuulkty^^ 
fjum, excnsare, pargare id,qoed in eon- 
troversiam non venit, cajos insimolatas 
reos BOD fait. 370, 21. rl( yHf &y Mfn. 
9^19 Ixmto Kf i^uffvoc, lyotfv ?,▼» l«r»X»- 
yi^mu. 407, 19. ifmyniiirt t^niv tmif 
th AyoMitTAi, m(i roirort ttat iwoXvytX- 
tf'&ai. 407, pen. iwdkvydff'aa^M ^ 9tlK- 
\oo^ f»ici Sv »aTi4«ul9rro. 1052, 25. 

i^nUyiei] rn ri^ft m\ [id est lerfy] t? ihl9- 
Xa|^, 4rc'/3t(3odX«T«i rSh deyoml^ofAkm^ 
laarac, t&rmQ^tao'M yjfia'hM, 226, 11. 
xol ix Tvc AVoXo}^ oMi^o^jiarMiifva^- 
mi *rf arJXii. 365, 25. iinXoyU hUtJd 
im2 AvX? baeo est, h&t oi iriw^uttrds rek 
tutntyoftifAiva, Hi^m, ft ^ 0V/i«t^( 'rf iri- 
Xh. 404, 22. «np{ Sv l/tt«} ^uc^trm,' <rt^c 
ovrik i9o\9yU( luf^n. eadem argo- 
menta, qaibos eriminationes ejas erer- 
tam. 979, 23. AmXeyUfwotitotrtu, trt — 
soi pnrgandi caosa bocaiflM'et 1201 , 25. 

AirvXe^nrl^ai} reeensere, enomerare. iir- 
tXtyifiro rk MfeLXai* lie r&r atrrS «n- 
wfoyfAkm. S^t, 15. Etiam p. 734, 5. 

. malnnt ov'keyiff'tkffBai pre itiroXoy^* 
Bst boc Terbara, pro a^re, rtferre; de 
legatts in decreto Cretenainm apod- 
CbisboN Ant. Asiat. p. 109. 

AiroXofiy] abseWere, abloere, detergere. 



tfU lUroXvfi 'ro&rt t^ olrpc^finr. 471, 10. 
iwtlkkt tviMlrlaf. 1191,7. cttroXutir touc 
M rSh ft^yfjUkrm. in jadioio capi- 
tis absolTere prinoipet reram gerenda- 
rain. 1439, 26. iircikvbiiav/juu tiif ty- 
yini rns ivl rqy rfAirtiav, 89^, 15. et 
36. In medio, se porgare, defendere, 
onlpam a se deflectere. v/juXg ^t ou^l 
Tovr &in\va-aa^t, 99t 3; rks rSh hut' 
fiaXkimtf r^ «roXiy alrlac fMra )o£qc x<^ 
X9c l^y^ifttikva-aff^ai, 191, 11. et 1438, 
1. &flr»Xu0'M-i&M T^ KavnyofftfAiva. 226, 
26. «r(oc 'Tovc yfwrl^ovc twv w^ay/jutrm £iro- 
XiM-AO-^oi. se porgare ad janiores actis 
lis, soper qaibas oootenditnr. 242, 15. 
vavra ov fffo^ fJUM(h, aywt^ifjunt tca^ 
vfxXy, dvt'KwkfAW, etXX* &m to vifAvrw 
fM^ fjiM fA»Ta>ji0M rovrwt rSh ^fifm. 
^ 593, nit. 899, 24. 

avoXvrpoSv] e custodia dimiltere pro dato 
redemtionis pretio. dvtXvrfuat rdKav* 
rtn hnU, 159, 15. 

awofxtimtv vS vtihM KeiX roXf mrvf6is» argil- 
la et farfaribos detergere corpori sor- 
des.313, 17. 

d7F6fjtiv^oi[ miles, cai aot stipendinm non 
soWitnr, oum deberetar, ant qoi exair- 
otoratas est, imperatore caret stipendia 
prcbente. i!d}iUn ivofjua-^otv ^ivw Srr- 

TH'TM tf-TpATOT^f. 53, 16. dfPOfAUr^Of 

yiynrai va^k Ttfxo^iw, a Tiraotbeo ab- 
solfitor a militia mercenaria. 671, 1. 

dvofMo-Bwv] mercede oblata, sponsa ad 
aliqoam operam prsestandam cooda- 
cere. dfeofAia^^ota-drM o hhfxa^os dn>Mf* 
vicomagister mercede condnoito ali- 
qnem, qui jacentem hamo toUat. 1069, 

dvofMmfMnCuv] d^v, praefationem orati- 
pnis, n^^arOf tiy otofJtai toTc avrug fnfAAovt, 
oSrgri^ wroq l7Wf1^ Iv vfMf dfrofjamfjuvtv- 
a%a, 345, 10. S!ro(; var^Maq tht^aiaq 
dwtfAnfMViva-art, 1479. 9. 

iirofAWHU, jorejnraDdo infitiari, iiq ou» ttpi- 
Xf ravret. 553r25. av ifFOfjUaiigf jure- 
jurando confirmaveris vera esse, r^vav- 
nrU rwron lutnrk tUt buyet/Tf^, per oapnt 
<Ui». 860,2. 

aarwl/uiiy] t^ rv^n ^i, ny o heU/Mn ixatf-Toic 
o^WfM, ravrn Jtip^furrai. 297, 20. u 8' 
i^tt ihi ytfio'^tit, KtU Ti ZeUfA^iw rwr 
kveintfAt, 1447, 27. . 

fMXkw a^anvwfxivM yimrr Siy, S6S, 7. 
ovM( wru roXfxn^ ia^ty, «v)* ^dyfyon- 
fAint M&^vof, 1063, 7. 
aftitoui] tHc fva^»S «vtoS not tv^ aroXtriki; 
«u Xoyto'fAit hytXreu, ou)' aiian oUtfjUttf 
aXX' «9r6yoMi* /uoXXov 9i oXov icrriv etvcunut h 
tvvrw voyunU, 779, pen. 

^ff'oflr^fniy] inittere coi mittendnm quid 
est, id qnod ei debelnr. aftottSfAintv 
(sobandi/Mf^}0< Uftiw Hal )£^ fitrtk rm 

19. de jodioibns partes disoeptante* e 
foro sno dimittentlbns inter se reoon- 
oiliatas. AtuCo'Mnrat A/btforlpwy h/ASf, lutt 
miirclut hiufuta^ki rov 9fkyfM/roq yuofjU' 
noi, fAkKirtm (uih ZuiKK^drraf oarenif^- 
4*u, 1167, pen. tU rk nawt&qvMM, ^nreig 
Phiiippns,a9ro«rlfe4*n'> remissnrameap- 
tiTos. 394, 3. de marito nxorem a oon- 
sortio secnm ablegante, repndiante. 
lav &9f9ieijfAvn rh' ywaXtiA, awcHMnu 
T^ fTfcXiM, 1362, 25. i/woirifA^ rdv <Kv» 
b^mvw bt tvf oIxMtc. 1372, pen. affViri/bs- 
4^fAt^a (si bene liabet, neqoe potins 
imfMfA^. leg. est) avrevc to vpfiror. 
initio qaidem eos contemsimas, mm 
existim^ntes, eomm qnicqoam ad bos 
pertinere. 1257, 20. 

kwSvt/jt-i^i] repndiatio, relegatio, nt nxo- 
ris e domo atqne oonTictn mariti. rnv 
it,v&infA-\>n 'At aybfAifw. 1365, 12.. 

aTrvn^aa-fAbntq] disertis, planis, espressia 
verbis, vel, aperte,palaro, in pablioo, at 
alii malnnt reddere. 1367, 27. 

ivvtnhit] resilire, id est, celeriter aaflPa* 
gere, e coospectn seproripere. jcay ayo- 
yKcta^n ^w avrmxfiv, timwiihiatf fvdf»c* 

^troyXfTv] profieisci in nave, abire. ^o- 
vXiTy i^y !» rw Xi/ulvoc rovrou, oWm r»c 
kv i&cX>i, 932, 17. referri, repetere do- 
mom in naye, Tel com dasse. 568, 14. 

^ff'MrXqxToc] ▼eoors,demens. ov^ ovt«c sI^^ 
a^fw, ovi* aqr^XiNCTOc. 561, 10. f«n ya^ 
oUtr^i fjit ouTOtg ktr^vXtmrw tud vorriXwc 
fjukmfMnf. 912, 10. 

a^rom'^y] i<t>* oTc iyttyt kvomjiiyofAM^ 403, 
17. lukfJM^^ rni KifxQov itk til wwra 
tlvat, awtmiyn* 883, pen. . 

am^tXt] ofTspw, vi vvi I^^m juuvonpoy. ne- 
solot neque possum comminisoi, quid 
tandem possitis agere, aot institoere 
noTom, nondnm ansom, si aperte bel- 
lam mecom geratis, qoi istseo in pace 
aodeatis. 160, 2. ctiro^jMiyo; veroiifa- 
a%ai (tvTouc* non babens, qui eos excipe- 
ret. 1190, 27. iv^ciV ^^eur kitkrtttn ndt 
qoro^ovvTo tSc avn^Mi* 1380, 4* *1 )* 
a«o^?C fci juum2c mwhvO'U si vero ratio- 
nem non invents me vexandi. 581, 11. 
ovx clff-o^fi ftiv i!«ntv ff-oXXtl. non desont 
qoidem, qoae dicara, molta. 657, 13. 
xafroi xeX Tovro otw ay kv^^ai/M hX^ai. 
759, 16. «r«XXa «refyvy kvofiid^t Tn^l tov- 
raw, Koi nay ikaa-rm i^iMyxf/MVof. 830, 
2. ^XX* Id^A 0V «c hmpw, 1203, 16. 

airopU] defeotos, inopia, seu numorom, sea 
consilii. avo^ta luiaim Xoym* 407, 18. , 
il( Stmv imro^f natko-rn, 1185, %. avo- 
fta <BroXXd ^j^^fMronr cvfiBaiJm avrS, 
1191, 8. In plorali orebro osorpat De- 
. mosthenes. arXovroy krrX vZv iff^kttgf 
avofiS9. 386, 15. 1123, 25. 1311, 27. 

kvo^t] eS iirofM paoperes, egeni. ^X^ tl 



plk Tji wofk t8c riyfng ytj^miU 0mStU K«rac imwvnrjit^, 488, 25. 
iUi^ariiM^TWjIcTovc^wWc'rStr'BXX^ pediero, in nare demiBero. 1154, 17. 

Mnf.174,13. ^rRnM«rM(M;v Vf^c 'Tovc lu- 
gyrA rpwc mdk Ttiff awofmvArw^, 182, 
23. <nvc ^in^pouc tiwv irtfXcrwr Ivn^pijBewi. 
260, alt. In i«y ^vr^^lOc tivc iMfot;c 

«& «(fii0f« (leil. o^fMTft). nonina leota, 
qom rcdig^ere tit wdoom. 12d9, 7. 

et 19. 9Nur «lir«0-TiXX«frr»i i» rev ifMro- 
fUu, porto solrerint. 915, 11. 9^N%tq» 
JUrfl0^XXfiv. remittere ad aliqiMin oom 
lq;at{t •jut retpontiim ad ipsioR inter- 
rogata. 81, 17. rwf AmrrikoiK SUr«mic 
iMHtrmXa. 252, 7. 6f«eUc ic i^C iv tf 
^BXXil)k wanyu^tif Afmrnkkw. 256, 14. 

4«ifffdifMjf] |>rtB segnitie at mdlitie et i>ie99r9^W\ri vSit AmyMum ianm^ 'n* 

leritale aninii defngere aliqaid. lOQ, 21 

Mnfftif rk ^XXa rw ^rt^vwr, 615, 9. 

im«ffMai] ▼• supra aub iimvf tV. 

a^riff^a%(] interdiotan, prohibitio. WMfk 
T«v MiffaiO'iv. contra expressam obnan- 

. tiatioBem. 902, 25. 

^•t^Toc] iwoffm 8«Qt ant ea, qass dioi, 
Terbift enanciari nefas, inqnoni ait, in- 
fiuda, ant aroana, seoreta, qam ant ne^ 
DO foiat, ant paooi, et qo» propalari 
bapd expodnit. tm trra mv^m tud ^mnSv 

mc, aenfjf juw^c irri «roMtV troXXevf tomt 
Vf^fMn. 142^12. ctlifoc rah Jifym 
tSv lin iMn^(ii«-«v lovrt^. 172, 21. 
tl T0t0^Tdiy nfAfjif)(mf th mdkn imtrri" 
^cv. 207, 9. irArrtnr dlire^Tipfur^M Xu- 

227, 7. Tile fk rd ata^ ti/imc IfAl imo' 
^rtfia-M yX^p^rrai. 297, 4. iAv rif ittin 
m*{ Mrrot XiCn T^Xorrw, 11^, I Mjm, 
aa2 n&r Awtrr t^n , defrandvt, red- 
dere reonset. 528, 16. iwwun tftX /m to 
h^. defraodatoni me it. 1185, 10. 

»at airofffmn. tam eonun, qms in Tulgos (IfPo^^fqnc] 1^' iira^nnfifi^tt rSv fjth iaim 

exire nil impedit, qaam qme calanda 
rant. 10, 10. TO S^uXXou^uim i n wi^vrw, 
arcanum illud omninm ore jactatum. (t. 
^cripta in indice historioo, sob ▼. Gba- 
ridemua, imperator Athdn.) 19, 27. iml 
Tfiy X^Un KdtMv rh i^nffnra Xfyot/AVf oX- 
TAkovf. infanda, lioBda dicta et audita. 
268, 22. vthhvnuf mtouc rk Avista* 
oonviMa mutuo ingerentes turpissima 
qnaeqne. 1335, 5. vkt a^nf^rw^ ovrw. 

'TQc 2^9rXa<r/«tf ( t6» U ItfSn *ng dtMMWKtt- 
ciae. 735, 5. 
i«ro^T0Xivc] ooll^giam magistratus Athenis 
appellabatur ot <l«r«0^roXi?Cf qoibus nan- 
datun erat, at classes navales diolo 
tempore et nomero modoqoe, quo im- 
peratnm fbisset, fnstrnctse e porta sol- 
verent oviiic M rSv kitprr^Jutt iK^. 
262, 18. «rpe0t)uiXt0-<i/(«iiv Avrdr arpdcTou; 
litoani>Jkaq, 1146, ntt. 

£0inpiyTpa>fltf)«i^.563, 1. rkimif- clirotf^roXoc] olaitsis marittma. t^v ^arS^vn" 

iniva oCHn. 579, 3. iiro t3c ^i&mvf tov- 
T«0^ wyaXi^ NUfiay i7iuu rSn Aitajj^m, 
776, 17. tA airiffnva roirtn imTi/u^- 
»C cl^M thfimart, 1467, 15. ixl>^ Ti^ 
Amiffmrtk t«c ir«XiTf^. arcana •tatns,la- 
tnt nndom reip. aperit. 805, pen. 

jSmaffi^nwi] t$ai Am^fAfjikm, abjecti, oon- 
temti. 242, 3. htn h mmfia /mm rtfuuL- 
TM, tA YfJitfTT^ y Avrof^wmrM, 792, 25. 

A9o0»Xfi/«^ ad ancoram stare. Anfyntuw 
h $w* iynufOf imraXMutvf Tihr fuwm /mt- 
1213, -24. 

Xoy A/^tmart, classem emissara, antemit- 
tendam dissoUistis, dimisistts. 30, 5. 
flc A [Dionysia et Panath^Ka] Torov- 

TA ;^fM(T* ^hwXio^CSTf , oiff'A ^uS* llc IvA 

Tfllhr AfPo0<T^Xi0y. 50, 8^ tou; <l«ro0*TJXovc 
4r<lrrctf 6ju7f vm^fi# t5v auup&v. 50, 10. 
rSif mwoerriXta yiyfofihrn n^vrk t«v v^^mv 
Tdv l|u^. 262, 15. l»AiM»XiWn t^v dv^- 
tf^roXer. 1152, 1. Ttf clw^^^oXov ^ ta- 
XWi qro(t70^i. 1208, 7. 
teorTp^Tii>«r lim^ATi. abimperiomHita- 
ri earn roTooastis. 669, 7. 
^«omlAnui«i] ArrMT^lXM 2C^ imtnJk^ Avovvfi^wt] h hem^ vorl ova th&vi IHmQ 

dflnrff A^mv . arersati silis. 281 , 1 . Am- 
rr^l^iv tht yhSorrwt, detorqoere. 406, 
4. larflTTfi^JofAlwff rit x*'^f' 1157, 3. 
wx, 2f«r«f Wl0>rfi4tv, dehortatus eat, ft 
ikiJuiXunv, ^XX* AVT^ vyt/jtilv ytyimrat* 
1263, 25. lie Tc^e stf<^xic autSv &«-•• 
^r(i44ktv [al. Tpl^MAv] ot dNJ. 1491, 10. 

0«y. 322, 9. 
Atn^-frff] rk hv^jAfitet^ kmeieiftt^, 845, - 

.Meop^&0uH Amtarttaietu e<t>Xfv, soil. Kany, 

eauaa eadere deaerti patroni. &9orra' 

ffiwjifMtw»» dl«riW&t. vendidistis. 790, 

2. Idberti pristinia heris bonorem de- 

bitnm si minus exhibuissent, lioebat iwoavr^o^'] nariirrnx* lekrra , ova I^otTa 

actionem iiMorraffimi in eos institoere, cl«ro0^(o^. carentia perfogio, recepta- 

et victi Tenibant^ Tineentesantemple- cnlo. 42, 22. Ivovodc •uSft/MiSc hrt <Ure- 

nam adipiacebantorlibertatem. 940,15. 0T$o^(i(. 702, 26. 

ilicaasis A^M^TAtf-^M/eiAsr^TAo^jadi- 4vo0'^XXf0-!&Ai] de gabematore, qui la* 

eabat Pol^marchus. ibid. , ctuosa cespitatione lapsaa, -ant Tento 

ivi^ra^te nrSn nmfA&rm* cun^ qnb ipse al- violento excossos de statione praeoeps 
^ teri de boms snir cedit. 38^, 12. in mare rait. 801 1 14. 

kit9&9tmat\ S{9v «oAv^^t9« >i^ui»( rtZ li- <hro0^«flf((it»] exterminse, exclodere in- 



tmV ^um^c* 778, 16, 
iirotf-i^iiy] ^«rMiw^ fo 'Tir Xl/u^«. e aiari in 

contintiHeiB servatNUar in vivis. 910,11. 
Amr&rruf] depatare, aUegare aiiquo, at 

niUtes in pneaidia MoolNnidi gratia. 

m. 1238, 8. 

175. 25. 

iworknf] r» U xt^^ ^^^* iimnT9fdhn, 

mmrrt^ivC] ^al^fjUaf Uro^^^^u 101, 6. 
oBgkrtfUv, 140, 9. AWOTtd^. asaer> 
▼are. tn Perwafcrttn|f hahen od«r neA- 
mm [to have or lafa»car»of]. 1193, 10. 

fAitfAMvn (gerichtlieh tavirt [judicially 
taxed], sea potias, ver&yptftAanrt [hmtI- 
gagedX) f xin/Atirm, 262, 4. nia v^ka, 
Sc ^<fvl TO x^i*^ MreTtTif(«0>^at. pro eo- 
JQ8 Taloro et assecaralione ooravii aibi 
villam oppignerari et io poaaeiMioiiem 
teBporariam dari, at leqaivalens ali- 
quod, fur dit Mitgabe hat er rich iat- 
mn dai Landguth zu9chreiben, als Hn 
Stuck, dsi icner am Werthc gUi^ itt, 

- damit er der Wiedgrprstattung der Mit- 
gabe gtwiu Mjfn, und sich an eiwas hal' 
ten kotmte {Jar "the dowry he has made 
them amgn to him the estate, asan equiva- 
' Unt in value to the former, that he might 
be sur^ of the restitution of the dowry, 
and hold something as security], 865, 4. 

dwonfjtfv dldtar is, qai alicofr rem pro 
peonnia parata eqoivaleatem tradtt, et 
tantliper possidere jobet, donee de pe-. 
oooia satisfactom sit. oWori/tM^&cu au- 
tem, qoi talem hjpotbecam eccipit. 
871, 19. et 26. -rir v^, Uwni^ ^taf- 
fhhi9 sit & TIC <iwsrl/4furs!¥ stnti , )6utc. 
1030,4. et alt. dmrtfMifAmi T«y oUuav 
VfPC rkf UsM fAfof. ich laase mir eine 
gieriehtliche Hypothec auf das Haus ge- 
ben, fur die 10 Uinas, die ich au Mm 
tufodem hatte [/ compel Mm, to mevP' 
gage the house to me far the 10 Minas, 
whi^h he owes me].^ 1029, 19. 
. dmorlfAntJM rciTc lmrftmmi«f«imt mAsaiAyai 
vofil^m rSn iirtrfomuirTm r^ xsf^fAava, 
jos esse pHpi41i» in bona tatorom, ea- 
qae Hiis taoite oppignerata esse, qao 
- • aeovritateai de b<>niK sois babeant, et 
•atisdatienem pro tatela male gesta re- 
petere possint. 866, 2. mvorif^iAa 
KadfM-rijif ( .Tf iraM^ war ihm als baiar 
Odd angeerhlagen, und Jiatt der Be* 
^ahlung ugiyf^ndet warden [had been 
rated to him as ready money, .and pledg- 
ed instead of payment], 1 187, 20. 

aWor/fCQ^'ic] i»C ivrrifAnotf \a0on X^i^ 
ifA^vQntfvutiw, 878, alt. 

ivornnn] imri^a t^ "kunnvfyUs, peea- 
sifOB depepdi neoesMriam illi fanctioui 

. vel ilU mflBari •dMdo. 841,7. kwtkwt 
tui wo^^fdetf, dependere hottibus pro 
redimeoda vexa. 926, 18. kw¥tiomfr» 
•vih in T«y l^W. 1024, oU. ef,Ti xj^ «w- 
dsTf , h imsriout, sdemtis formula in SBSti- 
matiofie litis, qom poena corpore loleran- 
da,autqom moktasBrarialaenda. 523^2. 

AettrifMt^] prmoise, prmrupte, absoloie, 
sine alia exceptione, defiaitione, sine 
diserimine. . TMV VfayfA&rtn ours xAXwr, 
ourr «i0^^«v, imrifMtt hron, 1402, 16«. 

i^nriivrsn] debortari, absterrere, probi- 
. bere. 217, 22. . posnaram seTeritate. 
526, 9. airrrfkmuf va^ l^afM^iiniY 
fUxXwrof, 606, 8. eim .AmrfytfM 
(soil. ToS Xf^y). baad dobitabodioere ^ 
absterreri me non patiar, ^taominos 41- 
cam. 700, 11. nf sDk sa^v ««roT*f(^( 
Tev roKiAsf Ainiit. 1397, 2. 5a ^'o^ 
a tin hfAk^rs, wt aworfS^ rabrk 
wa^sXt, 1431, 19. n^* vfAsTq ftii wet- 
^dnrs,olM ivor^'i^fjuu XiT^iiV. 1434,12. 

AVoTp^cty] T^ i«i'Totc «nirf«>fuyo(f Ah- 
iiav ivoT^ti^fJuba. 12, 19. 

avoTfi0ii rth oMom, cum osus dioturnilate 
armamentoram aliqaid detritam qnas- 
satamve fuerit. 121 5, 22. 

<l9roT^4ar«ioc]'A9r»XX«n i,ir9rrfcmaict,bS^\ ,26. 

altvnjyx&>*n] fA^LKKn ajfierbat rStt crfa- 
rvySv To«V o^^fov iveUtw n Vfa^avir, n 
toXq oX»f anoTVX!^a-s9, 155, 20.^i«ro- 
. rrvyxo-VM rSn ■ 9fa^krmi o uro^Kf av- 
d|a^oic WMW la^a, 295, 3. yv^fM tut- 
IMfTon awvrvxnr. 7 16» 3. iwirrvx* "rwJ- 
T0U. 1053, 20. av f^ 'roXJ? ^^ ^^sl-n rov 
VATpec e£ic Ifyt^hiirsffBaA Hovsf eat ikkog^ 
TIC airon^wv. capita el speratr bend 
conaecatns. 1192, 8. a,vsrvx«f d en- 
BatM nf vti(a(. 1379, 14. 

«lflr«Ti;/uvm^m] fiisligationt necare.Tovc 
wfsrpait^ac aurooc insifti fua%Cv r§ 'ttai 
ivnrufAvada'at, 126, 17. vafaxF>fiut 
iff isu^ l.«avQX&0y eLwortrvfAWavto'fAhovc, 
383, 16. 

awouaitt.] h/xSif iul0&Kkm tud t^ hfurifoie 
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qaos in malis destitoimas. 10, 5. 

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160, 27. ♦MKit'c iwrvch^c iirifmav, 
395, 26. ofxio-af of6Si uai iutaU^ &«*«- 
O'av T^v ovaiaf uvo^nif, 1042, 2. 
&iro^avSi pro simplioi ^mw, denoattabo, 
reorum ad vos nomina deferam. 1455, 
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iatalit, not « rationalibns in tabniariam 
mrarii iasorflbi enraytt. 480, 11. 481, 
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indice aooeptoram retnlit. er hat wr 
sie in Reehnung gebra^t, als etmas, dot 
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beredmms hdtte^. angesettt [ht has placed 
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ei^ved for mfj^d^d for phick he Jwd to 



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neaiorait, aat eliam raprsseatant, et 
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-limriani ^st ti^if/ui/* «u)i }^ Ttimir 
Awo^mimiftv, ne boo qoidem (ferram 
pata, 101 ebor) exbibeat. StS, 3. mto- 
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proponere. jmtaXii^&Snu fU» ifMlkiyA- 
vtK tiinkiM Mn n99^m!imtr«u 826, 13. 

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MMurani facaltatam. 1041, 20. ir^oc &- 
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nou mibi verbera iaflixJMO. 1265, 25* 
In medio, ammi en! fententiam deela- 
rare, prononiiere. ir|odi7Mi (oopiam fa- 
eere) «ri^ rwrm rS BtuihAfAkmt yvtif*nf 
AVo^NfwM^M. 169, 12. e ^0w\K Vfi 
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391, 18. &tkf^ JCMm yktfAnv dir»^- 
wofAhmf. taoqaam locom vel •enteatiam 
oommnnem in ' medium projiciens, ad 
neminem' singnlariter perlinentem, aed 
4«yam eniqae lieeret sibi dictam eziali- 
jnare, qui te iotom aemiret. 390, 7. 
dwo^uXa-^ett Ifn rh iieurav ifc «y. ie, 
tametsi solos essei, pro arbiuio senten- 
4iam esse diolorom. 898, 22. et 24. 

899,' 9. nh «rqc ^tul'mc dw^nnofjU^ 
ntf wjirif, aeatentia jam proooiiliaCa. 
1265, 20. ^ 

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T». prOBontiabat senlentiam pro arbi- 
4rio. 899. 14. iwi^vatf hSJnU mi rn( 
m/rmi oiff^a^, enoraerationem, mdioem 
substantise som. 1039, 2. et 6. sic ri 
a^forkyun Hwm tqv iivo^wn (scil. triq 

. if4Mi •wTMic). 1043, 12. ^«r^V0-K 5» 'rife 
3^c> dies erat peremtorta, qoa aeoten- 
tia deoretoria pronontiaretor. 1153, 4. 

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ejos deferre ad pnetorem, diem ei dice- 
re. Airowyxs irpoc tiit SLnorra ^ofoaifAtn 
yfo^v. 243, 11. inwixStu exbibebator 
eJQs nomen jodici, ot aerario debentis. 
M2. 14. 622, 23. 817, 13. y^t^ tut- 
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;^ohw. 1332, 12. magistratoi, e&hibere 
geatat a ae totelm, aot imperii magiatra- 
tnsre rationem li^eris eonsignatam. 
^24, 6. 1187, 25. litwas ab aliqao sibi 
commissas ei, ooi iascriptm sont, red- 
dere. einen BrUf' ImtSUin, abgebtn [to 
deUvfTipresvnt, a Utter], 909, 14* resti- 
toere motoo MoHom ei, eojvtf est, re- 
fierre iiluc, oode somsisfas, ▼«! abski- 
llsias. f/nXhn^ lUairw i^Uof Aw^iftrrtt, 

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nyim i Alr)(jfm, tit ki ^X«c rkf K» 
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nung amgeben [to Umte in aecouMt], 
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1189, 8. iwo^fin vaurof, eat, aot indi- 
cem mode nantaram enbibere, aot ipsa 
corpora sislere, repracsentare. 1206(, 6. 
nominare. Aw^piftm rit iuurwritv tr^K 
T0V ifj^wm, apod praetorem edere aaiMB 
arbitri, ooi caosam diaeeptaodam com- 
miaiaaes. 1244, 14. 

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tioois, aot mortisf, sive a morbo, sive a 
jadksom sententia. absolvi. 4>>^/«<*f» 
ri nrirt f^hf Air§9rt^uy6rti. 302, 17. 

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T^ v^ov, h^mMkf II Tf XiiiT^tiv avhrSn 
Tic — 308, 1. hi fIrdsTt tilt iticm ova 
iin^nfyofASf^, 840, 8. irnkfuyttt av- 
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aot hf reut iixaie) tit IvneiXour lf«M, vel 
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Iftei j>«atX«|BU«Mc* 1014, 8. eadem ra- 
tio oooatroetionis eat in iUo akero Joco : 
tic iyh I^MAC T1VT0V wwi^vytft na^irra, 
1021, 2. ev >^p, «y Iti^ iU^n Itivirt^ 
ttifyf^9'fAim, kw9^tiiyvf .wrS it^oo^Ktt, 
1117, 18. I? ri yt y^iv(in jos rooa- 
torn) ivi^vyt, 652, 22. 

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fjttm. vita defondi. 1072, 26. 

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bofm. 1276,10. 

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boBore, Tel imperio remorere. ilanxii- 
feT«VQ0'«TS rdv o^fornyif, 676, 10. et 
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rki avf^iauLf. repodlastis, reprobaalia. 
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wiSsirai). 1330, 17. II >Q/u«c, AMM-ac 
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. si pleba Midiam absol? isset. 583, 7. 
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soffragii veatri) ra ^f^ara fi)-^- 
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cea, ot ab boatibos, rite et jora oaptaa 
esse, ihr habt das Setoff fur guts Prise 
erklant [ye haw declared thenessel-a 
lavful prtse]. 703,' 24. ^inxi<{«Taya^ 
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ab imperio militari re? oeabator.JL187, 

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Ut^iurtui M abderei prtBtextom ali- 
qaem, pro exootatioDt tai, obtendore. 
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-14. 972, 26. itm^iuywTUf avrti^ ot oUI- 
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12. find li TovT* l0'«0i Td A^ (Iwo^M- 
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abfcedeos, vti dejeotos. 1260, pen. 

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mat aliqaid, ten oomprobare, sea r6pro-< 
bare, a) probare, jodicio abcoWere, in- 
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■alva religioDe ootett bnao abfolrere. 
407, 8. iwo^A|^a^^tu v/uSc ywifMm 
(soil. Toy ^ySfva), tos ream boo oerta- 
mine abtoWisse. 1383, 18. 1)) repro- 
bare, eoademoare, exeladere. A U f^ 
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diaitit oblatam coodiitonein, eu tA >« 
hubfmt aXrut, non ille pfofeeto in oalpa 
eeii 140, 16. rdv i^o^^i^wbhrm 'Aif»- 
ffirni. f offragiia omuiam reprobatam. 
271, 6. deoreto commiuii aUqaid re- 
tare. T^ fAh ypo^fSmv ivMToXoy hw' 

396, 2. namero oiTiom expellere, oi- 
vem tabreptitiam albo expoogere, tri- 
ba eoriaTe extemiaare. 1302, 14. rSh 
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oommooiooe saa, expoleraot. 1316, 8. 
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fAh 4l«f4«^/c«iw<, rSh ii id, aliof re- 
padiaroat, allot nioas. 1316, 24; Aw- 
4ti^wrat roS iratl^. deoernoat poe- 
mm a tribo loa arcendam. 1365, 14. 

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leitis negotiia Taom. 560, 22. 1329, 13. 

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ram satagens, a fremitu fori abborreas. 
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M Md i$dfhfm. 150, 8. 541, 18. 960, 
25. miTf&yfAm y&f rtf taw^ hrtif hbfM- 
arec aat Ai^OjimMt. 1018, "1. hyvofM^oi 
hyii imf&yumof lui fjutrdw i7f at voX^v, 
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tac. 1164, 13. Sm^iyiAmq nai uixfut 
,^amifMS^ if. 1264, 17. f/Xovc f^h vofjU- 
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petoie titibas eaosidioi aberem provin- 
eiambabent], ix^C^ ^ ''^ Awf&yfjumf 
nai «rXMw(ovc. 1342, 26. 

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yiyi^rau 121, 15. A rffiM ri Tt^tMv 

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patratam mb eal. 430,13. HA rmhw 
IkiMnm ^ w4i<M ylnrm Affpicuitw.- per 
bono ei slarel, nibil eoran oaHiiam fie- 
ret, qoa Ifleri reip. expedit. 1224, 16. 
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imfomr^ <rt vnCrm w^Sauu liceret, que 
jam evenere, eorom qaicqaam iafeotam 
roddere. 1449, 7. 

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raqae opifloom effeelaram param, aot 
nibH diveodi poite. 820, 2. thrui^f 
wtlk^ navtOMff rSh ^•^^tim. Of iyt, 
909, 23. 914, 3. 

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yif tneu Tov./Saror. er kdmu dsn Qndrk, 
dm Battel niekt abiet%»n [ha aauld not 
dispoH of tha trumpery]. 910, 1. 

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otom est. m^X toS lmtt$mfkt&tw, de eo, 
quod iata de re 8. G. fieri neeetse nil 
foerit. 594, 23. 

avmu^at. 1014, 23. 

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infjdaf jud Ufoa^ai hiyUSv* 796, 11. 
A»f(mttwr$f] improridas, iooonsideratas. 

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jodloialie oontra earn, qai ne oitatas 
qoidem faigiet ad aadiendam sol aoeu- 
•atiooem, dioendamqae pro se oaasain. 
544, 3. i>7t^ rS hifltaim Awf&nOM' 
T«v ig IfA^fSf naravrAfftmq Uem0^dav 
i^oMiirUit nai Ma« t^axf*^* defertme ad 
Krarii tribonal, in ejaeqoe tabalas no* 
men meom, at debentit^ ioforibi carat, 
propterea ^aod ego oaofa cecidisaem, 
obi aotam laisset de rebas poetolatis 
coram sitteadit, malctatasqae faisiem 
610 draobmit, tametsi aotor mifai diem 
non dixinet, in joe ibe non rooaaaet. 
1251, 3. AwfianXnrip fxw Una^ ^Xf^^ 
ibtnf naraimao'Afitfof. 1251, 12. 

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regriao oertator, qai, Athenis cam de- 
gat, oire Atbeaieafe nalio ata^or patro- 
no. 940, 15. 

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aodendamre, eoqoe oalla molesUs pe- 
rioalire QteBf exeaiatioae ad sabterfti- 
giendwn aliqaod aot caritatis offoimD, 
aat ttrenai fbrtieqae animi moaae. i4r- 

uai Awfo^Artayraf^fAir. 1396, 2. 

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reuiag, iadiota, b. e. noHa edita oaasa 
belli, feoiali nolle miteo, qai res repe- 
teret, bellamqne denonoiaret 1379, 17. 

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affAyfAorog, 275, 2. rdv Afi^rm /SniXk;- 
pirm, 418| 25. mAntrm f^Xiif, Ik S4«- 



airr^cfMc* 646, 10. fCn ldiX4<r«c &«rri- 
^btu rw UftUv, 1078, SI. 
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xi, deteadefe. 17, 8. a oomiuta tuo fa- 
Miltaqaeabigere. 23, 8. r^ var^mo-af 

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immrifit yim hvts* riwaotimrea conaaBgai- 

nitotia gradn. 1066^ 26. 
ifdi] tism, qoibm in ooneione Atbenia k 
pnaoooe JDimici .f)of»ttli Atk el in bia ii 
fU^ofebaator, qui P. A. Tama prmais- 
•ioniboa d«ee^iaamt« 563, 12. reus 
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iUk« ifdy} tSMli ^«ni49«D9^ 409r 21. 
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palom alioa quiaquam atbi ammam re- 
nun potaatatam arrogat. 489, 9S. aole- 
bMt dBnB teatttnenlia anbaoiibi, A quia 
ibi aoripta ai mandate riolarat. toSV «9r* 

960, 13. a^^ Iw&c mi p^aXf «r^ iv*^- 
ctSm. 1268, 24. 

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luii r^ ^^. et quae fcenaa referebaot, et 
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jacebant. 815, 15. 

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oflbiotf matattio*, iMtelli kidiim, iMv 
dfytff^ •&» if!idv/LiiiV. 100, 27. f^ 
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dfyvpS «r|ajj«ity tturoTc* 384, iST 

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ftihU noB aadaant patemre. 366, 18. 
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ni», aot qiHa «d moltoa raspioit, a Ma- 
rmn onoqaoqae ille ajoopfaantemraex- 
prinebat. 782, 24. i^yvffau 3^ 1^2 
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peeaniariaaadvafaosme inaUtail agere, 
h. e. qoiboa agaretor de peooiiiia a me 
aufferendia et extorqoendia. 1002, 6. 
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a me Aaierebat id, qao a jodioibas mal- 
eUtua fueram. 1162, 18. an^l f^h rev 
wmfhros ipufUu, 166, 1. «t tota ilia 
de repoftittoaa oratione designator itlod 
ea, qnod omnes inter oirea eqaaKtar 
diatribaebatar, paaparesqne alqna lo^ 
oopletea, e rediitibaa reip. qoaaitem, 
id qaod faiaae laoTv ofkknv ^tot a p. 
ifyvfittf] gleba avgento foata. SUbiitrtx 

[silver-are], 974, 28* et ok. 
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homines faoiani ooflunodomm avoram 
inenrii. 100, 11. at 135* 10. ^fArrm 
ofyrravet luutA-dM. 144, 10. < 
i^hiv lxi^^.385, 2. i^ tkm i^mtl^w 

<rtf.821,25. 824,4. 
"AfMK «r«7«c] Araapagi laiides et brevia 
enarratio fortdaamm ejna. 641, 17. aqq. 
cmdes deltberataa jodieabai. 505, 10. 
incendia ▼olnntaria et mortea pbarma- 
cia oemparalas. 627, 22. qtiomndo 
eaosm eapitalM coram hoc trttMmali fa* 
erint acts. 642* 13. leges, saonodom 
qoaa in Areopago jadieabfltnr, Draoooe 
et 8olona erant antiqaiores, et ab bero- 
ibna diiaqaa Utai. 643, 9. nbi ettaai' de 
antiqoitete, sanotimoaia et naj«8ta(e 
bojos jadieii prmdicstar. jndieabat de 
intlneribaa opar4 data inflietis. 1018^ 
12. 1265, pen. in porticn tegiadlote 
sedena, aedebat iatia fenam droattdit- 
otuB. 776, 20. as bac jndiaio aum tefa- 
mia axpolaoB, quad bartataa aliqtfem 
fiiiaaat, ot altarom fortiCer veHierturet 
1264, 22. Areopagits jadlaabant da 
aaatia, de raga raginaqae aaorrinrtt, 
sed molctare pro arbitrio ipaia band li- 

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tari iMt finden, dieshend ikr nieht an 
[fM could not aeeommodate henelfto hU 
manner of IMng, Ae did not Hhe itj, 
1362, 11. df<0iiaiy tmV rSh lxx«r rp6- 
votf h rt tih Atuf&rm, 1406, tilt 
•vt^oTC fyfrn huia rdS ^a^xfif^ ^' 
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fcffA vadra aVMc-tV hyeuftMU 1438, 6. 
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KkfutTot (snbaodi virif). 322, 10. ami 
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iron lo-oM'ttTf . 364, 23. roSrt }| xaXor 
jui2 o%fAtijf lie <lf irffc X^}^ J(a2 ^^c* 385, 

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men persooa qoasi hamana iodotam. 

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Ti ybfotro. ut si qaia filias deae Aretas, 
feu Virtoti, e deo Amore toiceptas, 
nasoeretor. 1407, 24. 

§u {<^i&f ( awmr 9oviwt. 568, 5. h^fMn 
^fdm Td ifyufiw, er sahlte das Geid aus 

. [he counted the money out"], 1192, alt. 
hfiBfx^^iKrav al 4^. 1303, 1. 

&ftBfMf «/McpSy Vfcupnf^ivw iynutiv, 618, 9. 
Dasaerus minor interdom, uon ante ma- 
jorem, sed post pooitar, nou adscendi- 
tar, leddescenditur in nomeraiido. tIt- 
TOfri yaf h TpM-l fMoif van^, 987, 16. 

^ffTTJty] praodere. « yui^ /aqv in^i /urri^ 
«fir arii()«y a^trrSia-A ly t^ au^. 1155,' 
26. 1156, t8. Iirtifov, lintlfty ifuffrna-ma^i 
tA^mtta, SXiif T«ir q/(«l^y. 1257, 9. 

«f(0^rir«r] tiv (Minervam aeoeam) i^a-^'iw 
k v^ic iiot/ itf^i Tovc 0af0i0Wt inXifMU 
•rldnjeiy. 428, 15. testimoonun et prae- 
iniam Tirtatis publicum, mooamentam- 
que meoa^mm, aliqaem in hello, ant 
oertamine qaodiun, optime se gessisse 
et alios snperasse. 428, 15. if t^^rkTov nj 
*A^yf (id est sjmboHce dictum pro if 
tStv *A^nHdmv TrilKirUa) o2 v6fAfAaj(9i (soil. 
reurnth rri^'m avI^XAv). 616, 3. 
Afta^c0 avi^viMv rS *Avro>JMn avi rSh 
$afii^. 1378, 5. ^Sr ifj^^riifluir a^n^- 
dl2c AZetc aBUern tawS hyftTaro rh $io¥, 
1399, 2. i latfMW oLXXw To^urTtra llf^ov. 
1399, 4, 

^fM^npa] sinistra manos. 00^ ^ifu^c ao^ 
iff^Ti^ &n(rx<im(, 531, 12. 1072, «4. 
rac ivapM^rtptl [soil. 9rXfi/pSc] li^ tot 

926, 2. 

if M^rivc] afM^nTc l£ oiri^c 'tqc *EXXi^. 

Afurt'vilw alfiiiffBm, 1069, 8. 

ifM'*r99roM70-l7M] apM^oaroiov/cAlyovcprandeB- 
tes, ^Xifac 'wiiff o^rpttTMirac. 675, 17. 

«f<ffT«c] fr^rrw rk i^ta^a *n iroXw oon- 
silia capere et exseqoi reip. saluberri- 
ma, agere, gerere, hooestissima, pne- 
olarissima. 254, 11. 310, 19. «Sv, <&c 

udfrv^AQ, 300, pen. i^^rm oiSfOtof 
Mt» vvxw, oujt «7Siv, tXrMtwm fAMnXtuu 
fMXt** f^s ha^ifoe, 311, 12. imoHfttiis 
inrrot, 329, 26. 

ifao^VTMc. 813> 18. 

'ApKriCpoc] fNMt oKam aatri Arotiri Pod* 
to enavigaatoa molto majoa sea foBoebre 
dabant, qoam ante, in ratiooe, nt 300; 
ad 225. ob discrimina nuuia, quod tarn 
aasvire et tempeatatibns crebrioribaa 
exerceri iootpit. lia U fAitr 'Apim?poi»l»- 
fthMutnta-vf l» Ttv noyrov If' *lif^. 926, 4. 
I«C i lairXovc tSv «rXoj«y rSn fAMrk *Affvnlu^ 
Mv [aoil. humljCh Ati&imH\ hn rclu n^rrou 
lyhtro. 1212, 24. 

AffAi^m] ifxwiiermua tUf \iy0v9, tXk uvrUut 
f^dXa U-mt AffjUati Xlyuv. 240, 2. oyX 
if/u^mi /UM, BvyavifA hrtymfMief Ix^rri, 
•{juBr ^ri nweurm, 1025, 4. Affirrm 
fUXta^ra w^ r^ a^ ^6avf. 1408, 20. 

if^uoo^] Tik MuaXf Tip'ArraiifC tmr txf n m 
iffAorreSif, 258, 6. )ft«iT«c Ix^ 'n* if- 
/iM0^ lurmridilc* 740, alt. pnedto ex 
Qxoram liberoromqae r e atrorom Ten- 
ditione oollectm deeimaa Hanoo^taade- 
pendens, h. e. pnetori a LaoedaBmoniia 
ibi constituto. 

ifn(0-d«i] post ae trahit infiliatSonen ov, 
vel fM. iv^fiimuf fjuirbontuf, Sh ovl* if. 
va^iunr fviM «c wn, tM tomStoc 124, nit. 
trt» yk^ o2 iliiuu/bUfM ifyfirmi, ri rS 
iluMSyn wfochui; 147, 17. ipvov/cifvoc 
irivTA rdv lfiirfo0-dfv ;(p^ fovrmr Tib 
;i^ff/«y. cam aotea aemper defugiasaa 
atque reoUsasses banc fnnctionem, lega- 
tionis puta ad Pfail. obenndae. 319, 24. 
«C ouK buTm^ iyttifyu rhf yih, ova tivva- 
TO ipyiSrdai. 871, 15. ipvSrrcuT^ ^lo- 
S^atav. neget testameatom onquam aeri- 
plom atque relictum esse. 955, 10. 

3pw«ff] ov^ ifmd-tcavTMcitf^yTd/MJ^TtfSd* 
inrif ♦tX/arvov «fiTTiiir«392, 12. 

>ipo7ffi»ff ^oSc. 531, 19. 

ifovp«roc Oly^^uooc. 307, 25. Hesjohlas ex* 
pionit sic : jAfotMa7oc OhifAttof.'AnfMtr^hnt 
Al^W ouT«c •«^», f*^ ««Ti Twr y<^v 
«nf<fO0^£r 6«riXfliffT» ZefonXlovc 'm 0<- 

ifirayd] xXlwrow^** ^'ifirayv iXXe^iv ix- 
Xoc. 422, 9. 

ipiri^iiyTilrX«.34,8. t^ N *BXXi3te ir2- 
tf-ay lt*{«C ouTM0^ «^«r«rDc kftrifw ov 
Xt/frii ; luiJ tout* i<|>" v/cmc ifirifaw. 103, 
16. 146, 19. ^rXih* toS fy,*'* k^Aramq 
th f/^ 9(ooiiU9ra, 1078, 5. iretUt /am 
vug Ktd ofwil^u /Aiaw nai Ub^ fAtfAicrw 
•2c Tic XidoTOft^. 1259, 8. 

if^] ifAX^iVy^rai jepariry T«y itXiifoyo|(«M»y 
Tovc kffeiaf, tuU to^ la Twy kfihm. 
1084, 7. I 

ippmvc] ^Ofc fnrk tutt&ffvra |yef(i{«y, S^-- 
anf If iMifac. 268, 13. idut Ti Affma 
Ufa v«rip T»c «r<Xs#c* 1369, 25. roc 
0Yf«yeTiTac tui ifffircu($va4t^ 1370, 15. 

i^wmiV] 9ray )' kfiotarnay, w&nm tunX' 
T<U; 155, ult. afMorr^v' irf^iao^erai, 
379, 15. If^/Myvtf'^M ippo^o^nTy.' jura to 
etottsare ? ■letadiDam^-379, 17. 



. 24, 5. rk hf tmV &(Stf»aurn n ffma "rf i fjta ra 

iffo»rrla} p }^ civ hf^ifA tif Xi«v iffmari' 
at ivctXTiayvn, 1459, 26. 

iw. 1397, 1. ft (Ah.iSv if^ TOW Tmjy 
oSt«c Ip^KV ituS^t9 nfrvreu. 1449» 18. 

422, pen. l^-r^ )* vir* rnvrHf [boil. 'rSc iv- 
>o/bUacl vrarra xarV aiSfohews ifTM luU 

. «nwT^423, 6. 

«fT0c] Iv T« yioipMi }<iXaf«Cciiw tovc dfTWK 
uaT iBdhtut, 918, 10. 

ofp^oToc] Tetastas. fu> vifM^f yir^Xnc (^OC^ 
«C t^itfia^cia'at. 208, 21* raiv f{ a(XaM- 
teirw ^ed vXatrrw ifuf uwt^waw, 
220,13. h rS ifx.^wrk'rm l^m vw ^tl^ 
tva-ov naM,yi0rar(» rSiy AlfJUHUf* 1371, 
4. b) obsoletus, doduin obIiviooe.obU- 
teralDs. ixx' IxfTwi /miv ^{X'*'^ "'^ *'** 
Aam. 597, 18. o) son, fulgo das Capi-. 
ttU [the Copitof], €oi ktnuBi osure, die 
Zinsen [the Interest], opponontor. tun 
T^ ^^mW, quam re^ ifxata, hoc siginfi- 
catu asarpautor. va^rtfcv uai rSv i-fx/idtn 
Avio^rno'Mf, sorte decedant, sea credi- 
toribas permittxint , oapat fortuoaroni 
sdanun, super qoo peoanias motaosom- 
serant. sie machen banquerout [they be- 
come bankruptt]. 13, 21. hiv r^ ovfrt'^ 
d^ v6 r ifx.^w nei to l^yw rSn ^<6iuM 
iT«ry..819, 2. tk i^aU fuUXtf £^M«- 
xa»c. 914, 28. ou /Mftnt rof^aCt^nei twt 
thiout iiniliw. Capital utid Zinsen [Cs- 
pital and Interest"]. 914, alt. oS!rr«4 Zm 
not ri^ata &voa^nfiant* er meint, er 
fmisse meinen Vater, nicht nur um die 
Zinsen, sondem selbst auch umdas Capi- 
tal bringen [he thinks it necessary to de- 
prive my father not only of the Interest, 
but of the Capital too]. 1200, 19. ««o- 
itlumt ouTt Tov T^xor, oSrt to i^mXw, 
1253, 9. 1292, 8. 

'AfXfLt^u4M]cottdliM legendornm magistra- 
taam. 677, 16. et alibu 

«roXitti(«c* 123, 20. 
ifX*"^^ fmperare, dominari, priooipatam 
gerera in bellorebasqae-gerendis. irii- 
rt md rinrrafiMorra %rn vSn *EXX^a»v ?p- 
fav Athenienses Uiirrm, 35, 5. 174, 3. 
«0C**' y^*^*^*"* 104, 20. fjArt afX^ 

Xof. 132, 13. flroXiv, h vntkn^ U »f 
Tfi»*EXX^«v a^M isl Co^fTAi, fjt6m kr 
lmm«a«wu. 144. 17. o&t le^'ftrajc 5Xi- 
yo» flroXXoTc jmi* inreSrrtt afxftf toTc^imt 
lny9^Uf {«» »{iijulwic ^»« )^w a¥. 
195, pen. b)iiiagi8tratom,hoiiorein ge- 
rere. wH Wo kfxkt iffeu rh avrw h rS 
AVTiSlvMirrf. 747, 6. c) ordiri ,incipere, 
. initkraifa«ere,Menp]iimpneire<«ex**y 

189, 24. (i^ iroXiTtvo^liwr — ^Ut^&a- 
fmwr, A«rS 0^ n^mrw offafjUm^, citat 

■ Marcell. ad Uermog. p. 175.) ^«Ka^ oS- 
TAK <ifXi( Tou jMjcwc Xl)«iv. 269, 15. if- 
Kriw rk rotaSra vmm kfayuiftn Iwi tw 
irfdirou. 595,11. nvfloof sjvat rwt sifMUf 

. kin. T?c h/jUpaf, tc SiUM^roc ItI^q, «rX^ i? 
T« wfOtf^iygAirr*! ypowc, ^rim (id est 
MoB* Of, vel h 3, Tel i^j* oS) ht of^Kv. 
nnde oportet illam legem soi ▼alorif 

' exordium capessere. 713, 25. ^XX* i^S 
ivarraf auBf&icwq, i^' ii/uSy kfiafAivo^.0 
et yos omnium primos, exempli Sueto- 
res. 116, 15. ov CovXo/c«a{ )l Zvo^tfif 
tiwtTf ofj^SfUfOf TOV \6yw. 226, 19. qum 
ab oraiore postnlantnr, sunt bieo : IhXf 
Tk Vfdyfjutra of^/jtsvai Ka) ir^oaw^ff^ 
nai trpouinrv tiTc aXXoic 308, 26. lu^c 
km* kfj^q kfftlfASvot ituMrri)(yw9. 932, 7. 

, wasrif kf^o/Aivovt 9V9v9tUeu Xiyov xal 1^- 
y9u kwi rSS9 ^iSr itfeo>MfA0dyai v^Ssrw 
A^td-^Mt irpeo^ty. 1462, pen. av vif 

■ rinrrn rnk eifX^tn X**^ kViUon. 635.27. 
d) apyofy] ov3^ av Ttc rih inia i^drrttf 
rvy^dyn Sn. 264, 1. e) d^Sfjttnt, qui 
sub imperio, in potestate alieujus sunt. 
fj^ otio^i ToTc tkinoTf ^iu^jew rt X'^k*'^ 
xa2 Tovc kfxpfAifWf. 154, 24. 

kp^iSiOf] tribunal, dicaslerium, fomm. rk 

• va^ t^iffif a^tXa Kai 0ov\Murh(tti ifnfA6- 

• Tf^A-av Tiff Am — nrd itaf \ifjLV$, 145, 15. 
o^j priocipium. tac ^^ mX xmt^i&nt 

21, 7. wpJ* T^ ^<%*i* o{&«} {mtBivBau 
29, 4. TAumy kmarron rSiv xanoh »fx^ 
tvfna-o/Mt, TO fAh ^IXiiy rk iiKOta vpkr- 
rtn, 208, 15. iflrS t?c kcc'^ ^*» w&rran 
ayjft Ttfff TiXttmfff >ii£nX&oy. 288, 10. Ap- 
;^y [prefationem oratiunis] ^^aro, liy 

- fiiifJMl ToTff AVTOIff fhfAfkOXf, olrTTtf OUTOff if- 

. any, iy v/sXv awo/Aim/AWtv^tf, 345, 8. Tnr 

kff^ TVy irf«TW l^fOy tou ^aXMr^cMV. 

primi aoctores fuisse ferebautur fmpo- 
stone, ejusqae culpa ipsis, at principi- 
bus, imputabator. 371, 15. I{ k^x^S it' 
arny. ita rem ordine enarrare, ut res » 
principio inde repetatur. (idem quod in 
continente dicit ^yw&iy clp;^i0-&«u.) 539, 
19. h If kix^ ^X^?»* pro « '»^C «X^f«C 
clp;^. prima simnllatum semina vei ex- 
ordia. 1257,7. b) imperium, polestas, 
majestas, tjrannis. o^^ %h^a%stii, de 
magna et ex insperato oblata potentia. 
69, 1. 577, 22. interdum seo temporis 
spatium significat. qoo tribas qnseque 
prjuneato fongitur, sen Ajroboatem, 
Arcbonteste, aut Prytanes : et universe 
bonorem, magistratumve oum imperio 
cenjunotom. kf^ jtXvfcCy. o!ey ^ovXnc, ^ 
^svfAo^vrmi. 997, 15. h k^h (prjtanea 
tribus insequentis) irA{ttX«^ov0T» wa^m 
Tflff wpoTipAff Apxflff- a prytanibos snperi- 
yris tribas raagistratn jam defunelae^ 



ifXh. 1244, 14. ieX^ l^x» f^ ^« 
^fuw^. 1506, 14. iItf-ilMMTn»<l{x^*'* 
munofl oapegsero. 1369, 19. WfUurku, 
1369, 30. priore looo eit <l(x^ bom>t 
Xtfi^ saororoin, po9terioro honos «i- 
MMoris, p^«es qoem Bonoihil qiMqae 
potofUtis er^t. if^^ cLv)^ htiaoci, 

afx^iy|r>« ISe««» w lvi9Vf*U km, 1072, 25. 

4|iX^'BXXiivdfv. 1578,6. 1398,18.6421. 

il^lMv] nagUtratulas ipfimi erdioM. 314, 
7. ^tSuMf ciUt e Dem. Jalios Pollux 
Y|ll. 83. Sed sine dabio ibi ii£;e*l&ic 
l#g. eit^ el flcriufiofUiur looit Dem. p. 
»14, 7, 

4f;if6Mf{irif] ^cbiikeori manere foDgi. 

4fx*^"^^] designator, iBipeotor, nodora- 
tor operam ptibUoonim. Biav /jiM mtro' 
mi/uu Toy ifxvruurom KiAivrdi. 254, 25. 
b) tenia figwmto, at epnd Lathiofl quo- 
> qoe arobiteotat, pro aootore, eenatra- 
ctore, effectore coDsiUi* ▼«! macbinati- 
onb. 1018, 6. A^irUrmf nms SknQ lari- 
fiwl^s. 1286, 10. 

it|;^«fy] rSi^x^mh Eponjmopiita,4r{«0Yl- 

f«» xai t£v TOKi«y. 940, 10. Svtfay^^tUi I 

e^ivyw ytfiffiav. 1576, 17. Arebontet 
nojrem immanes erant trierarobatoom. 
465, 18. eoram erat carare, qt diesfe- 
ati recte celebrarentor. 517, 11. Arebon 
tlbiciDea ohoria per iorlem dittribfie- 
bat. 519,1. perladosgestabatcoronam 
aoream. 520, 16. Arcboatem corona- 
ian, b. e. in fonotiooe, «! quia pulsas- 
set, oonTiciisye inceaaiatet, is infamia 
notabator. 524, 27. tJ rSn Afx^tmrn o?- 
jtiif««. 8enaculnm,ubi Arobontes ad 4e- 
liberandum conveniont 543,2.. Arebon- 
turn erat, arbitria jndicum pedaneomm 
fubscriptione sua confirmare. 542, 8* 
' Archontibus erant sai assessores, 572, 
10. apnd Arcbontem denuntiari debe- 
baty si qua uxor marilum deseruisset* 
871, 2. Arebon eponjmus oognoscebat 
in cansis filiarnm virginom, quas patres 
beredes reltquissent. 980, 1. 1068. 8* 
item de possessione legi^a i|\)qptave 
hereditatum. 1052, 20. 1054, X7* 1080, 
ult. 1155, 25. quid sibi vult obsoums 
ille locus Etymologi v. "Apx/v** P* 151. 

Xive rt JUt2 «'o^if<u(^oc, x«i tifX"'^' ^^' 
)i liUq i7;^ov'(nnm ourot ii liias iinas )(' 
' • nA^uf, Tel Mn imafrhpM tTyw) &ervt( 
^n/M^^ivns h iff irpoc Ajaxfvrw a9r«Xo>^ 
y^u, quid scribit? et ubi? ea oratio 
non est apologia, sed aocnsatlo. ad cu- 
ram AFobootis spectabaot orbi, et or* 

bsB, atque vkhMB, domosqae deaolatv. 

. 1076, 14* apod Arcbontas fiebaat imn- 
ye«^, sea conlestatienes litis de lalso 
dictis testimoniis. 1128, 9. et ^Mwpt- 
0^K, aea somtinia partiom litigantStin 
ante litis oontestationem. 1924, 13. 
€am arobontes sio node nominantor, 
noB semper norem Arobontes designan- 
•tnr, sed. universe fungentes boaeribas 
et imperils qoibmsennqoe, qUaBStara, 
prmtora, atrategatu, presideates sivein 
senatu sive in dioaalerio quooonqoe: 
foedus otique sit error, nbicnnqae loco* 
mm ^SpxoNP aliqoia appelletur, ibi stativ 
oogitatione ad Bpon^mam deHBrri. 

inSiiai oaosm agd»antar in foro regis 
aaororum. 940, 13. <l^iM(cys«4«fM-. 
McTdi>«liX<tM^TeS AMulUi(Mi9lm»* 1301,15. 

»hts rSf fmg ^fcl v^krtm* 347, 24. 

nA$ wi%i» vfiiii^imtf* 1349, 6. 
TO AriQiifAa ^ vfAivnfw ytymrmt* oolpa 
' impietatis ab ilia ad voa transit. 1582, 
25. asmdv (ad omnes pertinens) i^^q* 
fUM, ouK A'iiUMM fjAfm* 548, 11. 

riv vifAW, 732, pen. fAsO* Sf ot CWt^^^ 
robe iatfitXi y^i^vmn h fhu, 786, 12. 
cur Pbocenses A^iTc appellentnr t, 
Sohol, ad 364, 6. 

ioixytuk iud Wkum(l», ? vpdc iwamag p^* 

nrai «l\iirero(.l51, 11. 
og-gKyuv] haiXynfAha, faoinoraper peto- 

laatiam comnuAsa. 521, 2. 

^ow. 23, 19. 
ia-ikyStt ruii xjfi^^*u, 120, 10. hawrutStc 
Hmi ATfXywc ^uufi^eu. 216, 22. dn\y»t 
(JK «&rwc, Sfffrt nai rove iweafrSrraf oi- 
ff^iWdfU* 958, 15. &trt\ymi kmI «r«Xv^ 
tiXa^ hdywr* rh BUv, 1S55> 3. A^iK^ 
not wfomr&i ixpvro «5if , 1355, pen. 

we, 1356, 24.. 

dg-^tnif] sBgrotare. 13, 2. Jir«np &v s7 nc 
ictrpo; ao'^nwa-i ftkf r»9 lUftrovn f^ 
Xiyw, fm^l titavvo*, 2<* i9)y •ve^fonmu 
1^ y^ov**^307, pes, l^tf Jig-hinSrra 
T«y infJMf ha^^^if^i, 1460, 1« 

otf^ivitc 009 mtpnmfx,^f 12, 25. «M *aO* 
«^&r^ ^IMc i^(. 154, 19. 'HMfjuii 
i»cdiyi0^^. 186, 13. Twy l)k'«y SiaAJMr 
T^y h Twc frnkiviiate U vifAw Koa^ rib 
f^rova-Utf JMi {my iiroi(ii0-«y acii t»7c ilrdt- 
y|<ri )m2 ToTf Ivxv^Q* 199, 16. TiM-^ic 
loYyf^ i«^* a«»i Touweyrkor i^$iyf $ to tvf- 
uShu vtiffaM&o'iy lavroTc ra Vf&ffAava, 
406, 2.' tta-&iylo^ri^oy iwgiTy to iiiuiun, 
642, 2» T^y ao-Sivq irof* t«C ffXouo-lov, 
lay Idixqrai, ^ya^-i^ai XdCiiy. 1122, 8. 
ir<ivT« TflixXtt m»^\vfMV iwf^iUrtt ic^t- 



qaod pftram prodesl. 147 1» 4. 
So-tTocj acirout, impastosi jejunoft, Yahoos, 
iCA^ iyX^wtovf, ItlS, 24. «l0rre( )i •»» 
ieiir Dyvarrd iXovHiy. 12^3, 9. ' 

. «0iMxa/Aty.adyeniotnMip«i«rmavun«s, 
iostnixiinaty mlnimas, artibvt ▼•lati 
pal^lriciit et oainpestribos enidiTtiBus. 
36, 12* *U ayS»a SfUiVW fi/uwv littuwc 
Q0ioiTa(. 1^4, 16. ^ffxcvvTic top 2»hv 
TEt^ouc ^oMv lir' «lXM»Xouc. 799, 13. 

iffxwie} exercilatio palestrica. 1408, 4. 

^/ua] ^f^rm olff^^v womta/. 23, 21. 

aff(jMoi HUivrm tauta. libeater in se wa- 
cepil. 885, 13. t^ fUv wfShw, ^ katI- 
«rXsv0Y&, Acr/M9t9 (^moimra MfpAXimt f»t. 
970, 25. oafMim k^kauv fM nvc f«^- 

TUgACT£v48^)^MAfTlfl«V. 1161,26. il^ 

fuyoc &MU0-C. 1161, alt. 
ua-fAtvatf Ajcouity. 237, 15. ftiT^ «reXX?c 

^ Z95» 21. ' - 

snitu^ implacabilis,' oam quo negatom 

ent amicilias cootrahertB. 786, 10. 
tu-vi^pwnjmuif, Tel iawthiriiytpli uiBcina 

fabrUsajodift «eutii. 945, 15. et allbu 
iffvcv^ voXiMoc. inyplaoabile beUom, in 

quo loci^ indQciifl nallns est. 314, 16* 
wvofooX ourt yaf^ cTro^ hmv h rn X^* 

o^sropot }ta TW ni!>4tM» yvymdtiH. 379, 4. 

^/^nroTurw vfoy/AA rm vciyrMV. iaoer- 
tiasimom, de cv^iis volaotate alqae ttn- 
diis omninm niiaime cerla oapi posait 
coDjectura. 383, 5* 

A*0^rfitof] Ay ly q }uo aWiTa ftv«0'i. 689, 6. 
TA Twv Xo}^fl»v AtfTiiA Tov TA fjuiyto^m kt" 
a^ana-htu itauiikunjn avtovc. 1441, 22. 
voXXa ia-rua av si9r»^. 1461', ult. 

aart^ifttrot in rn^ *OXvfMrUit aapik. 331 , 3. 

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24. A0n^ TAmy luU or^Tty tv^Av j^iAf- 
Tif tu 1312, 9. ergone *0^ et voUtng 
inter se diffemnt. Videotnr d^rot asM 
Atbenis oati et eduoati, et domicUia 
habentes; firoXTTAtaatem potenml esse, 
qui Atbenas uoBqaain vidassent, neqae 
pedem illuo lotiUisseBl. tioiiymiyw if«i 
drro» l£ A*0^c lyywnis mirS y§ytintfxim 
si^fl^. 1^15, 20. 

drrf^n] nuilas ditellarias, at MoBiis At- 
ticUta interprelatar. Iv' drvf^nt ix"^' 
fAmg, 558, 16* « 

a^ffunWl oom qois a castris abest* ex- 
pedilioni mililari jossas con reUqais 
civibas interesse omisit. da^artiac 
UXm. 533, 10. d^rfartUf ZUnv 4»iu- 
yuv* 999, 6. Vrrf atiUc >fA^>l»^ 1353, 

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ylyii'Ai. v9«, A*. 

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priyatas et intra moe^Bia oppidi aoi oo* 
^pias nostras reciperent. SQO» 1* ^hcf 
Toy AuxXoy /c*^ey toS IIUfAidc* «^^ *^ 
aWioc. 326, 1. 'TA'H^AieXstAly^l^YU Ousiv. 
379, pea. 

dsrvythanf, 632, 26. 1381, 23. 

aWvjcoc] arbanos, qai moribas, stndiis or- 
bis, vita et comniMratione in arbe de* 
leolatnr, eamqae mstioationi prsefert. 
♦t^rxl^yorrof tXatt 'ruc.TJff'ctCKA) fiSXXMr 
dffrvxmi. 1274, 24. 

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yiiiraai, yel yioomagistri, foogi. 1461 » 

dffrinSfAbf] diffi^bat ab dyoftaifitf tnU 
que de magiatratibiiB iBferM>ril>aa.735f 

dtvyy^ifAm'] imnanis, qal ignoscere re* 
oiisaL ouM( rSh eiavyy9c»fi&nn Zbuuig 
Itf^i ovyytAfMi TtippiV. 547, 8. 

dwia^ofo^'] htyoTATor mi>rrm I^off ^ 
oovfA^ofArarm if4Xv iic Tib ^OmvtUuf lir^ 
Aym, 341, 20. dr»u^f«i hywfJM ^ 
wiku Toy Kvy» Xf>«r^Ai. 491, 6. flC'TW 
^^^A jvAm'of 2y T^ 4^>C^/tAA TliC v^btoK, 
fAAXAov dffvfjb^ofir lara, ^ wfionfjm 
654, 9. 729, 2. 804, 22. If a^x^C ^- 
^fy da^fA^t^ ffpATTuy, 1456, 1. 

Atf^diToc] qoj noB patitor se ad paeta 
ounventa, sea ineuoda, sen servanday 
adduci. Affvy^fTotfTATov. 385, 6. 

a^iWaktoc] oni partes soae deaiaodatsa. 
non sont,qai certain in classeni bon est 
relatus, neqoe jossns oerta pensa pne* 
stare et conlerre in pobiienai coipora 
furtanisqae sois. 170, 19. 

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Aff^XUAV ntoff'ovyTA vma^it?iaff-bui, 14^ 
4. uiyw fu&fi»c T^ XiywTA, a^Jna^n 
a iyfxfy off'^XtUf, qoi nonqaam sit 
moritoms, si nihil aliod mortem infe- 
rat, qaam vis externa et cades tio* 
lenta, a qua securi sont ejosmodi oon* 
ailiorom aootores propter gratiam, qua 
florent. 142, 26. &Ai;/uA0^ribv tliatfAvvUf 
tml flToXXoy A'^^ilXftAy ix*^ ^^3, ftU i 
pih imbvfA£ d^, tl y ia^dktiaf, 154» 
26. fMhvctwm t9? irjxiwf Aff-^AXiiAir 
0h(w /tAAXXor, i Tof uarlp tSv SAXdy x6e- 
hfw nfniiimi, 295, 16. ouU Wfmuuq x^' 
(Ay oihfAUf 'nk ^^ ^^^^aXs^ac hiwat^ 
301, nit. arpoo-^oK^Eur Tnc itf^Xstisc o&i 
iX*t 1^ AUT^. 319, 19. Xsrrih' nai o^. 
Key i;i^fi tm xtf^i^orri T^y ^^^iXtiAV; 
1472, 14. 

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wofiffX?^ a^-^MiX?. 31, 19. &&^>h9 Ml 
iiTf&yfjtm «a2 ^x^y^iyic i T«yl9MiT«y /3/oc. 
150, 8* «0 TJf /C4ly wiXit itf^AXl; t& Til 
AUTMC arpATTtiv, ffpi y IfttMuKif, l50y ' 
21. hfAiv TW TAp^iimni imM^ayiii^ rm 



im^uhon ^tn Un not ^mrntUut Ar- 

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?^0 el ^4Mc copalaotor. t) >'«f Jio^" 
^Jc avT})c.(paeit paU) jm2 t& Bifimtot 

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TA Iff^. 1460, 16. ovn. ao-^aXif ftot yo- 


wBm, t20, 6. iU Tdr iwrS>9 fiiw Ar^aJMs 

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iavrSv kff^yStq a^xjww, 9^1, 5, ot^ydf 

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• re- 4|aod ad [Meoas dandum wiigaris. 

ixw6l^ b-rlv i^ya. 609, 17. Nay ^b^- 
fjunhffn tk ttuhrATA, 1396, 26, 

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idm. 94, 16. aMf f^h &^o\iafdytn, 
«^ ^ yvfttTiM l{«^(V Tdv Avrfv irapov0>av. 
10S3, 11. aaynioQ fAi Uii vS w^fxa- 
«i^flM. negotiam, oooopatio oreata 
« Baoasaitate reran^ aoaram aatagreudi. 
1081, 25, 

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m^Xfhmt tlxji vtfl 1^ Ay«}«»)^ Ay. 900, 1 9. 

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0«y. 1124, 24. eat ia, qai neaoit o^m 
paot» tneri, oenaenrare paraimooia et 
aobisa admiaJatralioDe, aadj>rodigit. 

Mhtft ual «n9ivTiX5c ^. 1025, 19. 

Armn^f] oom ezaandiwi in oaatra eaaet, 
domi manere, militis ansB mmiia defn- 
gtre, pall ae io aoie et caatiia deaide* 
.rtri.31, 16. 

ihttMfc] Avmifnf uai AvAfAaXh &ray h fd- 

a«iiiv»( \mfiSiLnvi, 38, 11. 

i«a{ia] i^£i«(/a» iM»Jn. 38, 14. 

ilT^Uia] iva ii(«^«yTO mXin^y, dXK* 
MxiMiy DwiMy fAbm. 173, 7* qaaram 
renun nnlla eaaet Athenia immoaitaa, 
eaa p. .464, alt. toq. eDamerantar : vSn 

iSir^Mpfiy T^f t{c ^ aroXifMy. etc. irlXsia 
«w (MTtmieu. 691, 3. i^vXiUf «l>Mr Tvy 
vo^<M«iMW ly «? vnt XfrMti^>^. 1217, 
. 23.^ if otiM&tc f f «rt( JotXqy tT^pay. eifie 
ieA<ma GM^f/scAo/'ttrtfm, die iAin yiic^s 
.^pastete [a. fciaiuiiaine tntstran, wAo ooit 
jUai «o(^in^]. 1358, 11. cv^ik *^fS irt' 
Xfutc ia Twv v^f(«v. 1353, 23. qno eloeo 
flOlligi poaae vidotor, funotioosm ali- 
.qsa» publicam joa ^r^ofttUf dadiaae, 
fit illia mahiia fongeiitea a uilitia legi- 
time abeaaeot. 

w0trDtfff»iM(. 1461, 15. 

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tHboeadi, aot ndleataa fonetioiiea oUe- 

yof^ovc Tov( wXovrfooc. ?60, 10. if^iKd^ 
▼«y ilxx«y XUTM/^tSr. 565, 4. ifnXJ?' 
gT{ <T tfa ig %avrh mww-M th ^w&fAWf^. 
568, 10. d^* if r^Uaum /uyZf aTtXiTc 
ixift^Wf TO? IvMimv trp^dv^. rdner^ 
Profit \ekmr profit], laeniin, qood an- 
pereat dedoctit dBstbaa in rem factis 
aomtibM. 816, 8. dnxil rh rhtn V^iyuv. 
woUfrejf [dvity-frte], eofna nBllom vecti- 
gal aolvitor. 917, 26. S^tt of y^/t««i dtihJn 
vvtmhuuvf, a eontribationibaa exeme- 
raut. 1044, 17. Uv H ijA w^onuCKion-: 
TM, ifnXdf lrt«a h Imfiiata^ too hX^ 
pftr. adjodioalio erit irrita, caaaa*" 
1055, 1. 

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I* 2tik ^ydM ^fHva, 423, 2. 

i^Tt/ci^tiy] conterotui habere. 1016, 20. et 
25. 1017, 11. 

Mfuunof ibai, aotfoest ea, eujna poenatt, 
vel malctam, oaaaa cadenti nun arlpter, 
a«t jadex pre aenao ano irrogat, aot ' 
natimat, aed le:K jam dodom definiTift 
atqoe prvsoripait', qaid reus oonde* 
maataa kere in aerepatiTeoorporede-' 
beat. 2Va /uilil urifMwnf Miul /uvfiy 96tinr, 
dymiffn'tmi, 543, 17. arifjMrw 9fXfty ov- ' 
rm *rh ^Imv. 978, 10. irtfonrw^ ^tiryis^ 
^buiQ, 1276, 19. oaaaamnl boc genaa 
erat dmiea atqoe aeerbid'a, utpote in 
qao aequitali et indolgentiB jndieiiiii 
loeva nallas eaaet, aed acTeritas legakn 
modun^moletanim defiaieDtiiim domi- 

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122, 12. <J{Muy nffif w^ooTiiuvaiit imfidtiQ, ' 
283, 25. ^i0t(m4f9f fiyhnrtu rdS BstvA- 
rwrki t0^n tui *rkf devtfAiat, &c if Idb* 
Xfvou0it rfi ar^ ^Iftiv ittfiym, 296, 21« 
amp} ArtfMat Mvhfmvnof, 835, 11. Art- ' 
fitoy patris, b. e. immiaatienem eqiitis, * 
p^ qnam ioa in feto atandi amitteretor, 
a paire denmeto filiua, qaasi bereditaie 
Iraditam, aaaoipiebat, gerebatqae, do- 
nee, qiMB pater lerario deboiaset, lau- 
rel. 603, nit. Saperatite tainen adhao 
patre Alina erat hkrt/jtec, eoqae lioebiit 
ipai, leeo et nomine patris, oaasaa in 
forp agere, 1322, 10. 

'Adiii«(wy.l21, pen. abietiam exponitnr,- 
quSd ArifAOf ilii loot aignificet. ifiii^ 
tJ? \dwmt T^y hwo rw vr^my^. 
rayb^Av Tclf ly eh'ijtAoy oh^&t wfOfflaun^ 
itfeu Mi /cinltyic i^ aoiywr /ulrlp^ty. 200, 
•11. An/tiUc frtrof, exaora alicojos bon6- 

rS«. 200,15. 
<lrt/uovy] privare jore u forp standi, hf^ 



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. tap, is infiMiiif JmInU. Viv •{ Wrm vt fti^ 

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tODf u fftUor] mi(|Mmi< imi tCftartu. 

. eitet Heraiof . p. 847» 6. • Mulraoa, 
Bi faUqr* 

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C^ 1950,13. 

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i¥»4M9 im) /m«9^mi^. 106, S8. tIm >l 

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^ram 405» «lt« 
ATMroc] 'rwr ifagWitiAT W fsJiin h» A. 16, 

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/ ^amUif upSc ^(lui#«Mr (lobftadi «tia) 

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f -fnfy^v i^afti^' pro tvrJfmc. tl5, 13. 
. die •tiftai p, 499, pan. ia Aldina est 

■tt«« leg Hot mai ^u^^^tpS^g. 
ifffif^ms] Irate, snspeaso el teoito grada. 

TA^U 0»itim ifi^, Mai 9%f, • i^^^fMf. 

98S, 17. 
cItta] pro mw, ? el lowtu Jmni &Tni ay 
. vfdSit t ft if rik mAyf^ara, 17, 15^ 

Xtt!i9f£ff&u M £XX« Srrii, Misokr ^mb, 

^vhif iM^Xvt ami fika^^mfuTf. 406, 21. 
. Sh^ii )MXf;(d)fc. AnfMrdlnff 4rr2 rov 
^ irim. Bijaioleg. M. p. 167, 43. x 
ijvmnr] sahsUirs, psrsalUie. tLrrm hugo 

nfiuSn* 786, 5* 
4ttik] vel Allis. &ic ctrrsf , exclsoiatio fa* 

natisoraBi ki saoris C^les« 313, S7. 
'AiTtaU{an'] eMo AlhenieBsibas fiisere, 
. paites eonrni toeri* •! fuf ifiXiir«»{flr, 

W ¥ imfbulim. 1354, 10. 
'ATruua<ti XlyMr 'ni t«i^. 1424, 9. eoof. 

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. <« Ti^ }'f ) yy <j M im . 1370, pee. 
'Attixw;] f r Ttc AUTMir i^f Xm to ymij*iff-^mt 
. Mil TO 1^ fmn Xiyuf 'Arrttutf, 202, 11. 

eoof. p. 1424, 2. 
arv^^iTyJ }trTOvc*v'niyot^7ieic vtfi'nvir ^v- 
ypvVTMr All ^AN«^«( /3M;XfMyMiMv( ta^ 
In^TitfrM. 196) 22. oTvxiTv de popoUi 
. UbOTtatekiioHatis. 196, 26. et ak. item 
: de priTalts, infiynia notetis, aat lirirf- 
. fiUa, soa dsDedatis. 533,22. heScirv* 

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v»< ^e94, 13« ri^M rSk uooOt <k>n^- 

rmiJrm ht^ainn so.). 321/ 10. ova. M- 

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1434, 19. 

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. ¥ aruxfig 6aCa«M. 231, 16. v5c >«lf tia 
<i<>vpi^i S, 9§i§ roCg olXXoic aaaoTc^ uai 
TO vi^c 'Aftfroy^rwt l^n^iw i/MWrdv 
n/AMm. 1485, 16. ov yc^ oCt»c iT^pnrt 

AtrdM iAMf ifdMt it^X£f4 34, 13. 

4tuvU] ati^^c Jtofviic /MtraoT^i^ 'nic i{)M»-' 
CMAmK b TNc iffut^ 1039, 18. ^ m^uo- 
hlmt £0Vip T^ ^Tvp^kc t^ olai^ 
[at si in paapertatem deoiderial,] iui4 
rkf iwUntQ reh yuvaiafiv [oognalonifli 
pata] TMC iyyutmra yitnvg tefooirmm 
wottiffbm — 1100, 7. irtvxm peealia^ 
ter . appellator capitis imniDotio, ^oa 
jos in foro standi et-saora participaiidi 
pent. 533, 11. 

•va^t V S,ms ivd§m ^fom. 423, 2. 

aif^v] da oraealis, praedieere, yal impe- 
rare, mandare. 531, 2. 

Aib^S. 1405, 16. 

av^o^ftrec] ait^aifirw iavrol^ im&ymreti 

. lovXiUy. 424, 9. 

a«d«/Mifay] adheo eodea ipso die, qao 
qoid fieri oportebat, aatqnid aKud eve- 
nit, aidvfjtt^ jiirdMrt. 543,11. 1069, 21. 

at;XiMc^^a.422, 23. 

afM^«0-« y rn avAji. 1155, 27. 11^, 
8. Iir2 tSc ic^a^ rip If tji m>f 'SMv 
avu, 1385, 2. 

avXnroc] ew\nveut tttyfOfiffyrma, 565, 6h 

miikmrfit* 525, pen. 

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mas ipsi nos eom opibos, potentia. 11, 
24. avfovM-dtti /afy»C> boo est, lig /a^ 
ytdoc. 19, 18. ft re^ 3Iumm ai^i^TTorra 
i»fm eturtip wviufdfw. 19, 23. ATJA ^ 
xoindy aufaitty i»aa^os Jrro Wy. 35k 24* 
Sr^ TA t9c ar^Ai<»C lAaTrar j^^J^vf^ Tovvv- 
T^ Til rwrm nl^nnu, 36, 23. /t*l}«f la 
fMitftSi Mi TOflnanv to xarAfX^ i ♦!- 
^a-a-oc ffy^nTOi. 116, 9. Iy fuay nj. 
s *£XJiali av|ayof»lyot; Xpa^rtlu rSt 'Ekkhm, 
140, 18. oh i iretTftt nufavtrd. 328, 27. 
vpvfio'orrat t^ iavrSv iTot/uonpey oZ 2/t«a'e«- 
(oi* la }| TovToar au^n&Wmt ifxif to 
ffurjftoy. 1297, 15. Ss-m ;cpna< ^f ' 2(«toc 
;^w;lc aio^tlnrnt nvfrAnffoit, perfeots sint. 
1402, alt. 1406,6. 

MUTo^xuc] tl yhf avrk^n rk 4«t^/uaT» 1% 

32, 11. al f/bh SihTutt ^Uifafimt Mnftafic 
tiriy avr&futg, ipMB sibi ad perfectio- 
nem et ad Beem §wm coneenaandaw 



Mtftoibat «li«ni^«o« •gcntef mMllii. 
450, 14. ym, &>iM riif Mntt avt^^mic 
l;i^Hir«?ffiCfiiTii/i«lifOK. qoielaades iis^4)iii- 
bat ioftniil^ vet sols safikiant ad atili- 
tates iadeperoipiendamfCtiamiii aliorom 
dfstit, Ma a^aensQA et predicatio, ata 
volimtas, aliii lieet iDTitis at pneeo- 
tiiam denegantibas. 1393, 10. Mn^ifnn 
iMMna^tTy VfAyfuutra, 1464, 14. 

mtrmriryiTirt. «47, J4. 

*M*A ^ ptiXa» mos, in eontineDli, ant, 
oa long^ abeam, sed exemplo atar aU- 
tim aof cnrrente. 778, 25. 

ftvT^y (illino) ^x*''^ avraXf ^rtttuf, 614, 
9f. onm adhoc bio, Aibenii, in nrbe 
•«sat. 1215, pen. rl alri^ rAXmrrw* 
taleotam asatgnatam in nnam aliqnam 
donnm ipaa in nrbe ntam, ant in raa 
aliqnod in ipso agro snbnrbano aitttm, 
atqoe illino repeteodam : opponitair 
enim aliia nnmia, aaaignatia in fundoa 
extra agram Attionro sites. 1110^7. 

m^rm^&rw^ iwte^x^C onjas in arbitrio est, 
■t» ai Telit, impone pejeret. 215, 2. «v 

k¥0ov>imrM, HciKi^c-tLi. 1372, 14. 
«^roX^llt;^oc3 qui ipse sibi snaa rotuiater 

pat, soiqae lecjthi bajalos. 1261, 17. 

1*262, 6. 
murifjutros] yiyonv avro/MTcv, 11, 1, tA 

TAq. 11, 23. alrifMUToq Itteii o x«u^. ll, 
27. i Twc y<nnvci piAfn votjUim ytytn^ 

Y^ ^iaartft vtfifMni, 296, 18. uroXXahr 
*r4 Twc TUJC*** »*^f*^i^ ti^artt, 1420, 14. 

««(timi0'(y. 1445» 20, wirra e^nifuirik 

Utm. 1449,21. 
iMnn/AAt] TCUTovc tvafrof iiy§Xa'^a$ yyk 
, S^ev «y avT0Vo/ciM;c lui2 t^iv&fpauc. ^ oM^ 

lotur, iT^tfi. 15, 26. ar^fTtc «» ^^( i?^ 
/ dtfoi ita2 nuT^MM. 927, 8. 

4nriuiT«0^r«0(»i. 600, 11. « 

m^tSc] avto illud ipsnni, qood aio. o^t^ 
(sail. *A Vffiiyfju$, vel Ip>«y) onfiatMi, iIc 
iw^Tvy i?MM trl/ciimnr. 360, 5. eutrif sine 
~ artionlo idem valet atqne earn articolo 
oopolatum. «ut^ /um (pro e avto^ jum) 
itf^ XJyK ouToc* 47 1 , 15. w yk( e^rif 
(pro aMi) ovTi xaifdc, tun t^oc. 
1430, 12. rttvro rouro adverbialiter, 
port modo, snbai^di vwficeit.Justgo. HeJu 
tig* tben dot woUU ieh haben, die Sache 
verh'dU >sich volUcommen mo, und nicht 
andtn, et trift avf ein Hoar ein [Just 
to* exactly. I wanted just so, thus it the 
matter, not otherwise- it coincides Jo 
a hair], 526, pen. Conf. p. 171. lOi 

tf^AT itk t9c iyofie, tametsi nnua tan- 
tlUDoipdo bomo esset, cni seriri singnli 

qMiOet per ppfnA 
oaaa faato et tmraka rait, temoa qim- 
temeave poae ae traMt pediaaeqaoa. 
»Un< pro TK. 95# 25. «&rof pro iolaa. 
rnv iifiiav aMv ^r^rriev'^m, aelanMao- 
. do^per mtatem. 123, 16. «bti w^Xfiv 
tutt '^suim alrk ri imytunir^fra tliruV 
«nf2 «vTt5. aolanNQodo ea, qn» im- 
primia neoeasaria eomnMBiorato aont, 
nolloqne paoto prsetermitteada. 269, 

13. item 284, tO, mirol in oratioiiiln» 
JBdi<»ali|)aa designat jodioff. >JL0t rd 
^lidft^fAa mMC9 ttal invyintant #ir, pis9' 
X&Bt ri 4^^iuut not imyi$MCW 9 i $t o 
'nurotft'nil^dauurraXi htktin^t f6vlr« 
^ih MoBifmfO'u passiavioooram.'kMi'Atiy 
ovrd £c fif. viknr, apente aaa redit ad 
me.llM, 3b evV btXtmh 'rin Af^^t^i- 

, J^afl•ir|y mrrif miifm, 1178. 20. 'ndhw ani- 
Xn> s2? Tia&r^ [aobaodi If al^ Wfht(ti9 hj 
suLTna^rkn, in atatnm prisUnnm primi- 
geaiaro reatitnat. 1044, 27. 

rariom perioalom, ex imparato, faoero 
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neqae exercoeria, i^X* UiierMO^, aed 
remm aalaram e disoiplina vawipie 
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fOyi^Tm, 1414, 11. 

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tragioa, m leibhtfier tragiteherAjfk {» 
downright $ngie uffel, 3W,95, 

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airfiswihifitirt,^ 1207, 6. 

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T« ws wrt ma ^yia, Tvihev i^wu. 382, 5.- 

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easdem patravit. 321,17. Ai^ii; «nw- 
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per aemet, son per aliam sabornatamy 
petalantiam auam coram popalo, ia 
pablioo, exaerera. 534, 4. mhrSxttpA 

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eaae faotaqi, aea soia ma manibaa per- 
emisse. 549, 5. tot «v«^s«pi, bomt- 
4sidam, i^M^ff {irn7Ti. 552, 18. 

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raptaro.'787, 26. 

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u^Tiou Aroadea pata. 424, ait. 1370, 

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tram, pro BifAttpt, aiuentea aibi impani)^ 
lovXMn^riK. 3SI2, 12. 

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in aetivo. arpe^xirtt^ a<f>iX^v. 96, 2. tl /u) 
eta^tai. Mi UKalTeuai, »ai <rd rtibt eaCitl- 
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riif &Kii6tMf, nisi eommentade Thespiis, 
et Platans, et Tbebia roox pcenaa data^ 
ria, veritatem aobb «ripviaa#nt. 354, 
16. if T*f «vTa« AfiKet layings ati (to i, 



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•i lioBMnes allkm dins rei gratia tinia 
li^foribus detraherent, li r$u rkt bvfa^ 
, iM^tu. 1041, 16. i^Xiev nmnnr, id 
cat,. A^c, vel «1/cm\^ac* aepoiita tan- 
tisper et ex anfmo amandata aiedita- 
tknie. 627, ft. i^Tktt clUf. nihil exee- 
pit, nil oavit. 645, %. ^ri fih y^i^ctv, 
TO U Ju^MiftTf, in scribendo oanittere. 
848, 5. TMC v^ifVfAhoK rk tqc ir^Xu*c 

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rem* h. e. r^nutH iapositam a lege pcD- 
nam earceris. 73^, 37. b) in paasivo. 
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Mu nrh nark BaK»mmf hyi/Mnnwt, tl7, 
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w^Xf«c. 232, 23. c) ill niedio. toCtov 
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orationem bano eripete, atqoe oonfes- 
•ionem extorqoere, band aqaam cam 
esse, eonstruotio bsso est; «6 ;^aXf irov 
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3il>«VTac, Tel ov ^aviurrtfti mvrh Utuuw 
§lnu, 77| 13. ov y»f ^<^i^dat 1^ ri 
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STf^ {qrwy clfiX^dat ^^tcm. 230,* 
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▼obis qnisqaam eripiet, h. e. viaeet ne- 
gando yen ea esse, qa» vos eonten- 
ditis. 447, .16. ev ^ t«vt* lyolt tovc 
;^pi0TOvc «l4{>itXofCDy (sabaodi tjiK &^Mf 
Ay, aot 9kI ^odlrra, at alibi plenias legi« 
tur). 468, 27. 469.4. a^MffSwBM nbKv 
Tf£&BC. tibicinam alicai ereptvm ire, 
^ai earn a lenone abdooere staderet. 
525, pen. rh ^a9. 596, 10.- /aA /m 
&^i^ TQV rtft^Un* facaltatem mibi ne 
eripe poBiias repetendi. 581 ,10. Jy «v- 

597, 17. deposoenti aliqaem ad pes- 
nam, denegare, tradere nolle, aot jam 
abdncenti Ti eripere. 651,8. et ibidem 
mepins. o^X^/Aiyo; it; iUvBifUv nrtsf K. 
df^flratMV. 1327, 22. Toy v6/aw, Sc m- 
Xtvii TO Sfctffu rou. Tt/u4f(4To; (fflnlctse, 
qualis aestimala foisset, vel pretii, qaod 
maocipiom venale yalet) o^itkuv tS 

pk»y i^\Miu. 1328, 8. 1358, 18. 1360, 
4. k^^f^M II Tny cawrw «rfv8gpay ^' 
«y I^ii. spoliasti socram taaro ipsis ne- 
eessariis alimenlis. 1123, 1. 
A^/but^Tftvtty] X5»y fti^ 'rv;i^iin, «^/AapTi7y. 

wbXXmc Irrif, 24i, 8. ;^<l^; ^faync* gra* 
tia, f lijos aoctorem is, eni eotlata rait, 

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l/bte) )l vavT^iratf'iv i^^w* 837, 27. fya 
i^«rU( k/^ntq ^ Tnc Tfairl{v{ imtrrM* 
at peoanias illas ooeoo fosnore, sab no- 
mine mens* Phormiohis, exeroere pos- 
set. 1121, 17. TMc i^Mvii (obscaram 
nasoeadi sortem) aoi tavuvov Irdcm t^ 
^M90iy. 1411, alt. Ttt^oyjc k^loifiM tSc 
/SovXic. 1485, 6. Conf. t«yie^c. k^tK^ 
oifffia, sunt facaltates omnes, qaae non 
cant in fandis, sed in rebas mobiliboa, 
at e. c. pecania paraia, sive ea in area 
assenrata jacet, sive penes feeneratorem 
qaaestom facit, item Teste, sapelleotile 
pretiosa, mancipHs, equis, pecore, in- 
stramento rostico, mercibos Teaallbas 

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fdaf Axtf vfj^t ^^anrrau 616, 10. tot 
^SXoyTqc «r^Xi«c q^yuut^i. 757, 1. k^^ 
yt^fty rk nwiik ^JiOM. Wi^fm, 791, 16. 
icXiyoirMo^. 820,nlt. eorom mentionem» 
qasd utiqae facienda in ratione gestas 
tatel» faerat, prorsus nallam faoere, 
sedarticolam banc alto silentio pnibter- 
ire. k^n^waa ifhiif SXey t^ ifyaa^rh^m, 
821, pen. d^nQirrotv rwrvf nitf waiav 
ix Twy >ia9>ue5y. supprimendis testament! 
labalis hereditatem raeam mibi incer- 
tam atqae controversam reddentibns 
bis, atqae igiiorabilem, sogreqae nolci- 
tabilem. 827, 12. toi^c ifif^timtq q<t>ay(.~ 
ct9» qasB maneipia in ratione eomme- 
morare debnerat, et coram exbibere 
corpora, ea tacoit, et e conspecta sab- 
aiof it, effeeit, at nnlla asqaam appare- 
ant. 839, 15. TaSra, d IfMi ^TiorifJuav 
i<fif(l. 1319, 8. Ifpav ia-^ta, cerrum- 

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fpkirr dvaJJoTMntf tfimw, w^ 4bi t^ i2- 
ca (f^vj{f(y.'0mnibas medis prodigali- 
tatis carpentes, tamen band ? rient ab- 
samere. 689, pen. 

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^^Swc f avT^y lie *rk trfkyfjuvra Mofeu. 
255, 6. 

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vavirat. 1489, 9. 

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T0ura# iT^yiTO ^Vfji06\aia, ^arrm kwax-' 
Kaynf nai k^sa%atq ytvofciyiiff. QuittfUng 
und Verticht {jquUtaneeandrmgnment}. 
893, 13. rif oStmc &^^, &a-rt i^a 
fAh harriw fAUfrvptn vuftcacBat, rkg U 
cw^xaf, virli mv ivouXro r^ i^iirty, 
cwmfxacfjihaq ioff-ax kad* iaoroo ai^^i. 
1114, 8. 

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gnatara agere. 238, 9. 

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106, 14.' k^mUit rocavrtn mwmi jm- 
ngr^fiy. tot mala ^erpetravit, fit tanta 



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vaomyi^otf ^ixm* 919, 17. h vS^-t 
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7le^. i5b, 11. Iv «^^M« ifufftV, M 
TovTf r^uvMiriTtfi. 31f, 17. i ^B $ fm o&» 
lh^« Tof rTrof ^^rdat. 1208* 2. X^c 

p. 1424, 20. d^imlf r intn, dw^S, 

d^6tdt(] nf» r9urotc (soil. roTc X^c) 

d^B6mt (sisi potiot m^imt leg. sit) 
, ifTvpi^#0'iv. et ubi in nlMreni raraoi di- 

cundsnim oopism iiciderfot. 1494^ 20. 
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, qoibas w rebos qaisque tnm naxime 

▼ersatar, de lis amat et cogitare, et 

dispdtaro. tMf dai Hen iioU ist,dngtkt 
^ der Mund ubgr [if whdt the heart U 

fiiU, thatoverfiewtthe mmiih], 1475»19. 
!ifp[h»it. 1348, 7. 

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• 1^ o^iifc. 9, 12. vtifMnvTtmirA WMfev 

d^mai, pnetcrmittere. 11, 8. rtibt h 

qiis est magna violentia et iaiaria le- 
gibas patiiis oUata. 215, 4. dfihrn t3 

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revMttltor, Berne curat prsleriti tem- 
p<Nris acta %d exaiaea notaaive i«t<h 
oare. 292, 12. vWf tv ir^«c i^fixi fw- 
fJtf, nikil sibi raliquit indioton. 299, 

12. «U( r6r h^t t«i(k o ^tkurwoQ. 
301, 10. 8c >^p ft* »|tMk }Uld«, tiSrw 
4t^ vOfbtoif xeXiCfiy. 863, 25. £• 
^Ipw. libenim ab aoonsatioDe remittere, 
absolvar«. 372, alt. eiflfthrtn Afbh 
ct, etiattsi ▼«• ipsam a eriasioe anje- 
stalis absolf atis, (iEscfaineni pata) aoa 
ideo lanan magis omittere Pfailippiim 
▼elit, ejosqae ejacare amioitian. 377, 
11. vk$ mgLf v^krw rtSf Imrfiwmi* 
reatisanot 540, 11. «y vgeni^ a^ rh 
in^y oxM tU nrSv voXirSf tow tv)^A 
m ^ mu, ^nittiera, taaqoaa Tifaa e»sar* 
nere, e^i itc r^c ifMirkyneuq ate w6fM(, 
AJik* lie 7off ovtja a% Q^^rm anarlpn. 
611, 3. «^ii^yiK Tifc BtiaJk, senata a 
oonsessibas ordinarits feriaata. 708, 

13. TiMVVc f*^ ifvMv* remisit ipsis 
arbitrii partes, b. e. noloit earnm sen- 
teBtifls caoasB sate decisionem penait- 
lere, aed misses ees fecit. 861, pen. 
i^fjtn im2 imiKkif,afjiS9 iKknXeof rSf 
cvtaxittyfAiron, 896, 11. a^hmthi&ff' 
aXTJnruv diyersa soat. eL iw^i yiyo* 
nv afA^irt^* itaX ykf a^/Sut, tuti MiX- 
Aofs. 952, 16. wfiir i* ric i^ «a2 
«y«AMl{ac Im«^«7»(, yeyer^oM fdM AfA' 
s^t^floy T«$«Mr ar^c ttmrtminve9 tetmiti. 

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i^fsiMu (pkunas atiqae dixisset an) Xv- 
otc T4k mmunin, soil, f)? fAm^ li- 
TMarMu, TO im09))fM towc wsawWin^' 
i^>liNn «£t»7( t^ l}«X«(bui). 983, 18. 
alll0-«Tai a«2 i^. abseW at, liberals et 
iDseatem deelaret bomioidam, eique 
igaosoat 983,20. &y J arad^ (aeU. 'm 
^km) ehm^ i^ Ttfu f^Mv, 9^ T^tirr?* 
tf**! ^f4««rm, ouliii *rSit XMVflfr cvyy^nm 
l(frrfy|«r«{ilitti.983,21. Aftifilnf^iii* 
ikm (id est sic tf^e^dtfUa) (ml t^ «r«. 
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yoc iU|Am. 1211, 17. «r^ /u« slW^ 

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iw IMrif t9 iar^A^MPTt yiymtm, ry 
vSxu A^fM.lkBoo remitto atqtte ce«do- 
ne. 1247, 3. A^thtu ainv I^av x*^^ 
ifaXfi^ ik IXiPti^. 1354, 25. i^ 
mu HMMimt kyiywe mhra^ rebi Xiciiwc. 
1395, 2t. Afi^tmt ta hvtff, 1464, 
22. &^9d9mt 9S,f ti of Xn/Mt. 14B0, 11. 

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/ulmic feafrueiif erfta-aemtfeu&w v/my. prss- 
ter oraeala fdentidem ad vos ilKno 
(DdpUii, DodoBare) redeamia, dii 
bsBO qnoqoe menita, maatiasee instar, 
nanqaam aen addant* 532, 6. dearam 
rsdire, at si e leoffittqaa et dlatnraa 
peregrinatieaa. Afaeovfiifm dwd rtSi 
ff^ftm&femnn^, 1188, 11. l^wnhai jUut* 
IXUa Ipirfl^y iir*^fM3r. redit e peregri- 
natieae negotlatioais priTate gratia 
SBsoepta. 1193, 8. iwt l^yuhm. qni 
illiao (LaeedflBiaene pata et Argis) la- 
gati hBO ▼eaerint. 1423, 27* 

c^iXoc s^Ttft ouM {y, i9*n^^Um amloia' 
aenadatiis.1246, 11. 

i^t;} Tib f9r% A^& ri« 'rove ^dkipAieK 
laneSraro. abitam, discessam, proft^o- 
nem. 58, pea. afi{*p s&a^. demom re- 
ditos. 1463, 6. 1464,7. 

Ai^ie^aabM et ainmiHuil trwc ^^ v^siV 
imkttm *Nh h tn MGfit 4fi^T6a<iTS. 
oeoMssistis, destitistis. ihr eeyd damm 
abgeUanden, ikr hdbt eueh deeten bege^ 
hen [you hitve reeigned, demied from 
W], 78, 21* A^y^drt rwrm ahrS. 
99, 4k 198, 22. mU rS wkm wiffm «vr 
A^artbku h mi umn iffda-i^trtu, 118, 2l. 
•ill rovYo <ro#y htttM ovfAftfdrrm ifl- 
a^naet. 129, 11. 146, 14. oiii wt ^ano- 
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0i;/Mfif^rrwy. 991, 1. 327, 23. *ftu( 
yttif4tut a^tarhutrt rSf ttfayfAeivm, 
131, 7. ofty o8Td»f AirotfTai^or «rp w^Ku 
mvrw h. 294, olt. conf. 995, 5. A^ro- 
^tAc, JhrMf ahrS 3^i», t^fc woXi-jfiiic* 
328, 5. d<pla^afMU r£v vmrpayfjchm. 
350, 90. iyA 9* d^lo^rafMU, exsors hn* 
' jas oaassB volo baberi, ich sage mkh 
dawA tot, und meg nkhts danrit lu 



mHfpk Mm iltmnmcit and do wn 

with to have any thing to do with it"}, 
S55,«0. fC(i fC» 4t^«tf^ — ^toJ^* lwi*« 
fM rin 9f9a9oAaif» 355* %\, imocnmu 
Tflc VfLTfiou df«^. 380, 21* i^^rmU' 

rm. tick d» ihrigm ^tegAen hat [hat 
retigned. itt oidm]. 386> alt rS» roidv- 
rw I d^ a^ptaveia'h 489, 14. «vy Uttimt 
rdu "K&ytu iwM^rar'tM, 499, 10. kv^t^- 
voi Tiv xtfiUv T( iroMTir. 504, ?• ^^i^o^m- 
reu Tov Cmidirv iiH/rji* 560, 90. if(9*ri- 
fM0a ToS Wtov. ooncedimas de fni- 
iBento, Jan, qood Bobii in illnd cut, 
renonouunos. 887, 11. l^ir^nvM rm 
Im/vou. renoQoht beredjUti bonoram 
^t^ 9^,9i. Tdv Tou il^K^. 939, 6. 

7i»v Iv ToT; ipT^MC* 1044, 21. i^trrAfM- 
1^ iUXw rms rSi¥ iuuUm, Bolenroe- 
dere olio alio de gonere eoron, qoas 
fieri pv est 1167, 12. i^imaianu. 
Twf ifOiXttfjUuTm* impendia reformi- 
da«8e,.defagiMe. 1230, 7. &woo^S to^ 
<rot; T«y x*f^ ^ol^MtMc* 1280, pen. 
4^^«T(M rnc iTfoiMc. enttagt, thut 
Verxieh$ darauf [rerigut, foregoetl, 
1363, 14. rw AyStoQ. 1386, 15. X^ 
l^f f y «2p^t vavT«flr40'iy cl^M^nutora ri^v , 
iSre Twv iroXXfiy Vf o0-}MM»/xlv«y. distaa- 
tem, disorepaDtem. 1446, 1. 9ua <liri- 
0^mv m irpoc vfMc t^M^. 1468, 18. 
ov 9^ f40( Xf^fM^» thai wforimSm l{« 
Ttfhr t^npfly, 4iv t^^irrofuu. 1485, 2. 
b) Hmorriraa^ai, carare, at alter, a qao 
rem, e. c. na, emeris, rem illam irendi- 
ta^i tibi 9tatera appendat, qao to rerom 
ejus pondus, eoqae valorem, cofnoseaa. 
Toy vtro^fofuvoy nai airoa^nta-afAMciv rw 
X<»Xi^v Twr eUfrfly rSv ifAtrifW. iHam 
serToram nostroram, qai ss sibi tradi- 
tam sosoeperlt, atqne a tradente pon- 
das sens libi libra approbari oaraTerit. 
dfr et tich hdtte suwdgen latttn [who 
had had it reweighedji 1199, 24. 

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hf!ki^ «^tf£. versos Athenas bine qooti- 
die prospicio. 1472, 15. 

d^ifftrot] 4t«finiJtifoy ovhv ia^m tfiftm^, 
529, 9. 

a^ittf] exoip«re, eiimere, exelodere a 
regola onivera^li* 719, 17. i^t^at, pro 
A^^ia-fj^kvit singalariler, pecaliariter, 
exolosis reliqi|is. 778, 27, b) SfMcvir*- 
0ixXiiy, Tel 9tftff^Qtxli*ir, palis, ia^ioi- 
bos oppignerationis, aepire, b. e. oppi- 
gnesavB, verhypothseirm [to wuHgagi], 
tcrnf rwrw h wo-la nv cl<^f(0-/(«iyq, mit 
J*fMm bateekt, ijerjfdndet [pidntod 
Viith'ppUitVU^td]. 1202, 21.- 

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f!^ rrpu «4n9c ^f^^ 'TotV ivakroit yivtrtn. 
4^f Xm mfi^ vXtlgiM% i^t^at abrmi 

(%mtam ifle) Wfk ^ ^t^^ tSh^tlh #S- 
«oc«y l^cfMr. 156, 20. «j^ «f4lc wihutt M- 
fav t;i^o«y jm^ nS/HfiM A^fikf* 171^ 92. 
1^0^^ Irhtna^thfa. 186, 13. ^If^,* 
foadas,#oapal peeaniarom, dot Cofiuil 
[the CajpitaC\t qood impenditar fcraori* 
qaserendo, aot Degotiationi exerceodm. ^ 
186, 18. *m iL^fd^ (opes, nenram re- 
ram gerendarum) ^vtf W)(v^ not f9$t' 
poy «r«i7 -rdy tMr&vrva^tit roum, 559, 22. 
f I h »vtS liia Ttc i^fJi^ nr^ic r^ r^awi' 
In. hdtte er ein Vim eigenet (kmital bey 
Oder in der Bank ttAen gehabt (if he had 
had any Capital of hit own in the BankJ, 
947, 22. «(0«r(c (der Credit-^eroditf 
i^ifi^ nfSk «r«#«9 fAtyl^m Wfi( ;(f«/u«i- 

ftt i|0-o(9ii». eoaferre materiaro, oiide 

amioitia motu^ alatar atqoe eonfinite- 

tor. 1403, 9. 
ifoaw^at] &^imai(Amtq ittnf ravnIB nei 

tJic tUiag, 4rc ff^ra r^f avf^^ofaf f^ty. 

«bi ritibus atqoe oereiaeniis statis et le- 

gitimis satisfeoeris, atqoe relSgioae te 

libaraveris. 1160, alt. 
A^foiUi] improdentia, temeritas, stottitfa. 

Mkcrrtu. 421, oH. 

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fl^fvKTOf] juiy m yhnrai wraX^/Aa, itfunuiw 
' U^pdi, pmnam et exitiam efi^ noa 

posse. 1479, 8. 
of^XoKTOf X«^. 45, 5. secaros, qai sIbi 

non satis cavet. 671, 7. W; i^uxatw- 

/ulyMf evily our« Ikiyoy, S^rt A^Xeatnnf 

thai. 1451, 5. 
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BnfjAw. 299, 6. v^Arrtrai n TSy buiw 

^•aovrrm ovfA^ftiv, A^mof Al^^^^C* 

294, 19. 
AXf^firrW] ^oyt^ioi tU A^^f '*^^' **^ 

w^own\m*ta'fAif Ayta, 330, 14. 
AX^'i*^"'^! T^Tfy y w /M^ AyAfie^rvft itX- 

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yoiw-iy. 155, 19. natora soleot faomioibs 

ap^ds^dcu fti iirotyivrfy iovrevf. 296,'2C. 

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AmmXkay(iewrai, 1478, 9. 
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axffit^^ti] dXk* Ikvarra tciSt* dxfne^a, 

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^^yyiTM. 121, 15. ouy cf^f^ff'''^^ **" 

fM»C eif(Mfy, htthvue il^trs «fi&' v/(«dy. 

382, alt 
axificr^t^ «r^ Tdy XMiriy $Ui9 Ix^vo-av, 

tt4<('^*] lox jobebat narA r^ A^^ilv d^^A;- 

• )imV. in mercimoniis commotaDdis, frao- 

de mala et mendadii abstiierei et boia 



. VM* 0^ rnrMV hytCfjuu. 1490, 16. 
c(4«'^ w?«C Swa>T«c« 507, 14. to tSc wo- 
Xi«c ?d«; — d-i^Uf iuii x^irar. 461, 1. 
&^^rL 797, yS. 

Tov ^>p«yfi'y, ev^gy irrty &r<ey, Touwrnvlxov 
ulr^y. If y dnprw, 64d«, 19. 

Stin 09CX»rau, U, 2S. hufo MiiM- 16, 
20. 0^ )f v(* 3^4 TO ffT^arWfA iyan iSi^- 

. {wi^^iriroc. 390, alt ov ^ i<^* & i(a2 
-fn^oMJUt, xal Wi9»>ilr$v/xat, ^a}({«. 2^6, 
pen. Ca)tou^i )' lir' ayr^, & vf^pojcml 
^KM. 244, 26. iStt^My lir* olit^c aytv •fn- . 
^fUkTOf, id qaod l«ge erat vetiUm. 
271. 13. «r{3c oirA rk tow Tf^*w tfw lui- 
*tiiy9ptfJtare^ fia^iovfAat* traosibo ad de- 
moostniodB aoiini toi vitia. 314, 21. 
«&r* imiyi^^eu ^A)^((DU0-iy (ilinere terre- 

. atri procedentibus) oj^ri vXiiy avtoTc 
l«^f{. 392,^6. ovx li3(Uf(fy lirl tac T£y 
v(M^;^MMi et»(af yuj^Tw^. 534, alt. ^o)/- 
^ty Tny av-rnt (Mmi^m) oSoy. 542, 26. 
iciH^uy iari Tny oljuky. de magistratibos 
in domos privatoram eantibas ad inqol- 
rend am in criminis indicia eaqae no- 
aoltandora* 554, 16. to wfSyfM nhi vt' 
ffurifot 0a^tt. alterias, qoam par. est 
at expedit. 688, 14. If' i xaffrw^airav- 
rf T^y e)oy T£y d^aaifxarm, luAuwy, xai 
ova l«y BaiUlnv (sobandi oMf) toIc Iff't- 
^ovXtveyrftc w/^Ty. non sinens via soa pro- 
oedere vobis insidiantes, b. e. exitiosa 
soa consilia prospere, sine impedinien- 
tit, exteqni. olaS 0ailfy» Ify )f7. 772, 
18. fC«)t{f VA( ay^^oc &q dii^^a, 873, 15. 
TAp^ltK Mi^iu naX f4.iyt^ ^iyytrm, qoo 
in signis babebantar scaevitatis, rasti- 
citalis, saperbin. 981, 25. e,Ta;^v /?«- 
^m iyv, nuti av h dr^fAOQ, 982, 17. 
hywfAnoq iyatdv(iy/Ami ttnu tud fjiMr^ 
iroXiTo;, fjui tv&vt km xi^Xny iU t^ ^(ka- 
^rrhftw ^(^ly. 1042, 12. 0a^uf tovc 
dfi^ fff^iy. in expeqaiis foneruin. 
1071, 4. ta-a $a»on Ifxa, uiron«TOM(oc 
.|jM/y« l^^iy. 1120, 22. tmV ^irXSc. ore 
91^X00-1, 0Aii(wff't ndi ^eu^mf* 1122, 
18. Ml^u aro^A tov; to^^^C S0i(v0;o«r«- 
jM^. 1122, 11. 1124, 26. IC«l»;oy Iir2 
Toy xXnTii^tt Tvff 4cv}oKX«Tf (k;. ingredie- 
bar actionem adversos nabacriptorem, 
ex titalo falsae et ementitas oitationis. 
. 1251, 18. ol Ttfud T09 airw lar' i Xattot 
i&t)({oy. der FretM /d, ^ig herunter, 
aehlug ab [the priee$ feU, went down^ 
d^med]. 1285. 22. ii?^^cy «p^ ul^ 

0iha-/Aa} ioeefMa, modM b^Bdaiidi. Mt^ 


0(i^poy] Ti^ /?iAe«t sobsellia iobolaiUo«» 
ffwoyyii*^* spongia detergens. 313, If. 

0ainn] t0'» Cdhog* nvBui}jlt, 442, 15. U-a 
fialvm w/tiiy, iiroariarTwxivc Ixitv^ IC^^n. 
1120, 21. . -* 

CtMrnfU] bacalui, qui delegatis ad jadl- 
oaudum pro indicio aactoritatis daba- 
tor. ifjta rn BeuimfU «a2 rS nf4,Qo\m 
[teitera enea] to ^^fjta tJ'tiic itoXm^ 
wafdKafx0imf, 298, 6. t«x^ Mi{tt, 
xai fxiya ^iyytrai, jmJ CtMmeutt <Mpiu 

0aX«yi7oy] XowrfiM ly /3aXAyiM». 1217, 24. 
f*6\tt iroTf f Ic CaXayiTey hmynomt fAt »at 
anpiirXiJytfyTic. 1259, 27. 

^iXXiiy] yk^, oZc »y iyit XiK^ifoy, tavi'«. 
v^^TTwy mX Karaa-HtvA^ofAw^t, ovroc 
i/Aci mXifxH, xay f^nw jS^XXu, /ci«>| 
TofwJii. 115, 12. x'^f^^f^ I^XifAnK 
<r<oc Tjf aroXii. 254, 27. 

^ofadpoy] X^A**^**" *>' -J-? ^fA^ff. 101, U 
et 135, pen. tovt« ottHnt i^b fSn^riwm 
- rourogy 0ka't/jui¥, ikkk veirta &w6xfn/4im, 
^^yyac, ^foB^a, 793, 6. 

0if0apQt} g»rw%f y ol CkfiofOi mmrtvwai, 
51 , 24. oiM* « *E\\ki, dj^ i $a^afi t^ 
vXtoH^Uf x^** fky^i»»9w» 118, 7. ov 
/Movoyovx*'BXXqy^ oyrof — ^X' oiii $mf» 
$a^ lyTfu&iy, S8iy x«xJ» itwiry. 119, 7. 
Tny Wfo? Touff CofCapWf Koi touc Tppayyoof 
. avitf^^ ovx 7y itfU^eu, 121, 3. fS /aIv 
o3y iTip^ Tif Sy Tf^«roc, S tow? $afia^Wf 
oXiv Ti ity kfA^AcOai, srifo? ^ tk, oS) to&c 
*BXXiiy«<r. 180,25. fiifia^oq, 187, *4. est 
rex Persarum. v/uiTf H oyric 'A^imtrei 
0a^0afw cbdponroy, x<U taiVto >t;ya7xa, 
^Arteroi«iam) <|>W?ii6^i^. 197^ 11. tU 
hUfU&ni *EXX^«y CtfC&fovi tutrouti^it, 

289. 13. fXxfi TO t9c <^v^«c $if$»fo9, 
trocalentiam, iromaniutem, xa2 /?fii{;f. 
T<i( x<U ^vi^ votiT. 563, 13. vfxtit y 
avrov, 2t( o-oXoix/^k t^ <{>«y7, 0af0a^ 
lo-u( imtiKh^n x»2 ivx«iT«i<J>foyuToy j7y«<. 
1110, ult. 0a^0a^q \m rS fci^7y ov^ 
avrS arpoo^i rifjtSiy, 1111, 1. 

/3«fl«C x<U x*^**"*? ♦^p»» #iri)Ky. 1103, 

Cstpuff] bomo protervia, insolenlia, impor* 

tnnitate, arroj^ntia gravis, d rSrt /ciiy 

Caforff, ywr ^ ATuxtrc eii0<»7o(. 231, 15. 

Sfjioft vS>AfMf xa2 Cctfii^ tU Tiiy *ATTixi)y 

di<^ ^^aUn xtx^(0^<u. 307, i7» 
^Afutf-Toyo;] ToTi; fiofurrcmf httivotf liruM- 

Xovfilyoic v9roxf(T<»7c. 314, 11. 
^Apvmc] tSc haXynoUi xoi &t(vT«Toc, hn- 

portanitate, rSv 9n0edosv ^araXXAj^i^ 

237. 14. 

Caa-avurriK'j servns obi esiet ex aaetori- 
tate jadieom, consensoqoe partiom li» 
ifgantiam, torqaeudas, oonstitoebafur 
Ctts-ttna-rnf, torlor, qoi tortorae inter- 
esset> ca?ere(qae, oe adTtnirias ■er<» 



<9t0arMnr de eMUiliilk a iervo^ pre- 

- tfiiM^WM airvi sftiinaret, si per tor- 
■MBta lio eo* HkH eTeoiret, nt doaino 
fieiet imitUis. 978, 11. 

CArmm] ertnt Urn privatis in oaasis, 
qaam in pabticig, scd in liia toriots 
iiit«r«ffmnt iindeoimTiri. 1S54, 5* rinv 
. Jiw&mf itvpMnrif ov fUfxtm hSf tTrnt ric 
■ fMrk rw XJS^ BAcdwu, 1456, 21. Si 
m aerwQB ad actorit pottolationan 
ioK^neodaii ei set, fiebat hoc secandom 

- paetom inter actorem atqae ream, quo 
, coiureaerat, naQ'Z, n irrai h Qdo'avoQ, 

de modistormentoramappUcaadomm. 
lltO, 6. 
k QeiaiktUt] Athenis antiqaitas ^tfrat rSh 

CttWXiMc rre^. portiens, in qua rex sa- 
croram fbmm haberet. Sed et Areo- 
pagits ibi eoastdebant 776,. 20. 

Cttaik^i iieat mX rv^wf IxP^ Ixiv0i- 
fU, 72, 2- proprie et per emiaentiam 
•ie anpelUbalar rex Persaram. rSh 

. Caa^jiui &(tk xfifuiran ia^ 169, 4. 
wafk^Caa'i)Jmf dbuth a^umXa^ai, e ca- 
stris . regis Persaram, nbi stipendia 
osenrisset, domnm redire. 1185, 20. 
fima-Oaut, rex sacromm jodioabat de ia- 
dis et in oansis iapietatts. 940, 12. i 
. ^k^Xtvc ivdrmt rki ^v^uk iBvif. 1370, 

($U0U( iMr) h yufh autw (regit gaoro- 

1570, 16. 

rm AUifJUfihra. 793', 5. 
$mnudn»'\ ov;^, h irtipSrai t^iofMn^ 'n 

^ 0mk§m Kai ^Mf&ipuf mifa9^au94, 19. 
Cv3Ui6>iftiir nai oTtomaifAVf, v6^ ntii ri 

.. ftfXXsi eroifTV. 95, 10. i ii [Sjcopbanla 
pata] wiyfia-af ^rt Iht Xiytn, if rt ^- 
•MMibtr erufjiSn, rduro ffaaiuUm, kdmiith 
wtTudten, verungUmjifen. [maHciouily 
<• expro6rat», wfiraid]. 291,21. cam 
datiro oonstructam reperitar p. 464, 
10. . 

juU UijuaUt XATi^ii^To. 348, 23. aroX- 
XO'Xf^ /Mif oh «y rif tin nin iyvvfAO' 
rdfuv mvrw xai tiif Cotf-XAWan 311, 8. 
0d9%a9Of] Bd^MMm nui mnij^ nuiX nanwAu 
•utlr lrr\ ri I/m«v wdKirtofMt. 262, olt. 
i H mmfMfiptfoq iuBfofwof Mi ^oXt l;^c 
uti Btmuuof 2rr«c, aroTS^.n; kv iU, 267. 
8< Coair i BdoTuvnq out0( lud antpa/wc. 
271» 10. arvnipdy j awutfdmi vmL ««»- 
TM^S^n Bdnmw/ a<»l ^Xo/nov. 307r22. 

330, 23. T«v »l Ci^0^uwfr! ^rdv )i 9xf. 
6f9v ! 582, 1. 
laraXoc] ita deridioali et opprobrii ergo 

Jfisobiaea Demoslkanem appeUttabat. 

It88, 17. UrA\»Q Uytrmt i f^i^oUf (sie. 

Dorn • fMjiiiUg, id est, aofu(«i^,Si|^«c 

fAi^rif, pitnitosas. eta raitiger Juage 

[a tnotly /od]). Sobol. ad UenBogea. 

9et^ IhSf. p. 408, 33. 
Cisxif luia^l improbnm, detestabileai et 

oonspaeDdam se gerere. 214, 24. 
Chka^ Mi aimthuk mmX arovn^ 9fomlftff%S 

h Tji arJXit Itf^uti. 1478, 27. 

106, 23. rbfA Tvr iv t? wiXii ^qo^t* 
&y iTwu 0hkU(<inrtf9. 405, 12. et 27. 
Wtuet] iy^f BtfimUf I;^. 11, 5. Mi 
ravrri flrtlrrif M( vfAtn hCaurdrnf lar<- 
dimc. 165, 2. arafc i» ItI{* ylwTO /?•- 
Coforlfa »T5tf-i« — 165, 7. *rwt fM^brl- 
#«C wwrafc xtxfnfAivwu oof &v vfiSV 
iy^fUK 0iCa^v; ytvla-dM wfAfUxm* 
194, 16. tS }^ <b>^fc «vT«c aiu to 
0fCflUoy ouTOC arpotJ^otf-av. 372, 2. il U f4A, 
ti yt vm^mV mo^ $tCaUti Cvtu hntlCv )ka- 
fclyii. 464, 26. toSV ^""^ ▼? '>'o<' «Xf o- 
HanTy «rpoai(i0i( iSfU ovih ovn CiCtuoy, 
ojWf Snoy. 662, 18. rk 0i0Ma 9wu^^» 
tabnlas de sere motao sumto, qoibas de 
reddendo oavetor, sibi eonscribi cnrare. 
Skh eine Sehuld vertehreibung, dnen 
WeeJuel ausUlUn latttn [to have an ae- 
knowledgmentjf a debt vnitten mU, to 
have a bond drawn], .886, 26. ri Cf« 
0ato9 arifoTt/utda. oertom dimittimos pro 
incerto, pecnniam creditam pro span* 
sione reddeodi. 1283, 8. % ykf aruff^ 
ri0-^, h rt ^MS/Mf ovfji^lfM \iytu, n 
0tQai6rt(n, 9tf^ Sf iyftiM/rt, ina^ iri- 
viicfAivot, 1451, alt tac ovfA^pk^ $9- 
^oiouc Tovroic jtfoyotc T«y iKhan fxintf, 

Mami] verbis fkolisqae qua fieri potest 
maxima oereinoniarnm soleonitfte at- 
qo9 religione confirmare et promolgare. 
79, 5. CtCatfiuffBM. operam dare, at sibi 
qatm sanotissirae atqae sotennissime 
aliqaid pablice deolaretar atqae con- 

. finnetar. 79, 12. ovyk^rk fftfAanrA tAc 
olxfi^nrrac 0i0at9Zf. noa verba oaritates 
atqae necessitadines oertifioare, b. e. 
finnis docnnentis approbare. 237, 11. 
ratnm, validam et diioax reddere, oi^ 
yaf tiif Ifyii*, oiJti -rty IxPf^ — ''^ *•* 
Xoy naycAtif voXi'my hX tovc ^uuto^^c 
AJiouy av^S fitBaunJif, 318, 22. cvH 9oS 
fitOtuSta-M t2 {jiy (id est, Tqy (omv) iatfrf 
hra auptoy. 383, 20. 0Aaufur% to^ ti' 
fMUQ vfMv, leges exercendo, oeitaai et 
iiidobiani f obis redditis potestaiem eas 
exereendi, et aaclorilatem etraas a»- 
seritis. 524, 13. BiQamrrm iif*Sv rii 
hrnt vifMK nafk rSv iiiMofynrm Con- 
B^uf. 539, 12. arayraxe^ riltf Vfifaea 
fiKttmgwib^of4M'ri9fiffM^* oaapam 
defiuijre rooralitatem (at ralgo asar- 
pant) actionif, b. e. gtriyeraala ttqne 



, eireamseribert jadSelum i Rofats d« fk- 
cioore ferendtiiii, fiUit legitimum, an 

-. legibos contnrioiD. 636, 9. quid est 
p^ 1187, 15. MaunimQ hfM9 (tciL tjiv 

, mfSuvt, vel T^v m^, yel potias atrum- 
que). Moeside nobis TendiliooemasK- 

. venuite, h. e. affimunte eertam et ratam 
earn esse fataram, ejosqoc rei se pne- 
dem interponente, eTictionem pne- 
•tante. die GewUhrfur die GiUigkeit det 
Kauffet lei$lele [warranted ike vaUdity 
or legdity rfthe pttreha9e]» 969, all. 

0iC(Utti] «roX(c infJiMfarevfAhn ^iCa^c, 

. (vere, bona fide, reapse) •ujc •7)a, i7 tic 
u-rl Xotvii tSv «r«^5n 13^,20. fihu 
« rk cva^ra^irrtt CtCadvc. 154, 9. 

^3iCovXtvfiifo»c] pivmedilate. 527, 21. 

/KXritfTOc] nrntf it nrw CfXr/irTev, soil* f/^i- 
ftvc. 125, 9. eu^l TovTo fujt^ i«^ffXf7y 
•&^bMU, il *rh $kkrtrrA iuouttf ufMf avn- 

, blim, 169, pen, item 170, 3. iu touc 

MT^ ^ovXtvo/bUveuc Tc^ %XTttfTa. 196, 
, 23. uSKkof h 9a{ a ClXno-ra ye/be((« 
^ iroXft, «(ol^d«f TM'iy u/mSc l{a«raTq- 
#«i.202,19. hwr€kii $efkrrm naXyiyon 
rk ^\r%ffra rS HifAm, 243, 21. 
/BfXTiant] fUXitfn'a mIv naX twthq BiXrUi 
rtfk mh not f^hoc h^tbirt, 332, 19. 
CtXrUn, Tir bonas, probus, faoneslas, 
fragi, . pro positifo iyabk, at yttponr 
aiBpe est pro kax^, soelerato. ^k* cv ft^r' 
amt l^fC l2nit Ci XT^onr, piiTi at «lMrdly. 
Ti( 0'M. 501^ 6. rS ^ fAh *a!^ta^im 
(pr»des pata) fJtrt BtXrlouf, f*fm x*^' 
fwt, neqae psobabiles, neqoe seqoioris 
(eneris. 728, 19. 
$9fuk] rkf ivri rtSi Cdfjuirf iXwi^ctc !«• 
trifA-^nrt, spes ab oratoribos e sagge- 
sta conoioaaotibos vobis objectas^ raa- 
gnifioas illas qaidem, at vanas <t men- 
dapes, de oopiis sociorornqoe et peca- 
niaroBi,qaaB noils sunt, erontqae oqUk. 
.53, 8. rk ifiytt h/MV S<ir«c <^m "nh vpfo- 
yirm Uirtu, oTuwStfAtt, /ui) tovc M rtu 
0hfAmr9e\6youi, 189, 27. ^* h q/t^lfac 
M ri ffnfxa <tyiC«y. 247, 4. to t/vo« ^p^ 
y«^ ^oBirret ivoBMna Iwi t2 ^n/cM mi. 
297, pen. tfimo^avnic, tSv vafa0oannM 

1359, 16. in jodioiia bini ernnt sngge- 

•tas, in qaos diclnriadsoendebant, alter 

•ode actor agebat, alter finde reas. 

^utin fxadq/uDV liri toS fTfpov ffifxarot, 

1176, 3. jadices extra ri /Sn/cMi seden- 

tes, actofiem defensoremqae com testi* 

bos t soggesttt dicentes andiebant, tam, 

perorato, ubi tempos venisset saffragia 

ferendi, ad sag^eslom aooedebant. «L« 

% ^trw Bti/Mtrot irravdM' irafOJSirrA lx<c- 

^ tf^MV «fUMP T^ UrUtr xai iuuUav 4^^ 

ifwif t5c war fit ^h^ar Kar if^ — 

441,2, ^ 

(|h(i S»Tt;^(y Ttt Vi&yfdAra, 20, 19. /m^ti 

i^cr 0tf Co^Xso'&M fMiMc, fiir* In/- 
Xfufiv axXf . 132, 13. Iiwv y i^ iin$tv 
Xa( luU arXfoyifuK lir^ a«2 Ck lum^- 
rat rk Vf/kyfutra, 154, 10* w^yetfiirt 
aroXti T? Tf ^(f xa2 J»/tA^T(. 289, 9. 

Bt^t^bat rkc vSUif, 84, 24. Ue^ rtiwv* 
Biiavrraip magna Toeis et lattrom eon- 
ten tione argebant boo at<pio Tinooro 
oonabantar, fAtya^^mm htnq, 415, lou 
it r lyk ^yir r% (A^ <|n», ^h that, 
uai Btiitrat, 580, 15. Sr«« fA^ Btar^e 
kfAMfrAtWh 508, 6. Ixicft ri r9f ^6noff 
BS^B»fW im2 Bi^itrai, magnaeom Tfo* 
lentia et impetn erampere oogit. 563, 
14. ^ti^irdwt fA^ B9f^9fdf9U9 ixo6ttf, 
1461, 22. TflS'c ^la^^/btlvM? i(iSHu Xiyuf. 
licere 6am popole agere, qai fiiooUate 
conoionandi cam ipsi §t§9 malota? ennt* 
ob dedeoora fits ibro ezclasi, tamen 
infills legibos sese ingerant, tt reip. 
obtrodant ad cansas agendam et eonsi- 
lia dandom. 779, 2. ^ Ira Bi^»ra$ 
Xiytu euToc* •»» Ifiv avrS, &KK* tfMte Xl- 
yf». 781, 15. 

Buuot] B»(at 9afar» iwtAanit, 64t7, S3. 
BuMtf [sobandi Ifyon, f el i}«^^/b»^T«r 
KaXufui] l}«aXt(. 976, 7. ril flrll(^ tSv 
iuMM [soil. i>'KX4fMiTa] 20^ irpdc tovc 
TiTTdf^bMrrA. 976, 10. ^miW in or. in 
Midiam legi, ait Uarpoor. h. f • 

^iCx/)toy] h Ct^tS^ fAiii^ «riw. 1283^ 5. 

BiByiwl ri^wnai w^ ti»« tSt ov/t^irXs^rrwy 
BiBidev avyyfo^. deponant apad ali* 
qaem f eotoram eadem oaf e atentinm 
labalas pacli, vel oontractas inter se 
initi. 886, 25. yiyfawrai rwrof r^ r^- 
arov, 8y TIC ay i(C BixUv narHBotro, epbto- 
le eommitlat. 1401 , 19. t^ Mx^ (epi- 
stola scripta) 9vhfiUav I;^i tomvtw B^ir 
ditav vpoc Tovc &efuCbm«c« 1463, 19. 

BiB>^9t\ Tff fjuirfit rg\ov^ [saoris areanis 
iniuanti] t^^c ^Cxovcfqaibas aroana car- 
mine perscriptababerentar] inylntnuf, 
313, 14. 403, 18. 

Bio(] Siamf if tmc 1^9 Biott, •urv x^y t«7c 
aroXfrt. 133, 13. tlc^rer iaurwt Qm a- 
«^XSc 2;c^<v. nibil habere, quod apirilai 
fortanisqoe tois metoas* 143, 1. tov 
tSv fr«XiTivofily«»y Biw ^iXalriw jut^ 19^- 
Xipdy im2 add* f nib^nnr ftuipav iyAtm xai 
jMucfiy fMvrifs 150, 8. ty vStf'i tiTc itari^ 
Toy C^, fits per aJimonta taends prs- 
sidiis, speeiebos annonariis, ^l^onrrl- 
(Otc nuu tMiyoTlpotc* 255, 11. i^ X*P^C o 
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ff^lync ^0^, Sopater ad Hermogenem 
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1287, 27. 

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aadieados : at p. 159, 7. tovc BmikMkmq, 
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tSv tsTc xf9^ m^iartm, 347, 24. b) 
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cilat Hermog. p. 245, 12. ex or. pro 
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ie(%e and conteience} ad mrariom ae, ot 
debitorem, detalisaeL 792, 2. . Eodem 

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est p. 778, 19. Harpoer.ait /SooXn^Mc 
iwt¥ apad Den. eaae, onm qoia qneri- 
tor, ae ab aliqoo prvter joa et faa id 
mrarioa ioaoriptom etae, in or. 1. in 
Ariatogit, h. e. p. 778, 19. 

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1208, 5. 

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706, 13. 
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Twr anvTSMoW. 397, 16. 

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atvdebaot. 1109,15. 

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litis. 163, 16. 

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tribneret. 322, 11. 

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1078, 22. 1265, 6. 

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fiik Poll. X. 155. 

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diT» lamdi T« maaun, olm, Im toS/to. 675. 
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initio traotationb, h. e. enm orator ii 
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ingreditor. reapoadet Latinia igitur, aot 
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rWnt it true]? ta infitiari andebis? 
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iffpffibm, 308, 6. 

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KTou Tt^inr. 1272, 2. 

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ufMi, 1459^ 23. 

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est ridicalam, qaam si nihil d^oi. 185, 
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tantnndicm sit, ae si infanti, aoifiituo 



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v4afc. 958, 24. ytnaUtt tui hrUfMtt rmt 
4*OC"^9 Tfirrt ;^»f rromTt. 1466, 25. 

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Mk} jvtfXi^M^. 638, 3. iMfatTM jmt* I{»- 

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Yidentor yht et •!«£» diflTerrt haotenos, 
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oetMiriif liberi, nepotes, linU iq asoon- 

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ftatres, sorores, eonsobrini. yinc item 
ei. «aZ)ic differuht. bi vidontor liberi ex 
te oati esse, iUi nepotet ethis etiam re- 
notioree, aot, si navb, oogpati toUate- 
lalef. 642, 25. yhof iten est sors na- 
seendj, «t ai q«is eivis AtbeDiensis na- 
tal ait* tifMV TMC yiw v^'tmc att^ it 
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ideiB falet, atqoe >om». item in illls. 

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parapbrastioe asarpatar. to tSv iiafuk^- 
tufUht yint$ pro «j ItafutfW^UL 1096, 6. 
roc lal^ic rSif ytMuxSf tm^c f^TuTATA 
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M yiinvc, velat bonorem aliqaem genen 
adbasresoentem, oamibaaqoa ex ilia 
geate oriandis ipso natif itatis jnre cem- 
petenteiD, iih^ Wc rh ^IXrtrTci xfyw- 
9f» tfiri^w, 14^7, 15. 

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lieres iaoacdotio Baoebi oonsooralV' 
qo« in oiBeio Basaliase, sen ripmm aar 
eroroifi, eraat. i^tifium t^ TtftUfhfntkt 

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17. 13^2, 1. tf Jtac TMV n^fStf, 1371 « 

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serota f enalia babentinm. 284, 24. /rA 
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struere. die Budt» amfamgen aafiiubaiMn 
[io begin to erect dm bce&$]. 1375, t9. 

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mrfBArm ^mai ht9 juvnutoamiv. 782, 15. 
ofTt fMi mrmi yauarpu^ 1215, 11. 

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bns joveotos Gneoa soleMt imbai. tSc 
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M«c &9tifmf l;^iv mi^xph, 1414, 16.: 

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9hfft(rBat, 17, 2.. ywt evnamfAbti yttfyfi- 
o-ova-a, Snnr ov)* Smj nXVM'ay araSir^. 
175, 11. terkfuvra v)(m h Bimria, tud 
yemfySh rk tM^tm. 239. pen. iTr* 'yM(' 
ySf» i« TOuTofv na\ 01/ctvoc >ly«yac. arator, 
id est, dominas ingentiam fondorOm. - 
442,6. }««(yevrric, seduIiJnexerceada 
re rostica, MaX ^M/itm, 613, 16. 753, 
21. vaSfrAytotfyti,raSirtilfy&(trat,^uto 
agitat, bsBc exeroet, reloti oolonos ros, 
et meroator mare, et opifex artem, 
qaam dididt, at inde rictitet. 794,^22. 

ytotfyW] ynt^yUi va/AitXadtXt. 386, 5. h 
yutfyU IfyoTttuivhn* toia r^s rastioa ex- 
pilata et denodata fait ssp^lleotile ro- 
stica. 872, 11. 

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if* Sc IrTMvn 426, ^,ikfhy9 f/^h h», 
rk U irtfa narm yknrM. 792, 21 . frotf 

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hi0nuui(..der ieine CajfUaUen attf iie- 
gende Grunde und an) HOumr in der 
Stadtau$gtthan hat [had invested 
fitdl in landed property and houtetin the 
city], 946, 6. h y^f, ros, icills, tX»x, ^^^ 
nofim rtm hiyna* 1225, 11. 

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1. mm M rut Mfotv ^'i ftuifit 
lyk M^ yyMt tutrk th Ayofkr «t^. 
XOf««(. 332, 8. 

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i6» itrnfAirart »» -tktu aiixS ifOm rS 
yiifa huLfit, 1904, 23.. 9^? W fvyi* 



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itfsBt mmnniAktm i;^. 1484, 3, 
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ynfor(ai^¥] yn^orpo^n^wrat (pro ynfor^o^" 
df^ovTMj fDV^CXfwrM. 1399, 17. yiifo- 
rftfttvh havrwi ^ntrifa t&rm, 763, 15* 

fvni^m, 1400, 16. 

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competere. effiei. oooseqai. dauf^w, 
iH^rfinm kify^Aiem yfymv, oootigerit, 
datom faerit, n yniiatreit,kfra irafimra 
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nftknvq, vestri fkotot, hoo est, oompote* 
et jaris Testri factor, lilMrtati TBilne 
resiiiatos, ad saoitatem neatb retooa- 

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yvnff^oi, u Tottis Teafne spoads esse, h. 
e. ret ^ettrat pro arbitrio ?e«tro aftre, 
noo alieiUD fidei perioalo comuiHtere. 
42,10. 0X9^(Jik,vrr^fyl mrr tVttMtffvfA' 

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^aod oportebai fieri, Jiiti hoo ointacet. 
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145, 10. ri yifwro n<6rt^, fi hUut^iff 
M( iMT<(^fOMry *A9nfaUh. 157, 1 . Iv vo- 
9iifMt oua tcotytnaifjii^, 179, alt. «i« 
tM!)i?v et vtftofSv ytyvifuva. insoper ba- 
4>ere et isquo aaimo pati allqnid fieri. 
^246, 8. et.l4. ov)* f! yfymf o?!*. fiitoulo 
prortQt igoanuD, id ■nqoam e?eliUse. 
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Ji70, 22. eu^ ay if rt yivotTo. fiollo pacto. 
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taadem futumm ettet. ateno^e sort 
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alls Wtg§, et homme domtt aueh vnt cs 
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-lofcot Willi. 284, 17. 497, iW. 971, 9. 

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St6(oavM, xal Kflauq yiymifrnt^ ou^C irii- 
aron oiAokaySn ikimiSi I oXw. -468, 9. 'n^ 
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•2«>^V9da(..;1471,-2. b) oatei. iir>e9r» 
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fPiTf^ftayoy >^!>inl0^(, te.natom, iUj^ 
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yJtti JCM'^nvcw^uJtf'dau g- n ^ygwi g aa2 (8i- 
Bundfot ^OunifdMQ airmt avfA$i0nmf, 
1389, 23. o) oontingere, ooaipetera, 
- {iro aan legitioM, ra^ parte, tuhommen, 
gebuhrm. \to be due^ be one's Amni]. irrt 
rmiiBUJTMfyiiyinfikfm, lo^ovMolanieiitOr 
nwi tibi ooBvenieothimy ant ^partomin, 
oUatonuBve. .67,. 27. inie -n yiyvifAMm 
opmpetens, exntteM, oOBsieM|iiens, id 
qaod e oertis prKinitfit cotUgitar, e 
ROHMritin tonmam eolleotn eztittit, 
is qneniqae pn> rata tat poftioiie.Te- 

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«nte' ovaittt HHi nBkeu. dependi opor- 
tebat id, qood pro BM»do fiwahaCom ob- 
jasqoe in etim Teairet. 261, 1. to ytyri- 
fAtm rtf43»fM, molcla coiqae orimini 
conpeteDt, mi^qr ideotidem BNnorre, 
pfOQt criaien aat majos, aat minot est.' 
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rrnoK^Ani ti rw to nrNOkosroN, 

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• tacnuB depeoolataa ait, moletaBt de- 
ooptam de p ead at , tia aoAeai vrariam 
poUioom, toloauBodo doplaa. q«od: 
hie Td ytyffifAtm appellat, id p. 729, 8. 
appellat rk m^o^hurrtt, die GtbUhr [the: 
dues], ti ytyvofAtM i^yo^m nmtk t)v 
ovyy^m^, was timmanOMs Hacfc dtm 
s^riftti^ten VeHrage suJIcomfllt* wkfi, 
und werden muss [lAat money MU- te 
doe to some one aeeording to the wrkten. 
agreewtent, and what onitt be psid], 
926, 2 ti atpaalo post, ▼. 25. ipte ex- 
poidt, Mc ytffia^mt rdCt hrtsla^nn net^k 
tiif ovyy(»^» ov hnmUfft ouM ytyfOfAhvff 
y^(<y i^uiTouo'i aqt»i{btf-daai. apromeri- 
tis eoram easbteatea^ oonaequeDtem,: 
ipsis deliitaai. 992,. 3. i»0v ytynfAWM 
9/ latnra [aeik idatl^MaTa] n/jutviftouf 
lovToTc /EArr^AMu. ex ilKs ioipendiis exsir 
steatiofli eaqiievpnseqacntiam. 1230,7. 
yfyno^; ooafici e Mnteris eollectis id 
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Ifihcovra. 120 sfateres effiotaat: dra- 
clinasAttioas3S60.aea seqoi valent iHis. 
914, 14. 'rk v^kyfi^ra et rk ytyvS/xsta 
later ae oopalantor : at 98, 14. et 111, 
17. q««d aat est h hk hjoCv, pro h^ 
yfynr^m rk itfayfMra, in gesta rertim, 
aot T^ yiyfifAMa sant erenta forlotta, 
vrk Wfi.yfitn,ra aatem, t^ k^i fr^oat^ia^M^, 
qa» stadio et opera bominoni fiaiit, aot 
<r& ytyvifMfa saat seqaelas rSv itfeyfAA" 
rm et effectos eorom. v^c rin yfyn- 
o^, ammom ad aliqaid attendere, sto- 
diam ia id.oooferre, totos in aliqaa re 
elaboraada esse; ir^( rS ajuhnTvt &K\k 

287, 4. v&ftf yig ir«i^k rtiuro yi;ywtiTk 
rOr 'EXXAiwv. neoipe in hoo versabfetor 
satos OmcisD, momentani rerom Grae- 
«anm in boo erat positam ; per hoo ita- 
tial,atresGneeonini si^ ettentiseeiot- 
TO, sire hoc esset fieretve; site mimis. 
305, 3. ytyofhotv rtvSSv M avf*^o(ait, 
qooroadani iofortoniis osorom. 5.13, 4. 
^^/MttTtt iylyn-n, es ham Geld ein [money 
came in], ampla redibant TecligiJia. 
141, 13. rSif n^St, luti tot!- oSvoc;, not 
rS» kKkai9 rSSv la t?c l^anSc )^yM/ulfd»y. 
reliqaoromqae Tectigaliam ex iHo rare 
redeootiam. 1 046, 1 6. en^ rdt ynoftimn 
a-vfA^9fkv [/xkrvt Iv 0>aroi)K] }«v^Ufvoc^ jv 
^(Mrof . 78^ 26. 



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mnn^stiMi pro >«t9 et certo babere* 
iff ati ri fajk(GV T4W vmt^imw hXwfarf 
Tfiv, iyfnmi^ frr^t. t$, 13. !» 'r^ avtwv 
i^\M t) y(9A>di0-;ci^i^ci^, koOf ^nod noti 
«i|iqpe 8ittC» a qiK^n^ at^un nAf^iidntor, 
««i2 TO rSi^^.hiyH¥ *ATii»S^t, %0^, 10. 
1424, f . d Jv^M T9UC lv«*THi^C> ikAA* ou 

oTtofAawg, 2d8, 12. ra )m4m >y«vm< xo^ 
yi m^oHamtA, vqiia aet io^roas aao- 
tentias pronanoiare (iJe jodioibfla). 416, 
3, et jjibi. T«mr amI' pi ^^fyw^y itl^, 
•u)l yiyiwfa n o. 4|ao iaaipare qeaatam 
•qilidsn IWBo Mintiaqi ihnaoi/Ji. e» ne 
nomen qiil49"i fijwUndB ioaqudiTaram, 
attfft jatiaBHri aBdM!isaeai,.UBifiii uonoo- 
a^MiiqU [IdidfMttknow Iwm jf^mHtaUy'] . 
539,25. ywrnffuf/jMOkiml ri X^. partem 
M p^ottw cyDgoiU. .fi^l, pell. T«f ouiw 

. i&<M<iieclaam,4*^1>*oM w. 903, 1 1 . yum- 
«u,j)i^^rm{«i^, a)terips,qaeiB forliiito 
jlibi . oyatayii widens, ohaer^rare, notare 
iSi4ia»,iutllmXfl{«t M^wv. 903^2. «>y#- 
tfrl^riEra.^MXXtf^ M t5» ^Mutn'TdSf. bon- 
diiionet reooooilialioiiiji, (|uas arbitri 
litigaottboa lulei»iit,ie<|aa8.^q»eBte8. 
1360, 23. ^vytif t^ytffm^bvwu, daidmfur 
bekannt w&rden IbieomugiHnfiwn], fa- 
ioama(lipi8oi,m>bnit%ri, voMt/vva t( rSv 
.iff4!St^vfA^§fm!ra0f, atodio faQteodi aliqaid 
a re T«atnu 1481, JB. ov;^ oUq r h: i/A- 
ifA,in», tHi latTMi ywtw* 1032, 9. «y /unr 
,2. ;^ fffp2 vfASf¥ yinidntj) K<p0'0^Aft«m);. 
[ila.^e erga ^tos gemty^eo ait apinle, iia 
^Yiioiabiia, qaUMia jiar eat earn esae. 658, 
>i|t^. dppoJiitat eoim ei : ay I' a^iyptt a^<- 
. ^MuanhnjffUfi, iyvatr/Mi/wt pro hymniraf, 
!SOS, 27. 

:^ayvJiso^B«M^« .^70, 24. 

/cuKAc.a«l >iX»07^, «(0;^>i Xi>«y. 689, 
.^XMcjj^ «a2 /(M^MC ttiNtXii^i. :977, 25. 
7X/;(;i0^a#] {Tai/T* vv', $9 .fiuAtff^va ^ lyX^fro. 

^M. '68, 16. '«ic f«iy t?c /!« incfov riftvc 
if£i ttsno-^nu ;}rX/x«lfi»<. 297, 4. to?c 

411,24. ■ . 
y\Serra] a«r00^(f^<y. ovy ^X«frray. 406, 4. 

aXX* tiio^>JCov o^ir T'XM'i^Tdy i >d(MMW^ l^*t. 

.yraboi;] tAc yy*&»c ^wAv* 4M, 16. 
yyqd-w;] iiXX* MTV &vo ynaiw yi.\c^r0V m 

'EXXoSdc 9)ui«uvf9. 118, 24. Jto^i^ ay i? 

Tif U«c . >»4«»? -' i» oiw*? .'WoXXn ' yt yoyav 

iuijut ri fM s«Xwc* 118,26. yvh^-w fttuq 

proprie est o yv9» yvym«tq,m^i^ et pco- 

qieaMu ab aliqqot qu ofA^itur >rS 
(TM^Tfi, iactitio, adpptato. 1695, 5. diF- 
tpvX a »u{i*»( yvao^, ab ^o q|ii pro ynHtt 
adacitoB at dedaratas fuit ab aliqao, 
paoe< qoem ejus rei »u^, poleatas, 
fttiaset^ ibid. 4)i^«Toy M*rty uAv >*^(«v 
l}9MT<(Xiviry, Uf ftn yiif^ y^y!"*^ ? '"i^* 
1099, 19. yfia-Mf ingenni liberi qapnam 
a pi^e, et qaanam a metre, et qaibos- 
|iam a ftj^oDsoribas viro deaponaa oa- 
foaqlar, expoDitor. p. 1134. >«^(m yi- 
v^ tSc vrar^ihc aroXTrM, aont, eives ipdi- 
geMe, jiborigiaea, quatenna qpppoontor 
T^ ivnXwi et adbsoriptis cif itati. 139% 
9* ^ v2dy Syra yv^riw rvi titiXiudjxotk 
inlKkk Ivyk ttHv^, qaaai geiuiaaa ait fiJioa 
fjua, qni maltis aotf annis deoeaaiaset, 
qoam hlo nasoeretur. 1093, 2. 

yfrn^'mfl vara, bona fide, reapae* t«vc >^- 
^9iq f^friymfpki tqc ir^^s^p. 1353, pen. 
Tiff ifl^», Stjc slff TAUTOV T^y T<iffy fovrSy 
idiX^t ymaittQ vfjtiv ioufoi, 1482, t4* . 

>v«^].aUia^^9t id, qaod eoi^ue Tidetiir, 
pUuset* caa atodef, quod seotit et ap- 
petjt, qjip anunas fert ; alias forma co- 
gitandi, i^tio coosi|iorii|n, mens ; alias 
e«ap9ctatio. «r ri f^ /utrk ytti(jtvf f«^. 
seeioa, quam v^lis. 14» 3. tauto frfev9ii 
avTW TAfarru va^k trtt ynifj^i ytyniq, 
15, 14. oTi TaTc yy?^iff pf/^Xf .•^•rr^- 
MTi rSM .mif^yi^y^- %3X, 7. oiJi^ «S- 
T«»ff o^Xw, •vi* «y*off Tny yy^iiy . 1 42, 1 9. 
ar^f lifai, fapuUa^iem dare, «r^ rtCneon rS 
finO^Af^fM y*^f k'tetf^r^Ai^ 169, 12. 
vm^nif^bfu 7^To TJi >yw/^f}. propositam 
«fse alqpe,iB.Qxi|ni pnei^ti, at ratqm et 
oerUiBi soif op. 179, j6. t^roo, ^uuu^^at 
tAc }«dtf/iutff kf^Q' 182, 3. 0M» ^ar^ Tflff 

inTfl^d^iaav**. 281, 16' Taif wfifm lira- 

X(Aflu&irt >vai^ic* 3B4, B. f^ ytxy,n 

)rt'»^liy ctlfQ^ilvETdti a9i, IB. Tif (/!*flic 

■^iti^nt hvr%a.i^ per Bjoealn pjru ^H^oiy 
^«^ddii, 4 yinifjbuv aTr»^^iL!T^Ai. 36£, 1. 

^fl^/uvQtr, 390, 6. tJ tjJ^ JflaijMtr amiy- 
KftTj argo; ctwwTtt TOi' jij/iw. ]acam huno 
de >vw^iii Lac ei^t, dt; an&iog'm ct iiqgi* 
tat« a^i^iimftiianifl, refcrte ad ViDJvrfirBani 
logfliti. 493, 1. I'JTiti^ Twv aird^tSv Mi/rm 
yvxf^Jiif mv>.ti<Tiv. 543^ 24^ j^^jun tiT St- 

ft £t T^c >t«^flc i^J* [ill e^t ioffliTf^] a^' 
. Jv aif a*siir«fft^ TAigiVTaTflt, vigum ilLud 
Nienliji, quod seoleDliun pranuntiflndom 
eanoipit ^aa^i gi furmat in mente, ex* 
BLilil as. iifi^ qiisD uviibtitf au^ipiuntiir^ 

7 16 J 3< ynifitnv^Kkv¥ tiMi^^Q IhABs, tr hat 

. iieh gUUh andfra ivsmnvn [he km. im~ 

mediaielt^ ehangfd Ait ^7) in tart]. 689, 10. 



t9 9fX<iioT^rif iuMfjUtutrt SkiUbttv. nack 

'• e'urem betten'WUten nnd Gewiuen, nach 

' merer Erkenntmss, mit mogUehtter Beo- 

' hacktung der, BiUigkeit und det Rechtes 

(ftf the beit of your judgment and con- 

^' science, accerding to your eogmmncei 

with all poenble regard to equity and 

right'], 1006, 97. woX ykf rfamff^dtu it- 

mi rfifc IfjLvrkfoi yvtifxtif 9iafjta^rirra, 

qai reiitro soffragio exclderit, «ftnierit. 

1048, M. rfifff yttifxtif twc rSf oIwJto w«- 

^6n0ff TO Sntioc tb^a^jjof, 1434, 93. 

yvMfl(tnJ nosoitare. yfo^flau^ touc cl««>|«q- 

^a-a/jiiifovf. 800, 6. usa^ familiariiate 

oog^nitom habere. 9t4, alt. ov^^ ^« 

• iro9irl>i'«;t0'/(AlvM. qnaeonqae tandem ra- 

tione cam eo conoiliati. 925, 5. Wfta^' 

y^doi l^^omc, cefc M iwy iv tm yhm yvH' 

ft^drrat, 1390, 27. fitfirt; r;p^ T^tt^waa 

iMfhrStt tixtUn nai ^m fjoAfAn. 1393, 


yt^fifjtot] i( ivwvfAttf Ko} d)^«v IvIe^M juu 

^i^t^t/MOf }^ff7^et0i. 106,7. ol ytm^fAAvarw 

&iu6/4.noi* 424, 7. yf^^fiSv at vothcav- 
*raq &rv &9^^vS^, 1123, 23. )ka^7^at 
jfjp^fjuto't T9UC 2v inAa^ rSv ^BXknfdetv iro- 
Xiaw ywft/MUi. 1468, ult. yft&ftfjtM nai 
viark alnS htovtiv, 1^9, 18. lo^ai Ss 
I^Mtyvc lutl >vwp</t«oc ifuV X^>^. noaeita- 
biha, b. e. probabilia, qoem at primam 
aodierilia, ita siatim arripietia, et recor- 
datione in earn de?enieti8, atqne pro- 
Imbitia, tanqnam dadnm vobis notam 
et probatmn, ut bonitnem nsa nralto 
nobia ooi^itom, qoam primom aspici- 
nras, racsoB nosoitamns. 34, olt. 

ynt^fActf] penpieae, plane, dilocide ad 
intelligeodoni. &w\S^ nai irS^iv i/Aowg 
yvof^fKot((nosciiiihinitT)y§ypi^at. 722, 
15. yw^lfAM^ 1^ fMi tuii v&Kat. hmi- 
liariter me asm est 1247, 14. 

ffStnt] aententia a jadice pronantiata, 
^iotnm. 79, 1. 544, 2. 711, 14. 725, 
1.4. 778, 17. 802, 8. 899, 17. 949, 16. 
nark yittavt ^wutdtoS vfAtrtfOf mtkirns 
ytfywmfJkhoQ. 1020, pen. &wo^aa%9 M 
^ULvnrw, h %ai yvS^v udKiX ^v/Aoa-^int. 
Jalios PoUox II. 129. 

yki] I»<i4» not yinra xai ao^tar^f Htti rh 
rotaSha em«^«y. 316, 1. Airta^rofi yi»Q, 
ffcmfii, 374, 20. y6iif o&k« ^avjjjta-it. 

ynrttal 'nowheu tixfoi ttai yanrnXa^ — 
•IWy i^* v/buk NATMiefuecrjiifyM. 1458, 18. 

ywnUti] 'ymrtvbirra juU ^moMa^hra tq 
4np2 Tfllxxa ^ChMAoomU. 373, tM, 

>^/MOc] Tvir y^ixm olxitov lyiiv t9c H«ic* 883, 
11. rdy yiiAot iniw^ iffXe/tiivo;. oneribus 
naTia expromtia. 1283, 21. ovp^Slwarra 
w yifMf (MTtribtrro. 1290, 18. 

14f > 1. Sran; li^ ^/ufiv iJUi^Ttv tls ri( 

142,5. 154, pen. 187,7. tu-TMc >«ieu0'f 
/M^ M^«v yt>«v^dM. 296, 17. r^- 
^Mv invc yanXt, 790, 7. ix^f^C f^ ^Tt 

1489, 3. Tbeamotbetos aenitiatam to- 
lerantea, inter alk, etiam hoc inier- 
rogabaotar, i2 tou^ t^ovIac s2> irMoS^i. 
1320, 18. 

yet^"] rkt Amfftnrwt aMu Stawtf h rfoyt^ 
«« j>w4c. 563, 2. 

>^j ytiHf ^ opponitor t«I woivtw^ ad- 
Boito, adoptato. paaaim loeomm. tov- 
'Twq il ymatwc yim, vi nativitatia,' tTVat 
rfifc w^XMc ^ydrof'. 1390, 9. 

>^] ^uttinil^Mw trynr i yfn irfi« Tt^ >^- 
vatw Tw 'lAT^MXi?. 403, 6. v»M^ l|uov 
.<lBi « r>^ juU TflDrov (iii'nua'ttyToc ir^ rSh 
>«p^hwv. 1343, alt. 

y(a;Qu9] rk TouivTA viro rSv yfo thm mfa-tt" 
yftAumt, 313, olt. 

yfifAfAa] y^AfAfAa/va hfAiam. ebartarinm 
publicam; 243,25.ilJla#3ttC7t<^A**^'^» 
literas pueriles, 1^ y i^rm.^ SIS, 7. 
if ToTc XMvdiV TMC »fitTl(eic y^kfAfiMo-sf, 
h «w fA^fdot, 381, 1. «r«^ ri^ ?9^fA- 
fMT« kr(ia0ivauif, praiter, contra lite-^ 
ras, qnibaa peraoripta erant uandata 
legatis ad legationem obeandam profi- 
ciacentibna injoaota. hutructitmen, Ver- 
haltungibrfehle [instructiont, . orders'], 
430, 15. y^kfAfAattk yk^ yfyfOfA/Akfo, 
(anbandi fA^) iari» Sw, die Qeeette, 
sind ein todter nuehttabe {they, the laws, 
are a dead letter], 586, 5. w rfSww ?x*( 
rk y^fAfAora ^k M tS( rfavil^nt. qoae 
sit ratio tabnlarum, qnaa aomalarii con« 
soribnat. was et mit den Handlungdni- 
ehem der "Banquiersfur mne Bewandmu 
habe [wha$^ the books . (f the Bankers 

«»ff»Hfy]« ^^^> ^ At**^i yfifAfAMOtt 

'Arrutoic inXdSo'a rk yeyfOfAfAiha. 1370, 
pen. y^kfAfAOTttid^m, qnod nos nsorpa- 
mos, etn« Aete, ein Doettmant, eine Ur- 
kunde [a document, deed, record], 1034, 
1 6. tlH fuii(ov lefodSx"' i^C y^kfA/Aoa-t 
TMC yiy(afAfAi99ii h rn avyy^a^ arti- 
cdUs, poMtis, capittbns ocinlractas in 
tabalis oonsignataa. 931, 10. xsbdicilli, 
qaibns perscripta sont rationes fiioolla- 
tom ab aliqao relictarom, nominamqae 
ab ipso contractonim, et pecaniaram, 
qoasipse aliis cre'didit*, 950, 9. et ibi 
6»pe. ▼• Etjmolog. fa. ▼. p. 240, pen. 
in £xeerptis meis p. 172. 
^^fOfAfAOfr^w, sobedinm, Iv S rk tovtm /?t. 
0MfAha hsa^i, 600, 17. literae cam- 
bialesf ant simile quid. 788, 18. Ob/t- 
gation,Sekuldvers^reibung [a writing 
of obtigation, bond], 966, 2. expenso- 
rom et acoeptonim codex,- quo feene- 
rator cooaignat qaestns lai rationes 
qnotidianaa. 1111, 22. i vo/uoc iv k^/m- 



^fMtine^. MXB^ f4Mfrvf£¥f (aoitro more 
. loqaoRdi, auf einefn SUmp^lbom [on a 

. d«?V«i . ToTc yvy^iAf^oii fA^tHif. 1 1 15, 3. 

Tovi /AOfrtf^tanrrag fa ywfifuva^ I v 9fflf(- 

^fjULttiv HatA ivr f^of. 1141« ^. Nwfioc 

. Av tSt ypafAf4MT»»n, «^ flfy towc hftorac 

.aruMiXM.. oodipam, qaibas perBcri|)ta 

emnt demotamin oooiina. 1301,. 20. 

T^pd/bCfMTiiw XD^iapxucoy. oodex, in quo 

. peffftoripta Mini nomiiift eorom, qui «d 

pab«i1at«m pro?eoU;in soratinio pn- 

bliiHi probati, dagni soDt habiti, qai rem 

spaiB privatam pabHcamqiie geraot. 


yfOfAfAATtita] soribam agere. iyf^fAf^ti' 

*nv6s, iyv i\ ljucXiitfi«{ov, 315, 9. yp «v*t 

fjMTtvw 'ArrifASxV ^mtiXu. 1186, S3. 

yfmfAfUinvt Jxi^poc. 269, 19. yfOfj/uutwy 

. crat coDficiiHDf asarpatom pro hooaioe 

vilisaima atirpe, qnaealaa sordid], ver- 

soto, imporo, soeleraio, aQda«i..37i, 

506» SI. yfOfAfAortvi Hark neiiv vpvr^- 
Hi»v. 720, 22* nam tribos qaaeqae alio 
peeoliari soriba utebaUir. yfOfXfAartii 
rZf rou ifji,W9^ iTtifjUknrStv, 1324, 9. 
ypa/CA/uttTiuc rqc CovXnc* 238» 14. ivi- 
fafyn f»^*(v«<» oo?am legem rogandam, 
9rpe0*d'gy rair Iffanv/xan iLai rS y^ofAfAattX 
V4(pet9«nmu.485, 18. qui eam in ooncione 
i«citaret, qoo domam reversas qai»qoe 
per otiom de ea mediUretar. Prias- 
qnam accasaipr caaiam dicere ordire* 
tar, reoitabat soriba rtn y^4>^y, sen li- 
bellnm ab accasatore exhibiUim, quo 
■iDoDsignala erant aocosaiUonis samma 
capita* i4em leges, ad qaas orator ptp- 
: VQcarel. id qood ex omnibus p»ne pa- 
ginis constat, neo Jion testimonia te- 
stinm. scriba prjianias deoreta prjta* 
iKBm ad Thesmothetas referebat. 720, 

y^A/M/uan'Sioy] ein Wechsel, den einer von 
sUh anst^lkt [a bill, which somebody- 
drt^ws, a promiuory note], h ygofAfutri- 
. ^ ^uoX¥ x^'^^y iotmtfAifM, 1283, 4. 

y^fA/Aorrta^] Indimagister, pueros literas 
doicens. Per oontemtoro, et probri ergo. 
431, 24. : 

yfafxfjutroxv^w] bomo ita libris affixns, ut 
.onrros ab inoumbendo 6at. 297, 22. . 

y^;] ifi ^1 wroQ [maritus mnlierculip] 
airJdoyi, Hal aurh y^vfh» 1156, 2. 

yfo^ui] etc o^^nv x^'^^y y^i^VTtt. 121, 
22, w« ov hX Xnf^v, 9uU ypi^fty ir6Ki/Mr. 
neqiie motor fieri deoreti, qno bellqm 
suad^retar. 146, 2. ov (juvw r£ y^a^ai 
[rmft i>6fiiwi i loXo^] wiro hXv Hv^ouf 
f7w». 227* 15. ti^ y^a<phra, aactoritaCes 
Uteris consignatae. 254, 13. yfo^^g 
tic Tov ayUva riwrot, 260, 18. nalXgyw 
luu. y^^ittfy ii,nra(ofxny ra Hotra uvip 
iffiSfpi 286, 4. wHtf tjifm /Aty. ravra,, ovh 

iyfa-^ H' wU, iy^a^^ fuf, omc ivfi' 
a-i%wa U, 288,. 8. ypa<}iftV'8ic nude pr/o 
. y^, vSfJUVt el -^q^xVfucra. KaXai yk^ /jh- 
te&ni Hoi y^a^Wf Hal y&fj,wQ ilo-^i^ 
•Surrai. 722, 2. aaro t«v aurSit' Kn/AfMrm 
«roXXorc ypo^Tic, o,Tf av Bov>Mrrai. 
Memoriale, SuppUken, Vorschtdge, etc» 
aufsetzen [to write down memorandumt, 
memorials, petitienSf proposals, S^c.']. 687, 
25. trpoc afi^a dlfnroy y^a^wra^ slfhw, 
358, 17. yfd^io-^ai in medio, accusare, 
ream faoere. rhn yof aimtv toutw froinci' 
fjmoQ rSv ytyMfA/xnos9,incuMiomm, rci- 
^(y. 244, 9. a tovtou tou vifMov ysy^of^' 
fjksBa. qase hujus legis capita notavimns, 
reprebendimus, nl vitiosa etre^>. noxia. 
486, 1* et 14. iy^a^ro rhv Xaff^lw )«- 
pitfb'. aconsavit ut Ivftnd legitimam, et 
baud merito datam. 501, pen. ysyfa- 
.^hai f4irroi Toy Xoyoy /*u Msi^iay, 576,, 
21. TO ysyfafjkfAhm, est, summa sris,' 
quod aliqnis ab. accnsatorQ argaitur . 
depecnlalus esse ; ob quod actio in ' 
eum soscepla fuit, et in libello accusa- 
torio nominatim ea summa fuit indi- 

. oata, ruil^hwerinrlyvy^afAfjihtfif, sesde- 
bitnm, cujns postulantur, lxT/yfiy,< hoX 
Tac Ih tSfit v6fjtM¥ v^o6a-a( ^nfAlas Hara- 
BaXhuv, et insnper mulctas a legibus 
constitutas. 727, 3. 1/Mf ^f, i?«rip twfM* 
(sf l^sXf >^f ty auTov, ovh av iy^^aro, es 
ist nUiht zu denken, dass er witerUusen 
haben wurde mich zu belangen [it is 
not likely, that he would have forborne 
to bring an action agiainst mel, 229, 25. 
Sic-vs^, li Tie SMiyocn s&K», av rah ovh 
iy^4'«C, ouroiQ ay cv vvy aXo?c, iXKoQ ou 
y^a^'Si, G53t 20. ^i^' ^v ol ^ixy^Aipot 
y^aipouct, pinguriiL, rtfvg ii^i^tT^ h aijav^ 
786, 13. y^AfiT^at dlcilur dommtiij 
tabern& irnpezlticije, jnbens a puero 
commenlanensi in rattotiaTiiiin ea^ qum 

. vult et necffBse cat^ referri. otif-' ader 
anschreiben la^scjt jjo put doiru^ npte m 
writing], n86, 7. Si. et 26, S™ fjih h 
oJtpofiroAi; yiy^f4.fjti)^ tlirL fl<Hipli sunt 
pro aenirii*. 1337, @5» a Tt? rlinTv ^h- 
fha-aitnLZra Jiai jfi^Eiv, liter b tneiiidiiTc^ 
<})yX«J«iT Iv. 14B9, IS.y^to-^&i Tutg*- 

. yoftcwy e^l ^wim pgrcrGbri ue-ujj. y^d^» 
«■&«* y^it-^h et liJuHEiv j'p'ft^v ut div^sa, 
sed ejngEJem generis, copaluitur. oDJi- 

311, 5. QUE ridcntar liactenus diiferre, 
ut y^as^i^iti »lt depqnciAre, defarm 
reani ad jadicem, h^mx'* aalem utio^ 
nem perseqiri* ^pel^-olga' y^w^tfr^g-x w^ 
rny CouXr,f, Kbello aupplicc csitiibito ve- 
niam rog^-e cum scuEitu de rugatiatitt 
aliqua ad popnlnm ferenda pria«j quam 
boc fiat, nG*iii,ki, ejaaquc arbilrjq rem 
permitlendii 715, 25* ^^ tun \y^k-\>aT^ 
rov ir^i^iiuMPuarp^, Ttvr^i^t S 9id»iu^ ^ri'- 
Mo^yrw f^mcirtitt Herroogenei p^ ^64 ^ 


INDfi^ tiltifietTATfS 

qtiortim nibn iiroilsasti. tfff, S. &irj^' 
^ haffkhtv y^a^&fJtWKt i^* S rt jUfira- 
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tarn |^03td1$sset openinique dedfssel, 
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pho nte m 1 n judi ci am t'o □ ab nt d^ d Bcreta 
Beinosthecti corona. S43, IS. ^Tia-Tit- 
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contra auAsiones, sivc orr, sive Ecnpto 
fftcLas, formaTa^ yath In foro Attico 
lisurpali adTeraanleji, valgo ffapiya^arF. 
Id qaod c p. 510, J6. turn 19. ooUato 
yrdetar coTtigi poase* j'^enfr^v Iejw? 3^1* 
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ffluoTum inter? eriiia iicouaare* 435| 8. 

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flequi^ qaam acMoae contnin^lia;. 5^St 
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1136, a4f. ^>^a4>^v 4<c9a»^XMit^ ^twe^w- 
^dur. 1259, 6. tgitufiUtrof ^A\0 ilirX 
ifa^d. 1969,96. S&iX«»ai^trr«rdac'r»v 
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^tt^tny. 1386, 16. y^»^ $fi>sn(( f*^^ . 
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dloasterjo a|i<mi eslfibilaikl, dooendi, 
ant Mftdeftdi, attt t^agatidl 6tgo, Xa^i r 

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Timoei-at^ lata q«lid«M, teram Demo- 
ftifemft repagnadte, tood peflata. 

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iarnin^ %nu pro Irep^ db^ difiCib^a 

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ytt^avia^Xpi, irf in JM vOMfeatar, stabant 

in fdh> kiegiii iacftinid; ^40, 13. 

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>i>]teyikd$ il^. 965, pen. 

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i«59, 94. 
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f»7xa avTOv. 996, 11. iir2 ^raX^ak *al 
yuftkTxai kal rk fcfAio^itt. 300, 1* 't^ 
vaf avrot^ ii na\ «rag^ »&&i9 h wXim^ 
i^yuutn, irtt?^c *^ yv^ewkoc. If* v/t«^ 
trot^vVsc. 300, 9. yvwutei ««(&^(*ti*oc 
▼etatiir f^estaHientfHn cotfdeve. 1 133, 11. 

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7ti.fjE¥«m AfSf^Aitm. 1354, 16. tiM' yufaVxa 

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1071, 1«« 

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aapenim et ttiMs infeMam Amiiefr. 124, 

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vifAWt. 4115, nit 

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Barron KSftoq M i^bvXm, mtpi.% t3 rkkiq, 
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422,5. ' 

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turn. 978, 26. 
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el le^itimis conditionibns materfamilias 

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fieilht wsfTMUffiat ^(AXJf^ki l^&nifft. 822, 
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/ mre nostro, xfiod nos ei oredideraniiis, 
eiutis sopposnH pro 'pigmnre, quo ab 

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gationem e ports' Attf o« ^fWHrti^m, et 

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itri|»Otteiidani&i et negotkti^ne eif^eA- 

' dironi valor debebaf ess^ Aiphia leHs 

orediti : At 4000 dr. ad 200e^draobnHn. 

908, 20. et 26. »«^f^» irt^wi. 909, 

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ae« in foenui datum, efoi Gelef, ddi inan 

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• money which me hai got advanced at in- 

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inde qossttnin. 1283, pen. 

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ihsQmere tnendte nostrae sahitis ergo. 

146, 11. meretrix, eonenbina amantem 

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101, 22. T«> ^ir^vifv ff^aoyr* riXntra 

rumXq.^ 183, 12. et 14. ^bua-t f*h?l 'tA,' 

>XavT» rk 'th iairiwf httkidinra, KcinTtten 

den no^ktoendigen Ai^wand hettreit^ 

[would be irequteite to meet the neeetsary 

espenditttre'], 183, 16. 4 it^a^vri^ )cv 

ftanrn ^ iairivntt ^ ermy,^ anuli^ irX'iMtf 

f«p«ex(v»(.7'96, 26. ftlr^toc itar^ m^o-ac 
Tki lie IfMtrroy td^^yac iTyoc. 1124, itlt. 
tU XP'I*^"^ iav&rnf. 1393, 2. 

lovayn^oc] v^Xt/noy Slb^oy x<t2 tAtD-Afn^oy 
crpa0'&at.58, e.'o&riw fewaynjoff h, Sm, 
ya/xu ytyafAmtkif liv i/w^ fi»t4p«, irifay 
^;^E vvyoTjut, Kal^ tllxieti SxuitOOt, 11. 

Iccj^tM?] nnmns aoreoa Periicna, a Dario 
sic d ictus. Toy ifUfAnin rip iAafit^Wf oc 



^»0'fM>JtytXv] die Schluzung einsammilnt bey- 

treiben [to gather, collect taxes, contrifm' 

' tiom}. rA^yvfW, • va^ rw ixx«v Im- 

H] elegaoter redandat in oratioDe stoH 
maobaatia, rem miranlia aqa atqoe io- 
^ignaDtia, roy ^f fiioTuuiw ! tov ^i (fXi^pcv ! 
.^ilber, den> Z'duberer! uber den Backer! 
{the more than wizard! the more than 
villain! J 532, 1. avdiwftai i§ rS VU^o- 
€\i«rr>i ^iXtmrov tcvq o^xout. /mi /uiTi;^S(v 
ds rSv i% *AfAfpULrvo9-iv, i(,9fitcoaraff^^ai )l 
TQV sZp^v. oarate, date operam, (etiam 
atqoe etiam vMs iDJangimas)^ at ista 
tria'fiant. 398, 10. redandat item.ob 
promissnm is, cam post aliqaam inter- 
jectam intercapedioem oratio ccppta, 
•eda brupta, restaoratar^ iyu V olii o-uf*- 
wnvfta-fftvKimi ^nfjtl c-u. 400, 11. abi 
^,se.Teritatem granunaticam si sectaris, 
redandat ob ^e jam TersUi 9. praemissam. 
post hnira et slra SQlet )l omitti, tam- 
e^i /Msv praecesserit. at : iyoi H vgStm 

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ivsiret ii mmuXw] rrt CouXo/eam ^^ao'au 
598, 25; irpSror fciv vroX/nif ylyoviv 5»- 
&p««o;, sTVci «riXiy j(j^Mq a-rsipawtt 
' ltf>Tf^y«7<t(. 668, 2. «rp£Tov fjih tqc Cw 
X«{ ju»Ti>^«xt;uic» iTrce rou ^/mov — 702, 
23. VfS^w fisv ouy toDt' IpS, — «7t* rSy 
aXXav i^ni 0, ri «y /3ouXo/iAEyotc v/aXv okov- 
ity ?. 706, 2. 1041, 22. 

^fSSiTTSfl'&ai] terrere minis. 434, 24. ovx 
fya tdvaXXa;; vfAeiq Mirrvfjuu. 1451, 7. 

iincii] rSiif lea^tuO^nrvt aZrai hhatie tuil 
. ffVovieU* 341, 10. . vo>ihaq Una^ii Koi 
p^(^iT«cc, Kcu vh Am K(d AflritX^c uffOfAWaq. 
515,17. ^ . , , 

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fjMi^SLS, 25. }^%XyfAXL t^i^i^ tta^* tauroD. 
323, 2. TowTo TO hXyfJut i^smvoxj^of 
7f^l lauTou. 344, 19. fcq To^yuv xa^' v^Mwy 
auTwy TOtouToy I^Eylyxurt itXy/Jut. tale 
mcirum TCsirorum animorumq^ue exEin- 
plunjj ol de Fobb univcfjiift siatui pns- 
sit, «u]a(ea fiiliiji. ^73, ^6. tta?; aii fjt.tyA- 
X]d<r E^t^pd; M>'|((*ii w^ iJfJt2^ i^i^if^^ 
679, 10* w> iJff-iH-ffptl hly^aToq mn^, 
tt|i^ fffTiT i^ & Su* aJteuff-ai. 641, 30. b) 
hiy^(t, locus AlheojA iti purtu, uhi raer- 
oiitoresltitcr ac et coDiflfedituribus Je- 
bituribaiiqae, aliisqae qiijbujcunqne^ 
quib[]» coiiYeDtis r^pua ips^b e^setj con- 
v«mr«r atqne ngere^ mcrceH per irbth 
jidv£ctas spiK:1aiam exponeri^j venders 
ntqufi emere, cod tract u a inter se in ire, 
hrevifi ut sinii uegolia qascanqae ne- 
gotjaloribas ocGU/ranE; agvre aolureat. 
Barm, nt hq^ appellitamus. turoi if i£i- 

935,20, *|oc"ipj^tTai AtT'^ Iv T(tf Jri j^/jt*- 
Ti.1^1^, IB, 

hSkuvi hhiiuu] » U.r^ Jt«X4uutc /AoXkar 
iuu Touf )M%aXXayT«Cf n 'rks fJtax^tt ^s- 
)MW»y. 155, 7. Xa}^4S /9^oy l{[»c, Vid^ Hat 
tfifAm aai asX 'm^ityi^owdat vffo^ioKStv, 
314, 24. i! ^'i^p ouToc (Gonon) ixaryov 
(patrem soam) irifjia Koi iMitt, n&it rou- 
Tovc (^lios saos) ttvToy (se, Cononem) 
h^lov (seil. rifjiMf ttal hhhai), 1 264, 9« 

^iwyufiy, luxyuyat] avgv rw Uixmku ri vs- 
vrpayfAifo, 19, 10. ireXXqy farMT'o^iy 
, Kal fUyoKtm )stXTioy. 21, 24. )i»xvuy«u Til 
j^QfMTa. reconditas opes in conspe- 
ctam prodooere. 185, 9. TouTdtfV TotouTMy 
oyr«y ttaX \v airmq tqc aXvdiik; out« Hi" 
MWfJtJbiaaf, 232,16. mX touc WfMvq HoLtiw 
tlved fjtM )oxi7. 244, 23. &(nnp lyh reuj- 
ra huifvu rk 'i>n^fxara. 250, 19. vuv 
^f t^«T» sy T« ifju» Ziari* 27 4t, 9. tnrstSii 
)' ov TOTi, (scil. i^t£«c) ^XXa vvy HX^w, 
292, 8.*at Latinorom ostendere, de spe 
rerom prosperarum proposita. IhUnh- 
cav rk Ik t9( 'Arrot?; Coa-tAfjuira not 
afi^fec^a df rkf BoMr'utv li^crra, 299, 
11. huivwM syuMfAM Kara ruoe. palam 
de aliqno praedicare res glorlosas. 300, 
3. 9rW(y 0'M^>po0^( iirsg! v/mv i^ofnt 
ih^av, testati sunt, tos ipsis videri 
temperantes ,et castes esse. 300, 11. 
oiat AfjifxirrovQ f/iAtw v/juLq, aXXa Kol ^av- 
fMivnrwf iiti^art, 300, 18. vap* Ifco^ ra- 
}AmfA av iiuKWtt h, 305, 11. e? rt; m- 
tpoc toTc 4^(v^^* ^^ ^>?« fcuH htxrviT, * 
>t wy a9ro4>iuJ«yTfti T«y yoaroy. 307, olt. 
; aeqaa et rera defensio atqae simplex 
bseo est: H^ai, t> it^ ov viv^Krai ra 
. KamycfnfAiva, h &s vtitQayfASia ovfx^ifu 
TQ 9roX«. 404, 23. hauvw fM toy autov 
y^^oy. allegans, proferens. 711, 11. 
727, 20. 1338, 7, tX ri Kob' hfAW l;^w 
aitxufM hiKvvvau 781, 24. ist^on inkoc 
K0tt, id est, oTt avnkotKA. 1045, pen. hX- 
{oy ;^(tX»oily tva.fMvov tU rhv vr6Mv ayoXa;- 
KMf, id est, or I MXvKag. 1045, 24. I3f<- 
f Ay ToT*? J«Tgorff. 1259, pen. Xct^w o^oi tov . 
XoT'oy Koi dyayvtia-OfAai. 1401, 2. fin r^y 
i^otbs¥ ^iXiay Xu^iTsXi0-Tfp«y Krw-ao-Qai 
hUyurt, h rS ihfAM va^aKarar^Sffbat 
laurof. nolite committer^, ut constet 
ifiter oranes magis expedire amicitias 
cum exteris contrahere, qnam — 1480, 

}i/x»] vespera. hiXm o^f^ h^^a/juba rpou 
ha^v^io-^ai. 1301, p^n. 

Uihia'] timiditas exprobrari solebat De- 
mostheni. 405, 17, et ult. i^o0<nj vsfi 
cavrw, Ktd }t« ^tXiky, raurw hyno-oi cat- 
TupMy^ 409, 27. )siX(ac Koi avavi^laq 
htKa. 566, 18. ^ 

^f Xo;] T/y« )2 ouTOi aroX/xov Koi hiXcv W(pf 
Touc o;^Xovc ^paa-iv sXvai. 405, 18. 

hXf] vincire. fjuvom/K ovUra ra> ^iXfi in^ 
a-avrte, 356, 4. iwrfp, Kara7M0ogv avrmi, 
v^oQ o^yny hta-enfju, h irara^Mfxi, iii icniXov 
Irra^ 1251, alt. carceri mandare. qyfv 



tlt^ Ikrfwn^ a^a llu. 745, 18. M 
«47«r *A^wlm oUbm. 745» 12. b) de- 
ease, defioer^ iteai debaiw, oportere, 
Ut H ^Mjkkrm, wir imcoeft KhkchUr- 
dings Gdd hahtn {we IkuH by all mtant 
have MMMy]. 15, ft* wdhXau y uai ^i?, 
lulTerbialiter pro /M^fMc* vaX^m y 
Mai Ui i tm ^ i v i f h moltiUD mbett, at defi- 
nieiit, h. e. prortos noo deflniit. 681, 
5« flnoX^M 9«iV o^MV ovTA 'Tuxfif* plane 
indigDam, qui adUpiaoatar, qai aniiltom 
abalt ab e«» ntdinittsait, qoi adipiaea- 
tur* £23. 11. fvll «oXX«u 3ft7, sobandi, 
4x;^ iw w«rr^. noB midtom decst, 
aed totaa, h. e. prorsua negatom eit, 
▼el, alia omoia. 100, 10. 116, pen. 795, 
24. hntH $hkv(k »*^ v^px^ri^ Afrro 
h7f f7y<u. qaandoqaidem exiatimavit le 
hand dedeGere,aat peraona saa digmna, 
nt eaaat iapuraa. 561, 8. iniitatif mw 
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paiiua abeat, qain oratorea vel oanaai- 
dibi Teatri Hogvlia paene BMnaibaa no* 
via legea ferant. 744, 25. 3ftvri&a<] 
egeae. Telle, oopere. rove ^ySvag fiifav- 
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ifSv AymBSv. 180, 19. tf^ftv ho/Antuf 
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iiaXkawrw, 189, 16. tXtf tMiyn avr» 
(aoil. 'rAST»)iSiyDliST«. 276, 6. «nfiiM7r^*- 
Ml TiNc BtAtUq ^titn^^ai Soaevrif, av- 
Tot^c ii^Mc ^Midiry: 301, 8. laroMury 
irStf-t tom; Ifoftlmc. 316, 1. Sit f4,n 9I 
«XXm IJomu, ovMc Iv XP*^ ^ Tu>^«yti. 
401, 90. 9v yk^ hv ikkm h^dtiw, i^ 
vfM9, 1484,26. 

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3Uf. 167, 24. hiftira^v, 1023^ pen. 

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w^ 'i^fA ma x ;i^»i0-$a<. 10, 2. Unai al iv- 
Vfa^iai ffvjnt^64>ai JuU avoTuaa-M, . ^5, 
27. el 155, 24, ^yo{ et I^T«t inter 
ae opponantor. 50, 6. Moimn^ 9rrtt ev 
dliiyi2 Tovc . iiaulSrrac fM/Mnff-^tu. 73, 
11. ov)(l TfvTo 9rw diiioy, xa^inf w htWf. 
125^ 2; Ivo;i^x30v< roXgifxj^n 0ov\of4AiniQr 

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<rac* 159, 23. vXiiv ov» £|>' mvtovc m^* 
0»rMr oicplyMf rd hiypy l!£fiy. 241, 4. (^t- 
iwy fcjy, i7 >^ xa2 dio2, «■«( 74^ «v ; xor^ 
tSc var^^oc Hermog. p. 352, 17. ex 
04*. pro corona.) ^wmi^i /jm AAM^oifd^ 
WM fA&K» haSh 2(xor Av^fdvon «rotf7y. 
206, 3. ^i)^ dvT0vc ^C ^fVMc 258. 
18. T^y TQc fuyoU( rcl^tv Iv tmc htyelV 
0uit {XiflToy. 286, 3. ril july .lifiiXXs rSy 
^awy, Ti^ ^* Uit v«^. 292, 15. I y a^ 

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hffb doo hi^ et ^t^fefic oopiilntnr. 

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Tqy /ulyroi riiiy arAvTAnr ^aXnrJ^ aA2 )i<v^y. 
311, 23. hmf9 Hei jmrtt nti ff^^trrh 
ml rk rotavra oHfAJt^w, 318, 1. hwo- 
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vfMV %U 'rh wXiniav lia^&ym* 341, 19. 
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Ude qaid) 3^tviy [soU. lo^v], fl 0-1^ 
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tf-iwwn^vu. 351, 18. ^f«if«« ^voy xa( 
iXmy^. 361, 19. Uri H raZra }4>Mi, 
fjuLXKoff y AfotrxyrrU htfit, 364, 3. wSt 
ov hi}nv Mat c^ir}un rki rSff l/Airifw 
ovfAfiA'/vf avfJL ^ fki 9r(o^9ue roTg vfM' 
'tI^C WficBto-t yiytfMmi* 386, 8. U 
'kcywfmt ra Iwk l^ciXil'm^df. 398, 6. 
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rSy IV &«r<ivTt r^ Mi\ . f4T»fAWSvofAi»»iv 
[acil. lar^ hairvti] Aifdfciwtn hiwtifrw 
yrytfnfAhw ^tX^arvw. eallidissioio, ^a- 
ferrioio. .1468, 26. iioC avri ^ rUro 
ri hivh ha^u 471, 11. h HoXM^adU^na^- 
X(ov tud ojtra^ iui2 $faXii iud tunf iX«r- 
TwdirMt. faoillime et sepisaiBie patitor is* 
jariam aibi fieri, mions tribai, quam oon* 
▼eniret. 777, 5. hti/k wMovrroc if^fii^ 
arov. homine, nt de magna aooepta in- 
jnria qniritaate atqne vociferante. 788, 
20. Uy u«rip rSv htudcn ly v/aX% rn §!firp, 
hivek w&er^ovo'tp xa^ b^aavv ^o'h •&«(. 
iia de rebna si qai voa doceat, de quibaa 
▼oa dooeri par est, atatim ▼ooiferantar, 
lamentantari et aimolant atroci coota- 
melia aot calaniitate ictoa, enmque im- 
podentem appeUiUot 1233, 25. idem 
qaod hmfra^Tf, hint 9v KoauifAmq, cal- 
lidaa absque malignitate. 1407, 23. 
ov^f }naA\ vfAMf hnot &¥. 1469, 15. haS- 
rarw rSn h av^^MWMt Aitarr.dn hyoi/^^nog 
thai, iimeX^^ai f/tiv ovtoc, Prtfov ii tm^ 
ifjimi Tou aiutouf4,i9w rwto/xa «r«ip|yiiy. 
1246, 13. 

Uiinrfii] sobtilitas ingenii, aolertia^ oelo' 
ritaa aalataria cooailia reperiendi, ve- 
mm Tideodi, faoondia in dieendo, ala- 
critaa et.agilitas in gereodo. rlya^itaii 
htyoTuc *U Uncif hui 17 varfili, 307, 26. 

Zuirwii] ^awa^eLmq fjttnrafju hiw^^wrmg, 
media de coena aargentes. 284, 23. 

hXwvof] hn^i /ui not ivi hVirm tU to 
vrftnaniw iitctMi. 1210, 22. a«d himou 
in^hr iiirUrrat, 1260, 3. lar^ ra hXma, 
l;^«y avriif, varraxoX ivroftvtro/ 1355, 
alt. iari HCmm iiwav «c i»ar§^ avrSv* 
1361, 14. 

httaiajfvfa] (nisi ea potias TtT^a^;^^ eat) 
apdd liiessalos.a iPhilippo inatitota. 
71, 12. oollata p. 117,26. 

iuU^t] ovV ay ^ixiiuc a^ob&ntf ovih fiaX- 
Xov v/uiTc yi Juvfio-w^t. 99, 5. 

^wtoarXod-ioc] fay,^ /tM X^^, Tqy ^uuMTXa- 
eiav [scil. aifuiy NaTa)uU(i<y]. ad de- 



Inm^^mO daiiaNw^Ugese,exifatesbili- 

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v^. 4n$t4hr 4m nhntm Pfmrn^^tier 
dur^^mtiAm, 4ttts und rinfakfeniden 
you were enubUd to iet the tail tftme 
tMl/i ^ap(m fffi msaeh taiHngto mdfnm 
^Bwmtitm]. AITS, 5. Spoliontm liello 
•ilUsre jvste ptrtorom deoimu Miner- 
T8B, qminqaB^esMias reltqais dtis c«d- 
'"^eertDflBt. 738, 5. -hn^rmq l»aX ^*rZ -A^- 
fiiA^ iMvanfAAi, wmI. fAdfdkq, ^^\ .fMft- 
iat, 740, sit. b) hx^TH [sGiU hfA^f» 
furk nifft ^r^ vmI^ yivta-if] quo.die |>a- 
' ter pneramiottere, pro mo agnosoere, 
•x;'fe Dtlo^' eiqiie Domen faponere bo- 
l«bat rturim^f o irordf if^ii vftdv t^- 
fofjM 'nS'T^ SdiTo. 1000, 18. 1001^4. et 

«&T0U i^Tti^M^ 1016, ult. 

MMXitJi^C ir^ijibioc. 258, IS. 5^, 26. 

1304, 7. 
iiM^ffV} iff ledd' hfibi^aY foff-rtivri xdi r^ 

caasis e*edi9 a rebas inaiiimfttis date. 
€44,^. 10U;:I7. «iide)4iol%itar, eo 
io' ^o eliatir aetat fusse- eamtas malie- 
ram affirmaatiimi ge ex ilHs et ilKs pe- 
• periiMe, riris iaitiaatlbas. 
^inumf^vt. 256, 1. 

/une(.332, 9. ^09 h^i^c a*^ clpM^^ac 
«ii(^)Comc. 531, 1-2. 1072,24. hfifiaXiiv 
■rvfff h^Av, scil. rn ^vrmj- h^tS ^riHf iuvrdv, 
553, 14. 

'hwj-th^^/kiyw. oporttma ^ioeve. 44, 
7. .tk ^h iiov (9H niehts rechts lim- 
properlyj) hoKia-Mii. insninere, quo non 
dportebat. 36, 9. ilc ^Im^ ^i vv^ yiymf 
aMI,egkifr^mt ihm itxtre^t weht tu 
pgutlit^hM iumtd cut very well for 
•■ him\t*^l \ifi$tif riri r^y MXnay. 469, 
15. » 

^•t Mill ^04t.5B5, 14. 654, 24. &t^i^i 
f4£Xi^*rarwr*Uti*' faaeeaanma est for- 
aiido, hoc - impriiais est metqeadum. 
*0, 2. 

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To» V t5 -fovToD' ^/uten 1^ ifjyjnit ^t ^^ 

' v«i. eoargaiUenem ex ejas peUe, per 

nerrnm. 1200, 26. paalo poet 1201^ 

' 2.' diek : ht vov o'dfjuirotrh txty/ep hfjiw 

ho-fj^} fascioulas. alytifi ^^fjutra, -^vo ^i- 

e-fjukc h f^itV. 934, 26, 
iifffjUtl csstodia. 9tTfAif narraywJtaTiMvt, 

747i 18. et 20. frflerS ha-juuni jumiXnf&iic. 


b'lyt^ icoto^ «)mV. 151,6. de bcfmiiii- 
tea ateltoB HI nodam aoparbieotibaa, 
et.pti^i»aiiaerin oUitia, postqaaai a 
atarquiltmead gndoM al^aain di(pii- 
itatia adsc ea dbsePt'. - W/u^rritfttf hiko^m 
'r)y^Mtfrou>^iMr ^^eAio*nu 609, 10. J^w- 

92. TMf itt iroS WfMtfmf^, sail. «ff<- 
fiivtap,.avt lUra^fS^. 779, 3. 
Ii9|t«4mif] «{ h^fidvoi fiiJjkMwt. 764, 92. 

M»y %r. 36, 26. 690, 10. Itrv^c k42 
levftoc ^fPdlrrMy. 17/^, 13. ^^ ^ SXMidi. .TO ftMtA i^J^f Jmw^ihv — iva- 
:nrfo^9n9* 324, 26« WaroTi>4MMONC*rtc. 


hviiv^ Xfi^ 4wa fit) i^ mmffryafyvf, 
305, 5- 

^fe^foT ^WXf ( ^?fa -«iaXif. Iiqo velvom, Don 
dkibeoas qaldeai ad -ipsas, ip traaUnn 
laoMB AlheiiSa aliqqaato pi«pioi*ein, 
qaan -caaet iUe, onde ▼eaivet. 670, 15. 
tlavfo Lvfd<r^nHi. 1298, 4. 4e lki;««poXo- 
9^Mtcc V4:Hai;beUioBm ad Hermogeiieiii,ia 
Esccevptis jnda.p. 102, 10^. ' 

itiin:^a.yomff;yini\ actor pardom in sfsena 
seenndarnni. 344,7. 

^h&te^'\ xot fMwc^^^^^c «lan&. 192, 4. 

fiUmr, 253, 7. oS Mrspot 'rwv ^vfAfAo^i/f. 

328, 25. ^vrifouc ^^ ^/uS; ^ott 4|HXfirv - 
/wrri 'Ttvc -•Ipiim;;. 1331 , 16. r^ ^)l»4«^or 
J» rSif XoMTfiy. ex irs, qnw adbno eaper- 
sant facta possibilia, prinKariani,.quia 
Tero id iaetam non eit, qned ante pmnia 
fieri oportaerat, oidine ireram idem se* 
e^ndariaai* 1456, 15. 

rUa,~ intra ^omosoLvia o^ajusqae priva- intra oppidi aoi .SMsnia reolpe- 
rent copies nostras. 300, :1, ivtt So- a 
• lj8DvX^d:a, a\X^^»'tm rtk we^&yfAava, 
ile^^^nr^i. 91^ ^Sf, ^Hxf^hai et Xa^u- 
^B^bfty eopa)|Uitar. ^^ «iw ii^am, ov^' 
lxa/8«y, ot OMCtf/Mf n^Mtic. 384, 9. oc- 
cavrere, argameiktationeBialioajiisido- 
nea responsioiie . nfatare et elcNlere. 
hieiw(nMf ^«»Ai. 449, 1. simile da- 
ctmnde Tenatore' feram Tenabolo exci* 
piente. ^fx<0'^A( ^w^^nor, t\hi delatnm 
paia. 1011, 13. TJhr if^K'kn^w. 1011, 
16. 9h fiAe-tkm* 1120, 11. ifiavrS / 

~ beo a lae dicta e^se, qaani ali«d quod- 
ODBqae bonom nihi «ont3agere. 1442, 
16. alvK^i sSv ar«^ ^Sh^iSf Mvruv 
rAymU. 1460, 17. 
H] xaI^, jamdodBm. 476, 27. q«apro- 
pter qooqoe* 646, 4. lud ^ jmxiT. fingani 



tihtbper • jq^e Tel arehonte me 

ohari. 996, 26. 
hXorir*] qnij^e, ntpote, Tel, id qaod 

QODseotaDeiiiii, neqve ininiiidam est. 

889,16. . ^ 

Vmw^ Teuira huta^a Vnrw tifytq, - qai- 

conqae taodera ille fhit, qui Ineo omnia 

ordiaavit. 646, 2. 
hk£ii] MoBofcti ^nXoify. 159, 1. «C o-a^s 

hikKXtu ^Mpi^fToi. 339, 10. q ir^oa/^ttf-tc 

^i|bui)/a>>/f7v] doctitare blanditiis. 98, 10. 
ia/ua^try] magiittratom demarohi, aeu 

decarionis in deme vel manicipio ge- 

rere. infx»(^wmq *Afri^\w, 1S06, 22. 
inf*eifX^l cam quia demi su} magister 
. est. 1318, 18. 
^^V^PC^O ^ ^^fif'HXi^ ifr»yyiKkirtt rwq 

^s^oa^KWa-if afai^ not ^&irr%n. 1069, 
. 11. rove 09v}iBvrkq tuU tvoq hifiof^wq 
' wa.xaXiy9ioq voifSr^ai rvn infMrZv, 1208, 
' 5. demarohas penes se tenebat, fier?a- 

bat codicem, in qno acripta erant de- 

motamm nomina. 1317, 18. 
htfjtiuuv] fisco adjadicare. rk x*^ infMU' 

ta xaT rkq dxlaq, iuc2 raSjr amy^b^a* 

VifAioa%Q p^fUfcaTovy. prosoriptio, pnblioa* 

tio. 215, 24. 

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froTt Tf vci^' ixiivov fAiffbofyw^ naX Ifxd^ 
306, 7. voXXSh a^lwi trafkrvt 'Kiywq 
ihif*ny6fti. 345, 23. hifMiyoftXi >Myn, iu 
coDoione sententiam prodere. 657, 3. 

. liiiiXiiAUhifjuvyom%»i. in conoione com 
iUa verbis prsedicasset, oratioue ja-. 

- ctasset. 441,6. 

hiiAt9ufy9i\ hi/Atw^ appellabantar sommi 
in Peloponneao et apad Achseos magi- 
stratas, nt Athenis Arohontes. 280, S. 
b) hifMWfyiq, faber, opifez. xaX«y yt 
ifyogf hifuoueyoQ o phroof vfMV yiywiv, 789, 
9. hiutovpyot Tsp^c 'fnh ^XXvc. Il23, 
14. a Tiyrtji wivoinreu rSv igyon, roXq 
Si^iarus hifMou^yoCi* 1406, 1. 

^/bU9c^Ti7y] aroXiff hifjMttftvrwfxin 0iffaUtQ 
«v» olht t? rts 10^1 rm itao'Stv XMarq. 132, 

9«fMX(aTta] cilr prseferenda sit oligar- 
cbiae. 195, 16. sqq. 608, antep. tf-t/yw- 
xiaw ((^rouc (homines in Attica tnm 
degentes) e«0ivc xa2 Sn/MoxfAT^ay larolq- 
0^. 1370, 16, al infMKParUu otoXXa xa^ 

Toy i3 ^povovyra. 1396, pen. 
29fM^ /uii{» v<« Wfjti(tn rhv iefO{ rkf oX«- 

168, 20. uvAfivmq Jlarayrfc Toy t^oy (id 
est Tqy in/Mx^T^) xoroXiXiStf-dat IXf>^. 
1^0, 7. ubi etiam dooet, qnibns rebns 
cernatar h tou Uuou x«raXv0-(c* 214, 
17. iietriyw rw hifAW, democratiam re- 

Ytitnere. 198, 27. ou yip i^iftXa^eu ht • 
tJ irjortX^y rS hifdM, 229, 13. X'^pwc 

^vfxof i^fucrrai KeU ^fjtw *A^ycuo«y. 256, 
25. irS; 9^c »w x/tdpr*. 285, 2. I 

yfXM run kmoanw xa2 icw^iTflSrAToy, 
dtcntti h &«XaTTii vnvfxa axar^^Tceroy. 
383,5. Tu )</(A« ^Sovai 1^4^^' 1375, 
18. ou^iv ^Xi^Ttpoy Tou n^y uarl^ rov 
9qfMi; T^fiy etlfttff-^ui, 1478, 15. in^tror- 
Tic Xfywciv, c»c cEpa aCifiaui io^tv o 19- 
f*off, ib; Wtf^pcfijq^oc, &; a;^4g<ff*roc. 1341, 
alt. ^fX9( xupiohwTo; wy rwy ly rfi arpXic 
Aar^lyT«y, xa2 ij^ uvrS itmVv, S, ti at 
ficvkmai, 1374, alt. flrayroc vftSc not 
S^Xoy Tdy ^/uoy (at seqaipollentfa conjon- 
cta). 381, 25. b) particnlapopali minor, 
demos dicta, sen pagus, sea monici- 
piom malis reddere. Dorf, Marhtfie- 
cken [a village, a market-town]. rtISi 
IhfMU h/MV STfyri Koi r^ieMorra a^aiia 
awf^orroc rov aa^noQ. 1302, 4. oa-oi rSnf 
lAvykkon Mfcarf Irrl. 1316, 12. erant 
eigo minores quoqae demi. xitra^juouc 
hxaa-reU, 735, 11. ixjSaXXourty ifxi Ix 
rov M/Kou IXavvoyrs;. 1281,21. HfMtq 
aing^s soi proprii y^fxfxanrtXq erant, 
et y^fAfAoriia, b. e. codicilU, in qnibns 
exarata ^rant nomina eojosqne ronni- 
cipalis. 1301, 20. 

AD/uM0'&|ync, com orator de se ipse loqai- 
tor, nomen sunm usorpans, pro ego in 
prima persona. 449, 4. Conf. p. 416, 
21. 400, 6. 294, 12. 412, 19. 523, 27. 

^/(A^toc] KaXX^y IxiTyoy, roy hifxio^w^ soil. 
)dvXoy. BtUt«f [fiead^e]. ant scribam. 
Aciuarium, vel "Reghti'atorem, 23, 20, 
TAfMaq nai hifjto^iovi, 101, 14. et 137, 9. 

, nbi alii xai oroittnnt. rac l^c ohiU( rSf¥ 
hifAo^m ftXxd^fXnfx&rw nfMori^ctq xarB" 
cnwooMoa-i, 175, 8. y^Afx/Xara htixSa-ta. 
ohartarinm pabiicom. 243, 25. ov fjtk 
roi)ff lyrofff infAoa-ioig fAvh/juia-t xfi/Mcyovc 
aya^tvi <lyJg<tff. 297, 15. owx affo ri»c 
avrrfc ^utvUaf hX r&t n l^a{ ^Uuf Jtai 
rac hifMoiaq K^lmv, 298, 2. o ifn^a-tfit, 
so^l. aat ^SXoc, aot y^n-fAfxanitq'. nam 
seribs ilK pnblici servi erant. ly roT; 
xoivoTc rote 6fcfrlgo(f yfAfAfxaa^Vt 1^' off o 
infAonog riraxTAi. 381, 2. roy hifx6a-tw 
va^Xvai Wfoo'ty^a^s. 615, 13. servi vel 
seribs pnblici ekactionibas intercrant, 
ut ex eorom tormentis, si opus esset, 
oonstare posset, quantum tributoram 
a cive qnoque redactum esset. our« 
infx6a-iw x«xov if^raiy cihait ittacrou 
' 422, 22. 9»juo0'foy \ 9fiftortxoy Uj^, fa- 
nnm atiquod sive toti popnio Athe- 
niensi commune, sire VifM^ id est, rp($ 
rSn xodixao-rav tq/Md^y ^ju^taic* rouni- 
cipii cojusque manioipaIibu& proprium, 
1074, 20. ^riiAoaia (id est i'ml hnfAoeria, 



f/t^urrf ifJuSj, me domo absent^ miMa 
popalij ID oaoia pnblica, at legatioois, 
aat militiflB ergo, ia fnnclione maneris 
poblioi, T^tq^fX^vvToc iv^fy, qaippe qui 
vestra in ciasse partes trierarohi gere- 
rem. 1102» 10. hifjMaia VfoaHiU ti^- 
vat (subaodi 4^<poa)' ^^*^ popoli oon- 
deuinalam, (ite, pabliop in loco. 1136, 

sepultQB esty (per cenotapbiam pata) 
in Ceraoiico, iu monomentis illis, qan 
condiU sant memorin eornm, qtii pro 
rep. dimioantes extira patriam oooa- 
baissent. 1310,15. 

hfJ^tvtXM iipEiov Aicufva-oo. saoriiioiani pa- 
blice, h« e. nomine et loco totius poppli, 
pabliooqae impendio, et ad averlendom 
a rep. mala impendentia, ofiferre. 531, 
34. nam aic debebat edij noQ quod pet 
festinationem e Parisina superesae sivi 

h/JiortXhs Aton^d-o;. cai sacr^ finnt atoto 
popalo. 531, 24. aed ▼. pro](iniam pne- 
cedentem articalam hfjLovt>jS!v, tfp£v 
dn/tAOTcXfl!iv, it( Kal rnv £ivvy Koi vvv 'ku- 
Xqy i>Jdttv l^ouo-ietv Umim ol vSfJkoi, tutl 
Bitta-ofjiinf Ketl lnMr§va-ova-av da-kiveu. qqa- 
propter etiam ejosmodi fana hifAfirO^n 
appellabantar, qnia totaf popalas in iis 
itIXii t^ iipet, sacra peragebat, vel tri- 
bnta quasi sacrarum oeremoniajru^. per* 
soWebal. 1374, 1. fjuvtui reunug rtht 

tU ri, infAonXn li^a, 1374, 4. 
hi/MTtT^a-Bai] ^fMnvofAivet fl( Tm>c 'EXii;- 
a-ivlovs» adscriptns Elensiniia, et inter 
eos versriBii^ olriae r?in r&Eailiarem lia- 
heo»j conapagftuiwT mumcepB eormn. 

1092, 11 , hifABTtVBfAli'iS /^fT ifAoZ X£S.i 

)0<^nfovfjLPtj}<;. fruanfi raecum juribua, tt 
faagens mil nils demo (a:, aeu idu&ici- 
puliit. I5i4, 9. ivTau&* juti fliroc <^i~ 

^afft'fl^iTflTt. 3 14, 3, lJ13j 19. 
In^fiTtx^] clv]lj^> popu1ar],s. Trs^twotiig^fif 

16+, 10* Solon dictusi Jir^PTiXif- ^t^", 

T^^ VfOiyfjtiuj-i ytyvws-ft^iifov^. S68, 11. 

r*v» d^jKdijvTA, 575, pen. i^i^j faii ffo^- 
:^^ x^j: ^rtfJtoTiiuit av^faS^wv, veitlruDi^ 
qai eali« mtrnero pJurlnu^ mi^ile^«qae, ti 
tarn fojrtiinia, qujini Fiuirtiis med^ocres : 
nvn oppot^qntur Ta'c^ '^Aoicr^iciic ^^I iS^^^ 
e-T£uV, fib opul^nUp ad superb uiiq «t in- 
. ftobQliam el alb' 581, f4. dii ^ju«ti- 

^ijffjs ^(jfWTtff ivflf ^. 1475, 7* S^i Hat 
T^v 3ig^(?THitaiy eTvai, irpa^TTAcdv^uv frd(X- 
Xp^ KdTjXi'trsv L<^4;. 1474i pen. nurx^ 

hytX^^i, 1475, pen. wufpSf Hal «Mfa- 
y o^wff i;^t» «rp3( 'roue ^i/motiiiouc. 1477^ T'. 

uxu hifAvnnS, ^^aikic^Ai ffv tf^X^)^* 
1479, 2. t3v fiixf* tSc v^ip^lov ^t«m« 
x^, 1481, 14^ b) ht/jtoruuv lip^. pro- 
priom demotis alicnjus deSH* 1074, 90. 

^fMTUtw^] «rivT4 ^(X4iy&faSir«c a*^ Sh/mo- 
<rut«f 4yii(oii0-i«^i'miy. T07, 83. imXwc 
«a{ hjion)iiii hiyw, 719^ 8. 9)^/Morui«^ 
vofjcodfna-ai. 1308, 14. 

^pi«] Toc»lmliim poeticav i oontentio, n-} 
xa, bellum. ii; )«pfv Idwro «Wxa. 3S2, 8. 

3<^ oom genitivo a) in alicnjos pote- 
state. •! }(' f Kt/vov mkq voJun^c VMoupwof . 
summam venun ubique locomn atq«e 
civltatnm ejus arbitrio permittent«8y 
ipsiquo oonoiUantea, effioientes, ut i» 
potestat6i9 ejus defeniant. 132, 22. ii' 
avT«v f7;^«v rhv ir«Xtib 194, 9* )<* sovrwy 
tJxw '^^ fiwXiVT^w. 605. 10. rfofyu- 
. g*«v 'ToSy aflrav iTxiv oiraig j»' I ouroil iv- 
d^«irec. ^e&ieit es^WM;^[^ ftcpt it for 
himself]. 1171, 22. warm h* aivSv 
poitlCyrtu, omnia ipsi gerunt per »e, 
omnia aibi anrogaot, ani j^aris faei«Mt. 
1234, 14. b) per. >t* Sv ix xCi»*Sv 
f >'JMIT9 Ta v^ct^Y'MtTa x*if» ra -viiff ^roXMy, 
^(^ rovrw avrk ff^ivavaXi^i^^. 157, 
24. av i^sTf )k' v/mSw iwtSv ia«0»m. 
trpattvuTi. ipsi agitis, noi^ aliis agenda 
uandeti«. 171, 25. it V o7jyeifx*oav 
U.9f»rm ffwrhswMj, si oasBes regiminis 
fonn» vbique locovnm per optiinatps 
coustituantur ot adminiatNotur. 196, 5. 
tAc ha rSn oXiyvff «r«X«Wa(. 489, 27, 
9i' MVT^ )if Xv0i rii X/l^f^''^ ^ 'E^fu^m^. 
per semetipsum, non por prooorato- 
rem* 988, 4. S^ ovo& )(* maurw vha^tfi^ 
ym^t, per annom iotMsi, a principio 
anni ad finem uaqne sine cessatioBe. 
lahr OKS, lakv Hn, [throughout Ab year], 
1041,2. oyvi^'rSi^&yt^rikt^iXwihit 
h* iffjbSv AvTJS* i;cii'n.^l$7, 11. t» vDv 
^ TOW \iiym ^od^k (id eat tv roX^ Xo- 
yoig). Id5«- 10. Cum aeensatiro, pro- 
pter. iai0iyiuip&iin:» ovibn hX Xff*'^^ 
^ilV.i^ai riif^w^ aXXa V aMt. pro- 
pter semet, sponte sua. 390, 16. il /ea^ 
^-^(qood esiidem, atque si integie 
dictum essetf il /uv )m rdv huut, vel 
ZikroKoiri lx«X^^, Tel elXXMf yiytm) 
nm per hunor vel Ulim stetiaset, nisi 
iJU, Tel illad intereesaiaset. A fj^ttk 
Afvuhuf^titUu^ -^tl f*nh* 'H>^tae«rov — 
El /ud )ta TO kaI to, [soil. ffiY*/3dkv, ?el 
l/w9ro)wit. ^ty^Mvov] Ifftfidn^av cbr m ^bmuT^t. 
364< Uh 370, 3. f I fwk h\ rh 09v\u^At 
TovTovf 0^0;a«s. si abfbiaae^ (v-el si in 
. ocMisa Hon faiaaei) atadinm meum iilos 
•ervandi malisqiia esipiendi. 395, 6l il 
i fMih* MfdS^ nitt 1^68 obatitissetis. 680, 
1?7< if .^ at^aivToc ^, si fj^ h'hfiiZt 



vol fawXvdn Jtuftf&ihmt]. 4]aa lege per- 
Ittft, que atiq«» perlaU faisset, nisi 
nos oiim bao noftre Aotione iaterees- 
aissemas. 680, 26. k>oo geiiiti?i. 2{ wv 

*rk Xeifr^, pro It^ «r^btwv tSv Konrfiy. 
1407, «0. 

AifwffUf, odiosam et Mitpeotam rerois 
laciens, tradooass. 10, 5. iwarrdi b^' 

animo eiiiileerato advai^as eani esfte, 
sDspioionom pleno, malevolo, alienato. 
153, 19. eJ II TPvf xi^wutt kail to2>c iia- 

hiiaaiv* 166, 7. rkt lea^a twv I««C*X- 
X^otfv TJiy flrJXtv hfASv CXo^^/uIac !^m 
firr^ jutXnc I^C <l«'oX^d-ardAi. 191, 9. 
X^t^t*rat fjth fl^rrl^oic, hABtfixftatrat H 
v^h cI/ca^mtI^ovc. 203, 17. id alicojas 
offbasioaem inenrrere, in invidiam 
penea aliqneni venire. 202, 17, t yur 
•vr9t irtXXoJUC hi$a3kki luU hu^i(tro, 
263, 26* ova kv teL fAiywra rSn vfAMri^on 
JcaXarv jk^isvt xaX hi$a\\t. 323, 20. 
ha0t0>JmrAi ir^f Ifi^vrifovf* er wirds 
bey beyden vencKAtttn, mit beyden ver- 
derben [he will offend both^ lose the fa- 
vour of both"], 1424, 9. 1430, 25. rov 
hfifiou if^i 'Touf vvl^ avrtHJ \iycnai \m* 
it.f'b^&itm iytUL^irtn lta$\'Sirro^, exa- 
cerbato falsis oalamniis obtreotantinm. 
1483, 1. X^ ha^a,\^vrT%q *th Ifx^ 
fiXijc/av. sermones javentatem meam 
in invidiam eonieffllanK|ae addoctoH. 
1340, 11. Im^fMurroii -rife wAc, Iwt^i- 
. 0ki9Kifai ahriv h rS Ifjkiro^, iufamasse, 
ao ii navia ejn» non sit, ant solvendo 
leri alieno rainas par sit. 894, 12. ha- 
fiaXkta-^M tS X^ |y rS dtxaa^rtiflai. 
criminalionibos aoensatorts obroi, om- 
nia exaggerantis, invidioae demonstran- 
tts, atqae jadieom animos oecnpantis 
atqae a reo abdooentis. 

iut&irai AvfAoff^imt, Jnlioa PoHax, II. 

tia0t$Mou^M» 220, 4. 

h»0t0&itt9] li«C(CaTtpro l(A/9«|?^Ti. 672, 

iu^yJi] rai AlrUi ttai tSkt ImCoX^c, at; U 
nrw WfhifOi hiyttf i hamm la^Ut outi hi 
rS ^tuyortt ifa^xhTv, 227, 18. iia0oU 
ZAi^S fAtf l^x^^^ l^fyrai roTi.J.mvwa-1 

ayi^d [f. eb^^tH^r^rri] ytnrai, Stobiens 
e Demostb. refert. p. 238, 36. - 
iiayyikhHf] in omnes partes dldere nnn- 
eioa. 163, 8. tradere fama, prodere ad 
posteros. ^o(ay cW rk v^ax^irra U^af 

ron hfiyyiiXAf, 1433» 14. 
Iiiyiiy] iBtTlUMttite, ttbi aut iavrdr, ant 

nfh Xf^> *"^ '^ ^^ subaadilnr, «rd f 
h havxJM lti}«v« tuii w&rm irlpoc/c IS^wt 
\m$»n,bavfiaonfTi9 tt^aifAtnUn Ix'Vf etw^. 
143, 18. it&yinhtviMfM(ta.iutlxjpirtj 
i6(n, 794, 19. ^thyaytf, peraavaravlt, 
ootttinoavit, extraxit, perdoravit, hHk» 
Im Htutou^yStr. 1021, 11. h 'Tmavtii tov 
/!^ <rxi(ru lti>f(. 1122, 15. b^ transi-** 
tive, extrabere diotnrnis mpns, vana 
spelaotare et dactitare, ^ladere. auf- 
fuiUen, aufnehen [to procrattinate, tpiu - 
outj. i iriXifAOf hfAai h vlo't to?; lutrk 
r^ 0lo9 [soil. AvaynaUti, ant hrirtili/ofc] 
A^meeri^t *a) luofMrlpeic iitryayt t9c vvv 
tl^fm^. de ^ie in diem quasi prodaxlt, id 
est vitam nobis prorogavit. simile da- 
etdmdecQstode, veIcom!te,iliedio8per 
bostea aliqnem salvnm tradncente. 255, 
11. /Amaf ivrret hftyaytv h/xS,i aroXl/^*S». 
nbi h/jtZf refero, non ad veihMfASh, sed 
ad hhyaytt prodaxit, extraxit nos, b. 
e. lodifioatos est vana spe bell! pro- 

. apere debellandi. veloti si vitulam ant 
ovicnlam prolensa fronde pertrahad, 
qno velis. 675, 11. ^p^X/*? "^^ X®^ ^ 
hrh-ra^o'n S^oXoTr, fio^^ i^BttoZfra, tw 
9S/uoy hayoua-if, salis parce tenniterqne 
et aegre, modico victn ab nno tempore ad 
alidd spes eonim extrahnnt. 1459, alt. 

hayhfff^^at] Ini iitrdt rn Hflcu liuhn iiay%' 
ymoTA, iotercessisse. 541, 10. t%na Irwv 

' haytnfxhm* decennio interjecto. 833, 
14. hayiytim IfAetQ M\eMtvm lutt ^a- 
xl^m. perseveravit, ant etiam, si mavis, 
e discrimine evasit. toto illo tempore 
vos prsstigiis elasit. 680, 19. 

iMtynrdttcrjtfiy] sapientia, ant prndentta, jT 
ra ttaXk not rk alo^k iiayiy^cMrai, 
269, 24. b) dicantnr jndices ^tayvSivM 
eatrsam sententia pronunolata dnrimen- 
<C8. ToTc y«r3 roCrou iutyyato'^ita'i, 545, 
8. fhf )i 'HXiaUv haynuoTiity* 629, 25. 
v^* vfjuh ta-eof hetytytdoTitrAif llermo^. 
p. 411, 15. e Leptinea. Loous est p. 
457, 12. veram ibi est in valgata yi- 

hdywa-if'] o8t« rhf it&yvotrtf irotfta-irai 
vtfi mkttM. 127, 24. xaXSv, 9 f*^ towu- 
TW, T^f ^AyvwoTiff. 269, 27. 

h&ypafA,(xa] descriptio, distribatio Uteris 
consigaata, latercatos, FUm, Liste, 
Register, 183, 20. iflrjii-ow avrh tS ^m- 
ypAfxfJM tSv o-ksvSv, obi videtar esse 
apooha, die Quittung ttfter die Schiffs- 
ger'dthschaft, doss man sie wieder abge- 
geben habe, ganz, oder zum Theile, und 
toas davon wieder erstattet worden, oder 
ruckst'dndig gebUdien [an acquittance 
for the rigging and fitting out of the 
ships, including payments already made, 
and arrears due'], 1150, 4. t5 hay^afjkfxa 
rSi aiuvSf kv^Mvrrm, 1152, 12. 

iMyf&^a] oancelUr?, litaria indoctis ex- 
pnngare. tieyia^hoi, caosam jam oo- ^ 



ooBptam'reprehciidere, wruck suhmen 
£to withdraw, strike ojf ]> e rotola ohar- 
taram jadicialiam toIleDdain oorare. 
501, 20. Wypa4'iv i t^w rnv 'tourou 
ifA^fiftma-iv. 1174, 13. htyfa^ h 0^ 
ifA^M^nmo'if. 1178» 21. iwyf^t^eu 
tUa-B rhp^euriv. 1324, 12. 

^»ywi^tff2rai] ovii wipl hoc h avrS Jwty»- 
i^offf^f. repufftietis. 78,23. xa2 avf^fiTM- 
Mirrae ^Myttj^tff^ai. 124, 11. 1453, 4. 

>i«^j^M-&«t rhv vavv, id est, t«v tSIc w»C 
''F^^iHKh^- ^2^^' ^^' ^224, 13. et alibi 
sspenamero in ista oi^tione. ii&h(en 
not ffif, iuu /Atra\a$i /xw^ot p^^ov rnt rclv 
'Ktnovfyduvret t«Ji»c. 1045, 10. 

iu^iiSwu] diHtribuere, didere. to XS"^'^ ^^ 
hm^S, ^^nrda^t, 186, 15. iiahvvM a^- 
yvfin tU Tgo^ ToTc vavratf, 1187, 24. 
1188,20. 1223,25. 

Ita^txa^fo'&at] cominittere caasam suam 
jadioio disoeptandara. inft roof vn^-an 
Offjui/JMW hahKei^ta-^ai. 78, 14. ^(a^i- 
x&o'aff'^eu h toiq ^'Xotc ra v^og l/xi, 

iMiutacla] lis, coDteniio. 103, ult. usur- 
pator de nallo Don genere actionis fo- 
rensis, sive anas alternm, sire ambo 
ftese matuQ persequaotar, cam aliis 
qaibdscnoqae de cansis, torn pnecipne 
ob pecanias, ant merces, fandos, faere- 
ditates, aliave iis seqaipolleiitia per 
nefasdetenta,denegata, intercepla. )m- 
^uutnav flroteTv iaf afx^ia-Bntriral Tt. 704^ 
9. iM^auta^f Tvyyann, admitti ad jas 
talis aetionis suscipiendte, facaltatem 
ejos impetrare. 841, 5. vpoo^xaxi- 
0'avTO rqy ywaiiiA vpoc tov a^xjnra. %\t 
ha^inAff-lait oripi rou jtX^fov. 1052, 12. 
1054, 16. }(a^MUt<rut xXnpov. 1082, 16. 
lio^inaffUi rei^i von autvSiv, de arma- 
mentis naralibus, ab eo, qni, a rep. 
cam accepisset saooessori tradenda, 
. recasaret tradere. 1147, 2. ov^k ha^f 
Kaaiav amvyf&.-\>A'C9 'rt^q ou^|y«. aeminis 
uomen cariibat ab actaario ad acta re- 
ferri, contra qaem se profiteretar in 
jure actamm, ot delineotem per nefas 
res sibi Iradendas. 1147, 19. 1148, 
17. et 24. er legte toider niematiden eine 
Denunciation oder KUtge etn, aU wider 
einen^ der ihm das Sehuldige vorenthielte 
[he did not lodge a complaint against 
any one, but such as withheld what was 
justly due to him], potest qaoqae talis 
fuisse actio, ot e. c. cam reum me agit 
ob injuriam a me acceptam. egoqneror 
rion potnisse me damnam cavere, qaia 
alias me pari modo Isesisset. Aolor jam 
urgebat. Da to inibi nanc poenas. quo 
facto licebit tihi ab eo,qai te IsBserit, jus 
reposcere, et si is qooque ab alio adbuo 
anteriore laesas foerit, poterit is quoqae 
operam dare, at is sibi satisfaciat. boo 
ftignifieabit ^ix m bac composilione. 

^t^o^Kj eiiM 8pend4 [a doW], lks,n»iiet^ 
^vaim hrw, t? iuii&rH, [id est H»rek 
TOV Jtat^ov TQc aia^MTlMC rcSJ d^io^fWflC/J 
vp^ ri bMftniff [id est ivl-ri •IriTv 
airo]. 1091, 24. 

iiaiox^ ex }ialo;^qC ^XX4Xoi( ffTfarsUv^^u, 
46, 1. permotatio Tioiam, cum miiites 
alii recentes socoedaiit ia locom alioram 
statione degressomm. die AbVosung 
[the act if relieving from duty"]* 567 r, 
18. iut^o/Ti natg, id est, trierarcbataa 
in ista nave gerendi. 1206, 10. 

^l^o^oc] T^y fofMf TOV 9rip2 tSv iutiix,ai9 
[soil. TMV Tptfipofp^Mv], 1224,^.12. nisi 
potias iutioxS^ ibi leg. est, a ^ttt^ox*'* 

-iui^eu] fortim sabterfagere. elabi. nro 
'Kxnv ^Wfe^t haivs* 271, i8. avox^v- 
vrt^at%eu ^M}^ff4ai,tergiversari,sta- 
dere elabi, Mti veLrrx ir<uMi i^ oSy fxti 
Xi(Tot/(>^0*i)C. ^045, 26> entscideichen , 
entwischen wollen [to steal away, to at' 
tempt toescape\. 

hah)a-iQ\ sabterfagiam, latebra, commen- 
ticia, frigida excasatio. To^y vaf hfjXr 
vcmfm ha^aths xal KOHw^yUtq uvafximv, 
730, 12. /AQ Vfog rkg ffoi/KnTttg, [scil. 
Twy aitKouvTon] /xnH fe^ r^iutl^sif 
ron ahKnfjUiron vo/ju&srtXa-bat. 744, 5. 

^ta^iuyivycu] disjangere^ separare. iis^sv- 
yfxofoi avn^^at voXKng lutt ^iXav^^otvlafm 
1399, lU ^ 

^ut^tifjudyta-^aQ incalescere, a vino pota, 
et tumulta confabalaliooam atqae voci- 
ferationam. 402, 23. 

ha^nn] ^Mtd^xac ^i '^svhif nxn KarsffntV' 
axote;. 1051, 12. iia^nKnQ exemplom 
habetor p. 1110, 4. rh iutdimnfr nv kr 
ytnvion hrm v»(^on trar^^ ^leiAnvai, 
lav avobAvota-a el vaXhi,, irflv hBnattt, 
xv^uiyi7Mi. 1136,12. ayny^^aiutbntMr 
ovHic 9roo7eor% Ivoiliffaro, 1137, 13. 

}<atpt(v] didacere. ov rolnn avrsTgrey, ovH 
iin^ TO o"r6fxa, ouS* s<^iy^M>ro harriof 
oiWv. 375, 14. 405, 26. 536, 18. 

^uttpinr] discemere, dividere, distingaere. 
tU ^0 rcujra h^ptro rk rSv 'EWnvoot, 
AMU^fMtiovi Kot vfjtofi 144, 27. 637, 
13. WxovTo ra^ixifjukra, inter se pariiti 
^ant flagitia. 1113, 10. ou&* oDto» -raZSr\ 
yofcoc ImTXi. 1115, 13. ^MTXoy lyu ^60 
lAS^t^AQ, 1170, 25. jeaX£$ xat ^outuu; ^t- 
at^^atcr^Ai, inter se esse partituros* 
1169, 27. 1171, 23. ^otpou/iuu. sic di- 
stingao. 1415, pen. avkyxn x^ftc sna- 
rtm ^^(iXfiy. necesse mibi erit reorom 
anamquemqoe seorsim samere, actione 
forensi perseqaendam. 817, 10. ^-xt- 
\aa^, &f xaXwc <uu oaUtf Ixaa-ra ^titXfy 
tovta I^ «(X^^ laXw* caique caasse^ 
crimini, acoasationi, defensioni modam 
saum praescribere, distincte docere, 
prcecipere, qaid in r$ quaqoe agendam_ 
sit. 637, 13. 

iiaira] S^^t r»y ^troy* ab arbitro con* 



tlemmiai Mt. 869, %, euii Ifrtimlc Stfw 
taIV Wratc t^^e^Ai. 1020, 21. 
^luur«v l«o<^vta^«(. ooin trbitri an- 
oloriUto litem decernere pronaBtiaeda 
aeotentia. 898, 22* ^iairav hmtfiwuf 
rm. 1360, 7. et alibi sspissime. 
luum] M'bitroiii an^re, arbitriom dicere. 
f VTA^A >^p hLiBnrro ti tiif Oh, luU rnv *Ep. 
[<}>t/Xqv] ^cnSrTtc. 1142,26. ergotribai 
caique sai erant proprii et oerti arbitri, 
et loea ad rea agendom its assignata. 

*rSh iiMrnrSh. 542, 15. ergo arbitri non 
erant nisi annai. ni/MQ haimrSVf id est, 
«ff2 T«v ^. 545, S« ^uumrhs itXupwro;. 
862, 1. erant enim pleriqae arbitri von- 

' aensa liligantiam delecti, qaoa Latioi 
compromissionarios appellitant, Grseci 
alftroutt et solebant terni legi, tarn res 
repetente, qaam eo, unde peieretnr, 
qooqae saam sibi legente, qoos ad binos 
arbitrofl tertios accedebat ambobus 
oommanis futums. 897, 2. 1360, 7. 
aqq. arbitri ab ambabas partibas de- 
lecti jadicio atari jabebat lex, velans 
ab eo decisam caasam ad aliod tribunal 
deferri. 545, 7. licebat tamen bos de* 
lectos repodiare, si ante sentenlie di- 
ctionem significassent, se adversas al- 

' temm litigantiam litem datoros es^e. 
861. fin. vfoi ^itftmr^y xXoir^C ^tKA^tff-Bai, 
litem cam aiiqao apod arbitrom ingredi 
de furto, sea peculato. 601, 23. 

liajutXvwren'] it ^i vralati t(C, rir&it^iQ&t 
W&rra tavra h4UUtkv^^ho%rai. 155, 26. 
nam havoiiaX. ant iiairondK, 

hatuXa-Bai] ovrat xMutf ^tocs^d« not hot' 
fo^fAMa, 118, 11. oKVrifSt hoMffo'^at. 
13B, 24. apyorara, 144, 10. rhi YtAfxaq 
e&ra>. 18^, 2. Ita-itoritLtiq iut2 in'Kyaiq, 
216, 22. ir^i MAl fjLir^Mi, 318, 24. 
tuuwf Ka2 l\ttnwq» 366, 23. 

)kuuXfut0-&at hfMy, ifAfJthuv rote ?pko(;. 
213, 5. 215, 1. iutKiKtvofjani vi hxaiov 

• ov huaUtf ha^X&rrUf, 218,15. af; lyu 
iieataXMvo/Jutt wtlBta^eu. 220, 3. 

heaufhAttkif] ovciat Ttfl wro» ^uuuthmvBfi- 
ffifr^ai /usXXouo'Av. 866, 27. wt^X rSuf 
SXora tuiuv^unva'tf, \477, 17. 

iuiKtxi^afai] iuuti^(jfnf4,ivot t*X«vtov. cre- 
dito datom, sed non nui, teram plnri- 
bas diverais (ea enim vis inestin ^m). 

)kaxXfs^fiiy] So-a ^* ahrUt SuuuxXtirrai. 

. 817, 7. ^uutXlflTTorra roTf abrov X^ot? 
rny a)A^af. 846, 10. 

rovf. inter semet sortiti. 1380, 4. 

ha»ofjU(m roue ^vya^at* 80, 13. 

iuutottXf hfffforvi. 362. alt. nrat it^a^iiq^ it( 

. if xet(p« Tf txtirra, koI ypffifJUA rn iroMi 

iitnuvhBno'av, 1206, 18. twv Ha\Sif hhri- 

HomfMfan vu¥ MXtuitv v/Jtuf yiu^vi aiitoif 

i^m. 1230> 10. /ted /tAOVov roy iumma-wret 


rSh mw^yfAiton tial ifuunS fj^nXtfii 
• ^>Dfii. 296, pen. iuuufia, h' iv h ftiXit 
irrifAorifa ^ytim. 328, alt. 

anoillam. 762, 4. vaT^ct iUutom, vH^Im 
Xo^JiSht Aw9^iforre^ 1 155, 6. «i 9i(U«yof 
Ttv XaC^lw r^avt^af wcpftlM/tAiVM. 1556, 
10. olxlmy ^icbtovov r^lfftv. 1359, 11. 

^Mx^nmtv] facandia haxiTmrai ea, qiiSB 
est irrita, effeota caret. 450, 15. Iti- 
leovTS ToD ^rXo»ev ro Ua^. 883, 22. 
X«»>of Jirtx^+a«. 1259, 13. Top^fTXoc^M- 
aoiri2c, &a^i xal fa<pnfM. 1270, 2. " 

9uMftnti\ frht^ x&Kktn, 9irXo(;, d X^c 
^taufinvbcu, disceptari, lites oomponi, 
aat lites snts dirimere mntaas. 163, 15. 
6t 18. ftXXc^ ravrck /xh avnl vrp^c i»urclv9 
iffuTitvo^ vvtl l^ )(Axpm?<9-&#. 890, 1. 
iuiHftvM v&rrck rk Kuua, 1301, 3. 

351, 15. amoliri, protelare, exooaati* 
onibus, artibas calUdis eladere, extra- 
here, procrastinare. 394, 2. 423, 25. 
▼iro aflferentea a se manibas objeetia 
repellere et amoliri. 403, 2. ^Mxpovio^M 
70V vtifdrra. r(iw«f rou hZvat ^nf. 
523, 14. ^uMfovayirat t^ iwfai iUnf if 
ifjti tfffiutf. 556, 25. a se profligare, 
effngere disorimen. .575, 6. 579, 13* 
n-af clXXac fSuf fifAon 4>vX«i(<^ vo>Xa,')^ 
itrrX 9«ixpov0'a0'&a(. 711, 18. ^laapouo^ofeM 
t9c rif/iM^iaq. objeolo errore a poena 
aomenda retineri. 741, 2S*'iiq}t MofAm 
tfurdv haufwofAgfif fM, me dnctitantem et 
vanis excnsationibas morari atqoe elo- 
dere oonantem. 911, 8. de debitore 
creditorem, com ad res oredilas rape- 

• ' tendamrenit, com mentis exonsationom 
atqoe promissionam ladifioante, a se 
amoliente, delasum remittekite domam, 
atqoe de die in diem extrabeote. el 'tvut 
KV(lovf hvipooa-aro /a,^ xarAnbitdt. qaas 
qoominns aera dependeret, ipsos eorain 
dominos (creditores) per tam longin* 
qoom tempos lodificatas est. 988, 7. 
Ivit •vHiri hUf avrS hoM^ta^eu. rem 
caTillationibas extrahere. 1006, 4. 
1266, 11. 

^iAjt^ovo-tf] M haxfova^i, in longam et ir- 
ritom extrabendi atqoe lodificandi ergo. 
1265^13. 1266,6. 

iuMfuvruf] in vetastis editionibos p. 
1033, 9. legitor *a\ ^aKfu^Mfjuhwi, pro 

iiAKvuSf] durch einander nidhren [to tell 
in a confused manner'\, rw \6ymf, ovi 
0OTOC Af» juu xarot heuu/xth ixiyi . 

imtw^onl^uf'] explorare, tentare. hfjuii h- 
iXdtf^atfVtdtv WaVTOC Ttva nr^tf, 393, 17. 

iiMUtXuiifll ^UMMXvtt fjtt rki fJk^^Aittiq «•• 
fM^w^at, 1029/20. 1036, 5. ^M^Xu^rrt 



Tov ivyrtikw, retlDentiii inJfilieQU oks- 
V flU nairtiUr expeditionem. Il5l!» 1. wv 

rarof ytyinrm* 11263, 25. 
hdkafA0Aniv] hAXh^^fjuu, dispotabo, rif) 
<r«v i(A&' vfia;. 165, 16. rriXaic ^mXa- 
^(V rove Spouc* P*lii terminftUboi liiniles 
dittiogaere. 278. 23. pro ^MXf^^^i^iv, 

lua^Zi (ravra. 833, 4. Iv tS n»ff^ ^if- 
^f4,0aitof xar o^Xovc Tovc AfTM/c. 918, 
9. nemo plos identidem accipi«bat, 
., quam siugalos panes, eosqae koliiin> 
modo obolares* 

Xf^d«va(« qnam nobiscam Laberet oaa- 
Kam, earn oiviliter et amioe transigere 
• alque in gratiam redire. 19, 25. ha- 
Xiytc^ttl T( fffof i»urov, ad tfDimam sibi 
aliqaid revocare. 418, 17. ItftXlytty tou« 
h^irUv^ .ff-^if avToTc vifxauf, deligere^ 
«xoerpere et aeoernere alias legos ab 
aliis inter se repugnantes. 484, pen. cl 
VQfjLti roCrv ov^fv ^ia>iywr<u, leges cum 
isto oOmmoue nihil habent. ad eom band 
pertinent, non ilii prsoipinnt. 1070, 4. 
^faXf£^/bii6a hfMf avtm;. inter pos ipsi 
oomponeBins rem atqne transigemas. 
1169, 5. et 10. 9ri $Qv\oirf ifMt ^toXs- 
X^vfot IfjUv rt ff^ayfJM, id est, nt^ vrgo- 
yfjuar^q 2^ movkui»ri>9» 1221,^11. )m- 

^MXi/flii. ioteriolttat* 124, 4. Jvmvtov- 
. ^foXiwwy VMffVQQ XffTou^u 459, 13. 

|MX(9r«y hfJii^Az rv/ii. dies aliqaot cam 

iBterqnieTisaem, prseterire sivissem. 

1149, 18. htkUvon irn r^U, 1239, 24. 
. ^MiXi^irorrAc /tAixpov. panlo post. 1335, 6. 

iy ^ Wyyv h rvx^ ^Xftwit, interstitium 
. qaasi qaoddam faoit in~nos saeTieadi, 
. M^ rwi ix^^f Ayf^K, oobibet 1449, 

h&kuvrof'] vox, pronunciandi modus. 982, 

|(A?SXft>J^] }(itXM>«( iiria^ou 18, 8. r^c 
iiaX)iayki, ho^ «« ^inXXn^ov. leges, se- 
candom, vel in quas eoi inter se reoon- 

, t^iUaront. 1361, 4. ItAXXaya^ £prmiila 
oompositloois inter partes litigantes. 
1369, 5. 

t^iAXauutfik] Tovc'BXXwctc Off ^so/bclvM/c faw- 

^ ^v n UM attovffiov ^taXXoxrot;. 189, 16. 
itaXKaxrhv ovUva <ptvyM. 1167, 15* )t< 
. AXXoaW. 1369, 2. et 6. 

IniXXil'rruy] differre. nr^ip^ 7ov« Xi^f^^f 
«ri flrXttWw >i«3SX4TToyT#y. rebus, inter 
se quam plorimnm distantibns, pront 

. animi sint alii atque alii iis,^qui rebus 
iisdem otratur. 1402, 17. fA,nii «r^oc 
viXsvT^4yT«( }taXX«>^«rr»i. ne de- 
foiM^ quid^oi flaoabaiitar. 1478, 10. 

9Uxo}^irdMi] ^uthoyifJ^fjoifH t«CM» 2irff 
ouT•^ 777, 13. optec la^KTTA. 872 , 7. 
ha\9yta-ctfMV9t, coroputo cum eo £a6to. 
962, 25.^ v^c Toy vorlpa. naehdem er 
mit meinem Voter obj^ecHinit, teine 
Rechn%Mgm mit ihm abgisohlosten hutte 
[after )i£ had balanctd, and eloeed 1U$ em* 
CQuntt viitKmyfath€r\, 1236, 17. 

^ui:Koyia-iMQ\ computatio, oum duo, qaibus 
res sunt communes inter se, ad com- 
pntandumconsident,quid quisqne akeri 
debeat. yiyf^miMfw iuiyioyia-fA^v. naeh 
getchthsner Zusammenrtehnung unte- 
rer bender uitigen Anfodemngen [qfier 

. having comput^ iog^ther our respeotiffe 
demands], 951, 20. 

)MiXof}o|iTy] }iaXot^di2( pro ^MXoi^o^qrcl- 
f*m>i. 542, 11. 

^MXufty] in actiro, destrnere, labefactare, 
convellere, corrnmpere. simile duotnm 
de nodis, restibus, strncturis, qnse dis- 
folvuntur. w&rra a,iv^air^9% luiX ^ikkuat, 
20, 27. 11V vtifo/KM A. naraamvaitn 
tn 9roXu ^uva/A(y, vavvnv fictoiutinn/ xal 
haXvuf, 94, 19. TTfuXo-fAti 'to rv^w 
avavra WXMS hio-tta^ x»l hihva^B. 
154, 12. Toy h<^ta^rrntira rp flroXsi x/y- 
}t/voy iia\^ei$, 287, 6. itahva-ot vma-aq 
aVTov thq airoXoyui;. confutabo, difflabo. 
831, 22. b)expnngere nomen, ses de- 
bitnm dependere, bezahUn [to dis- 
charge"], et tam ses solvendum ^MXi^ty 
dicitur, quam hominem, eni solvendum 
est, seu creditorem, h. e. enm plaoare 
dilnepdo nomine. iMXvuy j^fjMxa (id 
«8t xg^et) . 460, 1 9. iroyr* am StiXlXyro 

. wgoc f^ nroXiy. omnia, quss ei apud ssra- 
fiam fuerant nomina pontracta, ex- 
punota sunt. 836, 14. vfi&fAVi^ vt^k 
foCrw veic 'TifAett >«iXtw«y. den Werth 

. dcfur, den Prns beshaU haben [to have, 
paid the value or price of]. 846, pen. 

. )mXiV«c 9rarr»» naehdem er alia berieh^ 
tiget hatU [after Ite had uttled all], eum 
salisfecisset onmibna, onuMr4ependen- * 
da dependisset, or<Knanda oni^iaaset. 
945, 4. het^a ZuOwia ti^Kretfl^ tb^peOi^, 
kif&irron i^ia-nte'av nteb orr w. boaia ce- 
deb]mt. 959, pen. 2teXotiv vi/ui^ oIkItov. 
1030, 12. Td vovXay bmi^ rm (uXm. 
1195, 8. . hino c) notio plaeandi, satis- 
ftciendi. rove rii iTip^Xo* }«yi^arrac 
fA,6Xii Ziakuo-avra, 919, 10. ToyyetwaXn^. 
1192, 24. d) reeoneiliare inimicoa in* - 
ter se. iiaXuetf ieunh m^k if*! i^Uv, 
rogabat (Midiaa Afiatarebum), at se 
(Midiam) meenm (Demastliene) mrsua 
reconciliaret. 554, ult. 1032, 6. In 
medio ; amicabili transacUooe oausaai 
compooere, deoidere. iidkunifjutl^A vu» 
vbimq rw vrShtfjuv. 4A, 10. 521, 14* 
Kwofs f^h iM%,v0'p, DO oum eo transigiis, 
Be deeidas, ne reooaciliere. 583, 23. 
9f^ T*«f9rp^«»T«c [acH. rd MeofAo] iiU- 



' itfvy lo-Tur. imqamm •at, tos, qai o«m iis, 
a c^aiboa Icai eratU, decidiiseiU, nano 
eos inoosare, qai totiaa oaosse prorans 
nihil tenent. 991, 20. ^taXiXvyfM ^fof 
rovrtv If TMc l/4ot( •gr^yfMO't. cam ad- 
Teraario meo in f raiiam redietont bao 
leg«, Dl in causa nfa dicendo taatimo- 
nio ei ne obessent. 1323, 1. b) depen- 
djare, dilqare dabiliHiK |*» hdXiffA/Mm 
ykf ybftttu x^9^r«6 A^tXac. 867, 13« ^m- 
^i0-dtt& Kfie TOift. fi aatiaiaoara. 869, 
alt. ' 

^&4i ^Xj^idq. 1466, ^ 
^(«Xv0^c] recoDciliatio gratie. hilw U km 
«rp^ i/(a [DemoaUieQaml ttvrS [albi» 
Midisi P*>^t] ^^' Wwv [per Ariatar- 
chomj yiyvt^inu rȣ itrnhvp-itf. ^53, SO. 

«M$' i^jtM SVMMC |MfUlp9cUr«(V. 2^26, 17. 

Tiff sZpnmK; av SuyMifT^xsi. 235, alt. £x- 
«r*XM«. 356, IS, 1470, 17. hji>X» xt^^' 
/xott w httfAafrkrt^^t nw viXiv nyoifmv. 
. 388, 14. fi fU» AltrxMnc l^imrm «v ifa>' 
x^{«rfi7txit2iwfM(fTa,398»%l. )40(Mli>af 
^i» fcn hetfJifri^ iM aopita c4 logata 
miiifla impitraret. 401> S^ oun &» fao-- 
«(It«k )M]i««(rrHi>a 'Mti ary^^i^Mivoc [iiA ast 
Tou «^ SmM^ W0i»#}* 576» peii» i)^ 
p^«/(Aii l(4^4#|Taiv A«FMv^i7y» 716, 3. 
734» d^ h)»fA4fniihaf kfMQ rSv ma- 

TfMMV. 841,^16. ^MfUt^TMV 'ToS i*Mf4fiw, 

^ 'xi vqa-Ta sW, ^«flry(}«i. 88^ paok 
YKbfim ^/wM^Tv. 104d» 2U lui^p- 

/iovXi<(£ ^Ai ^»iii)ivyrMar«PV» 1419, 6. 

i^ofuipTufMf] alipngw a pat^iiHM e. o« bflir 
reditatia ii^arpoaaodaprotaatatiooe #x- 

[ doaoffiL VTQ. propriam aikil est aluid, 
qoam proainMua ^WfA^^rv^w^M prole- 
atari, anteatarl, proteataodo interoe- 
dere. ^ta/MafrvpsTc Vfo( V^af, fo of»oXo- 
ypu|unoii >'iiiec l^iXAvMWa agia^ adyerant 
nog per l^p»frtipu»v«^nBfBWi0 iMbia aaae 

vpetandaa jqa bseraditalMi, qooa etMNMat 
inter onuMa d#€aR«liH d» cnina baMredl- 
taisa eantisi<di|«r, saoc^ttoa proximos 
eaae; luaRditaiiaqoe poaa«aateoe nos 

. esf ellana^ ta aolam fevena Ugitimam 
booradeni. 1088^ aiK •vwt imvuk Swi^i- 
fiA(Tv(nxa Ttinf otiii'«vT«« ^wt. mendaoio 
voiia impaaait,q«^Qaa»«Btia foraaula 
ImffM^^ 9r ae axbibitR, aflinMUM 
aoa aaaa lag^timpfr iMBiedaa, qui milli 

. aaat! 1095, 1. 

SM^bM^w^wrdjai} . firottatari, ccnteataDdo 
iiiter«a4fii!a>. aa^ et aUomw idem im- 

pl0rara, obtcatari, «(fj;\f}«viM2 ^ttftac prvdiceban, deaaatiabaM, et 

' deoram ▼eatraaiqae fidea toatabar, ne 
iata denoDtitTiaaa aate, atqoe Toa^e 

.inuninente perieolo adnaooaiaae. 73, 2. 
S40, 36. /3«»y aai h^fMfrv^^mu fSi, 
pea. 375, 17. lia/unfrifaftiMv kmnit^ 
fjM^rvfm f*3i iaro^>«aa#-M(.. oom inter- 
dixiaaat ooran fteatibna, ne (arbiter^ 
proaaatiarel. 899, 6. htfAOfrvfifmr, 
/far«»c ftA (Am Snvpt* aan^itiuaffyKtm ht' 
mrr^i ^eoA^mnai. pvasseatea anieala- 
bar, me nihil hie oemere palorna oppi- 
goerationam fiaotan indieantiofli, eM(|ae 
ki eMuaaniniaae jahaban, qao paat- 

. aAndain oitali tcatajrtulnr mihi pinte- 
a(takiaaem iatflrpoaeDli^ as forie nan ve- 

. BMt, at o^editorat enaialnni anhito 
aabanaei atqaa anbotBaili, peeeihaave 
indaoti, qai ae mialent in hoa Ihndoa 
paconiaa ercdito atooaaae. 1047, 23. 
1091, 26. h) Aaoere, adaaonaaa^ di- 
aert&B Terbia et claea TOae i 

auaa, ne qoia errozes poateodnoa «x- 
cuaet. nifMi arroc ^ta^bMfruptTM, m- 
.Xi^«»^919, 21, 
iia.fjLt*frvfW\ est actio ejoaniadi, da qua 
aaodo tfioloaa aat, onna qnia hae r a d k atin 
petitorem exoioaara it intarponanda 
proteatationa, aa atuun va guaaipinia ja- 
j>e^'h»vedilali» adenndaa prwataan. h$t^ 
fAtt^rv^ietv ^§vin vfof rS a^wn woiMmk- 
/korac. 1080, pan. 0I' hafMi^fn^ rth 

•^ Wtc iymiiofjihM^ 1097, 19-» 
littfxix*^*^ «n^ 'n. 2 17, 2t. 

332,17. n»hwTV^0Sk'nw<naAmiKito'iQ 
imftkim tUBisrau lMA,.5w'de oapwn 
oonacriptis, quae maoent, neqae raraaa 
daaaedont. hafMhtu h/^tr»iy tImv «p» 
mffi^^fAida Twa i^wv. 1432, ola. ita- 
fxivot \syoav, pro havl^M X* 107, 31. 

Ziafxtrft7%] arpof hofMfMrfUfmm nim kft^ 
gav. die fonnai, aMiJtia oaneia: ea 4i» 
diseeptandia ita aocnpata, at naaaaae 
feeiil oaaaea oajaaqna a aat a wa apaCio, 
a nqoo aretiaainio, esraaiaaaraheie..^8, 
7. 1253, 13. In medio, »kh tmmtmn 
lasan Itxrhnm maainrMt aat (0 tbm], 
cam pluraa demenaa firmiaati a^ e. ^- 
tant etaccipMntt. ht fMVf t Si i n v . nA Jbtftrd 
hnm 'fi)i^. <9tg, 8. wimm^brmif^S 
nofxw9i»'^uitfMr ^v(4 m m , 918, 3&*. ■ 

hafMfia'0mwf'\ idem qood aiaipdan; a97, 
^. 1097, 23. 

hmifAm] imdfu m^i t^ ^.fi^fmm^ iatanve 
parting dinbara^ 8I»5» 7. 938, t6, l|»- 
ntfUmym mm «irra hmnJtki tbadmof. 

h(UMXir&mi\ tk ^ aa^M.^i^m^fuS' 
V>iXXif0>Ma, tvM >M w ili ftwra r Ivdi^Au non 
modo apeiyaidNua non ami, at fllaa ae- 
naa Tioi in n a aw> ^naqnam Intpimaran- 



tor, id qood ipsoniia errorS et obliTiOni, 
ant fortaoK caidun, potaisset tribni, 
sed ne volaeraot ^aidem aoqaani eas 
imponere, in mentem ipsis do venerat 
quideniy at id facerent. 929, 8. haifotlS, 
itC wtla-on iHnVm. proficisoere iliac cam 
proposito et spe illam precibos fle- 
otendi. ita te para — 1215, 4. 

. hhoiM hi,\»t, 292, 19. ova ^vo t^c abrni 
, Zuadetg hX r&q Tf IKaf ^tLoq luX rkg hi" 

. fMoias a^iMiv. 298, 1. euxow v^ootIu wfk 
*raZr» h ^f<(vout, ^X' ivt^vtro, mens il- 
linc refagiebat. 406, 19. ov ti ovfACaii 

voiMf. 637, 15. \rl tUt iuivolaf iy^tw vat 
arucfov ivrmiba ZnXoX* 1122, 22. r^f iUi' 
voutv knienon tv^i^ttofAW hytfMnuouff-av, 
1412, 6. t9c iuuiUaf iwl rw \iytn ual 
$w>*vtffbair§rayfjkmt,14it3,17, iya- 
^nrh la^tf, Sa^gvwn orra tqc airou 
inivUetQ KSy99 vvi^in* 1436, 6. oTf tmk 
mknm Zuffj(tfMvtrat, reurotc t^ iUwiaf 
kyoMMTtu, daruber hittelt er tick in 
. mner Seek, und hnatet tick \hB it in- 
wardly fiattered by it, and is proud of 

Zi&wu^a] iUkwttfAV woiov/MfOk rSv r^m 
tv^ ix&a^rov vfuSv. 1098, 2. iUtxufav 

. IfAth "Kttfj^&nn 0wUfAt9of, 1288, alt. 

ht^vttfiff-deu rSv Zatao^Sv Z, rt yvci^wrcu, 
1180, 4. 

ttamifx,*^^*'^^ de mililibos dilabeotlbas, 
da exercita diMoluto, miiitibus fartim 
discedentibas aliis alio. ^MinxBirrcn 
rSn trrpartctrSv. 1188, 23. 1199,7. 

iMim^f v] Airo TOO iuutmflw ttal itfc narn' 
yvciaiots cT iuirii^Vtl 726, 5» 

iutwtanXf] fidem deneg^e, haad credere, 

)imirimvuf] oerta fide» somma 6dooia 
oredere«^80, 16. ^tHrioTiuf to. oerta fides 
ei babebatar. 145, 3. 

hamyAmcbai] simalare. 575, 8. 
' 3)UHr;aTTf0rdcu] perbcere, praBsertim tar- 
pibos, clandestinis et malikiosis ma- 
ofainatioiiibaf . rdv rw it»ir^eurdat tav- 
TA, « fAMt wiwdirt oiXXoc Ucuu^m 
B^iMve &rrl rdO l^f aa-^xSi ipifjUfof, 
22, 19. Uoit9iioi kfjuf tlaiv eutrai at wS- 

. Xfic «^ toSta ^utrnvw^/vyyAnai, 216, 15. 
Evpv^lrov «f Sr/bM, «v «roXf«c 2(>Wi oul^ 
Xfflon-fit &vdfchrw Jit rpctrittf-ai. 233, 9. 
iMMrfarnTA^iWAMr^wc «wtow «rpoc wf**? 
yf^jgtirdof. 682, 10. Uy iuLVfet^onrM 
e&m & (SovXovrai. 1070, 11. viano-AC ^f 
V juU iMMTfa^ilfMvoc iva.rra,^a hBouXh^n' 
fixt. 1176, 5.-^uMr(a^<t/Mivoc fxvXiva'M, 
Sk |8<wiXi» tf^farayfcw^ to» l«r' Atywirrair 
w6l<ifMf. 1191, 20. irwc OUR etv arovdh-a- 
Tov ^ia«r;a|<ti0-&f i(yw. 1229, 12* 1230, 
14. o«r«c «( oij/kiiTaTa q ^lo^^^tC *> 
irfpi 1^ yimro, atol diiv^oTo. toSto. 
. 1301, 26. ^tawfai&fAnoQ ov^ir aamv, 

aXX' 9ircp trtfoi rSh ifjuiUn rouw, 1336, 
9. woXkiiidiXafAWfhiMt^atrt. 1S91» 
1. towt' awToc fAMrk arXiwPoc hovxf»i ^- 
«rpATTflT««. 1459, 9. 

^MWfivwc] wc oTov n JCaXXt0^a «a2 }M«r^- 
via^ata rS» r^fifytn, 1208, 19. 

^Mirruf (v] 0i> }* ^ 0-f/uMc ^y^f xa2 9fa«rTv«r 
Toifc aiXXov(. despaens, h. e.oontemnens* 

^uepxqc] &4>f Xf My f;^iiy ^la^?. perennem et 
ceoegsitatiboa omoibos parem. 37, peiu 
ffr^atny^i auroic ovW to i^* qfdgay t{o-. 
^y ^UL^M Mw, 1214, 7. 

^MfV'^f ty Tiylc T^ yjfiifjMra CovXorrai. 102, 
26. ^lafvaerBna^fAtQa vvo tou^ «reXi|KOV. 
299, 15. iTipa, & Twy »oiy£y }wpir<btfi- 
<ray.l318, 21. 

S^ppfTv] pecaoiam foBbori elocat ti?e x"" 
(iffo^^M 0ov\6fjt0ot, gratifioandi stodio 
amiois id se rogantibas^ sive fuA Xa- 
BtXv (soil. 09uhof4Moi) itaffviv axnh to 
a^ftw, caven8,ne qaotidianis faciendi» 
impendiis seusim et sine sensa carperet 
faoultates, qao paoto nami inter maboa 
hand aeotienli diffloereot. 982, 10. 

^Mp^ynjo'^ai] rS/f iut-f^ywfAhon, ft nravnta 
yvArrrai, frementiom pne indignatione 
et paene orepantiam. 169, 19. ov2' af 
haffayff 4«^ftivec. 232, 12. xay itaffa- 
ySkri rmf nniron. 254, 18. eua iiriofiu?, 
wV i! Kovo»y iutffaytUi* non pejero, ne- 
goqae me pejerare, etiamsi Conon id 
me faoere tanta oontentione Toois et la- 
terom aial, at psne rampatar. 1270, 7. / 

^tapfihim. 118, 1. hrutfuq ovrooi tui ^laf^- 
h» Afftlkei^ yty^etftfAhv rSn Tovrotc hfUL^- 
Tif/ulvo»y. 352, 13. ItA^hn i^ laiiy m* 
«niiU^^XMnroy.364,l5. ^MffhhiviHou' 
awna vtroa^ofjihw ^Odvww. 373, 27. 
iuifffihiv iirayoftvwff'if o2 y^/uet (a^ vouXv, 
1075, 10. 

itaotlut] iirdrrtt.iUatiat'ual hikuirt, 154, 

hacnuua^to'^tu] Vfiv itaamuaa'afAiWi irp^c 
ra rtixp Vfornt&of A troxi/iuoi. sucoincti, 
armati, instraoti. 126, 26* Ivamuvark' 
fASPot Toy our^y. oom disaipasset, prod- 
egisset, ^ilapidasset sabstanliam. 845, 

luMiMV rht noXirtiaq. 54, 5. /Moyorev >tf- 
p^rotf-dny virl TflSy — . 58, 7. dtaffyrSv 
^r^ariAraq, 94, pen. toTc vap* iktlvou 
fAu^a^a-i ifoit&a'aff'^Ai irafa$a\tX'n. 
136, 15. fAcnmdux &Kvati a-ih^ MtfAi- 
yec, vvdUr^ vafk ravra juU 9t<t0^a;.77B, 
20. v^ inarrat &tt tr^oat^iTrai Xo(3o-. 
^Xcbeu Koi fAifA^cBai ju(2 iMTvir^at, 
ringi, ?el rampi yooiferando, t^ Xi^ 
fAtfa, at solet in prorerbio diei. 806, 2. 

ToTc wfAOiQ )tf 0'«rou)M0-T<u 9ir«c /t«d yknurai, 
ecquid anom |it ne fieret, legibas in 
omnibas speotavit legislator, cavitqae- 
maxima soUicitadine, oiroomspeotione 



. «tqu« tomma egit oonteiitiooe. 505, 8. 

rhtg tSf mri Imxa raSira o&r« ittavtihf 
. ^artu. tun Mdalo qaaesitam et labora- 

tam est. 6tA6, 1 5. ^uffTnuhit^rtu fM Xa- 
, ^tnr vfjuif, nervoram omni bontentione 
; satagit, ot tos necapiatU. 681, 21. 
itaa-r^i^ut] rm Xvfjutlmer^eu rmha HaX }(a- 

xfoAfMwt, 151, 14. 3WT^^)^yTfc riXn- 
^. 1453, 13. 
^Mitf^fiiir] tradooere, rerbis elevare. hi- 

«f0^ 169, 22. T^ X**P^ Tttvra, & vvv «ih 
Toc him/^, 234, 12. roy )f ynxio-iMV 

• tmrm, Sf ov /mov ^dtft^ic — . 325; 19. rf 

^MMii^tfrrtc. 332, 14. f! ^f tic v/ieaiy iia- 
vvfu To&ra^firoXXvc Itf^ /Mime fu«dfMc* 
1482, 27. 

9ui0-0»^liv] TOUC iv\ Tit/ WOXl/tMy )kM-«M^- 

rac l«ifl»XMrf tSt avfAfgdyatf, 371, 10. 

lM<raS{t0-&<u Toy •7j(ov.t3v i«tnroi/. 1053, 

, 26. 1076, 10. )^f0-d&&« arpoc T^ otJtiiwc 

. iroXXo0^ X^?** redibat taodem saWas 

. ad neoestarios, moHis ma)|riiia«|ae dis- 

oriminibaB et moJeatiis saperatis per 

tnKBtas terrarom plarimoin dissitos. 

1304, 9. liavil^tnrrM ItiSpo. sal?i bao 

penreDiiiDt. 1380, 9. h watu rSv *BX- 

\ktm Ixiudif M ly taTV TtSydi T£y dy)^ 

4ux*~<f ^SM^lT*. 1396, 6. lMtffW&9ya< 

[<l«(rc/»Sttfconini«n, to eseope or pan 

through, evadendi} irpoo-lokuty i^it nXtUf, 

1478, pen. Tqy ^uuUdv iSnmav ^mo-A^m. 

1479, 22. 

^MTA^K T«y 4>vX«ii«y (vel. (}>i;Xax£y). 309, 
pen. - 

iwrstMo-Btu] oODtendere. t» ooy toUt* Ivn- 
pafMu KtU hiTitf &/AVif ovrmai a^fSf, 
275, 6. 

^MTiXiry]. Snjy ivyoMcv 2;^«v i}^ hariKu rf 
flToXf t Jca2 9rcM-(y vf4Xv, hir&^ai fMi f ic tou- 
To>{ T«y a>/wy«r<225, ult. 227, alt. 243, 
19. ^lOT* J»«TlXi7 le^rrm jutt Xiyd»y t^ 
/StXTi^TA T» MfM0. 243, 21. 255, 23. 
««r«c.T6vT« /ui^ j^y^^Toi, wa^'mfwy la- 
rkkow, 218, 16. 

d^MTngtiv, caveire, pnoeavere,/M«Ti aridtM-t. 
115, 26. h iuarrcQ 9ret^i\et0i t&^a, 
taeri, conservare. 238, 9. tqc oio^c 
*rm oUtuhnra ^TnfSK, •" Tny Tfiy oy^gfiy 
Twy ar9ti}0-Afciyd»y. 1088, 23. 

iuiridhMfdia'ri^o-^M'J inactivo: addacere 
aKqnen, aut aliqaid ad conditionem 
- qnandam, effioere, at aliqao mode ait 
affeotnm, traotare, gerere^ administrare, 
gabemare, ad arbilratom saan const!- 
toere. o&r« yk^ avrabi ^ddwuic to f^ifo^ 
vv. 367, 5. Touc tvarroi iwl^rtti v^t 
^JM9 air^ ^Mdwfisy. omnes erga nos 
reddamna saapioaces. omnibns iaiicia- 

• mos noatri diffidenliam. 463, 18. 38^« 
Xa$<rri$«&Hi,a«Xdv ^^ayfJM ^ini Keutuf 
iiilbimMf, corrapecant. 369, 13. 0I tmSt* 

*f <lfX*c fk vifMfjM Itodlmc, ani pri- 

. mitas base jui'a constitoere. 643, 8. In 
medio: a) Tendere, extandere, distra- 
here, ovd' Sr« ht wt^Uttam cmttf, Sirtts 
ay i^rrai, t«ut' l;^oyTfc ^utbiadat, 
JUxXf i0-^lv«y tSv Ijuwo^uvy. 22, 27. ha- 
rlQia-^ai rk fOfrU. 910, 3. ttat rtXhw 
^vinom elfromeotam] r^inrXaarla^'rifAtit, 

. n arpoTfpoy, ita^ifjiwu, 1048, 25. b^ te- 
stauentam condere, teitaiaento pneoi- 

. pere. ^iidi to ifw^ ivirnio'ah er vercrd" 

, nete in uinem tetxtm Willen [he ordered 
it in hU last im/q. 1029, 27. SWic kffjui 
ha^fmt&mo^vp. werabinieUatostvHft 
[who died inUttaW]. legea de iis late. 
1067, 1. haQia^M rk ieumS f?y«ti. Hcere 
de fortanis siiis disponere, h. e. testa- 
mento oavere et precipere. il33, 9. 

iutrpaytMiv] ambitiosa oratipne, Terbia 

. ampnllatia. rem panram exaggerare. 
^X^Kiiy »vy htr^aye^t tutl iaf^Ui, 232, 

iimrfifnrdai'] padore^ oonfandi, Teremin- 
dia percelli, reverentia cojaadam ab in- 
atitoto absterreri. 798, 20. 

^wrfl0iif] agere, commorari, renun sua- 
ram tatagere. ifrr' iwi t^c IJ^tff lA/jtwoi 
iMTptCitv. 22, 25. avfA,0atm /Mt, itakrti 

. ixiroikv Zuw^ffwrt, taroetsi absim domo, 
extra eonspeclam yestrnm remer. 1474. 
epistola tertia, 7. agitare, terere tem- 
pna, ant mentem, b. e. aooere, exeroere, 
contbere in studio et exercitatione ali- 
cajas rei. IV ovhy2 Twy aroXiTiady iyaAm 

' TJiv -^vxh iiar^^u, 785, alt. XS^^ **•" 
Tpt(3fT* ovj(Wf, consumebator. 1013, 7. 

itar^iCrf] mora, impedimentam., itar^0at 
9roXXa2 Koi ihayKauu iyivcvrd |y vS fjts- 
ra^u XP^«. 1073, 10. /a6\h Wxou&m 
har^iBkf ifxvoMf* 1158, 8. b) res, qua 
agendo animus agitator, aut oblectatnr, 
▼ita occopatar, otinm conteritar, item 
looa, ubi opera dator rebns iis, qoibus 
deBiti quiqae . sunt, nt schole magi- 
strorum et philosbpborum, oongressua 
juToium inter se ad potandam aleave et 
simiiibus ludendum. Iv avtwaia. rn\ 9m\ 
hetnrfi0n, Zeitvertretbe [patHme], oSt«c 
1^, mere prirato. 537, 18. fjui rkt im- 

1418, 1. kvro t9; Tlkkrami ^mt^i/^. 
1490, 12. 
^M^ffity] differre, quatenus boo Tooabu- 
lam, sive discrepare, dissimilis, di- 
versas esse, siye prtestare, excellere 
signifioat, item extrahere, remorari, 
ni^de notio obstandi, impediendi ex- 
sistit; n«c non dissipnre, disoerpere, 
in diversa spargere. a) discrepare, re- 
pognare. Xm^^v atarvyt^ae r^Crm ha- 
^i^v nyM/Jboi. 268, 16. avfA^wh^i jm) 
avM^'mq h (mha rSff ikkm oiih iei- 
a^Tify ly TOUTS* trXiStf^rvy iXX^X«y h»^' 
fwrw, 291^ 17. w ykf kn hn^fJM Ax« 




>Alim 9xiH9, So lotirda. gar keiu Uf^ir- 
■ tckeid in der Welt mehr $eyn [for thus 
thite would wt be anf farther' diffmretkce 
vsihaitewr], 98d» 2. b) pnostare, exeel- 
lefe. /bPiHy rSv iwrn {nnt imtyiMit, 
1416, ^4. o) obfllare, intercedeve, re- 
tiM. TplSV ^i (Ainu 4^>^ ^i^vtyKAV nrd /bid 
^iviimitt tiftmrai* tri« sola inffragia ab- 
aolTentia namero, quod essent plara, 
qoam eoBfkflMwntia, obatabaaty quo mi' 
nut mortis iopplicio damoarelar. 676, 
12. d) perlioere, pertingere, poriigi, 
geUmtem, wohm reiehen \to pertain, to 
reacky^ firr'tlc i^iCMnaq v^iniaao fmAfAW 
'. litw>«iTv{pro >i^xf w). 1415, 12. e) obih 
mivS ita^fiftu ail ejas refert, nil inter- 
eat, baud o«rat> perinde «i est, sic, an 
seons sit. a-untSt. Bipoc nai p^ft/tMhuK, wc 
9vih ahnrS ha^ifu, id est, «c ou^ ^nc;' 
«M hafiptt tS difof tov ;^itfu5»0( srpoc 
t) «^aXi^b>^. Jill tntereat penes earn, se- 
stat^, an hyeme bellam gerat. 124, 3. 
•SmSV fxh 9V9 fMM raSifa -r- ou^iv ^lo^fpct* 
nbi fdfii SOB cum iS^nlV, sed cam remo- 
tiore ^M^ifu cebaeret. ieh habe weder 
VortheU, noeh Sekaden davon, et kann 
mit gUi^. vkl teyn [it is mirier ad- 
viaitageoui nor disadvantageou* to me* 
it is a. matter of indijference}. 1239, 14. 
f) didaoere, aUa aliis locis coUooare. at 
si jadioes MJoalos alii in absolatoriam 
^takm, alii in eoademnatoriam conji- 
oiaat. Jtal raSha fvp2f rdv ff^drm 4^^ 
^trnx^vM, 795, 1. In medio: a) ov 
9iM^lfO(4M, nil core, baod'inlercedo. mea 
nit refert 112» alt. b) obloqai, refra- 
gari« repagnmre, adverSari, discordare, 
contendere, animo inimico et infesto 
esse. ofAtikoyS xal nrirt mL w9 kaX at\ 
aroXfjtiflV mX ^Uk^fto^eu rouroy;, 236, 5. 

1001, 14. ol ^lum Tftuhf hnt x^v ve^of 
{S^ac itmyBZci rove ywUf, dxx' m 
.nTittrrAff-ctyrac y* iieMMo$a%, 1022, 13. 
' oS nfdAiofAtm tih ub?«, fjA Imq 91 ykni 
l| ahrS&^.^qS^mQ (Ah ovroTc iio^^omeu 

i>ji^ff^nfMurrsQ» ).022, 16. ^M^s^ifuvw 
. nrfft T(wc sr^MiSKTii/Ma'rtc* 1144, 26^ ofo- 
f4M V ahrh ffujcuia ^vArta^ai. noUa in 
re repagnataram esse. 1215, 5.'9m(}>I- 
(iMKu ^Itit^AHi nXf UP tf&rouc'rovc t^nm/c 
T^ h nm orvyypti^* boo pagaant, boc 
oiUpeiit, in boon noW dissident. 1296, 
^iM^fiyitot [aL hi^»uym\ vfMQ rit v^^ty/Aa- 
nem. Tesftria e manibas elabi reram ge- 
rendamm oportaaitatea. 57, 16. o ori- 
A«( fbfiv I^, im/^uyu ^ wH vuv, 139, 17. 

TWC y$ 9lUv» toJkOfAtVWg tJlMt «OiOVT0V 

' {aoil. qoalia ego som, vere et bona fide 
> patrim stadiosos}. ov ^uk^u^itai. 412, 
^ lii iiM^iiiywavt ainwt ot olturaL, ela- 

banltir passim diffagientaa, nd ^kkkoc 
Sxkfin a«fx«p>}0«^> 1155, 11. 
^Mu^^'ffiv] corrompere, b. e. vitiare^be 
affioere. IiTtov ^IooX^/miv^ ti «rin0«t rqv 

l&a-acQai. hi^ofvat yi^. 170, 3. ki- 
^dwfTM [sciUTic^f^^K} JM^ja n g M i ^g t ur . 
cerritaa eatw 1182, 3. hs^affJm touq 
i^iifAouf, 1269, 6. hw^^a^fjtim im^ rS- 
o'w vefJ(«. a furore demeatatam. 1280, 
14. b) corrompere hurgitionibaa et 
gratia, h. e. a studio patris», ant reri et 
SBqai in agendo, et dicanda averter^ at 
teatem in testimonio perbibendo, jodi- 
oemTein jnre dionndo* ^ ^rtt h TUko- 
itwAa-tf ru^ intrtu, ft Ita^&ttfm, 122, 
21. hml XgfifMWi iui^dtlfsa^tu. pati se 
cormmpi^ a vera ei joato ceraendo^ et 
seqaendo abdaoi, spe dactora^ropasita 
largitionom et divitiannB adiptaoend&r 
mm. 240, olt nrm im^dtiftw rme M 
rSit ir^yfA&rm, 309, 9* rmytpA Im* 
^QofUfai xiftfAMTip MUt^inftiMa ^ihknrou. 
309, 13. &m^ ykf h imifAntg mtming 
nmf \a$orva, eSr«( o /cud' Kafii^, ftn^i 
iut^ofslf, nfUnut nrh itfoifAmw» 309, 15. 
iu^BaffA^ng xal «nirpa»«$ iatnW ixkiQan* 
345, 4. ^ta^iftaf roue n^ritg, 516, 3. 
hmoTutkof rtlu p^opou ^flfdiipf. oratione, 
donis dalis, -promissis, miaia, aliisTe 
malis artibns a me abalieoavit. 520^ 8. 

9ta^o^«] com de navigio. agitor, naiifira- 
ginm. SI9fv not h ^ui^ofSk rji nt ffvtiCn* 
910, 13. el 15. 

ha^ivAt nh^ivAfAVt* copias dimittere. 677, 
18. 679, 17. 

tui^a\ discidiam, discordia. ottnw fJtU^on 
ia-riv nrrog i ^og tSH ai^c vfMc »ai w^ 
aTJJikouf wUoK hen^9f&9t 181, 13. rariae 
oaassB simaltatam, at ov/A06xau9, juS- 
fMC, IfMc, mirog — recensentar p. 1144, 

itagpo^uf] differre, b. e. disomrpeae, distra- 
bare, qoaqoft spargece, f astare. Iko^ 
povfAJmgavrS Tn? ywpd«. direpta a la- 
tronibiu omnia .diffiarentiboa. 442, 25. 
Sv Koin havt^o^fAhm, qoe com illi 
tres inter ae diribiusseat atqne diat«b> 
xissent. 822> 27. ^lo^opndilf, carptas, 
dilaniatas, u9d tovtov »at rSnt retMurm. 
1120, 25. ^f^t^tfl^Sotu. Xwjj^lt^i^Tw rSofio' 

'^mI^o^] inimioas, adversadjis* h&pofH 
[subaadi woXXoTc] iyni/MV tlrw^aarron 
9roXXou(. maltonun in odiom inovri, 
mnltos ofiendi, eo qnod ab. iia exigevem 
meroedes (dm Paeht [the contraetl). 
1318, 19. - b) rk li&^9^,. das Interesse 
[the interestJl, Incram damniunT^ ex 
aliqaa re exsistens. mXIk* y lorn rk 
h&^o^hdait,h inu feOiMfmp, qoaatom 
intersit, bellum bio loci, an ibi geratar. 
16, 26. mXuwurw onron ahr^ «Sv. )mi- 
^^. 362, 24. T^ ^M^9^ prndbM^sXr, 


siM dMMHNB in, ^od 
dintturnitate none et impedune»U« ne- 
gotiatioDi objeoUft feciHset. Vergutung 
dtr Zehruyg, Vgrtdumnitt, und Frocesi- 
kosttn [the remuneration for expemees, 
los$e», and costs of suU]. 887, 9. hivh 
9^ h «rXfow{»» ovTov irf^ rit iUkfc^a. 
^wiimf et oi^das pliw und mhm», auf 
das meum und taiun ankommt [where- 
fore k comes to the plai and viuuu; to 
tbei memo and toniB]. 1148, 14. 1149,3. 

iut^Sgtte] mxiau9f exeelleater. 761, 36. 

ita^^rruff ri iuuu» w httaUtf. 218, 15. 
neh tlffnfwf, 2^1, 83. tnv rov ytnalw ud 
Tw wfttrtiou wffoaifsa-iihrSI ir^XH. 331, 95. 
'TtifS va iatfrSff flrpofffUi^ovc. 932, 18. 

iukX9*t^uf] adroinlstrare. «ff h ^wuuyiipt- 
MA, was ich tenter Hdnden gehabt habe 
[which I had had in hands'], h vsiniki'nu' 
fAot. 363, 36. Toy dtitw, pupilli pota, 
ftm^ rS» SMim imr^m. 818, 8. 

haxst^mnXv] dicitiur plebs, com rogata 
aaffiragia ab Epistata fert, part^ plebis 
alia rogatum acUoente, alia reprobante, 
eoque faolaiB diveraadisGessioiie.594, 
36. i^fuHt h rif iMyiipoTWfrv %» n /3«vXd, 
win^of rS itMAo-rtifM wa^aMn, h raXq 
iftvrtuuaUif InfAuiaw, deliberante se- 
BfUo atqae oertanle adhac, atrvm — an. 
1153,8. per mamioiii sabUtarom arbi- 
triam decemere. 1346, 37. 

ZtA'x%ifVTm0t\ deiiberatioydeeretam, atram 
• — an» nfArm jc«U ha'^fUforwUr ^iho'uv, 
jaa elpote8tat«in otramviain partem hoi- 
acendi, orf loxlT iot^tHf &^s ik0w>^ Bt- 
0W)\tmhe.h km vr» fjkh* 696, 4. Ua^ii- 
foTOfUf i^* vfMf svoiva-Wt optionis ve- 
atrje feoeront, ant jot in aaffragia eandi 
▼obia dederuDt, wors(tv sWoia^riof Url 
naivet v6fAoc, n ioMvff-n ci uslfjum AfMiv, 
707, 35. ^Mi^fiffToiMic ymfAinf whU 
mrrtx*i^ormovt. 1346, 35. StA^M^M^v 
}| woauv, in aoiTragia mittere plebem, 

^Bmc •&«< 7w InfMo vS *A,binaio»t % cv. 

vtifortvho'ot^af cl vefudircu, yaurw Kufuv 

iiA^Mvi^uy] ^x>MMO-a»rof JH (At ainw, 
1321, 36. 

2(^;(pv0i0c] iUkXpfffw If/ulrw wfowctu* re- 
atem aaro illuaaip, perpanctf m. 533, 3. 

^M-^evhtt] in actiro, qood rare nsiirpatur : 

■ foUere, deoipere, illodere, meadacero 

odiqvem faiaae deolarare, Liigen Jtrofen 

[to give the /ie]. ifyokaficlva^ nad^ vfMf 

. tie vinhx^ vr^yfjMrWt Sy iut^^v^Mv 
avTovc KaytfffiM* operam. saam mer- 
oede eloeant ad eas res reoipieDdnm et 
geresdnm, qaarom exitas, at eecam 
apem fallat e ratiooinii probabilitate 
se«Ueetaoi, etiam atqve etian opto. 
. 14)82, 36. Id medio, nfra }tl4f«rrcu. 

ape eseidH» fraaira apMaYit el eeftalea 
eat, deoeptoa ioaBiboa Toftia. to, 13. 

1476, 14. T^ itt^tSirba* XmfiikfMUt^ual 
ffjU^w mme tutf^rm ff?Mu. quia de 
Cbarideme aecos, atqae reapae eat, et 
oportebat, existioMt, fidaa ejua Inditor 
epinioBe. SichfaMe BegrWe von tftm 
maektt thn in aem reehten lAekte nkhi 
betrat^ttet [he had formed an erreneout 
opinion efhm,he had teen him in a fgUe 
light^* pro paftrono enn -babet, qui 
bottis ait reip. 636, 33. 

^4'»^t^»i>} dare, tene aaffragiaia saam 
aJteratram in parten^ aive aeoandaaa, 
sive adTersan. iM^afuvfUM «n^ ovrov, 
ilia de re aola, vt^ tu h )m{<« fit qaam 
aoeoaator in jndieiom voeavit, de qda 
eontrovertitar, qae oapat oauMs eat. 
747, 11. »M4<}^ar&at [id est fks iiw- 
rStf 4*i^*t^ ittnyKtXf] ravrf [id est vau- 
rw tit rqy fAtfilU], S iUativ Irri. eafls in 
partem, a qaa jas'stat..843, vlt htkvf 
•4^C hfiiiful^a ToD ^a'^9^t9$t, in 
soffragia diaoedere. 1301, pen. 

^f«4^<^^] 1*^0 soffyagioram, qase fi- 
ritim fit, unoqnoqae, qnam in partem 
velit, disoedente. 130l| 35. ^^i^^i^ 
i| aviyutif i}4vtrr» roTt htfiUrait* 1306, 
30. earn mnnicipaliiim qoisqee de na- 
nieipali alio qaepiam ferendo anffragio 
deeemit, otram in miUMcipio servaadus 
sit, an eo expeM^sdos. 

^(laaroc] t^ hhui/rei nr»xyj» [id est ^liayn 
trriyym luit fji,tb»iut^, vel etiam fAoJrif 
Hol fyxjupiott a^^', T^ ii X§iwk yvf^W" 
oitiLi xai ovn^tU xarao'^tiv hwi^ifU¥» 
1413, 23. ^ 

^i^A^aoX^oy]' ^iT»v lie 'ret ttfta^uuirra. h' 
itto-HttKutk, 3l3y 33. &/4,a r£ warfU r» 
MtwiuiXtiM wftiniftim, SIS, 11. 

MJiffuaXot] Tov ToD XH^ Mia-itaXcv, obori 
in liberalibas publioe aaltatori, Itl- 
4>d«(ffi. 520, 7. T9VC ii^aaitAXovt rtUtt fAt' 
r9ouc^arg^Tlfi}0^i.B28, 5. Zii^ndKtt iM'^ 
MMV yiytmt iv rS o^fartufAtvr^, 1217, 27.' 
fo^.ov if€kfa07iHM^an taXq j^wm^^v Uuui^ 

a-iuiXn. 1374, 14. 
iiiaoiMf cam vovBtrtXf copalatam eat. 130, 
2. £c io^sv mmvrtw [sabaadi *raa\ wtfi 

notwrra, 198, 7. i^aoutt yf&fxfMufa, 
lyii y i^rm» 315, 7. sTra rort ova 2Xf - 

349, 3. wff^ayiroovvTttc hitt^uewf, 390, 8. 
^(Sicrjefiy rfayuniff XK'*^* ^^f 9* 
iMvai] ditersa significat; dare, tradere, 
largiri gralaitp, offerre^ deferre, spon- 
dere daliintm, .edere« in medio propo- 
nere, secom^a0erre, lataliter immittere. 
javat pkrases ad ordiaem alpbabetioam 
adatriagere. It^nt ergo «lp^(«^i0|r9» est 
eoKpaa beilo oaptpm et io^ servitiHem 



feAtotani in lilitrUtem emittere, alloa- 
|at ill gratianoi oni donetar. ficrrf to* 
4^iinr«v ir«dftv t( ttmi iwfuu. at Philip- ' 
pus td comniserationevi atqae indnl- 
gentiam inflexos ei largiretar. 402, 10. 
AfraXKa^ hfAiv rft* taj^ar'Wi ^irt rSv 
IfnipTDfidvMr xajUfV »a2 o'ttn^Un cl^^wXn. 
SSf , alt. OVK i4«t^«VT9 VOXlTllciV, dxx' 
MXftav l^anutv /uifrov, 173, 7. >^0»/(Ai)y ^i- 
M«(, aactor fieri senteativ, earn propo- 
Bere. Dmu yfA/xnv i»Q hj9vrh IuuhvtAtw. 
704, 5. 9to;^ffporov(civ ^il^eti. io saflfhtfia 
' aittere. 596, 4. sic et Imxtif^rwuty, 
Sivi^avcn iU ^^ c^fttrhytcv* tin Venei' 
ehniu der SehtUdner b^ den Adrnvrali" 
tetsamU eing^n [to gim m a litt of 
debts to the Admiralty^ 1043, 11. tv- 
voTjui ^iMwi oompetebat ei, cajas in 
naaa et potestate molier esset, e. o. pa- 
tri, fratri, avo, is earn desponso marito 
in nianaio dabat. qaa sine ceremooia ti- 
beri inde nati spurii erant. 954, 33. )f- 
iUt^tcBai ^SmUf copiam aotionis de ctede 
patrata dare, vvif Jv av fji,h h^S [scil. 
i vofxe&ims] ^6rw iutAa'ar^ai, 1 23, 15. 
lex ant legislator dicitar Kkiiv Miveu, 
earn ei, cai competit, facaltatem dftt in 
jure adversns aliqnem agendi. ikv ^ l£« 
TtvTM' xfrtiim Ttc awrdr, *r^ ainiiv ineif 
alrdu ^xnv wotxn, [soil. roTp oIkmIoh tov 
^rod^VToc] ^nrtf [scil. iDwxsy] &v toy 
*ABi9vaX6¥ riq Krtbm, 633, 11. iUnv, vol 
^uutc )^(t(i pcenas dare, h. e. Inere, per- 
^ peti, soppHcio tolenmdo satisfacere lae- 
sis. ro Him hXivai haiv^. 271, 18. 1009, 
3. ifmy^/Ak( vtrrhteirra altroXt iUiw. of- 
ferebat, er both lieihnen an [he tendered 
utUo them], 542, 9. ^»}£c ieurnv tU ta 
^tfkyfjutra ^lUtwi. 255, 7. ^^d% «vt^c 
TtTc JweSc. 258, 18. ouh^c it Awn. tow- 
T«v hk wavToc i^MMV f fttrroy tie ov^f* t? 
irJXif. 301, 20. flc Ti^ VA^' loii«vrT» 

knhrvft, 317, 19.'Srr»c lovroy lie tadmn 
'tin r^tv v/uTv idtX^ovt >ovvm. 1482, 15. 
la^A if^bovriif vfAXf clvXwc. 288, 11. 294, 
3. tWiTfa^ai] M6nu irpdc f^lpoc h/MV tovc 
S^Xtrrac ▼« 0Kfu>f ^a^tfti^M, nobis, 
tribalibns, aat oollegiatis, attribnere 
portiooem oaiqne snaiii ratam deben- 
tiam reip. e triba qnaqae, ant e oollegio 
' qadqae, armanenta navalia, oom facnl- 
tate ilia armamenta a debentinm qno- 
qae repetendi et per vim aded exigendi. 
1145, 20. iv rS ii^fjutrt rw IXiy^"' ^**^ 
wti. de serro, e qao tonneiita confes- 
aionem Teri extorqaent. 1200, 26. to 
mfSyfAA hia^t tov tXty^w* dot Werk vnrd 
eeinen Meister loben [the work will shew 
the talent tf the Idaster]. ipsam opos 
docebit, pront erit soitam, aut secas, 
qaid de ulifiois facaltate jadii^ndani 
silt licebit jam cuiqae de re ex ejas 
vatora judioiam facere. 44, 15; Mst^iv, 

libeUom aoeasatoriQin ex tftal6 Ms^c 
demoBstratloius pnstori ex1iibere,agere' 
in aliqnem ex illo titolo. 1322, 6. i««- 
ifif&tto'tt rnt'MnK. faonltalem dare, si 
qaid in formnla paeis seoins soriptQm 
esset, qnod dispKoeret, id ex aainii sal 
seotentia corrigendi. 81, f. riiv ifiifMir 
[sciUKiNiv] hiamira, litem dedisse con- 
tra Midiaro, at eontamadsB room, qoi 
die dicta in jndioio non compamisset. 
542, 4. XAxdv] irlpotf 9* trm luuiiif hia-O' 
fU9 (nriiv. 230, 17. x^Arpf wo\ifMu Mat 
fUnf avTMt %td To7c ffxffxfxk'x^iq hUmu 
381, 13. Kflff-ff itUnu. copiam dare jo- 
dicii, permittere, vel sic comparare, nl 
jodicinm habeator. 692, 5. X^ Mifau 
gemino modo osorpatom a Dem. repC' 
ritar, altero, cqm jadex, aol concio 
alicai dicendi yeniam atqae secam 
agendi dat ; altero, com ipse pro fte di« 
oens verba fooit, prior significatio p. 
26, 18. oblinet, posterior p. 555, 2^. 
obi 9(^^.idem valet atqae Mykv. 
/juifrv^lat fJtsyaka^MAiaa't nar* avrStv. 
1366, 22. fAtrwaUn] rSv Won ^ituUn 
rSf h raXf voXtrtiMf til nifMi xenn)» Tq» 
furcvo'Utv xa2 Uyn 2 Way tuil tmV Air^ti^i 
xal roCq la-^v^X^, 199, 15. Spaoviet opxovCr 
deferre conditionem dioendi jurisjoran- 
•di, ad dictionem ejas admittere. Totc 
2j*xov; Xa|3fTy ri va^ aMo naX ^wu, 
soil. ahrS. 235, 13. 860, 20. 1002, 3. 
h'iirtta tfnjn ahrm, deferentibns ipsi jn- 
ramenta, oux i'^'kita'arra ofjoivvat. 1366» 
18. TO Xa/3i7v vHf rk 9kM/Msm e/uoXo^^v 
iffOfjM f7vAi. 267, 5. vrofay^a^ Hirtg 
t9c iiuni. exceptionem de foro non com- 
petente jndici exbibere. mit einer Ah' 
UhnUngsschrift einkommen [to put iti a 
bill of exceptions, a Justificatory plea 
founded on esoeeptions']. 912, 15. rnXf^ir] 
TovTov «n7pay vfJtXv ipyv MotuirDt rou yp^- 
vow. 209, pen. 262, 14. §? ys /wuric 
vtXpav Uotns ^§Sv rifof iiW«. 293, 20. 
vrirrnf avr§Xt m«t0-if, narat ipsis operam 
banc, at pro ipsis, meam in firaadem, ad 
caasam coram relevandam, meam pre- 
mendare, jasjnrandam se dlctaram re- 
ciperet. 1250, alt. av><»ttiUHn, volenti 
cdiqae fecaltatem dare naves, meroes, 
bona qaornndaro, abi obi locenunteme 
marisqae repererit, predandi, diripieii- 
di ; id qood in bellis fieri solet. Serwr^ 
0t;X«y hhfxhon ^affn\lrait xar 'kdn- 
vaUn, 931, 23. rifA.h] iyk rh vifxh 
[pretinm rei, qoo emitar] ov rS nvfiai 
Tah> vr^yfjUtran Menuif, 383, 22. leges 
oT Tf ToTc ayaB6f n votwo'i vki t<|u<^c» 
prasmia, iiUmt, asxignantes, praescri- 
bentes, definientes, mX o2 toFc T&mrtta 
Vf&rrwa-i t^c rtfXMpiat, 504, 4. nrifAM^f 
Vkav Tin h^ai, lege soa alicai tribaere 
privilegiaro oltionis. 623, 9. ti«np/9oXiiy] 
Towff y iirvyvhra^ mmI t«»tij» Tnf uirfplSft- 



9-fAkm liihMtmc. vel ipsom illam oltio- 
nis exoefMmi ei oondoiUMie, b. e. de- 
clarasse, »i non pro bgitimo et proban- 
do, laltiiii pro igoosoeBdo. 539> 4. 

wttMto'i, T? ruxf, rwf tuufdtc, rS Cov- 
TiCfAhat, 29l', 18. Xf^fAora] vfUr^ ttn 
tuupiv woXkSff xgVfA&rtif, til l;^o(iv hSmit, 
167,25. ;^fovov )k7 IddvrM, conoedi, in- 
dulgeri, T? TJSy iroXXfiy ahffafjtla. 399,1 9. 
;i^«^] 00^1 vfOfoUtt X^P"" «^f^v ▼?( 
IImc i^^ytUf Mint, no caationi qui- 
dem Mlntis sue locum dare. 301, alt. 
4^Hi^ 9i)i^ai dioitor EpJstaU, cam pry- 
tanas, ant prsses jndioii, com aaaes- 
aores suos, aeo Joratos, in aoffragia 
mittit, testulas ipsia tradando. ara^«c 
TW flrpvravfvorra Mrai rhf ^v^. 542, 
18. Alin dictionea miscellanea, ^i 
iMnm ia h/jiXv rSh xatfSav *A/t*4>/aroXi» 
^c^M-^At hwdfAtb" &f, 43, 21. ipturl r 
fvvo^ Mweu, tutt rwro rnvofjta ip^ii ra 
XiifXfAara ravra, 96, 10. ^irt i\ a! |3oiJ- 
Xf9^f, ^orr AvTf TovTo. ooDcedite. rau' 
met ihm das ein [grant him that, admit 
that'\. 274, 1. 

iliv/Mi] t^X^f ofMV&rftOf xal ifxofJirptof, 
xai wfOf To!V aXkote utMMf ^ihffM(. 793, 

itiyyxMv] htyytm^iXo'et tnri Irt^ivw, cam 
Stephanas pro ea fidejassisset. 1358, 
pen. • 

ttsyyvvo'it. 724, 6. 

ZiMnXv] htifUfAitcfif. ezpressis rerbis com 
ail definitom atqoe denantiatam. 219, 
23. iXX' arra h^xif, a xg^ irmo-ai, 
iroperaTit. 644, 4. fui^a iTwu irtXn tqc 
rf^nfofxi^ itti^wuf o ySfjiof, 465, 20. ein 
fur aliemahl verordnet, so dau es dabey 
sein Beroenden habm muu [ordered once 
fur all, that the matter should rest here']. 
9v ialfnrai, riw^eMtiWfn fAfi».666, 13. 

^itMpl^XfTy] 0^((t ax^CSit hiuifvvai vu^tofAS- 
voi )tiV0;^X« grikktu rcSravri vfAot tliiretf, 
446, 24. compositum pro simplici ho- 

Ztt^lfXt^Bai] ftkvta. ^iiftX^Xv&ry. omninm 
saarom maohinaram fecil periculum, 
omnea tentafit artes saas. 19, 17. rev 
Xf^vt }lh ravra \iyo9 koI its^i^ofjuu, ISS, 
9. arirm tovta }ts{ix4Xu&fr l^in. omnia 
ista obsolevere, oso detrita sunt, vana, 
casaa, inoredibilia et inefficacia facta 
saut. 153, 7. v&vy vTri^ tqc aXu^nac 
in^tOoXcywiuuu Hal ^ta£fp;^o/buw. 232, 5. 
aire -nfc ^PX*"* ^*^ «r4rrft»y apf pi t^c nXiw- 
Tvt ht^^w. 288, 11. ^ii^fXnX^ft irilv. 
T« T^ Ix T«y vofury. praeterierant, facta 
faerant. 541, 22. 

h^tiveu] ova ffXarrw \iym aviXemi <raXX« 
^lif mIv. 228, 8. ffXiXny vvv ^ii rpaT^n^ xa2 
}tf|ifffc. 232, 23. 

J«f{ef«iw&«»] ^i{e/uiTT«M leglbator oHm p. 

642, 14. obi nano legitor hf^Sriu, 
lilfXf0'd«<] peraeqoi, peroeoaere, eiMve' 
rare. ft tk amytobi rk 4^t^f4MVtk IfAm 
fui Tie «rp«(iic l^irii Itlx^ei, w^ &v iTir 
ar»0-Tfv0^ T«y avrSv iiavrK tZvai xfinrm. 
175, 22. b)exire, pnelerire, ezspirmre, 
de tempore. 25, 14. et 18. ^tfXd^rre^ 
Tov Iviovrei!. evoloto anno. 29, antep. 
Xi^^ >iiX»Xu&^ &^X*^' ^^^» 21. obi 
etiam accipi potest pro mtemjecto, 1279, 
5. c) intercedore, interim excorrere. 

^uperrav] ei ^tiftnRwrrtc. iternm itenunqoe 
ioterrogantes, et oratorem media in 
oratione interpellantes. 34, 22. 

^tk] tfjM hulL h0h97i M iUrtf, Hforut rSif 
XTif^rm. 1135, 4. 

lifuxpivtTtf^. 818, 13. 

^tivXaCfi0-dat pro simplioi. 377, 18. Iiiu- 
>A$wfjMw rkt ToiftUTftcitriarX^tic. 1406, 

9iitfT0x>^v 'TV ev0^ 0tM;^5c ov jreXXoSc nrSv 
vroXirS^ iiafAiniv it&irrau 1040, 5. tovc 
iiitnvx^mirat tSn irtAywyrrSn, 1410, 7. 

^wi^m] (ab Tufu) transmittere, alicoi trans- 
itam per agram saam ooneedere. /mAts • 
QnBaion ^uhroev, 276, 9. n ^usrrai avrtlut 
!<!>' hfMf, 299, 10. 

iuariniv iU fn-ifn aroXXa. diducere, distra- 
here, discindere. 245, 22. h TUKaitinn- 
ff-ec iMo-rfixti, 231, 5. ^if^^Syac. disoor- 
dare, diasidere. 26, 20. ^uo-nw^dvy tie 
ivo fjUfn ran h teut vixso-i, 132, 12. 

iuaXVflitff^bai] w9eLwhiaxyiZo/juu,447, 

iptafuf"] de jadice sententiam pronanoi- 
ante, causam disceptante. i>k>>k )iai rS 
Touc ^(Jci^erroc uftZic o/uoffMaivat. 227, 16. 
iuUiff-M ravra Utrrf l^t/>«. detreotavit 
hoc ipse sibi jns dioere, h. e. banc sibi 
legem ferre, leqoam hoc et ae dignum 
habere, factoque neoessariom. 860, 9, 
avTo; ovTf iHiiaa'tf, ipse aibi banc aen- 
tentiam dixit, taiiqaam jadex sibi a ae- 
netipso datus, admonente conscientia, 
ipse sibi consctas fait, et pro certo ba- 
boit, ^1 ovih avrS trpeo-^xii rtlu x}Jt(ou, 
nollam haereditatis partem ad se perti* 
nere. 1051, 24. i^uiaffa iyit rtirm ho* 
oSrec i/Jtol. inter nos in hsec capita con- 
venit, ita decidimas inter nos alqae 
transegimas, sine interrento jodicii. 
1169, 16. ^uUtcarrtf hp>tXi hfMf ahrtHfg, 
re privatim inter nos a nobismet amice 
composita. 1176, 17. hna^ttv -^t^fuui, 
scitam aliqaod jadioio soo comprobarey 
rataro facere. 652, 24. aS^>£iv, «c iM- 
3u»c l^uc^^i} Tc^ Hfibsrra. 642, .6. Tn 
medio : jareexperiri in foro,, causam co- 
ram jadice agitare; coostroitar com ge- 
nitivo, caaaam, vel crimen iodioante, 
Tel titolam, ex €|ao oertatar,cam dativo 
personie adversus qnam, et cam aocn- 
satiYO. at ^MUiv hual^ta^ai, sich einen 



B§DhUhMndel 4^hun, Reeht uber iich 
9frechen, sieh Reoht tnerkennen lat$m 
[to bring OM*s cauH to a deeishn, to 
fUad one^t eaute, to obtam'the oHjudica' 
iUm <f one't claim], K«XXip« rib aur^ 
Mtify iuUj^crrM. Callaniin eodem ex ti- 
talo in jore proseqaoDlar. 1380, 23. 
\iyi ahri io lyicXii/uet, o [id est Koff S] 
iuiA^cfjuu. 972/ alt. vtAin M K^rwyoc 
nfwra.t <J^y [id est "xk^vt Sf, vel vr^o^Aan 
£v] 9i»a(o^i. 1270, 1. nsarpatar de 
nullo non genere oaasanua, pjaMicaram 
perinde atqae priTatamn, veramtameB 
ioterdom senso sfiiotiore de privatis 
' pecoliariter, at p. 623, 4. abi rS vfo- 
/SoXXf^cu, qoie est actio pablica, oppo- 
nitnr to hn&it^dai his terbis: ft /mq . 
VfovffaXKifxnf ainh, &W* i^MM^ifMV, etc. 
v^* o3 Tf wpArou larX^T^, lutt fA&Ktereu 
i^^iff'^m/t rovrtt koI iaiei^OfjuUy xoi f^ta-Si 
uai im^i^ofAM, 1267, 8. javat jam 
feoastrootioDis hajos verbi cam geoitiru 
exempla aliqoot secandom ordinem al> 
pbabetioom proponere. &fyv^ov] ofti' 
X«y hfxiv TtjUoSfoc ri AfyvfiWt ou huA^O' ■ 
/Aat alrS. 1196, 27. lyywjf] iMiKoa^o 
ykf iv (Mi Tqc lyyimi* egisset in me de 
spoDsione, 901, 11. ^tryari^on] o2 vtaXUf 
tin rourw reh I/miv Bvyari^an l^ixi^orro. 
oontenderent in jare de meis iiliabos, 
at Jqs babentes ipsi soli eas in matri- 
moniam dacendi. 1124, 11. nXoint] ^i- 
nH^w xXo9rn; wpoq hMmrfiv. 601, 25. 
itkny&t] tlctffjb&fart Dixa^ito toutw rSif 
Tt arXnywv, Sv iXa$tf viro rourov, — xai 
ort rdu it SwiXucv fr\ov vvo rourev uatt' 
x«Xvdii..696,17. hiiaa-n 61 vofxoi ^uUi(s' 
c-^at rSf xnjTft w^ap^&iwwv. 962, 27. ^ 

122, 15. 

iUaioi] jastas, teqaas, legitimos. ou )^af 
Xi^ 'f""'^ ^uuttot/c «uTOv$ aSliTO h flr^Xfc)f?v 
s?y<ti, ttra xXlirrac, ^XXa ait hiuUwq, 
742, 6. 9v ^^i, aXXA hti0ov\tvanf rw 
v<tmvd9rai ?vfxci, ^uutto? yvytnk^iai, 742, 
10. Xo)^f0-juoc ^utafcc] ot )* lu^oZ/cMyi; ^uuUm 
XoytcfjtS, si qnis recte vereqoe festiniet. 
1399, 13. ^we^ ^aiaUn \6yn9. arga- 
mentorom, excosationam reraram et 
jostaram. ^07, 18. Diotio haec ^Ueu6f 
Itf-ri cam infiiiitiro sa^e oooanit, signi- 
fioans meretiiT, dignus est, 'qui >— at : 
«v fA^ 9v¥ Ivrotl&A {Xattov i^m HtutUt 
i^rn il«nX^v. haod conyeiiil earn abire. > 
268, 26. flrpo^^ff Tpic, ou^ ^*^*£ *«'o- 
X«X|ya( >6uM0f . 374, 27 . toutoo rn* alriciy 
iur^ ten iUaios l^"*- 2*^^* 3* 1455, 7. 
ffXiinr Itf^i 9tK«tiei, m rt^t Haunjvrttif AxXa 
Towc «r«pctX^c A'n>x«wr«c. 835, 6. ovih?^ 
Ttij/p^aVftv ^Mcatoc Ixlov T«y /UD^Im iXfOvy* 
▼ovy. 547, 7. i I^^t? ^*«v o{ fir^fo^urtpoi, leai 
Xl>^iv retV yiofrlpof? i^^l ^dcaioi. 1469, 
1 8. T^ ouTo; WAdiTv vvl rSy (<ivrm U' 

' kauf iffrt, 314, nit; 1430, aritepen. 

iUtuof tJ AyaBimrt ahrU* wmSo-eu. perso- 
nam loam deoet,'ila de te4B«riteM, at 
beneficio qoodam renmaereFe* 1368, 

17. iUuttSt tl/M ar^ouSr&M rkt iinb§l(tic» 
convenit boo peraooas mess, et jore meo 
boo mibi somo, at decean. 245, 7. ov 
yk^ iifjXv ovToTc iroX^Mf 7v f«SXXey, 1^ inMtrnq^ 
lo-fih a^iutMH. 1432, 22. <nmeaM IrA H- 
uatoi, fA^, xaX tuirnyoftXv uai fyjnf* as- 
qoom est tos taoere, ioiqoam, tos, 
babentei atqae teneotes aes illod, tamen 
nos inoasare. 991,26. ^afiv SduuocfKwu 
rvyXatm, 243, 6. Poeminloam, hiuUa, 
IvoXoyU ^autU xtU &w%n qaae sit 404, 
22. 1^ ^^^v i^t; voXi/uov TuptTv, Strotc 
htutUi yfima^TM, 179, 4. lo-n ykf hov^f* 
iuuUa xoi avX^ifwau, 328, 2. »Dy ^ 
iMrreif tUf Of ^c tutl hiUtUf e^flv . 230, 4. 
T^ op&qv x«2 httaUf tfldy Tifc «oXiTt(ac 
six j/umr. 332, 4. 'r«v 0«^4*<»v Tovrd** ov- 
hfjUa 19^ firoXiTta^, e^ ^uuda, 373, 2. 
<lor* o^&nc 1UU iiueUaf xa2 idicfd^ov ^vp^^C. 
325, 14. Neotram, ri ibuuWf asqadm, 
jnstom, jas et fas. i^ tv^it xoi rh ^' 
jutiof at r* iirl fjuttftv tic, Iv r iiii fittt^o- 
»oc vetfaBalvtit tilf avrh Hvofxif lyti. 
114, 24. owt im iUaiw, hra [rnk sab- 
aodi] iroX/niy, Tiwff tmff vpMV Xoyovf; 
i\\k fxh nrdut vfti^ vfiS^ hiU^Sai, 198, 
8. Swov TO iUatw ih rtrayfAhcv, hraSjBa 
vr^offn/Aontf i«u»ow«. 1392, ll. vtfl t3 
frov ital rh iUaiw a^ov^Afuv, 211, pen. 
T^ ^(xAiov ou iuudvi iu^Ti&'mw, 218, 
15. 9rarri; hyovrrai if Ac^tpia^nfop t3 
fln ^2 TouTMV U*au9 tii^M rw va^k Touretc 
tii^n/Ahw hxaiw, 642. 2. tovto ri Mkatov 
oux fltXXoc ovSi^^, ^X' ourdc ov o'avrm 
lofia-at, banc legem ipse tote tibimet 
sanxisti, bas partes tibi iojanxisti. 
1291, 11. junhfAiaf fAnru yiptv, /u^t* 

341, 7. 212, 8. ^i«}«X^«? tfrniaudtt yfi- 
ffbai, 220a 5. <({iov tovtdvc Ivaaivt rZt 
a'tbfiimw, oT juni^uifty h^Kxtant frpoM- 
fMhrrat toS ^mo/ov* j^jfifAwva (Ah yif 
leri Hrha-offBai [f. addendam faiuv], 
)o£av }* ov f£^m )^jpiffji.&,r9n Vflaa-baif pro 
seqtentia Demostbenis refert Stebieos 
p, 104, 1. qosB Don videnlAr ipsa era- 
toris verba esse, sed senlentia e tocis 
ejos oescio qaibas oolleota et adnm' 
brata. Priori qoidem parti fai^os sen- 
tentiae similis est loons, qui p. 1429, 5. 
Demostbenis nostri legitor. b) titolos 
jnris, looas, capat, argumentiim, imi 
purgandi sni, aut alterios argoeadi. 
irtrA^ti fjM naX rwro t2 iUauv, 164, 24. 
or<iyv dv i,')fidfAW, f! tovto /a6hv H^mifAi 
Knomv MATwyo^h 7w7 y^uov. si sdam 
bono legis looam yitiosam — .477,6. 

TOUTM TAVTO ^HMCft {mif^lV dnif Wttfk 

m&nw, idem jos, idem meritom, ob 
qnod eom par sit ab aliis bene seeoiye 
acctpi. 574, 15. w)^ Vf99fryay% *A U- 



i«v<m» nai rtSrn to tUeuof tx^* »f ^^ 

mMmt. hoc oMSfimtextii. 1^66* 2. h 
9f^ ivarra^ vira^ii fiM iUam rtHtq 
TovTwr Xo)«vc. 1272, 16. In plorali, rk 
iUtMUi, sire e<}M et jofta, sive jara et 
titoli juris, qttbot Aretas qaisqne agit, 
exeaaitoiies. itfot Utrrtfi in toutmt 
Jbtovran, « Xsy^Mv Mimim. 1289, 27. rwv 
*£AX«wj(MP Immmw ift^ul tmV Snvtv el 
MfcrMomc >iMrrM. 199» 17. I^i Sk«aioic 
iJifxofra i&m. oondilioBe ea, at pneatet 
omaia u%on ouiqne legitima pnestanda, 
et firaator juribas omniboa bontats 
aaalrifaauliasoompeteBtibiu. 1134, 16. 
TuSf Diwir iixaionf rSn h rpXq voXiTiMtc ot 
W/uM Main TQV ftHftwrUv uai Wnv Dorav 
im2 toTc aff%wnu9t mm tmc ^^Cf**'^* ^^^* 
14. abi Twv ly rmQ voXitimu; tam ad 
lbuii«v potaat refeni, qoam ad inse- 
qaens fXt ac^ovk-i et l^ujotc t& tow- 
«ra^ ToS «7ahwc Mtuuik Wrn ^tW. 
770, 7. TMVTA 21 9r4rr« /4My&)im iauUm 

wai vfMf l^x^ ^^^' ^^* ^^* ''^'^^ ^^ 
«nc Iv^twc h*aiMQ vaavt UXamiv. ja- 
ribna et puDotia omnibafli qoiboa ar- 
flBataa ta poasis aliquem aotioae Iv- 
hifymg pramere. 774, 23. -r^ rSn m^- 
irwviMXi^decora,a4 Kkma, jara,<lytt{piry. 
246, 4. \v\ rk hitaut lie imxUv &ya- 
arXitn in Sioiliam renarigare joris aeqai 
flUac repetendi ergo. 887, 24. rk jutitk 
iUuua ivan^^iiMV o2u. 778, 22. ir«c yk^ 
ov «MW, rS9 ainSff ^auUm hiwMnu, di- 
gDom eenaiiifse, nt esedi^ p<Boa» sori- 
beraotor legitimaa atqae ex jure oom- 
petentes, -rove I JiXnXixfuliwc iitMMrai 
*rh¥9i^9ef6rtfW,Mairovs fM^ tlxfSnMq 
^i&f rt i^y&awrtu V»heui, 724, 13* ^o- 
Xoutif rm luuc^. jura sua tueri, exer- 
oem, fruetus eomm peroipere. 218, 5. 
wfoi^x? *?^* '»'«M''''«i ^' w** kmXnvvmfai 
0% ot y^, »«frx»»*<r/i*fyoc [soil, iw* «u- 
Tfiy] arSoi toic iv '>f «^^< hKoUtq, node 
•xclusoti es per omoia aniversi juris 
civiiis capita. 778, 17. nam rk iUaM 
aunt enique con venientia, sive firaotuosa 
et optabilia, sive molesta et ingrata at- 
que damnosa, prvstanda, frnenda, spe- 
raada, metoenda. rk rSnf iXKttv ^ut 
fffmlUow, 36, 7. tUmrti nXq vfuripoit 
humtoig, 802, 15. ol f iniJuioi, /to^* 
iairreu M^m laooieoc Srra /mB* katrrw 
ra tS» fSfAMf UiM». 771, 3. fjihw tSn 
rirt fvrifM i^traawtTH fyuSi rk uvif 
ifA»¥ 86uu«. 1469, 22. ovx ay hfAiTq 
tibifuM ol fMraBdkKofjiaot, &KK* oi f^h dl- 
Xorric iftfUytty rote ^nudoit, 206, 1. /aA 
upo^rtfl-iy MfAif 0€tffihtT ToS t^ ilmia 
vvif TMV elXXwy 'EX>iyofy {trnTy. inquirere 
in jttra Grrsoia reliquis debita, atqae 
aalira (ftwaervaada, tnenda, eaque taeri 
▼iolatoresqne. eoram ulfiisci. 188> 21. 

T^ otfp^ S^tf tl oXXoi, rk Kmm» bj^- 
fieoiQh T^ y^, car non, adbno in con- 
tineote cum essetis, a^debitore too tibi 
pnestari curasU atque exegisli ea, que 
ille tibi ad Recnritatem crediti tui 
de jure pmstare debebat ; nt tibi de 
numia oreditin bona fide reddendis oa« 
veret mod is. sotilis atque debitis. 886, 
pea. vwiftumia fM»9 ctv rk ibuua hAf*- 
0aMt fMvc, tX rt «Immv. jus tuom repe- 
tisses. 951, 13. «»c ^Ireir^ ia-rt Wfi rSh 
iuudtn v/AZi ItWxtfy, avroy eu «P0Mvrm 
rk iuuueu, 198, 7. ft rk Utuum Wfovrmra 
imfw avTov nufn/uiyoy. in exereitio »qni 
joris, booestis artibns. 19, 22. hi ^ao- 
artry ail neu Vfirrttf rk Hxaia, wfAma* 
^Tn^y 2i &c ^fMi J(a2 tf-u/M^lgoyra Iv-rat 
Tcumt. 204, 19. TAUTDy iumkfrm t5v 
aoawy k^y tvfhffOfMi, rl fxA Qikuf rk^ 
iuuua. npkrruf. 208, 16. rk ^tuua §eiv- 
Tfc, ikf Hoi f*k 09u}<»f9rtUf M^Xi^ '''^ 7* 
aiaxyftufrtu fAti . vrfkmut* 208, 10. rdy 
XAi^ (9;p(vtiy xo* Snu rw ituaUo t& 0ij^- 
^poy mr^krrta, opportunitates tenspo- 
ruas effioere valere, ut, quod e re veatra 
sit, id agatis, etiamsi asquo et josto re- 
pognet. 214, 6», rSh vfjurifm iuuUmp 
WpScrra^M. 700, 22. rSh ikKan kvkf- 
rw ?fet»( aiauTv hjvw-omu vaftaTUua^ 
a-fjfhuf, fiiifws hfikc rk l/iktM vgonino^au 
199, 4. S ykf av Mnaut av a-eunS nark 
rouTov rafy(, rk avrk raSrm p^u tuirk 
atSJ vapi^ T«y roy cov itanrifawnaufiJnm, 
959, 10. fl ^ ia rourw rk Hxaut riBnrat, 
91, ult. olroe ii mXuMvTtt Htuua ^vykf, 
ual aa^q wrm *al fjity&hMff iMj^vf 
vofaXMrfl^* 874, ult. 

hiuuoovn] utad w iuuuoovinn, kKK* antv- 
V^y nyw/juu. 199, 5. 

iauuctq] ifyeo fAO^rv^hvaq, Zri hjntiuq mai, 
itaBofSt ueHp rfiy aroXtrfiy oyfliMrdjau 
♦(X^mrw. 127, 4. fmudtoq r^t iFoXirkaq 
&kkli\ott uoiwmy, 142, pen. to iUmuaf w 
iuuUmq ^M^Xclrrtty. 218, 15. hmdmt 
kxovM kmoKvyoufxkmt* 227, 13. o Toy 
p^TOfA iSouX^juivoc hMiotq ^%r&{M, 304, 
pen. hnaiotq not kim^oiiArt»q. 310, 21. 
fkiwrmq tud immtotQ, 323, pen* vytSq tutl h- 
xalotf iui aarX«c mvdKLrtufjuu, 325, 17. 
29r«c 2muU«c iuti i)uuK ^^>i Tcurra ^ 
• araTOf o&ftof ^dlo'^M. qooounque paoto, 
fas nefas sit, pensi non babena. 1108, 
18. xaXwc Koi iuuUttq ioMueaimq vf/ttXq 
iwMfra yvSrn. 1180, 25* 

iuutanrh(tw] h rotq hMoampiMf vfMV f^y h 
a-ofrv^, 170, 27. «Mg titam if^metu 
rk ioLovrh^iA, o2 fuy iuMrrtd — oS }t 
clvTt^Mtot. 770, pen. hShfAa toiV SWxotc 
4>o|3ipou«, fy 21 ToT; htutorii^t ^Xayd|p«- 
«rot/C iTvai. 171, 8. Tovcly r6iqiinuvmfLnq 
iWififAiwvQ k^imt. 215, 4. chuHo/jtSh-at 
rouf ic^vyimui raurX rk Ium^t^m. 268, 
20. 785, 3. rk hnaa^ia wfu i r t fm th 
f*^ T«v hifA9rSift kXkk tuii rSi 0m^(, 



«a2 ToS fttfMV alirdu' narS^ yif v&rra ai 

- ir«p' ufuv KfUtii hueuSratM, 1316, 9. 
tl luMoriifm sio nude dictoni est p. 
fSO, 24. Heliaea y id qaod e verttu pe- 
noltimo ejnsdem paginio cooslat. et 
nescio, an alibi qaoqae. 

. iM;^Xi7y vfjiXv ov huaffraX^ rouron oZa-n 
vfjiXv. 600, 1. ayo^ttvojbcoc, ^ aa"rwSfMg, h 
dtxarrnc JMtTA S^^ouc /tvo^ivof . 735, 10. 

^v luuM-rih' AUToc auTW }'syia-&af. 864, 11. 

: Toti flTAT^c f^ ^iXovToc §aurS it' iaurov 
yniff-bai ^Marrw, si pater altro noliet 

. sqao et josto concedere. in sUih gehen, 
die UiibUligkeitieiner SaeheeinsehentWid 
Mich, von selbst bequemen [to enter into 
himself, to perceive the unreasonabUneu 
of his own condtict and make a voluntary 
concession"]. 1240, 18. iuuiTrat koI ^u- 

771, 22. TOttvroi yiua-Bt aitrS hjuta^al 
.*rujf MyofAivw, oToq mnns iytfsro hf*S9 
itmrnyof9(, 1343, ^5, judex dictorum est 

- i]le, qui consentaneam utrinqae, tain 
ad acoasandniD, qaam ad pnrgandom 
allatis sententiam ae^uam pronantiat. 

. iiairtifuffBai tSv imarrSiv o,ri yvcoa-mrai, 

f 180, 4. 
litui] a) Nomen, qaod leqao jari inter 

cives toendo praeest, injorias et sce- 

lera oloiscens. ovis ^vXaarawrai o^fjtva 
. -iUnt ^sfxtQXa, 9 c"»'y&o-a avvoth ret yi' 

yvSfjOva etc. 422, 10. rhv airofaimrov 
.. nai ffSjAvh Jmiw, rtf 'Og<|>«uc va,^a tov tou 
, Atf? d^oyov ^a\ itaQn/Amv. 772, 25. b) 

- jus, qaod injariam passas areorepetit, 
judex tribait, quod in foro dispensa^ 
tor,- satisfactio, Initio, poenie. ^auti 
Gommemorantur has : 'AfA^iwrvovtual, 
331, ult. QxiJ^ng, 522, pen. UfMo-uu, 
pablice. quse sunt, anctore Salmasio, 

, €flB, obi noo soli ^seso, sed etiam alii 
. oaicanqae ciiri Albeniensi, cai jus es- 

- jiet in foro agendi, ream deferre lice- 
bat, etiamsi laesos ipse nil esset. oux 

ZUai Koi rki ^rtfAoa-loi Kfiysn,i9Q, 2. hoc 

in genere actionum ad actorem e loi- 

. done damni nullam redibat emolamen- 

tam, sed mulcta fisco cedebaC il ¥ iyeb 

, riif ivl ran I^twv iincov vCKstm^Uv i^\q, 

rn iriKst vet^^ot^Z rn; rifiM^aq, kaX 

. rturm flX^/Ainr tov &yo^A, a^* cv fM^iv 

isr-t \nufjut XaJSsXv lfA», 523, 22. IXattw 

Ttdkv 17 ffoXit KaraBiU, h Scet au i£ioi><ri, 

xarayiKwrn, 56S, 27^.. pablicis in jadi- 

oiis sic procedebator. fiebat a senata 

praejodtciaro, torn reas jadicio popali 

permittebator, qai ejas caus^ in snf- 

: fragi«'ibat, quo facto popolus oaasaui 

; . ftd HeliaDam minimam, sea D. viroram, 

. act ad mediam, M. yiromm, aat ad 

K naximam, MD. viroram, rejiciebat, pro 

, gravitate caosce. 702, 22, sqq. ^hm 

CxiCnc et v0ftott qoa dttferant. 522, 
pen. i/xvofouti, HandeUsaehen, andH^dti- 
delsgerichte Imercantile affairs, and 
courts ^/judicature which took cogni' 
zance of mercantile concerns^, lf(9ropuuU 
iutat ouH ^0-av, fitr^rtp wf, AufiffiTq* Ma- 
cedonibus puia citm Atheniensibns, 
ante Philippam regent. 79, 22. ^iviv 
ifjt^o^uuiv KaraiiKuo-ifAaei rmi MfyMrffov. 
571, 21. ImrgotriJf ^umv tif* Xayj^itMty. 
aliqoem in foro accusare male- gestae 
tutelas. 853, 18. tiuti. 298, ^*}f>(*S ^^i 
fMH VftrrUsv avr£ Xax*^^- 52^.26. Kxai 
t^iai Iv r£ TOTf xaifS cvn. %a-^ aW* an- 
C&KKto-&t' )(& -ror viihMfAW. 1102, 16. 
fAsritXKMaL 976, pen. varftion, id est, 
uv^ Twv vcuvf»w. hilHtt rag ^Uaq IXap^ov 
rw TTAT^wwy ToTc IflriT^Mc* 539, 23. 
Siutnc afyvfiw, est, ant illod ss, de qao 
ista in caasa certatnr, aat molcta reo 
dicta. T^ ofyvfwf rHq ^ime JxofjUa-»ro, 
molctam a me aafferebat. 1162. 18. 
nam interdam ^ix*i idem signiGoat, at- 
qae ttara^lKn. vide in oaloe bajas arti- 
coli. xXupov^/ico? T?c ^»C* iMBrespoBiue, 
ad qaem jus devolutum.est pceoas a 
violatore repetendi. 521, 18. iUns nrafi. 
rmq rvy^ann, 560, alt. lutnv ^^liva^] si 
rSn \a/A$Aymrm iUtif irrtQ af fU&'vfjutv 
^fjuiMtfCi iv roXq h^o't yiyvMfjMd* iv. 
1300, 9. poenas sum ant, repetont, sea 
actor, sea judex ; pcenas dat reus, ri 
Kunv hvvM iutiuq* 271,18. sla-aynv] eu)* 
ala^(vvn ^mv iimv slv&ym, sell, fic rrif 
mi\n, aut, sU rnv kyo^ku 268, 3.. i t0^p- 
XJ^o^tti] oi^Sfjuav ftiivors iltPiv irnf v/aSc 
tMxBof4,S9, ovr iyKa\ovvrtq,ovr tyKoXou' 
fwvot w^' iri^w, 907, 6, hcriuif] rhv J^- 
iMv, id est, rhv KaraUnnv, molctam, s^s* 
na-a, 1159, 3. et 17. Viekystv] caosam 
qoerelae dare. 277.. 11. caosam foren- 
sem in aliquem immiltere, velati ssDvam 
bestiam, necessitate litigandi earn im- 
plicare.331, ult. I;^ftv dicuntar, qoibos 
satisfactam fait quoqao.modo. rh /xh 
ouy uorff avr&r ^w ixp^crw of yt «rst- 
fl-^iyri?. 521, 15. Xayxkniv, 539, 23. 
853, 18. Xa/bcCayfty] h viXtf Kxnv avr^ 
vaf oXnnq "hM^rai. ipsa, sese poniet. 
110, ult ouK hi rn aroXst ibtnv k^Uv X»- 
BsTv, ovV lyyvf. 229, 12. 518, 20. 1300, 
8. S^Xfty] debere pcenas, h. e. a jadici- 
bus ad poenas dandom pondemnari. 
1158, 19. vmX^^at ^nv, dicantor jo- 
dices oltionem exercenles. 1018, 16. 
ovrrsMXv iUnv nark rtyoff. 277, 14. ti- 
XsXt^i] perficere, at dies et forom sibi 
actori adversoe room a jodice detor. 
Wfoc ii Touc 2{ ixf^yoi'v hfxaq inpl Sv av- 
rovi k^Kars,yitioa^S wt Stk )(iwy nXl- 
0-«i0^f v/Mi7;. 990, 1. Ivixfvf .\ieytn luei 
llxnit rSv imtt^yfAiyon, 371, 19. 645, 
27. [aM VfosrfiKcmot i/xX^jbcaToc ^iysiv 
itmiy. 985,6. ^'xu deoiqaepro Kara^xn, 



If 48, 19. 

•dwifltftfurey diapeofar^, g«rere,pfra- 
• g^vo* ooDfioer9f gabwoare. In aotlro. 

. umptndUk in re« et^, ^ko9 m1«s ei ie- 
minUtn ttqoe d«0Bft civU»Us contintlor, 
liioiMida*4Vt'reiiT#f,liif e vootigaUbos, 

: Mm iMwy, lit, 22. t^ /w|y 'EXX<ivm« irt- 
r«0»c» vi If vfic rove 3*^ tvnfiSt, rit 

. J^Wf^, 68, IQ* TonvtS&a ^MnuMvnr it( 
t0 0M9 CfwXvnu. 77, 97 • tomf «» rf t«j 

v< A^ ««Xi;, 4mV tpdwc* 118* 27. flrim- 
«MlfN» 4^yv{Mv TaXttrm, cl K»XX<9'dlnie 

■ 1% TUua^ivauik, imnn^» ai q«id <^fit sit» 
«oiB|Muretiir. herbeaf ffe$eht^, angtuihafi 
W0rde [nMy be furm/Mt, may bt pro- 
f>Ml«d]. 709, 25. aX^^ rib' d)iX<|Niv »«X«c 
INigfoiiifv. egregie collooatit* trefliohan' 

. i$bP(Uiht, vohl venor^i [renutrliabljf well 
mtied, well prwid$d^or}. 763. 6. vSc ^ 

. tmvtu, 774, 7> avAyiM o-A vmovth iiouttXv 
hff^i itk 4'^^/xaron )ial vofjum, talia ge* 

. tw9t, nl e. c. saot toitio el comenrali* 
AQoiomm beUe petitorcuii, ponltie re- 
MUam, bella terra raariqae gerenda 
etc 7S9, 22. 7^ «f«( ^v ar^y ^MfssTv. 

. reip. pnestanda prfBttare. demAufvitmd 
an 8tiu£r» und Gidmi beti^eUen [to meet 

. the espendUure by tuxei und doiwihM'], 
832, 23w ^vc^ rmMitk •ar^&fy liow^. 
«iide cmiuuB, quo reUquia l^ipendiis 
faoieDdis sofficiam. 834, 19. T«Sro« x«- 
^/jttm jutt ^lotitot^TA Tel It;} Tff T^ft^ri^)!. 
lr/t«Jkrtfl <^fs fFid»i0mi^o(ium [be car^ 
rudan the trade rfbatdSr], 1111, pen. 
tSjrtf houine^w xtd i/Aoi uai ioinf, acgo- 
tlam ila geatoram ease a re aseaqite aaa- 

1172, 24. ^ aero nrw a-Mfutv^ Ifyaaim oig^ 
Ijmmv ^mo^v fraftXxn, qaem eorpore 
qoieatain factitabat, is lantom liaB4 re- 
lerebal, brtfthte so viel nicht ein [it did 
not ffroduce enough"], S>a"n ^tptxi'Sf rh 
uKUatf dam die Htnukaltung dawn hatie 
gefukret vferden kounen [to d^ay the 
iitttehold expenses]^ 1357, 7. 1^ Vi^s 
ifuif houUie-M, ich miok mit eueh abfinde 
{I elaar ofmatien wUk you, I eatirfy 
you]. 1484, 3. Ill medio : ex aoiaii soi 
aenicBtia aliquid gerere, ooaatUo'ere, 
praesertim maohinari callidia, clai^leati-^ 
■b, isaliliogiaartibna, capita ppMequI, 
eaQpd0re earn allqao. /Atri nhMUmit 
trux^ac ie&'t&',o0'a /SovXirai ^iKuntiO, l(oi- 
srf^fTM. 9S, 8. hmnMm rm UiU •« 
mfi^eth^* 179« 44. tm, idMilfmnM 

, i^f hotftv/Aimf peregerimai, adepti ai- 
. niaa. 287, oU. rCri rk arXfr<rr« plKntwoi, 
iv/ukrivfa^t, }(»jw0-aTa» 309, 8. ^uttuT' 
rai 9farra ^aShu ffiwt* 1089, 8. |mi- 
N^vfoyov opT«^C oifiievff arXioMfiac' tapini' 
qiHi emolomeBta ▼eteratoriis ariibus 
bamaQtem. 1092, 6. et 22. ^MMwre^i- 
vov «foc KTi(0-MXia. coUadens cum Cte- 
aiole e)and«fttino pacto loito. 1327, 23. 
w^oeriiui rtHa «fni^Uovt vvf; rSt l^im 
Ifr^K «v AuTovf vii&wtf-t, }(ou(i(0-3«<. proot 
ipai voloeriot potaerintqae alii alios 
persoAsionibaa perdacere, ita inter se 
traiisigere atqoe oomponere. 1328, 4. 

Miuwii] admioiatratio rei, tam private, 
quam publioas, b. «. fiaci, et 6iioBS jpie ; 
nee non aamtos faoieudi* <^# Uav^l' 
tung, die Cam, der Aufwand [household 
e9penm,diJ>ur»ement,eaqppaditufe}* ^ 
ni erant Atbenis Straiegi, sen pnetorea, 
alter i ini rm ?arXav, alter oiwi'ng l(«c 
ttfio^mt mrario prmfieetoa, 238, 14. igoa 
erat, fM0-do3onry, copii/i militaribQi iM- 
peodia nnmerare^ 265, 12* ^trwc kn rk 
i${k ^T(M M4U k ){0^i)0v« Hvarcu }««i^. 
mrariam 8o(fioia| aan^tibna faciendii* 
708, 24. rw ^tebutcof i-ninftX rm 6* \$fjia 
wan 'nv Uim. adminiatralioBem raditnom 
pnblicoram, tam aaoiis faqiendis, qnem 
tnendas reip. oonsecratornm. 730, 24. 
X^t V^Q i^' kff^kfda hoiDiAff^^. exqlnaa 
qqotidianorum alimentomm pne^itionB* 
prsBter diaria. ohm w» t'dgUeh %» der 
HauihaUung dravf geht [except the 
daily ditburtement$ far htnifiehold e** 
pontes], 1111, 10. rk vt^^« XJS^" 
fa nt }(0<yVi«c« der UAersehuu, der 
baare Cassenbesti^ndt nach Ab^uge der nd^ 
thigen Ausgaben [the operplus, the bare 
remaining ready money qfter the ej^ 
penses Jmd been paid]*^ ^346» 20. n M* 
xno^it avyy^.^ samtnf in rem tamUiarem 
tneodam facieadi orebri apif siqae erant* , 
eti gieng viel, dmtff [there v)ere consider-' 
giUe disbursements]. 13^9, 9* IxiiVoc av- 
T^ h r^ ars^l t^ hoUuu-a [acil. ^ii] 
rve 9filKtrsM( tA^ag, sf ae oooaeoraaaet 
adminiatratipBi r^i fi^calia^ 147^ 13. 

^Mixi^ficy] dispescere, ^oeere babita- 
tiqnea hominqm, qu^ olia opntinnis et 
d^nt^ fuiasent, rariMi. facere, apargere 
pa»8im« Ti^y ^tdvn ar^Xti ^Mi^u^y. elvi- 
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eono)aai|, plure^ per vi^oit e4a# ^iv^et- 
aaram. 59, 15. ^wmo-fAWM ne^rk mi^ta^* 
366, 27. imniisMf -xf xw« 4^» f^^ 

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affirinare aliqaidy mo infitW?* ^9 e«te- 
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alruifAiVKH tl^aff&ai n romrov, 642, 14. 
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noris insimalas, oocisain esse. 1160,35. 
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joraodo aliqoem bpponere nllioni deo- 
rom perjuria Tindioantiam. ^s^o-ao'&Ai 
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ovx itvctt avrS l^ta, rS yqpet Ixava,. 1204, 
22. fxai^rvpoOvron xai hofxwfAtton. 1305, 
10. 1310, 26. 1312, 20. 
hofjulh^ttytX^^at trpoc Ttytt. 840, 5. itofjtoXoyn' 

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ID ulroTisborameiftporiorum. 1284,13. 

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yiynT^ai, 50, 5. Atovuo'ia yixii0r<lyT«y 
avrSy p^opn/ourran'. 1045, 21. in bos lii< 
dos magnos apiparatas samtasqoe fa- 
ciebant Atbenienses. 50, 8. rk f*Myi>jt, 
243, 16. qaao etiam nade rk Atoyuo-M 
iisiirpantar. 243, nit. Liberalia in Pirae- 
eo, alia Iv &mt, alia in Lenaeo. 517,27. 
in Liberalibas, et nesoio an aliis qno- 
qoe majoribos ladis next exsoWebautar 

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1. 1371, 2. Iy Tw k(^euora/Toi U^S row 
Awvcrov xai aywraw tS h AifAVatq* 
1371. 4. Baocfaam in fanere nominare, 
nefas erat. 1398, pen. 

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monus fuisse, ol rernm omnidm navigio 
necessariaram saffioienles adesaent co- 
piflB, at meroes salfie conservareniur, 
neqoe fartis roinuerentar, neqae imbri- 
Ikis aliisTo modis corrnmperentar; at 
reiDiges nautsqae facerent officium, et 
satis pascerentar, propeipodam similis 
fi, qiictij Sehtji^keiier [a Pitrser] utmr- 
putit iinfitrafejg. 

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grin a zm mi pens prattsi^i, el priideati 
oc^dpatioiie ayerit, 895, S3, J(o|&duff«- 
0-6a4 tk ^yv9^fAtifiiw corrigere pecoata. 
1463, la. 
liflfi^iiv] definire, reperituretiAiTi in activ^o. 
Bed Sjpplaa in medio, it ffv^*^ nit^ nXt 

ka3s{qv litv^te^v thuii Jcghlalor puta. 

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IwAw" Ks^ *iofiJeTai* 339, 10. & t?t fltrof 

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•obtiliter dislingaendo, ant etiam atqoW 
etiam diligenter incalcavit. ' 263, 25. 
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virayfAivA out« w«»c Ti retavra. 317, 15. 
0ov\6fjt,wog iySh'i [certamine forensi, ja- 
dicio] Ktd iiKaa^nply fAot im^U-bai, con- 
firmari,et ad omnes per8picai8,disertis 
ferbis demonstrari, vaf bfJiXv, ?ri itcy- 
afria ifjtd ne^ rwrotg mmfowrai. 410, 
pen . ieafa$kq nrl hot^io-fAivov, praeacriptom 
et assfgtiatam, in tou v6ueu iuutrrdptat. 
629, 10. wifl rSf Him a ;^0 flroiftv htt- 
glff-fjo^A, operam dedimos, nt praBScri- 
berentar nobis atqne de6nirentar leges. 
760, 13. hapfifiiwf h/Aw ^topM-afilywy if 
raXt ovf6hiuu(, cam disertis Verbis ca- 
Tissemus,excepi8semos. 1286, 12. $9u- 
TiOfMU H iffjiXr rov fifxw w6f^^n v^oiw 
yna-kff^datf i»q irk^ nai le^q oSc hm^M^n* 
etad qaos pecaliariter atqne exclasive 
restricla fuerit. 1376, 24. )(«^«ra rov 
yo/M«v thbimi Iv rm •\>n^ie'fAari ar^^c avrovc* 
stalim in ipsa jam rogatione ilia saa 
legis anotor disertis verbis oavit/ et 
coih ipsis depectns est, ut ilia Tetnsta 
lege se scirent vellentqae teneri,' qaa 
cifitate donati quicanqoe aditd ad bo- 
nores alqae sacerdbtia excIodereBtar* 
1381, 17. 

^(opumty] seusu proprio et primigenio. 
Xippovnff-pv ToTc OAnwu TsXio-t ^io^^fi. 73, 
8. )topi!{a; rl ^tfffjMrhfm k^^a, t^T^ 
13. Totp^ouc )to^uTTovn; xai wetioms roue 
««r«VT«yTac. 1268, 12. b) 6giurato, 
translate, wreo xatutt iuuuifxi&/t tutt ^m- 
(o^fuyfAiBa, oonfossi, perfofati ^umas, h. 
e. corrnpti, pessnmdati. 118, 11. rS ii 
KttKWfynrai xal ZiOfi^ai vpkyfxara ou^voc 
Uiirtrai. 1111,2. 

AcotfTcovpsToy. 390, 26. 

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a-ravrof, avrh WXel^-M twv aXX«y itc 
cotntfiav vrofio^tro. 306, pen. Kctrah' 
iik(nf rqv hirXeta-tM, [scil.' iKria^vf, <aat 
Tt/uqy, ant rrotvqy, ant {ti/uutv}. jadices 
earn ad depensionem diipli condeninan- 
to. 733, 5. vo/MM, Iv offf h hvXaa-ia yi- 
yfafrrai avriig, 738, 24. 

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Slg ^hi Ix rfiy fjiiyltrrw x<y^«v oitf-of- 
0-/(A|yo(. 151, 2. )*( o^^/UflrA^arafci/tayoi, 
soil, cam Thebanis. 3i)0, 15. oux ISo-ty 
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cvrt ^Htttf OUT fuduvxc fTvai. 502, 2. ov)* 
fit 2(9 WA ytyoiTO, oca wJv M"n. 767, 7. 

ita-fjtvfM, 45, 12. 

iirrao'tgl dobitatio, controversia, disci- 
dinm. Mttf &nv ita-rkatotQ i^n^arro* 

hrk>MVrat i* it^tf Spavov ^wpiiv. 329, 16. 

hrrof] itirtii' ovfQnKai tta-i twc "EXJ^w itf^ 



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iTmi. 14.17. 

nafvwtrat. 614, 7. 754, 13. Ji^^w 
fturi^ofo^tV. 739, 6. 

%ye0^T(ctf^] discerdiSfSedilio. h)(9rraffinf 
1^ irauii. 423, 4. 

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384, 14. fya^ fxh ykf Ictti iuooa-cifAnv, 
amoliar, defendani, profligem, Ktti oXXoc 
TIC «V( 4*i^ Xo)^, xa2 0^«e^rW(ty, juU 
ovje ^y^^ira^fuii. 555, 18. itcua^aa-^eu ri^y 
wntfouX^. 1342, 19. 
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lukftv. 51, 20. ^E( rkavfjkBalwtra 2iM»i- 
<rB. eyentas oonsecUmini, b. e. eaagitis, 
qoBB in praes^ns, ad breve tempos, ex- 
pediant, incmsfeDt uloas, 11911 san^nt, 
neqne fiuiditas exstirpent, oonailia se- 
qaimini sobitanea, temporaria, sped- 
osiora magis, qaam salubriora, Don 
oerta, iton dudam ante prast isa. 137, 4. 
fxikte ya^ -ourms IwU ^» 4^XXoc; [soil. 
<r«8 haa^fjta'nt] hciHmraf rk w^of (/Mim 
aXity ^uniB&ai. 1440, 7. b) sensu fo* 
rensi : accasare, ream agere, argaere 
aliqaem, ant aliqaid. i{ /uiv tZf mpl mv 
IKmxi, /Mm u-atiyifnffn Ala^inf, 228, 
5. y^f htuKcav TOu •^v^lo'/jutrot nri AE-^ 
FEIN elo. nam qoi Titii argait atqae no- 
tat banc rogationis Ctesipbontese for- 
malam, vel locam bono, qoo dioor sain* 
berrima qaoeqoe saadere et agere — . 
244, alt, 4iv^9/fWi(TupM3vlfd»»«v. 848, 17. 
«vTOf yk^ yty^e^o-tf tic vuv iynXnixa 
iuiKowa, id est, tic toSto rd iyii\nf4,a, 
it' ov W9 IfAl h^mwa-u 988, 22. tixw itet* 
xfiv, id est, hk ^uwc rwk ^iwaity. aotione 
forensi aliqoem perseqni. 1270, 3. eiU' 
XofAhw 1^ ys*^t ^y iiionu Zrl^yoy. 
bat>es bio yerbom boo gemioo com ac- 
oasatiyo constractum, altero personie, 
altero rei. resomenle, reprebendente 
Epaenelo aocasationera, qaaStepbanom 
faerat persecotos. 1368, 8. 

hvfAoaia] idem ^aod opitoc simplex, inter* 
dom tamen jaramentam atrinqaeprae- 
standora indicat, vi pnepositionis ^ti. 
tS ii ^^iyorri rk tq; hotfApaiac retvrei, 
a reo aatem pnestanda snot eadem droa 
joramentam mataoro. 643, 3. 

^tdn] mater Veneris, ejasqae oracoiam. 
437, 10. 531, 20. 1487, 2. ^ 

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f- prenanciatoros solommodade c^piti- 
bns accQsationis : ravmvV ^raynnrn rw . 
^itkoyroc X^fit hihwffBen, ilia autem ac- 
oDsationis capita necesse est edi in li- 
bello exhibito judici ad iropetrandam 
accosandi yeniara. 1116, 27. ot ^Iv^/uoi 
xiXiveuri roiAm [id est 6«rlp roinon, yel 
^iftf r.] S(«{fy f7wu.' legei'edicont, ut 

\tto oognatoye bbsmt, qdot dtxl,- li- 
oeat super bis, yel •omrn gratia, I«sq- 
rem ipsomv in, jore perseqoi. 1160, S4. 

tat^^M, 86, 17. . . 

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qasft ntrinqae consensam fait, ^fut 
*Af(^Tv^M»y, qao ooltojra agri . oiroa 
Cirrbam oooseorati Ampbissensibos iol- 
terdicitwr. 278, 17. aliod, qno Pbilippo 
Macedoni bellsm boo sacrum cmnmit- 
titur, idemquedox etimperator foderii 
Graeoorom declarator. 278, 26. rk tov- 
rmi ioyfjuira tuu f6fMfAa la araXctMv «ra^ 
hbim, 804, 16. lex appellatar U)fM 
h^^tiirm ^fotifjun, 774, 19. 

^oaMtV] hfMiQ V aua otU. (Srrait, fMt 9aaeC^ 
Tf^aroy iXUWfif avrL, 9, 14* hUyf^hwc 
M(e^9fOU(, id est, ari^ St iie^tf,Srt tlciv 
<b}^o^o<. 629»'17. ev9i t^ vvy ioiuSrr» 
i^o^ey ay vfMf, tl fM rove Xoywf huvaurt* ' 
1442,4. . i 

^BM^u^fty] ir^Xiy^-oux i» rSvMtn si x«- 
X£c lx«> ^MU/ua(uy ^7. 144, 19. rSif 
wpirtfw, h iy» [soil, ihni/jutg^'], rttCnrnt 
T^ a'vfAfJui)(iay ioiuuaauvrm, 281, 25* 
x^fMCAfiiyiv^i/ua^iiTS. ut,caulorem yel 
prseounem si quern deligere yelitiSr«vo- 
oem ejus ante omnia spectatn atqne 
tentatis. 449, 26. Senatores forte dacti, 
anfeqnam bonorem oapesserent, exa- 
men subire tenebantor yitae antegesUe, 
•sortis nascendi, facultatum -etc. 0w 
Xivity fjtw %ja)(6rr9it ientfMi^a/Jtiteu tuLrn" 
y6«ti. 551, 1« Xayx»Mt CevXsviiy 'AaroX- 
X^of^oc* iMtfAaahit 91, jwl IfMO'a.t tot 
y^tu/uoy ^nm etc. 1346, 3. >Aj(irm Theo- 
genem ^m-iXi utiy — . ffv/AWafkymS/utOf 
avrS ddKijUo^o/ulvf , *al avnw9f^»e ifo- 
\vfxkron, on sIa^ii it; trv ^^x^. 1369, 
18. ezamen ejosmodi sobilmnt < item 
liberi Atbeniensiom,com poberes faoti, 
susB spoatis esse, rem ipsi soan fami- 
liarem gerere inciperent, aot patrimo- 
ninm adirent, et in album lexiarchi- 
cum inscriberentnr. il^^giiy ova ^ar* 
cva-Utf vva^^ouanK — iW* AarJ v^fi^ne, 
Sf i Tfarhf fAOi XATlXiars, nuiX £v Iduuoy tf 
fxt htufjut^bhrik MJo/MTocbai, 565/17* 
io0( ay iyof <lyi)p i^at ^otUfAoa^tim, 814, 
20. neo non civitate donandi. Swufta- 
r^au h rS iauta^niito. 1381, 6. lirii- 
rm Tovff iojufui^^imtf, probatps in seru- 
tinio, aya>^pa^«yai If 0^r4Xi) XiBiviu 1381, 
10« iiJufxAcM i,ri WfMiricv §0^ ycoy 
hr»t jcol 4^^^^ kyoBnc, jui2 ytAfJoi^ ^^ 
nfAW ffHfA,af» lonru 1408, 7. h kfX^ rfS 
ioiUfjUil^M tkirarrt^ ofdStf, iff^ti /tsa^oTt- 
cbat Vfht^w ynAnatff ar^y /DutdsTy. 1422, 
2. &ainf tl lifJua-fM, Ixf^vm oaroit^ rl wot* 
ia^, lanufJtMcai ^f?y kt nSi^nrt* 1442, 7. 
ivufjuLvU wfvr^.- 1318, 13. scmtlnlnm 
prios est, sub Antipbilo, 4Mim, AlimosU 
qusererent, nam quis, mummpalcm 



Imt/niMiAC Iv ^tfmi ytna^t, 1417, 10. 
IwiyiaVtatf] bmmIo est probatory explora- 
tory iionitatdr» ma^o approbator, tnffira- 
galor, laodator. ov fAJdm crtmyifous, uMJi 

' 656, 17* ^mufma^i avrw roC vrpelyjua- 

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IsM^tv] knid) If loXo^wnidt^c ImIVoc Ith 

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teraa homimm abjeetorom, oootemnen- 

doram* 246, 2. 

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^VfoCrrM, 35, 11. 0^ i^iv «r<t«DtD-a$a 

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•l« lnfMTtxoi. 164, 9. nrnv tUs «^Xi«? 
I^y ^^OM*^ fp^wy N«2 TofiMibca. 171, S2. 
^I^|(«r l«fi|i0*diai td3 IftxttV lu Xi^(7. 178, 
7. mat mi ^Q«Xi«dir l^^ay «vl(t(«c UtfiiXv, 
180. 8. i^c ffttPa rSv ha^KKvrrm* r^ 
fftfkiv ^XttO'fii/Kfoc ^ym /Airk lo£«c A«Xqc 
i«8li^0w^i. 191, 10: ad m^lvfomiw 
mi 'n^ftS? Mai la^«c ^ym%{ofAhm rvy ara- 
^ jftw> C47, 5. £«^f TOf Xntnv for^ tij|(mc 
«ai li^(;iii>* 247, 15.' hf^Xv rk M&k'Kurrtt, 

ar«pA tSv iS kiawi&^iwv l^'^Wro* 952. 
io. imu Ttv itaX^ do^oy lra>4iirv. prster- 
^am qvod iaaigBem gloriam attalit. 

255. 10. •» ^n^kmt t^ vSn 0ii$€dw 
^Aum aoi l^v %nti!^^(wawi. 259, 1. rq 
flWtfi^ii^or, g Ixurroy itiyinn rSv y 
^pMfigi «a«p«}f«|yMr fMrmna *At l^nc* 
M9> 8. Iq puf •SModiy itarr' Ix"^^ ^i^f 
«n^ 4^ a^Xw-M. 303, 20. jMtTt^l- 

, •^M TW^mv T^ l^av if^ u^. 304, 3. 
stinv flvM^, li )o{iic* 328, ait. rtSre II 

585. 11. eu ji*W, il fjL^ Xt^l**'''* <^v^^- 
Xiitt^ aim^rriof, £XK* iS iui2 ^{av ;^pii0<Tny. 
469> 26k ra tSc ii^ wrkftM-n. avt^Kan, 
^ nC irX«vTov annrot«'mi /imk^ 617, 8. 
fn^ wrnra y^gn/Aixom •vlMri^Pot*' iovou- 
IkMv J IS/u«r, 4rfK li 1^?^ «c tvli 4rg3c 
Sr 4^X0. 617, 11* hrtkyft^nti^ i^' 
«b «b^jii^in#0Y i^dfjnwmit ' opioatio sen- 
loBtiK, fa. •» rmum SUod, tinde manat 
.Mntontia jadioun, ealMoitar penes eos 
en lis, qmm aadidnt. 652^ 26. I^av 
I^MM^iMXShs hti <tMo5TO( woXiToi 4rAvra 

Jrm. 689, 26. tW mnti kyx^tHfAdun 

%«v. 690, 14. I^«v tu Xfi^^ N'^'n^ 'nic 
»iM»»c^PN^'Vi.765,15i «oS«V**'^<^< 
m^s m^sia yiyn vmnv t^Ti 0tu)MnAi, 
ItSS, 17% ^ M(;l tULtdfi M M r^fM fot, 
•p ia ttieae smipioaBlot. 1400,4. fiea- 

tentiam Demosth. h«o pertittOBteii a^ 
Stob»o serratAD t. aab Kkmoi. tSc 

ia-rw, orrtq Irrai »»;(««. opiaatioi^a et 
faBl8» Tvl^trii do leraoi gettatom vft- 
lori neiao eat penes qaem sit arbitrkim. 
1433, 11. ^tJxny l^y, existiBMtbBem, 
ti iroXctf XA/uCavUh 1475, 23. I^v wtfi 
TiXiUT^tf-rtyrof l;^ii» -nhr Ivftmey, m ir«pi 
{«rr0p flj^CT iMiwi;. 1479, 5. 

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bastam prasfenre. 1160, 14. 

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o-T^ro^rllotff. 214, pen. '218« 23. ^U' 
^ofoCyrtf T^y wiurrw rtnivm awm^iea, 
661, 6* ll«(v^{f( T«uff tfU'rl^ovc ^povc 
/i4M-&0y XolSdtfy. 683, 3. 

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(rd«i. 136, 6. Afr&yvtithuTitUtlf* 196, 3. 
213, 27. mvMftrw mMii l^iuydrtM lov- 
Xfi(air. 424, 9k 
lovXit;lty «|u^ o&r' idix40vii, «vt*, &y l^t- 
X40in«» M&^aa^ 104, 18. fy« fAf^w 
murk vdkitt^ i^isk nai HMtk ihn Uiiktima^. 
117, pen% ou ykf Smv XJy«v, outt ^^* 

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nt, ovn vDi» ar^ to l«vXivii»« 120, 14. 
il yk^ titMmH lovXfvfty v^fy^ff^tm* 0! 
clXXai, tfMV )« vv^ itic IXivai^c ^'wvi- 
0"rley. 129, 4. fA^n a^iiv €fr^ |3ooXt0-&a( 
fMiliyoCk fA^Ti lovXiMty «XXf> 132# 14# 
fic ^fCT^y lxd«y lovXiMti. 187, 3» avri 
Twy Kf}a>pdtfy6T«y lovXfviiy. 212, 20. ^e/?f- 

fdcitf, AC iv I0VXSMV97 TJi ar&ii ^f (y ay^ly^ev, 
ToC 9<ty(iro(/. 296, 22. laiiyoc l«vXflid-«?y 
ftf^nu TrnV ^^ ▼?( il(^( XtwiTf XoCo-ty. 
oraelaaientis e paoe effloreseentibas ipse 
aerriet, b. e. tanti ea fkciet, et tarn 
peitinaoitelr ampleetetor, ot« qoo. iis 
potiatar, noUas ait, qnamvk diiras» eoo- 
ditienes reoasatnras. 389,. 7. « mhta. 
^twrk itf«n. Hoi t^ Ifiayoif IdvXfun* ou» 
•SW&f. &d est, ROB manere penes earn, 
€]ai lis ati frai semper ad Titie fioem as- 
qde oopiat, sed ssbpe earn i|iTU«m, nac 
opinantem deaenrat. 1412, 27. £ to)- 
gata, a qoa ova abest, hoe oasiatat sen- 
tentia : qaibds iHilhis inest vertB« cer- 
taa# ooBstans ex ipsa natora e^|qaqae 
rei effleresoens valor, sed taati penes 
^B aa q ne fioBt, qaanti eoiqoe vtdaotqr 
esse, alii plutis, alii minoris* 
^Xm$(] ardXXj^ tw^neak maX lovXtai^ arp^* 

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tttanger]. 406, 18. Aaoitre tm tifAw 
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ifwT xAfil^ttr^At, 529, alL ^^Xw et Ixit;- 
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ditar. 1190, 6. m^ac, Sv InmrK lyii 
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fait de pretiis serronim artem aUqaam 

pat. h. e. ea perftnatar, firaolas ejas 
peretpiat, dittooem nostnua aiinaeiis et 
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aans, intereadaai bic domi desideaios, 
absentee a lecis, nbi res geriitir. 10, 6» 

caHenUeai 616, 5. seqq. abi ait aian- l^ofbttadc] rk ^puuii [soil, lymicfunm, vel 

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sed eomm domini aaSbrabaat. Coatra 
beri pro nalefioiis serYemoi p|eoteba»- 
tor. 1253, 1, s6qq. 
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s^C. 38f , 13. 422, 14. 
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«itat Thomas M. ▼. ^ouXod/cmu. Forte ob- 
▼ersabatar ei nara^nO^jclurM* p. 1149, 2. 

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pMis pata. 416, 3. 

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alt. <rSy 4ptf/cMir i^eaWcu 1408, 21. 

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sio aude osarpatom est p. 484, 25. pro, h)rtvxi*] solebat Demostheoi exprobrari, 

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qoam geris. 581, 8. 742, 23. 1187, 8. 1486. epistola 4, 2. 

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vfJttXt ova if&Sf. 173, 1. soot, que civi- 
bai a oivibos dantor, domi fraeada, at 
atatoe eneae, iramonilates, jaa epoUundi 
in Prjtanea, qoiboi veraa 3. opponan- 
tar oZ tSt ^htn i«tf§a}, bonores et pne- 
mia peregriaia tribata. reuron rSh m^ 
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hf^tSff iUeiuf tlfoi tuyx^vuf. 243, 6. 
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X»»*«' <64, 17. fAti^ttf kv iodtk Idipia 
avfJoreto'St*, Sv tmc aXXmc ^)«««ti. 323, 
16. dona tjnuiuonioi et oligarchioorom 
cam dpDia liberarom oiritatom conpa- 
nwtor. 461, 18, itqq. irt e waritg kfxSr, 
ti¥ l^n^arro avrS ivfiaf tZ McrvXnwrot, 
•vduc «vT»c hiofiUrttrc, 1019, 22. euy irt 
hfftkc [Sportein, casual emolumtiUsjual 
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varqpp^fy ainrS \afjk0Ann, 1476, 1. aaanna 
mikgittratBi annuo impeoe deoedenti 
dari aolitom erat oorona aarea, ti ma- 
gtalratna viana faiyaet rem bene prae- 
clareqae gessisse. 694, 26, et aqq. fia 
o^nrat h 2»ffi^ tmc imytynfAhotf* at 
memoria triboti benefioii etiam ad po- 
steroff prodatnr atque prtopagetor. 
1381, 12. 
im^ttif] adverbialiter, gratia, grataito.8)«- 
na imnkf rk. \vTfa. 394,20. hraXarrw 

^&ffM *ai i^T0i/AM, 1044, 21. 
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rerom ia, cojas in poteatate aant, lar- 
gitori prc»dat atqte yendat, nt sunt 
arma, locii, loca munita, oastra, elasaea, 
etc. 1Q9, 6. ;c«Xfira(TaT0y ?v to }»(t^ 
apvvrA IJiXtyxdvrat. 120, 24. rwr n rS 
^tdturtUcr^Ai luii .arparriiy 3«pe)oKovyT»v 
jui2 ha^UftMmiwl xT^fAtt^* 240, pen. 
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inft9F9t& 24J, si T» ^MfflloMrv irp^T^w 
Tti! Tij^ lyntfTi fTiiTir 1^. Aceeptatio 

largiCionam prmfradittf' ilia fiic^Bora, 
q«« disi, qasB aoot iatiaa corroptel» 
effeota et qoaai proles qowdaa. 427, 6. 
9r in htftl^v^Srra Ihirt, /rflSrw tuii itftii^ 

• TW thai M/ui^irr. 427, 7. 

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xnfM M T^anr. 236, 3. rk TM^TMr-i}*- 
jc^/u«T» x«2 ):«po}oxi(/uaT«. (Hermog. p. 
417r 10.) sed nam itt^oiituf rt dioitar 
et GrKeom est, pro hif^omitv irri twoc, 
pro largilionibas aliqoid prodere, Vf ■• 
.dere. p. 446,20. 

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foro dioandi. 1137, 3. - 

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•Qnynia-dM, nai rocmvmf, 246, 16. 

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Ityiwnra. 263, 7. o Toy *6/A0f riBtU lUrX^pc 
•Tari, fjuiht/Amf Uifa Xufb^oyicy. 343, 9. 
«rAvT«y tobrm ISofa mmL /uir&ouc ilx«^». 
343, 1 9. BstneDerooslbenif Imbc dietio, 
ab Ariatide de Diet. CiTili p. 230, 16. 
citata : vtana fiki tir ay Vyiy ivntifAWf 
mfjoq hfjAq ii«n7y, our* hut v/xCt ICouXsr&s 
&K9uttf, ia-a i\m$t itaf kft^vti^ i&fa, 
X^i fAM Tdy wtf^ rm ici^m y^jtcoy. 660, 1. 
661, 22. aroc i^/moc irtit tuptfiA *ai Vt' 
poy BiS9. 774, 18. i^t^, n }i' fllxxac V- 
TOfoo^jftiXkclfofitfirrM. 1396, 26. 

i»fom\£f] pnestando munere voto, ot 
hostia c^ c* aot donario, necesaitate 
TOti se exsolvere. sein GeLubde btaah" 
Un [to perform hi$ voto]. 1072, 26. 

iea pro kv suaplici. oy ikf o infAo^ BwDmtm, 
436, 8. 733, 4. 1152, 14. Uy f^h pro 
tt f/A, pr»terqaam qood, exeepto qwd, 
nisi. T«y H vifutm rm nufxitmiaio'affAn- 
SlfM, l^y fjih [aobandi Xucy, aat rouTt 
yinreu] h nfju&iraiQ, 710, 18. (uutH — 
[soil. yofAodmty] «np2 a^^io^ctt rmi a^4- 
ftoToc, ti re^tat(, ik» fAn [«cil. vopodrrji] 
•^n^ofAitm 'AdnvM^MP Tny ahua irf orroy. 
715, 2. /Md rtdhat vifAW, ikf /uA [seil.. 
Tida T(c] 1^ avToy iwl wuvi roXg «r«Xkaai?. 
769, 6. obi aat ista, que dixi, ta^ite 
sapplenda aant, aot lay Tideri poterit 
plane redondare. Uy^ H /m, pm aufcm 
mtntif, b. e. qaod si aotem id^ ^tod 
iUai, roinas fiat, aot Ajoa fiat .oootra- 
riom. 720, 26. 

Ifky] Toura tadiyra uai ara{o4>dlyT». 133« 
18. Uv i' $Zf4M, [soil. TO {vTpry] Urat, 
184, pen. yo/Moy aaToCoX/irra lay iy Mrof* 
ftoota. 260, 24. tovc «po9 i/c^avrey iyfim^ 
haa-arta, 319, 7. ToXXa «raifT<a, Sr» to(- 
auTa, lodw. ailentio transmitUm. 519, 
18. lay. in vivis aia^ret nanere c«dia 
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aean. S3jk, 5i. 646, 16. itioipo ri / \tiii<' 



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•vr' fyyaUu. 893, 15. 

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£an real landed property, not m hot' 
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<rMMi. ibid, la rSa rvinm kwianrm, not 
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aif boait, <|im hii» soat, tarn in iarra 

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par Mara aontibas. 9^6» pen. iyyttot 
a^U. 94d, eS. 

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h/ykwi, 290, 37. 

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ai paler filiam oorel in atbnm mnnici- 
pdioai (damotaram) aat aurhUiam 
(pbratoram) iasortbi, aat si Staatagns 
aliqaan in avfAfjtefLut, ael elaiaem 

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4ab«na8 lerarii; 762, 14. iyy»y^xfjkfjikf«i 
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dabaataa ratolit in tabnlia tatake a to 
gaslB. 8S5, 90. ly^^a^tmi [snbaudi 
i^eikm] TO ^(VXMry t» h!fM^im, 973, 6. 
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enravecit. 999, 1. in aobedola exaeto- 
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tuun fisco. Itpv y kf Korayma^, iy- 
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TSg V^tfac o^a^y, debere, ay. h hv 
^Xq, qua mnlta ei diota faarit a jadi- 

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ia tabniaa mrarii, at erarioa faetos, in- 
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arifaa, 778, 18. aM* [BTargav] aUm 
aini [aibi, Panteeaato] ywiaiai nmg ar^c 
TO hifiiiam kyYf^t, 968, 9. avyit tkg 
9l( rmug huifraq ly y paAac >avla^at. 
996. 1. 

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ai pater aponso filiam deipoadeat, at- 
qqa tTadat. hyyvaa-bai aatem ia nedio 
dicitar is, qui rem sponsam sfeuoipit, 
aat earn sibi tradi rogat, oorat, palitar. 
■ad et pnaterea stgni^bat prtadem 
agera, fideai prestara, sicA Mxfikr ver- 
burgen, guttagem, die Gewdhr ieieten- 
[(0 give 6$ own teeurityfovt io guar^n^ . 
tee, ta engage to make good]» Sv kt iy- 
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1134, 16. iyyuStrra rkg irl^ 0i7««l^c 
&C iavrt» oiaat, 1349, 15. 1363, 1. 
1369,22. Wc iy9ftuei9096M9at \ •&,Wr ai- 
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fyyiMaBm ^ ^XXoiw eateiBm ; ^f9t, 5. 
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ya^ av fAOi rns iyyvng. 961, 10. hyyvStra4 

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mt(av, 895, 15. mfuZioif rmrn h l>9^ 
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imrfdrrrro rJhr lyyunv* cur son redegit 
aes debitam, pro quo reddendo egp ca- 
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«ly fif rqv lyyuw. 900, 17. Mvat^tfrnti T^y 
iyyow* 900,. 26. c%i4>aff^i touc voftouc, 

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•pODsam saam despondetidani oonure. 
1134, 13. 9C &y syyunnifjum ri <i^ t9c 
iroXfwc* jtAq aoro^t^M vqy iyyvw. 1255« 3. 
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yfjutro^, 101, 186; lyyunr^k aftT^rrirat 
^2Sv o^xufuLrm, 712, 22. in formala ja« 
riajarandi a seoatoribas recens leeiis 
dioendi erat base qnoqae elantala: ov 

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(tie TO «rfS>'/Ma.^95, 18. 

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fliXXo&t ynifAVia^ 31, 2, 

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eu TV? 'WiJ XfywToff. 171, 14. oi* Iw rn 
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iHo^o noTi parem lieritis dignamqae, 
aed ne accedeotem qaidem propemodom 
>ad i^ravUatem crimiiiis. 229, 12. cm 
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aberant. 258/ 14. iy>a>c twv ifyw, iri 
fjtMfMtnfJihon vfAcSv, 303, 12. ovroi waft' 

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rae TOV T« CD-fojtTMV tv^iiar^M. 1422, 10. 

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^%ur. 14ir, 8. 
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Tebaa inviyilat ^ak, Mtoota soia oom- 
modUttt oportamtatiboa rei bene ge- 
mmUb. 439, 1. 

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dlvrtc. aoboroatis, inmiaaii. 1463, 1. 

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l$(i|Mi(inMW. 288, 3. tW /unr i}««xl^«i, 

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(AMfAi^fAtim. 468»^1. in rke o y h iautnm 
ft9St hmUtiatf, ne in joa vooabaa ob 80. 
minaa, qaaa tibi deberi pnatendebaa. 
877, 21. ovhfutUuf^Aitvnmmtw^hfASit 
tlff^Xdipty, eirr' hyxahtwrrtf, cor lyno' 
XtifjMot i^* iTJpMy. 907, 6. T^t^iX^ 
iyiuihiatbf &fyu(lw ^^(/^Af, Pnetnuion 
auf 3000 Dn madund Istlting up a 
claim taSOOOdraehmt], ei» qaertna aibi 
per nefaadenegari. 949,1. lyaaxIrMPric 
' ouToi SXity T«y imrfcmh. 987, 2. ihrifv- 
yw aifVtvg rut ^moc* ^ fM< b«»dKX«w. 

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eatofjunffhvfrti kyiuoi^^ur^t* padeat Toa. 
1485, 8. 

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nee amicia deatitati in diaorimiae de- 
ciperentmr, b. e. ab exitio ocoaparentar 
intercept!, velnti piaoiculi reti. 127, 15. 
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iiifip tSev iytui'niKnif&krrm i^ ^ppC«C Q Axa- 
n wtiktfAtTf* ob ea, qnas interea, daaa pax 
oondicta jorcgarando aanoitar, interoi- 
piuDtar. 388, 12. 

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amv^/cuda «/mj«c; iheef hr imXirw ^hi ir«- 
(tvnrM. 140j 5. hk /uaXaa&cy ^ ^odv- 
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Koi ra cvfA^ifWTA t^ aror^^Jbc. 158, 10. 
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««, IvtfifiJXdiy «^T^. 1087, 6. hytimta^ 
XfXotvM-i Touc v^iSV* reliqnemat filloa, 
b. e. aiTeront in denna qooaqae aaia 
tranqoilloa manere, qvoram patrea illine 
expniiasenc. 1316, 25. 1317, 23. iyiM- 
TaXikohfoai f*t, deaenicrant me, d^ae- 
ruatmibi in dioendo teatimonio, quod 
diotofea receperant. 1322,^ olt. /AnHva 
■rSk ftXMT lyanTtfXiinry. 1483, 13. 

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iirgere, aoriter in ea inirebi, eaqoe ora- 
tione invidioaa exa^tare. 294, 23. 

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wiwamjbUao^^irTa. 87, alt. 

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e^ lyic. 4dt8, 26. 

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fenaa. t^ U fA&n a*2 ^ i^^/guerA If* 
than ifx^vi^^iri>49* 166, 2. kytik^fiuunt 



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acoasatorias, ab actore jadioi ekbibitai, 
capita accusationis tenena* &i ^ 
fyk>iyifAA Tnc iixnf, h ifXap^iv «ut«. 787, 
9. 788, 4. 882, 11. TmBb fxoi rhiyMXti- 
fAU, 9 tXaxw AvrS wi^va-i. 912, 1. yt- 
yfi^eta-nf tig o vvy lyicX«/tMt iuoKovTa. po- 
soernnt in libeilo aocasatorio, seean- 
dam qoem dddo, at adores, in me, at 
ream agant. 988, 22. 

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Ton iya^S^ Kv^iovi ilvett ual avrwe fX><* 
Koi iovvM ToT; »XXo(frl487, 27. 

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xai X"?** ^ ''7 H^ "^^ *ATTm«c» Ange- 
ussene [property in land, immoveable prO' 
perty'\, pecaliati, qaibas fondi sant, 
bona imroobilia, sed extra Atticam, in 
solo peregrino. 1208, 27. 

iyxrnfjut] faodas, pecaliaro, qaod qois in 
solo peregrino , extra . Atticam babet. 
iavrSav ^etai rqy p^o^^av ovo-av cluttv, iud 

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avrZv Krn/xara, i>i holMiok, 37,7, ^ 

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SBantini AtbeBiensibos jas dentin ditione 
saa fandos domosque emendi, atque 
possidendi, pare jore, atqae oives Bj- 
zantii nati. 256. 7. 

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bem eant, ab ano ad aliaro.devolvontar, 
nensinem prietereant ; nt sont gymna- 
siarcboram, cboregoram et epalonora 
fanotiones. 463. 13. 496, .16. S yk^ 
ovH rSit Xa-an, 9vii tSu iy%vK>JiM iuuUotv 
fxiroua-iav hJioeta-iv ol yofMi. ne valgariam 
qaidem istorom atque trivialiom, nalli 
oivi negatoram. 792, 16. 

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JyuMfjuev, 68, 3. r^let iv, lxftv)> rn hfJi,i^a 
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Hat t£v iiteUveov ifrooTt^M. 441, 23. 

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16. I| ivckymt h rS ipfwri ^Afju^ia 
'%Mjrrm f y^oi t«v <l^i9ViTovrrOTvl052, 
21. ' 

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179, 15. iav ra {Ji^trA^v rtf • i}^lif o Xl- 
ynf. 202, l5. i}';c«ifirv iiX ivartt ut\ 
Twc juiXorff. 2^8, 22. 

i^ftpi/txa] machinatio, cceptam sabdolom 
et clandestinam. oh .fjnn^aq ayailiUq tk 
fy)(ttf^fMtTA «ut£v Iffri £i24, 12. 

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dloibtts^ fltiw l>%f i^Mv, sine uoi,,^fi' 

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ravra v^ior^sa-iv t>^8ip{{f<. 398, pen. ott 
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785, 12. OT* IfAiKKi TiXiwTay, &«^«trr» 
raZra |yiyf^(0Yy'A<^o^w.8l4, 13.'ou 9&^ 
9fyw, iXX a^X^£y xal ^vyari^ 0iovQ 
iy^f!^(ofMf. 869, 26. jyvii^ouff-iy stI- 
(otf rk iavrw, 1283, 1. tit ei ^(lotn 9roX- 
kkq «roXXo('( l>«s;^iifMfVcu ^iftttc, <lc 
XfXu/b(<tydat Touc ivtrrarr*;, 1439, 24. 

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piat, b. e. si per aqoae ad dicendam mibi 
infassB meniaram satis otii fuerit, rel, 
si spatiom ad dioendaip mibi datam 
siverit. 1094,3. Iyfx^s< toSto ie(&rrU9 
irka-t fMLK>M, 1277, 22. 

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h^iXna-i /xot iiah^aa-^ai T^y yauy. 1^16, 
3. 1218, 23. 1223, 22. /An /uot [soil. 
xiyt] /xvflwt, fMUita-fW^i ^kf^J 45, 

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w6Uo»t tU<pu. 99, 19. 134, 14. tHc «e- 
Xi«c -vfei^ autSv Twy l^a^«y il; ^l}/t0^oy 
x/y^uyoy KoraxitiXiifAinK. 803, pen. ^•- 
aoVTf TotA vXoiov ro l^a<f>oc. 883, 22. - 

iBks^ rSn i'^i^on naX aiwa^mKhon piro^ 
aVaXKayna^o'^t. OGOspIratis et inter se 
ooiladentibas, qai inter se consoete- 
rant, diutarnitate familiaris asus matoi. 

l&iXiiy] ioukivuf vfAiXf ovr l&iXwrtri, 
ovr *y iQiXnamt, Mffroff^u 104, 19. 
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Xou^f, [scil. ahiy] ovr iiriff^afxinf, 

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\iX&fo»t» aoimo erga.nosne sis tarn ad 
gerendas iniraioitias obstinate et jperti- 
naci. 1005, 15. 

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vnayy(\rouq idiXoi>rac ifttfaxo»^na-ai ^c 
XiVflrw. 247, 24. 

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Tttc ttQicty vfMV oKovuv. 477, 21. 

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a^«< nfiSc Towf TOJowTW/c iS^rXowc* 219, 7. 

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xar iBvn iouMvato'u 117, pen. 

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aliis faoile dignoscendam. if rti ufjuit 
IpwTO, Tt tron^irarov )»f4.i^tn rSy h rn 
ff-oXii idy£y. 668, 11. 

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Xirsiof xjS^a-^au 34, 19. kiro rw xoiySy 
TO iQo9 M rk tha fjitrA0tBk(wraf ofvai 
raaq.. 142, 23. abi mos significator pe- 
eoniara poblicam pmnes inter oives 
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trii redifflenduiD. htvirarw ld*c f^ 

tWAyotf. 341, 19. riv i4f4.of tBo( iroti^aSf 
ant potias iiiTerse ri iBof vS/mp, ooo« 
snetodine, vel nsa popolari a me ad 
▼im legis translato, b. e. qood exisli* 
ma,fein, qood ab omnibos Talgo fieret, 
nomine repreheDdente, id perinde va« 
lere atqae si lex soripta sit. 414, 8. 
roTf V ibta-i, qoia rei jam iosueTit, »al 
nraXg imBvf/Uatf, qaia rei cnpiditate te- 
oetar, ravr Iwix^'P*" orfj^TrKy. 638, 

tin, 1163, 11. 10WI Tore »vrnq Imni' 

1440, 16. 

it fuA ^tei — nisi ob^tetisset hoc yel boo, 
nisi stetisiei per — il fjbh iu^ AomIm- 
fjunovt eto. y. ii&. §1 M fed — sm aut«m» 
alias vera si istad, qood mode dixi, se- 
ons habeat. 539, SO. - 

§lihai] ov^, i( yiyom oT^a* simulo prorsas 
ignanim, id nnqaaro eTonisse, 246, 6. 

arsfH rouTM ufxui ^m tl^heu. 1024, 5. 
^fTt av fM hiaaroq v(xS^ ii^, f^nH rh 
vXntrlevvofjuf^irot tlHvett. 1024, 9. 

t7gf] satis de hoc loco, haeo haotenos. 
recte. 46, 5. 342, alt. 463, 22. 479, 16. 
597, 17. et 24. 

ttN^fty] iyoi H olia, oVet kv ix XeyiO-fxou rig 
a-KorrSv Bin&a-at. saspioetor. 207,12. rS 
ya^ tluaa^ii ai riq BynTV, e a^Avarov h- 
ya\trai rng l^ovci ff^dov. 1404, 18. f(- 
naa-fMhoef trpoc trif rSft dtSv ivva/juv, 
1408, 24. 

iJkiiv] rk fjih tUm, hui av rv^n, 10, 3, 
ovK tl^a, ovV vfn)(t&fna'a, 272, 20. rov 
M/Mva, S ^CrrHQ afOpe&novg tUtn iviyiui. 

fI»oc] tvXoya et itxera, at cofpiata, oopu- 
lantar. 1106,1. 

9liUTo^'\ navi^am yiginti remis agile. 

ftiukn*] seoundam Harmodiam et Aristo- 
gitonem, Cononi primo statnam ^neam 
posaeront Athenienses. 478, 4. ijoMi- 

dfui^/Mlvii] TMc ymtva-i f/tim vo/jU^on yt- 
yrma-^M, t^ t9c tlfAaffAtni [soil. /Ml^ai] 
Kot Toy avrSfJutm Bavartnt vtfifAim, 296, 
18. Tqv tlfAtt^fAmt ia^t ^fvrii&v, 1394, 

tifjtafrat Touroif fxtiiiwor tZ v^krrwvn iw 
^fvAcat, 1435, 14. fl fMrk rSn Bn0aiw 
ayo^i^o/ulveic hfMf oStwc ttfMi^o v^a^ai, 
ri -xjfnv vr^ocioiiAV, «J (xn^ toutovq I^o- 
fjttv avfAfAa)(ivt, 293, 9. 

ttvax] &t eTTi fxeCKiTTo, toUto Jsoc. 10, 2. 
linbiff^n ma^ivramq vfMV oupi^t rnv ot'- 
aav. 28, 9. cu^ivouv nv liffitV iTipatf. imo 
- vero nemini alii copiam dicendi facie- 
bat ; neminem alium sinebat os aperire. 
274, 16. hfA^i^h otfy iv ^u&Uiq Ifjttv 

vo/u/^fiv. 301, 6, f/A TMttuTDc tXt^nq T^C 
vvA^wmi v«vXn4MC irfp2 iJuiTifoi;. nisi 
ejasmodi esset opinio vestris animis 
jam antiqtiitas infixa. 30'4, 1. ov /(mvov 
TOuc ft^«C *Adii»<Uouf, aXXi mX touc JWl- 
p^ v»T8 /uIxXovt«c l^'f^'^M ^rarretc qlix«- 
xiNM. 358, 22. oM^^^&a ^, t/ tout* 
ia^ai rn «r^Xfi. qaod emolomentam in- 
de sit ad remp; reditnram. 463, 5* tUv 
tntofAvfifAMra "^a-ait orrtc [id est Iti Imq] 
el rri^m, adhac saperstites. 616, 21. 
T^ fx^ •ua-av [fioil. yptta-w, vel ^/xqy] 
irriKaj(fiv. exceptioae agere senlentise 
dictsB ejasmodi, qnas irrila- sit, et pro 
nalla faaberi debeat ideo, qaod sit illegi- 
tiroa; 543, 14. 1006, 6. /uwti ffuyyvaofxutt 
fAfir aXXov fxnhfit tlo-if noo dementias 
stadeot ad ignoscendnm facili, neqoe 
alii alii rei, orXqy rou orXitoyo;, qaam 
oompendio faoiendo et rei familiari aa- 
gendae. 982, '3. tU siri t3 a^tyoy ajro 
Tou 0-))/cAi/ov. bene ipsisoedat%stentam. 
prospera ab eo proveniant. 1072, 15. 
Sti w iroTnp i«t tou rfd7n(irtvtiv, 
1111, 27. IfMV avrSv orra. cum soli 
?os el yestrsB spontis estis, netnine vos 
interpellante, neqae inipedienle. 1456, 
9. ToiV ix T^y ^apiXuXu^oTdvy p^poy^y (Za-if- 
[id est ^yi7(riy, yel eyituff'fAiWK'] iirtfi- 
xici vrafMuira,rt^ia'dm. 806, alt. rl wv 
io-rl rovTo. qaid hoc igitar rei est ? un- 
do yenit ? 973, 22. outi yip yvy 7*0* 
wp^c f^tftVoy 1^, scil. ^pSyjua, yel ^i». 
1108, 2. otofxai y&f rl fxoi Ka\ rwro §7" 
vat «'po( Tqy ^Xa^oyttay rhf rovrovt, soil. 
Vf^fyw. spero hoc qaoqae argamentam 
utile mibi folarom adversas — 1241, 
23. tv^tr^eii (xh ft^, ivyvof/xwirrdrw 
'rvyx/i'VUv, 4>f$fiy ii rovt ovrag %lfAWvq, 
ciyes, qaalescanqae 'sant, perferre, 
etiamsi non noils meliores eos esse.. 
1486, 2. 
fl«7y et ipiry] Ti ifoD^iy; n rl fftTOfAiv*, 
99, 8. obscara differentia istorum ver- 
boram ilviXv el ^a»ai, qas si qaa est, 
at necesse est esse, yidetor boo oerni^ 
quod tlmh sit saadere, aaotor fieri ali- 
oujus rei faciendae, <pcivai affirm are de 
re facta. <^vXaicdy iiorsty, }i' q; ffu^iiaTreu, 
castodiao auctor fieri coasUtuendae, quae 
fiscom tueatar et conseryel. 103, 10. 
v^po'ixova'iv &9rayTi(, ov^ oTf iiwofAtf toti, 

hw9 kf ttV0lfA,n, aW* oTf 1fOl9Vf44V. 132, 

8. ov ^(MiXo/uat ^i ^uff'p^s^sc i*i7rtXv k^x^" 
fxtfoi rdu Xoyou. 226, 18. 2 rlkf ilwaiv 
c-i ng opflSc nrfo^vot, 232, 20. ow^yoc 
ilvroyroc ov^iy, oux iTtroy fxiv rcwra, ovk ■ 
l>f«4* ^^ — 288, 7. xal to tow KKfKxXov 
xaXey 10'Tiy iimTv fxoi, roibi quoque licet 
decos illod, de quo Cepfaalus gloriatas 
est, de me pnedioare. 311, 4. X^oy t7- 
fFSf, olx uirlp e)i|2a/«y, ^XX* uivip vfjtSev 
ttfioy fipii0-i&«i. 384, 16. ^vo nai r^ pn^ 



Mlifta hmi&ik* 4f)6, 11. rovTan* w^u tHin 
Wfof ittvriv, bonim oibii ipie sibi gab- 
jeoit,ad tnimomjamn rorooftyitiStebi- 
oet»419, 9. ilir«r rit iffotrneUv rev c^A- 
fMTf^ Tid«Uidineiii CM*atiu, m exoa- 
Mtioo* Qsiit, 750, 10*' h 70? xc*>^ '''f 
«If>filfff. a legibiis prwfiBitQ. t2tip 14. 
I«ri(3^ii «^T^i!|^o. fioomclieeBdieiiBi 
fccisset. It39, ^ k^ nv diofc 9»e^<^ 
[soU, Tovro )&lA#»]. 14^ )}2. tmt* 9 fit 
alnn ttir^bTot, boo ipse sibi |M-»eipiai. 
1466, 16. & rtc i»VfiV uifi^tu, taSta 

M^ }^^4«l( ftfTui^MT AV. 1489, 1^. 

itpT^fiyl aroore, inipedire, exdudere. i2p- 
ynr ouv, tifytr «vto» t5v iwf tik •♦?«• 
ir»»c X^)«iy. 572, 11. tUyvnaf -riff ^yogSc 
rtitc, CM «ro2 €%$UniHt. IvivnitvmvaC' ^17, 
alt. fJi^frdMt TQC u/btsrl^c avf/kfjutx^* 
666, 4k b) viDoire, io costofUa tenere. 

TOF iitMaCfJU»W tt^^ATt 3fJM ftVMW. 159, 

■ 4. i?j»{i» 'A)^a(X^ To» T'C*^. 56?, 12. 

JUK v«r* dvrou. 1S67, 10. Uf tk aimon 
f%& *« f4««X^. 1367, 11. 

Toy M «r^Xf/uov i!^m 164, 4. pk •» T«f 

' ''J* ^k^ ^oXwXliM^iv. 174, 16. f$ov0^ 
TQC ffipomc. 240, 22. <SMiMS#i9iu tov o/bc^ 
yMAV M^ T^y ilp^r. 285, alt, t»v f t^oyny 
ttnu vvv aMf, JSvwf ; ♦iX^voi, xai roXf 
lyyimt, 356, 7. »a» fUy tipAniv tk ue iro- 
XlfMu «Mq^, T4VT«y .i^iowrK, «y y 1^ 
fif^iyvc mihMfA&t TIC Ac??* tovtw /bca;i^ 
fctHQi. 1445, 9. v^XifMc Mo^oc d^yvc 
'^^XC'^ aV*v*Tif«c, oittt e Deinostli. 
Stobaeos p. 353, 1. flpovnc KOfy^c /ttrrl- 
^li* oitat Sohol. ad Arislotelis rhetoric. 
p. 45. a. 35. ^ 

ilfKTn] career. Ixivay tt^JtrSc touc 'vaurm 
nth luctiy virlxM^<K* 764, .11. *twm^ 
t9c ftpxTQc pi^ttXiflTw; rS» "Kxyia'fji^ ^on, 
1471, 16. 

tiftmUi] simolatio ejos, ^obd son est,' et 
distiiQalatio ejos, qood est. wicw «i^; 
f (^fjlay. omissa omni cayiUatiooe, falsa 
qoidem etsaoov. plena, frigida tameti et 
absorda tergirersatioiie partiom saa- 
rom, ob quesltos nesoio qaos faliles 
prvtextos, oom ooDteatione in aliam 
eas transferendi. 42> 7. «l f^Hfa jMi^dy 
•UaBt ^y, Urts fSvw rmumf tSc ifomimt 
i^fTM. BoUum 99*^ tempasrenlarom, 
quod Tanitatem Bottr» siinobitionis 
aperiat. 1428, 4. fi^mtUat appeUat, eom 
qois magna et pneeiara minatos, nbi 
agendi tempas Tenit, bil agit, ingen- 
iemqoede se oommotam spemdestitoit. 

ilpAfyfbfo'&Ai] simalare aUam, qaam sis; 
mnlta et magna promittere, qae neane 
poB8is,neqoe velis repnBStafe;Bat etiam 
simularaignorantiam, qaasi perioulum 
inminens et ob ocilos positnm hand oer<« 

DBS, tamettl bene ceraas, affectesqiae te 
neseire,.id ad te qaoqae yertinere, qnod 
beaa^ seias, daramodo et oecarrere ne 
cogaris, sed alii muaeris tni partes 
agant. eatweder gr«» ihun, od««, neh 

. dummMt€Utn [either to make great boatt- 
mgt, or to affect ahtoluto ignorance]^ 
TII9 fre^fk ToTc ^XXs^iv A/yfoUi MMif^ fM- 
fuyftintt or ifn* raSrek natXuUf Ae-^ckkSt, 
rk (Ah ov vfeof^nt, r» H 1 2(«vB;<yuiyiic. 
1394, 13. 

lie} It y Moc ^y^ 9»( vfMV KMTk Tny ifuw^ 
rv/ Tflifcy 2c ly ixaj"rii Tah* 'W^Xntiim 
ftoXtm iy^i iyhwn, fcSXXoy ^ il ha fxinm 
h^A eiTTAXk, iui Im iyl^ 'A^iaiut 
ravrk ^vtSirra Ic-p^oy i/moC 327, 3. it; 
h ^h^fjui ravrA 9irta cvnaniuaa-a'K 
358» 14. tv^f tuA* sv. 552, IS. anllo 
pacto,' 778, 24. rh vwif riKuiavmQ 
Toiktoft im2 Tfl0-ouT«v ir^yfAartn fn^nco* 
fA,vnn "Kvyw vartQQ lyoc tou Xi>'trTtc oil 
fUi{«i ^MM%ff^0n hX, nnilo non oratore^ 
qoienoqae ilia orator est tempore quo- 
qne rerba faoieas, tanqnam uno siago- 
lari et prirato homioe, amplipr atqne 
exoelsior debet yidert 17 Ij 12. cv yeif 
fM^fif i0-rty, S^* S vSat 9vif^yfAktm cu 
Ksmoc wv avoXwxiiuu ^ynrrrM. ne oai- 
oam qoidem est in faciaoribos ejus om- 
nibus, onde non constet, earn mortis 
mwoisse snppliciam. 518, 26. (simile 
est illod Herodoti aidfoiirot; 0*«^ iv 
ev)^ iioT«f»|c l^ri, p. 17* 31. ed. Wes- 
seling.) iW }4 TM TfSvM . 1342, 19. vfOV 
Totc yim mtiiJinmt tft^l ty, qoodoasqae 
tandem, qnantomvis ingens, ypv/u^Tw 

* grXSdvc <M tou ykiiwi imXov icrrnr ixl- 

ilcl modo aqoiTal^t pnepositioni lunit, 
ratione, respeotn, modo hk propter, 
ob, sigoifioans oaosam et efficienlem et 
finalem, modo irpoc, ad, modo ly, in. 
asnrpatur, qooque in estimatioiie spa- 
tii, temporis et valoris : ferme, prope- 
modam, oiroiter. videamas jam exem- 
pla. a) pro aora, quoad, ratione, re- 
. spectn. i\*a»roh^ k9'^>Stil'X}if, 
143, 1. lie x^f*^"^ inM^q. is rebus, 
uade oompeodiom speretur, impudent. 
616, pen. sic xjfnfiArm ^ifkim, S Ttya 
iy>m bemfUv, 1393, 1. b) ob, propter. 
yfit^Aftifr(iur$9rvtkySi»».t60flQ» «»» 
alodium rw ovrdy tit f* fJUtXtutUi a%A» 
mrm, 308, 18. #v t^ itc twSt* Iktm 
ar]pe)i>MM<. 795, 12. ti{» h r& wrfi 
TtuTA ri avufiiktuof %lt r&fifAvthi aXi- 
• d(wc wfM^tbisniihw, non stnlte pater 
pecnniam super his maneipiis elooavit. - 
«r Aat dof Geid a^f ditu Selavn nuM 
unbetormen ausg^uAen [Ae fcoj hdC placed 
hit moneys imprudently, in (enditig it on 
thote liouEs]. 822, S,rS}^tltrk ^rt(a 
Undawm, der amfdat Untrige Gelid oaf- 
genmmen hat [ilho ^i gained 6y {md- 



ti^ out our-mmuy at intemt]. oppoti- 
tit pignori bonii, noD laia, m nosiris. 
82S« 14. ov)i raZy itvi^ i/Aou ilc ri 
hifuUa^af irtfAiha-av^, noo mei o&asa 
oensom hooo ob, Tel adjiseum, h. e. ad 
qaiestores, qoo in aerariam inferretor» 
edidistis. 838, 4. tU itla-ra "^tUtaiaq, 
pecuoiam adjtdtm orediduti, h. e. live 
quia fidebas homino, at probo ei bo« 
oesto, sive, qoo fidei ejaai mandaret, at 
tibi toi loco 8er?aret atqoe castodiret. 
886, 25. it imi&Xn/f ilc Tqy ivur^vHiv, 
incosabant ob male gestam tutelam. 
985, 18. o) pro ir^. vhira &¥ahxj^ 
/Mfvec »a2 tU iAVTOT frotou/Mivoc ra fvrotf 
MfjuLfrlifMira, 352, 18. vcarron fAoXiora 
•ic TO vfSyfjM {[yat, ad rem praeseDtero 
facere. 961, 8. et 13. to yh^ tic auto to 
irfayfAA itLrta Xl>f iv. 1 301 , 1 1 . d ) pro 
h. infAoq f!c ii^h jta^^ifAt¥ct, 586, 22. 
iUun Xajbt/S^tv lU x^f*'^**""'* "^ oomis 
aliqaem ponire. 610. 7. ilc ta ffufMra, 
in corporibos ipsis, lirotntf-aTo ta^ T»fM»- 
ptA?. 610, 8. cl¥ tU T^v CoyXqy, ou^* it; 
Toy >q/iAoy wtfil rovrw tivouv oviiv. neque 
in senato, neqae io concione. 715, 20. 
quaroqoam tU ibi pro vgoc qaoque po- 
test accipi, neqoe ad senatam, neqae 
ad popolom. •) in lestimatione, ferme, 
propemodam^ oiroiter, at Latinornm 
ad, tink I4M fAtXKvwrSn tWrnai tSuthjiM 
lie ^iUi^Ay iio^n^X TiT^Tny. 539, 26. 
fuuLxiara cvfAvarra, tauta iI; i^^e/uoxov- 
TA /btVAC 'JcafeMAttaci, 815, 5. a^ia oiJfc- 
«rArrA tavta itc /M^»f ltf0Lj(jjui.q, 816, 
24. lie Ti^y Bwkht lxd«y. conveni sena- 
tom. 1151, 21. interdam tic ^xaratam, 
• sed yitiose, reperitar pro we ad. at olim 
erat p. 1362, 9. obi dedi ejas looo w; . 
ii^Ay}/! X/a et ci0-A}7lxX8(y] tov; a^ucouvtac 
il0-A}o^XXf (y. ad senatqm popalamve de- 
nanoiare, deferre. 97,1. yfo^q, ivdu- 
yAc, %WwyY^>da^ iinvynrm fAM, 310, 4. 

|l0'A>7<fX(A l)l^ tU T^V ^OVX^ MTCP *A^- 

rrkf^ ToD MJ^ov, 2^ fib} Ni»^i4A;^oy 
AVfUTaydSe, 554, 10. Ijei Xiuiy il0-A>^IXXf iy 
/iM, fne qaen ad senata»« am tok vpv- 
TAyiif AuTf v^vy^k^tvi T^ iip£nv. 1151, 
pen. f(/Av ftfv w^tv it AVwXfow, ^ vaiIc 
^ixA /iMMc, ««f i irfoioaioi kv it0^>7«XXoy 
ovTOi. 481, 5. ytwfAint rm ^n^fMt t?c 
ap^A^c fy TJf BtuKn n^h ne^ iU-ayy%yda,ft 
h iy^ it0^^iXA.'ll52, 5. il /uiy tWay- 
yOdoi i^ut w^i/rrmrk fM i«gA, i IrA^^iX- 
XovTA. 229, 20. h tWayyoiA vaXaa &y 
^h'. 374, 8. ev^0v« *AdifM(M0y mat' tl^uy- 
yf x(av fai T?c CouxStc Q yvv f l0-»y Ix W/u«- 
Tiptw, ^ tJ Xoiiroy xatati&5«-«. 720, 19. 
yo/tww orroiy, l<ly t»c T«y Jfffwy i»«roa;t^/u.i- 
vec i(a»en^aiif i(0'A>7iX»Ay f7yAt vnfi av- 
rmi. 1204, 18. 

tieMyyiXrmit yo/i««c. lex de aoiienibos tla-- 
ayyt'kUt nomine venientibos. 720, '23. 

^ayMi] eaofaai renmre in judicioai, aot 

ad popolom, a qoa jodicetor. arA^«y 
tn fA* tlriiyw m Xo^i0-ta2, soil, ilc tov 
^/uoy, aot ilc tovc ^auta^kf, vel ilc touc 
iv^vrr^. 266, 8. ipfmo'^M vtoXXa to7c 
y^Mc ilvift Kttl vfMV, 0^* ilHyayt Toy 
noXv^nXoy. 627, 1. ll yM'^kfUHi Toy yo- 
fMff ka2 ila'AyA^'oyTgc [acil. AUToy, aut 
tra mfl AVTflS S^y] tic v/cAAc, (alloqoifor 
judioes e popolo delecloi, aeo Heliac- 
am) Xutf'At iumBiinfxtv* 703, 6. iiVM^you- 
/b(tyoc xpiviTy, effectorom, at caosa ad 
jodiciom forenae pertraheretor, tl?-^ 
^iiy, at Heliasae oommilterelor di&ce- 
ptanda, wa^aiwrtnt at condemnatus on- 
decimviria tradar. 781, 2. ouTot ya^ titf-- 
Hyn rht tic to 3^xA^T^p»oy t^c )<a^ixa- 
Wac tac vt^^ T£y a^tuM. 1147, 1. o a^- 
;(«v ^vsxpiyt fraa-iv hfMV toTc i/u^to^rrou- 
0*1, iia2 AyAXflyAc tlchyaytf tig to ^ucAO'Tq- 
p(oy. 1 175, pen. , b) tie T^y obuAy. ov /bU- 
voy AvToi i^XyZf {«0'(v, aXX<1 xa2 i/xoievg 
iavroiQ irifovg voXXovc tIc Tqy oZjuAy im-ii- 
ToiM-t. 1025, 7. c) poerom apod pbra- 
toraa introdocere, b. e. ejoa corpoa co- 
ram sistere in collegio oarialiam,nomeo 
ejaa ad eos edere, idqoe in albam in- 
aoribi corare. ^ayayih tic tovc ^^a- 
To^C hHtytUurhn. 1011, 24. 1313, 19. 
1315, 20. tla-a^Uf tovc QTaDac autSc tlc 
Touc ^cIto^ac [aabaodi touc tAin^] a>c At)- 
ToD SvTAc. 1357, alt. d) Irnqy ^^ov tI<rA- 
yon [acil. tic Tny v4\iv, vel tic Tqy «roXi- 
TiMy] ovK M,Wxv¥n. 268, 4. e) t doc. ^tvo- 
TAToy iTAyTOfy idoc xaI aavfA,^9feira.rmhvfMf 
tie T^y 9roXiTflAy ^ckym, 341, 20. 608,. 
26. f) lATfoy. dfpAflriufiy T^y Ay&p«iroy, ry 
avfino'^v, xaI (ATpouc il0'A}^(y. 1159,21. 
g) voa^fxa. TO v6e-nfx.a rovro — TOyc wpaS- 
Tovc ilff-AyAT'OVTAC irifxcio-tfrt. 425, 8. h)' 
tvofjM. Boiorroy av ftffOic* touto yk^ ilgyf 
X^i* sob boo enim npmine io pbratoras 
a patre ea introdoctoa, idqoe tibi torn 
nemen in albo phratorom eat acriptom. 
1003, 20. i) ff^XffAoy. v^/uoy flc Tqy 'At- 
vutxif tlc-^yf*c» Al^ivu, ^^X^Aoy *Af4^' 
aTtwaiA'.275 , 19 . k) oTToy, vel ^ofTMt.oCr 
lIo^yiTO, Seta i^irro avrS, 276, 6. iI^a- 
ywTsq (acil. tic to tf*«r^ov) irXtlovc % fjuv- 
pMvc fM^Hug irv^Sv, 918, 23. ov^oTioDy 
yap tioyiyayw Aq tov "kifjiha ntn l/jurtpw 

OUTtl. 931» 18.^ 1) ^^pAC tIo-AyflO;^OTAC 

tic Avrk [acil. rk vfoktcfjuira]. 238, ult. 

9ia-ay«rytvf] qoi oaosam in jodioiom iotro- 
docit, h. e.^aootor ei fit, n% can diace- 
ptet, demaodat ei qotesitiooem, id quod 
eat Arcbontia, aot Tbeamothelaa, aot 

' c^joaoonqoe magiatraiaa. vrifl Sv vun 
tWy tlceiyofytXt, 976, 14. et 17. 

tta-ay^ifAfii] oaosa, qote est ejoMnodl, at 
liceat earn jadicio cognosceodam oom- 
iqitti. w»(ei^yfafAfA.if99 fAv txffvytuyifAm 
t7vAt TJi» »ucDV. 832, 2. 939, 12.^ k [acil. 
;^/(«ata] i*.h XATAtrXtTy oXa»c ovroc ^po 
tirpATTf , TAUT iI«vy«^if«A [id cst, T»iy 



9Ftfi r»vrm n^ta^tt ilo'ay&ytfMii] rovrco ^n- 
^rata-bt. qaas ille merces operam de- 
dit, at prorsas hao ne deferrenlnr, so- 
per lis oogDitionem in foro Testru agi- 
tari a vestris Jadioibas,deoernati8. 888, 
19« iXv^ot ueu i^ avr6u rov m^kyfAtttof 
l%l^iif tla-aycuytfjun riiv ^w ouo-av. 908, 9* 

ittf'a<^()tyi(4r&«(] tlo'a^aaovfxnoi «roXuy ^ofw 
tlf TO u/uirfpov ifjkiriptw. 907, 4. 

il0>i3iXX»y] lav ii fA,h tl0'0A\ota'iv. obscaium 
est, quid ttibi velil. 927, 2. 

tla-0ia($aB<u'] XATA Twv lavreuc tla'0ia^ofjU- 
v«v aHovraq ^em^dai, 1004, 1J3. 

tia-U^ta-^ai jujjJIv roiovrcv. 219, 23. iIo-W- 
^tta-^BU ili rht oiKtav wap* awr^. 1010, 
20. 1011, 22. ila-h^ayMcv TO hi rn? oSoS 
SIfltfJ si? t3 ijaJv x*?^^''* 1276, 11. 

ito'SCvat] clam, furtim irrepere, iofinaare. 
i(( rnv *AfA,^iiirvmUv tWMuKoof. 153, 14. 

tto'lp^io-^ai] a>c f (0^XdfV n i3ovX^, scil. tU rriY 
fxxXnWav. 285, 3. Sow? Js rwron fjunH' 
Wf jUflTi Imdt/ftui, /u«Tt {?Xof tlei^xtrat. 
. 662 i 4. It? >i mxtfw^tf-oy iI«X&«» to 
vScnfAa Tttf iv *HX^}( o-^j^a; ^ciropixi. 
424, 22. et 27. 425, 6. Cam accasativo : 
ypa^fif, TO "^iii^/Mt, JutS"' S iI^X&oi' rvf 
^^^o^mr. 261, 8. iUnf. ev^tfjtietv vcofeort 
^iiun TTpo? ufcac iltf^Xdo/uiv, our' lyjtaXouv- 
TfC, OUT* i}<}UtX0UftlV0( 11^* tTi^wv. 907, 6. 

ov T« hKalot ^i0-Tfv«y tl^'eX^Xvl&f ravrnv 
*rvv ^/xfly. 938, 2. «» wwif rovron ayavn' 
xrha-ai xo} 0i;y9pyia'dv2? Hetrayii^oronav o 
- 9S)uo? i^oih^aro, ravmv iWi^ofjuu. io- 
gredior actionem causae ejas,cajuspr8B- 
jadioiamjam dadam popolas aniversus 
adversos Midiam dedit. 516, 8. Cam 
li?: 11? rnv ixxXno-lav, 285, 3. tU ti^ov. 
rouivm <Za-a tlffvX^tv of ooJii? <tXXe? 'Adu- 
ytUwf TorouTA^ Wonr, flo-i^iTat, ^XX' h 
rov 0aa^t\iuf yvth. 1369, 27. il? oinUy, 
0? ia-ri /xot ytiron, ft? ftiv rvf oluiaf ovk 
slffv>i^a. ov yeif hyuaro iUniof theu, /ud 
vap^o? yt rov xvptov. 1157, 16. f!? to 
cTA^oy. — aXX* ot< rSiv tla-tXbomoof w^? 
auToy [sabaadi afrayMUcrw"] a^ia-ra 
IfMa-xiro. 331, 4. Jurat jam asam hdjas 
Terbi forensem aliqaotexemplisdocere. 
Diountar et actor, et reos, et crimen, et 
jadices t\aifj(tv^enj tarn nade, qaam 
com adjanctii qaibosdam Tocabalis lo- 
cam designantibas, at tl? to hxaa-rripiof. 
Nade legitar iltf-lpp^iadat p. 423, 26. in 
istis : ^(oJt^evo/Miyo? ivetfra toy ifxie^og^ 
y^vi st0YX^ciV, f (? TOfOuTov MiXToi xaipov 
-^item in illis : i7 ti? n TiTiXiuTnxf ran 
yf *4*ftly«*», or^y iio^X&iry, ft flnio^sJc — 
501, 19. cum addito i!? to ^(Xfton^ptoy. 
f to'iXdoyTa Si iI? to Sixao^piey I Cot/Xivo-a- 
tf-&i /i*|y bay&r» (nfAt&a-at. 571,25. 572, 
23. i»? u/txS?. 260, 19. Wpo? u/i*2?. 907, 
6. actor dicitor il^^pp^i^at. 501, 19. 
n/ui?? T«r? aX)]^ficu? orttf-TiwoyTi? itotXn* 
Xv^afAiv, Hai AyattS^rtQ, &v m n/uS? i£ 
rSif yofAKi rvy^ann* 1081, 13^ et alt. 

reus. 260, 19. i^k X^, ovk WIBw%mt9 
aZ^iQ m^) ravrric [sc. t«? ffpt^'^tM?] iltf-o 
ilyai, 5? yyy tWi^yirai, Iv J ^civra TiJi- 
Kiifxar lyny* Ik Si «? ifjti tla^xBtTv, avayxn 
vt^tararo xa2 tovto» m&kn i\a^^kfal. 407, 
2. 571, 2.!). 1284, i. 1338, alt. caasa, 
in controversiam data, dicitor tla-i^t- 
O'btU. y^a^rai tS '^h^io'fjut, f i0-?Xdiy tl^ 
v/(a3?. 704, 11. jadices deniqae dican- 
tur ilo-if^toBai. rh xaXoy xayaBov woXitw 
hX TOW? uwip T»y KoitaJy ii0-cX>}Xt;6oTct? )(- 
KeLoreLQ a(i9vf avrS $t$a.i<lvf — . 318,21. 
Tv* vfjitXf, 2^* of? tlo-iXnXvdaTfi ofxao/Moxorf ?, 
^utaloof '^n^iTTia'^t.bQi, 21. hKaarat xal 
^uXoxi? T£y vofxoav ilotXtiXu^lyat. 771, 
23. ifxri Trf? cwm^ovf lundiict? tls-iXuXv- 
SoTi? Ka&i^Tir&i. 775, 8. i?^* vfjctii av- 
rot Hark TOy? yo^oi/? iio"«X»jXt/&oTf?. 778, 
6. Bliam cam l^rt conslraitor hoc ver- 
bam. liO^Xl&oyTf? I^r^ Tqy ywaitui /jlov kaI 
rk 'iTAi^ia, cam animo infesto, s£f<}>o^- 
(TtfyTo. 1155,»17. 

tlayytTo'^ai] proponere consilium, aactor 
ejus fieri. 276, 23. 

f t0'(|yai] sabaadi plerumqae ft? ri hxaarfi- 
pioy, ingredi in forum sive ad reddendam 
gesti maneris, e. c. legationis, ratio- 
nem, sive ad causam dicendam pro se, 
aat adversas alium. oiik S/?ouXiTo ov&t? 
iripl Ttt^Tij? tla-iivat, 407, 2. de aotore. 
«? ykf rhf StKO? TAuTa? l^uiXXoy 'Et0-iiva( 
KAT avrm, 840, 26. 1008, 5. in orat. 
adv. Bceotam pro dote matema,de reo. 
1009, 17. Tw flrfo?<lw*yT«? tou? Iy alriag 
^Sy? vt^wivrrotxa ttStxw?, rS v^Siroq ftW' 

• that, 1470, 26. de litigante quoqae, 
sive actor, sive reus est. aXX* oirro? fxh 
}a^( fi^ti, roXXclxf? f (? vfjuii tl^ia-fjiivt 
iWiwat, 1028, 14. bomo dicitar tto-iiyai 
yftt^qy. 1386, 16. et i^xny. 840, 26. cum 
actionem forensem oapessit, et iutn ipsa 
qaoqae, cum agitari incipit /uiXXoiw-wv 
' tlrtitat rSh. StxSy it? hfAi^ay' ota-wtfil Tt- 
T«{Tiiv. 539,J26. 912, 27. ir^o? rna tla-- 
tivai, agere cum aliqoo in foro, jure, 
siTe at aocusator; sire at defensor. 
traf «ir^3? ixifvot;? tWUa, r6r% I^S. ^103, 
25. 1114, 3. 1267, 6. iw<y«t <ifx^y, ho- 
norem oapessere. Siti likon tloilu tjiv 
A^rn. 1133, 8. 2ti iWii tU rrst'a^x^v. 
1369, 19. de prjtanibas ad deliberan- 
dum coeuntibus, et coosessus auspican- 
tibus. 1269, 11. de judicibos ad jadi- 
candum conyenientibus et acliones caa- 
sarara aperientibus. 1144,3. or' it? rk 

■ v^ayfjutra itWity. cum ad partes reip. 
gerendas accederem. 305, 8. it? t^? 
offnf, in forum aviaijum. 417, 21. it^it 
(pro lirvii) /CAM ^oviTv. in menlem ve- 
niebat invidere. 683, 18. to toIi? Tvpay- 
yow? xot tou? ra annfrr^a lynraq ittf-ilvoi, 

' id est I9r»h^xvt;0'&at, Tel u«roxftyf0'&a{. 

- actione soenioa reprtesentare. 418, 14. 

•tnT^fta] saora, qaae a^natos faoiebat 



«pnseuiiiB qiieiii6aiiqiMaDspioaDf.400, 

552, 9. 
9la-xek>Jlif fjtJLfTVfai, 837, 11. 

•Iffirifji/jruv] de jodicibns, qoi « tbesmo- 
tbetis in tribunalU diversi diversa ad 
caosas cogDOscendom mittontor. rSev 

qaaram tnendaram et exerceodanun 
caasa — 776, 25. wat^apcoy &a-rov tla^ 
«rff«4arrtc [soil. tU Toy avorov]. 1351, 

5. ii0i«r^0-ay lie ritv olnUof, 539, 37. 

Blamii^wi. 1357, ult. iiru^ h viktt 

metfot^xmr: iis, qai pedibaa illotia qassi 
in oivitatem imipissent, ciresqae le 
tnlissent, tametoi oivitate nonqnaiii ei- 
sent donati. 1314, 10. 

ai«-v(9mt nrl u^«p tlq 'rriit o^of. 1374, 18. 

iltf-^rXfrv] T^ To'KfMn'Ai tlaitkiCctu iic <rdv 
TJMifaui, 318, olt. irti rw liO-ivXiTy, lu- 
^civ^of iTmi f/iA}i;^air£vTo. 219, 13.. 

fitf-^rotfrv] ingerere. cxi4»/c*i&a )q, rlvaq 
h/jtXv ticvwtX X'^f^y^^ '*( imlvas rat X«- 
TM^yMc* 463, 30. sed pnecipoe de li-' 
beris aanrpatar in alienam domom elo- 
oatis, Tel adoptatis, tHa^iitomnori tov 
«rai7a etc tov o7jcoy tov Eu^ouXi^ov. 1054, 
20. *«2 fjkh rS rm>Jumit6ri, rS avrS 
Bla^enrS 5vt», uiov tla^oitiy, iir a^roon- 
^0-8i t£v nfciTff w. 1088, 4. ^c /(Aev eti- 
^cv ttuu 'A(x}aZ?t v^c oy, [id est, iic ^ 
TO hofML uaX rov o?jmv] iiat^Mns* 1088, 
pen. Hf^nfett «arpon^ov tov jtXqpovo/uiay 
«r«^' t'/(A(V, 9rpty IsTt to owfAei rna t3 tou 
*A^ia^ov iia-vonbnvat, 1091, 15. 

•ttf'iroiiiToc] Tofc ilo^unroXi rSv vaUion ofco/- 
ovc tTvtu, 1390, 8. 

fltf^^aTTitv] construitor cam accosativo 
gemino, persoote et rei. )t^ t^c iio^f a- 
^fif yiywtv, oc v^Sf vfuSy oX/yovc f i0^pS- 
^cu 4>^0^. 606, 12. TQC vroXtTfui; avTof 
fAiwto va^ vfJiXv ova^tt ^% **«C ▼* stf'OiTo 
tltrie^atrttv, oca — . 946, 6. reSit ou)(l 
xat wv ir^ooiixit v/jui{ toDtov ti^^^afa^/bioi 
Tcfc axaXoafjutra, 1227, 9. x«Ta tSv touj 
vvipnfjti^vt tla-fr^arrorroif, 5l8, 9. «ii^i?f 
flrwvoTi oStw vrixpwf ot>}^ IvimfAtpov itW- 
ir^off. 1133, 4. ovt' av aurof auropovVTA 
TouTOV Ip^uv e9ro&fy tlo-orpAfffffv. 1191, 13. 
nra i^u\6fA*ra tlov(a^af, not tovc ^'Xot/c 
i^avia-ac. 1484, 2. Tva |jo-wp«;^S^ t^ 
tf'xciJq TMC yav0'2 mX cSia y'nmai tit ^oXff . 
1145, 9. 

fio-^spiiv] plemmqoe usurpatup de oontri- 
batione peconiaria, tam node, qaam 
ouim adjeotis qoibasdam. to vfonfw jlo*- 
i^i^iTi a«TA rv/ufcop^c* 26, 33. if^i i' 
tUc^t IfMv, id etit, ad fisoom ?e9lraio 

ioouplfctandaoi, aut, nt gala vestra 
expleator, ito-o/oYtv, &ftf7c >l vf/ui7r&«i. 
579, pen. olV t\ ^vipS; IjUiXXiv olhkU 
tXcoia-in [scil. x^t^"''^*^ ''^ ''^ ^n/u^iov]. 
606, 36. TO* vo^oTi fl0^yf>oeac. 1132, 
35. tlavnyuuy avrS fxt ijtiXiutv iU fk 
XuTfa, 1348, 24. uade item tla-^ifuv 
dicilar, abi ^otnv sabanditor, de magi- 
atratibus qaseaitionem alioujos cauMB 
jodicio commiltentibus. itd^iftiv }i 
[scil. tnt Tou tpivov xp^-tv] towc «lfX*VT«ff 
xSv Sxo^TOt iinaa;reu iio't, tw ^ouXo/uIvw. 
639, 33. b) cum casa addito. virraf 
f i0-<^fpfiv, av «roXX£y hn, iroWk, «y oXi^wy, 
oX/ya. 15, 1. &*«« orfw^xii tw to»out« 
ravra tla-^ipitv, lav orov XAipe; ^ XC^ 
vfofam, bAcff 14. x*^C ^f'^X/'**^ •^? 
Ipavov itf yh Xvr^a tWoiroifju. 1349, 5. 
1^ hfAtri^av fAnri^» vifrfutona /ttvSc iU 
TOV oixov fitf-ivnviT^f^lvuv. 814, 11. ou yk( 
oUffBt hXv xfnfjtara ii0-<^^(v, 579, 36. t« 
^ffYi^x^t TA fcttrrou XT^fjutra fltf'^l^ovTt 
[id esl, Iv T« iIo-<|>4gitv]. 735,3. t»v ^p«T^- 
(on, oTs rhv yctjunX^ctv [scil. Bvffiat] tMn- 
yxiv tursj tHc /tAUT^oc « «r«Tijf. 1313, 13. 
voftov f(0-<t>i^(y, scil. aat i;c rqv IxxXii^mv, 
aot »U t3 ftDTp^ov, ant i !c tovc aXXot;c *^- 
/uovc. 693, 36. 705, 26. conferatar btec 
dictio cam ista altera, qa» p. 7 16, 5. 1e- 
gitor : ira^k irarras tov; vofcov; l/uCaXiTv 
TOV vSfMf tit I'ot'C ififMUf. ovih [sabaodi 
^ofTMv] tU *rri¥ vaZf ii0-l<f>fpoy. merolom 
nibil in narem iroportabant. 883, 16. 
HOfAio-^fAtvof ^arfp ^v ilc Tnv ovo'iaf tia-tnn- 
yfjtivot, 1039, 8. Sirov iig tav woXiv [h. e. 
I If t8 Jjjftwov] •Io-ivnvo;t«wiy. 835, 4. 
ftff'^pa] contribatio serario dependenda. 
Tctfv it0*^pa)v Io'tiv at ov iUtrwnxMf, iuti 
is Xoyiiirai. 838, 6. vaa-Mf ihiaf !«- 
0-^ai TOU fjth Ti&ivat rat iIfl'<J>of«lc. 606, 
16. hirXat itfkrrwrtt tat iIr<J>of^.617, 
24. . 

ft0-<f>fi?vl XO^ TOUTOVC Ii0'<^pq0*i0^l /mSXXoV, 

Q fxfivaa ir«ga)«0-iiy rrsf 9roXiv. admissnroa 
esse snam in arbem. 93, 18. %\a-i<^w 
rl vr^rwfxa, copias in orbem iffimitte- ' 
bant, faoallatem immigrandi dabant. 
473, 6. 

110'ft'] ou Xl^^tv ito-ot Tnv X'^f^ ix'^fta ^7— - 
a\\ei V^tffBivUV. 431, 16. ol t/ta-oi TIvXuv 
"EXXuvfff. 337, 6. l^ayayin l^tt tw oI- 
fjMffikff tva ra iiy^^a rnt oSm! fcoiimttr 
it<0>« [soil. Tqff a2/M«^iacj. 1378, 4. f{ 
/MU^ivA xaipov oiio'&s ti^fiv, Sirrtc ii0'« t9c 
ii^dtfvt^C ravrnt cL<pi^irai, qaod vanita- 
tem.nostrsB simblationis aperiat. 1428, 
4. citra jactationem nostram cadat, re- 
lul sagitta intra metam decidens, earn 
non aitingens. . 

tlra'] et nihilominas tamen, eo non ob- 
stante. i7t' ou» ai0-;^uyid-df . 16, H.^iTra 
TOTi ova iXsytt urapax^n/Ma toSta. 349, 
2. i7^' vfxtit cuemTrt, ti ^gn — . 468, 1. 
initio respousTonnm ad prsmissas objle- 



otiooes ponilar. 1^43, 10. 
ii(] phira ftignificaf : ,ex, mde a, pott, se* 
conditin, ob re] propter, per, iii» pro. 
Id qvod patebit ex exeropHs ordine 
pene magii fortailo, qoam moleste ob< 
senrato proponendis. S io^i ^tt^oTW 
MuvSh IK TflC arAptXqXudoTOc x^vou, a prae- 
terito inde tempore, touto vfoc rei /mIx- 
Ji&rra ^iXTt^^rov iivi^xu. 40, 13. i^ i^- 
;^Sc, a principio inde. }lCSiiH rvn r'lf 

ftn. 598, 10. o2 tavt* i£ «^?C t« vdyuf- 
fM ^MdiVTtf. 643, 8. laud»^ tXn» lut^- 
0'dinw u«rd tSai9 If ^^CX^C fo/uodiTDO'aMimr. 
644, 12. qoamqaam in bac diotione If 
aecipi potest pro Iv. et statfan pott versa 
121. ait o{ «np2 TovYwy Iv ao^ rk 9iiuua 
vfiatarrt^, pari modo If tlm; «rp«7|uaT»( 
haberi potest perinde ac si dictam sitly 
liUt ir^ay/Aort privata in caass. 57t2, $. 
item xiyouf, wq ivrtg hifjiMfof lie irompwv 
m^yfA&ran ifiroi ^v. 1368, 18. qoam- 
q|iam Ix ibi qooqae per propter reddi 
potest. Iirft^d Ix rSn ir^of aurouc l/xXn- 
fAannn fAwrdva-i, 11,5. 7t«^?; Ix toutwv, 
pM* vel propter, vel et post biec tanta 
toa soelera late aras, xx) ^^vdc >^9/tMf. 
442, 7. Tfiy frtfXiTwv juq^x Ix Tpinfx^ 
;i^MC v«ril(|iiv <ItIX9. propierta quod, vel 
postguom trierarcbato functos faerjt. 
463,4. If S|9^«(,qQiapetolaoter se ges- 
tit, et civiaro oapitibas insoltavit, xx< 

4r&ai, Xf»inTa(.584,i5. ixrourotv t« >*- 
xxM Ti^rrxi. seoondam vel jaxta haec 
jura jodicaot, vel metiontor. 91, alt 
Ix t7c X4fk«?, secandom tenorem libelli 
aecasatorii, xx) t£v ypa/Afxarm, 1^* oTc 
' ilfl^i;^&i». 727, 6. fm>69roT* Ix X^i;, se- 
ootidom ratiociniom, vel verosimilila- 
dinem, raZra a^tdrtXa-y, Sv i^ym frfTpav 
flX^dwTf. 783, 2. 4fl<fH{itf-9» Ix*tS»Xi- 
yofAW¥«tf Hat fAa^ru^ov/Ahon, 1130, 5. If 
Jf 0i> xl>«{?. proat to ais, si uecesse est 
ea seqof, qus ta affirtnasti. 1160, 23. 
Ix tSv x/na.^'xjiinon lerncvmjfAVf xoiwf, i7 
'#«»( £va|?eX^ T(c yviwro Iv tm 9rxp«rri. 
1173, 24. obi Ix t£v utirap;^ovT«y potest 
aot cam l^iwtroofxn copolari, aat earn 
yimr^. seeondnm ea, qaSBftemimram, 
tit torn erant, ratio dabat et ferebat. 
nach den damaligen Umstiindtn [accurd- 
ing to the citcumstancea at that time], 
item 1175, 9. w\oursXf Ix Tii«oc, pro iv6, 
ifaihXf KM If vf4M¥ vpftKmfniumft ovx 
&v itm eSroc ly»« i7xif<fMt ykf ou^triM^ If 
vfjuSv, 676, 1. Ixixiwx -rw iraXia, xxXl- 
tf-xt, tTrtMC^M T«v fToXirfiv wa^ihraf, Ix 
tS; o2ou. at e via pablica intro vocaret, 
■i qaos civiam viderot prirtereantes. 
1150, 9. Ix rw XMvaS Xf^^> V^ ^ "^ 
iiotvS xt^' >n poMeram. wn nun an, 
hmfort [heneeforthy 1360, 22. sx rSv 
fiv^ttvaiK. qaoniam, quod agatis, aKad 

vobis nibU roUqao«fr aat fcelMi, sed 
boe ooom soperest. 1168, 1. ixriic 0m;- 
X7c. ex aoctoritate, jossa senatos. 720, 
19. ix yiJWf It^ota^, n TiXiri^ [sell. «r»- 
fuititfAm]. 1380, 27. If IXa;^vov, pro 
arr) iXa^la^ov, minima meroede. 1230, 
5. ilHX«rv TOY Ix rm vo/jun xtfnm, id est, 
Ttv Mfd tSn vofAtn rtrmyfAsim. 709. 2. 

XUf U^Vt(«ir M^uioiXf 9«r Ix TOS 4'l|^f««T0C» 
» TOV iv TW V^/bt« tiptfAMMf Xf^' ^^^f V4. 

Tty Kff^Mtt Ix fAM(m qrM^xp^'iftdff^- 
To. a paemlo inde. 1252, pen. wtul^i^ 
oiutf Ix fMMfSsf weuiUn IxrWrt. at fa- 
malao sibi essent, sere sao Nioareta 
illas eoMrat, cam adhnc ioGuites p«el- 
la assent. 1351,3. Ix(idest,<lrr2) wS- 
rw (scil. AfyufUv) h xanrdkXmyh. ^antt 
permotetor argetitom, qoaatam sit in- 
tertrimeutam. dot Agio, oder dat Auf' 
geld, dau man btym Umsetxen des GeUUi 
geben mats [the premium, or sum gwen 
to a banker, a$ the rate of exehange"], 
1216, IB. 

'Exararx] sacra, qa» Heoatas fiebant in 
triviis. ta 'ExxtxTx xxriir&tiiv. 1269, 9. 

Ix^aivftv] vi^i TO TfXiurxTov ixCav htmmv 
rm iffoOvet^^irrotv xpivfrxi. 12. 16. 4^ ri 
f4^ Kark y9»fAW9 Mn. 14, 3. arirrx ykf 
iu0i0nzi9r « WfOttVofrt ovrovc* 252, 16. 
IvxvfX^rv, 2h&iv itc TxuTx If l^qv. ad is- 
taec delapsas, evagatas sam. 298, 12. 
ii /uiv lxiCli3i)Xfv, io-a wjro^ aifiyyu'Kt 
arpoc vpuu:, 349, 17. trnhni, pA rk Ix- 
Ckvra itk rh rvxnv, aXx' il rng wiUmc ' 
ofia ^fay/xara 8iX»/Mfd«, citat Scbol. 
Herm. p. 64. 

Ix^iXXftv]. domo, patria, potestate, ho- 
nore, fama, stalaelcooditionedejicere, 
evertere. Ixir rcvq fdv lxCxX«v, 'rou; )f 
xxTx^T^xc tSv dao'tXiott, 13, 1. Atma 
IxdovTx iir' auTov, [Dionjsiom pota, Si- 
oilia) tjrannam] IxCxXiiV [sabaadi<rSc 
iwaaTtieti, vel rvpxm^of] tov f^tnfug 
iroXXi^C* xx2 f evoucy xx{ vSxm xtxruftim. 
506, 24. iXsvd«(£d*«t riiv vSXiv, xx2 roue 
nttert0-r^w VM^t IxiSxXsrv [ioil. xu-> 
Tvcl* 561, 19. lfi/?xXfc T«y o-^VTW; dtlov 
Nixktv Ix rnc mturftiai tituett, 1122, olt. 
T^r *A/c«a(^wv fl^fXT^ IxpaTv^xv eur«c> 
Mtf^* If« ^itf^^oc Ix/SxXiTv. at altra Fha- 
sidem rejioerent. 1391, 3. maritas ux- 
orem domo. Ix^ScIxXm r^ ovd^oMrov, «; 
STixirrdv cwomMth^ axnn. 1362, 22. seoa- 
torem senato. Ife^xXor autvv {scil. Ix 
r«? avni^, vel If Utn^f] i /8boXJ^ « 
If 'Af§i$u wayev. 1264, 22. jodicem 
foro. M&Xkti [Midias] xai irtfAoC tov 
lutmiT^. 542, 21. bistriooem soena. 
Sti — ftya»v*fiTO, ifs|?aXXfTa xwtSv xa2 
Ifsmp/TTiTf Ix ^«v diA'tipav. 449, 19- 
arXih' Ik|3o\%, itv av «{ tfiSpirXot 4*~ 
finA/MfVM xem Ix^xX^vrxi. e navi in 
nare. 926, 17. lx^X«v tov Bvfo*, h- 
ntp xx2 '^ ar^oTi^x^ if sCxXf xxjuSc Irvn- 



WfSkv. mo. Id. ^Md |MuUo past ait 

iii^bXv] jaotorm nerciura e navi in maro. 

iM^^nc^at] datam esse, possibiU fieri* 

1052, 26. iuynwri fMi, lioeret, copia 
daretor, ««ro\oyqra«'d«u Iv iwacri toT; 
d«f(^7«(«. 1302, 19. 

tfvy&qieac. com cnrasaemm ambo nos 
ab aotoario exs<uibi exempla dao taba- 
larom pacti, ita nt onosqaisqae no- 
aUnun sibi suam haberet propriom. 
1180, 22. hty^eupta-bM to'o, vutoq w<f>ftXi. 
mh daraus^ abichreiben [to copy thero' 

&(^m] reliqiij» sris alieni oondani de- 
pend. Retie [the balance], tqv ytyvmaf 
bii^tMt mm aifo^»av» hfMf obrat. 890, 

ikHxjl^^(ti Tt Twv uamiq fnir^yfAhen, io- 
sidiari fortaois eorain et e re oata 
eos carpere. 61, 24. fx^fp^fo-^ot Tnv 
iiirUv. crimeu in se siiscipere. 352, 25. 
oain ageodi partes alter alter! tradit, 
dicitar tradens va^iiinti, excipiens 
JN^iyM-^at. 371, 18. 

fx3hXocJ vAvT imwia-iv uc^nXa. 24, 10. 

inii^mu] elocare, tradere, prodere. ot 
sonlptori raannorario statuam facien- 
dam elocare certa paota mercede. Sfa--- 
w$f h^fdnfTA iiiifiaDUut, 268, 9. auri- 
fabro coropam aqreain. IxSwroc fjtu 
^nfjurbivws o^^Wf ^^va^. cam De- 
mosthenes me coodaxiiiitet, at ei coro- 
nam facerem. 521, alt. tradere allcui, 
qood ei vendideris, dt sibi imposterom 
habeat, alioqae, qoo velit, abdacat, cea 
servom Arapbipoli Philippo 
ab .^Isobine prodita. 'Afji^woXw i|i^«xi 
*ai iiek^crti. 420, olt. X'^i"^ InZilmKiq. 
423, 15. ovSfiva yk^ rm eiiatovrrw vfjaXt 
mihvi rSv nArnyo^w Ix^/^otI. 524, 4. et 
12, nolierem, ot sororem, filiamve 
viro in raatrimoniuiu collocare^ despon- 
dere, tradere. vsv^etKt yk^ aMf koI 

M» SX^^MXf. 763, 8. CLV9^ TAimV d' 

otrwf lulSi, Kol racket, 6v69tv itou^* 834, 
18. awouiovo'av Tcumv, aW* oh ^^votf 
a-Mf, l|fiWay. 867, 7. T^y /usy [scil. 
fTAifav] XiXu0*«(^ aliam meretr)cero a 
loB^e, e lopauari^redimis, tqv ^ lx)i- 
^otKot fTl^ay,,altaro alicai nnptum elocas 
com addka dote de too. 958, 13. 1^* 
ofc l£f^«, Polyeoctos filiam. 1036, 8. 
i^tioQn v£ Liwva-tf ywL 1369, alt. ser- 
vos ad tormeuta tradere. ^ho-u pii, rw 
tl^et obx i^iXerra Ijt^ot/yoi, youc oux iI- 
' )^(tc iK^t^oveu. 855, 24. I&ixity Ix^ouvai 
anif I TfliJy «rX»iya5v «•«»>«?. 1265, 15. elo- 
oare peconiam in fceiios. 941, 9* et 13. 

jrtf. 1241,26. 

U^uutf] oloisci» pouire. t«vc I* tan tSuu 
m^^tinu ri biuuCfaMf, opperiri tem- 
pos idoneom poHuuram repetendarom. > 

Ix^MuJcity] ixiiamifAiHf [soil, e oavi] fhrrti 
iaurh» tiq ritf ^iJioa-ffuv, 883, 27. 

ixiocrtf] enl elocatio, sea peoonje io qoc- 
stom fceoebrem, sea molieris Doptoi. 

a) in^oo'n vapk Umdu, peooniam oredito 
et pro fcBBore elocatam, io taberoa 
Xothi qoaestom faoientem. 816, 26* 
854, 26. 855, 6. rtrragoKorra ^y»c 
ia3o0-iy Ix^ouc it; e^any. 1241, 26. $ou» 
X^ivoc Tqy ixhriv KOfjtia-aff&at, 1242, 2. 

b) avyyveifxnf Ip^fty /um (nTsvyrt jc«ft^»- 
r^M rafxeurroUf aXX«c ti xaX tlf Buymrf^ 
Ixdo^iy. 1009, 12. T«c arvp^MC T«v et- 
xf iW, x«i T<lc sx^^^tic T«y yvyoouSy arpor- 
iraTTf. 1100, 7. f!ff IxWiy «^(W tov 
'jE^ourfiToy Tn tSc NKu'pa; dt^viTpl ^fl- 
CaXi<r^xi. 1368, 11. 

Ix^OTOc] ixtf^oySovc iTya< T^^a^)!!, f^y f^ rov 
UfTiiy fix^oToy }()«9-(v. io lege soa vobis 
aoctor est factas, at eos pro hostibos 
habeatis, si qui sopplicem factum po- 
scentibos ad supplioioni dedere reoa- 
sent. 648, 25. }t)Mi^ty ixSoroy, censet 
eom dedi oportere, rov ibScnt i'pUfAinv 
iv Twf v6fxoic. 692, 16. 

Ix^fty] subterfbgere, dedinare. An^Uu^ 
rakq av&pctfvovc tKiihachen rkf Xf iraup - 
yias, 457, 8. Trarrag ix^uity, ctf «y otec 
r$ h» spoliare ?eslibas. 763, 26. 1259, 

Ixftyoff] ille celebratas, claros. fCaXX^s^pA* 
T0( IxeTyoc. 301, 18. Ixsrvo ad propios, 
TouTO ad remotius. ivr huXn fj^iv yaf 
[scil. to ^»o-Toy] a ^uo-t; autq ^et^dTrat, 
I«r2 TooTO Is [to ^fXYM^oy pota] w 
X^ 3!i7 frfo^yta-Beu. 107, ult. toSto ad re- ^ 
rootias relatum. imiih H toDto oropiyrtc, 
ixiry0 voidva-u 1229, 2. obi t«)t» redit 
ad ovTouc a^Mv; IvrtSbxyuyM, Ixirvo aotem 
ad ijuc xax«; Xi}^iy. nisi si ad bono mo- 
dom ioterpungi malis, iwu^h H rouro, 
(vAfiVTic IxiTyo) irouuai. qood aniooiqoe 
liberum esto. 

Utlvwi] uto mode. 1105, 19. 1108, pen. 

iMiuuhKamxyi lUwy. 256, 11. 

Ixdif^^CiyJ bt^oQ fM0-b6ivT9 Itt^lo'ah mes- 
sem aetatis demetere. 1253, 15. 

IxxaXitV] tcrotf uv IxxctXM'ttiTO UjuSc* pro- 
vocet, irritet, ad iodigoalionem atqoe 
vindiotam vos concitet. 52, 15. 

IxxapTrouo-^At] carpere aliqoem. tSv iroT^ 
Xt^ ixxixap4ra;/iAiy«v u/ma;. 700, 18. 

liuuXffBtu v^ Tftly l9r«yvju«v. dicitor is, co- 
jas nomen soriptum pendet io tabola 
coram heroibos EpoDjmis sospensa. 
548, 3. i^exfiTd vo\vv Xf^vm vp3 tov 
cwt^^ov h ^aa-iq. 1324, 10. 

Ixxq^TTfty] TOire praeooois aliqoem jo- 
bere, aut excedere soa ditione, aot 




abstinere. 447, 11. 

IxKXfldtv] exoladere, arcore. I^IxXkivtou 
"Kiryov rtry^ayuf rdi/f iXKovf. 349, 5. «•£? 
ovK IxxXiiiTctt tti huta'To; hfxSff rnq xaret 
yfWf ay^io'TtUi. 1099, 7. 

ixxXeTTTCtv] suft'urari, fartiin eripere. Ix- 
xXi«T(W fjadicibott pata et poenie] rov 
^JiXDKOT* xai 'rtv vet^etioTiv »uTOtJ T«f 
ToT? Irhxa. 726, 5. tov xaip3v — IxJtXi- 
4af. 728, 9. 

IxxXq^'/a] oTT^XnTOU IxxXiitf'ftfc iffotf'TgaTij- 
yajy yi»ojM£vnf. S38, 2. S49, 12. Ijxiiv 
fAiV itff Tw IxxXnWety, &f Ix TflDy pudflo-o- 
/ttjvw r3 xj^Tj^Tov 8Xld'&«ti Ifoy. 1454, 

sxxXi}^ia{t(v] in concione esse, vei'sari in 
deliberationibas de rep. rdur Ifjuii fjtiv 
iiri twi Ix&ffy yf^4**» '*'®*'ff ^* sxxX«««- 
d^a-n 'Auction iXio-Bat. 1463, 2. 

'lx*X»j<rt«o-T»xof «tyaj. albiim eoram, qai- 
bas JQS et fas est concioni interesse. 
' sU To» *Or(una>¥ mvctxa tov lxxX»jtf'»<WTtxoy 
I)9^fa4>iiy itfwT^v. 1091, 6. ande patet 
iinicaiqae demo saam talem codicem 
faisse propriuin. ^ 

'ixxoKAfirrKv. 1318, nlL 
inxoftreiv X^ffraq, 77 1 22. i»j«y tw ♦iXiw- 
9roy Toy o^aX/uov iHMxefjtfAhw, 247,11. 
say Ttf o<^9«X|u«y lxxJ4'!' [scil.Tii^] ivrtn- 
ki^ca wa^tta^tiv tov s«utou. 744, 13. 
liv rtf hx Ip^ovTO? lip^aXfMV txx^n, a/M- 
4>w ayTtxx^^Af iret^aT^iif, 744, 21 . 

* IxM^eiy] macbinia fraadom, preesertiiu 
forenslara, praestigiis excusalionam 
extrahere aique interpellare, landem- 
qoe elttdere. aXX* Vva (xh, 'kiyev Ix Xoyov 
Xl^y, Tou vttforroq Ifxivrh Ixxpouo-fti. 
me ipse distringam atqoe distioeam, 
qoominds ad rem pnesentem pervenire 
qaeam. 329, 19. If^xpot;^ /ui. inter- 
pelliibant me loqoentem, obstrepebant. 
sU brachten mich aus dent Coneepte 
[they made me lose the thread of my 
discourse']. 348, 14. IkH^o-ag ovr9i tU 
'fr^y vff"npeUav, cum rejecisset, extra- 
xifiset per artes vafrafe. 385, 26. tv*«5- 
nraq rs^vaq xai tnth-^tii ev^ia-KWf o5to? ix- 
KfoCti, dadit me. 540, 26* ovx, tv Ix- 
Kpovovrti, p^foyovf 8/it7r«£/*Ey. 944, 9. 
Ixxpovitv ^(W (ut han^vt^^ai). 1021, 
14. et 23. Ixx^ot/o/Ulyijf twc ypa<^wff. di- 
lata, extk^cta. 1102, 19. 1266, 11. 
IxXaXsTy} ausptauderen [to divulge"], rit 9 

{xXttX^ff-aC 354, 23. 
IxXs^ty] redigere, at trectigalia, exigere, 
per Vim et nefas extoi'quere. ra 9rXout 
crvWaBatff afxvBnra ^fxctret IflXf^fi. 
49, ult. thos-t i^a^kQ If^Xi^t ir«g* 
ineia^ov. 435, 7. vn^l *rSoif inwfAivm rk 
tIx«, von den ZoUpachtem [for thefar' 
men of the tolls'], xal rSv Byyva)fA,hoov 
[soil, roue SniovfJimvi ra vi'Kr)] von den 
Vorstand leUtendeny oder Burgen dieser 
Paehtir [for the bondmen], not rSh 

Exequhem, die die Gelder einmahinm, 
und erhehen, in Empjkng nekmen [and 
far tht coUeetors and receivers, to stand 
security]. 713, 4. rk ^1 p^/ctara StrovTA 
l|6Xi|ac ix Twy avfjtfjtaj(ju¥. 1199, 5. 
lxXi>^iv Ix Tot/ y^juiu fhjfAara. exoerpere. 
760, 4. Ih medio : sibi deligere, am- 
plecti. sudfiwc T^ xiXXidrrev kfthf^if^Sv 
Ifyw. 31 4, 5. rk atfMyiretfa r&9 Ayotn^ 

olxirof, i{ a9r^r«y *A&nfaidn ^rmhw l«Xt- 
{(ijuiyoc. 1121, 1. 

ixXf/tnty] 0? x«2 i^y x^pav xo) '^ 4rfX<y 
ffxXi^ity o«rf/ufiyay, fic rkq ir^irt^ I/ca- 
/?<ityTi(. 296, 6. lxXi4rffiy'y^a<^c* d^ae- 
rere, jam inchoatas missas fltcere. 
764, 17. 'rty ToS fijUiitXiif^dt; &f4^0k- 
mo'ti. 1174, 15. 

lxX0>'»(M-&a(] lxXo>i(OjulyMC 'Uk^ 9lfl^*«v0W» 
trt — 555,8. JxXoy»fo/tAfyo»«rifiTfiy«r*- 
(ivroff¥» rQpotantem prteseniia. 1225,19. 

IxXvcn] i^y «rpdf <tXXiiXovf if^iy ^ju9* xa» 
^Xnttxietv IxXiJo-rtf. 114, 7. wrta^etf t(t'- rkf rtru nftiKifMv fta^etoK/fu&t, 
234, 2. 9ravT^9rdtf>» )^^ Iml^yiabM fX9s 
)«xt(Tr. 411, 4. 

f xXt/o-ic] ttJi^j^rA' T«y* *rwff ir^Xitvc lnXtwir 
xo) fjuiXetttiM. 219, alt. 

EX/itay!^clyity] Aju^;^«yoy ifarrit iy^fic I*- 
/bta&riV 4't;;^>|y xe^ ^^/ua xo) tm^iiv. 

f x/biafTt/fff7y] seripto, noil ore, abseos ad 
abaentes test«ri. 929, 24. ikv futh in- 
fjutfrv^itme AntH^TM. 1131, 2. 

infAaprv^iav xfXsuot;0*(y d vhfAoi itvai vSh 
tthjvarvf, qui cam in arbe aint^tttnen 
adesae jodicio ob Taletudinem neqae- 
ant, xal rSov v^tf^^cM, extra fines Attioe 
agant, yty^afXfAivnr h y(af4.fjut*rtieji^ll30, 
pen. ikv h fjtri ava^ip^rat, sin aateni 
fidem prsslare diotorom reoaset is, 
cajas absentia nomine exhibitnm fnerit 
aliqaod testiraeniam, of /Ma^^ayric 
thv IxftttpTUpfay [scil. vvr6i$ii4t Iffrmctn 
rSv '^uiofxA^v^iSif], torn ill), qtii no- 
mine absents testati fnerint, actionem 
falsi dicti testimonii pneatanto. 1131,4. 

htnv^^siv] bfAiTi V 6 ^fxoq lxyn;pw/ulyM tutt 
wifi>jfn/t*lyot x?^fe«'**a. 37, 3. 

Ixy/Wxf*"] ihtkror ixy^n &i rk a-atnS huX 
irtie^ayfAha. 274, 23. 

hiwaiet] iiuva^a [scil. yVdd]icD]; sp^te sua, 
altro. 627, 26. 

2x9rcjU9rfty a-r^Ti&rai, 14, 8. 1173, alt. 
de marito nxorem e mano domoqbe saa 
emittente* 1364, 3. 

Ixv^'knyfj^aaq] fAv^h IxiesifKnyfAhm^ >ia- 
xiro^ai. 1447, 17. 

Ix*»j>av] IJiwjj^xii h /M,fnv(. 1263, 11. 

IxTr/vsiy] ov yk^ Ix**f7y yt Hteou fxs KoXXi- 
xX^c AVTo [scil. tl Zi9i(] Vfoowmyttaati, 

lxwt9r^ao-Ni(y] yvy W ivdrra Ha^n^^f ^yo* ^ 



a^tff^ifvrtA i^\ uUtrrw rSi¥ um^Sv,, 145, 

. Ixmrrtn] exsalatnm abbgari, Mt cogi in 
«X4iliaai Ue, o93ft 9. ininpiiv, cjectui, 
c^uUos eftse* vvo toutov 0i<^ i» t?( 
fMo^Mfftoif, 968) 6. de bistrione com 
sat^li* « Mcem ejepto. i(hnints, iyii V 
tTufirm. 315, 10. aberrare a propo- 
sito, et oratioiM ad alieoa deferri. Uvn' 


iiMrXtrv] ivamt oa-oi fcdmor f x«rf«Xfvjut0't 
«ra^' «/ca£v 0^f«Tvye(. 95» ult. Sdiy 1^1- 
vMtM-f TO arXor«r, irtaZ^A xot )taT«9rXiry 
ovTo. 886, S. 0X'^^ '''' ^'^y*''* «9roX«(Xi- 
SUH)€» otf-a Ix^n^ ilfwXiutf-a. 969,7. /miX- 

. Aaw IxflrXflV T«v wrtftv iti.m'Kmn TifxiBtof, 
1186, 11. . hav^lafMwt, ixit'Ksva'di «c 
^aa'<Xi7f7ipft'niyn0'«v. 1191,21* rkfrot" 
AVTAC^^i^puc ci>fM TIC «y ovy ifirip u/umSv, 
axxa x#d-' if/Mf iJMrfflrXf uau/iK. 1SS2, 7. 

I»«Am^. 1186, 11. IxvXovf T«^ vrXoMw Ix 
ToD noVTOV fUT* 'ApxToupov. ISIS, 23. 

Ijtiro^ >MTf^orri. peregro agent! mihi, 
procol patria. 1474, 7. 

lairoXJfMvv] w( 'OXuvdiov; Ix^roXifMid-tu }» 
^«XMnr«. 10, ulL. fx«roXfju£0'ai «o/t«id» 
hXf T0VC av&g««rouc M <(v«yToc r^omov. 
30, 19. 

liMrfUfbV»{iiy] s£fflrglfty(^oy vXitbv ^ X^Xta 
a^xlx»« 1073, 27, et pen. 

iTdtv ainoXt, 384, 13. fx««fuiTa ^g^ h 

BufAuurn^, ay ^sy vmgfieLkKn «rXq&ft. 

iii9iMu»{«y] « ynoifiyU i^ioiuvA^^. lota res 

mstica expiUta et denadala fait sopel- 

lectile msttca. 872, 11. 
}jc«'wy)oy i2y<u T^y nroXty, if nc «* of/xncoto'tv, 
. 216,6.395,25.647,16. 
iittf^nfycu} V. infra l^ia-raa-btu, 
i»avfimn'\ l|cl3aXXf rf auroy Koi l^iav^ix' 

TiTi Ih t£v ^sarpm, 449, 19. 
fjM-o&^m] pericalo capitis eximere. 437, 14. 
ixi^Toc >ap {ix«y iTuj^ayoy, xa2 Ixi/yv r^ 

^HX^y ^<^«jcf. sexto die post reditum 

ineam in Urbem ilia (maler) exspira?it. 

IxTtdlyoi Tivc fQfAWS ^r^i^btv Twy svanrv^uonr. 

485, 17. Tqy 9ef6iCkn0-t» ivl 9roXX«c hfAi' 
. poc i»Ti:&lni«y, 1288, 20. 
lnT^XXlfy T^y ffiienUif /3Xaa^ayou0><ur. 1251, 

ixTJvfty TO o^nfMf 998, 25. a)'«yMy ^ira- 

^«y. &t» mp^/ic/ies t/tuN, /cetnen Fleiss 

tparen [to do the utmoU, to ipare no 

pavn»]» 1398, 20. frlvTi TaXayra o^Xoy- 

TA ^ooy IxTi^Ai, q flTsyri )pft;(^( ^'<X'' 

0>&at vp^i^oy. 1481, 23. 
hrtsit] tilt Tvv fXTM-ty t9c vrpeui^. 1025, 2. 

Sroyin; Xf^^ '^^ '^^ Ixno-iy ^^wxoTt. 

1484, 10. CMC f» Taw lAUTov xfifjiAran, 

aXk* fx Twv cfiwy veotn^rai rh Ixrio-ty. 


IxTk] to SxTOy fAif9Q tlT^lV fA^h rt0 /«fT- 

«6t«y. 612,3. 

IxT^aX'*^**"] <KTf«x^Xir^«vcu. in capat 
prKceps ferri et sic cervices rumpere. 
124, 8. Juvat Btjmolog. M. aodire 
Tim bojas verb! sic exponens. Ixtrwyry 
Twy tvvmt ot Tov av^k¥a lirixa/M^ArriC 
iiifootlnreu Toy im^artiv, Ixtjax"^'^' 
veu U Xi^ou0-iy, oux ina-^h/hirbnnti, 
Ivriv tZv itT* Tou )ta/uagT^yiiy ixmavrra, 
avo fttra^OfiLf rS^ tovc Tmroi/c a»aQtum^ 
Twy. fAifxwreu AnfM^^amf h frifAWrtt 

IxTpsvfty] ixTpiirtTai fti n/y dvayTMy. mihi 
occnrreos de via deflectit, ot me devi- 
tet 411, 12. 

IxTpf^yl Toy xaXoy aviftarra nxtl Tfirayof 
vitf-rty Ifi&fi^i (xi. 270, 12. 419, 20. Toy 
Kip^wvo, Sy Ix /bux^ va-tieiflw l^f^pi- 
+«To. 1252, pen. 

Ix<^(y] efferre, at domo ad sepoltoram 
Tita defonctom. Toy avo^wom r^ vm- 
(oU, n &y w^o^SufTAi. 1071, 2. iffyiyiutc 
I^Mxa (nnXv t^ ^goftfuiTa. icA Ao^te 
ihm das Rechnungs oder ilandlungsbuch, 
gab es ihm in die H'dnde, und liessihm die 
StelU selber suchen II presented kirn mih 
the account'bookf that he himself might 
examine into the charges']* 1197, 5. hX' 
yfMt^i^tft xafl' iavxov, 323,2. 573, 27. 
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l{l<|)ipi ; 679, 10. ,t«cIto to hXyfUL s|fni« 
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Xoyio-fAcnjQ Vfof avrovi. 1251, 2. I|iy«ye- 
XA>C TuXixovTAC fMfrv^la.^, 1125, 19. 

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}71AATA IX4>lpi|Tf . 1482, 13. ifOMfMV. 15, 

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)9/M0y. 1 346, 16. i ^l^^ov ta t^un Ix t?c 
AXXnc oix^c 1156, 13. 1157, 18. tAj 
a-t/yl&qxA(. in mediora proferre. 897, alt. 
898> 3. In medio. T^y Avix^uAy iik 
run '^n<lna-fA,arw iK^ifta-^t. proditis. 
176,3. ^o|ay fix4>ipf^d.i, aufferlis, tou 
i9iuX¥ tZ Xiyi^v. 178, 7. 142$. 6- Pas- 
sive. ^tA TWy AVOnTATV ollis tSflf IfSfStQ ffoV' 

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feratar ore, vel polios re effectai detar. 

in^uyuyrif^ ta ffpA^/iiATA, dioonlar, com 
opportooilates bene et prospere geren- 
darom reroip ipsi e roanibos elabnntnr, 
ant cam eas ipse sibi patitur elabi. 29, 
12. 182, 7. 236, 22. 378, olt. 412, IQ. 
[57, 16. a), iia^vytof,'] sK^vysi, ou^iic 
avrdvf XS^®^* ^^^' T^on'oc tou tA ovfA^i- 
0OVTA f AVTOK flTApAtvirv. 1445, 4. wirt 
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fx9r6<^iu>'A. eflTogi j>erica1om. 556, 1. 
dicitor item de reo absoloto. 602, 2. 
Iawi; ava^ in^vyn, obi semel ex Attica 
fogiense perseqoeotium manibos eva- 

- serit632, 12. 



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M <if lx<^. 1160, 14. 

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Uodoin, egereBdam oarare. rk( xft&Ac 
H*^k^*' 1039, 12. ix^cai voXXa 
v«y MeBtv, 1046* pen. lx«n^>9pDit»ra rev 
9'Xrat xai tvv o7m cv^ol^iv. 1048, 14. I^i- 
^•p^orre Sr* ?v fxoi itvikuva in axtun, 
narlibaiit per gervos saos exportari. 
1155, 18. iva, vmpifxtfoc avrS ytv^nv 
nml Ix^o^diTJ fMV «c vXiT^rra. 1 162, 1. 

Ix^pATv] demens. outw; Ik^omc xa2 orapa- 
irxi^; TO ^ofpo^oxtTv 4r«i7. 426, 23. 

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oitat loonm ex or. in Neaeram, qoem 
ibi non reperio. 1^ julvTot Iv tS ^txa- 

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J^TA Nfct^ac. 

Ijt^ai] tnttf t\ fjATtu av Ix^oi. 748, 15. 

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nonciare. 1029, 17. 

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m*T«. 101, 25. i^uuX T*c !«*» ; «fy«i 
JWT* ainrtni xai rifAetplet. 317, 16. ov^ 
knin, aXX* «c oTor rt fjMXirra htw, 

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314, 13. IXouky lav tk s^oevrrf}. 1074, 
19. nbi babentnr leges de exsUrpa- 
tione olearnm. ^nmurii^ui IXotSv in;»- 
rrolxm itJtTijtXcww. 1251, 23. 

IXMOTTdiXnc. 784, 18. 

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)kfluiTOu «r«lvnc wtlKtfJunia't, 193, 10. iroX- 
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226, 13. ft ykf /bcn^lr i^^ty Iv rof oijcm, t( 
0-v IXaTTo7, rdu /btn^ird; ^ftfiv xXnpow/cAovv- 
T4»r. 1089, 2. IXftTToUo^' t« xoi 0T;yx«- 
fflTy, «0^i /ud ^oxsrv ^iXo^Moi f7yai. 1287, 

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rk fJMifk veutn. 45, 21. ^Qovfxai, fjth 
Totv ti^yaa-fAirtf alrS xanwy ouro; IXar- 
▼•V turoXti^)^. 275, 10. IxAttw minor, 
BOB numero, ted magnitodine. iixaq }<d»- 
ie«y ovx IXaTTot;; ravmcL actionem insti- 
toens ad repetendam ab aliis anmoias 
eris alieni, band minores bac samma, 
qaam nono ab boo Phormione repetis. 
960, 27. -^^a-afAinff /xh iXarrvf (pro 
lx«TT^v«y)n iieaurx}Tdag9,715,3. 719,6. 

iXAuviiy] injoriia, aocasationibas, vexati- 
onibos foriosooi in modam exagttare. 
aroXX^tc ifMiyt linX^Xvdi ^BtXo-dAt, fxfi 
<r< tatfjUvin vk VfkyuMra IXouvif. 124* 
26. IXoM^fclvw noL H^ifAJmi tud ri xa- 
uh w)(l ir^^omc. 241, olt Ijfiff IXau- 
nrriraaht 9fpaifi^»q 1^* tma.a^^* 535, 
27. 551, 6. .558, 22. «c M;X«y IX«t/y</Mf- 
V0v. 1481, 17. 8ensn proprio naTem 
remis agilare, obi ant vauv, ant nAieaq 

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A^roTip iiri TJf 9^M^i lx«^nr. 1211 , 
19. Slcitm it evx kv Wrwm IXstWiiy. 
12?3r 9. wi^a S^w i\wn, 1^ ^pv, h 
Syn. 634, IS. IXauvtif, itmtuf, 0tm«<^- 
TiTc. 960, 14. IXa pro IXAum, aot Ixid-n. 
557, ult. 

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ijMfXiwriv. 1078, 8. 

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ynaa-gn avnnft inni^mf tA iXiyi Ik Im^ 
y^^i^i rkf wi\u( tki uonomucuf tw 

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IXiy;^(y] denadare olcera, b. «. planom 
ipsis factis facere, rem, oujos magna 
ait balieatorqne tis, aootoritas, terror 
et robar, inefficaoem, ranam, futilem et 
oontemnendam esse. Ixl}^f» rk ^ttif^n* 
ra T?c ^roXiTftac. 805, pen. 

IXl)^oc] vrafMroIKu alria vt xai Xotio^ Xi- 
X«fio-fA,iyoy ia^f ixiy^w, 600, 4. ovyk^ 
aurof f Xi^oc rSnt rt "kiyon neX rtn irriv, 1457, 4. towc «r«j' 
ainrk fk Vf&yfjutrtt Ixlyp^ouc <pvyiSff. 303, 
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>'/yiadat. 1143, nU. ihi raZra \m* kWov 
Tivoc lyMyyta-hcu fxirk t«u XiwiTfXoSrroc 
Tn «roXi( hxiyxw, 1449, 22. modns men- 
dacia et commenta redargoeadi salnta- 
ria reip.; est enira alins qaoqoe modns, 
oom malis docti reotias sapere disci- 
mna. Ixiyp^ov ^t^ovai, soraliniam snsti- 
nere. v^vfAht^ fr^rmrt, iaq IXt}^or 
hiotjura, 1456, 11. ri mrfSyfAa ihi rdv 
IXf>^oy ^dtfcnt. mm wird es $ieh weuen 
[flow it mil be shewn]. 44, 15. 

Ixiirviwf oT^mTf. 573, 11. IXiirylfl-rl ^ 
HatM, ov rwf aiauMraq, kKKk touc arapa- 
Xiyoaq arup^otrraf. 835, 6. ou;^ f t^o^rt 
T^ vfAMf ttirclvf ixttiatmf, 432, 16. 

IXUivoc] «f IXMnr^Toy ^'ommt sovtov. ora- 
tione, qoiritando, lamentando. 574, 25. 

iXittvomf] conditio rerom miserabilis. vk 
|y T? iviv(« xa^ IXffiy^TDTi hmm^tvfMtra. 
739, 23. ' 

iXl»y£c] ovm xax«9 xa2 Ixittywc haxttrreti, 
366, 23. 

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Titfy fjuiHva IXfouvraw, tu^f ovyytdtfMi, «rwy 
tttfT;>yy»|U^y«y. 547, 7. ^W 1^ ^v {nf, 
xot 1^ «y l^aVATAC tXMv. 577, 26. &av- 
fiJtl^ot TO TOV IXfoy TouTov lati rS arX^dii 
Tw vjt«rrlp« fMjii trot^offBat. hao miseri* 
cordia erga plebem vestram eom hand 
esse osom. 734, ult. IXioi in plorati. 
T^yoc ^1 ovyyvdfAnc ^ ifoUn lxl«y «{ v^av 
xo^omi/ulvot wof avrov irvyeit, 794, 27. 

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awca o2 ^XXm, v/uTv ^ Mf tSc Ixtv9i- 
(Utc ^>'«»y(«^rloy. 129, 5. ^ iteira rSv *EX- 
Xnyofv Ixfv^^ Iv raXf rSfth rSv M^ 
4t^«7c Itwd^fw* 1396,6. SSroi Ixsvdipot 
[e serritate liberi] >^y«rr«i, «v Tirp IXf u- 
2^p^ ;^^(y l^ev^ toTc HtfWnti;, aXX(» 



fMro8#iv(aeil. «vtivc1 imimrm kAfimm IXXtMmv] deAeere. t^y^ \^anfiAm pAfq 

fJiXiffTtt. 739, 17. lie ixitfdipfav, id oat, 
vpic *ri xtSo'^ai rnv iXiudi^Mv, ad redi- 
nendun libertfttem, eun pota, qaam 
•are meroatas adipisoitor ii a domino, 
qai ante lerrilis conditionit fuerit. ^- 

Ixfv&i^. 1354, 35. I^mwy ilc i^y Ixiu- 
Si^v 0t;XXl>«v0«. qoo posset sere illo 
oollatitio libertatem meroari. 1355, 9. 
sic iXsv6sf^ ^fXl0-d«i, Tindioare in li- 
bertatem, tit t^ Kn^d^o^pov ^airtufav, 
1327, <2. Tov ve/cA«y, Sc MXsuit t* ^fjuav 
^nS tifxhfAMrof [malotie, qoa lis faerit 

Ul ixxtl^t, S7, 5. tfi Restm oder sehul- 
dig blmhen [to remain or eontimte due], 
rvliqaator esse, adboo debere partem 
sens contraeti nondom depeasam. oitu 
IXXf/^ti iu;(a^i0n'fiif. 357, 2. 607, 3. Ix- 
\tvan ouHv rScf htwr&rotv ^alnrai, nil 
sibi reliqaaiB fecit, qnod non patrasset. 
607, 20. tXXf XMirmc raf tlo^fic, 753, 
22. tf nc MtM ^YMTO, Ix tSv vejim r» 
iXUlwwra i?n. 895, 22. iWtvnreti'iifMV 
fAtHh. XAT* l/uf . per me nihil vobis deeK- 
set. 1224, 24. IXXitVeuot icaiuSy lut^ ai- 
<rxp5v 0^^.1267, 25. 

iBstimata] o^t^tv tw hifA,»rUfyOf kf iwn *EXXi}vutdc] *EXXiiiruea2 ir^^^uc a«2 x^ 'EX- 
/u^ hnaugg %U iXsvOf ;/«y tl^xld^i. 1328, \trnKoi. 244, pen. 'EXXuvdM^etTo; ivl&^w- 
8.1358,19. xarll^xav lie xotydvTnviXit;- tra»y. Graecorum stodiosissimas, plas 
,&s^ TNc cLxxetc 'EXXiM-i. 1377, 23.* h qnam nlli alii homines sont. 439, 26. 

aroXic nji fuv elXndsM oyitTO rnc Ixiudi- iXXi^uivttf^] poblicanas, qai Tectigalia 
fiof, TV ^j ^iXonjuU Ova ^vctrriouro toTc merciom in portus ing^redientinm et in- 
Aoai^/cMv^Mf. 1377, 27. de egre.dientiara sasoipit, exigit. 2^0/- 

IXfv^foc] i<p»ifJtm Sxiu6i^ t««ro rdv ir«T^oc, leinnehmer [etistom-hotise officers], 917, 
[id est, lie T*» IXft;&fp(«v]. 1155, nit. 10. 

^evXev et Ixtvdifov disorimen qna re cer- Btlipsis v. indioem Grammaticnm. 

natar. 610, 4, sqq. tmc ftlv ^ouXotc 'ri iXv^^iiv] auto; /utr ou9tv tKoa^o^ voinna 
eitfMt micnm tSv ^(XDjit^'ranr v^nvdw^ IXin'^wv, tov ^i irXnWoy aravd* uvip avrou 

f0~r(, TtTe ^* Ixiu^ipotc So'Tctrev ^^00^x11 
TOvTo x«X^itv. 752, 13. b^ de fandis, 
bonis, quas libera sunt ab inonmbenti- 
bas debitis, qoibus uli tibere pro arbi- 
trio tno possis. IXiudi^A p^/Mara. bona 
non obterata. 930, 4. el 12. lav /mm rrfl 
ioX^rikv iTitudifcn vrdfa^, 1044, 23. 

arfAJfiv. 42, 12. nal ^aW iKirio'ttfra 
mtif avrw, scil. X.^io^. 374, 1*. S 
/uaXXoy itjc^e ahrh iXwla'at, n fxh «rot?0U(, 
^vtq^lrra. 655, 21. pro metaere. WXo» 
St» hivh av n ma.^'(y a-avrh nkml^tit i* 
vvbM-n vjmi rk o^ mTepayixiv*. 416, 

iXiudipM^] fjitrk trit ayaBvf Tv^^i iXiu&i- IXirJf] hhnatf M raif Ikvta-n. 21 , 3. rai 

ffnrt TOuc''EXXiiiWff. 1467, 2 

ixs4>ac] ebar. IxI^vtm tov t\q rnv '^iym, 
819, 24. 

iXivuitir] inlerponere otinm nnins diei, qoo 
sacra fiant. 531, 27. 

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(trot *ai ^avfpoy ^otiu 563, 13. uirlp rov 
f»d TO tf-w/Ma aXoue lie t^ itTfAoarfi^tw Hx- 
xhrbat, 609, 17. d«ro7Tfi^/btfyiie t« 
^t70 uaI iXao/ulnte. vi obtorto oollo ra- 
ptata. 1157, 4. 1263, 10. ifahio-etfjthov^ 
fXxfiv T<1 ^Xout. alienas naves ad snas 
raligatas pertrahere. 1213, 3. 

iXitoi] raZr S^i vretari irixtt ip;^iTai fxxof 
afwfm, 422, 13. fXan tvihoavwra if 
nraXf wrfifAAt( uiro vSm hff^fjtSiv. 1248, 27. 
t5» tihtfAAren rSif h *rS w^ctTfot Koi 
T»rlXx«f.l260, 19. 
iXJCuifv] «e )(' vfA&i 1^* iAUTW ip^^peue ifx- 
umt, 611, 10. IXievtf'ae tc^ irXoTa lie 
Irfv/xnt. 1216, ntt. 
ixXi/?ep»{iiv] helleboro faligines atras men- 
tem ooooToanles elaere, eoqne ntenti 
iianitatem reddere. rl tf-fttrrdv ov^ Ixxi- 
0op^fie. onr Tetemam tibi non detrahis. 

&vi TOW Cn/u«Toe IxirtJtte ixwl/w^nn. 53, 
8. Kftl Tote Ixyovoie 'Tpoe T«f IXTTiJae ilvtu 
rhf tl^rinv raumv, id est, xai Toue Ixyo- 
>ot;e hTv Ixvr'^iiv aMv. banc eandem pa- 
cem poster! s quoqoe speraodam, vel 
metaendam esse. 73, 13. vSv ayaSSif 
rkf IXirt^ae '(' vfJtSiv eunSif ip^n. per 
▼osmet ipso.s et in Tobismet. J 67, 11, 
«^ JStq T( Koi WAf iXnri^ae i^iBn. 210, 6. 
hiti T? T9e 2^»Ae irXioM^iae i\vih. 246, 
14. liri Ttt7e fnXXoyo-tt»e IXirio-if, Si Jia- 
fxa^rotWf id est, iw' iXTriot toioutw /txsXr 
XojTwy Jo-io-i&tfi, «» Jia|t*4^T0»ty, 255, 13. 
Vii^ta-^at reuq ixiiVan' IX^Mt. a poIKci- 
tationibus eomm, et a spe ab ipsis pro'> 
posita se pati daci. 284, 5. trap* Sy [a 
diis pota, suaqne cnjasqne conscientia 
recte ractorunij nftXtrov STrt t«c ayet' 
Bai l\vliAf htivrS nai roXf itaia-X vi^itrotn- 
a'Acr^tu ra iixata yfnret, 416, 2. u9ro- 
^WTif Wfoe TouTO ayBfwiveof t«c tXwtiaq. 
638, 24. ifxol y iX^rt^a tSv fAtyirrvf 
^otfiSv fr^offioiuLrOat iraflfiSn, 1468,13. 
Tflr ayeAhv v^cCeiXKefAhfovt IXirt>«. 258, 
23. twrvt oiy ilj iX^riSa tn)}t^% ipyrr*«. 
1407, 12. 

IXXn/bijbta] Ta x«d* n/iMff eXXc/^/icaTa. 26, i/M/?a(yiiv] soil, lie Tc^e y«t;;. an Bord geheii 

3. reliqna, pars debiti seris nondnm Uo go on board], 29, f6. ovk ifABna-Sfxt- 

depensa. Best, Ruckttand [the balance], ha ; oux l^i/uiv ; ovx ile i^v IxitW irXcv- 

606, ulL rou/(Ai&a ; citat Hermogenes p. 2.'>3. Iv 



. 309, ^4, 4l WMpufAsmnf rSh vavrSav oux 

ii^fXwn 90,\vi ifA$cunaf, 1209» «7. I/ca- 

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579, ulL 
ifiC«XMtv] liC v^mrrof )iajiiov iuvrw IfxBa.- 

«^ci7//bCO0n5nii^ TAvraiy l/K/?aXirv^iXPBr«rw. 
53^ 10. TO v^)'^ i(c >^«T» x«2 Xm^o- 
f^v i/4/?aXovTfc. 151. !^0. tovt i!? tov 
vouv i^M^XM'doA, in animiiio indacere, 
meote coiioipere. !t!47, 20. l/u^aXXiiv 
Tiv^ ii( Sx^pttv. aliqoeni in invidiam ad- 
dacere, atiqaos iQimioitiis inter ge com- 
mittere. 248, 8. ifA&Akatff i^ )»$iav, 
[soil, il; T^v Tov iri^w ^<{iay]. 553, 14. 

tfA6»hM Toy VO/MOV iif TOUC VOfMWi, Jm2 /U^ 

Ti&orti. 716, 5.. fk TW ^}^a». 733, 21. 
751,25. iXfw "^^ '»'® yjA/M/uATiToy SiC 
Tov lx}m ffxBaUXK 1106, 20. 1107, 15. 
iiiiuKvvM ifxi xal l/u/3«XXf tv tic to W/uitf- 
T^ptflv. 1251, 10. ^irr^ ax^o^^uwv ygnutMiv 
ifA8t0Xnfjma. ingerta, implantata alipi- 
tibas diversi generis, eingejtf'roftft, ifio- 
culirt lingrqftsd, inoeulated]. 1251,22. 
ivayaywra to 4rpS>'/bU( arro t5» 9riirp«- 
9^iiwv f Ic yiKo»r» tud amatfAfjuira, I/aSa- 
XitV. 1261, 13. iieiftB^Ut ynofAswt ovfi^n 
*ri viotf i/iA^aXi(V, [soil, i*; t« ^ctfU], 
1274, 22. l/bt^aXov t^ viotf ^ig lud rfig 
*ra X^^ iXvfMVATO. 12? 4 f 24. Toy ;^X/- 
hf ifxCoKan lig t^v o)oy. 1278, 5. 1279, 
12*.lvf€«XXoy )uo XM Tpl?c 4^<f>ot;c {««. 
arof iU Toy jut^t^xoy. 1302, pen. In Me- 
dio, i(A^\\i0^ai, inferoire, ingerere in 
rotalam chartamm in foro judicibas 
exhibendaram. 836, 5. IfAMMfAkwq 

[toil. %U 'TOV IX,^^] Ovh/AUof fJMfTVfiaV 

vvif rovTon. 1014, 25. 1104, 6. ifxCa- 
XofAtnv yif ifjifiZ rht ojpxoy ilf T«y i^^tVoy. 
1203, 26. 1266, 17. 

S^ftTivKy] inBdnvcv tlq tw ravv. violen- 
tam posaes&ionem navis oapiebant. 894, 
7. lfi$i$a-nvukiM itc Tqy ovo^y. 1085, 
2l4. 1086, 18. 

kf4fii0i.iiif ilf \6yw«. 372, 13. i(( t^v v»uy. 

i/«i3xliniy] in oa intueri. oU aieavrSirraf 

. ifA&Kiruv. 363, 4. tiq ta v/cASTi^a qrpoo-- 
«9r<t I^Xiaroyra ta •«)4v}q fJutprvftXv, 

i/x0(an£ff IfAQsQ^areii^^ai] attonitus, ato- 
pore et coeoitate mentis oaptas ease. 
413,10. . 

Ifi/SfovTnToc] ifAB^amrt. stalte, fnriose tn, 
qni es. 308, 4. 

ifAfAktmv Tw; T^ot; BK&)(jka^w Xf^^* 1^'^f 
1. i/xfxhtn TouTOi; tTvai ivamynti. 897, 
7. ToT; u^' iTl^o^y ufta-fxivoit hitaieiq, 
972, 18. l/(Afci?yM ^ya}«a0*ds(? iff Wtii 
ilk Tqy iovTou fr^^iKrtv. 1011, 20. raXt 
ifM\eyiai(, 1022, 3. i^ Ivta^roXni IfAfAU- 
vat avfA$w\^. at is, qui iiteras exarare 

«saperii in propofito rtola taad— di 
perseveret. 1463, 15^ 

l/u/w<T|pfc] ToiiC l/uf(fTf«vc M«* r«t>$ Tfiy ^0- 
/ulyfltfy WHnri^, tam epioorani atqiM e- 
legiacorum, qaam. ijricMrnm anotores 
poetas oarminam. 1391, 17. 

^C rm huS^ airo tou .Boti3l^/Mfiiro(iwl|^c 
Toii Movyt9^<«>Mc. negotiatores ialra men- 
sem ab aeoepta injuria querelas ad tri- 
bunal negotialoribus consaeratom de- 
ferre debeut, el intra eandem temporia 
ambitum eaasce quoque disoeptari et 
deoidi, et baeo judicia sedent per tetam 
semestre bibemum. 900, 4. 966, 17. 

ilXfMT^'\ VfAMi^ ftf^ 0-dMt Xai l/AfM^^Oi. 

242, 9. 

ifJtifiiorfo^tX)/] in^ya^ofAnci mm i/cAmu^o- 
7f9^f*tni tn 'A^iiiov •utf'M. e re fa- 
miliari Arcbiadas qusBstum faclentes, 
undo et ipsi laate Ti?ant, et liberos 
eduoent. 1087| 22. 

IfMTf i;(«] ifA'KfUfUv rata tou 4roX^t*ou »ra- 
^beu, 17, 12. ti y opy fOTTt Kol ar»p* Iftot 
ivc IfAVUpia ToiftuTH. 318, 13. kf*^niflaf 
iMAri^ou rourw ^Xtav^^-irm^ahiiu^nt, 
1413, 19. Tqy in rSif ft^ayfMirwf. ytyi^' 
fjthsv i/jLirn^Uv o-^Xipay tZcwh 1414, 4. 
at ya^ ifjiwttpUu Kal to aroXXa Mfmnheu 
TOUT* l/Kireiot)0'(, [soil, to yoily ivjuvl, 
1452. 17. 

2/u9riipoc] an^ <n^ l/um t^ec froXffMU. 23, 7. 
iro!KX^ V(ii rk \omk TQc^ri^ vtXtTiutc 
I^M-^' »/(AVf i^JTspoc. 286, 7. 

fi/(A?rf/po0c] oroi^M ifrM^a/AWi T^l^tv luU 
arai^fuKy fi^^rf^Mf, 1351, 8. 

IfiflrtTrXayaiJ Tqy ivatin avrou yvm/AVf lyl- 
irXudiy. 543> 24. Aimim xai iWTXWt&ii- 
TM ravT» voimimt* 1265, 13. 

l/uviarf<U«i] fjtwmitf tov olxlav ifMffiia'Af, 
845, 19. 

l/u9r(9rTiiy f«c Xot^o^icty. 73, 18. l«rfiliW ti 
Twy flr^c ♦tXiir«rov k/j(,wji» si qua ravom 
ad Pbilippum pertinentiom mentto^ in- 
oidat. 146, 1. ifAvivfronta, tie hiyovf, 
ovi wrUa fuiMka k^/A^au >^y»», 240, 1. 
244, pen. 312, 20. ilc Xf^vov^ nuiX «i'Xt- 
fcoy lUfX rfi0hv ifAwn* 365, 15. vonfAM 
^ityov f^arnrTOMSv i!e Tqy *EXXa^. 424, 4. 
ifAvioTf romrit tic ttf^tV Xcyt^fjUf, 557, 1. 
i(C TO hff^fMtriifUft, ^8, .17. et 24. ivl 
wm^U Kai To?c ttlo^ioTOtc ifn^wntrmithtf 
lie TO o&q/bui. 789, 15. ifA9*rtgv ts^ oK- 
Xot^ift ^o^MCr <^ ov le^offiKovref .out« ;^f 9- 
tf-^tti. 1004, nit. l/tMrttf-ftriti t^ ud^ ilc 
Ti h/xht^x^P^* 1273, 8. 

ijMirXfty] sfcorXfa^y, est, aliens in rebus 
(factor, oommissarius), qnem negotia- 
tores, profioisci ipsi, et dorao abesse 
non valentes, looo sui mittnnt, in nave 
merces suas vebente, ut ouram earuiii 
mercinm pervehendamm et divenden- 
darum, aerisque redigendi habeat. tou 
if»f hf*Sv [soil. arfM<|>dfrroc] I^mtXIov- 



•rtf. 884, 11. 

l]M«ol^errac> Telut laqseU, aat pedicU 
constriogeotes, et pessandanles. 730, 

BfAWSita'fA& Ti ^ TOUT* ^iX^lTfl*, IUl2 iv^i- 

(f^. obstaoolam ertt, et id qoidem Ira- 
etata atqoe «molitQ difficile. 30, 17. 

^ ^48>«2. 

. 1€9,A4.^ 6^1» 96, 944, 9. 143^» «5. 
harfiCof, 1158, 8. a2 l/uini(£eti kmI to 
flnXXi^ lofpAxiwK l^intwm t^ yovy ix'*** 

^ - 145!t, 18. IjCMBronTy Tty) Xi^ h swnSiuvi 
tSv^Omv/m^t^v. S4f , 11. 

ifMre^tici] fli M-l^rltrXioy t«7c l/cMVO^Csic. 
eadeai'iMive, qaa meroes, vtbebantar, 
et iotereraat exportationi et hnporta- 

' Uoni nercioin. 1385, 9. 

i/MVOfiutr&ai] M t% Wfo^i^i toC Ipve- 
fivta-bat avM^amurra^. 893, 7. 

^jftcinpm] «I l/l4lro(M^ ^c im{i^t«l»Mc ov» 
Jnri t£v ^m t^o^vMi, aXX i«« twv Ism(- 
■{orronr fttf-t?^ 922, 9. i^* rriftt l/KWof^A 
^«ol^/c«Sn 1236, 24» 

l^w«rofitt^} ifiiropuuti l^t, lites inter ner- 
catorea,Aibeoift intra nefweni finieban- 

• "tar. Ifiaro^iaii iUuu wn %9-v» &ffirt( inJv 
Axp^X^ al nmra fAwa ^nma-eu fAvMh hX- 
' 0^&«i ^vfASoKtsf Touc roawrtn kiei')(farai, 
79t 22. l/uvflpuco^ vifAM, joa negotlato- 

; Trbva eOMtitatam. 924, 10. i/xinfutk 
j^ififjttvrtu pecuniae inaomendc meroibas 
eoemendia, et «bi per mare alio perve- 
etaa faerint, divendendia. 940, 20. i/tt- 
4r«pfxnv ^/i(>}V'XaT«^uta0i«0'i&<u. efieoicae. 
Hi aliqvM in eaasa mercatoria conde- 
mnaretor. 571, 21. 

ifAmi^m\ ift^o^Utt MxXii0*/cAlf«v. portofoaa 
daaain. 29, pen. 422, 26. «r(oc TbTc rSv 

. ifut^nfugv crifAMo^, 49, 9. imiav^^i^^at 
ix^ nrA J/Uff'optot;. 922, 4. If ifjimd^ nt^ 
;i^f^)bMi#-ty fi(ya|o/u<voc iIvdpMiro$. 9d^, 27. 
«{ iVi/utXirrat too ifAiro^iov, das HandeU- 
gmrichte [tht ammercial court of judica- 
ture], arbitri bnrsae, rel caaaarom mer- 
catiliaoi jadioes. 1324, 18. 

ifAVOfOf"] ol rUf icaf v/mv vo>AvUg ifAWOfoi, 

'^pmiwa] thi "S/uareutf'av irimt to'twi xa- 
XiSrTfc, hk TO wamt mmv not irAer^^jut, 

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vw^ ou ivL AiuXoij^v "nXq ftpetyiMuriv, iXX* 
AVT0t»c l/ttvpotf-div iTfAi TMV 4rfa>'/uiTwy. 
51, 15. T^c oItm^ tAc T«ir i^ixnK^onr 
S/ioar^&ty iTvai tov )uui(ot;. potiorea ease 
jure. 1297, 26. . 

Ijiurvoc] exoloeratos, aapparataa. 1260, 

vkt fftridiiutt. 898, 4. i/A^ni ua/varrii- 
rai Hk ^fjMTtt, 1239, 5. H-ifA^Sh 

KATarrartofc* 1251,3. 'rkhmx9ftt»M' 
amca it i/u^ovlc. 1283, 26. ifAfmm tud 
iviva^ irafM^^ifC. 1294,8. 15, et pea. 

IfAfMfi^tw] ov h rvxn xo) to Im/u^mv iXv- 
mTfXii fcjv ^'Xov, ovfA^ifcntra U hfit^ 
ifjL^niii, 188, 14. TO vt^^. 600, 9. 
0^ ilk TMV t3c Hm*( ffufidetv rk hAK* 
XirT» Twv hBSnf in^nn (deoa piAa). 

ifjtiptimt pvm hrin CovXa^ta «»vv»x^. 
1366, 1. ^ 

ifA^pirrtiv to 0^r^/iia. 406, 5. 

fi/«^poi/^] inaeaaas praeaidio militari w^ 
Xti? *EXXiiv^ Ift^podc inoUu 289» 10» 

l/M^VTOC] «XX' OViC %V T«UT<t *AvhnM((M( ITfl- 

T^M, otJr* ftfiKTa, ooT* ifcfirro. 2954^ 25. 
TQi ifx^tncdf TfS ^y vvf^T^W Ividv^n 
1389, 4. 

hr tmV ^ubtf o^fXo«V.2da«fow 2y. apeetvaaent 
•X tia aobselliia, qaa» nercede biaoram 
obolornad oondocuntar. 234, 24. 

|y] pro li«, pwpter. k» oiinl vSv itaf i/AtS 
tiflifTt ytytmHost Tp voXii. 308, 7. pro 
Ikik can genitivo, par. toSp iv auTNc toTc 
MfiyftMon iXi>^flyt*fmc* 1328, 24. «roX* 
X^ Twv ItMmim h Tai) ^Srat AintoSfyoviap/- 
ittTfi. 1475, alt* pro Ix. «c ov yj^uSn^ 
xonc 9aX h roXe h ifxf ilp«f«f>o(C» pro 
fix tSv — il^/ttivftw. 1098, 18. pro. aori. 
}|Xt0Ta h UQ axqxMra il^t^c Mn fJUfftX' 
a-bat. 615, 1. pro x«t^. h yt toXq vaf 
hfMi fSfttt i(ia^M, id est, xor^ rwi «r« 
V. wfjuut^ 505, 20. pro ar«(^, vel iyyvQ. 
rh iv 2aX«/u7vi vau/uax^y. 172, 22. i 
/Mf>eaXi} ar^c AeoaiaifxwUvt f^X^ iyi»tr9 
iv KoftvOf . 472, 24. iv oum genitivo. ti 
X"^ ^0 *v yt^'f^vm f*u Tot^To. 1^49, 1 9. 
rednndat ante v. noo'fAtXv. Tioywf iariTa- 
^iou^t iv ols xo0-/Mi?Tf TA Twv a>«dMy oa- 
^^ i^ya. 499, nlL Ta fy avroXf* rea f e- 
atr» cif ilea. 35. 26. iv raXf /uiTciXXt- 
XdtC [Roil. ^ueoic] ^ixooiTcM. 977, 16. ietv 
fjih iv yojuo^iTMc* nisi eonaciis, conaen- 
tientibos et jabentibua .Noroolbelia. 
710. 18. ly ou^fiyt T»y fxir^ion, 283, 6. 
iy «r^oxXi90Yi iiabvixat sfM^rv^iXn, 1113, 
5. ly vfAiv, coram vobia, in concione, in 
jadicio vestro. 764, 15. 813, 9. Ifiot ly 
X<XM(ic [scil. i(etxf^<:} ia-rh o xiy^oc. 
periolitor, ne mille dracbmia uiulcter. 
701, 1. 

Enallage a) Gasaom. Datlvna pro Ge- 
nitive. tA Tnc Tpo4>»ic Terc{iyoi€«uTd?,pro 
Twv iivoiv avrov. 15, 24. Nominativaa 
absolatos pro Genitive, a — cyui, pro £v 
ivuL* 1259, 18. Accaaativna absolotoa, 
vel couaeqaentiae, pro Genitivo. «c 
avavr» tftiXtfr^roy froiiiff-crra. 82, 11. 
b) Namerorom. Singuiaris pro Plurali. 
at p. 1148, 8. 1249, 26. 1459, 20. 
Plorali* pro Singalari. 09r»c h 0ov\n ew^ 
ayPmot^ pro owa')(p^f aat o2 CouXiuroi 
cwa^S)9i, 249, 20. irayrcf }f tw vr^ 
Xop vXiirrm Iv rAfit. 569, 1. o,t» ja'owi- 



r«v «f p) i/tMu rour^ [pro rturoi] JS^ov 

• l/UfUvflf. 1302, SI. Uv TK Tt^ tSv 0VJ(O- 

^rmWaflf ireijf, Ivhi^iy jmt «ut«v [pro 
ttvToD] f?vM. 1325, 9. c) Generis. taDt* 
l^iynr q /tMA^a Jun inuiiit tuim xi^oXd, 
f^iXvXu&w;, (pro i(tXn\u^vXtt), qaia ora- 
tio refertor ad rem nip^nifioiUaiD, soil, o 
JUdfMVoc. 552, 22. l>'pa<|»)C to* rtfAiHf 
avrSv Q^tiXan, o [pro n, vel Sm] amrU 

. tf-dw rSv ^ttXirfV. 1203, 13. & ooroc Jmt- 
mrtarau 9nf2 aut?;, raurac t^c ^mCo- 
X«c fSo/uw/Mvei/c^ 1310, 1. d) Modi, 
io^icativi pro Infiniliiro. «c ou )it &a^ 

. > Cfurdot -> itf^rot ya^ iirarra je«x£c, pro 
i^tf'&M. 237, 7. 9roXXou }^ luU ht (pro 

. liTv, ?el }i«v) hM^iatv. 631, 5. lofinitivi 

• pro Indioativo. 1^* eS l«n>«y(^^«( (pro 
iiriyiy^efirreti). 1107, 10. Opialivi pro 
Inlinitivor ^ioi, pro hXv, 15, 22. et irioe 
versa. iwM ^n^ai irirrac touc ^uuto^Ac, 
pro liru^ii ^a-ain mamt ti huarral, 
766, 1. e) Temporia prenentia pro 
yraeterilo, aot imperfecto. xadv^Ski xai 
— iwaXKckmrait pro irnXkirrtra, 
1333, 4. et inverse, xal tots tuil wv iSdi- 
X«v, pro Kol rirn q&iXov, xa2 vvv ideXw. 

- ^55, 22. Constractionis. mq 6 ^tfo-t- 

181, 10. 

sfi(iXXstf'&<u] insaltare, ooocalcare alicoi 
veotrem, calcibas obterere. 1259, 12. 

hkfM'Kkoq'] heif^iKKa, oonsentanea, nil oon- 
oedentia, toutoic fupfdn^'irat Koi ra Xei- 
iri.786, 27. 

Ivttvr/p; i^fMc [subaadi irtpoa rtvi]. 710, 14. 
<viov Ivamay irorl 4^^ Idiyro ourot On- 
CftMic 4vi^ v/bcSv vvi^^&ti^tiro^a'fJuSi nrpo- 
'ndiro-av. 361, 26. 

ivAfrW <Uovfty. animis infestis. 450, 10. 

fyAWOTt/MAv] fvcMriT^juiMiv AuTM &4ravT«. £r 
[/I] ^t i/tm [B] setnm Knecht uberlas' 
sen, statt der Bezahlung der gesamtea 
SehuMfaderung, die B an A hatte, ihm 
<l«»i Knecht angereehnet iiattbaaren Get- 
des [He [A] made over to [B] his slave 
as payment for all that was due, between 
B and A, reckoning his slave as ready 
money], 1253, 9. 

ivaito^w^at nrn Tiyo; podu/tt/a. 218, 4. 

ifofyhq iuU ce^iiQ, 179, 7. ivM^ui Ivo^ 
ytCt ULtd ^n^ai. 326, 4. «c Iva^U x«u 
o-a^sq 9FafAistyfA» o| raXaiorwpoi ^^it^- 
vn 'OXuy&toi. 425, 11. ivo^ync to7c op£0-ty 
q SCftc ^yiTot. 538, 5. 0-a^2c x«t ivt^ 
yif nekfahtyfjM. 797, 24. hafyto^ariy 
ia-rt tS? «•»? cL^iTQC oT»j«*iroif. 1407, 9. 
vafiv oSt«c Iva^ec l^iry. 1435, 8. 

iv3kia] ToS ^t* hhuof avaynn votiTv Tt «!- 
0*ypdy a^rYiXXay/bccvot. 38, 6. oti Xiytn Iv- 

151. 11. T^ fxniiv ala^^v troiha'crra it* 
Mitav* 312, 24. (uark iroXXqc iv^imc 
Ir^^n?* 313, 10. fy', iT Ti( ty)iM )«>0fMT», 

i» T«y VM^onr Ti^ iXXSMrvrm i£}. at ai 
taataiii, qoaotom neoease esset ad satis* 
Ikciendimi orediloriboa, p rebus vendi- 
tis Doa rediret, defeotos e Teoditiooe 
mancipioram- sappleretar. 895, 22* 
Toyh fclv |y raXg ig^&raif hhUuf o^v* 
957, 17. tt Ti h* MsMV tlh VMOM-oc, Jv 
ov Xp, 1118, 2. Titc ia^A,mf syhiaQ airtog* 
1118, 23. o^ybi^i i^M ftoXXov a|ior<roi'c 

1121, dt. T^v |yaii«y, Sv kv IxXiJintTS, 
OVX iv^0-rrf rove «y«irX«^oyT«c* 1466^ 

bSliT'/but iuk/Mnat rvi^ luvo^. 423, IS. 

inhtxMW vei iyli(xyuyail r^y ly^pfty not ri 
0wXsa-^eti xwXvity fyh}t7;p^§Ai. 93, 2. 
Verbum est foraose, deferre,denonciare 
aiiqaem, in foro versantem, qao acce- 
dere nefaa ei sit, propterea» qood aat 
hominem oociderit, aut, at aerarios fisco 
debens, iofamia notatus faerit. niaje* 
stalis renm, aat perdoellionis agere. 
lys^tffy «c w^omy. 126, 11. lySfixyvsiv 
rtlut ^uywras* 636, 10. et 14. iyhtieyuiic 
i/xi iuu I/uCoXXkc tU TO ^/uotT^pter. 
1251, 10. (ergo career seqaebatnr rnr 
TMsi(n) «i dta-fxt^iroi ilcaycrrmf tov^ 
ivhix^imtg stc ri iutaa^itu/* 707, 4* 
In Medio : ostendere, ed«re» proferre. 
ou^jv kv M^airo ou^f vovia^sm kv roiou- 
Tw, v^* ov Wfw&lrric vfJttXQ, 67, 19. Iy- 
lium;0-&at iuyetay rp «r«tTp(^t. 87, 27. 
wavrtt rfiien rnv ^v^-fdyiuty lv)iticvvfAi&a 
«vTo7c. 61, pen. Iv^ujcyiwdai rqy l^y )^ 
vwfcty jMt ^My it(f (TT» TMy y^^Miy oS^iay. 
535, alt. T« a-AfjukTt (laboribas oorporo 
tolerandis) riiy fuvouty, «v xg^f*'''^'** iv>- 
^£«To. 561, 25. aese jactare, veaditare, 
ostentare, studiom saom alteri inser- 
Tiendi, ei veiut oggerere et ambitioso 
vendilare. iV* hh^iirM imaa-i Terc''£X- 
Xnd-i. 78, 8. fyhixvu^iuyoc tmc w^o^i 
ToTc ma^k ^(XtVflrov vafAcu 375, 21. 
lySkutyu/utyoi [sabaadi lai/yw] juii vari^iM. 
XttMuorriff. 391. 19. 579. 5. 725, IL 

|y)i7y] /bMXXoy f ^irAyroc \Au vi^» 14, 23. 

|y)ii|(c] denoociatio scripta, et perseoutio 
in jore rei versaotis iu foro preler faa. 
ot proditoris palriie, bomicidae, Krarti 
facli, nomine adhao in tabolis poblicis 
pendente. 504, 24. hht^ir H^utv i H- 
fAOf, facoltatem apad magistratos de- 
nonciandi, vel indicandi. 636, 25. 1322, 
7. raura. 7$«>|^c tU Tnv iv^fi^iy i^onel fAU 
variif. 1323,7. ubi estformala bujas> 
modi aclionis. Uteris consignata. Iciy ric 
iret^q Tft rw awto^vreirrm, hht^tif au- 
rSh that >uu kvaymynv, ilios lioere per- 
seqoi per actionem ly^itfiy dietam, et in 
oarcerem abdaoere, vel actionem «Ur«- 
ywyiq contra eos capessere. 1325, 9. 
i»i ov)i TovTflfy IMfjUi iM-if, Sret /tAti iv 
htfoviXu yiy^fAfJiim. 1337, 24. ivht^iv 
aar «vtov iTkm, ita^amf Uv rtc e^Xwy 



medi Actio tst ilia in Thfeoorinem « p. 
1321* in 8eqc(. 
•( Evdf jut] UndfcimYiii rcrum ^apitftliam. 
«i Sv^fKA. ro(>« TB9g«f^flvc luU rove »9^ 

940, 7. ToSc hhiim y^ii^ AtuDitiMiv 
u^' iavrtSi. 608, 1& 720, 24, 726, & 
WvSvtirx •uTor o2 Iv}if(«« .733, 12. i&te- 
reraat, «i qais de eriinitie pbUico tor- 
queretnr. 1354, 2. 

b^uto^uv] festoi, laBto* diet agitarc. Tel 
compotaare. cvha^ayrcic •roTc avtocV t«v- 
TotCf <U(i T»v avTMV UfSr nMMfyovrm^. 

Iv2t;(ftf-&M] ou» fy^lp^trtu. fieri Don potest 
at £(9.,raUoBi eooaeDtaiieam non eat at 
&o. 859, 14. ^* hinHxirt ainfS Koi 
wrrtfin W l/tc^ IxdiTv. 900, 18. 

Ifhp^^oiwc] qaa pole, qaa lioet^ pro ra* 
tloae H^mpi^nuB. Iv^o^uliwv fiouXivt' 
«-&««. 283, 5. 

nxfy. 162, 3. 

Miat^&tvA oommorari. fy^ilrft^cv Mvrodi. 
893, vAC ini>ra8 neetere, cessator esse 
in nomiae diloendo. IvSklrpi^i, jto) tn^w 
[soil. Tcihr w/uoXo)<ii^fiwy] iar9/ff«.1172, 

wMwtii] av fy^M juup^. paUator, permittat. 
45, 7. KXitTcifX^ ivi^oHtiy Ainrit* tradidit, 
p^muMt. 128, 6. IMivM ar^cD#f if. 
caaiaa, pnetextoa pmkbere, sappedi- 
tare. 280, 19. oiU rnv um^Uit hhUU 
ToTp fllXXotc 1407, 3. /Lb^ oi^yX^P^^ ^''' 
iona 'sf rSvy vXctofwy >vw/uii* 144<^ 2. 

ftr^oy] domi, vel in area noBBaiia, vel in 
penetrali ?irginali, Tel in feorreo, apo- 
tlieoa* ftoiverae, qoicqaid claoeani, bb- 
seratam, oastodia tenetar. unUr Be- 
schUm [in euriody]. i^yitf^iw Iv^or oy^o^- 
jMrTA/ffrvSf* 816, 24. o'Ttog ludtfy ^aroit^bbi- 
yoC' 1040, 26> Jtaa'40^0'«f tivoc ^vX^^iiv 
i»«tfir, (fort. Ti f»>w). 1040, «7. T»»f ^i»X- 
^C f Tt sv^ov ov0^; rht, x«i arcu^; cftmc 
»^^. adhno in dome palema versante, 
quippe qOfB adhoc poelht asset lomibi- 

finurdfyn c 246, 24. 
sriyaiTv xWf^* edere, nonenpare aliqaero, 
at cboregalam capessat, relnti qni vi- 
deatar ei gerendo idonens. varscklagen 
It^prifftote]. 496, 19. et21. myxwVSn- 
fjUaf air^oa^iojuiTOt ov'^vvoffBau 796, 11. 
orttf 9S19 Mtrraw Tic if/utprri rt, CftkX*^ 
. TO? ^TJtffm wiyfu», [id est, trpM^VE^xtv]. 
solet afferre. 801, 14. rit nrm liutrSiv 

«I^M$^1fhfJMr» OVK th T^ flKX^If , lie i* HUM 

Touc nviyxi rht fSxi^af. noceat, ineom- 
inodant. 801, 18. t* i^v, 

365» 12. ^v 31 Toi/TA m^^ fMra xMoet- 
«r(»c. 705, 2. 

836, 12. ift)^n$«««« rh wairifa jkov. 
1011,3. ' 

Ivi&ai] pro jroMivM, vel arA^fM,- pnNto 
case. A jfitf ^ rftiifttf y9 WkMut off 
ias^f, ft hfMft IvoiSntc. 69» 1. il loeas 
bene habet : oTc lie <»9y Mrtfy f4i'rptd»- 
ra)T» xS^t*'^* ^f^Mik fieri par ropam 
praesentiam natoram et tatioaeai po- 
teal pmdetttissiaae atqae nodastiaeiflM. 
312, 20. 9b y0P« hkrm [tdk h rS 
y^fAfAartlm ytygwjMju<iwr, otm BMMll 
prottent iolibello adrlpta] Amut^ifrrtiv* 
1115, ^. 

8«»di 7f rfif 4*)^/M^Mr. 81 peraliad nibii, 
qnam per decreta, ataret. 8i samalii rei 
▼ersaretar in hob, (neqae aliod qaM^ 
qaatn prteterea reqmrerstor, qaain) nt 
easent deoreta scripts. 32, 16. ImjU yt 
n& fM^w hfM^ «^>robc idlxiiy arouTn ISO, 
14. fAiyaf titdimf r^ xfywi^ nal ^iv«- 
Toy htK Aa^XiUbt* possit ittmortalia 
ease, si nihil alind morlem iafenvi^ 
qnam vis externa, a qoa seoari sunt 
ejoanodi oonsiliornn aaetoreflj gratia 
popalari Tsllati. 142, 26. si viw ^ff^r 
rtk i0^rivy 4^ l/tA4D yt tvBxa Id^iw. atlani^ 
vir honestisaiains sit, (et e8to, per me 
qnidcm lictt) cr mag et auch meineltM- 
gen imme^ kin te^, ieh wUi rtiehu dar^ 
wider etntHWdndm haben [Jte ma^ indeed 
heso,beit»,I my nothing to the eofi' 
trort/.]. 461, 12* l/Moi fith i tvifliSroc 
Ivta* ivMhioi i^i a» IrolfAdtt hy» flfoi9- 
orm. si nihil aliod obstet, neqae inter- 
eedatf tanta est hnpodentia, nt per ^am 
nihil non patrare aasnnis sit. 721, 15. 
Ita Harodotas, 20» 54. wenn es kdi- 
glich auf den WacHter aniiotnmt fif i$ 
depends merely on the guards]* nbi in«> 
terpres male re<kfidit. 

i^wtrantdiiwi maX^. 1411 , 10. 
invta^TmcBai, hjfAMvBirruf i^'Arei^w, 
hrn iiuliw thoitt Vn^iikofxvtM alrS TOvta 
TO afyv^iw, libello magistratibns exbi- 
bbndo testatam faoere, ribi deberi asft 
qnoddam in bonis Antio<ihi pdblii^tis. 
1197, p^. 1198, 5. et 15. 

^ujCAivof TJi 'Ap^t^^ov f^&Ui exercendia 
ArohiadsB fondis et peeaniis rem siam 
antplifiGantefi. 1087, 22. hkfyHtnrrai 
hof To7c ifdyUrtttft ereeM, itjiotilnt. 

fdo^^fki ^trnwietf, 1402, 13. 
in^yo^] opponitoi* rS AfyS, ws qnod fo- 
nere exercettir, ei, qnod iilefs id Mxa 
jaoet. VA *t In^h ttlrS/f itt& ^a &fya* 
815, 15. 816, 14. ^arirc htfyf)t'So'^J, qno 
baberent onde possetit qaaestom faeere, 
oegetiationem esfercere, baberent qaod 
agerent. damit Hi wai anfangen, entrO' 
fvenWen konnten [inord^ that they may 




nm VAfMo-ifiXitoi Iv *PoV» v^Xiv lvf{}^ 

(soil. AVTO) wotiTir lie Tib AtyMrTW. lOIC- 

w aufi neue anUgen, domic iimcfc«m 
[to lay it out again, lend it agaiv^ at in- 
temt], U91, nit. 

i(iv(iv. 1411, 11. 

lmv^oiu(AiTv] orat rk rStv \BnHtion iruxft' 
' fMt* htvimifAtXv inUtiro. 294, 14. 

hfix^ff^tu] tenori cnlpa, vel legi^ edioto, 
poMND obnoxiof esse, h tm)! t« hwfM 
ii«x<9>&«. 1069, 9. 632, 2*. Uv'iriyqc )i* 

hk^trtiu 1231, 16. 
lM;^u^i^aiv] arrbam ab aliqoo oapere, exi- 
gere, samere, aofferre piji^nas. pfdnden 
[to take a pledge]* 518, 1. iiaxam* au- 
oillam pro arrha solutionis abigere se- 
cnm. 762, 4. kn^vfcka-w ^X^w ivl rhf 

Mat entV^v* 11^> 1^- 

^n)(VfaffiM fAw voido'aa'bau snpelieotilem 
meam domesticam e domo mea efferre, 
et pro arrba taatisper tenere, doneo — . 

MX^t^ 2;(«f ns iavrdu ff-ttrn^Uti ro «r^ 
X^t^if vfMV Xiy^a, 106, pen. hixMi* (.in 
plnral.) pro InxH"" >" siogal* 1031, 8. 
hiX^tt*' ifxv X44^dat. 1150, 15. tm 
iviX^ Ti \a$9ifju T«y oKivah'. 1150, 20. 
Til f*lf «uT£y ni7t«( iyi;(up«. oppignerala 
sunt. 1155, 23. ifix^i* voXX^ i/uou il 
Xi^Cetfy. 1161, 25. t^ Irax^'P'^ ^f** ^^^ 
X^^M. 1161, 27. OUTS ykf ht" inxv^ 
(auf Pfand, on pledge), o&n furk /uap- 
nrifm |3texi«. 1185, 12. olnirai l^af 
mnS, ot rk hix^ ''^ ittma-fiaron ira- 
^xi/xBavev, 1200, 2. 

Iit^lv^i] illine, bis viis et arlibos. h^ifh 
fdiyeat yiynnfAifW, 19, 1. 

hi(y9ra» St4, 1. 

hbvfAStff^ai] /If qr' lydt/furroi, /it^Tf Xo}^f- 

^ 'fM. 59,17. 

fyfauff-toc] nniiia anni pner. it >^p juiti- 
Xf/^QV iuava'109, 833, 17. 

iMAVToc] f£ 8roi ^i'iku^n'ou (toto anno, iaAr 
auf, ioi^ mn, t/irotif ^ut t^ year) uX»- 
ya*}'oS0'(. 1041, 2. ^ hSavMitoTfc qXdov 
i«i Tove Toaouc, fvrfi^ o nriavTec ifiixdfv. 
1225, 15. ergo non solnm oiense qno- 
que finite, sed etiam anno oiroumacto 
fcBDora dependebantnr. &«r«i$ tou huav* 
v$u in&ffrw kmytrai to lifiv, 1371, 6. 

lnitf^M-d^] instituere. oviivrSv mayfAa" 
*rm l{ iixjiq fvio^rM-M-di, ev^i iu»Tf- 
ntfi^M-di if/beti, 137, 2. ^ TouTov top 
AySna. h/a^na-&fAif9fi 227, 3. o rirt iv- 
creLt ftiUfAAQ. instans. 255, 9. 1466, 
21. inwrwmSet auroTc T«r ^umv. 896, 
pen. i»i tu jcoXil «a2 rnc w^Xc«c <(((« 
irf*y^A«T« iw<mwiipij». 292, 26. ikti' 
him T(. si qnid obstet (de inipedimen- 
)Ae, in qa0 torrens ineurrit). 1274, 19. 

ifirp^vp^tr&iii] nrgere aliqaod argumen- 
torn gra?iter, eoqne fidere. ov 
fjUnm TOUTO0, ^XXil xa2 toTc AxXo<c Wm'cv 
iv(fX<t*{^A*^** 1082, 26. 

hnaimi] ineda. IvmItcm x*^* ^^* ^^• 

IfMVC ^^yMToi. ergieng in tieh [hs reflected]* 
animom advertebat. 876, 13. 

htUm] locar, merces inoolatas in aliqna 
domo. iikrlav ov^l^rorl fMt Ixavic ^^- 
Mv ivudouriiiohdat, oar nnnqnam in me 
institnisti aotionem non solnti locaris 
pro incolatu ejus domns, qnam me aU 
iocolere abs te oondnotam. 1179, 23. 

hff». 401, 18. 

htftioq wafauarabiMn* depositnm alionjas 
fidei demandatnm, com jurejnrando 
dicto, de sancte servando et fideliter 
reddendo commisso, nbi reposeator. 
773, 5. 

2mc] Tocabnlom obsoletom, et psene ri- 
taale, pro araXoi^. rkt tfof ifxM ^^''^ 
,yl<ttc faou0'«c vin^ifoai. 775, 25. ocov 
IjA ar^ T«c hn^ %dl vW M to Xf^ixa Tib 
foSv mgiopfjUoy, ante diem postremnm 
mensis. 1229,' 7. 

ivo^Xftf-dai] |y t^ ou^ if ijct/vov ho^t- 
yifAMW ahrS tovto to a^yv^m. Sein 
Geld siunde auf dem Guthe, das Guth 
tbdre ihm dafur terjffandet, er habe drai\ 
tu fodem [Ats numey was secured upon 
the property, the property was mortgageid 
to hini]* 1197, ult Ivo^Xo^Imv ayrm 
[soil. rS X^P^l ^f^v^^ov. als wetm eina 
Schuld drauf hafiete [as if a debt was 
attached to tt]. 1249, 23. 

226, 24. wv H t,ri kit /a^ nay hfli^aw 
ivoxXjf ka2 frae^ Kmnl, arAf o^Sn. 398, 7. 
IVa f/A 9rXf?ov WoxXntf-df iri^iiovTMr. 239, 
4. ffVo^xXno'i T0v; x^?**^^^ a^ti^mwu t9c 
Xo(i^«(. qaomodo snis Texationibns effi- 
oere stnduerit, at saltatores, tsedio 
▼icti, saltandi monas omittemnt, aat 
defngerent. 519, 15. oux^ rah Ivpx^vv- 
T«y u/btSc. 622, 12. 

hox^i] hexot ito-fMu ysycfao-u 1229, 11. 
i9oxo9 ToTc ifaXq. 404, 4. (n/tUui, 996, 

hravba riic «roXiTiMK. bao in parte reip. 
245, pen. 

IfTi^rfiy] lylrftMtv^ q/uTV trXv^^ic. rerbera 
nobis intentamnt, comminati sunt. 

IvTi X^] T^v^SyTAc uvi fjuff^du flroXXov juU 
limX^C* 1217,26. 

hrtUfjuffBef] qoi meroedem fert integram , 

. nil deoartatam. Iri^euf wturag imiOi9/jU- 
^beut9tfeai3<a0cif, 1212, 12. 

ImXwc] fmXltf^oT*. abandantisshae. 
219. 20. 

hribsfoi] t)W 19^ hriB^fVf, oW kinBth- 
cKsniSi. 37, 26. 1460,3. rourot^ $s\vl^ 
rnk mjv ual <f>plircic IvMiti . 332, 20. rk 
owfM^ra hfMV tlq rkc X'~P*^ avrSh in- 



^nn§, wofta^armBhm Ivwo/ui^anr. 840, 
11. Irrtdi^p l/ul iU tk rovrttv yimreu 

Waaren an Bard bringen lauen, dot 
Schiff befrachten lasien [to have goods 
Mppedt to have the tkipfieighted], 885, 
16. 968, 4. bbtfjUrtt ik Toy itoXiror. 
sibi foa maBo ingerente in lioam, el 
ibi abflcondente. 1156, S6. 

hnfAAv] TovTtf h reuf ratvofoMorra fAiHuf 
hm/AO/ro rk Xf^^ ^ ''^ IfjUkxta riv 
;^iXiifr. cui 40. miiue in dotem promis- 
S8B ftiissent, dO. in nomis pnesentibvg 
meoepiuet, decern reliqa» aotem in 
▼estem et 'mnndam maliebrem essent 
impnUtM. 1036, 12. 

lrr</iAo;] ivamStt Srn/uw xarlXiigrw toy ^7- 
Ttr. in siemlich hohen Preiis [at a> 
sufficiently hieh price']. 1285, 18. 

irni] ov /uimt irroc «v tlvnXv. ista dixisse, 
cam secom non esset, b. e. nente pe- 
regrinanle ?elot extra corpas, et aliis 
In rebus, non in re prtesente, Tersante. 
915, 18. no8 qnoqae nsarpamas nicht 
wohl derheimeseyn [not to be sufficiently 
reserved"], pro nagari, aliena garrire, 
delirare. 917, 18. Imc iyi^i^roroc. 
eitra consangainitatem, qai a peremto 
propiores in consangninitate sant, qnam 
Gonsobrini. 1068, nit. Irroc t£v fjihrpon 
iiFuuirarifAnn. einrnn in seine Schaoht 
hammen, oder einhauen [to come into, or 
dig, in the ^laft^ of another], perr am- 
pere in alienam canicnlam in metal- 
lifodinis. 977, 8. 

JrrMCiic] in aliqaa re nsii longo exercilatiis. 
ifX^Xq Tf lud vSfMtO'n Ivr^iC^c- 418, 23. 

irrvy^Avstt] ov fclxXom? /Atrk raZy v/m9 
Imu^ftf'Sai. 363, 1. aMt ¥ lHa irirra 
tiv x.^91 im/yj(Awif oliortM lieav^aro 
♦fXtvTrw. congrediens cam Pliilippo. 
396, 8. a^Bovoti rovroii hrv^vTt, qaid 
est? 1424, 20. 

l{a>7lXXiiy] per nantios, ?el liieras pro- 
dere, significare. sWX yko, tXait A itkrt 
avrS l^ayyiXKevrti vag hfAMV, wXiiwf 
rw iitrroq* 45, 3. 

i^iysiv] ovrs ykp i^ftytro ran In. t^c X^f^ 
ytyfo/xifoef ouih. 276, 5. Mi»H i^h^ayw 
avrtiui ixorraf, hinc (ex Urbe) ooegi 
eos qaamqnam invitos proficiaoi, et 
▼elat expali, Tel extraxi. 389, 23. de 
soena dedocere saltatorem, vel magi- 
stram cfaori. 533, pen. 534, 3. littya^ 
yon 1% T?; oXnUq Toy^^idro^a. 845, 17. 
i^i,yt\v Ix yiq, aliqaem e pmdio, in 
qnod Telot sanm immigrare ▼olt, edo- 
cere et vi eom a possessione aroere. 
865, 6. 887, 1. IfSyw ft/uSc, er hat uns 
hinaus gewiesen [he has ejected us from 
it], ^Aaxm aimv i?y«f, aiens ilia bona 
sua esse. 1090, 9. i^AyofAhon rwv wal- 
W ImXa/bcCaytTOi. injicltmanum pneris 
Atbenls alio dam et furlim ablegandis. 

695, 10. 896, 19. iiVXli <i^ «?m Ifi- 
>iiy. 917, 26. dierttirib nd nmkurat <rtvc 
inXirat fih i^iyttf y^ tfkef h tSc1^«< 
TMc. 1040, pen. 1041, 17. iiAyuf ri 
t^f w&Kiv sU Ti^ ^. 1276, 13. et 17. 
i^ayttyc^ l(« rh aXfJM&ih* eo, qnod 
maceriam ulterius, quam olim foerat, in 
▼lam pablicam produit. 1278, 3. boo 
signifiioata dixit Thacjdides p. 61, 88. 
ixiim am^CoXoc wwth;^?! ifj^x^ t5c 
«jxc«;. HkysrS^M, ab impetn, sea men- 
tis, sen orationis, sive sae, si?e aliens, 
efferri, extra se rapi, ad inconsnlte, 
taamque In fraodem, sen loquendom, 
sen agendam impelli. naiyk^sl *n o'M' 
WAV iyvaexstf, vuy Xl>^iv i^&yofutat, 411, 9. 
& 'he A^, niv Xvyto-fAM ^Affof, ii»xfi? 
ar^TTiiy. 527, 16. kvaax^fAtfm rort tuu 
/4,viif kAiUffrw Ifap^dlrra w^Sfoi. 538, 
22. 1458, 13. 

liAyia-nni] rove H vemgvrkrwi lud l^a- 
yia^rwQ Ivofxal^ofAhoot. exseorabiles, pia- 
oulares. 798, 6. 

i(ay»tyh] rqy ihX^ Iv* h^ayttyf wiitftuis, 
ea conditione, ut ex arbe alio exporta- 
retur, neqne rursas illoc rediret. 763, 
13.787,8. i(aytiyn9 rtSi ^rw, Teniam 
fmmentnm e porta exportandi, Koieiri' 
\ttaaf, et quidem cum remissione veeti- 
galis statu li, IXojSiy sTfl rS tqc «rJXi«c 
Mfjutri, eo prsetextu, qnoniam prse se 
ferret, id frumentom a se Atbenas per- 
' vectum iri. 917, 27. If «yi»yflc ytyoftiynf . 
cum nos de possessione beieditatis, 
quam adierarous, dedoeti essemus. 
1090, 23. 

lacuna] excipere, excerpere, item eripere. 
I^IXfv vfcfiy rh x^i^ eripuit. 658, alt. 
l^ctXfc rl f^Jka-tifrwrm, pneteriRti,trMis- 
misisli, excepistL 631 , 24. tovtmc Ift- 
'Knroi rkq imfMifUc. separare a massa 
hereditatis partes leqaales aliis partibas 
inde jam avulsis. 946, pen. i(nx^&« 
icMv? Tqy otxiay i^c iarM-ty t9c v^mkoq. ex- 
cepimas et seorsim posnimus domam, 
a reliquaberciscundm hereditatis massa 
separatam. 1025, 1. imnfirtSJfjttf, st t( 
Ifaipovyreu fet&hf in vtlu itktiou. 932, 26. 
IflTK^ay raxjigrra, I^Mptd^T^p^f^^TO. nt 
primum meroes e navi exemtaB,*exone- 
ratae essent. 909, 17. IfiX^/uiyoi ZmwfAii 
av\a,t Sa-yABnfoUit, navibas exoneratis, 
mercibas in oontinente expositis. 927, 
4. If«(^70'&ai Toy aXrof, firamentam e 
navibas expromere. 1211, pen. Toy 
yifMV IxiTcrt IfsX^/uiyo;. 1283, 21. 1286, 

1. lie iXtvbioUf i(t\ia'bm ^rarrof ay- 
Bptuvrwf ^yo/. vindieare. 135, 8* i^sC- 
XiTO a/Afxt in rSh fjtty&Kan tuf^m, 256, 

2. TO yhmn lud ihtUfAka-ai t) fiiXrta^nf 
oihli av i/fjuh l|iXl^&af, eripeie, 3unut* 
iv. 711, nit 

Ifoi^fTo;] wV laim Ifoipiroc &fa. rtt, fSy 
TMXitVfi. 124, 4. iy titoffi Tf7e ^imfAoa-t 



TOK r^iraypm^^ffuic* 418, 1^, f^M^roc 
4^c»{ rfrfUtiiAfc. 50^> 10. l^l-i^W au- 
T? yl^'pce^. 6i8l, 7. riv nHlaif Kct\ touc 

iiravjoii^f, % reUqvm b^mli^Us liHlssa 
eifinifims et seorsim posn^matt. 101 St 

n.. io^§, 13. . ii >a » ^M( ifa/fiy 

WTfgXM f^^i* 'four on «Jifl}«Ti n^iwiv. 

l{a(T8TV et i^Ti7r&a(] d^precari, 2o<s/^<en 
[<0 obtain th$ r$l^a$e tf, beg o^}. preci- 
ba« et gratia ve^iap, salatem alioajus 
|inp«trare« item d^poacepe ad soppli- 
oiom, vel tonDenta, reum, aat servum. 
ifcufrn^xnwf,^ rtn^ tSv ^vyaian. 197, 6. 
239, alt* $48, 91. €t| 23. ilrr^uvaurov 
Tiff i^tfir^^frftc.QBl, 17. 1135,12.1151, 
9. f<}>' oTc l^ifTifVo. ob qR» a Maoedoni- 
bas ad soppiicium depoacebatar. 1475, 
%4. iiaivfur^rcu nrourws avtov, per boa 
Ubero«, aat per h^o> ista^c jaetaodo 
ipse semet exorabit a vobis. 546» i^l* 
563, 27. 793, 19. 331, ult. 581, 16. 

i(aivto%i] ffiif i^mrnffi^ Ivia^v. destiti 
^scbrioaein ad tormeiita deposeere. 
li^OO, p«ii. 9v^* h rSgf a-vyyWMf wj^* h 
«MV ^Katv i^eihna'it (depreoatio) «^f>l- 
Mtf^fVAVToy. 1385, 9. 

rh Shuw TffSftnt f^ tkarvrw i^owt^t- 

X*»v, 715, 3. 
I^oaii^^v] I J«XiT4/cu vMwv ou ^m^d-frat to 

yw^taniiii yh S)(im»et. 976, 23. o vo/bcoff rou? 

yovlftc vo(i7 nv^iovQ ov /caovov di0-dai tou- 

M^ (Ubeifis) I^AfX^c «^xi xa^ 9r«Xtf 

l^oAsfr^''^* *^* ^ouXMfTAf, xa2 Aoroxti^^at. 

1006, 31. I^Xu^cbv Ik toi/ ^jajtov rd ^'i' 

^ur^&i yv»f4,^ T^ ^MotoTtfTj}. 1318, 24. 

vfd4tt y It» tf-aowitirfii, iZ ;^n toutov [scil. 

tvvvo/itoy] l$aXir44i.463, 1. i^dknhivrai 

Ta S^Xn/ua. 791, 12. 
i£<(fMBfrawy] ideJ99, quad simplex ofjut^- 

r&wf, 259, 4. et 17. 

pituiua* ri^HW^^ rporoXH. 174, 13. Ifa- 
yiiX«/4lv4 4))| Tft 9fmf if4Av o^Snfrti, fandi- 
tiii exbaiiataao cerneqtea rem meam 
iamiliarem. 1211, 6. 

TttXn^irrA. 1207, 18. rk fut hvawo' 

wo^&fAMW. 239» 1« 

IfAVftfTdS^tiff. 208, 21. f£ava9-Tayrfc /(m- 
T»{t> ^ftmmiyTf^ 284, 23. i^avaa^a-Af, 
oam JDssisset aurgefe. 1259, 3. 
i|air«Tfy} idem qqod simplex. ^«0^oy 
^orifTAnf Ifft^ wwTpy «^a«r*Tno'««. 33, 
oil. riq 'T^p viXtv ^^ava.raa ; «y)^, o 
fM "Kiyon a. <|>poyir; 319, 27. linwftrmy, 
vfA»fTw, ifuiKoyS. 374, 18. est les vo- 
bb: lay rt;, imocx^f^wof ft, Toy S^ftov 

/t**8wy. 498,5. ou}«»o? ahXw (iAri^nn^, 
h Tou iifW<na/ff6M» 690, 17. l^agraTf^v 
et vap4xpouf0-^at oopvlaotor. 725, 26. 
l£qvaT«y(ASyo( vvo «roXX£v t» Xo>^. 1311 • 

L^oy«y i| c3tv {^c, iw <^* •(^ i^aietvr^q 
i>. ^77, 26. 
i^avATn] prp ifaflTATn^iff, deceptio,iUiisio. 

i^avams Jvutt*, 487, 10. tooc i«r' !{*- 

flr^Tp iii!y ^q5)}atfb|yQtic iuro toutov Xo^m/^ 

l|e(vo0^iXX«iy tirXora. 251, 5. 
||««Tity] «^a4a((«fVoc /ccovoyou x«^»ya;. 797^ 
if A£yup({ew] qy Iv^tUt lafJiTDTO <^tan^av ou- 

o-/ay, Taumy iffitgyugw-Ac. 59, 5. 

aXXn; n<rT(yo0-oiiV o/uiiXMff, f|«pl07iTai. 
1396,26. f{afifl-afl-^«w 9rayTa(, satisfa- 
cere, mores saos approbare omnibiui^ 
ovK ia-Ti ^uyaroy to?; eda^iv Tt vevotujeo- 

i{a£td/iASu} dicitar debitor aes allenam 
diloensy et in mensa numalarii numis 
prtesentibas refundens. autsaklen, oder 
aufziihlen in barer Munze [to pay doion 
in ready money"], h t? aye^ raZra rk 
Xi»ifMtra, liv^i^fAiurn. 832, 4. 1283, 4. 

fifficf M?y] prodesse, vel safficere ad appro- 
band am alicnjos excosationem. ouls 
ykf IfafxItfYts ToTff aieo\o»x60-i roiv evfjt- 
fd^^w, ovH rot( ^ataiv avrSiv, ohit taTc 
ywM(lv» cits, 11. datum, in potestate 
positom esse. 497^ 14. ffapjur tou&* 
vfMV, prodestne boo vobis. 664, 10. 
fatiQS, consnltum esse, expedire. yel 
licere, datqm yel opportnnum esse, rhe 
vipt ahrvif ^ivm Ifofxia-K. 817, 11. 
^AfuSpt* sofficiens. 823, 24. ov» i^n^- 
xi0-i« hf tic h.'rn fToc. non saffecisset 
in sextam annnm. 833, 21. auToc filv 
aa-yoTJiMi iytiv^ rhv Si ywmna i^afiuTv 
Vet^a-av. 1033, 12. xai ravra i^J^vavf 
ovx If qpaiofy auToTc* non satis fait illis 
istaso a me abstalisse. 1155, 8. ifqpxfic 
AUToT^ TAura aSixovfUVoiff m^to^S»» pla- 
cuit illis has pati injnrias inultis, iisqoe 
^eqaiespere et eas contemnere. 1273« 
pen. fwf} fp^Sf y§ rovrwt tov jMTanru- 
0^oy, &faxpi fcoi naX a-a^q l|^paf( Xo}^, 
citat Scbol. Herm. p. 128, 7. 

Ifa^urdtoi] hUv imi^vQ fjt.h \a0iiv l^etfffou* 
fAMOQ, 818, 24. oua IfctpvouVTctt to qvft," 
Bo\M9¥ i4ri yniffScti, 907, 19. 

2f etgyoc] TOMUTOvc Quq vofMvtt oSc ffaXiV au- 
Toff If Apyoc 5y ft^ Ti&it'(r&«u. 570, 21. 
Ifaptoff yivireu [id est, affitXvai] rkq qW' 
^nag, at ifMo-t* 677, 22. If opvo; yatreu 
vt(i Twy aXXwv Twy ywyfUkiAfi-ifon & rait 

Ifciproy] i^apraaSat a^far6miw* sibi ex- 
•rcitvm adjuDgere, et pooe se trabere, 
teluti Elom ex se aptaro, aat tanqaam 
avis alas habet sibi appositas. 123, pen. 



2(«p(«c xa2 fr^onyffMSvt ohore» doctor, 
praefoltor. 313, 97. 

■^a<|>sXf0-da(. vindicare. 100» 8. 

2C*?7^'] *(nywAirt«k, ilKun, pro qao 
fidejussores spoponderant. 713,1. li,ny- 
yvtifjtivoi, dads pro se fidejassoribos di- 
missi. 394, 9. (xnU to Xoi^rof i^tyyuff 
fjtniivtt, Burgichaf't fur niemanden bi' 
sUn [to become security for nobody^, 

^tyyuna-iQ, citat Harpocr. ex orat. in Ari- 
stooratem, vel, ut Valesias correotam 
it, Timocratem. Sed in neatra legitur. 

f^ftXXcty Ix tSc l^anaq. er opere (metal- 
lico)vi expellere. 976. nit. 977, 1. 

i^fTvatJ TO hfuvAi vfAuQ i^iTvtu a^itXiro, cilat 
)>e0etriaaPlialereas p. 144. $. 227. ex 
er. Leptinea. 

i^uviXf] p«T<» *ed a^nra tuutei f|i(flrov, 

i^tifytn Hu xal ^0oa rh iitw, 555, 14. 
Ix Tov Biarffiv. 572, 12. et 18. 

I£f Xavvuy to o/(«oXo>'ou/ueivov ynoq, 1089, 1. 

i^f Xf>^f <v] fjkh (Zv l^iXf }^i}T8 &9 }Uticar; l^li 
TA *E\X>ffixct, 188, 25. IfiXiyj^oyTeu «{ 
iwifAtif hit alrtun r&f imu^£v eoe ovih 
«2at Tf ou0-«i woiiXv, 50, nit. touta fciv 
i^tXiy^wrai [iicil. ^st'^A^cvot]. 92, 9. 
9a\a4 v&mq Ita-av c^iXuXfT^/Kfyot. jam 
dndum e mnltis coDStiteratdocumeulis, 
fidl illis non posse, et opes eoram esse 
contemnendas et nollias momenti. 233, 
3. Stt tin <U^(^2; i^iXiy^eu /as. 1216, 

l^fXsudf^ixouc v^iMUCf oitat o Demosthene 
Jolias Pollnx III. 81. 

i(,siei0^aa-bAi axfi^w;. 418, 10. 

Iffpor] effaadere (aqnam). f^i^* to tiu^, 
963, 9. 993, 17. 

i^spifAovv] tva fMi s^tfnfAM&n o o7jm;. 1053, 
15. vZ^ etry av ^SXXov iw^ooieoi l^ipufcoiH 
0Yiay oTkoy, q il — .1076, 24. ubi docet, 
qoibns rebos gens aliqoa desoletar. 
oTkoq s^smfjLovfMvog. einc ausgestorbene 
Familie [a family become extinct]. 1073, 

||f 0;^g0^a(] I ^f Xl^orrt V Ix valhov, reuUXov 
ba rourtae v^arrnv. 312, 24. t5» ^v^^o- 
. ^ontv ran ^tMKv^orm, qni ob caedem 
patratam e patria nitro emigramnt. 
634, 12. ifflXfloy ol tjJc %gU%vQ x?^"' 
501, 10. l|fXt)Xvdiff-ay o2 xji^^*» prteter- 
ierant. 655, 1 1. aXX^ itai ravr n^ i^i- 
XnXv&cv fix vnQ crihtotf, desiernnt, ex- 
atincta, obliterata, exstirpata. 668, 20. 
iy TM l^cXdovTt EvtcwTw. 900, 27. rw 
IfiXd^oc fjumi, mense proximo pne- 
terito. 978, 3. tptkbi /mi o )(j^ovof tJic 
Tpiqp<tf;^iac. elapsum est. 1209, 18. 
1210, 26. rrfarstat IxityDV oux l^fiXdd$v. 
in ilia castra oon egressos. 1353, 24. 

I^ATcl^fity] tot* oxpt^^c e^vrk ravra, ireanr* 
ij^sra^dnrtrai, id est, sithty^f^^wtrM, 

tS, nit. 9v y&f itfTi friXfSc s{»n&{iir, tC 

vijr^eMTcu roXq &>OiOif, ay ju*^ frof h/^ 
^^ahvn meoL^n tk ^inra, 26, 4. «r^ 
arXioygfiay x«u to «rAy&' ik})' gAtnw ir«fl* 
^'Off-^ai Toi«c Xo/M'juoiic i^fTo^wv. 67, 16. 
^{na/AiQ ifyyaa-/ {gemustert, Umed)Hmt 
waftoTuvaa-fAin. 180, 3. vnri^ twv fruro- 
Xirsv/4.hon, ci xa'n^'iua'ot /aw^ t^sraam. 
229, 3. xa2 Xiyoiv xa2 y^a^ s^nrA^o/Mn 
vk Hwra vvsg v/*w. gessi me. &^ ich 
befunden toorden, oder habe mich find$n 
lassen, mich gewiesen [I have been «U' 
ways fovMdf 1 have always appeared^ I 
have proved myself ]» 286, 4- ijev avrS 

/AS9k TWy /MV^V n^ixnxoTdtfv fi^ST4C*^^<*(* 

376, 9. vnnrki rwt ^Savrag vrgof rtatf 
^Srraf l^tr^oftM, 330, peo. oU ffv rk 
fe^&y/jMta frtitMtuutf, tomuta l^fro^^* 
fAtvet ^nren. 378, 1. TSJy Ix^gS" tS*^ 
aSv ifff e^DT^iro [id est, iv^aiur*]* 434, 

23. ou)* oXotf |y ou^f vi rourtn sx^^ *!** 
ra^S/ASvan, 535, 24. fiffTo^co-dctt 9r«yT<»- 
^ow *Xf^* ""^ ^*XoT»juoy. 566, 27. ou^ 
/i*ou T«y avyx»tfoif^w w W/tcw If oTAO'dn. 
579, 20. IfqT^o'dqc ev^of toutmt xat^- 
>qpo;. 613, nit. s^sret^o/Aai h y^^ptuf 
hi/Aoa-ieuf koI kyZa-i, 701, 21. flrapqy xiu 
IfflTaffTo. 795, 8. Tfi«y SJq x«tf«y x«t- 
f(Xi)<^T«y Tny 'sroXty, Iy oTc touc Xf**^' 
fMWff Ifgr^^fiTfi. 918, 19, wpif Toy «^- 
p^oyro—oif^i^rtt; xeu rh/Ai^w iftyrao'rat, ad 
magistratnm nauqaam' aooessit, in ejns 
foro se nuuqnam conspiciendam prse- 
bnit. 980, 5. ^tral^iffBtu <{>(XoTi/uov/ufyoy 
Kot vpoBv/Aov/Atm i(c a hXm^ irSXsi. 1121, 

24. TdSy /(Afiy oiXXofy X^oi rig kv tovc e!xl- 
T«( v9ro T«y ^0^oTwy If iTa{o/(«|yov9, zur 
Rede gestetlt, zur Bechensehaft gezogcn 
{brought to account, called to give on 
accounti, vumq V aZ rtvmvrtw tov ^10^^- 
Tqy ^ovXoc iffTft^ft, dt( S7t« Ttwnfov »al 
eia-otrw ivihi^on, 1124, 22. s^srk^su Toy 
aXXov 0ln toX/ma;. 1125, 21. sfiiTajic 
Tcy h/Airs^w varifet offrtg h, 1126, 13. 
|y &9ra^(y So-nofn^ ttutavroq h/ASn ffnTct- 
c/Amq ^nrai. 1305, nit ifyraa^ 
arifi ToyTW /Afiitiq Xoyoc. 1307, 1, Ifi- 
TttO'd'iic ou^a/(40v vwiroTf iaq. ^ivoq, 13Q7, 
20. lyw ^1 ou fcoyoy ^fiia-o/AM avrof If n- 
nrac/Ami v^Zrog, me meimot copiam m- 
cisse, mic/i ?u erst eingest<slU, eingrfun- 
den habe [I appeared among the Jirst^, 
▼ersatns inter priraos, aXXa km rwQ 
iXkovg vafaMK\nK<ut. 1470, 8. 1469, 16. 
fi^yov rSav tots fnr6puv h^srao-Aitros i/A«S 
rk vWBg vfAMV ^utaia, 1469, 22. roiewra 
lo~r*y 1^' of? If iiT*{^ijy i»«-fip v/awv, 1468, 
11. 1476,15. Vfo; 'J^^k9^oytirova I/vmv- 
ToylffTA([f<y. comparare,exigere. 1485, 
17. Tou 0tXria^w lUkl hvAwraroti hsKo. 
IfnTJur/ufiyii. comparata, excogttata, zu- 
gepasset, angemesseut tugeschTiUten [ren- 
dered perfectly conformable with, pre- 
pared in exact conformity with], (disci- 



- piioa Plutoiiida). 1490, 15. et sio qao- 
qjie p. 471, peu. 9rayT« i^nracfAiva Ivl 
ri /SlXriov. 

AtTciJfMM. 308, 25. 499, 11. 

ifyTmTfMoi] iTic hfxsrioat WB^of yuuuw 
"hf n/uSc 1^' hfMV avrw tov l^ira^/udr 
vutTff-^ai, aeqanm erat, nog noslraram 
simaUatiun inter nos dimicationem fa- 
oere, fortonamqoe odiornm noKtroram 
roatuorum, in nobisniet ipsis, non in 
a] lis periclitari. Exponit orator ipse 
in proximo v^t aXX^Xovc iyoni^ta-^M, 

f JtrotfTixov, soil, ifyv^tw, idem est, nt vi- 
detar, atqoe /xirBoq rw i^ira^io-^ai, id 
est, rov 9re(pitV«( nal ifocbai If fjiia-to 
a^ft^6fj(,tm,jneToes data civibas invali- 
dis, qni emeritis stipendiis, arma ferre 
et mania castrensia obire non valentes 
amplias, in urbe manerent, sic dicta, 
qaoniam l^nrA^wro, prsesto essent, co- 
piam soi, qaoties usus et necessitas 
esset, facerent magistratibns. merees 
frasentia. 167, 17. 

lffT*tf^«x5;] Toi;c ira^^vi irrav^oTf iXX* 
ovx i^iToa-riKooq IxxXuo-io^oyrac. non cam 
proposilo diligenter et severe pensitan- 
di consilia in concione agitata. 215, 10. 

i^gv^ta^nf] comminisoi ; meditando inda- 
gare. v^o^io-ut a^Uovi i^iv^tif, 152, 7. 
raf iMCO0-( fAfcLf ix^Xf uor avriflt i^tv^e^av 
avraXi A'reoioiJVAi, erschwingen, attftrei- 
ben, au^ndig machtn [to raite, to fur- 
nish, to make up], ande, ande exton- 
dere. 1354, 27. 

iflp^inr] de sole oriente, nltra oram ccelt 
exsargente. w^h ay %\iti9 i^^x*^' ^^ ^ * ^* 

IfttyUffBtu rS Jtn^uju tcv v6fxev, formolam 
legis ad popalam recitandam prteconi 
▼erbatim praeire. 363, 18. docere de 
jure sacroram. ^ifwrS /uti, irort^w i^nyfi- 

1160, 10. i^yna-ifAtbei coi t« yifAi/xa, 

iinynrriq] magister, qni alium dooet, mo- 
net, instrait, oonsilia a se reperta snb- 
ninistrat, der Amtifier, "Rddelsfuhrer 
[the chief instigator, he who puts the 
whole machinery in play], AAttpirog h 
km&rron ro6ron o IfnyJinft?. er drehete 
die Bolzen, die andere verschies$en mus- 
ten [he prepare* the weapons which the 
others are to use"], 928, 20. interpres 
csremoniamm et juris sacri. ix^iv &t 
Touff s^rtynrks, tva tihinv, 2f,Tt /as xjfi 
vnuTv irtfl rouroav. 1160, 4. 

I^qiutv] ad finem vergere, excnrrere, vel 
jam praeterisse. S fxhv» h ir^to'fx'M 
i(^Ktt, tempns pnestitutam nondnm 
elapsnra est. dem seine F^ noch nicht 
verstrichen ist [the term allowed to whom 
has not as yet expired]. 1055, 4. /iaeX- 

XOU^C «^» /AM ifnXfl* T*jf ft^f»»/tAlpM»C. 

1154,8. fffl* IfAnitf Tic fl/*l^c. If «Tjr 
list ri XuT^ KarahwiitM. 1250, 17. tov 
jCfAw IfnJtWT* Tnc rfiri^af'xh^' 1211, 9. 
1212, 26. 

kfynwrara'KafrU, 183, 8. et 11. classif 
contribnentiam, qnorom snmmam con- 
tribationis aniversas confioiant sexa- 
ginta talenla. 

I^C flravTA. omnino omnia, noUo exoepto. 
722, pen. 

I{(|ya(] /c*i»>i Xap^sTv tSv l^iiirron lyx^" 
(jt&oq, Sr* IjcXh^ou. qoi, sorte jacta super 
delectu militari, yota faciebas, at no- 
men tunm in iis ne prodiret, qaibos n^ 
cesse esset in castra exire. 558, 15* 
iTta rSrt^tfAiff. tnm exibinmsin oastra. 
730, 10. i^SioiK XeifAVffeLt i^iov&av. in 
poblicam. 1182, 27. /ca^ti touc i^Uvai 
[in aciem, in castra] tuXsvorrof hk rtluro 
Wfjtl^tn avi^iovc slvat. 1457, 1. 

l^iTrivai et s^lo-roff^fiu] in active, mente 
dejicere, exsternare. t«ut« xntT, ravra 
l^lma-a ai&pi&iewq tavrSv. das entstellet 
sie [that confounds them], de stata men- 
tis dejicit. 537, olt. SKa-t^fai, decedere, 
disoedere, deviai^ ab aliqno institoto 
vitae^yelpraecepto, vel decore. l^ia-wn 
TQC vinBiatMq, 1^* ^t vfxag ot v^oycvei xa- 
TiXivov. 143,13. iKa^kfnisop^iiiKtd h- 
xedaq Sidv. 230, 3. i^ia^a/xcu oliisn. nemini 
concede, de via quasi decedo honoris 
cansa, act certamen, oontentionem cam 
nemine defugio. 331, 8. s^no^rfiKSi rStt 
iaxnw h* airo^v. bonis cesserat. 900, 20. 
981, 3. airoiXiro IxiTmc koI rSSv orrw Ifl- 
a^nt. er machte Banquerout [he became a 
bankrupt], decoxit. 1120, 24. varron 
rS* vtft^ay/xivotif ixa^avra. infitiatum, 
oratione a se amolitom. ablehnen [to ex' 
culpate one*s self, to disown]. 363, 28. 
wirif W£>jf ov^ivct ircovrrs xlvh/vn l^ia-rn^ 
<r«f. defngernnt. 460, 2. 617, 15. I£l- 
mMt rk Toiavra. devito, decline. 891, 
3. orafAftlvt oyiohxofra iffo^nucoroc ofvov. 
corrupti, acidi facti. 933, 2.5. 

2fo9oc] expeditio militaris, exitns in ca- 
stra. navfMyUi, ifoJwc W8 Jac, a-r^rtlat. 
259, 20. 287, 22. processus matronsr 
in publicum in vestita splendido, et 
comitata ancillarnm. XafAir^kq l^^c 
iftouiray. 1182, 27. 

l(oixi7v] Atbenis alio tranaferre babiiaca- 
lum. l^cSmnt Mtyafoit. 845, 19. 

i^ofAWff^^ai] jurato aliquid recusare, de- 
treetare, ejurare, excusata valetadine, 
vel alia quapiam sontioa causa, our im- 
perata facere minus possis. 378, 18. 
l^ofAnc^at affata^v, jurato valetudi- 
nem excusare. 379, 17. fJo/t*»tw&a» 
awyxaa-». cogam eum juratnm infitiari, 
aut factum id esse, aut se scire id fa- 
ctum. 396, 19. 1119, 10. et 24. 1190, 

10. TOVTAC 'Tic iyt$9Xai i^OfAWfJihtV^, 

1310, 2. ravra wu af i^o/u^atTO Ev^ei;- 



UhiQ, DOD faoilo tmlt Eobnltdes haeo 
jarato iofitiari. 1317, 7. eivaynaa^ aurov 

^.1354, 4. 

jfcp^fiy] exterminare, nllra fines aman- 
dare. I^o^cet ^i? u/tAac tovto to dupuy. 
798, 25. T^ h nraXf 4'^^^f ayfivrnrag 
al Tfthr yo/AoOfrSv Ifo^cvo-t ^(avmoi. 808, 
M^Surrof, 548, «7. 

|^(UiuY»v] jarejarando adigere. jm&* Ivei 
ixocrTov v^c Toy /3«/bcdy eLyonti lutl i^opx/- 
{«i^?. 1265, 6. 

I^o^vovv] idem, scil. in pnescriptam jaris- 
jarandi formolam jobere jarare. 388, 
16. 1119, 7. 1243, 26. (auf den Eyd 
treiben, to make one swear.) 1369, pen. 
1371, 17. 1372, 1. b) jarisjarandi 
reKgione ex8ol?ere,re8ecrare. 535, 23. 

l(o$fJ(f(v] navem e portu edaotam te- 
nere stantera extra portam ad ancorani. 
i^of/xZuv rhv vavv in rov Ai^iyoc. 895, 8. 
et 11. 900, 12. 

i(ofvrrt» rhi iXaUtg. 1073, 26. 

i^ofxtXa^ai] praesaltare, prBBsoltorem a- 
gere. ahraXg lei^aii M^x^rff B^o^^ov/uvof, 
614, 23. 

i^euXn] l^puXn^ ^ucti, actio nnde vi mana- 
qae. Si qnis de praedio, domove, quam 
possessum ierit, l^iXKgrai, expellitar. 
528, 13. IfojJXn? Xetx'^' 5*10, 24. Ifou- 
Xnc ^W u^'o^lvfi <|>sv>'fiy. aoUonem ad- 
versas se institui agive patitar, at ad- 
versos eom, qai bona pecaoiasqae al- 
teri debilas per oefas deliiieat, eiqae 
deneget, cui debeantur. 543, 27. i^ou- 
\ns av i<pivyM vvv, aXX' wk eifyv^lov ii)uif. 
ageret none mecam ex Utulo detenti 
per nefas alieni, non jeris debiti. 1240, 

i^ova-Uv JtaraXftfrtiy. 213, 7. i^auaia, t9( 
tifkmi* cam per pacis venlam ea licet 
facere, qoee bello vetantar et impe- 
diantar. 240, 22. aXXi ih ret, ta? If- 
ova-Ui, sed videtehominisconfidentiam, 
aadaciam, arrogantiam. 403, 26. e£oi/> 
cUv ravmv a^ha-m^ 428, 22. ^iXoti- 
fMAV Tfly l^ouo-iav wjoc rdvq hfSnraq woiou- 
fciyoff. in licentia se jactans. 1S56,2» 
h TOiauTji olfjutt l^wa-ia, rt^^afxfAim* 
1362, 13. ttyov&lTWTOf «3y, iixorwf, r^a- 
^t ly ifowi*. 1477, 14. 

i^ot] foris, b. e. in campo, in oastris, at 
opponalar ei, quod domi, h. e. in urbe, 
▼el pace est. t^u ytvio-^ai, 16, pen. 
IJy T«y offXiT«y Kai rSiv Iweon orroav. 
Dam sai (Tbebanoram) peditesqae e- 

• qaitesqae (b. e. universse copiae) fo- 
ris, sob dio, sub pellibus agerent. 299, 
pen. rov iiraa-y^in ftlroi xttnueq If « yiy^- 
0i0-df. 49, 25. 1^00 &\imw. ^^ amici- 
tias extraoeas respectare. 332, 15. !£«> 
«rr?c ^o-m Ivo rw kbumu xa2 rw rfav- 
/kflTOc h ynMfi. 403, 4. royc ii X**W/*»*' 

roorm, I{«» 91 toD ircm^t iyta xXuSSroi. 
qai nondam ad famam prorsus perdito- 
ram et profligatoram bominom grassati 
sunt. 798,3. I^m irlyr* irwv. post qoin- 

'qaennlara. 989, 27. nwvji nhrtq o» otJc- 
am fefoo^>^6vrtt, wk iyit rSn aKKan 
2fw (id est, x^e^c). 1257, 23. u/uTy U 
roTf aWoti rut H^a rdv m^ayfxaroq oZfCi, 
519,21. l^oi. fAia-on wxrSn itvAi Woim-M 
T^y Spay, extraxerant nogotiam allra 
mediam noctem. 1265, 3. l^ot rw v^a,^ 
yiMtroi 0\A9'<piifMXv* nefauda rerba ja* 
ctare a causa prsesente aliena. 1308, 22. 
i{« Tflff ypa^fff iroXX^ juimyo^w, 1347, 
5. irSf ovK i^M j(jfn rw ^poyftV v/btSc uv' 
reive hyiXff^ai, qai fiat, at Tobis ipsis 
minus videamini desipere. 1450, 15. 
ToSy wXfMvxTqftaTday lutl rSn mfi rwra 
a-o^ia-fAOTW I^M. ignara, ab iis aliena. 
weUhe davon nichts weiu [which were 
unknoum to them], 1490, 14. fif« fts 
ir^ovn>Miio'f*w ytno^at, 1471, 19. 

Ifwdiry] i|«0-&n0Y/bcft< tou ftmry. excladar 
opportunilate dicendi. 720, 4. 

Ifavdiy] roXe i^otQtv X^ot;, rebas a priesento 
alienis, hyfAivoQ. 228, 11. i^otQtr oi Itcri- 
Cw'kivamit Sy^odfy H ol avfjLir^arrwnq, 
437, 11. Ifdtf^ }f auxXM me^^rt. 780, 
alt. Ifw^iy f44rtX)(W avrS rov ittnio'fA.a' 
roe. 1284, 22. 

I^oGxim] A/tAW/E KftT if«>Xit<K. jurabat ita, 
at ipse semet extremas pesti devoveret. 
553, 17. ^iOfAtXrai nar ifwXi/ac «i»tow 
M.a.t rou yivove nal rHe oljdae. 64i2, 14. 
xar* ifa>Xe/ac ivio^iuX. tamelsi mala om- 
nia sibi fuissel imprecatus jurans, si 
scienft falleret, tamen falsura juramen- 
tarn dixit. 1305,12. iva^aa-^fUfw avrv 
ffwXetay. 1204, 11. iva^StfAM ifwXitety 
ttLvrS xaI if oXidtb, 747, 13. fxn^ifMoq 
l^oeXiMi vwoxwi iavrove womy. 1315, 

I{«X});] l|wXf i; XM vgowXctc ly ^^ xai &a- 
\arrrt wmo'etiri, 332, 21. iSp^f^-^at (tu- 
Toy f|«XD iroiiTy, xa^ yhoe, xal olxuey. 363, 
23. ffwXq; a^roXot/uny ica2 ^r^Xq;. 395, 
7. «y ylyoff f£»xio-Tipoy ouJiy. 1342, 7. 

I^m/uoo-mJ jasjarandam, quo quis negat 
se nosse rem, aut gestas interfnisse. 
1 119, 26. voo. IJ«juoW« Harpocr. h. v. 
citat ex orat. de falsa legat. 

sopTJj] \afJuZknrt «ut* itc tofrae. 14, nit. 
i»C Tny lopTJiv jott rk fxva-rn^tet avaTdamn, 

iieayyi>da ia-rh hfMV 4rgoc rdvq bic^fAoQirat, 
jus denunciandi. 602, 11. 

iirayyiXksn] dennnciare, sive indicando 
rem factam, si?e imperando faciendam. 
ivayyiXMiD w^o? rovf Qta-fAi^irai, referre 
ad Thesmotbetas apod eos denanliare. 
600, 22. Bwetyy^\a(: ^aiyiwoi ivi rei 
Ufei aittturAV. onm denanciassem, b. e. 
nt rem certo tempore locoque eondicto 
faciendam imperassero. 1041, 4. 1069, 



yttXutt «v(po8tolet, flagitet) tUHvlxfSaf, 
1132, 19. hrrayytl\a9r6( fMO df(«4riufiv 
tin flLvd^oMToy. 1159, 30. iifhyyti\tt »vrS 
$»fiy ij(^wr» Tcts av¥^)tAf, 1181, 18. 
ofiri tWffW itrit}7tXitiy. neqae j^tmo- 
dum diem dixit, qno in foro adesset ad 
caaaam dicendam. 1336, 19. Ivuyytl' 
XAVTfc ira.ifivfA4i tfTf*T6uin'. 1S79, 23. 
aanantiarcw i9r»>}«xd8VT«y hfAif iroXKSv 
juu fAiyaXctV 'jr^AyfAartit, 1207, 12. In 

. medio a) poatalare. 354, 1 1. 401, 17. 
et21. b) proiiteri artem. sich torfur 
auBgeben [to profess], koI ya,^ rttZra Ut' 
voc tTwti twayyiXksrai, er loHl darinne 

. stark seyn [that he will be, most powerful 

. in, very cUner in]. 938, 7. et 9. c) ul- 
tro pcl^iceri, recipere qaid fai^endam, 

. vol pneatandum. IfMV {jJh tXfitm, ixi/- 
mqU Co4d««y ivnyysiy<a.r^. 231,19. 660, 
16. I'jenyyikfjihov toTc vctvrMg fASy&Kovg 
fj^ta-^ovg, tl rhit v«t)y iutarosveust, Sfk4t, 13. 

WM,yyt>i/AM et vvoa^srtq copalantar, ut in 
eodem geoere diverse. 397, 3. 

iv&yaof] Way9oa-a bfieit M ra^m, impel- 
lant, stimalaat. 37, 8. Ivaywa-i rdy nip- 
cTtv liri reut ^EXXmwc 160, 15. airiav 
4fuSq rnii Ivaystv, iiber einen bringen, 
einem avf burden [to charge one with, to 
impute to], in aliquem conferre. 275, 4. 
et 22. Iwaytiff iUwr. caasam qaerelae 
dare. 277, 18. yf*^?, SufluVaf, tia-ayyt- 
dUetf vitAywroav i/xdi. 310, 5. snciyeiY rl' 
f4MfM', OfTt x^ ora&iiV, n avorUai, 523, 
1. fl voa^rw Kid rnXxxot/roy Koxh S7r&- 
yti ro» a^Muf. imputat, insimnlat, stodet 
eflicere, at aHqiiis, qui sit insons, pro 
anctpre facinoris babeatnr. 548, 24. 
iirdyayi /xoi ^tou alriav 4'it'^* 550, 22. 
552, 2. causara extrinsecus miperinda- 
cere, ?exationis ergo, qoo caosam prse- 
sentem boc faceret perplexiorem. 970, 
16. aXX* ir«rt Jtay cwrou tav 4?<}>ov Iw*- 
X&wat. 1147, 21. vo*tg xdy iavriiv \k- 
varre^ rifMnfxa^ twutw ivaxBmu. 1229, 
13. va^Mnurruv SfAci fjt^ /cas^C* n^eiyfAa- 
w, h it/vha-ofjuti ^sn, i<jrays^^tu» mibi 
coDsoiscere. mir auf den Hah laden 
[to lay the burden on my shoulders], 
1256, 11. iie&yovTM stiuroXi Ait^ai^rov 
iovXslav. 424, 9. 

heaytijpi] blandns, illex, lenocinans. Inro- 

fwv v^ayfjuaron iTvnv if, 1368, 18. 
iiraiyirv] natara solent homines i^^r^m 
Totq siranwav/ Mirrouc* 326, 22. Iffvvso-s 
ttvrouq x«2 tl; TO itpfravtXsv ineUf 0-|. de- 
oreto publioe soripto et proposito col- 
laadayit eoa. 414, 8. Mvsa-ifjtt mA svl 
JiCmnvt/dtj TO vefurewsXwf SK&Kscrt. 1210, 
21. aMt ouy r%>Mrita'avretf y g'^Aivwa-i, 
1022, 14. v&t oux iroTfo* ravrwt /jth av- 

T^f VflVUPOT^TOU; TflSv TToXlTftiV VOfA,if^eiV, 

70UC y vv avrSv ivreufoufjUvws p^g»0^ot>c 

iyMm. 1934, IS. 

iwtuAriK] Tdif iieauirw rottrmt nal avftfySp, 
752, «. 

i'jFMWi] r(n>( fAsy a^iovg ifratHU rifAAV, 26$ 
1» rSnf \ynMfAUn xa2 rwv liedtitan &iroorr§m 
ffio-sit* 441, 24. rSf¥ fxlf 2XXanr ayaBSh ov 
fjUrtff^i roXf TidysSo-j*. of >' lie) nroXg ita- 
XZf «rpa;^iiriy hrtum rSy wra rtriXft;- 
miuron ma¥ umifAa, 441, pen. 

f^ra^pKv] tollere, at e. c. vocem* ToyiXX^c 
IvTAt&a l«r«pi? T^ <|>«^v. 449, 14. rem 
Terbts exfoUere, magDificia*e. ti vi^ 
rov xtftpov Touc iri^ut IflTct/pou^* 208, 7* 
impellere praestigiis orationis ad ao- 
deiidum, fidendam, bene sperandam,ad 
Vanitatem et temeritatem. rovq fjth c«t/- 
Tou ^Xot/c lirfpot (inflare) xa2 SpotfiM: 
4rM?0'ai. 286, 21. Sfxi olHv iin^tf, ovii 
vfonytro — wfo^toSvAi. 325, 10. Iwfpici to 
le^eiyfjuk avrclvq ^^affuvta-dat. 14413, 6. 
iiralptff^ai, spe allici ad aodendam. 
284, 14. tufita-t h* airoflttt ivat^ofjthouf. 
851, 14. rS HATOfQZa-ai rhf ^iW l^rjip- 
fAiwg. 967, 3. evrJifat auTw outo? tb? 
X^y x«J <pwiia'4i. 1357,26. Iffjipdw t«!- 
TW y^a^i Toy Xoyw. 1403, 3. In medio* 
\6yovq Ivdi^Eo-dat. jactare se in magnifi- 
eentia vanaa orationis. 3d2, 13. 

IvMc-b&fS^bai, 24, 5. 

itirettriac-^ai] hwturietcr&fJtBfif /At ^vou, 
552, 1. ^ 

ivairibf] rk Iffa^Twt, ot in qnaestionem ad- 
dncti^. Kartt^M&^in tnv ^iirXtia-lav et tqv 
}iiu(9rXA9-wy (soil, ^nfjdai) tt^oq roTs svai' 
rUis. conderanare duplo et decapio, 

' praeter siwplum talorem ejas rei, qaam 
qnis fOrto averiisse accnsatar, e. c. va- 
lorem ovis, et turn prseterea decnplam 
illins valoris. 7-33, 6. 

STrajcoXovdetV auToDy t? v^ottifia-u. consectari. 
284,6. yva&nArttc. 284, 8. <Ax} ^X to?c 
i^alffftfi fAtr Qpyvt ovfAvintrw&i w&^sviv 
iwaxoXoudery. obseqai, cedere. 805, 24. 
TOK xaX£; ^^wova-n oux iTaxoXoudnTltfy *n 
rvinrm kmfff^ 1402, 14. 

l9r<txouity] aascultare. Tory Tour^ovy frpoxXn- 
c^w moWot v^iff'ra.rrtH hfoxvoamq rw 
XsyofAifan, 1142, olt. 

IflToX^t;] iv&X^stf, eif XeyiaJ/xsy. 36, 16. 

Iva/u^yfiy TiotV m^yfAoa-vf Ix T£y 4rap«yT«y. 
1439, vA%, 

Waniytn waUf t« w^ayfA^ra il; f Xivl&ipiay. 
196, 8. ciy ilf t^ ngwixijy l7r«y?XT« r&» 
fiy. 1391,22. 

hwavaynat^tn] idem, qnod simplex, im- 
jtayxaa^M tA Tot<tvT«l yp&^if» 974, 13. 
sfravayna^Krot o £p%«y 4 auToy Ix'ti'* ^ 
lx^(>oy<t(. 1068, fU svn¥iyKa^tf i infAoC, 
Sy «y ihi&^d0«'oy ?$ot o-a^pova xii Xf^^^^* 
Tot/Toy TTp^TTf (y TA xocy^ x<i^ ^^'v* 1460, 
20. • 

f9rayA}/xi;] necessario. 706, 21. 

e9ray(tX(0-xEty] pneter, vel oltra tempvs sta- 
tatnm, ntodnmve ex jure pnefioittim. 



adirae pItts erogne iamtottn. 1119, 25. 
1223, 13. 

i^avkfiufiOffinttvii tuUvt^ hi^i0Sti tliira ina*- 
9TW VfMV hlTMafMiiff'at BovX^fMii. 74r, 8. 

i«a!9awWh, 1992, 2. 

Jir«ya^l^] in Rechnung bringen [to 
bring to an account for j. 1034, 8. re- 
ferro, itnpatare Qt caasae rei. o5^ lie 
fjuof oi^TC hinhnrat our oXa^oviuty Wav- 
o»0:k. 59, 26* Tctvra 91 xv^ta totg-^M, 
imtieiv iavrh l^raviyip^dv. 78, alt. tov 

v^w^ ivetva<pi^i. caasatar eoa isla, 
ant accepisse, aot furatos esse, ipsis 
inipatat. 829, 4. 

Ivavn/ut ih ve^hs rai iird^il^iif otg rk rovron 
ei^iitiifjMrA — Hermog. 417, 10. iXX' 
Im70Y IwavtifAi, ori — 281, 26. 

f»tt»|pj^ie-&tt«^ tig rky^ifAfjutra ivan\BtTv, 
ad tabalaram mspectionem receptam 
babere, si qnid incidat dabii. 837, 14. 
904, 6, fWav^XSlv avros »U 'rdvi 'EXiiwi- 
Wowf, S&s» ?f? T«f«f;c^ff- 1087,8. Iw-avlx- 
&n fJf Tnv wargofcif olidaTf o ftwiq, 1331, 
23. lfi*ttwX&f{V (enarrare) roufl* i/*r» 
0ouhofjMi, 1351, 23» 

lffwirl;^f(v] Iff] rate vcLf hfxScv ifeans^tmtf 
i>^ma-tv. drauf harrende [confiding there' 
tn]. aiti quasi el pasti gpe nostri aa- 
xilii perdarantes in malis snis cum pa- 
tientia. 357, 10. 

lfeayiau»\ redire. alrt^ (altro, sponte saa) 
ivoAxn ilff ijixl. 1156, 3. 

iltafi^ai] remittere (a ▼. litai asperato) 
■" de pretio aniiooae. ab immodico ad ae- 
qaios pretiam derenire. imamnxi i o-X' 
TO? . der Fruchtpreis hat abgeschlagen [ths 
price of com has fallen']* 889, 9. hX H 
vavret ivamrct^, 26, 2T. tov vra^Svra 
^iCcv, 287, 7. b) hrauhai (ab livat 
eundo, ^um leoi) Etc rhv varfoMV •Imav, 
1087, 23. 

44rayof&oov] ravr I'iraimfivo'&fjttnl* 12, 19* 
de f 9rayop&iv9t( pacis cam Pbilippo con- 
tradae malla ^ mentio p. 81. et 82. 
«rotrc IKovg utoXejuov; evayo^^MO'a^^at, 
179, 17. T^v T?fc ^o-ift>f kakUv raXq 
Vetfi* vfAS» Hf^aXi xat rt/jtaXg liravof^ov' 
a-bai. 570, 10. vfjta.^ ^eX roivq ivttw^9wV' 
rag ^aivwr^at. compescere ilagitia, oor- 
rigere. 922, 16. ra vtt^k tov «yT£f Tp^ 
wov cLfJt,a^rfifM.ra raXq hfASri^tLig CXa^eui 
ivetWfi^dvvrat. 1232, 13. atcro tSv liim 
vek Tnc v6\Bvg loravop&oyo'KV. 1232, 10. 
Iiree,fof6o6fxevot to anouo'iov ovfAWreofAa. 
129.5, 20. &ixtinvi Icrri rk rStv aXX(»y 
Jitri Ifravopflouv, h rciv vfxXf avroXg avfA- 
Caiverrfltfv ^govr/^rtv. 1429, 1. ivayofid^ 
caa-^ai xat v^yiiyiXv Iflxt to ^Ixt*ov, 

f vav^gl^arjica toIv Ixouff-fistfyxa^ axouWwy djiutg- 
TU/t*ftT«v. 774, 1^. 

i9ravop&««5 tSv vo/awv. 707, 7. 

Iir^ya;] ol tout^v^ Iv&ltt tag Tr^ocTtyo^ieiQ 

teovtic. 1390. t0k . 

Imtfo&bat] iflSf'TtSn' ivrft^fd^i ^ Iff- 
TtnfofAin 9urd0O'\ a^^S^, 2T5, 5. Iv*- 
pS/uai IfoSXiicev ifxavrm, 747, }3. l20i^ 
11. Ifrctp^f0^«< &(Ag rtfof hnkf ual 
X«Xf«ac* 1268, 25* iva^iifAnat i^«S- 
XiiAv tatnS xat yim tuti tixU, iira^arA' 
fA,i¥oq a ovr lylviTO, ouT*iT)iV, our* 3x«w- 
fl-iv £f^foheen ouJivi?. 1348, 15. 

<l«'a^xirv frS^i ToIV ^tofAmtf, 316, 1. Sr« 

' ihjvAfAW inAo^tf liret^ifka'at, admini- 
strare, prsbere. 1214, 5. 

i^Apt£(v] Tflv tetvlffriw cloraXXay^v t£v 
iThipTH/cAlvwy ^/SoTV 9^ x«2 0*a)Tt]g^y ^. 
0'<^aX9. 332, alt. Too-oufof lifh^rvrtLt ^o- 
Iffotf. 666, 14. 

ivaf^oQ (lectio corrup(a). 521, 27. 

Ivavlanvt TOV fa^/Jav, 36, 1. ov >fi >af 
ouTdf 9rag«^ t^v i^wtw; j^fjknf roowrt/if 
lirnv^irroi, S^^ «D>a^^ Tdv vfAtri^av kf^i' 
Xiiav. 43, 15. tf-otJ >| TO tSc yvt&fjtnt ri^og 
Iv a^roff-tv, cl aromf, ftip^aXtiv tvvfkirkua 
ivav^ivtt (exaggerat) rS a-Afkari, 1406, 

Iwttxno^^ IfiXlyp^wv. 378, 12. 

«w*X^O ^wax^**^ X^u? wop/o-aff-l&ai. 
269, 21. s«-«x^ff qni 8»t. 580, 17. ad 

Imiiytvi] tfpt fth ^exmiv IXattov t^*^* ^^** 
X^lvTfc. in eo, quod ita festinassent. 
394, 17. >w TttWT* vfSL^eu hinix^a-av, 

Ifntvttt] IvrovTOf rov ^$w rturov. ha6 for- 
midine imminente. 517, 15. si /ttq^iV 
l^rHV a/fivy; /un^l Muk{. si nallom oer- 
tam^n maneret, exspectandum, vel ti- 
mendum foret. 517, 17. litt^tt xai ^ti < 
f4M^rv^/jiMV, 0T< ojpoc evhU imOTl TJT 
itrxartA, 1040, 16. 1047, 23. 

ivtla-axroq] aliande importatas. alrta «iray- 
T«v h^^diton v>Ala^ot ^(jp&fxib* Itrtw- 
axT«. 254, 21. 466, 22. 

iwtieri^'^taBai] l^rf (^X&ovTtc f iff to x^ffov. 
noch obendrein [yet over and ahow that] , 
etiam insaper in praBdium meum ir- 
raperant, (pneterquam, «|nofi gregem 
OTiam abegerant). 1155, 8. 

imteriiyai] ex improviso sopervenire con- 
olasis alicabi, irrompendt^ qno non 
lioebat. fAn tov; liiiorat ivtmheu (id 
est, ila^tiytti Iv* avro6i), 776, 18. 

ivttovniSv] ex improviso cam vi alicojas 
in domam imnnpere. 1156, 8. 

iirt/uCotycfV rS xatgw. opprtunitate tempo- 
ris adversi abuti ad insoltandara af> 
flicto. 579, 22. b) in navem inscen- 
dere, in locum aliornm, qui inde ex- 
cessissent. toTV u^rfpov iirtfA^Za-tv avrl 
t£v ivoXiirirrm* 1214, 25. 

ifff^a/uagT^vffv] Tettstis peccatis nova 
addere. jtlxt o*''* woXXAxi? hfM^mrctt 
TT^ipov, ilk rwro Iwt^afxa^riw irri, 
595, 11. 

Epexege&is. t^ j9ot;Xqy, t«Ic frtnMUffiwc 



776, 16. qoui dic^Ei ?olttii8tt» sena- 
tam, nOD illam AreopagiticiiiD^ aed 
huDo majorem, Dviros. 

Iw^ifyA^irpeu] prioribns fkcinoribns ad- 
hac alia nova addere. iv )* lirt^u^ff'tvr* 
Tomrm — . 274, 18. 

iwi^iiX*"'^'^] ^^^^^ perseqoi. 501, 14. 

im^ihai] iwt^mfMf tow ^w to» 'A^irrei^ 
yn, 549, 24. oWw; iTrs^ii tw fAia^S, 
memeoto hone imparam in jare perae- 
qni. 583, 23. av o ve&oft, (peremtag) 
auto; k^ri rov ^ovov, ir^h TiXfim^-at, tov 
Zf^arra ov^svl t£v Xm^tSv ffvyyefSiv l^t- 
a-rn Ifri^ilvai. 983, 22. Wtlibtiu [soil. 
T« ^wii" Tou ^ov] fclx^f? iw^**^*** 
MfXivK yo/cAO(. 116 L, 9. 1323, 19. o-d 
vifMf^tta-^ai xtd Ivfltsyat. 553, 3. 

i«rl^0-)&a(] interrogare, in soffragia mit^ 
Icre. raSJr ivrn^tro o ivirrann^, 594, 26. 

^if/iff^Ai] in inentem venire. i» tou 
Vtt^ajfjfnfAA hluq a,i iXvUv lanXdiTv. 9, 9. 
1420, alt. 9roXXaiu; IfMiy* xa2 tout* 
l^riXnXul^i ^ii<r^ai, 124, 25. 173, 18. 
Xa-uq H 'tto't daufM^M iin\h\vBs, 668, 4. 
aXX* ieta-M to y ianhBcv it«n?v fiot. 206, 27. 
ouje avrh rewrofA&rw nroa-avrw VQ^it xetl 
vvtert^vUv I«vxdfi7v *Avi^oriwt, inoes- 
aisse. angewandelt habe [had seized up- 
on, had SBfallen], 738, 12. oto/tovot itTv 
itafr^ima'deu t,ri ay IWxd>} toutoic 
1050, pen. Zv tfvwt* iflrifX&i /uot rhf im- 
rToXvv yp<t<j>itv, T*uT* Iffrlv, 1464, 4. b) 
invadere boiitiliter, oam armis. 278, 22. 

Ivunrh xod* txagrrw* 1030, 19. ImpafTa 
[soil. Tov dfov] ^fMi tSv *A)^yai«y 
«rtgi TOU ^v/uUv TOU ly ou^ayw ^o^lyov. 

I^rf TSto(] in anoam darans, valens. o y^oc 
xf Xiuu Ttt rHi /SovXk 4')^A^'"' MrtM 
tTvM, 651, 16. 

lfnuj(tr9M To7c &ieiV. 274, pen. 

Ivfu«y/{»y] wohyUl gebeu [to sell cheap], 
▼ilia indioare, vili vendere. 687, 24. 

l9rE;^S(y] inbibere, insiatere. imaxo^» cSv 
iffAnxM. 179, 14. imax<M wcto tivoc 

TOU TWOUTOy T« WOtlTv. 505, 16. TO Xa/x* 

$aniv ^Unf lma-j(t7t ravroQ ric hfxi^, 
cesaationeni fori indixistia, aoletia per 
eoa dies jarisdictionem anspeudere. 
ihr stelUt das Rechten ein [ye suspend 
judicial proceedings'], claaditis fora. 
518, 20. ima^sivlhXrS fAou rvit ^trav, 
541, 24. sniff x*f ^^^ formala, qna ora- 
torOA jabent sciibani recitantem insi- 
atere. qaam ad rem ntebantar qaoqne 
▼oce itivava-o, aaepiasime locornmoc- 
cnrrit. v. p. 718, 14. toutouc t?? iyav 
xoX«xi/«c Itirjfl^^rtTi. 1128,16.l9r(0^gry 
fAOi oX/yoy ;tfoyoy. 1154, 9. b) obtinere, 
dominari, erainere. Tu;^iiy tSv irirrw 
avb^dirotv, vt yuy Imi'xsi [id eat, hinfs)(si, 
Jtai ^ImvcKklsi jiLaX imi vcuri to K^&rof 
*PC'0 X*^*'"^" *'*^ ^tmv, 311, 22. 

ItniXvcl rouf tU r^ iwkkoUt Mirrmf vS' 
Xiic. 1390, 6. 

l9mfii(»y Kol ^M^sl^n rh vfayfAar», 97, 
9. irX^y li Tt TOuTMc i<m(t&Teu iioi. 331, 
13. smfsaaeu rirh i^l^, oTc MSt '^X*** 
500, 15. Ivnpiafity i/Ao2 ovrsxSe* 519, 

iflT^ffta i;^&;ov.229,8. iv finifi/ac Tet^ti tiat 
<^oyou. 229, 14. rnt m^l tov ;topov AwA- 
011c IvnfsUe^ 522, pen. v^; ivnfsiav 
^/uuyogiry. 1426, 17. 

I«r2] oam Genilivo oonstractom significat 
a) super, vel in, (nam siepe istiaamodi 
praepoaitionam significationea inter se 
suntadmodam oonnexse, at vix diaoemi 
aatia poasint.) M ffoXXwy at tic l^of 
JoxiT /uot Tny T«y &i«y luyowv <paft^a» yt- 
WfAvnw, 18, 1. abi seqnipollet prspoai- 
tioni Iv. seqaitar enim atatim : ov)(^ qju* 
tf-T* y Iv TOK v«f ou« mf&yfAtwi, Ivl T?ff 
TOWuTu? yvvfxng yiyvsa-^at, 42, 4. ou;^ 

ofoc T* f 0'T^y l;^MV, A XaTE0^^a9rTCU, f(l|«<V 

fi9r2 TOuTdtfV. IIh acquiescere. 42, pen. 
TouTduv Toiouranr ovTwy xa2 l9r2 tqc aXq- 
&s/etc ouTw }f ixvu/tASvuf. 232, 15. ubi poa- 
ait ivl etiam reddi per coram, ooram 
▼eritate, fa. e. coram tribanali veritatia. 
tk rov aad'' h/Jtipav Ciov ffVfxCoKcuet ivl 
Twv liim tSfxon koI sfyoav a-xomif, 298, 3. 
obi posait etiam ex reddi. rS ha<^slfsi9 
T^ff ivrl rSv vpay/xcirw, acii. SvTOff, qai 
aant in capite reram gerendarom, iia 
praesont. 309, 9. sirl tSn S.\Xm Iti- 
diayro B^arvv ovra Ka\ 0^s\vp6v. aliia in 
rebas, looia, temporlbas. 515, 10. oujc 
iv\ revrov fA6wv, aXX* Itt^ vavrtuv. 526, 
21. 1^)' ittaa-mi fj^avrsiaQ. 532, 3. lirl 
T«f AXfl&Ektf Koi tou ir^AyfAATog, 538, 4. 
Ivara^s p^opwyouvTrt ivl jc^ppuf. 562, 9. 
Tnv iirl Tn; iro/jtfnt xa2 tou /ici&usty vp^ 
^a<rty \a0u9, arrepto praetexta, se id 
fecisaein pompa et temnlenlia. 573, 1. 
Itrl raurnt t?c vvsfn^fUg Svt«. 578, 
20. M juu^ou T(vo; auToT( IvBriQifxhw 
Kifo^o^XiTTTOu. 655, 17. liri rUf cxAorou 
^vffsotf iraKett touto to fr^y/ua xlxptToi. 
in vel coram. 770, 12. iirl tou 9reXf/u^v 
ovTic. 1419, 4. Iwoto&A/txivoc iiri t«c t^*- 
«rl{qc. 1189, 20. oonf. p. 946. 14. nbi 
cam dativo oonstractom legitar. b) 
per, ravra vti^aa-ofjiMi sirl nM^paXaletv il- 
9rE7y. per samma reram momenta eundo, 
capitalatim. 1390, 23. c) propter, M 
oravTAw ojue^dtff o^yi^sff^eu* in omnea ori- 
rainosQs et omnia orimina pariler ani- 
madvertere. 574, 3. potest etiam ad 
super n. a. referri. d) de. xoivouc iirt 
varroor lira'mvt vroiwefjuu, 1392, 23. e) 
apud. rrtv iirl tou voretpidv /uaynv. 300, 
16. Td lpya0*T^^tov to Ifcov, to i<arl 9pa- 
cvXKov, 973, pen, Teram Harpoor. ibi 
citat Itcrt Gp<M^XX«. f) coram, iirt tou 
^Maa-rnptw. 1367, 17. g) atate, memo- 
ria, iv Ifxov ya^, nt)^ vaXai, raSisF* 



yfym, mea astate, me ivpersthe. $8, 
|>eii. rSvMrS9ws9y6fonifym.34,^tn, 
i^* v/ufiv. ntato ireftni, et res gerentiboi 
▼obif, out, MotoriUte Testra. 984, 3. 
h) cum, OUT* Iff' ^nOi/of (id est, fur' 
^:>Ma() futnh^ tlpifAha, 230, 19. 
wyif fAiv ?» Ifli' oH/jukfot TovTpv. com hoc 
nomine, b. e. in ejas possessione et 
vnorpatione, gessi id et osarpavi. 1000, 
21. i) sponte, vel spontis. i^'-ifjtw av- 
nrSv, sponte vestra per ▼osmet ipsos, 
sine adTentitio mag^istro, monitore, 
▼el instigatore, <^olrt%rt rewra avfiitdi, 
656, 7. 1^* iavrov, sponte saa, arbitrata 
s«o.688,26. T^ /SovX^y (senatam Areo- 
pagiticara) Jiark iroXXqv hov^Utv i^* iau- 
• trif, snae spontis, t7w<, in secreto, pro- 
col a turba, res soas agere, nemine in- 
terpellante. 776, St. ^u 9* mvrk rk 
Vf&yiJMra l^* avrSv, per se, in natora 
sna, siroplioiter, destricta ab omni foco 
advenlitio, vfxXv ia^h Ijca^vS iftno'at, 
1 106, 14. k) pro, Tel ex. vSfAOVf ivl 
MMfou rs^rrag. leges pro modo et ne- 
cessitodine temporis cojosqoe 
Ugentlieh, naeh Anweisung, Veranlas- 
sung und Erfordemits der iedesmaligen 
Umst'dnde [as occasion offered, accord" 
tng to the indication and exigency of 
existing circtimstances]. 484, 20. 
Com Dativo oonstroctom significat a) 
super Atti TM^vpfetyfutaTiv iTvai.rebos prte- 
esse. 21, 19. qaamqoam reddi qooqoe 
potest in .* in actione rerom esse. Inrtiui- 
. ^/Mim ivl ti r^avi^n. oommentariensis 
domolarii, qoi menses ejos praeest. 946, 
14. conf. p. 1189, 20. obi com geni- 
tive conslrootom legitor. vXiwiio-^ai 
M rcii xjf^/Mta-i, navigatorom eadem 
in nave, qoa meroes, ita ot iis invigi- 
let 928, 11. b) in. out* M roXg lUoig 
l£fxt99i itar^iffM. 22, 25. i^r* aino^fot 
Mv^c^oxnnora (sobaodi ilXn/u/tAivov). 
378, 12. yrywiran rnSff liri aru/4^^aXf, 
533, 4. liii'raTf txSvifMf txaa^w rourm 
>Mfji&awmg, in jodiciis pecolatos, vel 
repetondarom. 605, 20. to7c %v\ rn 
vXtcfftxrtXf irfoai^irtt {wo-iy. sectam oo- 
piditatis sectantibos. 662, 17. {n/tttou- 
r&«« M tJ iwfi. 7S8, 25. I<|>' iavroXt 
ova otanrtu rei etvreL ^Ikoia i7v«». 744, 27. 
i^* of; of vSfjtei xfXiuot;0'(, id est, h rov- 
TOK, h oTf, 803, 14. o) penes, in arbi- 
trio et potestate alicojos. oSc 1^* vfxXf 
kni JcoX«{i<y. 90, 16. i<^* ufctV vono'cuh 
Ttc. com vestram in potestatem dedis- 
aent. 300, 10. iiri toTc Ix^S^^^ ia^tu, 
420, 1. M T? Twy ^ri^ iw&fjtn tuvreb- 
a^nrai tS v^ayfAa, 596, 21. Iflri toT? 
Xiywci T6 BWKstrA^un ia-rat. 604, 27. 
Iftl nrovret iyivfre, iieht CouXotro v/mv 
im^wftu* 1185, IS. /ca^ votiTv vh rSn 
^ouXtfdrofy hd'hiaifMa ^tXortfcikf WX nrn 
tSt l,syitrm WkMfsilf, 1234, 19. f^n 

Uywat wmXv, ixx' huhsus hp* if/Slf, 
1341, 15. d) adversus, in fraodeib, 
damnom, molestiamve alicojos. M if 
ff^Xii dsp«9nuii Twi^ 75v 0>i^£fl»r. Hie- 
banorom oonnollos oolit etpromeretor, 
qoo reip.no8traB noceat. 70, 16* i«i roTc 
4rX4df0'iy 2)i« iMct/tAiic xiXTV/ulvovc. 661, 
17. I<|>* n/(A(V orra. contra nos faoientia« 
nobis noxia. 665, 15. lv\ rotq i^ouZ^-s 
T^ v^Xiv. 701, 14. ra M rS it\lAu 
wvofMBtrnfJiiva htva, 739, 6. roue v^^uouc 
oSfiTo, fitftpi^ imi reXf ih/fArwt, o&rw x«2 
•^* iotfTw {ff;;^us(v. 742, 20. qoamqoam 
hoc ad locom de et in qooqoe referri 
potest, i^* vfJiXv airoXs iatffBt to i&oc 

TOVTO)UITl0KtMUI^C. 1236, 5. VlTl^^iV 

Tfiy ly«rr^ hys/juln rtvf l«i rourif 
ta^irraf, adversus se stantes. 1395, 
23. e) ob, propter, sive oaosam, node 
res profeota et effeota foit, sive finem 
propositom significat. &i^U M tvXf 
9nw^yfAif9t(, exsistens, effloresoeni e 
facinoribos, ea conseqoens. 12, 19. 
potest hoc etiam ad locom post referri. 
f (irtp Iv* ii^^, pro meroede, t< xI- 
>o{iv. 398, 19. T^y i«i to7c tfyig ii^av, 
ob prscdara faoioora, yel e gloriosis 
faotis, vel post ea venientem. 35, 11. 
rSff ivi fAutfoXf XhfAfAort, qoe aot spe- 
rant, aot jam abstolertent, aroXXi^ not 
fjoykkA vfAoi kfjMfrknn ftswirrw, 58, 
8. W h^U l^M lyity. 155, 4. M tii 
T»c 2^^ 4rXf«yi£^( 7xv(>(. 246, 14. A 
yh^ lir' sxnoU ys, non enim profecto 
benevolentisB ergo. 317, 8. tvbq M 
yjl^fjuno'i XufUktHixinui roXf vfay/Atwi, 
ape locri, aot devincti largitioni- 
bos. 447, 23. i^' atfjMri ^tiyttv, ob 
reatom caedis contraotom. 548, olt* 
^1^ X'^XsvSc M — . 550, 8. lar* «v- 
h»i, nnlla de caosa, vel nollom ad fi- 
nem. 558, 9. ini t? jutTa;^i^oToy(f f*l- 
f«y. eo qood invito sibi Athenis ma- 
nendom faisset, jodicii caosa, oojoa 
exitom prsestolaretor. 571, olt imi 
^fMo-t. 610, 12. 752, 19. rSv vSfAon 
x^arsXf, i<|>* ofc tWtvrifA^a-aif, qaarom 
toendarom et exercendarom gratia. 
776, 24. vaWtuhf h 8.v rts s«r* Ixiv- 
Bi^ig waiaiv t^P* V*^^^^^ varie rcfddi. 
tametsi alicoi liberi sint. item, in da- 
mnom liberororo. ego vero sic arbitror 
aooipiendom. ob liberos iogenoos. qoo- 
mm paler, vidoos'factos, peliicem sibi 
adsoisoat, qoae coram liberorom gerat, 
eos alat, lavet, oomat, vestiat, regat. 
637, 5. ivl ^Utuf "KafA^knw yjjftfMLrtk* 
jorisdiotionis ergo, qoo jos corrom- 
pator, et sec and am largitores dioator. 
1137, 5. IvX raXf iiro^n^fiffW nam" 
yo^t. 1300, 12. M ToTp ytyffiimt 
fpUotc ^m. 1339, 20. tS» y^foir, J^' 
ii^iari, hm^^inm. Hher wetehen su 



haUtn, ikr 4a $$yd, ikr dasu bnieUei 
My<2 [for the maintenance rf which ye 
are eoMtituted], 1427, U l^r* fvmf. ob 
beoevoleotiam, ex anioM propensiaaie, 
ao^, ad etufk deolsurandani. 1481, ^. i^* 
e^f, quibas crimioibag obnoxium, i<^- 
xart *Aft0^roy&irotet,iirl rovroiq Aufdoo^- 
voy ixQtBknKortt, ob eadein ipsa^ Tel, 
earom obtenta. 1483, 26. f) pro. atn- 
dio, vel spe adipisceodi, vel fine pro« 
posiio, vel leg^ dicta e,t conditione 
atipolata, sob paQto, Item pigoore op« 
posito. M oroXX^, icil. rotui. sub pacto 
magoi fcencw-is. unter Bedingung und 
Zusage einer starken Zinse [undisr the 
condition and promise qfisi }ugh rate of 
intere$t]. 13, 2$. 103, 2. Iv) fAfy&kue 
rixMt* 13» 20. Ivi /^m^dtt fJ^fxtt^u 58, 
Q. ^iMuq vretfi rifos hafifiamv hitl ttuq 
awbiuiaiQ, quo jarejorando apoodeajtor, 
operam datom iri, at pacti conditloni- 
bus aerTiator. 235, 14. eu)( lift tawtaiQ 
ratq kkielor^ ivoma-'^i rh i\pm»* 238, 
19. Ivl xjs^fjuurt im<pBtl(ia'^Ai, pati fe 
oorrampi spe dactam, aqt vinciiUs ob- 
atriotom largitionam. 240, uit. 398, 
23. ivl rtrn^ veara vpeimn, salotis 
ergo, qao naTis servetiyr. 293, i. Ir* 
f^iyufim "kiytnf, pro mercede, sea spe- 
rata, sea jani data. 398, 19. In*} raXq 
va^k rtSi lh(xw la^%AXq S/iciXXay irot- 
eTo^au abi bonores a plebe tribaendi 
qaasi pr^n^a sunt certantibo^ pro- 
pofita. 490, 1. I<^' gaurf ^fAara rSv 
rouuran (id est, irrl rwv roiourw) Xa/i«- 
/?<tv«v. pro seipet, h. e. pro pn^siatioQe 
corporis soi, pro patientia plagaram 
aliammve tidJom oontameliaram mer- 
oedeui aocipere, neqae poeoas earapi 
lajore repetere.529, 2. lar* 2x^Cf *f^^' 
i$n, siire inimipitia incitatam, sive, quo 
Himaltatem prodat atque satiet. 532, 
14. ffc^ rt yi 1^' f f rlpowf iW^^arrtn, id 
est, fort T^ ijsfWi ilcvfirrw* 607, 10. 
|ar* IXfv^ip^ Wfotrrayeu rSjif *BXXijvanr. 
goo Qraeci libertate gaode^nt 661, 16. 
|ff2 ToTc y^/cMif. sQc^dam legep, vel ea- 
^0) toendanun ^igo. 718, ^. Iv* a^ 
yufUa Vfarrut w. 7^62, 2Q. svi J^x/^Jf 
(fab pactQ, sponaioQQ daadarum io pu- 
nas singalas dr^f^niaraia singalaraio 
meostraatim) Uianio'/iiiw a^yvfiuj ti^ 
X^yroy. 816» 12* 819> 1. W *»*» o^»- 
Xa7c •^»Xttv r^ ir|9MM». 818, alt< ^vi^- 
im roii iw' 4y3^fro34(C« pro mapcipiis 
qppijperaUs. 822, 8. ri^i' ifwy /?*nTl#« 

fP^adeos 9ji in»t^i« m^am safai ooodl. 
lion? 60 mioairaai, at aat aeatram 
fine fdtero bab^ret, aat otramqae qna. 
jMiQ* Ifti mm Tp5y i/^s^ ft^iy99 «iri 
T9VV«Ky ^o^ cqodHioiie, at m paotis 
i^ir^t. 84Q, 21. M T4^ ifMiV ^v4lv» 
(i4 «»t«|M^T«2}AJi/{;fiy). xi^etc. magQO 

ifonijta &oto per £aHMi« t bonUHaia 
Senori elocatis. 855, 13. I<^' «r^ /t^t- 
a-bova-t Tovc oSkouc. 862, 19* M tirte 
^avM^fiy, sea mataom aUovi eredere,qoo 
ifromenta coemat« qoibos e vepditis no- 
open contractam dilaat. 885, 17. iwt 
fTip» v^rodqjti}. sab sponsiooe, vel prs- 
gtatione alioajaf pignoris. 908, 21. M 
T? i^«T(f ^^iiXety j(jfkA irtXXa. 1041 » 
19. owxi yhi wr* hvxvfeo, auf Pfand [on 
pledge^ ovTt (MTe^ f4M^fon l^wxs. 1185, 
12. litX fjuff^S atmyo^iXv, 1232, pen. i«r* 
ojeT«> o0o\9Xf ittvtiiuf rdti /uvyoc 'rnyfifSy. 
1250, 20. M T» yijt iavit^ia-bcur^ux^' 
X&a; . soper navi, ot ea creditor! oppigoe- 
retor pro arrha aeris reddendo 1283, 18. 
lirl rctvreui taiq o/^^T^tyUut iw^«rrau 
ID banc legem, atif diesen Vertrag [on 
thi9 siipuhtim}. 1284, 17. M ^itpoiuUa 
X£^f*ara h^o6i» jorif apqat pervertendi 
ergo, qao Veritas et saaotimonia jadi- 
ciorom violetar. 1137, 3. M bvyarfi 
iiiovtu v^oXKa tf^iitana (Maq, qno filiam 
elocet. 1362, 8. lor* Iniet I&^KoXq i«ae- 
^iTy. 1362, 26. g) sub obteota* prv- 
texta. f9r2 t« rSn ^im Mfjtan, auf den 
Ni^hmen, urid auf Uechnung der Hotter 
lin the name, and on the score of the 
gods"^. 495, 7. fir* ovofjutri rvt «r£ii«c* 
quasi fiat ad teip. oommodam, e rep. 
917, pen. h) post, seeundpm. liif M 
Kwl, soil, ^urn &fea, post ocoasom 
Canicnls^. 927, 3. 936, ulf. i) apiuf, 
vel coram, rittcm ratek ly ^pi atto? jmXou- 
fAivoy iv) doX^rrji. 646, 9. 
Cum Accasativo deniqae constraotam 
iiri sigoificat a) ad. at, ad ageodam ge- 
rendumye quid, fc^ v^aJiytiV (scil. itfoe 
vfAaiyrwg ivl rwff >lxoyrac,«cil. Svof^ w§k 
ufMq it^a/xhSi^t. 234,22. M roy voXs- 
. iMf TouToy xATftfT^A^ XoB^M* ad bel* 
lam hoc gereodom qonstitoistis. 677, 
17. iitl KoXoy h Xfflo^ irgayfKt XP«^«fW« 
779, 14. M itf^Xdy, pnecipitanter» 
festinato, sioe mora, sSt^q fic to ^ma- 
crrn^un fia^t^sn, 1042, 11. ivl vd ifMism 
fTyoi. in bpnnm cedere, profioere, aala* 
tare ese^, 1072, 15. i<f t iI^rsflrM^dn. 
qutt bona at adipisceretor, ideo faisset 
adoptatas. 1089, 6. sic ^d y^fXfj^ar^at 
\v\ TO Tou *Af^i6^w hofjiA iyyfa^wm. 
(abi potest quoqae ppod reddi). 1091, 
26. 1091, 14. ivl ^i^rtg i^nay. ad bi«n^ 
piom, totam bienniam. 1135, 4. ^f»- 
yfti^sa Tqy xp^ty Ivl ^ q/Al(a«. pnp- 
fioire termipom bidoi, quo transapto 
T^oiepdani sit ad jadiciom. atf uber- 
morg^ vorladen, vorbescheidcn, ^stelkn 
[to summon, cUe, or avpmiatfor the day 
^ter tg-morrow}, 1151, alt w^vmui- 
}fj|a /MfZe iTfl t6iov — ivoyio^f, 1212, 1. 
Tigy 1^* hfAifOv T^o^y autok; lia^aS ^?4#c 
1214> 6;. w Tvvff rimn hm ^ ^Uiiy- 
K^c* s4 exigeodavi OMfM* U25» 14. 



b) apud, Tel tuper. fyy&t hMn:h ifeU 
«n(ay. 895, 15. iwMirrm M rf0 
vgoTniwi!, an die Banc wiidefp wuriick 
biuhlt focSren \ffi0rB paid back again inUo 
the banlc]. 896, 7. ^voom^tf^i to iwi 
9kr Tiam^M xi^' ^^ Svmme, die iu 
der Bane stund [the lum aetualt^ in 
bank], 900. 14. w^M|)ttM t^ tvhiM 
riKavra ivi riff rpavi^av, an die Banc 
ukMigt doss tie $i an ihm su fodern 
hatte, ant dau man da* Geld an der 
Banc zufodem hatte [indebted to the 
bank, fir which the bank had a claim on 
him, aot which he had a claim on the 
bank for]. 945, 2$. o^i/Xft na^UnM 
TQV T(««f{av. er iu auf die Bane 9c)ml- 
dig, Oder der Bane schuldig [he is in- 
debtedat the bank, ortothebanh}* 1111, 
IS. o) advertue, in damnnm, iroifuig 
iif vfiMf Ixj&irn 16, 10. hH rh ivfaih 
futdy tUUv IMn^. 29, 8. raur !<{>* 
vf4ac ia^, hma in oapnt yestromstrnon- 
tnr. 73, 37. i^a^w ^hiirvot ou XvmT, 
not ra^r 1^* it/Mt agvet^mv, quo tos 
oppng^et, et oopiis e raptn ooactiy tos 
0obrertat. 146, 20. enBaXpt rounn Ui 
ovfAfAiiX^ l9'2 A.aM^i(Awlov9 Xf^hrat. 
^369, nit. iwmlxio-fAa namaamviiw M 
<rqf 'Att(|(^. 248, 13. vvnfU iweifiMs 
3^ay ivfnfAvn M t^ ifilhxit hrrl, 450, 11. 
I^u opy^v hit Mt<$MV. 537, 5. rir »fuS- 
nvBeu r<ive &ilfut{ iv almv $\$4irat 
;^. 555, 23. inUxtfo »vrS eel vra- 
fof ifr*tf4Mtm 900,19^, 

im^nfM iTjc ;i^«ifaf» 1394, nit. QnrrtOJAs 
kwsSn. 12, pen. 
HftB&iAitf] eonf enire, congrnere, oompe- 
tere pro nita portiooe* r^t rSv iXKfitf 

H'hn^htu HPfdioi r^ 9r6\n. 312, 2. /mIjioc 
^* l«ri/3«XXii rns amfjiiai i^ao-t not fAfii- 
^irrct yt a<oh 317, 1, b) inoga^e wql- 
etam, sife simpliciter, si? e onm addtto 
{d/c^mt, aot Im/Sox^y. 572, 19. ifft/9«U- 
Xmw ivrtt nv^tot narii ri tIxoc. 1076, 19. 
In medio : in aoimnm indncere, conari. 
iviffaXkio-^eu Xyftv rclvf S^nwt, 282, 14. 

.ivi/^iTK] lart^^roi sont, ant mioistri nan- 
€ikaii,dieMatro8en [the common tailort], 
aot veotores qnicanqne, pneler milites 
dassiarios. nam bi eo nomine non ve- 
ninnt. 883, 13. et 23. 1286, 6. nalhrtuc 
IvftftaittK Koi nws imHAvais* 1209» 11. 
▼ernm Uarpocrat. ait milites ciassiarios 
ienBarof appellari. 

Iari/S(et^ et kmBtSiYai] imBiwrroc f4trti tav- 
*ra Tou UoXvtinrw vxl^v h viv^* ifUfag. 
1033, 15. 1034, 3. 1273, 3. 

imBoXiji] mnlota arbitraria. 572, 19. 

CovXivwTtt vfM, nai vfMC alo'&Kitofilfovc. 
^^ 25« 9^ li;&» Mrret. lud tqvo m- 

Mn^uXivov TVMuTvv Xo^f tSv «mrfn- 
yyA^ww 9^. oUndettinia et malitiofis 
ooneiUia maebiflntna eat talem adipiaci 
iltioBeas. 542, nit. i( ofySc ▼#(*? i/ufTc 
lw4/3«pXiMrra. 865, 5. IvtdouXiviiy /Milff 
v}^ic aroifTv. 932, 7. «c |«n€ovXiuey ^- 
fUM-ttt jc«» T<b S^ATA vpS{ai. 973, 19. 
euro; t7c ti p(p4(bMTa ita2 to ar*^* t^bMV 
a^^ laiTM^y l^ovXfv^. 593, 9. otf 
^V0i(, oXX' iviCwXfiW, tm! •'fff^iiW&M 
IfiiM S/aotoy >«yoylv«. 742, 9. & Tm*c «fX- 
Xm/c Ivi^Xit/tf-t arotQd'ai, •'«&«« oiit^. 
884, 1. iirtBwXtvm imifSvau 900, 13. 

iflr(|?ovXn] mv )^ 1^ imBovyJSs nai vXmm- 
{^C ^wih^ iui $ia narixnrat rk 9^ 
yfiar»» 154, 10. 

IwtyafjAf ifiinfof, VtfAM TtvL jns nxorea ex 
ae dacendi, nt illae peregrinaB mnlierea 
pari jnre aint in nrbe, qno dncantor, 
atqae nrbanae ipsae. 256,'6. flrot^iM^. 

iftlyafA9i Bvyarnf, nnbilis. 1009,14.1025.4. 

imYiynr^M] aopervenire, aocidere, oon- 
tingere, nt v. o. morbi solent. imymof*!- 
m )j offOtff^Utg Uaaiont. 946, 14. rkf 
hriytvofjUvat fjur^va^iQ &q oxm iiro>^9^» 
die fdUigen Pachttinsen [the firmer^ 
rents that had become due], atatis de- 
pendendas temporibos mereedes. aibi 
compeleotea et e bonis provenientea. 
die ihm zu, oder anheimfiUenden, [fill- 
ing in to, devolving on him]* 947, 7. tl 
irtyiytifMm, post nascentes, posteri. 
689, 16. 1371, 2. 

Imyfnfjtm, censor, aesUmator, arbiter, t^c 
rtfxng, pretii, rw veuiof. 978, 11. 

lwiyi»fAfM] sviyfeifA'fjMroq h roTg 'E^fAotc 
ntuyxoMtv, 491, 5. iviy^afjtfubra rUf 
w6\ta>i»n>M9 «K xaXa nal ^nXoorei nark 
vrarrk toS ;({o»w. 615, pen. Vfoc Tf»<U 
aorra fxiSv ^<ariy^etf4,fjLa vwif roowrwy 
XffnfA&.rsn it; nna-wrof iy&va Ko^kvrt^ 
f»iy. in discrimen molctsB tarn enormia 
pendendae devenimns ob Issionem, on- 
jns rei agimar, qnae laesio, pront ipse 
libellos aconsatoris eam aestimaf it, pln- 
ris non est, qoain dimidii talenli. 985. 
12. est igitnr s^lyfafAfM taxatio, ? el 
SBstimatio damni a reo accosatori dali 
Iiteri« consignata. 

smy^a^w] ^ffo^Bih i nauraifUt My^a^ 
sU Toy rfiifohi r^ if AfiX^ioTc. 1378, !• 
ay«l>'X40'«v avToi/i Ixao^oyrac '*'k iXtyilCet 
Imyfo^t rat «roX«c rag noiy^fw^ag rdS 
i^ov, 1378, 13. b) litem SBstimare. 
oum aotor in Ubello accut^torio indicat 
ipse, qaantara mnlctam sihi debere reos 
Tideator. «xx^ tuii rth iviysy^a/AfAhm 
krif*n(rav, sed' etiam molctam ei irroga- 
mnt eam, qoam ego meo in Ubello ac« 
ciqaatorio indioaveram. $47, 7. In pie- 
dio : oqrare. vel pati, aqctor ease, n| a 
eonntnurieiifi iiiicmin^ non^n in tibu'- 



lii pabliois, Tel In Ubello aocatatorio, 
•oribator, Telat iiabseriptoris, aat te- 
atifl. imty^a't^AfM/ifot xXimJ^a. 542, 20. 
hnyfi-ixtro twtw iff iiauafrvAfk. 1097', 
6. et 13. KXnrfi^ xar l/uov iw <lhx^ 
Imy^iftrat. 1251, 7. hfA0etX\trai fjut^- 
nvflav ^uK Moi imy^ei^reti u&^^aq, 

1266. 17. Imy^a-^kfjLiyiQ ivi to tyHXnfjut 
Bo(«T^. cnm Bceotom scribi reum in 
foram citandom caradsem a scriba pa- 
blico in libel lo meo accasatorio. 1013, 
10. T«y Imyfa^fAVttn raX^ aWor^ai^ ' 
ytdfjutig, qai seotentiin alienis inscribi 
ae velut aactores, aut saffragatores pa- 
tinntor. 1359, 17. h).angeben Ito de- 
clare, to propose, to give in ths nanu], 
Imyfa-^af^tvoq xv^tav rh ih'k^vv lavTM). 

1064. 18. ov yhf ay iivev nal ^ifwf rouq 
IfjMuniu ymiaq iiriypa^^/tavof. 1314, 26. 
c) pro simplici y^&^tvi. trot iwiyty^afj^- 
f/khw (angeschriebeTif to set down in im- 
ting) *h TO afyvptcv ivrcHmveu *ri vfro 
Ainomt iutTe(Xi(4>diy. oni nt redderetor 
illud les, in tabalis esset scriptam et 
pneceptam. 1238, 12. p. 1241, 17. est 
eadem de re simplex yryfa/AfAivw, 

hnhit^^in] lart^avf/^iTcti X&dfa h/xSn, nobis 
insciis, soper motaom ks a nobis ere- 
ditnm, adbao aliad ab aliis qooqne sn- 
mit. 908, 26. imia,mcafx*90t M to7c 
ifxotq ^^fifxao-i* 914, 2. iflr(^l^«vf(0-/u.ivoy 
l» roll ifAWOftov vrcikyik ^fjittra, qai in- 
gentes a?ris nnmerati, aot merciam sen 
Kqoiparabiliom sommas credito sam- 
tisset, corrogasset a yestris negotiato- 
ribas. 922, 3. avtov toD imianlo'Ami, 
930, 18. 

hrihucfvtty] iiri^^A rrif aiSfonew. foeminam 
sic cabantem medico et testibos de- 
monstravi. 1159, 27. imhUwft, exem- 
plo vestro proposito docetis, TAuMtt; 
vouXf t,n 0ov\cnneu, 1383, 13. 

t«r<h(»T(xoc] de orationibns. tou; /xh yk^ 
miBenoui, popalares, tovc i* i'lrihutruuHf 
itvAi v^t^xMi, ostensionales, pompati- 
oas. 1401, pen. 

iirtiuiti] exhibitio speciminis, cnm aliqnis 
artem quampiam snam pablioe ostentat. 
Probe, Meisterstuck [a specimen, a sam- 
ple], itrlhtilr rncL ^uveundai 0w\if4Moq 
aroi^d-M-^oi. 319, 9. MUi^n t?c iourou 
arompMC trotoupivof. 785, 17. 

i«riNiMTO(] denns qaisqne nnmns, e. o. 
singnlie dracbmse de denis qnibasqne 
drachmis. to iviHxArw rovrw (hnjas 
mnlcifle) t?; Btdu $7vm. 1074, 24. 

Iv()i;^t0-&cu] tout' i))ii trS^tiy iviHj(trM 
ttamyofUv, 139, 1. 

iwi^iijuiiV] versari in nrbe. ImHifAnatf »k 
(ob, vel per) fAua^^ia, 1352, 19. tmht- 
fxiwarra. 2Tsf«m ilc 'rk'^Aiya^a, 1357, 
17. b) redire in nrbem ex itinere. i«» 
hi^a-aq i» Tqc k^o^fiiaq. redax in pa- 
triam e peregrinalioDe factai . 1173, 5. 

1175, 1. 
Ivthifidal oommoratio in loeo qaodam. 
i«ri)ki/bUtt f nfwr eu itSent h t^ni^t, pere- 
grini non admodnm molti ibi oommoiaTi 

fjtnoi ifyv^iw, lea /ui) o/Aiioy rh Sjncoy.onm 
bac de re oavisset Kre oerto deponendo. 
896, 22. 

imh^wat] altro, gratnito dare, aot reoi- 
pere datnrnm. T^vaX^/bclw ivl^wxa. habe 
ich ihnen geschenkt, ertassen [1 remitted, 
I gave as m donation]. 264, 15. f ^' dtc 
smhiomi, rsrifAvrat, 264, 26. Iiri^wxs 
ravra rS ^/mi, 266, 21. sic 0'mto^v 
liri^iWay. quo tempore agebatnr de 
servanda patria, in salalem ejus. T^npn 
lari^omi. 566, 12. et 13. ei /xh MivKa, 
Tovr ia-rh, Sv oiWv vlypaif^t. 267, 3. 
ex orat. pro corona, if hx tqc i^iaq ov- 
ciaq Iwiianut, whfjUaf h/Jiipaf tnrtv^vfog 
$tnu ^fxL 263, pen. ImccuHafAtv v/mv 
*r&Karrw» 918,21. et 27. de patre nsnr- 
patnr filiae dotem addente. I«rt^^rec 
vpoTiut r&Karrw. 1009, nit. b) conferre. 
iwtZiiivai ei^if qrpoc if^fsUv. 1408, 16. 
c) inorebrescere, glisoere,orescere,pro- 
ficere. ov^h hycSfAMi arXlor ^ t^ tov iroxl- 
fAW xuunff^dat xeu imMttihai* 123, 14. 

IfttiuUt^nv (in actiyo) dioitar magistratna 
peteuti biereditatem, ant alind aliqnod 
bonnm, item virginem bteredem orbam, 
sententia sna adjndicans ; petitor aa- 
tem dicitnr liriiuiJisa-Bat (in medio),caiii 
adjodioari sibi cnral, et impetrat. Con- 
atrnitnr cam genitivo rei petite. Ivilf- 
xaoTf ifX"" '''^^^ irrMiMt t«7( hfxsrifM{ 
Tov xKnfov Toy Koy«voc< 1174, 17. lm)kJt^- 
. 0'aro rmi xX^gou tov 'Aynou nark r(^f yi^ 
fMvq, 1051,6. fFafk rdu imMatao'/Ahou 
Hai fp^oyTOC T^ aXv^oy wgoo-xaXiTtf'&cM. 
1052, 14. Tny ofji^Bhmo-tf ttvai rS if- 
yvrri, luMri lari^tjc^aTo, eu ay ij(n tA 
^fAMra, Arcbon debet bqnirere, qao 
titulo is, qui biereditatis postolator, 
earn bsereditalem in jure petierit atqoe 
impetrarit. 1055, 5. Ivstknaa-afM)/ t?c 
TowTou fAiir(6q, 107.5, 25. 

imhxaa-ia arsxht. adjudicatio (baereditatis 
etc.) irrita, cassa. 1055, 1. vvs^ ov toS 
jtX^pov T^ ImhKoa-Uv irotovjuil^a. cnjna 
bKreditatis ntri sit adjadicanda, naao 
in jure experimnr. 1084, 16. 

Iffi^tAc] controversas, oontrorersiae ob- 
noxias. ivt^Mu SyToc tov aX^ov. 
1074,1. . 

IviWtc] incremenlam. afr&nw «roXXiiy 
hvOioo'ty tWn^on. 123,12. I^r^oo-ty Irt 
ireXXqy l^w^C '"iff e^Q^vatUQ* 1407, 27. 
Iir^oo-iy fjoyla^rnv Toy 0ln hfJtSif \a$w[v, 
1413, 22. i« Tov nXaT«y( •'Xno-tiowt to^w 
ovTiiv SXa|?ty ivt^oa-n, profeoit. 1415> 
14. b) largitio spontanea, oontribotio 
pecaniaria grataita ad oMetsitatea pa- 


tniB. 566, ^ •{ T^ fAf)4x«9 UnU^it 1189» tO. 1193, pen. 

i«nMmc. f85, 19. l«njM/inr] nlont anboreBdo iisl«r«. 798, 

hn^tofA^'] TO i«r* I^mw^c im2 vXa^nv vrnm- 24. r. iwMUi/im 

S^itc v*^TV. 559, 25. r^Wanr. opportoni. SS4, 14. 

h^uUua] ftuna praeolara hooesUtis et pro- iwuutXtn r^nStri, de defaooto queri. 

bitatis.iVaTiif vqr^«u^aytirii6uMtfi«o- ^ 1241,5. 

0a>MfAn, 919, 5. ^ IvuuipirM] rthr evo^v v^ttfor ijt rSf hrmmf 

fwiiuiqc] probas, honeitos, fidos, fragi. vi£v, e Teetigalibos, reditibas annuis, 

ftwtlri Toy Mihr oM «c ^(•<Mi'*'^X*''* ^ ▼^«Mi imxinufv IkoWf. 829, 8. 

606, 2. tI )d tovt' tia, ^xlifiMnr liruix^c 8S4, 2. 

f7iwi ; 606, 3. Iimueiirc SoiuStf-tv i7mi in(l ivuutTurifAnn [soil, fodinu metalliots] 

ri^ rvfA^ikBLia. circa meam et tonm. rSn fAvrfM irrS^, conioalofl toot in alie- 

915, alt ov^iy iI9a>c tiif rouran «onip(ay, nos adigere. dem Naehbar in »eine 

oXX* olifia9*Q ifftf ucarc tTftu tty&pdvwovc* Schaeht einhauen [to cut into his neigh'. 

925, 10. hifuuin ^S^af fx«y. 1343, 2. bourns shaft in the mines]. 977, 7. 

liriMxaSc] saepenomero, orebro, pleramqoe. IvuwpvxWa] indaciie, pax, tranqaillitas 

10, 7. 450, 14. b) sic satis. hmtutSit ad certain tempos per fetialem indicta. 

hrtfAW xaviKivaf roy o-Troy. hino profi- )(^ T^y vpoc Aciiti}<it/(«oy/ot;c ^juTy Imxiifv- 

oisoentibos ipsis, erat pretiom fromenti niuiy. 61 , 23. 

sic satis ingens. m tiemUch hohen Preite iarum^vxiiWdai] depeoisoif deoidere com 

{at a sufficiently Ugh jniee]. 1285, 17. aliqao. 888, pen. 

sWtiixwc Ux* ^ ^S»f^' iio Mtis com- kriKn^vmiy] prseconis Toce meroedem 

mode. 1364, 27. poblice ei promittere, si qois ant vi? om 

svuHu] acoedere, aggredi, adoriri, ioVa- aliqoem, aot capot ejos dedat promnl- 

dere. «c Imanr (id est, i( hrihofAVQ) gantibos. iik rtuir avtS tovc e«Ca^ 

iwarra ^^m^s vk w^yfAMxa rim ivat^ XX^tJMta ImMMx^v^kim, 347, 26. 

vta^au se eversoram et sobactorum Irtxiv^vyivity] trt rk ^n/jtara n^ lirueiy^ 

esse ompia a prime statim impeto, ag- nvsrai rat ^afdo-arri. meroes ab boo 

gressu, cedentia statim, neqoe resisten- temporis articolo iode jam none, peri- 

tia. 15, 12. b) de rebas fotoris, immi- bolo creditoris ire per mare, das Guth 

nere, instare, appropinquare. r&9 Iviw- gienge nunmehr in Se$ at^' Risco des 

tw inxa^ i! fjinitwi aXXou. 423, 27. rnt Gtdubigers [that the merchandise is from 

ImouoTif iiuka^u rvj(nt fA^ otStf^c w^\w, this moment forward sent to sea at the 

633, 26. oca, inpi rm ivuirrw ii»Xflw«y risk of the creditorl, 915, 13. 

o( &Eo(. de rebus fotoris. 1487, 5. c) ivoilvivfof] anceps, pericoli pleoos. I«ri- 

in mentem venire, ovr Ifnlytc^at CoK- jufiivwt i^oua-a vfoa-Shuf, rectigalia 

(ovtf^y, ouTi «rXiry avtoTc liniu. 392, 27. dobia. 948, 2. oHovsn fxh nisXai, w^r- 

f t yk^ naX xark /uix^oy Iwnii avrS rk tsif ¥ imtnh^ufu, 1452, 22. T^y nXixiay, 
roiovra cxvnXf. 576, 27. • ^ ? fuyHi ^wtttn^vvcv vnt^acBat irap' I&«c 

imZifMOi] roX( it 0i;/u^ovXoic h/dXr /m^ xiifcl- sud wafk rh k^f kvay»k(o/MU,1470, 14. 

•mt winftioii. 280, 16. locos perob- ivixXnpi] virgo patre orba, beres, co«- 

soonis, seoigmati simillimos. tentioni obnoxia, qois ejos et corjiore 

lari^iiTiry] idem qaod simplex, Tel ava^n- et bonis sit potitoros. 182, 15. oca sU 

Ti7y. si fAh h BovXh, senatos Areopagiti- svikklifovf [scil. Umi] v^c t^ i^mra^ 

cos, iirs(fimcs roy ii/^^omw ttal 0i;XXa- 976, 12. nam Archon Eponymos eamm 

0wca — . 271, 16. oaosas disceptabat. hmtxXli^on xai o^4>a- 

Inrt^eaarof h l/uoS avohifAwrrof, morti v«yjut2 Toxlwy TW^^Xoyrtvrpotf-lTA^avlirt- 
propinqaa. 1225, 1. fxs'KsXff^m. 940, 10. irnxX^pov qoi sit xv- 

iv(S^/bci7y] flroXXo2 wXXoiuc fASi{ii»m Im&v- (m;, lotor, jore preditos eam elooandi. 

fxwmq, rk ira^a kwmXscav. 658, 8. 1134, olt. sqq. jora qotedam earom 

Im^/it^tf'ctc t£v x**^ H^* 1272, 3. 1135. circa 6nem. ImJcX^^ou iMpou itXii- 

ifFt^vfAMrnti ivtdvfMirai rSn hfJttri^an IBSe ^ofJ\caq, 1311, 17. 

tuX vofxot9. 661, olt iflrixXnpovy] per sortem i^dicere, attri- 

hwil^fjUa] ToTc )* t^sci Kol raXQ ImBv/xlait boere. raXi fjuytLKaig ifem:>jn^ticai 0i;/tA- 

ravr tirtx**P*^ wpArriiy. 638, 13. oUsif fM^ieuq fji.i^i «y x^^^ snacrn. 183, 21. 

2x*( TtXivTqv [id est, tiXoc, tcI irauXay] sTt* ivatXn^Socai rki ^Xac. 184, 6. et 9. 

T«ff rou wXiawKTiTy iirt0u/iJaf. 658, 7. to^? x"P*'^? '''"'f *wXi»Tac. 519, 1. Iwws- 

Toy (7 ^poyoSrra 9i7 roy XoT^to-fioy H^tlrret x\n^fjU*aif ihi Twy^dM^^n^^Aiy.JQdiciboa 

Twy l9ndu/e«ct£y tnifke-Bat vouXy. 1438, 1 1 . jam sorlitis et corias, obi easent sessori, 

IwutoBnc^Mi imKa&hfASvoi iirt rf Tfavi^ri, et caosas, qoas essent traotatori. 978, 

der Factor, Buehhulter, der oberste Ge- 5. iirskkh^otcn h of^h touc o^ikovras rk 

huyis des Banquiers [the agent, booh- cxsvn. iis, qoi armamenta oaotica a de- 

heepir, head eUrk of a banker], 946, 13. bentibos exactor! essent, lenatos "per 



fortaa pro? ioMMi tt&qati nun tssi- 
gii«Til» ineftKkiai tribatipiaty tat Tioot 
nrbis, obi qoisqoe oegttioai smuh age- 

ivwXtvKy] vergere, ipropendere. dekbi. 

9(0i twmt f iri»X&cu i^ h^/umta, snb- 

aodi iavrm, 30, alt. 
httMMKSf TtA, eoibiHiikiofure cam aliquo 

cMwaoi, vel iwosilia. 855, 6. vbi vitiose 

daot Ijbri ItrtMifMPi&mMt?, pro IvtMi" 

nyw. 1199, 11. 

MTUMi^fir] slleTsre. l«isou^0-ayTAc0v/bi- 
^«C €V¥dfvinwt, 643, 11. 

IrtJtptifiT] de jttdioe oaosam arbitrante. 
wt(l h rSv i^krm Imn^vfi'm iM tSv 
SrXMT rrfamyif, 238, 13. tfvKXoyt^^/bii- 
MC Ti^ ▼•MvTtt IsrsxjMi*. 1477, 32. 

larucpvirTfiir] il /e«civ ow hX lirtx^umrt^&ai 
Ta9Mf&q. 216, 15. i«iitpv4<ifttm r« Xoi- 
va Tw fAtyiBii rSv iKkm igytn, 1415, 3. 

MriMV^ T^ «i^otiptt/tAlya avfi^t^ouay rsfi 
fe^eiiu* 200, 26. ev x^p «u^ (id eat, o 
mvrif) tSrn luuf^, oun tfiwoQ rour ivf 
MVfSo'M, 1430, 13. iwuZkv ¥ Uctuv^md^, 
rata babita, probaia fnerint, vavrk i- 
wavtdf ivMimy haI ovfAmiktrw* 1444, 

htCktyxiinsi] sabsortiri, h. e. ejus ia lo- 
oaaiy qui, a priore sorte com foisietde- 
olaratos, probaltonem baod soitiniiis- 
ael. <iuTf X«x^> tSr* imXa^iin, 1331, 5. 

hnkK'f/fS&'fw] io aoliro: inbibere, oom- 
pescere, aistere, de aqna, ne raaaare 
pergat. av }t IWxaCt to fiu^, formola 
(Hratoribtis a8itata,qoainipend>aotpT8B- 
fecto olepsjdrs, ot effloxon aqass im- 
pediret 1103, olt. 1268, 11. 1305, 7. 
In nedio : oeleriter arrip«r«, corripere^ 
ut ai rem effogere oonantem iojaota 
mano reprebeodii8,retorqoea8,retiH6afl. 
Bsorpalar de malis, qo» bomioes dere- 
pente, seonros, oil metoentes, ooco- 
panl, obrooot, invites et yeloti oonstri- 
ctoa retioent, neqoe remittont, sed vie- 
lenler agitant, torqoentqoe. Hino edam 
DOtio potiondi. hfxui H, Sinic ticwntq 
epan, i^ulaq ImiKnfAfAint. 174, 10. 
^XiMc tvWkufAfAkm. nacti immooi- 
tatem, reloti qoi praedam, aat fort am 
e^eriter et Ttoleoter arreptom aoffe- 
rant. 464, 8. im'Ka.fjJBavi(ji4im rn ;^»^C 
533, pen. St imXafjiSeweirro ot mrrntf- 
9^Mlkiyoi0 qoibaamanosiojioiebant. 558, 
18. IfftXa/wCoMTe fjwa^rnfioit iwthifAMV' 
Tof. apprebeodebat earn, per oecasio- 
oem Mysteriorom AtbeniR Tersaotem. 
qoo tempore non lioebat debitoribos 
naaoa injicere, ot apod nos tenente 
foro, qood appellaot die Mttse [the great 
fair], 571, 23. iittyofAnm rSn vaU^m 
ffriXofiC^yiraf. injieit manom poeris 
(aervii) clam, fortim Atbeois alio ex- 

piwtaBdiK 895, 10; 896, 19. «v»itc>fM* 
Ztw &y lirtXaCoifM&a. tfir htAUn, oder 
mkm nkhtt^ leeran wit ««» HaiUen, U- 
ten Uimun \yoe aaw nothing, nr there was 
nothing, which we oonld make d hi^dU 
of], 931, 16. iir€fiAfA$aHr9 y^ mnis 
faoiL Tnc ^mmmc] rhfMtiiiim, oam eoo- 
f oientia eorom menti lingoteqoe frekom 
qaaai imponebat. 406, 20. 

hnkeabAn^dm] l^iXfKn^/Mlirof htumSk 289^ 

im>dinif\ de6<iere, de8Utttere,eiranescere. 
at foBtes, potei, exfaaoeti, Tel aridi fa- 
ctL al apvMi mo) t^ ^Ura vt^waa-a 
l««Xmrf », U.y nq aot* cwtaV oAfoa nud 
vr^Khk 'KofJUam* man eekopft wohl einen 
Bom aus [the^ had pretty weU drained 
it]. 186, 16. ova rri X^fMd^ hfAoq lirt- 
XiVM, 186, 22. de arboribna, eilvis. 
^vXatf h WMuiaria I ViXi Xonr^anr, rn xat 
r^f SkKott rdtf ^ooXoftlvofC tvrtXla^ni'r* 
xtAtavofAkn. 219, 19* i^nXti^i pt,t h 
hf*^ >Jiywm n^ t«v •'folorSv Mpiara. 
324, 17. not rh S^oif ik rSv ^li^rctv 
iarfXianv. 1225, 13. imhtL^fwa-iv opS? o2 
*nuluT9t ffrro^9» 1341, 18. nnxsfintr ou- 
rdv Tovc rk mwh uafwnia^ai CoaXo/tAl- 
Mvc. 1460, 24. 

M>MVr9t] obnoxins, non son spontis, 
neqoe corporis mentisve compos, sed 
in potestate aliena, Talelodinis, avt fa- 
roris. rove lartX^irroup ^ah lur^ai, ai' 
T^C «v UflXnvrot ^r&mq vcmpiaq, qoem 
nollomnoB genos soeleris corripit, vel- 
oti comitialb qoidam morbos, et invi- 
tom atqoe reloottntem sobigit et pro- 
stemit. 794, 3. 

lflr(Xo2^irdM] repotare secam. «ua linXo- 
yta-Afxttoq, 1090, olt. 

iviXoivoc] d'frra toS IviXo^anocr ifyvfUu 
&roy lyhf ffn, ot prsediom iHod pro illo 
ere, qood tibi adboo ad sommam <sor- 
rotondaodam deest, oppigoeres. 1230, 

M9fifiafTu(sa-^ai] antestari. irfeXXevtf wa^l- 
ffrarrm, [seal. /Ma^ro^c] ivtfUt^rvfSfU' 
HI, oTi — id est, l«r* avrSh fjutfTv^6fMvot, 
coram iflis testibos deolarantes et te- 
sta! om faoientes. 915, 12. st hfynart 
r6rt fjutf^a nai iwi/wi^T^^ds, si te- 
stem addozissetis et lir auvStI, coiram 
iUo teste, Tel etiam ftr'avrou too ifyw, 
in ipso faciHore denaooiavissetis Toa 
protestando interoedere. 1273, 19. ev* 
hit et$T' iari|cMi^Tu^ro, otJr' hmt&kUt, 
neqoe protestatos, neqoe qoestos est. 

vportarof io-o/MiTovc* 618, 8. ImftlXiiA 
de prseteritis, ir^ma de fotoris. ov^t 
«rf ^} Totfv 9rapAiiXvd^Tow iwtftiXtutf irot^ 
cto-^t fAcwv, aWa xat vtfl rSn fJUKkhmn 
w(i¥Mav, 1226, 25. iwtfjbi\itaf tovtou 
2X»». 1414, 10. 


310, 3. imfAtUs h aui^ iD^oi. 359, cobscmdiUbi peijarii, et dins in perjo- 
21. fAaivUfMi* ykf a», C ti fA9i rpurm roi • pneeooe dktaiu 409. 11. i^ Imof- 

linfuXfic liii. 937, 25, kU» ivtifiyKJif4t»oc rtlti kaurou weuoi ntU 
i^i/xiknTVi] ivifxiyifital erant, alii rah 4>v- rmyiyH. 6^2, 24. v^ roro&mt alrvmnq 

^5y, VierieUmtiiter \eh\efi of wordi]^ Mai heiofttUf «rpo«tii^o-&i. 409, 9, 
519, 3. alii twv ffv/xfAOfiSov, GUdenmei- ivttrifAfnw] ovk eiiei ravrofAarw rormvrvf' 

ster Iheads of corporations], 1145, 15. tC^if ual victfwpJLmavivt>J^iTv 'Aviforimt, 

el21.^1llrSvnt^^M^,AdmiraHteUherren aXX* inro rns ^foS Imffwtfdit^av. 738, 

[Aau/s of tAe aejmiraai/]. 612, 21 . 1145, 14. 

13. i^lii Tou ifAWOfUv, Deputirtin zum ImniierM] itar^l^tU^^tvoXkoithfASrim'' 

HandeUgerichte [members of the com" fnmwiiHii rebt afuu^urfinrdurra^ 1173» 

mercial court of Judicature j, 941, 15. 23. 

1324, 9. alii rSh fAvmfion, qui paoem imtthjXv] a-Xrw, oy graf;' hfjuh ivntkim 

pnblicam et bonum ordinem taereotur ivfiwro, ooiter commiflsariaa, iwl rSc 

in aacria Cereria, et neoessaria ladis oMc nuQ irXl«y, 1^* nt o'Trof, eadem 

i^>pararetit. 570, 6. alii i!c t^ Lm6rui, nare Veotas, qoa frumeDtam perrehe- 

519, 17. baton 885, 18. MwUt raf^Uf ♦tX/v- 

tKifMvtiy] MfMiWf ivt rou tumwgyh/Aaroi. irv nrS vavxX^pw. 1188, 20. 1189, 2. 

727, n. ^ i*f«rXf«i7riTfi;iifl$«.1284,ull.l285,9. 

iwif*tynveu, svrifMiywo^eu] vofjuit idtrro rvv 61 ¥ IwiwXwr raXf ifAfttftaif. 1285,' 9. 

ywoMa Tov &aff0^io»q iijnrht Cfeu Koi fji^ MfrXn^it] htvKa$oufAtm rkq TOMvrac In- 

IvifAitAKyfxkim* iri^ a;*^, 1370, 21. irX^^Wf. 1406, 25. 

firifu^j vrXttoi;; tot' ?^av al imfAi^Un, imvXho'O'iiv] increpare. 200, 22. Ivt- 

commeroia, orpoc aXXnXouc, 9 n/y. 79, 18. ff'Xq^at, pe^^tov. 983, 3. roIV ^<f>anl xa} 

myf/i4fiy] pastara, pecas ad paatam agen- ravuvhv rrv ^vriv fxovriy, ou^* lim^ay 

do, carpere, detastare' praedium. rSy fxh mdhS^ t* irp^awty, lm9rXiiTTo/«fv. 

ysiritan imnfjUrrotv nai }»» tm/ p^wpt'ov 1412, 1. 

C«><{oyT4»y. 1274, 27. imvoke^uf] eminere, domiDari, veluti 

imnvtiv] f^h inr\ S vr&rrtt df 0^, /un^iic v/M£y spama eamma in aqoa natat Una $vy 

taur fflr(veu0-gtt. 332, 18. Imvfvety ri ekotc iTso-iy, oTc imiroXafii. 117, 16. 

4«»^5 ff"*/?* 560, 7.^ i^rtvoXAfoc] /t*^ ric IflrttroXoutc n>oyi< x«2 

|«»nxta] ovTOff i(c rib ivivuua rSy v^oy^M.- ^MTfiffxt ayavay. Tulgarea, trivialea. 

rafp *cu rw flroXlf^ov, a e>i^<ii«i leat <»(- die il&er die SeeU hinrauschefi, v&rbey 

Xtviroe Idvoy, fto-Ttar* lxd«y. 380, 22. streic/ien, nicht haften, keine Spur, ruHih 

iamay tk Evtvocut. 1356, 8. et 17. km- Frucht zuruck latten [which past rapidly 

yUutt- Toc V^c *tw affAATOi, 1356, 17. through the mind, vihich glance over it 

f^nvAM] rne &ya^ Imvo^ wa^ rSh ^tSh without leaving a trace or acquirement 

fXirilft txpn, aperana fore, ot dii sapien- behindj. 1418, 1. 

tia qoaeqae et salutaria cooailia in men- iflrtvoX^J ^tk fjUy k^ylat xai ftf^fxla^ nai 

tem ii^jipiant. 14Q3« 4. tk wttmXZ^ hvifrdKnt h^ax^l^rA ia^ty, 

tm^mvy'] hk ro iiuTvoy itf^ofSt^^at voXXo?;. f el ilia ipsa qnoqne, qnas anperfioiaria in 

propter jaa bospitii 00m multis contra- bq sint, levemqne atqoe tamahaariam 

ctom, vel propter notitias et faroiliari- operam posoant. 1412, 21. 

tales com mnllis peregra oontractas. h:tif6Xi0Q] incanos, qai inoipit canescere. 

1224,2. ^ 1267,21. 

firi£i»ov citat Etjmologicam M. p. 362, imfpuyyvwa*] im}^$u tnif «r^Xty. 143, 6. 

23. e Demosthene, qaod in eo non le- iwta^/AtUyto'dai,] return ab aliqao in ma- 

gitnr, pro mensola cnlinari, in qna car- gistratu, vel imperio geatamm, pecn- 

nes eontrnDcanlar. Terum est apad niaramye adminiatratariun exbibitaa ab 

Dem. iw^tywy, qaod aoctor Etjmolo- eodem rationea Jandare, ratas habere, 

gici cam im(imiv ponfodisse videtar. probare, aasenanqae suo velat obsi- 

l«topKi7y] ou» ia^n ^ucovyrct xai iwio^iuSJy' gnare. 310, 21. 

ret Hal ^^ofjtsyoy ^ofjuy Qt$eUay l;^iiy. ivta-iri^t^^M] of n a^^a/rtStrai i^«y eUiv, 

20,pen. ii/iMT97c*'£XX)i0-<yo^'0»fa(^^oy Srw imriric-atm, sere carebaut, qnde 

h T9 '^ivU^beu Hoi ivMpMTy, Stf-^np lauyw de ooromeata necessario sibi prospice- 

xaX^. 189, 5. tl fx^ flr«0t<^ywc auToy ji^ty rent. 1223, 8. 

iroXXouc Jud fjuy&kwf o^wfg lifui^wnwra lirwirwfMq] oommeatas. Ivi^rwfjtJm i^^oy- 

jud iirJXt0-< mL t)(«TM?. 1203, alt. wll nc q/uigwy TiTTd^ctaorra. 280, 11. oopiae 

^otic Ihtffvy, oSf i^rMtfpanoi. 1204, .20. fmmentariae, et faoaltates eas adipi- 

/ooy ofjiwyM hm nnofjcsTV, h otmiIv (soil. soendi. 671, 18. av¥ rS ^victrio'fMi, 

vmXy). 1 269, 13. aoa cam annonis, victoalibas, iUo eensn 

iwio^iuei] it xai rUf garto^XM^ ctvTQXfaTO^oc oomprebensii. 909, 4. 

hros Myou. 215, 2. thy a^kv xed Tqy ivta-Mikerio^cu] noscitare, adspectq explo- 




rare, vUitare, ooalU lois aliomaA rei Ufxim roanvnmf, tba^n irS^w IvMicrr^v 

oondiiionem indagare. imffnM^9fji,k\fui toTp h rS riittt, 565, 95. 

g^ Tovc ff^r^rwra^ wimfjt^tu nor iu~ WiwSif] litwitAff^irr^i 0f^w, 744, 9* 

yoMV. 113, i24. 349, 26. i9riffiit>|'<(/cavo( ttr iieta-veta-bStcraf hiacroi vtfanifv tou 

70v( v^/cMVC Tovc ^p^xovToc. 1161, 3. ffufx^fimoi UuToTc 6S, 4. 

l^riowva^KvJrepararefTestaorareyreficere. Ivricraa-Beu] el ykp avroa^tha^w, &kK' 

Tit o^wq, 36, 17. T« ^powfkt. 379, 27. ivla^aaial a-t x^P* ^S^ ^^^ fMyirrw, 

*rh V9f4,mTa» 615, 3. 753, 7. Ivnaiuvei' 1414, 11. 

0'd)} navis vopta Koi vKtuifjuq lyivtro* Imo^aTfTyaXXot;. 1412, pen. 

1294, 24. 1295, 18. ivta^etm flroXXSv Ipyw «». 264, 26. prio- 

MrwTtiwewTijff vrofAViUn, 618, 4. 758, 14. ceps prytanum qaoqae die. 594, 26. 

imoTttiA Tiixwv. reparatio nKEiiiuiii, 329, 596, 4. 797, 15. ov^i t«v nov^ohon Im* 

4. Koi aXXac l^rto^ua;. alia instromenta. ararat ixi^ai* 785, 13. 

819, 25. ima^iWw] imperare, mandare* wo^a ra. 

lviaithwnn'\ vn aotivo, prsoipere, man- iina^a,\fji.SM, 249, 26. 

dare, prsesertim, cam morieos facit. i«rion^/u»i] wtc tmv sl-mXv, &q oMw w^oc to 

840, 15. Sri iirroq xal imiTKn-^etrroq rov ^powiv lu 9r«f« tijv WicrhfAW ^M^i^fAVt 

cA fearpoq reujT sirpa^dti. 954, 15* In 
medio, qaeri aliqaid, obtendere, prte- 
texere, exceptione ali, in aliqaam late- 
bram calamoiae forensis se abdere. rou- 
ton ovSiy Iffio^n^fto-di. 162, 8. praeser- 
tim exceptionem falsi dicli testimooii 
obmoTere. opV^rm [soil. /e^caprvp/a] tou- 
T«v [soil, ran /tut^ru^tSv] tvv -^wtofAa^^ 

. rufiSiV [soil. v^v^eLa-vi\ iimanA^aro^ 846, 
alt. TOwTOij oiix Ifffd^^^To, ^iXoyoTt T*- 
Xnfla /eAi/tA*gTUf»jitfrtf ff il^d^. . 854, 15. 
trav wv iwia-ith^^fjun avrS, v^n Tnv 
avoiu^a rev ri\n9n fAM^rv^itv ^oiho'trat. 
quid si aatem aolione falsi dicti testi- 
monii earn perseqaar, qai fidem prte- 
slubit veritati sai testimonii. 904, 12. 
swMiin4'»f^y9f ra7{ fjut^rvfUif i ahttn- 
&ifc. 1139,7. 

hvrioTiv^tf] titulos protestandi contra Ul- 

&KKn>M¥. non licet affirmare, literas eo 
nil conferre, at ad rede sapieodam at- 
qae arbitrandum literatas illiterato 
pripstet. 1413* 26. ivia^fjin hiygtv rei 
0iXricrra (nrtXri va^k tow flropwro?. al 
optima qaseqoe vobis soadeat, eaqae, 
qo8B saadeat, certissime oognita et per* 
specta habeat, osa sao, fama, medita^ 
tione, viis aliis qoibusoanqae veram 
exploratar. 108, 26. ret fxh- fMn^a iC 

inrtTiXiTv. 1415, 16. 
imiate'hyi\ fjiM fcovov toTc •\m<^fxaa-it xat reXq 
imaroXaXi, iXXA kcU roXq 2gy«5, voXtfMn 
^tUiriroa, 48, 19. ToXjuahr Ifrta-roTikg 
vifJtvtif rmavraq, 157, 3. Io-ti fxh oS» 
t^yw H lnrto-TfXrfc IfAfxiXveu ovfJkCwXn* at 
lileranim scriptor in proposilo recU 
saadendi perseveret. 1463, 15. 

ctam illegitimam. ivo tqcautSc IviotiIi' ivio-roXtfjuuos] fM fxei /uvplov;,fM)l ^M'fiif- 

i^MC rh Tf fjut^rvfUv KeH I x^a^p^y 
&ymi{ta^ai, at idem agendi jus sit tam 
in testimoniam, qaam in extestimo- 
niam, e titulo falsi, yel fraadis com- 
misste. 1130, alt. /uc^Xion-cl fxov vimv' 
'cafroq rn ima%h-i>§t rSn •^wiofjut^rv^Sif. 
1154, 22. b) mandatam, prseceptam, 
del^atom, fidei commissam, xay oIxItd; 
3^, TflwT«yTAc iv%a%n-^tiq s?Vat. servi per- 
emti hero incambere, at mandata mo- 
rion lis de aloisoenda sai csede, et de 
pcBuis a peremtore samendis aascipiat 
atqae exseqaatar.1161, 11. 
Ivivwuvuit] inspioere, speoalari, lostrare, 
Doscilare. imanogrwfxsv, A rt i^aifwvreU 
ffo^y Ih 9rX9<ou. 932, 26. In medio de 
amiois ad segrotam inrisentibas, qao, 
qaomodo se habeat, cognoscant. 1261, 
3. ret, «r^oa-^opa tJi ina-at ^ifova-ai HeU ivi" 
(movoufjtivat, 1364, 11. 

^ovQ |iyouc, fjunii raq Ima^clXifjutUvt ^ufi- 
fjMq^ nolite ad me commemorare, ja- 
olare — illas, qaas jaclare soletis, co- 
pias ingentes, non spirantes, non pedi- 
bos sais, non in armis, non in aoie, non 
in campo stantes, sed examines, piotas 
solommodo et Uteris consignatas illis, 
qaas ad imperatores vestros mittitis, 
quibos non ipsos milites, sed spem so- 
lommodo militam ad ipsos mittendoram 
mittitis. 45, 12. ipse Demosthenes 
paalo post hajas dictionis vim exponit 
in illis: ly roXs •^v^fffAaa-i ttal raXq iqri- 
0^oX«7c voXsjMirrff. Uteris scriptis solom- 
modo, non armis, bellam gerilis. 48, 
19. Imitatas est hajus dictionis ele- 
gantiam Philostratns p. 185, 11. abi 
^^umo'lai i9ria^9\ifjuilcvt dixit, congres- 
sas, colloqaia per literas. et p* 285, 7. 
Ivta^rciKifxeuM ^vf4.0w>Seu, 

hvicntoveot] epithetam Miner?8B, qaasi ad lirtoTo/ui^ftv] IvivrefxiiS^ hfjMQ !<}»> tov; au- 

urbem saam invisens, et in statam at- rS afri'hiywraq. 85, 4. 

qae fortanas ejus inqairens, eamqn^ ima^partvtif hwi T»»y ;>t»gay. 255, 26. 

gobemans et taens. 421, 27. I irM'Tpl^ty] oux ivtat^a^fi* pensi non fa- 

IfrimortXv] laminibas officere, obombrare, ciebat. 665, 5. wih i^ovrl<ra.n, w^ 

obscorire. yS» fjih ima-nnrtX roijrut t3 Ivtrr^ei^rt Iw evhvi rourtn, in vos 

Mtrfjbtuv, 23| 26. 155, 23. oUUv tine- quasi coorertebamini. ihr gienget in 



eueft [ife Himed in upon younelves], 

^ tSS, «4. 

iwta^rfo^h'] animadvenio, attentiomenlis, 
enra. ovh/xiM lurei^a^ lirtrrpo^. tu 
Henen nehmen, ein Einsehen haben {to 
look narrowly into, tahe into terious eon- 
tideraturn], 158, 24. 439, 14. 

ImsvfAfutxM] raatna, reoiproca belli so- 
cietas, nt utra pars armis infestis impe- 
tatnr, atleri neoesse sit, illi parti sao- 
oorrere. 160, 13. 

ivuv^ttf] tamaltaaria dispntare, non dili- 
genter, non sabtiliter, sed rapide, at 
aaditoreS'Celeriiate oratioois per?ertas, 
otio ipsis erepto, rem sedate meditandi. 

. druber hin rautchen, oder rutcheUti {to 

. kurry over in a noity bustling manner], 

jcaTSfftcsuoiuy, nvtf v'Kri^% ^m-k. 22, 14. 

iwiTAyfAo] teatr 1^ Iflririy/tAATOC l^iooq yi- 
nrai. 399, 12. iroXintX^ In h Nixo^lm 
ToTf ivtrkyfMMVu nimis niiilta et nimis 
pretiosa atqae snmtoosa exigebat ilia 
meretrix a sais aoiatoribas. 1354, 13. 

fir«T»TTft». 1288, 8. ovK lin, tMn apyouv- 
T«, ToTc ^'Xo(c i^nraTTf ly Ivlf avrw ti 
«ro«i7», fAh Ti yi ToTff fliwV. 24, 22. wf 
ftiv InrirarrKv ^^ro^Alo^'n. 27, 1. 

l«rfTa^O{] Imra^lovQ "k^ywq ftouXv^s, 499, 

i«riTS»yf(y] Mrunv in fjuLWcv, Spannete 
er die Sayten noch hoher {he screwed the 
chords to a higher pitch, he raised his 
pretensions still higher'], 1287, 3. Iiri- 
Tsravro ai rt/juU, pretia annoiiarom io- 

. oendebantar, inoalesoebant. 1290, 17. 

.i«iTs<;^t{siy] oasteUom, rel aliad quid si- 
mile cervicibos alicojos impooere, qaod 
earn coerceat, oompesoat, eonterreat, in 

, officio oontineat. rv^anwtt Karia^not, to» 
fAiv ivarrtK^ tSc *ATTiJt?f iirtrttwat, 
auf die Nose hinsetten, wie einenrille 
{to plant under the very nose, as a check 
and restraint], 99, 2. rv^nlia. 133, 22. 

itrtrtiyicfjut] castellom, munimenlom, qao 
ta m agri toi fioibas exstraoto vicinos, 
freno velati qnodam injeclo, coerces, 
ande oom toam agram tuearis, tarn in 
finitimam repente et libere atqoe ex 
tnto incnrras, eamque vexes, et qao te 
pmda onastas oeleriter recipias. ToiaD- 
nra l^on hiftrtt^la'fjutra rni savrclu p^«;. 
41, 19. imrslj(te'/jut xaracmsu^^cvroq 
vfjuf Ev$otaif, 106, 3. ivtrtixt^f^i^ fr^ 
ri fAtiinulut ira^atunTv. 193, 27. imrti- 
X^f** Kara^iuvaiw M rnv ^Avrrnhf. 
248, 13. rh Imrslx^fiM itaBsXXM, 1343, 

iviTStxtff-fM^] macbinatio insidiosa, alte- 
rius laminibos'obstraens, et impetos 
ejas refrsBoans. irsfw ImTfip^t^'/tAoy 1^- 
rst, 254, 20. 

hriTtXirv] oir«c h sl^n i«WTiXio^jf. zu 

Stande kdme {might come to a ttand, be 
established]. 285, 8. 

iwtrifdMVf tiif u»^>h. soalpello oonoidere, 
saloare quasi valneribas. 1018, 8. 

imrfihtot] amioas, famitiaris. b) idem 
qaod i^uf, dignns, meritos. tt vi0%v 
ixiTwti TouTo waBtXv iwirhhieu, &KKk r6 
y% wfS.yfjM <nM IvtriiHiw (convenit) f^- 
ynff^ai, 610, 20. et 24. tntV Imrhhin 
arifjkw i7vcu, ou^* iqroXctfXlvat. 1473, 10. 
▼idetor tamen qaodammodo ab i(t9( 
differre. id qaod oonatat ex illo dicto 
p. 1485^ 14. othv y^f a&oc> neqae enim 
merai istam contameliam, ovr imrif 
hiof, neqoe par sam ei ferendas. o) t^ 
imrihia, necessaria vitie degende prse* 
sidia, rel adminioula, alimenta, qaoti- 
dianas victos et oaltas. t^ iwinihta 
raumv ipyao-o/jUntf nai ^(l^'OiM'Ay rqy 
Oixtay. 1358, 12. aXX^c rs ual fMfuAn' 
KvXa ov na*St ?x'<' ^^ ivtrfihta, nieht 
Hunger su leiden, nicht su Kropdarren 
{not to suffer hunger, or to heme a scar- 
city of food]. 1359, 12. Toy l^wra [soil. 
aurqy] vo^^uy no* rei imrfiiua rf &v- 
Bfiirm, 1360, 21. 

imriiHvfjM] WittiisvfAaron roiturmf hyvsv- 
xhtu, olet TouTtf 0s0te»rM, 618, 10. t^c 
rStviwfnhv/AArM alfiatie Tny ^vc'i* hfAW 
ioiUfjui^sn, 1417, 6. o^roT* arra rk im- 
vnhvfjta.ra rw aiSpcovan n, roiovrw &vei' 
yttn md to ^p^/ua 2;(fty [soil, aurovcl* 
37, 12. et 173, 26. -rife tSv imm^tu/Ji' 
retf ovfA$w7dag ^Mt/MApr^ync. 1412, 6. 

fflriTidsyai rait ivia^nXkt, addere profioi- 
scenti literas alterireddendas. rk( int- 
9*roXib( ovn o^ro^f^Muic, Ac ^o< ivs^fata" 
fAtv. 915, 17. imBslt cot, tl ofAr t h, •rt* 
ov0^v. 1126, 2. lelffira, jarejarando ali- 
quid confirmare. 165, 2. h fjAtnf ^1- 
"knas wianf i^n^iTwu war IfMu iui2 t7c 
c13bx^?(. per oapot meam dejerare soro- 
risque mete. 854, 16. 860, 18. 1196, 
17, et oil. 1243, 27. rorwrof Iwidtiyai 
rlfMfjLtt XV^H^"'*' malctam irrogare. 
797, 26. Iv&nvua rtfjutfiM/ uvh Sf tovc 
2xXovc hiinow, 1392, 9. ov» Mdtm 
roX( arifxniMia-t, non insidiabantar oa- 
laroitatibas, non caplabant opportani- 
tates, si qan inciderent, adversitatibas 
peroalsos fanditas perdendi. 643, 10. 

smrifAav] increpare, objargare. t3 fth tZv 
smrifAav to-wi ^eUn Tiff ay ^tw Koi itani- 
Toff iTvai. 13, 26. Cam dativo. 558, pen^ 
▼itio vertere, objeotare. toTj TUtatarfA" 
rtiatQ ImrifMn «ff lieiywa-i Toy Tlipanv, 
160, 15. reprebeodere, vitaperare. I«i 
TMff mvfayfxiwnt, 246, 9. hifxona wh- 
T*ff vf«Sc ToTff 'onir^yjuiyoic «» t«c slflfnj 
imrtfAav, de oonditione nostra qaeri, 
pacem illam inseoata, et illino enata. 
381, 26. h fkbrot iaudou iroX/Tou r6rs 
htysofffMh nv inrvtifMMt, citat Schol. Her^ 
mog. p. 129. 9v rwi^ IwirxfAm. 502, 12. 



f]iiaiyo/M^ac.1331>7. tmc AfuipTii^iVnr 
krivi/uf n 1268, 17. ht* vfM wtfttfAhm 
if *ar I/mI &y99U. 1473, 4. 1474, 8. 
imvnfASh H Taura wafimyitA, 147 9» 11 • 
Puiiyo. mK I«iti/m^. pretinm m- 
noBArom aoeeusam fuit, crevit. 918, 

JtTw. 1208, 2. 
Mnt/fUNCtc. 1476, 18. 

tviTt(u(tt] eapot, statas cWiliii, jas in foro 
stftodi. litirifMKf rrl (ou {vttvf a^xltf^u 
2dO, 10. TO 0VHt\»yfx»¥m li; imri/u^y 
if)^ov. ad redimendam oapnt, ttea in- 
tegriUlem famie et joriom oiriiinm re- 
caperandam. 329, 12. oai epponitar ii 

krtrt/Miov] poena, vol roulota. rh hvirlfjua 
T^ Iv raXs ovyyfo^Xf Awirms, pcenas 
in tabalia oontraclas censignataAdepen- 
distL 916, 1* nrpoff^XavncT^ ivirifMa, 
Uf /jA biriifMfMt. 939, 27. poena istseo 
•rat career, i^/uot not xp^tc ^rixfa *eu 
fjoy&KA ixw9'M Wvnfxuk, 229, ult. ho- 
X« 'rtfff "rife irgo*w^lflriT«f*(o»c. 238, 11. 

ImirifMq] oppositum rS irlfAM, qui, oa- 
pite non minotos, integro et pleno gaa* 
detjore oivili, statoin in foro tuetnr. 
Sf rk ^(j/nfjMfA MrtfAOt qnoram bona 
non oonfisoantur, ted salra manent ex^ 
miKbns, nt de iiK disponere pro lubita 
possint. fi^otw^y tTxoy fiC ^to^^'ty tSn 
Uimt Qt loqaitor HarpocraU ▼. Zr^ ot 
ax^mclv itMAvri/f ^iim — 634, 13. M-^ 
rtfAKif hra. in fonctione honoris pfiblici 
Teraanlem. 634, 16. 

Irnir^iwtir [snbaodi rhv ^Utif, ant rnv a^t- 
0-(y] arbitro caosam disoeptandam per- 
anttere. 78, 18. ta-ee xai novm ^(xao^mptw. 
86, 23. v*^ rSs* AvrSff iripM dteuniT?. 
1020, 19* frtfi Twy 9\nym vien^tmv/ 3 
IkDtuUva-m *A&maien. 1162, 14, et ult. 
1178, 13. lutT^ Tovc ifOfMUf lirtTpi^^. 
1244, 13. TMc tlioavf iwir^lflmy l^ov- 
X^. 1274, 10. 

hmfiXl^tv] fMXfk iiri^AfAwfAat, breviler, 
paocis perstringam in tempera »nperiora 
reoarrens. 217, 7. com itadio, oonten- 
tione, ardore aoourrere, in reminro- 
lare, qno potiaria et anfferaR. ovtcovt 
hytXa-Bt avriv uiv ifr(}p«fM?y. 831, 11. 
869, 1. 

hnrflBttf] peasamdare, affligere. touc £«^- 
Mvc Twy «oXiT«y ivtrflfiwa't, 260, nit. 
. lmrfl$ti rwf Sf^^AC juuuvc £»vot(piy^afvoc. 
288, 20. 

iifirfinfitfXfif} imperiam trierarchi altra 
prsfinitom a legibas et more tempoa 
ostrahere, oontinaare per mensea ad- 
hne plaret, looo snooessoria oessantis* 
IwtnrfmfeigX/'fjihm 1^ (am rptM fAv 
fijSy. 11(12, 27. ^hi rftXf /mhc linnr^i- 
n^iLfXvni fm, 1214, 7. 1216, 10. 

iwifwfdlfX'V**] prodootio trierarobalis 

imperii nitra terminoa legitimoi . 1206, 
11. flomtus ab ejoamodi continoatere 
iaeti loco tooceasorifl. nri Imr^^&^fAa 
iimMiiHu Tov XP^» ^ lv«yf«X»0-a uiri ^ 
roirw 2«VT(nfM^£v. 1223, 13. 
MTtr^oinuiiy] wln^cif «&rwf Imifowiudi^^ 
Tm/Toy Toy X^y a4n9i{«Te tro^ T«y Im- 
Tg^«y. 829, 9. awvrlfAnfjM toS^ lartTpt- 
«nvo/(«iyoK nadta^afM vofJU^w vSv i^rt- 
r(em6rron rk j^j^ifAmra, 866, 2. i^n- 
t^omvcAi et InrtTfoinvdwyat imt^ t^c 
ita^naf, 1112, 28. 
iiTiTpoirn] id est, Mr^'^H^, perroissto, qua 
causa soil, arbitrio judieis pedanei 
pemiittilnr. ^nir^kmt imo rSv arofoy- 
Tflw lie lariTpoww ^fx**^* ^^^» ^' ^*'^** 
. ^ovX^fUvoc Tqy liriTpofr^y. arbitriom, 
cansse definitionem per arbitratum.897, 
24. 898, 14. h iwirfoveh 'nurat w^ 
UoffAivcrra r^lrtn Irotyiyon, jam tertins 
annas est, ex qno lis b»c arbitro com* 
mtssa sit. 900, 1. 
ivir^moq naX tuihfjuiv. 988, 2. 
MWTwyxAytty] lay ¥ ifa f»^ ivtruyx&nm 
TovToi;.boc si minns conseqnamini. 1 168, 
1. ivtrojoji rw ayS*of, vinoeret caasftfo. 
1176, 16. opponittrr in continenii lav 
y o^a ^aroTi^q. Jofnc imrvyj(Aw9, 1490, 
ivi^tuna-^en'] repente intervenire rei, 

qnse fit, impediendi ergo. 622, 9. 
im^i^w] rii¥ l«riopyUv t««c iavrou ^feuffi 
Hcd rS yim ivtnyxAfxtvoi. dedecos, cal- 
pam, poonas et pestem perjorii oonsci- 
aeens. i*&er seine Kinder bringen [to 
bring upon his ehildren'], 642, 24. ivt- 
^psty aiTUty. oonferre, iroputare. 692, 
13. 899, 21. im^isn o^rx*. inferre. 
977, 7. h fAnmf /uov T^Xarroy VfcTxA 
imMynafAifn, secnm in domam afl«rens» 
vel inferens. 1014, 4. et 22. harmywXv 
Hfu tiri t9 Ij^m^o. in exseqoiiti pro- 
ferre, pneferre bastam. 1160, 14. iw 
^pst [soil, iv Ifi^, conjicil, intor* 
qaet,ff'^o^aniC arowovf rvtet^ xai u^royo/ac 
xat alrtaq 4*^»ff' 1177, 15. 1309, 1- 
1348, 18. TncayiXly»Tovvvyl)rfyf;^i^c 
alriaq, 1471, 11. 1476, 27. 
Iwt^fjUl^on Tovc ^obf arpaTTtty ti. prs- 
texens honestnm et speoiosmn deorom 
nomen. 496, 10. ^ 

Iflr^oy^ Iff-ny. invidia pnbYioa ardet. 981, 

ivtx»ifsiv [soil. Juue«V AXXorpioif]. malis 

alienis illtptari. 126, 19. 558, pen. 
iirix»^o(\ bomo tam misere sortis, nt de 
malis et sordibos ejns ininrici hetentnr, 
vel laetari possint f/A vsftihirt rkt 
ifjuunw bt/yarifaf toTc ifjutvrw ^oJxoc; 
Jtai Totc TOuTftw Jt^Xa^iy imxiffwt yvf* 
^ f^haq. 1127, 12. 

Iffi^si^a] merces, pneminm, redhostimen- 
tnm. f/A ymfof Koi ^vy^ lar^iip* T«y 
Mp iffuhr viwrntfAhm l^«v. 1484, 4. 



l«rtx<(^ '>^* iAsidiiri, lAoiiri. 179, B. 
dioitur etiom hyxjuft'if rM, 179, 15. Mf- 
yi^MC iittx^i^. 248, 14. U 'tHytm fa- 

234, 17. 

yuayM^t 48, 17. itp^yii i«(Vftp«^0Viidft>a. 
kaiAragiis approbnta, rata faabita. 255, 

[acil. <r» 4^^|dm]. 26-1, 17. 'rove n 
ir^f^^C fflrtxct^oToMiry ifrAva)>ieic. plebis 
rotantatem ^i^orwU significAtain ioM- 
qaente snoasseiua oomprobaire, «t con- 
flmare. 712, 25. 

hnxttforofU ySfjutf. solemnitas, qoa le^s, 
sea noTK, sea retoste reslaaratie, vo- 
hiotate pieMi in eoffhm^ missse r*tte 
jobebantor erne. 706, 7. itny^tt^aMi 
o-Sv iin;^ifOTmSr obrSv, in saffiragatioDe, 
in eomitiis. 1330, 17. ikf H nt nwv 
^foiifon iS rrri t^ hfrt^n^omUv, ejns 
eaasa mittat in «aflfhigia. 716, 19. 

i9rf4ii<f>»^tv] soffragandi cepiam faoere et 
'saffragia eolligere atqne dinamerare 
erat rw imrrettw, prinoipis prjtanom. 
i reujra ivri'^^^on imrr&m^. 596, 4. 
f(d tiT&yiiv 9et(i rovrw tU to htiaa^^tw, 

717. 22. 746, 23. 749, 2. lflr4fl<^C«- 
o'&m. post Tetastias aliqaod deoretom 
noYom ferre, qao illi aat toti, aot ex 
parte obrogetar. 378, 27. 

Toatoy — Iwiiyitom* at de singalis qoibos- 
qoe mizris octoni oboli fcenoriii nienstrai 
darentar. 1212, 2. daris verbis expo- 
nit ipse omtor p. 1250, 20. Ivi htnrot 
o^oXmV tay^atn r^/xvar (xntof inArrw, 

' ha at 50. mioK tolerint foenoris annoi 
600. draobmas, sen 6. mirras. fait ergo 
bcc propoTtio foenoris annai ad totam 
sortem, at 6. ad 50. sea 12. ad 100. 

Ivoixe^o/bciry] rti^iw iraXatoy hrome^SfAVoi, 
1278, pen. 

iwofA^fitt] hnber, nimbas, procella. 1274, 

imfAfvfat] MfAWfu lU, TlornVi etc. 747, 

ivBMt^i^n^ ^hi lrr\ t3 oroXinvid-dat mtp^ 

Torc itniixlflrf. 806, 6. 
ivvimoivi] Tih* }i ravrtt Ivvirrtvawa'aif xa2 

^xA^oua-af ivva/jtef, 168, 13. 
Mtrnjc] fio-wtp Womai rSh a^^arnYm/xi" 

fm, 47, 4. 
Iv9^7a^at] cantioom saltatione prose- 

qoi, tripodiis ooncelebrare. i9rop;^ou- 

/ufyot uuff &rm(, 313, 96. 

Tov voXtfAW iwoino^. 304, 12. 
ivw^iXut] malcta pecaniaria reo in oaasa 
pecaniaria condemnato pendenda, par 
toU samme, qnae ab actore peleretar. 
ni» yet»0t}Jaf o^Xficn, /uvSc SKaroy. 834, 
244 loens bic est clasaieas. Petebat 

DemoBlheBet ab Apbobo, tatore eto, 
nomine male geste tatefee, et laeeimti 
pntrittonii toi, deotm talenta. qoas de- 
eem talenu equiraleit 600. minis. Jam 
Bi eaasa oaderet Demoalbeoes, non to- 
Inm deeem ilia talenta, lea 600. minat 
imitteret, sed pneterea qvoqae sexttm 
Irajus sammie^ partem, boc est 100. mi- 
nas, malctK nomine dependendal babe- 
ret <rJiv ifrafCiX/«tv nnhmvw, 835, 24. 
841, 22. 860, 9. 1103, 15. i^auofiof 
not hMA i^xf*^^ inrnffikUa. 1251, 4. ^ 
ergo tota snmma, de qna ooiitendebalar, 
erat 3660. dracbmm, sea 36. min» earn 
60. draobmis. 1284, 2. 

hratiili] ravra rk ^futtM »ai tkt iw^^, 
carmina qnibas iocantandis morbt de- 
pellerentar, JM0th wtifk nt B§(eiw»im{, 
793i alt. 

lirmofAlet] cognomen, deridionli et joci * 
oaasa adscitam Tel additam aliovi, no- 
men oastrense, Spitxttahme, Sebriquet [a 
nkkname], liram;/uiAC ^^n aMtg in- 
voTqmu. 1261, 16. 

ivi6mfA9t] a) qni nomen alioai de se dat, 
vel commanioat. ol lirahufMtt decern be- 
roes, e qnoram nominibos deeem tribas, 
totam popalam Atbeniensem conficien- 
tes, appellatsB erant vpod-df v t£v iir«vu* 
fjion UrtBivai royc v^t/f. 705, 19. 707, 
13. rS iirmvfjM rqc iovroD ^\ni. 1326, 
9. b) cogoomiois, qui com altero oom- 
mane, nomen gerit, tat ex ejas nomine 
dactum. f*»i wtrawy^ym ravrm [soil, rnv 
A^iMv] 5ff ImAfvfjiM irrif nach der er ge- 
nmmet wird [after whom he was named^, 
hMocTfii* 773, 2. Ufaif '^^rns, w ivA' 
fvfMi Icrrl. 1072, 25. 

Igavi^ttv] cam dativo, stipem alicai oon- 
ferre, et translate operam navare. i<f 
oTc l^ay/tsi TouTotc 'TWf «rip} airr^y. ob Cam 
operam, [mentiendi pata et oalamnian- 
di, et insontes Texandi] qoam satellili- 
bas sais pnestat. 999, 24. Com aooa- 
sativo, exigere, corrogare stipem. ^ovc 
^ovc i^y^o;. coUatitia stipe ab amicis 
collects. 1484, 2. 

I^yoc] Erant Atbenis collegia sea corpora 
ciTiam, inter se in societatem ooean- 
tiam, ad necessitates amicoram peca- 
niis coUatitiis snblevandas, qose peca- 
nim aat slue fosnore credebantar amicis 
obseratis, qao creditoribas satisfacerent, 
olim aliqaando pro ipsornm commodi- 
tate reddeodae, cam ad meliorem fortn- 
nam redissent, sire prorsas grataito 
donabantar,42t rirgines e. o. dote caren- 

* tes possent cam dote elocari, aat vidase 
orphaniTC honeste all. milde Stiftungen, 
Oder Zuschusskassen, Nothleidenden aut 
der Noth tu heffen [charitable inttitw 
tioM or banks for advancing money to ne- 
eestitoHS persons]. FUci ad pias causae, 
andemaltas soite excogitatas senten* 



tias et oomptrationes daxit ontor, et 
Uun orebro osarpaTit, at earam elegan- 
tia ipse faisse delectatas, earamqae 
asurpalioneni aflfeotasse videatar. vXh' 
pflvv l^avtfv, dioitar, et v\M(»rht ifeaw, 
oolleotur, qoi ooUationes a debentibas 
exigit. &o^nf kv il l^vou Ixabn^^s trX*)- 
foneU, 776,7, xtiXot l^avo; x^'^ ^uuUa» 
eiiie hubtehe Stetier,odtrein ansehnticher 
Spaarpfennig [an honourable contribu" 
Hon, or condderahk savings], quam re- 
ponas tibi relat in area, usarus olim, 
onm ipse tote indig^eas. 1490, nit. I^a- 
vec woXiruMfttal xotvoc [eine Leihcasse, zu 
der alle und iede Burger, ohne Ausnah' 
me, das ihrige beytragen — a fund for 
nuidng loans to the citizens without dis- 
tinction, formed by individual subscrip- 
tums."] ia-rt iravb*, ta-a. ra^afron rZv w- 
f4«y i^twros vout refandaotar enim soi 
caique nomi, iidem, quos intulit, sive 
probi faerint, sive mali commatis. h. e. 
meroedem qoisqae fert faoinorom suo- 
rum nalarae eoram parem. 776, 10. ^t- 
roKamv ttx*^ lfa»w ^ctf^fov. dao talenta 
peoonite ab amicis coHatae talit, nomine 
doni grataiti, qaod refandere non debe- 
ret. 3!29, 16. ergo erant alii Ipayot ab 
. lis, qai.accepissent, coUatoribas rarsas 
reprwseiitandi. Ipavov ifpc^tluvai, repen- 
dere, refundere, abtragen, wiederer- 
sUUten \to pay, repay], rovr^ rh ahvof 
tfafcv mj(ti^horkf^sv aTro^ouvai. ihn mit 
seiner eignen Munze su bezahUn [to pay 
him with his own money], 1348,3. avX- 
Xiysw, 1249, pen. ragyv^m, o va^k rSn 
s^aa^Sh iiaa-fMiaynnv, s^afof il( rriv IXf u- 
dfguiv avKKsyova-a, redimendae libertatis 
ergo. 1355, 9. ^ifw] roit ymsva-i tw 

wofa rw vojXMf htteUvi [im gehorigen vol- 
len Maase — in just measure] ^epitv, xai 
ixovTo^C vvortMiV. 142, 1. sya> ya^ oT/xai 
vaVTet; a.Y^^(&vws ^ipuv vag* ainSiv tlf 
Tov Ciov al/roXi Ipavov vct^k Vavb\ a Vfar- 
vowtv, 547, 10. 574, 11. slff-^ifsiv] x»- 
Xmc i^axj^f avrS ipave* ftc rk Xvrpa 
sWola-oi/ju, 1249, 5. i! /xh t?( IfMS luvotoc 
vwrw iv 0'ot KaKKicrcv e^avov sictJftyKsTv 
<SfA.w» 1417, 14. Igavouc XlXotvi «rXs/- 
o^ov(, er isi aus vielen Cassen weider 
heraus getreten, abgegangen, oder, er ist 
ihnen in Resten geblveben, hat seine Bey- 
tfdge nicht entrichtet [he has quitted, 
deserted, many clubs, or has remained in 
arrears with them, has not paid his sub' 
scription], 821, 13. 

lg«aTn^ 1402,7. et 21. 

Ifayoq] ito'kSfxn, oc aroXXwv l^ciTqy iikSffSi 
qXtx/eiy. 422, 16. 

i^i^so'^Ai] laborare, inolestam laborem 
corpore peragere. roXq ly toTc l^yoiq, me- 
tallifodinis, lp}^o/Msyoic. 1048, pen. la- 
borando eflicere, parare,.Ta imrrl^SM, 

necessaria ^imenla, raimt ifyoff^i" 
ynv iud &pl4^u0-«y rnv clxiav. 1358, 12. 
rS y&f rif BvnrS tlxaa^w, 3 OKTeiwror 
ifyei^trtti, injicil, vodoy roTp IZova-t, 
1404, 18. facere, patrare, ot facina^. 
a^ut bavJtrw tlfyaoTO avrS sU if^* (in 
passive, qaod estinventa rarios.) 1252, 
20. rem familiarem exercenda nego- 
tiatione, h. e. emendo et vendendo» 
prsBsertim per mare, item arte cambiali, 
oredendis in foenns namis, sea terre- 
stri, seu marilimo foenore, auf Bodme- 
rey, durch den Handel, nnd Geldm'dke'- 
ley xu Wasser und zu Lande [on bot- 
tomry, by traffic, and money-broking b^y 
sea and land], angere, quaestam facere. 
fj,irfut ^)(m, nrovTMQ pavrtiuiif onipS/uat 
ify&^itrbai, 893, 24. ed ifxiro^i roTc 
i^fo^ofAimq [at nos qaoqae asarpamas 
den HandelsUuten — merchants] ovit avo 
rSv iavti^OfAsvm, «XX' oaro rSy iani^ovreav 
•W. 922, 11. sfya(6fjiMot xjS^fJUta-iv iv^ 
Bfwvoi. pecuniis elocandis in fcuias et 
permutandis qaaestara facientes. 957*, 
27. fjUffBesa-ty ou ^^cmq, a\\* ahrol ab- 
ToTc tfyeii^6fxtyot, iramq a.v<oKorr9, die 
nicht eine fremde Bank im Pachte hat- 
ten, sondern in ihrer eignen, auf eigne 
Rechnung, auf ihr eignes Risco, sassen 
[who did not farm the funds of others, 
but traded on their own accourU, at 
their own risk], 960, 9. stpyaa^eu 
vxioef Ktd tuvhnsvw. ipse sac corpore 
inoerta inarinm periclitando et raole- 
stias itineram maritimorum toleran- 
do, negotiatione altra mare, nonnibil 
emolitns e&i, hat was vor sich gebracht 
[has gained somewhat], 982, 7. I'on^^ 
avToXi i^yaa-aa^at rS ahrS a^fiv ZU h 
Tf »;. mit dem niihmlichen Capitate swey 
bis dreymahl Geld verdienen [to make 
twice or thrice as much money on the 
same capi<ar|. 1292,3. tlfyaa-fASvot iroXXek 
Xin/jMra wa^k -r^v cirtiyiaf, 1293, 8. 
hfyei^s^^ai (hoi ouit i^sariv h vn kyo^, 
1308, 9. quaestam meretriciom facere. 
sl^a^sro TM 0-tofjukrt fxio'^ttfvoua'a tom; 
0ovKofjUvoig avrn irXno-ial^ttv, 1351, 21. 
1352, 11. Tot/TA ysotfyti, ravrtt l^&^s- 
rat. bine qoaestum facit, bis artibas yi- 
tam sustentat, ot colonns ex agricol- 
tura, sive at negotiator e meroiam dis- 
tractione. 794, 22. dv&pctf«ro(( Jy sfATfo- 
(M, auf der Borse [on the exchange^, 
KM xfltfjuto'tv, und mit Geldwechsel [and 
with money-changing'^, sfya^ofjtsfon, ihr 
Gewerbe treilmn [to carry on their busi- 
fiess], 957, 27. voXkoi rw Hark ^aka/r- 
rav ipyk^so'^at ir^tfoufjtifm. 1297, 8. 
Ifya^trai [pro inpya^trai^ roXg atuCova-iv 
la^v^kv vfeSkn^w, v. locum Stobaci sab 
V. ^(a/SoX)). 
i^yaa-ia,] quacstus, opiBcium, quo exer- 
eendo viclas paratur. Gewerbe, Hjind- 



thitrung UradB, httMUcrafi], tva fih to 
vfSyfjta £nn^ Ipyaaia rtg 7. 505, 17. 
ifyaa-U xeti ^vfetffrtU. 772^ 1» l^aaUf 
tSc T^aqri^iic fAwBwff^M, a domino men- 
8ie argenUritt oerta mercede annaa re- 
niam redimere,meDsam illam exeroeodi. 
946, 3. l^ao'U. exercitatio operis me- 
tallici. eina Uammertoerks [a forge]. 
976, nit. tva i^aoiag a^yttc hk t7c 
Tpofrl^nc iroinraunt peconias saas cceoo 
foenore per mensam Pbortnionis exer- 
cere possit, eoqae modo qasBstom fa- 
oiaty sine alio impendio (^denn das Vev' 
mogen in vimlaufenden, werbenden Gelde 
hrauehte man der Casse, oder dem State, 
nicht zu versteuren, derm wer konnte a/f- 
derm wissen, was einer in solehem Gelde 
besass—for there was no necessity for 
paying any tax on the floating capital to 
the funds or to the state, for who could 
tell how much any one possessed of this 
tori) neque neoesse haberet pecanias 
soas bonis immobilibas motare, de qui- 
bas oerla vectigalia serario publico 
eraot dependenda. 1121, 17. altSvaX" 
Xwv ahxufAaron xara^vyei tovtoiq slaif 
ifyeiaiett, pnesidia adrersas reliqua in- 
Jariaram genera his sunt pro?incia, b. e. 
fund 08 yectigalibas aber. 1S4S, 23. 
avia^rnm ai-rhv avq ravmt rn^ HetXnq Ig- 
yoffioi. a qoaesta meretricio. er hat sie 
aus dem BordelU geheurathet {he mar- 
ried her from a brothel]. 270, 15. lyw 

hotSl rhv ^aketa-o-ar. 893, 20. ol vsfl rk( 
Ifyaffiaq raurag hrti. versantes in ista 
pecaniaram foenebri negotiatione. 953, 
18. t3 /uev Ktri/JM, ein in liegenden 
Grunden bestehendes Vermogen [landed 
property], eMlvitnif la^iv, h y h^aa-la, 
das Geldnegoce [money'trcffic], vfoa-S- 
9ouc sxjivo-it iiTMiy^vvovg, 948, 2. i;^«v ro rt 
iintov, das vori uns aufgenommene Ca- 
pital [the capital borrowed from us],]tat 
Tqy i^ytta-iav, und das damit erworbene, 
gewonnene Geld [and the money acquired, 
gained on it]. 1283, pen. 

i^aa-rii^iev] collegiam improboram factio- 
aoram hominam ad pesleni, sea pabli- 
cam, sea priyatorata quornndam, con- 
gressam, oonspiratum. Rotte, Meute [a 
gang, faction], Igyewn^pwc f/aypn^ «v- 
^fivon avfia"nMjiron Iv rS Uu^attX, ad 
pestem negotiatoram. 885, 1. 978, 6. 
uaraoTtsv&o'aq fxs^ iavraj s^airrfi^w av- 
x«<{>ayT£v. 995, 8. 1010, 24. b) lopa- 
nar, obi scorta oorpore era merent; vel 
popina, ganea. o<ar6crtu lur* l^ytta^nflou 
xe&mtai. 1367, 26. et 27. h Ipyew^ni- 
p^ rsB^afji.fjihn f» vai^^. 1486, 7. 

i^mt] oi vifH T»j» ytoi^tav h^&rat, 933, 
pen. ffT^amv iv^^a hoI axp(C£( rov 0iaf 
ovniXtiyfMvov, 1362, 10. 

fttVM. 422, 7. 

lfyo\a0tXv] aliqoid habere et facere sibi 
prorinoiam qoKstaosam. qaaestam ex 
aliqna re facere. 608, 12. 750, 21. If- 
y^KafiSff avrS, mercenariam operam ei 
locans. 784, 25. h^\^n*if iavrSr. ipse 
semet sibi fecit provinciam, vendidit 
operam saam spe locri. 885, 11. ifyo- 
\a$n lud xadt;^>i t^ rni iroXiw;. jara, 
vectigalia, bona, fundos reip. snom 
vertat ad qaaestam, eaqae vendat et 
prodat. 1323, 22. i^o\a0wa-i Mff u/xSv 
•iff i^roJo;^? (tn Envartung — in expeeta- 
tton) VfayfAaron, eSv iM^^va^ity airwQ i 
Xoyu-fjtSi. 1482, 25. 

ff/ov] ov x6yovf ipou0-f /xivw, &KKk xal tfyav 
Ztixvvfai B^ova-iv, 21, 17. ofir* ivl TWff if 
yoiq, ovv tTri TMff liioi( i^fumi har^0st9, 
qui bos negator hoc, ot sedoli possint 
exercitationi saoram cajasqae openfm 
vBcare, e. c. rasticae rei, negotiationis, 
febricarom omnis generis, neque at 
qaieti teneant qaisqne saa possideant- 
qae, at domicilia, fandos, pecanias, 
uxores, liberos, cognates. 22,25. iw 
avrSv rSv i^oof Hflwrraf, 25, ult. tpyoiv 
ifyvfitm 9VK hvtAvfMTf. 100, 27. rk ^ 
ifya rk irro rourtt» ovia/Aov i^ta rn; 9ri» 
Xiwff. 176, 1. T^ ifya hfJtSn heoaq a^m 
tSfV le^oyiitn ttrrcu axovSof^tv, fM rwq . 
awo Tou ^hfAMToq X^yovff. 189, 26. rkq 
CXa0-^/MUtff i^yoo fxirh JcaXrfc ^o^vff afro- 
Xw^«w&«t* 191, 10. rk ifya rSv itwif 
vfMV vifon hmifjLSiMa, non jaeto solum- 
modo verborum ranitate labores pro 
▼obis reapse non tolerates, sed ipsas 
eorum yerilates, vera itinera terra ma- 
riqae peracta, vera frigora, veros sestus, 
veros terrores, yeras vigilias, vera dis- 
crimina pro yestra salute tolerayi. 
281,7. l^yw, negotiam molestam. 716, 
21. fcenus e pecaniis credito datis, sea 
foenori elocatis, rediens. die Zinsen, das 
Interesse [the interest], 816, 16. lav nq 
avmbp TO T* afj(aiw, das Cktpital [the 
eapHal]t xal to ioyov rSv ituhxei, IrSv. dis 
Zinsen von 12. lahren her [the interest 
for 12 years], 819, 2. Ify». res arte et 
manibas confectie. 820, 2. ire* l^yao^n- 
floo h To7ff l^otff, argentifodinis, roTf sr 
Mttfemia,, 967, 17. toTc i^ya^o/xkntt h 
toXt lp>i*ff. 1039, 19. 1044, 9. el 17. 

I^fdi^f ty T^ff roh avoviaion Mfif hatoioi* 
1411,9. ^ 

ifimstv yel loi^iv] tegere domam teoto. 
Atta^^hnt i]^s>f«i riiV oixiav raXq hi M«jcs)o- 
vUq ^obwiffi ^uXetff. tignis Macedonicis> 
gratuito ipsi donatis. 426, 1. 

l^svtam TO ypafA/xarsTw, 788, pen. 

*£piX&i?)«* (pro *Eftx^tnat). 1397, 16. 

l^fAn] Tnv Spq/uoy [qaod pro ighfM b. I. est 
usurpatam] Mmxota [soil. Kitrta, aat 
iUnf], pronanciaise adrersas Midiam, 



9% titnlo oontamaoie, qi|ipp* qpi 4>o 
diota in Jodioio noo comptniisset, vadi- 
nonioin deseraisset. 54^, 4. Ifq/tMV «u- 
. ToD xariyvoe thv ^Uuraf, 903, 8. iviln- 
fMvrrof rovrou iuti ou» ^iramo-tfrroc Vfoc 

Toy }uitTllT»V, l^llfJlW KAT%h}^a't¥, 1013, 

31. ifXoy Ip^/MQV* ou ^<^ iiHirrek, 540, 22. 

^iyoi. 36, 3. 174, 10. i«ri flroXXn; v^v- 
;i^(»C jcoi f^iif((ac vfAMf, abi alii oodd. 
dant hptfjUof, 168, 15. rn; twv IvarrkOf 
a^iAkim iftifjdai aveoTntvtn, nch die Ah" 
wetenheit der ettoanigen Gegner zu Nutze 
machen [to profit by the absence of their 
respective adversarUs], 171, 23. 

iptf^wl desertos, derelictas, oarens domi- 
no, tatore, ?indiee, qoi aot rem desti- 
totam til^i arroget, ant oppressom ser- 
▼et et liberet. ve^ay/jta trrtfAov not fxkya 
nai XafXTTfiW — i^fxw inlXtro, 143, olL 
ra metfi' 9vHa-iV avrSif cig^tXa xaX 0ou\iv 
rfi^ia Ipup^ipet iv rtc Dot, h ra vaf hfjuv, 
145, 16. x^fay IfD/uoy rwv ly hXutlet, 361, 
22. l^/btoy voisXs Toy ^/uoy T«9y ^XorifAV- 
o-ofAUw. 488, 17. Toy vofioy IBnxav, ovotf 
fML^rvq tXn ToTg i^/i^etc. desertia ab ami- 
cis, testibas, patronis, advocatis. 953, 
6. I^fioy ?y Tot! digavii^ayTo; to voffUfxa, 
1364, 10. iftifAx rk tac ^reiTgiSoc vg^- 
yfAara xal ikji^von not veif^wf ir>A(ii, 
1399, 1^. SgDfboy iTyat To3y oUiioroTwy 
9^geTp6<^. 1 400, 16. ^jSou/butt, fjJiveor 
if^fji^i Twy un'2^ u^(««y s^ouyTO0y >^0-d'fi. 
1482, 2. S^fAoc interdom. pro Ip^/uD 
[soil. S^TA, vol ^uti)] Qsorpator. 542, 
4. ^uo }6uic ifyxwg fxvu JtaTt^tnT^aTo. 
1272, 8. 

i^fty] spoDsione contendere, tooru&er 
Oder wanun wetten \to lay a wager upon 
V or about any thing]. 136, 17. 

iftbot] qoi aot qasB opaa aliqood, e. c. la- 
nifioiom, manibns, aat corpore sno, pro 
mercede facit. TageldJmer [day'labou,r' 
$rs, mechanicksl* rir2rat irdKKai km If tdoi 
Hal rpjyhr^uu ys^Ao-a vwo rSnt tS; at^ 
Xi«( xaxfiy aa^al ytTHk^i' 1313, 6. 

IptC »Mii T«f«;^.ir«pi 9r2tf-ty"«»j»«r.0jf. 231, 9. 

'E^xitoc Ziu;. 1319, 27. 

I^JMC if^'nxh vinfiQofw, 423, 24. 

iffAa(oyyo/M(0-<tyTfc savro?; t^ %/(AiTlp<ty ^y^ 
f^ty. 986, 17. ^ 

*£(^rtnff] Herma, oippos. ayainrSoc ImyfofA^ 
/butToc ly ToTc 'Ef/juui Irvyxfivof, 491, 4. 
ar«p»'n9C*''' "^^^ *1P^ ''■** *Ef Z"*^' ^oy ^rpof 
T? IluXi^t. 1146, pen. otx^^toy vtf^et Toy 
4t&if«rT»y *Ep/iA?y. 13^8, 7. 

Ippwffclyo;. 24, 4. 

Ifp«^y«c] fortiter, acriter, bona fide, omoi 
nerTorom contention^. 13, 14. 

Ipw&p»ay] pudefieri. xfv irifov XlyoVTOC ifv- 
B^ae^u. 270, 1. 

'f*^/W ffvoin M Tnv i^u&g«y ^iXarray 
wpKT^iutc w^iriiy. 438, 19. 

I^i0^<] de rumore. vel oancio perlato. 

ISxdf y^ ifi^htf/L nam vtriusqve fei 
nuDores, vel nnnoii,hac perferebautiir. 
30, 3. iUuucv h Tqy Zn)y af>^ ixdtnr vof ' 
t)/(4«y nXf imx*tfwovf IfcuMT^y, Smv rcTc 
ivn&tTci¥, a robia profioiaoi ad eos, qui 
— . 1458, 9. bliUL i ayan Mn rou ««^a- 
fMu, instet, immineat, prope accedat. 
1396, 23. Cum praBpositiooibaa •) tie* 
lie MyMif Ixdoffdy ffotiTy. 13, 24. ale 
TovTO [soil. ofyUg] IX^Xudn i 9nfMQ. 159, 
20. fl; K^/o-ty. 161, 22. fic T^oi^ror 
arXfoyi^iac. 161, pen. il; TauT^y Ixdanr 
l/[4o(. 593, 20. lie vfAAf [alloqaitor ja« 
dices] IX^Xt/^iy. progressos est ad roB • 
813,9* et node Ifx>^<»< nsarpator, sine 
lie TO iauto^^w. our iywaXSiit ou^s^e Wd^ 
iroT* ^Xl^n, ouTi fASfA^fAwnq, 1272, 22. 
lie vS^ay aw^;^di(ay ro^rrv iXddvy. 896» 
4. lie lnriT^on^ iSp^ovTO. descendebant 
eo, at disceptationem oansie arbitrornm 
arbitratoi permitterent. 897,1. b)cum 
Ivl. rh fJkUrn tuti rk lyti>JifJtara. 1^* oKnv 
i^trett rrjif 9roX*y. 168, 2. iwi t^ *EX- • 
. Xa^a animis armisqne infestis. 187, 1. 
W fllXXo ^tXAMv fp;^o/(iuu. 214, 10. rah 
. Ivt rkg tv^aq ixBorrw, 341, 18. ofAu- 
vtff^rai Toue aiixMq iif ahrlt ixdoyTcte yt,fi» 
555, 24. qv [scil. avutA^rrUii] luUg 
9r^}oitay ixi/yove sXdirv 1^* airro^, 625« 
14. oh nar&finavfy h tx&iv iv Ifcl, o^. 
702, 1. jMid"' cirue Im/SouXne IXqXvdM-nr 
1^' %pae. nos adorti sont 985, 14. Ip- 
;tio-&*t IX Tne o-vfAfMfUq iicl T^y y«Sr. 
cQcitor is, qni, collegio allectos fongen* 
tlom trierarcbalibns maniis, ordine ? i- 
ciara ad se deveniente, ad fonotionem 
classioorom maniam aecedit. 1147, 27. 
iXl&iTy Imri rrv ywaXxa Koi rk freuZia, 
marito et patre absente irrnmpere ad 
nxorem et liberos ejns. 1164, 3. inx^' 
foc-en ^X^iy Ivl rrn olniav. 11 63, 16. o) 
cam fff^. s7 ti [id est, Kara, ri] tji fAvrfi 
avrStv v^oq op>^ nXdi. si qua in re offen- 
dit horoffl matrem, aut si qnid simoltatis 
cam matre intercessit. 1001^ 11. Wfoq 
ri ^avXharov iXdi7y[8cil.T^ Vfay/xara] 
lotf-ayToe* 1446, pen. d) itq, qood idem 
est atqae orpoe. rl vrob* otq vfMq to? v^A- 
y/Mtroq fX&oyroe lyvoort, 584, 10. o fAsy 
?Xdfy, V aitnKB&, 383, 8. 
ifOiq\ contentio, rixa com altero, soper 
\ amore commooL 1144, 26. b) Amor, 
V Copido, nomen. rotovToe it, ofoe h r}q t^ 
VAfiTiJe uloe''fif»T* yly«To. 1407,25,. 
g^M^Av] il i* afnartXq, i^uma-of tutrouq. 
%^, pen. iTta av fx i^arrfq, arrl ndaq 
ipS^ne a|(« Ti/Mo^&Ai. 325, 4. ToTy arrt^ 
^ou^y ivkiayiuq euvwflna^ai aXXnXote to 
l^w^o^fbiyoy. 1131, pen. nht yaf 0-* i^anSi, 
cit|ii Corinlbias ad Hermog. 9r.f1. i, p. 
|g«Tt»oe] 'R^ lp«nx«y currayfAarm rk 
vXtXara aSltnC^ /biaXXoy, « rifAVf, sri- 




ftiliu. 1401, 8. fjUtXta^* ea l^otruth >ji' 
^oic TOW \i)(pu, mfi tout' ia^h, pars dis- 
putmtioDU ea, qaam habeas maxime 
amatoriaiD, b. e. in pnedioatione amoria 
versaoteiD. 1401, 14* 

ic^nc] TQV Ufaf ia^ra itn^t^m. 519, 
27. obi etiam dooet, car earn yestem 
saoram appellet. 

iff^ian xari^yi, citat Hermogenes p. 
250, 17, at videtar e Demostbene. 

laiUfAfAiwc] data opera, prieineditata frau- 
de. votoua-n IfAaqiuxxw. 749, 7. 

y^fet f4,h yaf h, ^ )* iyyiXKeev. 284, 20. 
• k^mf I;^uy Tvyuv oi^juivo; ova oThv, il 
nroiavnt fJunX fAixfi tiai Tnc io'vlpct;. 

imSV] tlTrUna tuv <^Xny. 565, 10. t^ 
^ imiixta, 1356, 8. et 17. tin hnarw tnrif 
Tcvrov ta-rUkO'ai* 1017, 7. 

ia^iao'ti p. 414, 1. oommemorata est illad 
conTiviam, ad qaod Demostbenes lega- 
tes Philippi iavitaTit. 

ia^iArotg'\ qui in lodis popalo epalas de 
soo praebet. 463, Id. 996. 24. 


iffX*^rta] ?illa, prsBdium procal Urbe dis- 
sitam, secessas Plinio diotas. Iitomk' 
/Anv Kv&fi^ah itc T^y iaxf^nkf airou. 
1040, 13. ou^i^c Sfoc iTfo^iv Ivl rn 
y^J^nS, 1040, 17. 

t0-)(aroi] toDto yk^ nhi Tova-)(arov. 119, nit. 
»U rwa^urm i>^Xv ra 9F^&yfAara Ifv. 
346, pen. If «ff [soil, i^ow] iif TOwOT^a- 
Tor [soil. iUMcv, Tel xtv^ov] Sxd'w. 1261, 
1. IW' l<rx«T«y ynff. 1488, 9. 

tav"] Tid. ifo-w. 

m^tt] ''^ iiUtfJUt rSh Ixit/dipdvy >t;yaix«y ilc 
T^c tralpat ^f». 1384, 3. ireUfa [sab- 
aodi T(c iaj rSv futia^afvovo'Sv, 1354, 8. 
tWfAC et vaWaxtif discrimeo. 1386, 1 9. 
ivvo^wvra oureof, &f *at ivo ij(ttf sraipag, 
at f^ixSi ^donc, JuiXwf vwHjo'm, v^vnt- 
v6fjt^aa-» avroif, 1481,22. 

Irat^Xr] prostibolom agere, corpore qose- 
stom facere. rn Teari^a. yirai^nhtu, r^ 
9f fMrifo. vtvofff£io^ai, 612, 5. ou rS 
0-w/Ma ^Teupnx^oc ova iSto'tf ol v^fcoi it; r^ 
ii^k tlo-iivau 616, 14. rtva t«v nroXiToh' 
lTMpfi?y, fitf-^np 0^, fjLtfMo^dMfAeti, 1125,9. 
iMiIfno'iff] onpi Tou Tflf irMfihatooQ fifjtov, 
legis poenas in illos ci?es sancientts, 
qni sodalem et congerroneni se alicai 
pro meroede praebnissent, ejasqoe libi- 
dinum administrnin, et corpore qoae- 
stam feoisset tarpem et infamem. qae 
qnestio ad fororo thesmothetaram per- 
tinebat. 599, 24. 
IrMfW] faotio, sodalitiom, manas, globas 
sceleratororo, in peslem reip. aat fraa- 
dem honestoram, cohjaratornm. irai^ 
f4M{rv(»t¥ avnarwo'a, 560, 5* trMflaq 
cwffTH WX xaraXufl'it rov ^^/tMv. 1137, 
Ir^rfoc] in sensn malo, Satelles, minister 

soeleronii soperbia, immanitatis, oonsi- 
liorain pemioiosorain. To2rf wtf^ aurof 
ired^mif, teine RolU \hugang,^ 521, 11. 
ired^^xjq jumL <f>/Xou( e Midiana citat AH' 
slides de C. D. p. 244. 

*ETfoi3ovTa}<u. 573, 10. 

in^Xouc] I Tfp^Xoa ^iffifAara, sant naiii> 
mi perionlo navigationis ad aliquem lo« 
con, ad aliqood emporiom, commissi, 
non item reditos in illod eroporiam, 
obi nammi oredontor. o{ ^vuo-roi i Tp^orre 
auTOv M rh in^oflrXoA iania'am^, di» 
bloss aufdie Hinfahrt, nickt aber auch 
zugleich mit aufdie Herfahrt, Gfld vot' 
gestreckt hatten [who advanced money 
merely on the voyage out, and not on the 
voyage home}, 909, 25. 914, 4. S'ri^ 
9rXM0 rS a^yvfUe xf;^f«lyoc. qoi osas est 
pcoania credita tantom, donee in por* 
turn, qoo tendebat, perrenit, qoo facto 
statim eam reddidit, neqoe exspeota- 
▼it, donee in earn portom reverteretar, 
onde pecaniam motaatitiam samsariat. 

^ 916,2.1291,25. 

iTipoff] TftTw }fi trt^ [id est aXXo, direr- 
som a prioribos] ir^ rovroit i^^* ^taa- 
o-rfi^cv. 644, 17. i npec \6yo( ovroi. mea 
colpa in ea re uolla est. aat, alia lino 
est caosa, boo nil pertioens. 240, 25. 
iTigoc h, *al ftwYf *vr6f, 911, 7. iri^v 
o^ov Ixdovnc 115^, 12. b) secos, atqoo 
tu velis. rei trtMt [id est, vk hetfrU h/Mf, 
Koi ct hfAtXf OUK il9ovXof4|da] 4»^MT<ii o! 
^MAtf^o/. 1175,18. iri^av\iA est,lvayT<«y] 

26. c) aliqois, nesoio qui, quiconqoe 
tandem, infinite. Iiri iripa inrc^rtxti, op- 
posite pignore nescio qoo. 908, 21. 1^' 
I'Tipet avohifAo^ ifAVogta,, in negoliationo 
nescio qoa. 1236^ 23. 

in^^ha'KfMq, 744, 18. 

ItI^mc] secios, qtiam oportebat. rSy 9* a^ 
iri^oeq a-ofx^avrM, 298, 22. ft* il}«^c 9 tud 
fiTip«c vug, qoam dictionem tanti fecil 
Eostathios, ot eam daceret sibi imitan- 
dam esse ad Odyss. B. p. 1448, 2. bis 
Terbis : rh H XeytfjtirS^ot Zta ri vago^V" 
nrai, xal fjuh 9^ ivo ovMmBSv l^n rnv 
of f u»y Kork to awifA'xrofOi, tutt jxtya'hifJb' 
vof9q, Xva-M «v tnfof nq fif si^d^c, ^ fu^k 
Toy An/Aoo-dlvqy ^ [sib] luU nrotf M^c 

krifwn Bxivtiv, 1471, 15. 

ima-iat] ^uXAttm tovc Wnoiat, 48, 26. 

krotfAA^uv] ireXXM; XJ^^ Tpo^y tl^ty qtw- 
fjtacfxivoi, 690, 8. 

iTot/Moc] pone hoc adjectiTom omitti solet 
fil/ui. Ill, 20. tU » Hot roTc kyfci/A^Ti tov 
aXXoy ;^oy tru/jtoi ^.1479, 24. Itm- 
fi«y 8(c franrra rh juc5' u/tahr. 1481, 15. 

kreifjihns] proiMas et paratns ad inser- 
viendom animtts, stodiam, contentio, 
ofiiciositas. h ^ kv annvn iToiju^mt, oum 
^ iwaifAm ilfnTf, Zoji nal dtk imi^x*** 



Xiutiv. 120* 13. ^f^«€ Moi iroifAmc «r^f- 
ftim. 247, 14. fca(TupitV.1137,26. ^- 
f^nyofiTv, 1424, 20. I'm/u«c tuii ytmuMti 
rdS-n yK^OTOi^Tf. 1466, 25. iroi/Airara 
alrS [sdl. tm X^]. oitissimi et para- 
iitsimi videmor esse td jaotaodam dos, 
eaqoe promittendaiii» qim pnestare nil 
oaramos. 21 » 22. 

MuiStt ^poviTy ToTc ifohrnc ylnrtu, 16, 1. 

Twy. rebus adhae ateos seoandis. 469t 

> 14. iXX' «u tS /c«I>« fS ia^v, aXXA tS iv 

f»fy», Stobnus oitat, at dictom Demo- 

lObenis, p. 55. i2 vitf^iiy] lyw yofu^w 

tSt f*iy w 9aBirra }i7v /Mi/iiy90-&at t^ 

, mkrra X£^> ih Y iZ ioiha-eanrei tudir; 

. iiriXiXM^oi ovrfiy. 316, 7. v/e^cwy ttuwro^ 
•uTi rdv «Z> ^roiovrrti t^ ir^Xtv lavroy ^ 
«ro<a!V nytXrat, oon rov xojtwf , Maii«;c> 412, 
6* Tovro iflp* Ixf/yov /caIv, iv iroiovy, ov 0-uyl- 
fin, boo io illo qaidem non eTeoit, qua de 
re est, qaod nobis congratolemar ipsi, 
diisqae g^tias agamns. 66T, 18. iXkSL 
n4y* iS ^ftmXf avrSv ftt/Mttf^. 427, 18. 

•vA97'^^t0-&a(} rdv h(teb wfvnbnn not 

tUiyyikt(^fA»fot» signifioans cam contra- 

. talatione, sibi esse res laetas et jaoun- 

dai aodita, qaaram earn oertiorem pos- 


^myi^"] pins, sanolos, r^igionibas deorom 
. consentanens. ^XX' sua>«c 7 ri ivoicnT- 
nu. 122, 16. 

8vfi^/uo0^a TV rSy Tp^inwy xf AT^tf-tic 'r9c vfit 
auTOvc ^0^s^£a«. 1407, 4. 

fvCmX^] tSc iv/3ovX(»c» sapientiie et felici- 
tatis in capiendis consiliis, MfAfm/Jta. 
T^v laXafjiXvof nofAtihit. 1416, 7. 

sv}«Wic] jeXnpfliJir&« |y twc tvytfta-rekrotf «rn? 
2fp«0^C. 1313, 20. 

t^fypiifjLogf] svyjw^^i f*«y «V tuyyfl#f*oyitfT»Twy 
iv^?v, ^Ipiiy ^i Touc tyrac tv^ttySc. 
I486, 1. 

•ulftifMykty dovfUM^rqy lui vroXXov oa-^akittLV 

< f^xV' 1^> 21. if >«tfT^} fMT^tSvrti ttai 
TMc ai0^(9TOic 'x^ iu}aif(oy(ay. 324, 25. 

, Xl^To/ von liri rnc woXatSc fKC^nx fv- 
^tufun/iat 'AXsi^ti^c. 561, 4. Sf^ov Jut2 xa. 
vvra Tnc ti^eufMitUq 9^ lxii^ff(ay, citat 
Arisiides de dicttone civili p. 166, pen. 
nescio, an designet locum p. 324, 25. 

tvlmfMi^My] 1^' o(q ^c evx &y avrdy iv^t/uo- 

y^ii XA^ T^y AuTOv Tup^qy. 314, 2. iroXXa 

* [id est, nm,rk, Tel )(^ iroXXi^] tic kit ♦/- 

< XifiTVoy fi))cufMy(0'ac 'rnc tvX*'^* *<*^<^C 
'Tovrov fAAkict' hf iviMfMvlatUf kit&rrw, 
362, 12. totmf tS; vi^mcm^ iv3ctt^o- 
WW. 550, 20. 910, 16. 

rtmaX 0a^eif9tf,.lO6, 12. ti^tU/Mev tit n 
; Iw* vfir^ rn9 viiM, beatos, opalentos. 

affldens copiis rerom. 172, 7. tlhUftmti 
*rS )uuJ« \vytirfAS. 1399, 13. tlrorbav 
ft^iTi, l«nt^ay ^y<i iuW/uoiy v/buV ^ ma2 
J itXva. 1461, 7. 

iu)ftv1 sS^orra voUfMf ifftyti^tt, 422, 15. 

fv9iA^^X«c i^oi^ff^c '>^C TOMutiiC ^Xixiof. 

tvioKt/xiTt] tviailfAnciv nv)^«y fraf' i/fAtv h 
T? xamT^fM. 81, 24. aiuu^ Xiyemic 
lu^oxi/bMuyra'c b vfJiXv, 383, alt. tviom/xSnt 
eu «r«^ To7c "EXXh^y /(A^oy, iXXtl xtU flr«^ 
Totc Bafik^ vofMi, 530, 15. ToTff iwJ rSy 
X^>wy iviaufMuci, 1425, 5. ov^ivoc sv9ft- 
xuAS? v^^y/buiToc 4 iTfoat^ciq, Uy ^^ xccl 
rj tIXoc ffVfjL^ifn ual xaX^ Xa/Sii. 1457, 

i&^efiry. 94. 26. 500,14. 

ipi^U] ftiXXst owUaw lui «r{^ tv9e$£xy 
xoi^. 228, 3. tvJh^U, h {Srrtc hirhrearo, 
xa^TiTiXiimix^iy Airo^odi/q. 1389, 19. 
tv9o$(ay vrXi^o^my 'mvra to7c {«0'(y «y 
lylyxji. 1400, 15. li^ofwic war^mas xX»- 
f«yo/[*i7y. 1400, 21. iWoffay T«y wif J aww- 
TOi/. 1407, 19. tHo^iof fyixa Tnc irofi^ 
TMC SWott iv^^voit, 1468,2. 1476, 25. 
Tc^C tvto^lasj laudes-, Te^c ^nfc itat^^o; 
btfamvuv, 332, 6. 

suffT'M'/a ^/Moytft xoi &iU wnrr^atf-f. 18, 
10. tvifyiaiaf *ml 4*^C*^^^* decreto 
publico alicai titotnm Eaergetse attri- 
buere, jas dare illias titoli lionorem 
usDrpandi. 475, 10. l^ttnX^^tu tin^* 
atSv, esse in ejasmodi loco, toI condi- 
tione reram, at bene de patria mereri 
possis. 494, 10. oir^otc ia^r tvifytaietQ 
ntfo^ao'ti hria-<M iffoi vfjuii. 661 , 3. h* Sp 
^MOutTf , rkt fvtfyiWaCf oux If Sv I w^omo- 
n, vim\v^6r*t. metientes beneficiomm 
magnitadinem, non ex iis> quae vosmet- 
ipsi videriiis, sed iis, quae solammodo 
fama acoeperitis. 1479, 20* fjkty&ktiv 
tinfyta-iaf nara^ia^i irp^ Avroy. bey 
ihm elnUgen [to lay upon htm]. 193, 22. 
TAC {^MC iU^aiat v^roiuufA.vfmut¥ fM%^ 
^fty S/bcM^y im rS ovtiM^sty. 316, 10. 

%U^yimfjM fjtiytffTOf tit narrow, 1390, 12. 
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xptvw, TO fM v&Kai itkrc ivoXwXlvai. 
1449, 27. Tflc flra<* \%%vmt \yvst Sifiy] 
luvoMc lut^iTDju* %.i \y^sy% diJny. 12, 8. 
lutpj'iTvc] It va^' Ixf iVM T(c TM>c Ixtnrov f uip- 
9^Tac XAXwc Xcyet. 407, 26. i&«c \vr\ 
vapa irStfV ^^^WVMC ^1^ Tovc lui^T«c 
iMtX ^[XXouc Tty^c vd ^tavRf rSaf fMi ^Pia^'^' 
469, 1. Hone bonorem sortiti statnis 
in fbro dedioatis oohonesiabantar, et in 
Prjtaneo epalabantor, aliisqae decori- 
bas afiioiebantar. 446, pen. 
tltm^U] og»ync ri tm Mm irXSfloc *«J t^ 
tUm^Uf rii9 Mark rh Hyofdv, afflaentes 
rerom venaliam oopias et prettorom 
salabritatem. 144,11. 
ivq&iKt] fM^ tU 'rh tUiBtutf miiV r*u tort 
mlKifjtw Cxl^forrac iMr^j(n1ur^M. 124, 



6. hkr^hpttifaM^iii^kuuHmiiftXMi^ ditOdif, at toon a$ k$ wasbrmi^Umto 

«mr, t Demostbeoe eitstTJioiiHnM.h. the hmm], tvdvc ««f«XC^ ^ «^^^ 

▼. p. 38%. Ha^SKw fa/vM^f fm if f(i>4Xif i(tlktyxBiitrM, 1 178, 14. 

tm&titf ywbai, 251, 4. euic affro hnr rfk •vKa/f«ff «j^ ftwarm Vovra tfi^iKgtiftfcwr 

«l|t«fTfi^ tinldtUf ivtl>>,avti9, 717, 2. clvo toy ix tov ^Xoa^Xv wmhUf. 1414, 7. 

^0-^1. 773, 8. fvndiUc Tttimc 2/iwv ^i yfA&rtn avtMTa^fifiirtg^ 164» 90. Cifim- 

hfjMq St^^. 1454, 1. iroXXic l^v a^- poc >t«i fvxAra^foiniroc. 1110,ult. 

&6MIC iMo^k* 1482, 27. ictv ^1 ^tif*)f » «C tuiMTi^M^c] «oXX» v^rra iSmti^x*'' 

^i' li^fiiMty, ^ AynoMV, ciUt Porphyrias ad rvirtfet vfjiZif woihm, 1464, 15. 

HemogeDem p.ldS, 11. lukXiMV a>4pinr xe(T«XfXo<«ra^(. 1399, 14. * 

ivn&nc] toSto iretrrO^Se tvn^t oJq^c* 228, i&cetf'fMC. 422, pen. 

27. tv^dsc hofAOfrfiron, 1407, 22. lux-^ to?c «[XX«( lo'rt fxn^iv i(afjuifrtmtv. 

t^img vaftk'XfftfAa S^ufiy. 1237, 21. 1408, 2. tlMrh dwvM fiWi ^ov }fiifi^ 

tiAnnXv, vel f u&mtV] sudqyiry jut2 •u^o$t7y. «'&«( r£ irirron nv(Ut, 1410, 27. 

94, 25. ludnvo^VTonr [vd ivdfvourr«v] rSh 9v\i$ua'] tv\it0aUq raura «u /ummk ^Tlui. 

w^aiyfUrw, 321, 7. <rJb vJXiy ivSnm- 

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tudvimUv §yurra, ov Hamyfw rtZ ^A- 
xovTQc. deremionem ita peragere, ut 
reas de«tricte oeget crinieB, et a so 
amoUalnr, dooendo se ream ejos aon 
esae,oeqoaqoam vero oratianem in pro- 
bris ooDSoniere in accasatorem relor- 
quendts. 908, 7. 9foXA$itif H fjuo, &m 

425, 5. 517, 21. Aq ^«f mmI nuMfof- 
TMc tvkafiuai, susptoionam, metom, 
xcArroMOf. 625, 13. f^trk vHt ^iCi- 
o^itTnf tuXo^iUc 'Toy lUXov ^t^ Mtm* 
uitra, 1403, 1« 
tuKa.$€vhai 7w ^^. 327, 12. fuXadr- 

TwovTWf . 1258, 12. «uX«/?i70^ai, dvrl rou 
^X^TTftf^t, 4»c ^nfMv^itmq h vnCq 4(- 
XimroeoTc. Thomas M. h. ▼. p. 388. 

arc^Tifoc Xl>«y, 3^ to ar»^«}fa<^ sTmi, ivXa|9nc] /uSXXov t&X«C^c fdrtH yiyMtta*, 

iM2/iidivdv3iNi«i!0-iliMf.llO3,ll. Ergo 1450,18. 

reas in boo genere eaasaram pone aoca- it;Xo>^;] il\oyw^ nrpo^&vuq iTX^^irciv. 277, 

aatorom dioebat oaasam, et agnoscebat pen. itJXoya et AnhrtL at diversa oopa- 

forom eompetens, neqae defugiebat ja- lantor. 1106, 1. tSn tnnottyfAinfttff oiSiv 

dicii de se potestatem, neqae exce- ot^* luXo}^, o^* i^rXoSy, ou&* ^/caoXoj^/m- 

ptione olla atebatar. Sunt ergo tlbv- vov avro iavrS ^tnrat* 1114, 15. 

ima et vofcey^a^ inter se opposita. t^fM^q;] iu/u*&im(M ytnaw&t §tfit t^ 

adscribe verba 8cboliast» ad Hermog. XomtcI. 705, 11. 

p. 115. ly/ixiyl&uff fAA^rvfUt, 625, 22. 

ti&mat viiKtif, ffabemare eiTitatem. 418, Afjamt'\ rd rm btSn %ai nnf ii^c t^/Mivit 

24. sud^i ^uuK OTUlktif, 423, 3. cvfayomf^trat. 53, 6. 

f^l^iim] exactio, examinatio, item reddilio tifMvSat ix^rw vfASr i*^arSh Tvp^iTv. 

Tationis gestie proTiociae. ivbvftu rSn 1101,7. ^fAtvitf ^tannufhrait qua- 

fnwoUrtufUfm *^ULi. 17, 14. ^auiarhq lesconqoe sant. 1486, 2. 

«Ikay Ixdorrof tStf ilAxnm. 53, 23.. o^rpa* iv/MVii/uoVivTec. 1296, 10. 

<r«>4ac T^ sv^oc ^MnraZ^ 308, 23. £vfMX«rtt«] 3kjei{;i0-:&ai orfoc EvfioX«ftac* 

Twy i«i TftC flu0uy<i? ixdorrotfr. qni ra- 601, 27. ergo propriam illis erat tri- 

ttooes ab eo repetitam ibant. 341,, 18. banal, abi de relig^onibos cognosoeba- 

rki 'aO^o-iv luduyac nAmyo^Xt. in ali- tor. 

qaem agere in foroAtticoex titalo red- fSfoia] t^q vaf lx»mv tufnUt iuffj^ni/ua. 

dendse rationis. 366, 25. toSto y&p iin 12, 8. Ihmv uar' sxmUf ra Vf&yfjtara cv- 

9rpig-/S«a; dSuvtu, 367, 2, 9Wno ^tnaa^' a^n, 20, 22. woXu T^ap nrXifovc <^>9^j(««c 

ptoy ttdiXdoyrnc t^^ uff^ff fouvofv ivdiivac stc to tjiv va^a T£y diovv fi^voMir Sp^iiv op» 

^txiltf-ovTaff. 382, 3. tvBwetf iJyw w4>i{«. 
398, 17. Non solam lu^vvn in noniinat. 
sing, sed etiam iiiduv« reperitur. 717, 
19. IfAOQ tkq tv^^vKAC ^iiiinu irouSJn, 
1459, 5. 
ivdvc {)^nc. statun nt videritis, ab ipso 
protinos conspecta. 151, 16. rS «rpo0'- 
yp&4^ TO EYOT2. 639, 10. •v&vi km- 
j(Tovw( KoTUV, id est, ixjI^vQ fjorrk to cUn- 
MroviMu K^Tuv. 6629 la iuiSvf TOV •\^^' 
^fAAvot haysmffnofAimt, 81, 12. ita apad 
^enopboBt. Kpbes. p. 53. ad 6nem. 
sv5i>c kx^ims, glekh drauf, so bald er 
toar ins Hum gtbraeht wnrden [tf?im«- 

vfjuf mva-aq^ 24, 19. 156, 20. ^ai 9* 
luroM ^ovai, %ai tovto TOtivofut if;^ii rh 
"KhfAfAara rnvrct, 96, 10. Pren fxh xm* 
iumac ta ir^ayfMna. ovfixjrrat, 154, 7. 
/bci7{oy ou^fy h bfMt ylyotTO ^>«dov ft «raf* 
AQraVTOtfy iXovTwy kwfrivrev rv^fiv eivoMC* 
191, 25. O0>iy luyotay I;^o0v iyii iuvrfKS 
nir, «rjxi( aaX vacxv vfMV rwavrnf im&^ai 
ftu lic TovToy Toy aySifa» 225, pen. 227, 
nit. tSyotay tffw &f4^cr{^oiq Avc^Htat, 
226, 10. ar^yriiy iina-'HfttffBat xvimpdr, 
fiaXtfn'tt 91 Tic if»f vf*Sif tlvfiUq, 227, 9. 
h wttfA fravTA Toy j(JS^ f uvMay ly^i«y0f • 
228, 24. ymi 4y vfok ^a^dm yi^*«o, 



(&nm Wfk u^ f2«t£(rc Ix"^«* 678, 21. 

>w0'(y virility. 1427, 15« m6Xii, frof 

vtkunt, 1471, 26. %}i»c <br vmTv rnv W 
•vveU xa2 ^Xii^ fil/t*^v vono'Mfjtw, 1483» 

vfcSc tlnoitwrifotx tm6^j(%», 1299, 12. 
ftuyoika^c. 197, 4. 227, 22. 516, 12. 675, 8. 
924, 24. 967, 8. 1490, 19. fuyorjMrrljwc 
1228, 14. ^ 

422, pen. b) numen. Tnv t^ ^Uata 
AynwSff'av ihfofjuaf «rsp2 «rXi£0^rot; v^nco' 

^ irdSfii. 772, 23. 

luN^fciyoc] f vyoftff;f«l>ii «^X(;. 744, 2. 
ftWc] op9ii( &y TovTMc tuMuc }^oiTO, t^* flS^y 
if T( jutxoy vfMY0-&a( vgoff-^oKf . 1448, 
^ nit. 

tvo)iry] sine obstaciUo viam saam expedite 
peragere. f fin av iuo^,iter planum et 
liberom inyenit aqaa,^lpf TAt. 1274, 19. 
fwor ffa&oX, 313, 26. 

rloy. 654, 4. o; ohx ^'f^V ivo^xn v^outv 
fntnoTFai, 1204, 5. 
ivflfxoc] ftw^xa yfiimq Zuukffral. 310, 16. 
it!o;jtoy bior^ai 4n<|>oy. 522, 19. 626,27. 
ttJogjea T«v&' u^y lo^t. 525, 12. ri 
ivofxa f0-M-d* I if'i^ftt^/iAlyoi. 605, 20. fuof- 

846, 3. luofxoy auror; uaprwiiv. 1312, 

ay T^ va^trra Saakua^ vpoc ^ fed ^it, rwy 
aor^Tdry f u^'o^o^ v^; & ^7. 33, 27. t^ti 
q troXic yii tviro^i, yuy )* ilneo^oii, 492, 

▼«<(. 671, 13. gu«rog^a( SXkobtf xp*- 
fj^rm, cam aliunde nnmos estodissem. 
1019, 13. ovK ivvofwv agyvMou, 1249, 7. 
b) conferre, contribaere, largiri. timo- 
fHa-M avrS lina fMoSn. cam spopondisset 
10. minas ipsi datarnm. 894, 19. 

i\mf^a\ rni IxiTdfy hbaii rkt iimo^Uf 
iyoua-h 59, 3. Q^\»t fp^ity fMKKo9 a^iiv 
itrri roXt fjttr luoro^c vcvn^f, h to*c 
fUT hUU(. 1121, pen. tovc ^yep£c i£ 
fuirpptctc flroyq^;. 1122, 10. txmofiof nrh 
I y Tf wofovri Hftirru hyoufxttoi tow filX- 
Xoyro; ^/9ov. satins esse pecnnias se 
nunc accipere, tametsi verendnm sit, 
ne largitionis poenas postmodam sint 
datnri, quam at nnnc egeant metn va«- 
cantes. 1211, 21. ufavn h awo rou cif 
fAorof ifyaoia dvx IJMvqy i^oputy vafiT- 
Xiy. 1357, 7. 

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(^c yiyonv twre^aht^et. 369, 18. tow; 
ti/ffofovc hi xjfnvlixwi lauTouc trapip^ity r? 
iroxii* 1045, 23. ivV0f«i [soil. ^X^fui- 

Ta;|. Bonina, ?d debHa,esaeta, r«dMta 
facilia. gute Schtddm [jgood ddis], 
luir^C ^(Jitityro. abnndabaot peeania. 
900, 17. pro pft^/W?. tvvifMi Xua^tf. 
976, 96. f^^po»c i2irt7y Ip^ii. 1427, 21. 

«miy nal avaniAa'ai rei rouiSira h^n* 
23, 27. 155, 24. 

fvflrplvf m] WX if riic o^iwc ivir^fin/a ci^nH 
vofMvoui, 1402, 6. «'f(^ T^ fuirplfriMy 
ilydup^. 1404, 21. 

fuvpf^rdc T^y o^iy o2i0-«. 1016, 23. 

ttntfSo'oneot] \6yovQ ^^oa-tivouf »at f»£&oui 
pvtBtit, 277, 5. 

iS^Hfut] ov^fy Tour«y 10^ juuydy, ov^l q/cAln- 
(ov iSfMM. 484, 9. aroc io^ fifJtOf tifti/ua 
/lAly Mi }«poy di£y. 774, 18. r^ ly tmc 
aAfAMcn St^a-rhfjuvra ruq fSn iat^ Sv 
Affifjuwi uarawautrau inrentis scite et 
solerter exoogitatis. 808, 14. 

tv^toTtnf lHout vciXifMut. sibi exoogitare, 
et sna ▼elnti manu serere bella, sibi 
propria et a bellis reip. sejuncta. 26, 
8. tvfihott rk o-ab^a rSy imifw fTfayfAA- 
ron avrcf vSXtfAOf, 52, nit. oo'a nXni- 
a-afxir ma n^a^w itvif hfxStv, xaSr* h/xSn 
tufnrtU, effecit^ at ea oimtra nos para- 
rentnr et adversa nobis evenirenl. 54, 
19. ov)* fy fUffoytia, a^h ma fupuxf. 
aliqaa machina solerter constrocta tj- 
rannidem sibi comparavit. 69, 1. il^ 
oTua X^}/ey. comminisoi, meditaado ex- 
tiindere. 181,27. 292, 9. 494, 26. aM 
TO frfiyfjM iu^Tit, h. e. dooebit, mon- 
strabit observatori qnaerenti, quid agen- 
dum sit. es wird sich von sHbUenJinden, 
toeisen, lehren, die Sache wird einen 
schon von selbst drauffuhren [it will ap' 
pear ofittelf, the thing iUelf' will guide 
you]. 184, 18. Td iffiyfxa aM nrovq 
almvq fiu^i). prodat. 376, 26. wa. kt ou^i 
uartiMifAMWQ &it Tie outoTc fuff, commen- 
tns sit, acri meditatione extnderit, TO0-- 

OyTA Vt9tf^k»ai KMC&, 188, 12. ZfAVf 

Tov^' lupoyro. hoc tamen conseouti snnt 
ingenii snbtilitate. 363, 1. ^iiuuw Jn 
elMiv ifut [id est irforrAmni] xal avfjt' 
^ifoy. 596, 22. 642, 2. ueu roTt ovtrty, 
^irms S^ia yvrhfftrai, tuuuvfyott, tv^iamt, 
reperit macliinam, docet rationem a se 
callide excogitatam, Koi toTc fclxXeuo-iy 
tfftarbai, 733, 21. voXXtlt rtivi knXytXf 
tvfnertn Koi tov; uCp/^oyrac vukc, efficie- 
tis, at exsistant. 745, 7. tvpn oSv touto 
aroiflSy, art «v/iiJti, tovc tifxovf vofjtu uAra" 
XDtf'at. consecatos hoc est fraode a se 
astute excogitata. 748, 23. ivflaitMa-'bM 
Mhuay. 457,8, 461,18. 661,23. S 
fAti^^e fAh ttwnq ^9%t irfiTDnalvAi, ly }t 
raXq ^^ic fiupi0^0tTai. 771, 25. fu{/- 
oTua-^at, impetrare, i^to'w tSv ^rhm, 
1293, 6. fdM tvfOfjtiiK)! vofk rou M/emv. 
qui Don impttrarit. 1381, 2. 



IffuCfhuc] pro qaof It proditor«, iBi|iiirOy 
•ftcriiego et ooBfl^leralo homine. Evpv- 

fvfyXo^oc] •u^vx^fouc iMw" ayuteti^ 531 » 4. 

4t8, 14. 
•iJe«rT<v. 1397, 15. 

tv^«0^«C tiflrl/Minwv Toy 9^imr» iMmtf, 
^ 1397, 9. 

T?C VplTf^C fiVOtCsUc. 226, 3. IVf^MV 

Tiiv «r^ diouc {(o^XilTTfiy. 227, 21. 
«, Tt ftlxxu cvmiatif 9f9t tva-i$uav iuA* 
ff*rm, 228, 3. Too^roy t«c ivoi^imk iv 
IxirTif v/buSy ?)oi tic ay vd ovytuxotftfAi" 
y^v. tantam roodestiam podoremqoa re- 
ligioDis. 533, 17. 
•U0tj3^c] wtLfoCalvM Ti Twy Iv ay&^flStVMC cu- 
ri^wv. eoran, que ab bominibos io re- 
boa Sanctis, religiose cavendis, sedulo 
Titandis, ne revereotia deorom laeda- 
tor, eoromqae ciealor animadversio, 
babeatar. 280, 10. 

0-dM. nemo Testram salra religione 
hano absoWere potest 407,8. S«r«c rei 
fffk Bioiit tvat$&t {£«• 1460, 9. 
tv^X^fMpy] tvc^fAOHtf iud vokkovf ly» X»- 
yw(, praeolare copioseqae de iis cLispa- 
tari potest 1391, 16. 

foyroc ofM-doi rek dfiya. 1400, 10. 
ivTAitTPv jui2 xjfhaifMit ifAovrn va^ia^^n, 

1226, 3. et 10. 
tvrattratt] •vranrhtfM rourm {«y «y ^- 
^ nlttf, 1125, 1. 

iUTf e«^;] 1(^0^ tvr^ifnXs IfAaq, 45, 2. 
f vTpf 9rt{f ly] vctyd* oy iCovXiro ivrfivtiaroQ tpo- 
«roy. 12, nit. luT^i^ritfUTAt ^oyoy roue fy- 
^ &4Ji. 683, 24. 
svTbxiTy] Tovc ii'TVXM'*^'^ ^ ^ ^*p2 '■'^ 

^n^bat, 196,22. oT; ivrvx^jtM-ay (Tbe- 
baoi) ly AiuxTfotc* secunda fortona, qoa 
nsi faerant in ilia pagna, «v fAtr^g 
iuixfwno, 231, 4. vd x/av tvruxfif xniu- 
nvti hivn iwax^^t ifoitXr. 580, 16. ivoCv' 
iyt^f (hrow toTc iv^fohron, fw lurv- 
XiiV, luU ToD icaXJtfc ^vXiuio^At, ouv &/bM 
4 jm^-tc va^yinrai, 658, 3. fvrvxitV 
Tp ov0-£». 1039, 1 6. »AyT« TfllxXa lurvx? 
Toy sroXty nfivm, iv ov^vwvon f iruxn^'ai 
TovTo yo/A/{if — . 1460, 23. wf to hXv, on 

ranf fawto-bat, 1477, 15. 
ivTvx«/«a] VAC T&y «iXX«y ovfA^fkg tvrv- 

X^fMra fiovrou ye^ti^wy. 1122, pen. 
fwrox^c] tvru)(irr&riif vaa-Sv flroXi«y t^ 

^iKtrr&mv. 1486, olt. 
tlntv^iAi qoandam sibi pecnliarem arrogat 
Demostbeoes, 59, nit TXmt' «y rtc oux 
«TT«y T^ ^/torlfay ivtv^^''* ^ '^ hfidwt. 

156, 13. t»* tvTvx^, h 99iimU^ lyit 

T?; h avdg«iroic hnr^Wrec xiu rs^Uf ifi 
ttfrwo'a'i. 59, olt. 
•vfq/bury If 3y luU &«r«rr<K «vmv v^a vi- 
}«&a iJ^i^^M. 800, 13. 

fu^4ju«c ar^yra Xiyity )ii. 1435, 26. 

^(«tyfl, TAUT* f«4 IdiXttv AVAxyiSXM; 
1409, 18. 

iv^po0^. 422, 5. 

•v^uwc] fu^tvltf^rf^ rSh iXKm tx*"' 1414,1. 

ii^Mwyec. 320, 17. 

ivx«fM*n?y] gratus esse. 257, 2. 

•yX<^M^j gratos et memor aniaoi. 256, 

•VX'C^] ^«' /fcuofoy KA^ Xiisy tuxifv* W-T, 

tuxHok o><^ f l|fiy. 34, 7. S \iym fvx*(«*C 
arSy o,ri «y /JouXn^c. 248, 10. veanr* 
ctfAM hXit ivxcpSc Xi}«y. 315, 3. sine 
Oonctatione. vai ^tc inux*^ lovrdv 
0-w{it. 1396, 24. tvxipwc <Uouiiy. 1450, 

in<* fi^M-^<u }^ ^<«y, viy&', Sic-a j3o(^ 
Xf to/ t(c* •(? TttuTo aQ^arra h oXiym. 
33, 16. wc dfoT; i(Sxo/u«t vao'i jtol iri- 
0-aK. 225> 2. laruS^y fvlnTai i aii^vf. 
vota conceplis verbis fecerit. 706, 9. 
ifravrag tmaci Vcirra r&yaQei iux^^M, 
800, 13. JutT^ r«y yuMrof wy &irM>(y iv- 
^afjiMot. Totis faotis, tos, yiotoria poti- 
tos, manobiamm et spoliomm partem 
omnibus esse dedicatnros. 1467, 9. 
sTta Si ♦/Xiflnroc f i^mt' «y toTc Buli(, 
rtuira IfjuSn Ttyic hl&ah areioiid'ty, oitat 
Hermog. p. 179. 

•M] rlwq ay fvx^C uwoXa^/SclyiTi toT; 
^loTc iCxw"^** '"" ♦tXiwraroy, tr ivmntw, 
% rtlut &n0eitovt. 381, 10. tv/nd eu y^/Mov, 
itav^&rroir oy 2f>«y. rem agat, oplabi- 
lem illam qnidem, et dignam, qoa^ votis 
et precibus a diis flagitetnr, ?ernm- 
tamen ea natora, nt legis formula con- 
cludi neqoeat. 722, 19. &a^nf tvx^f 
imrt\9va-a, simulaornm aliquod, ret 
donarinm Totivnm, TOto facto diis con- 
dictum. 1405, 20. 

iv^vvMi] ou^ly lar<}()^ai ar^ ay^^y, wU 
orpoc fv^^x^y* 1408, 16. ergo diiFemnt 
ista inter se, sed qui? yidetar it^^U 
esse constantia, fortitndo, nobilis et so- 
bria mens, sni semper oonscia memor- 
que in gesto rerom, ut neqoe a spe, 
neque a terroribos se dimoveri a pro- 
posito patiatur. iu^I^m autem impetus 
animi, promti, excitati, gestientis, com 
ardore et alacritate, lietitiaqoe et spe 
certa boni eventos ad rem gerendam 

tvwos] if 9W roXs lutrk tov 0iw a^&mmri- 
fmt »ai tvmtrifUQ. 255, 11. ivmw aXm 



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yoTf^ yivnrat, it; IXXo rt jmtawXiu- 
. o-Mo-iv J/i«ivopi'. 1285, 13. 

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VflillV TO aXX^Xov; wu «ro(f?v. 488» 13. 
1 4><t^XXoy ^Xrr4/uMV. 1396» 2. 

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f^Toc] l^iXTo^ TiT-M o! l>7iiot r&M. ^ 
singalift miiis hmbso qaoque dabtntHr 
in laBDBSjDboH seni, de bonis immobi- 
libas, prediis et domibas. 914, 10. 

f^^c oltrmoX tut^t^6fjktff» in oontineoti^ 
proxime a latere assidens ; immediate, 
at vidgoararpant.553, 13. tqv'EXX^^ 
iraa-av l^«c ouroMri 4>/Xiflr9roc ofTe&im 
XuwtX^ 103, 15* nbi otfnuci non com 
A^i^m, ted oom l^i^?; coliaret. om- 
•ti?io, jn-orAis. dureh die Bank weg [with- 
out exception], ita ot dioo, ad literam, 
eoDotam GraBoiam, nemine excepto. 
vetfra^ rove fqropoc 1^^% i^S«?. 576» 

iavrh «ro(ou^o;. «r iste^ die Appetlati' 
onen von euch an mch [he tran^pers the 
appeal fTom you to himself}. 78, alt. 

I^CtfYc] •UK ia i^iiitart thf tiQ vfiaq ifto-iv. 

I^TDc] ii^at H haywwo'KStv, 632, S. ol 
l^iTAt, aant iid«m atqoe, ot myr^xcvra 
itat fie. 1069, 6. 

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Sj^xov ava>«vw9K«y. 438, 18. 

i^)!>^?0-d<u] pneire, pneotindo viun moR- 
strare, deduoere magistratom aliquo, 
ad latebras faris, vel sicarii, in rem 
pnesentem, ad looa el corpora deitcli. 
«0'^e0"»poc *7; ToTe if^ouaiv h^myov, 

hfhHff&ai] ovK imrnhto^ o kai^oc i^^to'^ai. 
196, 21. &n0eiioit l^q^'^nvat otiovv ira- 
dovcrt. 231 , 2. rot;? nfv vif lo^^rae 2^*1- 
^fA,ivovc w-rifov «j(nTi oT; «» vaer^nrt* 
1428, 8. 

S^lvM, ff&0>&iu] l^(ivra< f«iv, iav rte If. 
193, 12. l^nxn h/juig lie ro ^naa-rfi^ov. 
remisit nos ad tribanal. 913, 23. h^is- 
o-^tti rSn aXXoTgtofv. 937, pen. I<}>t30'tv 
•le ^'ftSe a»2 Tae *^^w fux^ae ^txae. &b 
arbilri sententia ad vestram provocant. 
1017, 27. i.^wiron i^lier^u 1487, 25. 

^wtiiic-haC] Sv mtV av ife a^t«e i^Miv^m 
a^MTo w X^«». 178, 5. 361, 25. 1423, 
5. h^wnM^ai Tou rptnpappi^etV. perreaire 
«d eaoi Ibrtanaram amplitndinem, ut 
trierarcbnm agere possis. 465, 23. 1^- 
nkv^^u ivf^0^£v. eo loco rerom esHe, at 
btM posats de pateH motetu 494» 3* 

i^fCwtat mknw, ad oaiieapemaiiafi<^ 
ant perragata est, h tvvtou JUUMe^yfAO- 
cifl^. 800, 16. 

l^ffToyity, l^4a^aw((, i^urrM^a»] coram 
esie, aditara, pnasto ease. ^fo^iWron* 
It< tSn vfta-fiiorSf. 346, S. b) rebos 
preeise, ot prsesant magistratm, et im- 
peratores. ot l^id^nm^e- 26, 12. et 14* 
i^U^ar^tti iiei tHi vnUrtta^, 436, pern 
itAfofAuq, &e ^taXiXuffr^vdeit role ivta^af 
<rae* 1439, 25. TMi^ea^ntUrM o^fttm" 
yw. 1466, 3. troXXoiue vS nef^q iwtfl^of- 
va,Q IXXdve XT^^^y 3(iXu^ydq. 1466, 6. 
aaper aliqne aliipiem coHoeare, cea 
prw&idem, ¥«1 Tigilem. ituva iytr^ %aX 
^vXov -tv^e «y I<v2 v^fMta i«ntfnViif 
^Xi^TTfiv. 807, 3. ^7y fuXaxae l^t^ri^ 
wa iv\ rwq rawtnk 'ff^rrarraf. 807, 6. 
figere palos in fronte agroroin, vel pre" 
diorom, ad indicandom, eos eppignera- 
tos esae. ^wq ivie^aui hwi r^y thUaf, 
1029/27. c) instare, argere, premere. 
i^fttf^^t avrS KaXXi0"rp((Toe. 1187,6. 
d) snper aliquid ali<|uem,praeseithn re- 
pente, dncere, admoTere, imnittere. at 
eopiai, qoibos eom opprimat Imrnia'at 
TA arpci}^jbMT«.444,idt. iffi^tfvmt /iaI- 
ytQoQ hnJkfAM^. sabito aaperreniet. 66, 
24. fMXMfhfM/rtb, 115, 7. et 17. 124, S. 
254, 27. a-w^vrUi iml raf tv^^e* 
264, 7. e) inrt^Tnyctt. accedere ad rem p. 
gerendam. 245, 11. 305, 9. f>«n^"i* 
attendere. ^ ^raZr lyphyofvt, Iffo^rweiy. 
70, 16. g) imminere, impendere. t^ 
i^tTrnxora t7 oroXtt xtylvyov. 287, 5. 

ifo^tov] %' etm^v l^Mt» 34, 10. decern 
legatis in comroeatnm addebant Athe- 
nienses X. millia dracbmamm, tmirer- 
siK, qaam aamoMm, et enormem, eft 
iiianditse liberalkatis, prsedicat Demo- 
sthenes. 390, 23. oiy o^oy fMUfekJ Bail- 
ff-at, ou^ Ifo^t* ^wtxltfieiiy. 441, 2. vfJbh 
i* ovH jbuoe ^ipae i0^ty h^iiet h rS 
Koiyw. 690, 8. l4>o^tov iwa-a hiiit l^a- 
X/A^ 787, 18. i^w^toy X«€«nf to — ad- 
miaicalo, pnetexta asiis.-917, 14. avo- 
iovQ TOV /M&^^, xai i^tct v^Tt&i^e. 
1^12, 19. iwfJtiS'aro ova f7vw autw 4<|>o- 
ha rS yhfo, Uava, 1204, 23. 

I^oy] iriyr*^ l^Sn ndi ^toi»«v,ll ^ 9r^r- 
Tt^&at. 38, 12. Ifo^ay «r^rr» ra T«y 
-«ySffliwdW. 77^, pen. 

I^pta] soil. a>^p«> oonventns finttimomm 
in limite cojusq«e auo, ad merces per- 
mntandam. i4>o^e &vtT)(rifdhw, 631, 
uit. 632, 23. et 26. 

E^/ustv To7e lauTov }tat|o«e «r^Xty fjay&>m, 
insidiari snis eportonitatibus rei bene 
gerends, ad instar piratarom, qoi coram 
portabus ad ancoram stantes, in sino 
qoodam maris obsooriore, naves speoo- 
laatnr et prtestolantnr e portaboa egre*> 
dientea, merctbas onastas; qoaaere- 
'Otas iiiftacttti.derepente eoaseoCaatar el 



. oppressw expilaiiU 50, 18. fitf&tun 

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l^cuy koTixf^f' 13, 12. v«c 2x^*^* [Robaudi 
mtSj »oC, Tel JMT^ tJ» »our, vel tSc >v«fMK] 
^iX/inrw. qoo sint animo erga Philip- 
pom. 22, alt. Ip^orrwv, m( i^wnv, hfMV 
[id est «rp^ n/uSc] OnCaJMr. ita tnimatis. 
^, anlep. rk vfit i/u«( Iv 9I90U [id- est 
fvyoTxwc] l^yi'v, vel fuvoi7y n/uTy. 284, 11. 
'TO ^f 0^ Mk«c Ip^K. res sio se non ba- 
bet. soistes nieht reeht, das ist die rechte 
. Weite nicht. das tolUe so nicht seyn [it 
is not right to, that it not the right way, 
that should not be to], 137, 6. «c imt 
hmvwfnvt ^finmq f7;^i t^ 9fJiyfM.ra, 
kfa/jma-M v/Au(* 230, 25. ir«f«^ vArn 
oii^fotfirwc ifiuXoytlirtu Zliuuw sTnu, snari' 
^cvf T« lairrSv 2x<iV. 81, 4w im yk( 
iXU9 nai riXKir^ta, xoi cvx &«aVTtc e2 
. iXoi'Tfc (X^*^* '''^ iavrSif, 83, 14. Miisv] 
^XX* ovi* aliitty rotavtnt {h/m^c Ivmvc 2;(ftv 
xaXov. 998, 8. ^euXq^-ty] rha out V9fiW 
vfMt, ti rifa ^ouXn^-iv ip^ftv }oxf7.794, 17. 
h&mav 2x»y. 1472, 25. Mtw Ix«<;* est 
penes te jus etfaooltas jus tuam id foro 
petendi et perseqoendi. 890, 3. iuurn- 
tSSv i^6rr«0f raf ^ixoQ, lites sob cara, fi- 
de, admioistratione sua babentibas, eas 
▼ersanlibns et tractantibas. 1153, 4. 
hk rdv xatpoy, o; h rinet, l^m Ifyuaiat, 
608, 8. fX^^AV /9fiCaittv 2x»Vt Hi 7. y^^ctov 
l^itv. 794, 16. tf T«c t'ftSy «lxx«»c ir«c 
lx» T^ o^y^ Iff*} Mii^W, ^ «( ^iw ovrdr 
Ti^avat, euH o^&«c I^U. 537, 5. Kf^iit;- 
pa/«i raii twv ix^cw* fvv rdf viiha, e no- 
nero priooipom remp. Coroyream nooo 
in potestate habeutiam. 763^ 9* ov» l^oo 
TouTOu VfirrtfOf v^^^rtifyfAa, scil, arfO0-- 
TiTTinr. 1485^9. i^cmv i^w tuvhv 
M^tvoc* ov» 0?^, 1! rotavrn /aimS fAt^ 
not Tnc io-ifi^me, 311, 12. XC^ «roXX£y 
TctXavTwv 2t* Ix«v* nomina sibi debita, a 
se exigenda. Aetivtchulden, ausstehen' 
. do [outttanding debts], 957, 5. x^/buvr* 
2xvv> sabaqdi ^^rairtrv. tufodem haben 
[ta have to demand], almoifAMM vtiKkS 

mehr zu fodem [they would have much 
more to demand], Sf iMvxM/jttv X'SM^" 
Twv, alt wu wir vorgeschotsen hdtten 
[than what we had advanced], 970, 4. 
slttplieiter pro paste, rourtuQ i/jtnf hXv 
i)(tt9 Koi ikfJM^v, 1473, 3. b) pro di- 
ves, locoples esse, sobaadito xf^fcaiift. 
rtvrtvi inpMMy Iv raXs loyfirrai^ air^^teuf 
crrac, ^vriy. tx"^*^ '^^ 9tKoorovvra, 1123, 
25. c) secom habere, sabaodi fA^' 
iavrw, ra vaiiU 2x«v odt/pinrat. 674, 23. 
573, 14. 608, 14. d) in potestate ha- 

bere. m ^X*^ ''^P^^^* ^^» ^* ^^Biff 
)* ifwt^/ufp«v, Ktu l^wv [sabaudi rk ro6' 
ow], et^i>of n4«f«i)iF.-540, 23. e) ca- 
pere, manoipare, manu it^eota sibi vin- 

. difiarci in Bmehlag naihmtn [to Ukefo s- 
eetmon of, lay handt on], 886, 7. f) in 
oorpore gerere, ut vestein, anhaben [ to 
haveont wear], r^lfimag h(9ue-i, 126 7» 
22. g) soire, nosse. oif t/Tt ^/^ wm ^ 
l^fTi. ne coDsilinm qaidem in prom la 
babebilis, sed inoerti eriiis, qoid age n- 
dnm TObis sit. 425, 10. k) in se te- 
nere, importare, prodere, indioare, in- 
simnlare. rS rnv namyoflav iiutlifAMm 
iX'^*' ^^» i^' cr«^«f efficere, af«> 
ierre, v»l etiam valera. taut* Ammav, 
rmr o^yw l^i*. 142, pen* k) iahibere 
sese, insistere. I^f «vt«v. desine* 1109» 
6. In Medio. ifkny^t <U2 tiSc irXa^'S^ 
2xtT«i. er halt tieh an den SMig [he 
attendt to- the bhw]. h% e. consectatnr 
plagam, scquitnr vestigia ictoa» illao 
ideatldea obmovet sontum et prtttea* 
dit, obi jam ictna fait, non qno plaga 
inferenda impetam minator, non pr»- 
cavet Tolnus, sed facto jam saccurrere 
festinat*. 51, 26. rourofvyk^ slxof^^tf, iia 
enira mordiens inhaesis8em,eaqae aori- 
ter exagitassem. 251, ult* 

Ixd^tv Ct$«Uav Ixbv. 11, 6. f^hrt nfi( I- 
Xdp«y /uq^iya «reiftV>dett X^>w, fsirn crfy 
X<(fty. 90, 2. fAn rrnf Vfot laiivey ix^f^ 
w^i^o-u vrif fr^pAtfitiuiic iroiM^t, 192, 
6. rh arpoc vfAuf tx^i*^* iframt ^ofiujv- 
rat. 218, 7. riit trpoc vftSc 'x^p^C vwuf- 
Xou0^ war^mnt, 530, 7. ei fAtrk x^^P*^? 

Avoiwfai, 1185, 27. Tnc 23^ac lydpft; 

1465, 23. oaosa odii et simoltatis. )U 
•r«PTW Twf tx^' ivtrtBtrai (mu 1301, 

irp^v &v Touc It «M tji v^Xu xoXi«ii>n. 
104, 26. 124, 20. imtOn r sU Mam^o- 
nar %\dt, noi rh ix^^ *7)b tov Iavtou 
not rSv *EXXWy. 439, 19. role Ix^e^ 
wotwrragjif ^X'^P^ A^Cf adXa^ity airi)«H 
xfy y^/M«(. 638, 5. iart fify T«y iuutarn' 
^M uai rov BhfMtTO^ fX^pevc f7vM ^a- 
cucrraf i\\h\oi(, l^la H ravrk v^&rror- 
Toc ^ fASti^orra^ r&v XnfAfA&ran, 1335> 
3. oyn yap ixfifOTipowc, outi Hwyiuuori' 
(Wt fAaMiW TOuTwv ix^^C ttj^9ir§ cHy. 
1448, 27. oSff Ka¥ ixh^tt »^ /wirpwc ifa 
xal \ayio-fM0 ^X*"** 1^^^^* 1479, pen. 
*X?^^ dsoTc gravissimam et tarpissimnm 
erat probruro. 241, 12. 245, 16. iiii 
Tvv KVTou /S^f Xi^eiy ju(2 ^mTc ^x^((^ a«- 
^^^^cMsp^iMy* 611, 15. fx^p«ff ^n^ Sknc 
ur^fttmif ^oa-wf, 1121, 12. a-v fAtf 
vvsf rSv iX^f £y, lyi >» wirif tSc wai^fiJoc 
civarra vt^tDdrtvfAai, citat Sohol. Her- 
mog. p. 45. 
IXiMBc] Tidalas, bolga, in qnam oonjieie- 
bantar cfaartse, qnarom osas asset in 
foro, cum essent in jodiciis proferendis 
atqne recitandw. der Doeumentenbentel, 



die Actencaptti [a doewment4H»g, dmi» 
hogi], Ix,^ ^^ 9t§yifjuLa-/Ahm, 999» 16. 

i;^7yor. 1104, 6. t^ fJiM^rufiaf, h JfAW 
•hat, xai h' hh fMii wXtXarot i\iyj(9f, 
rauTW oix *^ Ivovoviv h rS lyjifv* 1119, 
8* fif9 lx>wt MMumthM, 1119, 4. ti Ip^f- 
VM «rpm^w Itf^/uay^iwav. 1143, 25. r^ 

1180, 24. 1265, 14. 
I;((c] •i^hn 9iivc&* vfxSn la-nq Ip^i; I^Mtfy, 

•i;Tf ^XajT^ev, /mi)! }<beM. 798, nit. «r<- 

Kf^ i(a2 Ivtv [ripene siniileiii] rqv ^uo-fv 

Mfmvwkk^ Jhr%, 799,4. 
iifXMif M-U] So^rt; %n>Mi^aurUf *ntk tiiq l«v- 

Toi; vmfias funrnaitiiaatK. 242, 13. 
ImXoc] f «X« iud 4'UXJfii ri rwrm ihttn/juvra 

i»( vfAeif i^umirat. 551, 13. 
I«( imVi/Amn lyw. toto illo tempore, quo 

ab orbe aberam. 968, 4. 

Xf !««(; ^tuyovc i» ZiNMtfMc. 565, 27. {fv- 
}wf i^ifrm'. 1409, 23. 

Etvc<f>(^i^oc.l054, 10. Aide •pmA>v. 1319, 
27. /Ah To» aU Tint amxta. 937, 21. Toy 
Atf^AmOVy. 1466, 27. 1487, 1. Att t« 
NifUof. 552, 5. Atoc TflC ipiou, 86, 18. 
A(t ufir^TW. 531, 7. Knf0-/w. 531, pen. 
itfjtSfi Kol iwiitiq, 3 Ziv Hal '^tel. 321, 1. 
MVfUMuoff a-r^attcimt, S ZiD. 375, 25. 

{[SXoc, I? TtcfitXo^l 11.121,8. rSa^n^tw 
lAkm {iiX«v l;^f I rdy aurdv e ff^i^ye; , Sirot; 
ia ivaffn^n. 267, 14. (4Xou xal x/^f^ 
MO* liraiW ^h* h v6U( fMrrh* 300, 23. 
th tHi irSXMe {tiXm h^itUaa-i. 616, 20. 
757, 1. & xai (HXw tuil rifxh ma ipiftt 
rn frSXti fnbirra. 641, 8. '{SXay voXvy 
iT;^! fffim^, 756, 19. Iy «i^« x«< Iwr- 
xXtiok iteiq i v^rvu {qXoc Tfiy 'EXX^vvy 
yl>(M. 1396, 19. Iy lAiyaK^ nuS xal 
jroXXf ihXot. 1399, 21. o^ ykf W 'ilmU 
y* ifAti frofiX'Aftn iXwlhn xai {^Xw »at 
rtfM9, 317,9. 

(vXovf ^pfToy. 500, 2. rck liri taTc fvf^- 
aUtt ^ctftAt* 504, 8. (nXovy roue »Xi/- 
0-T0t;c ^Xovc Xft2 0t0cuor&r9VQ l;coyra;. 
1402, 19. T^ rturm ayaBh {uXovyrfc. 
1461, 9. ToSr* l{4x«jti soi ^rfotfrnrM. 

idiimfM. 424, 17. 

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362, 17. imyf&/A/Aar» iHq w6Kmc in- 
Xin &t KoKk Hoi (nXirr^ jmtA v«rr0( Tov 
Xt^' ^1^» P^D* 

in/Aia] h rSf¥ Tr^tiy/A&r^ alaxjin ou^f/AiSc 
iiJtrron {iifci«c toTc yt Cdifgowy. 17, 6. 

iii/Miky juirik Tihr ^Uy fZXn^. 155, 12. 
n/Alav im^^6»rt9f lyiyxiTy. 796, 11. 
{n^oSy dtty^Tw. 530,12. 571, 26. 573, 11. 
wim T«XirrM( l{ti/ufiirAn. 676, 11. 

(n/Aun^'^tu rS hrtrt/Attt tw U tvc cvy* 
yp»^{* 1291) 10. 

{Jy] *^«y Arri toi; ^y fn/Aivot, 22, 21. p&t.. 
aloxfvnrtu ^\iffirm (Stm^, ov nj lavrwr 
war^Sii, 80, 26. 157, 8. &^rt rS Xmvw 
fAtri Wfu; uai rifinf ^y. 247, 1*5. faSii- 
T«y 'ASyqya(d»y lut) Syr^y. 248, 24. toTc 
(firi vStf'ty tma^t tic ft irXiunr ft Ix<ct- 
Ta»y ^jyoc. 330, 3. »poc rowf {aSyraf T«r 
^aiyra IJI'm^i. 330, peo. Totc «r^c ufiS^ 
;«0>f. 411, 23. l9^« V ov m«)ea, il 4»(X(ir- 
jroc {», iXX* il ri TJjc ftiktni riBnuM, 
434, 6. iS/At9 ri w/if h/ASi^ avrovt» vi- 
tam qaietam et jocaiidam degimaSf 
qooad res priraAas, quae nobis sont 
&ter nos mntoe. 760, 14. huSiv nrt- 
yturntUrm /AafrvftTv xwXvk i fS/AO^, (wr- 
Toc iw TOW «r«T(oc, rk wiT* avrou jrja- 
X^irra, 1097, 3. &^jfnvM rny 9«vtoci 
iny^ipav l^* St l(ii. 1123, 2. t/voc Imsv 
iS^MTo 5y TIC C"'» ▼•w«y rTtfu^lc* ma- 
tre, oxore, liberis. 1225, 23. {7v l» 
rou hKoUu, honestis artibas victom qius- 
rere. 1309. 26. ^wrrtc ^9ro rov tftuce^v- 
Ti?y. 1341,^6. or i7 tic IS (nv, i,yavS9 
iht, 582, 2. «3^y anv ^ ovu e^fioy ^ 'l^- 
K^&ru. 665, 4. t/ qroiwy (hctrtu, qua arte 
exeroenda ▼iotom sibi parabit. 794,19. 

(uTiTy] desiderare, non inrenire. touto H 
[aarun] ay hti^S, ^nrhcu. 186, 15. 

(i/A9U TO tSc 9r^Xl«C CV/A^i^s 9V t5 ♦!- 

XMTfrov, {iiTduyToc, citat Hennog. 294. 
ex or. pro Corona), {dto^i v«XX<^ Uta," 
x£ntiiy, ifoy Ixirrof. 384, 1. ^urovmtc 
TauT» To«c irafh o'oL 1217, alt. f^^m t<^ 
TVC furr^ i^ nai T>iy «r«p' A&rff ib(eX«- 
ir(ay. 1362, 12. I^^i [Senatus] Tftv 
ywMua raumv Utic h Mi ii^^iyx** 
1372, 10. vi/y Imlvtv Ttdyi«Toc {nnt ti- 
yAc ft rux^f /««&• ••> lo^«u. 1466, il. 

{imrrai] qoibos inquisitio demandabatnr, 
nam penes quern aliquid esset opmn 
poblicamm. 703, 11. 

{vj^TDC. 1068, 2. 

ivyo/Aaxtf^f vtfl M/Aar9(, de oomiue oom 
aliquo contendere, cujos sis necessa* 
rias, a qno avelli nequeas, cam quo ne» 
cessaria tibi sit et inevitabilis Titss eoa- 
suetodo. 996, 15. 

JwySc] &c juft ivy^ »vxh ^imt [ob me- 
tram, pro bi/A»otf passi sais cervioibas 
imponi] ^uXoruyitc. 322, 12. {i;>^ fco- 
Ifoyou tuu vrad/Ak Ix'"* <^lfo,ira Ivd^Xtt. 
784. 9. &y yh^ ceo^nft ^vyir Wr9rt» 
1461, 17. 

y^&^9tMn» f y Siw, /Atrk t^&rm ^n^jAfx*" 
rat, 786, 12. 

hfifii] iekv i{ imaX^^ tic yhnrM, SfM xaJ 
h$h^ M Kitic, ttfartn rSif xX^/A&rm. 



J9i3»cr«i. 1136, 14. 

- J9>«r0'l&ai j(jiii, gabernare res et tractare 
pro sensa (ao; pneparare at iostrnera 
Jiecessarki, qao fiant, qoa facia opus 
«int, at qoo mala immiBentia defeii4an- 
iar ; pnetre et triam moustrare rebas, 
.qoa tn eas ire velin, non aeqai eoactan, 
qoo te ilbe rapiant; imperare rebas, 
non servire. 51, 17. nyvLc'^iu t£» aw- 
dwuSv. in artioalis foederis, vel pacti, 
primo loco siare, prinoeps et primaria 
4M)nditio esse, raliqaas ocnnes «ohdi- 
liones ordine atqae dignitate anteire. 
213, 26. vy&iahairkQ nofJiirki i^* tvfeou 
^tKXor^ou. 571, 3. rS rSv Kifa^Kiirrm 
WfayfMTdtv nyw/Aivm. 654, 22. t?c ^y- 
^«C ttinrov nai t9c iMXirtUt, ov Xo^(- 
ff-fcof , «u}' al^a^ ou^f^U, iXX' avwoui vytX- 
rai. 779, pen. h vqXiq t« ^Xndf^ A)/tiT» 
nr^t "EKhnot rnt IXiu&if wc 1377 \ 27. 

^>«/u«Mugiy] oXdu n)«jKOi«uot;0'«y rou CtW pbi- 
losophiam. 1412, alt. hyt/xenvti kicist' 
tw n fv ivd^dtfff'otc Siomut. 1412, 16. 

hy*/Mf»la,^ fraj* IXtt;t«o-To» Ivotiio^ autovc 
^^^ednvcu Tny xara daXarTAV kytfjuffiav. 
217, lilt. TO ^^/CAA, TJiv q}^u0VMr. 246, 

i^^fkMw] fAraf^ jud kytfjucv rnc ffVfJt/MfUt, 
26, 24. n>«jbMtfV [sodditatis puta] xal 
fl^ipa-rnyoc «»« towtw. 172, 3. hytf^^ 
T^c itf^^c* 233, 14. <trafeL rarv hyifjuivon 
rSif o-ufAfM^Sv. 329, 17. «>^^; reti 
woxifxw 01 tf^^Tuyo/. 436, 27. hytfAon 
rnc ^vXffc xofu^roc. 533, 24. hyifxkv 
0-vfXfio^( iyt/fOfArff Ith Him. 565, 12. 
836, pen. hytfxiwt totoutw i>'a^5y* 
•nctoces, oceatores, effectores, qiu pe- 

. pererant quasi tanta post inseciita bona. 
1123, 24. aXX* aurdc hyif/.iff [soil. t9c 

rmrog yiybmrat. 1263, 25. 

99ihrwa» hi, orw av f«d«, fccra H ravra 
AxyrM. 1442, pen. 

«3l0»c a» ttvTo>C Jw. 1354, 23. ii^i l^w 
rati bene alicni velle, amioas ei esse, 
gaadere bonis ejos. 60, pen. 181, 7. 
i^»Xe^poi«(0-&«u «r{dc &«rarrac Jca2 n^lofc 
Ip^ify. comis, blandus, affabilis, bilaris 
ebse. 1418.11. 

j5Jii] ffc« TJH' nfci ;c4g»» rou fjurk raura «*v- 
TOf X9^f^ ^*S^ trXf (ovof n^iro'dai. 66<)', 
23. itq n^ Tt i(a2 va{ l\«ri^ i{f/3i}. 
nam ssppenainero et factinn est, et fit, 
Bt res aliter exeant, qoam to sperasses. 
210, 6. Tiic t£v Wvim ffaMett ih hTv, 
pro In. 567, 12. pro r6rt, tarn, leray- 
tiXmc >e^ ihi fbtvfa %9 tk .rtfM/jMra. hoc 
«i ▼erom esset, hoc si valeret, tarn — . 
745, 7. 2^ Ha BmeAvm i» rw» «rttilofir o 

IXfj^sc >)}i} [tani>TelAert« eertias] tf^-v* 
'TO. 1242, 15. tarn demom, neqae citios* 
To!V f iM *nurw fMri^vntv >ilki o MfMf 
«ar4»Ta»». 1376, 18. 
«M] iiFarra «r^o( q)»ynv (orllf. 13, 23. 

« /UirrM «D-(OC flloVqV TOVTM llloTCU. 926, 

23. niovh iretflV to?c ix^^^^' ^^* ^* *^ 

6. ravra nrwvi v/mSv iv him av/ABiCwwf, 
snnt, qoos bso jovent. 806, 8. hBn^v 
ov va^ajf aXX« rvv M rm XAXSt'alptT* 
fbai XJ^in, at dictam Demostfa. citat 
StobesuH p. 70. qoamqaam alii oodicef 
Democrito iribaunt. 

hBovuU. nobiJis, a rbetoricis edebrata, est 
p. 412, 18. 

Xfloc] c^i^a Iv rS Trff ifoXtriiac »»&« ftftw- 
Toff. 35, 19. ttXX* oux i;^{n^«To tS avrov 
>S^t T» rv^avwxtf. 212, pen. to rnc ir^ 
Xf «C %^oc A^iit ftot x$*f<'^* ^0> P®°* 
qaem locam Thomas M. bae Toce, p. 
417. ita interpretatar : iyow rv¥ nMrk" 
rracw xett t^ ytnMomra,, tov \mi^ t«c 
voXf «( vparrovrd t< 8l? to ta? ff^Xioof 
^o( fju/xsto'Suu. 613, 8. ^&oc «nc or^XioK 
fp^erra )g7 ^lyi^'^at. 753, 10. nbi de- 
clarator, quale illad TnBoi siti 0^ iik rSv 
rng o^tetf fftifAtUn rk iUtXXi^T« rSv it^Snf 
m^&ifiaiv. 1405, 11. o-^tir^ t?; yvvfjutt 
7&0C Iv iwaa-i iMyaktn ivir^fviiAV lar«v 
{avit T«f fftafMLti. 1406, 5. 

^fdio;] juveois nondam maritatas. itf^tov 
It( ovta. 4^a tr nte^ lunggetell war [while 
he was yet m bachelcr], 1352, 8. 

gxftv] nril H Koifii ^mi tic oZiro;. 11, 26, 
i» 9f ^ xai ff'oXffcoc T(C 9£fi. 17, 4. «v 
/cAovov T^k ffVfXfjutxptk ^iXiwwou Sjuvt* 
irpe; tivo4'(AV xa{ hfo-fjkinteif* ^154, 15* 
Touc •wJ Tc^' JiiMVT*^, &* n^Tv ^MtXi^SSo-nr. 
234, 22. orXity ova 1^' fatrrov; sx<l^T«r 
«(Oftiy«v TO htvov {){fty. 241, 4. tov hum^ 
arM,piyayv. earn, qai e oaatris, aat e 
Aonfinio venisset, prodicebaot. 285, 5* 
fvv iiri rivh lixf«v. infesto com animo 
aggredi, adorirt 319, 7. ivfi^ M ^xnr 
» iuxXno'ia, 346, alt, Sira t7c tSv •mMr 
oimmfie,^ \ie\ t^ mfw^uat Sai. /cam, an- 
^m [pertained, appertained^. 350, 14* 
^M< Iv* lx«^c aIt^' Icmnmf av/* ftte, 
(ri/k m [ pertains to tfcem, eoneerm them], 
£24,49. ^ yap ay ov Hkma raurS nark 
TouTdv rafn^f rk avrk ravra }f£f t xark 
ami vapk twv t^ a-wt varifa Kma-afuihmv, 
959, 11. ^Mva-t^vvv ^avMa^a2 nal o^x4« 
fAara, 9rXsov n Tgi«» Ttt>*VT«»v. 1047, 27. 
^fiTf I*"* lf«i. roe ad fungendnm mane- 
ribns pablicis rocabitis, trabetis. 1049, 

7. Sxov o2 MavSMort; lor^ Tdv T^x«y, 
1225, 14. 0^* ;Sxo/bcfy BvBonist Ca^ondit* 
leoTK. domnm redeontes ab expeditionc 
Enboiea. 11, 10. e&c )f vrarnf fMt «r«* 
^!i9«xf /?oi|dmi$ xot ^£Xev(, i!c tmStovc 9xi», 
reoeptom babeo, eonrertor, fic &f«3f, J> 
iEv)^C ^xodrrai, »a2 Mo/uat. 1127, 8. ira« 
^ Tqy lorijutlXiMtv lie Toi/T* irpoayayi^ 



Ailic. (obi liiMC, si qais telft, tooipi ^< 
Ust pro fabni), 1404» 2. I a* ftc al^v- 

XiTAi. 1407, 12. itni^ S* ov^ tme^ wtm. 
fais noB redeuntibus. 47 9» 4. ^{k ^' Ifri 
ivit^* X«n( Ail \iyn, oonfogiet ad «iii- 
tatam sibi exoasattoDera. 1002, 16. 

*iiKt0uk'} jadidom majoft, aut maximum, 
popoli pDnonam oniversi repraeseutans, 
D. aut M. ant MD. virorum, de caosis 
capitalibaa pronaiioians. item portioot, 
«bi jadicinin iliad agebatar. n iUura h 
f V if *HXi«/A' iVTOv^A ykf biibwro o{ tqv 
— fi/Xqy lUirSmc. 1142, 25. p. 720, 
24. tS htuta^gw idem eat atqae Ue- 
liKi, ot patet ex efasdem pagium verao 

aXi«0'ic] jaa in illo jadieio aedendi, etfun- 
otio jadieaftara. «v}f iSfa ^•(ouu rnc 
hXiAatatthvia. 747, 7. 

'HXMMn^l 'HXtaff^rfiv i^iUf, 746, 18. 

ftXuM^utoc] l» -rfiv o/mqMflajtTw tov iXiorri- 
»ov 2f itev. 706, 25. 

83, 17. 1148, 4. 

0admf. 8^2, 3. 

|^lat£ft] e! |y iiXouf. eUt«ra mililarfiii 
•geotea. 17, 11. Iff*r» -nc if« -rnc «Xixi«c 
ayiAwy. 58, 10. vwSv reSd', ^, rt x«d' ^Xi> 
lt(ay 6}ut0^oc I^M [scil. voaTvtJ xai trov 
«iu(oc iin. ^8, 16. 'rot))^* nXta/a; iX"'*' 
220, 5. il )f Ttc ftV 1^* hXutU( irifou 
BtXrim riv i^iaj, 413. 27. h rn f^vt 
^iau ffirn^ fl/bu, tqv )* rlktiiUv aMf <( 
CktTf, prd<ieram ataloram et flor«nlein 
a^tutem, •&« hv ^vyari^ /»ou, aXX* ft^iX- 
^il¥ fo^Jautit. 1024, 26. lUy iraTc, nay 
yiftfv, «|ty qyriWSy aXX«r iym qXixuty {ixii 

lkiun«y. 1341. 12. toy J^xW«v iwt^oi- 
fftiTO AVTwy txaoTuc. 1351, 12. Horriftt 

nu. quia nondam «d fiabiles atiDos, ad 
Irtfetia tnaturitatem et ju»tam atatone 
prooeritatera raodtim<]a6 viriath idone- 
om perrenisset. tS52. 12. I«c i^C 'r^ 
wf iMtUtv Xi^^ V^^ v^ftyayn. ad 
hoc seenlQln bomimrai, quod noDO in 
t^rria Ttvit. 1392, 13. *rm h>mUf, h jT 
^t^C hmuACfev vmf ibof not va^ rr.v 
i^iuf WHfimff^ ivainta^A*i. 1470, 13. 

W^0iMv Tw ^«^T( ii«tyt>iU7y. 1471, 17. 
IXuAStqc] aeqnalia Ktote. 1026, 2. 
ftX^] post 0avfU0toc vel talla addlliim, 

Mddi potest Latino giiam. ruura^iBw- 

iffiixBai. mirom eat dicta, quam e rep. 
ista ita gesta fuisse visa faerint. 348, 
24k ou r» fjUyiXtt ft ^avfxaTia. rthiKa. 
tvjhu, 469. 19. tmif viKUon nai So-m h 
70 katae^uvaa-fut^fiut^wf. 1109, 17. 
SXie;] leiv fjA «rfo qX^oi; ^oyroc iitaXkirrtiV' 
rm WfMJtMOtff xpnrtiy. 197, 7 . rSv vvo tow 

Tovi Iror IiXmv iv ii ^Ukm . 3U, 16. o(^ T«y 
Sxioy fa^xymno o2 tmCt* *iM8?t«(. non 
|»tade^t ees solem inlotni tel in InMi- 
oom prodire, in oonspeettm boniiiom 
venire. 426* 19. Vfh Ixioy ^twiv* oriri, 
ultra horisoniem adscenderet lOTl^ 3. 
ApopiitbegflMi Deaostbeois a Platar- 
ofao Moral, p. 531 , 8. relat«m : ri w^td- 
r9uat T^y KXsoy {^Wtc, et pth -^iM^iyet 
ir;e( Toy Xv^yey imfikiwin, 

hfAifo] tl Tq( aro^' ^i^ X^^cre? •^^ fjdyi- 
rra t«c wiKint £flroX«XsMTic. qvi pro 
diaria, non ultra anoro diem daratora 
gratia, comitmte, festivitate Pbiiippi» 
palmarim reip. eommoda, in qnibua 
tfomma remm vertitnr, projeeerant. 
107, 6. MfAifti Uthti «lv)^ Ixixai. 285, 
21. voXket pUa ^^bclpa, tud ^, tud ^^Fc 
iWov Twy •{; o-tertifukf. 293, 17. #f oit- 
pijtctyoy 4/uipSy <lpt6jt»ov ^yvioifir. 619^, 9. 
itfjtiff hf Ixtrntf^inu die slate renieote, 
qonm rite fit, alqe^ legitime. 1072. 27. 
ri f^* ^fftlptfy, adverbialiter. o a^fttmyi^ 
tfvToTc eu^f TO 1^' li/e«lpav Tps^ htLftiiS 
i^iw, 1214, 6. tSc hfA^»S» tvfc«itdi 
sKatf-Tac* in dies singalos. 491, tbH, rou 
xod* 6/»lp«y C/o». vitsB qnotidlaiiflB. 

«f«*ftut<v h TJi <i>«p« Tovreteimy. tOSl* 26. 

l!/uipoc] V*r* «*^pa>iN» ««» f fXiy^^vec. 
530, 5. 

i/bUfXToy] TK iXfiTtt aaT^ f/uitrroy jocif^- 
fAMm lud iu£TiB«r«T0u/Bbnw.'918, 11. 

a/btfxX^ptey] rim hf^mktifUo tXa^. in jure 
poetulavit dimidiakn haereditntis par* 
tern. 1173. 6. et 17. 1175, 14. 1178, 

hfiUf^i^tfAHQ. If78, 43. 

ftfufivaroy] semiKsis miiMB. AV^arelM ft/bu- 
fjaalm wim a^. dnaa nmias onro di- 
midiata. 11^46, 7. hfJUfMfaXa, ^r^lk llodn 
TouT« T« A^^tHmknfioi, una mine earn 
dhnidio. 1333. 11. 

%fji,tfr)i] eu ye^; f4>* ^/wtovlft [soil. fAtfSk'] hi 
XC^^Tov i7ya(. 430, 8. »XX' SfAWf ri %fA,t9v 
rtXi yhcvQ avrS ovfACdkofAMm. 691, 16. 

{j^tTctXayTey] i)/UiT«XnyT«v viyTS^ id oat, 2 
talent, et i. 956, 18. « 

ISftfy. 1155, 10. "dobiumy utnam ab -Jfytu, 
an ttb itmn sit repetendoas. veivmta- 
men prioa estpotins. 

*Hfrfi^] Asim major minorqoe. &rtkl9 l{ 
knJurni 'Hhhlfw bsBima, i:>92. 6. 

Siriec] ordrrtc iiriovTipei, todliorea, eom- 
modiorea, faciKorea, y w t w tfwr m . 1464, 

muilins, Clementina. 1296, 7. 

*'Hfa] ci^M> S^tiXlTM x*^^^ ^p^'X/'^^ ''? 

•Hf«. 1068, 10. 
Ti^ 'HfixXiM. ludos Hercutis, irric 'rtf^ovc 

6vtiv l4iK^i0'&i itfvyiK eSffi}?. 368, 11. 

379, pen. 
*HfM(Xi)c] tr(«fji{^d«y icXafiiiMAf ly TtlTc f u- 



^Mv] monumdntain sepalcrale gepti oam- 
IPDiie^ »Hf hfiet raura. 1319, 27. 

1391, <2i2- locus fabularui^ de beroibus. 

%go0€ lui^Mfd-nq, itramiQeps. ^70, 10. f«i>)' 
Sfot T«v4 Tov rvxjnra. !288, 17. 8f»c 
l*Tg^. 419, 2^. Sfwf o^nyiTn^t •« iwratf- 
vt^i {ffTi, 107?, 25. lixi Sif«ic ^y«i», 
fiTf b%sii, cil^ Hermog. p« 241. ex Ari- 
stocralea. e&t p. 643. 9. 

WSC^f* «r;^^». 13, 12. 521,12. 6?4, Q. 
1179, 21. fhf <ivo 'TQC ft^Qw; hruxfav 
WF\tm4tJi 4y*^«i' ffiTffltv f7y«i vofit^ovTic, S 
TO 9r^0^^oi;i{v. 63, 20. hrty/lay^ oiiam, 

IXMX^ VOtoZfl VpttTT^y 0,TI ^ouXiTtit. 102, 
lien. TO ^* fv hffvyla, }i»>«tv, iut2 wavta 
Xa$tXv irif 9VC laa-at. 143, 18. ?>^fy qrv 
X^jr. 237, 20. 246. 19. 622, 24. h<rv- 
l^v aytn aSueov ital uqrouXcy. 327, alt. 

3^, 1. ^TOf fv havx^it. 422 ,5. Uftra woX- 
X^v ha'uj(fav, nemine ioterpellante. 709, 
13. at* i» T^y yo/M«y ouxiTt /:ao( v^oo-n- 
Kt9,»ffvxUv itx^* ^^ "* '"^ abstinoi, ea 
QmiAi. 1161, Q. Xpj't^/foc }* 1^* ha-vxjMi 
rov cy/u^spovToc 110^, 27. Jlltft J« rny 
40i^»ay. pivdorejn, inQdcstiam, aedatip- 
fieiii iDoryiq, ^.BiXrsfoiv iTrnt ^oxouvra^y. 
1405, 17. oppoiiitur enim t7 oi'^a^fict. 

9*9^X^0 »«'yX'®* y*f ^ aaXoxtfyfliQw. 777, 5. 
^ TOV nov^tcv Kal avfayfjiM/a jS(ov a!^?. 

Srpov] regio jitomachi, v«l quqd intra os 
^terui et uiobiliQam e«t. 1260, 22. 

ttTTrt] TWff /biiir JiTTn; ou iAiri'x}iV' 1394, 21. 
0t0aioui voiMiTfLi Stto;. 1448^ 2. q vs^t 
TOU'^y fi4ra,yvoiffig nrra t?; Vfoat^BO^Mf 
i^ri, ipentem hajosQiodi in rebas ma- 
%^re tatitondem eat atqoe cladem oon- 
sUiQrQQi aoc'^pere, b. e. coepta et iosti- 
tfllA aaa omnia iseroere pertorbata et 
*Vfrsa. 1466, 24. h y«f ly tpm- TptooTOic 
9TTA KtfXq XM v^eaTifiovo'a vUn irafk to7; 
^ ^fwwci yiviT^t. 1486, 3. 

iirray] oray ythf «tt9t<u CTpciTW)*? a^XMvV 
iiffjdff'^m f^nm, oam imperator io po- 
ieatate est iniserorofn militum merceoa- 
rierttifi, (U»9ino carentium mercedem 
dftote, neqne fac^re potest, qoominas 
i^loTMin Ubidini imperiisqae pareat. 53, 
15' «lXX(t TVf aXndf utc nTTw^vo;. 3;17 ,11. 
{^mi^ TjoTff 9huQ BTTS^&at hofjktln, 127, 
•J2. ou^ y hnrn&vt iya> roiQ XoyicfAoTt 
^Pamrou. 326, 1. k vnXig h tSv *A6nvaim 
{TTDiro rS voXifd.f, 391, 13.] hrraa-^ai 
^XX«i/ rtvof to^irt. yidebimini alicai fini 
ae^viori, oansap d«ierlori pessisae. 584, 

l^. trilV TO iutOMf MaI to 9'U/x4>S{«V isTTA- 

^^,vQckitehen mn^s [must give pl^ce], 
^ 4)J^PV. 792, 26. i^urff li ftn »ttS- 
/r$t. Mr^ fu^h fioran uicht, j^u^ eiich 

bU yifurt$lve$ with that, do nof lU tho^t 
niUleud you\» 415, |7. vurt wviAa^Uc, 
•wTi irf{i)C fM-X^i HtSto. 120, 18. 8ttii- 

(T&f H ovH aifa.^ obTi t£v )ouX«y toS ^a-i' 
"Kiwf, oi/Ti fftTou exfmu. 197, 1 5. oltafAdu 

417-W9rOTt, O'TTOt Vfia-QiVTr.f Ivt/X^^V V^* 

hf4.Sn, oTTij&wc ftflr^Xdov tS* ^^XiVvoi; 

m^ia-Qtoiv. 308, 1 0. [f ycv /mc'voc ou^irff^ 

toutwv «TTn&fly. 1469, 1.] 
'H<{>at0>Ti7o>] templam Valcani. 898, 6. 
q^a^'i (ab ayoa) e Demosthene reo^at 

Pbrjnichns p. 44. oconrrit bia. io 4f 

falaa legal. 346, 24. et in prima iq Ari- 

atog. 772. 5. conf. DorriUe %i Q^- 

ton. p*481. 

B&KafMo] cella abstroaior, penilior. if yi 

TIC jT <^uyaiy ivfAuxv* ^ itt^fM. 422, fi5. 

^aXATTAJ a£(«yy u^* i*^wv Mara^raBnvtu tU 
rhv baXarretv, in po(est|(^|n at jMrbi- 
triam maris immitti. 80, 6. 

^afU. 422, nit. 

bavaroc] T«y tf^paTnySv f xacToc Hs Ktu r^U 
frag* vfMv xpiyiTAi irtg) bavArou, v^ 91 
rolf Ix^i^vi olhU ovV ava^ ayoano'ae^mi 
rcikfxa, wtfX ^amrw. 53, 26. Toy «v9pa- 
ito^KTrciv xat Xw-ara^urwy ^Mar«t ^aXX^ 
ci^porvrai Tou v^os-fmoifrof, hS, till. 09r«c 
^n yiyvBCVrai Bavarot [mortes violeotief 
sed sine crnore eflfnso] xat <rpayeu, 215« 
22. voXKZv a^iovg &avaT«y Xoyouc i^H*«- 
yo/ji. 345, 25. 521, 24. ^avarw xaXjy 
ii'XoyTo fxaXXov, n 0tcw aXvy^* 1397, 9. 
Bamrpv a^ia iXgyacrai avrS tU ff*i' 
1252, 19. vao-iy h/jiXv o^tlXtrai o 9«v«- 
TQ^, citat e Demosthene Clemens Alex. 
Strom. VI. p. 750, 8. ed. Pott. 

daVTStv] Tf Xf (/T^0-ayTa auTov iQa^if h w&ktf, 
690, 3* do^at TQV ftHTCpet lie ta V^ffgSa 
fxmfxara, 1320,21. oDc n froXtc Tnc «v- 
t5c T»/^S? «{»flwr«fl-« el^a^'iy. 297, 17. 

®apyflX*«. 517. alt. 

^appsrv] xaiTOi oo-ti? x*^'** VoX*t5v a«ro&a- 
yovTOfV iToX/uiKTi S^appiTv, quern nil pudoit, 
Konfidentem, laeto et hilari valta, rec^s 
cervicibna, velat re bene gesta, inoe- 
dere, rl oi^toc nradfiV i/vro rSn t^dnrotn 
Mtunot; \m. 314, pen. ^(tfogTv, ov» |«r2 
tS Toiiff ly&pouf ftn Juvno-s^flfti, aXX* iirl 
T» x£cv pouXwvTAt KgaTno'ai, 1441, 20. 
ovre ^iXiVTFoq Idetppfi tovtov;, ou^' ^tlroi 
tfx'Xfarfroy. neque Pbilippua fidebat his, 

* neqne hi PhilippO fidebant. 30, 15. to 
i^eXsyx^tv voXXa ual Una vniroinnira 
roZrov — Baffi Kot vaw mTrtvaf. oertoa 
sum, fpre, at hunc coargaam. 342, 4. 
crvfxffaifu fxot to (xiv Ka^ vfxai, nai to 

ITfOa^HUV fAOi Tffc ffoXlOJC, ^AfptlV. If 99, 

15. . 

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adrersii. 597, 3. pro irtfa* avk ^anf 



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1«77, 2. 5aTip« (adrerbialiler) atf-ro^ 
fiy. sulammodu alleni ex parte. 1307, 
24. 6aTfpoc in maaculino, qaoJ est in- 
venta rarisstmum, et in vitio ponitar. 
•u^fiC autSv Birtpof batifti 7iMicf€rat, 
1469. r. 
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tf^oXa^Ttpoy. 585, 10. 

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Tory ifa!diiTm ifirif. 174, t. cum ad- 
miratione et indignatione idterrof^are. 
itra ri't$ omc IXiyt; rot^ra iea,fa,yffifAa, 

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deveneratuK sum, touc V aXxjAayjirovt 
muffxaerei^ IXiMTct. mir war mehr an den 
GeJ'augenen geUgen [f thought more of 
the ifTiumet^. 450, 1. /uq rov arXoDrot 
'tvi^rdby, /mq)! "i^ ^o^tft, aXX* vftSc «&rouc 
OavfjiAliTt, haltet viel auf euch seiber 
Uhink much of yourselves]. 582, 5. ir«g« 
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hit rnv rvx^v bavfjta(iff^tn, 1404, 6, 
BeivfAaa-ioi] aMg oaf iavf/MTtoi rtfatimmQ, 

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diiigenter. 844, 5. 
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et 15. dsetv nS'td'TW Iv reiC ayScia-i lea^i' 

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dla/but ^ctvov Kol sKiuvov. 361, 19. 

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/Sav^wv. 1443, 21. 

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ra BiXa, sont eveota naluralia in asiria, 
iiaris, terris etc. 808, 18. 

^ifAtBXa a-ifjLVa ^Mi. 422, 10. 

6ifAii] jag buinaDutn*, q^naienus diviDO 
opponitar. rovron y ou^' tentft fn/vi bifuf 
tS fx.iAfS rdvroa fAtra^duvat, 794, l5. 

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v6e-a> xarak rk ^a,r ^ta. 1371, 24. 

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fxc/vfla vtmyivat. 42, 15. ^Ipttr }* o^t{ av 
btof his, ytnedojf. 258, 24. iea.rnq ag- 
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t£v dfwV u^oXct^/Savw le-pjSTOy i^co-l&at 
tr^xliv. 1462, 24. rS BiS p. 347, 20. 
est ApolliDi Pythio. p. 525, 1 8. et 527, 
8. et 534, 8. ad Bacchoin refertar. h 
Bios est Minerva. 616, 19. et alibi. 

^^(Xqc] a diis ainaloit, diis propitiis 
^6D8. ivTu^^M^ttTtiv veurSv v6Xiofff rh 
ifAtti^av y»fxil<o naX ^lofiXM-TAtkiy. 1466, 

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884, 2. ^^jpaii^ivtf-tiv IXvI^A irXinn^Mt^ 
fiii(oMC. 66^. 8. eripot/c /bcaXXo?, « ih 
infMt, iwmrtac i^i^^art. 1481 , 6. tou^ 
inrif Ti»c var^ioi, ?el u*if •*•«» ix^pir 
lUupow;. 327, 25. Tatf T«f iraTgiloc rt/xktr 
ft-^e^wc, yur«0~r<tac ^^irtvuv. 332, 6« 
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(AWf^v. 411, 18. 
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aXXe T( fMo^du tr^krrtirretf ^tKouf nai 
{iHof ^flxaXiTv tSv fAwhmo'M.fjthm. 242, 
&I{«C fcitf^oTrro ixdsp(0-ai. mercede conda- 
cerent operait measem demeasaras. 1253, 

0s0-tc] oppigneratio. Srewif fi fltd^c ^'^ 
quanti oppignerarta erat. 896, 6. I^m- 
nr ftv ill ^Xq dxoXoodoc oS^« t? &f 0Y» t«/ 
oMjUAT0(. oonslitisaet eoin simili muda 
eandem tribam freqaentasae, penea 
quant receptoa et cujaa albo inacripta* 
esset, nomenqae aceepiiset qoam aJi' 
quod ex iis, qase In iUa trH/D aolerent 
asnrpari. 1001, 26. 
Bta-fMSli'Taf tic Tk Tlvhia leifA^t. 380, 20. 
tl Bto'fMbireu Mv^iWtia't rci; iwi ^tf 
^uywraf bafarot ^lifXiSta-at, 630, 13. 
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arifUi 20^ct(. 524, 22. lav t(C v0fiffy ttc 
ma — yfo^ia^M vfif tovc Bta^fA^iraf i 
CwXSfjtSfos. 529, 16. iiTy hfMf irpoc Toirc 
btff'fju&iras kfearrSv, b. e. ad eo» de- 
ferre actionem de corpore proatitoto. 
599, 27. d Bta'fJLO^irM touj lyJiip^dwreftf 
[prohedros et prj lanes] do'ayirrmv tig 
TO hHaa^ew. 7Q7. 4. Si^oic twv Bt^fM^ 
BtrSv ovx «*«" t' laniy lie Tof ' A^ttov irel^ov 
avfXdtTy. 802, 6. ^ei» Tic fo/jtcfu h ^o^ 
a-fxarof yfo^v k^nfiyun v^c touc Bta-fM^ 
bir'as, 803, 4. to7c tfAiti^f xal toTc 
vavJtXqpoic JtsXiuii J v^/t«oc TttC S6utc fTnu 
Wfoc Touc Bta-fJLt&mi. 920. 20. ol S^^c 
Imm Ttfos Tovc df^TctodfToc. 976, 11. liv 
Ttc owta-rnrait factiuoem contrabat, h 
ennitna^riy largttionibus corrampat, tou- 
To0y thai rki y^^i orpec rclvf bta'/M- 
Biraq. 1137, 6. Stwt^ tou( Bta-fjiediras 
kvaK^mrt, iyx tov auroy Tpovoy Ifuutvrw h 
ii/Utv ayax^tya;. 1 319, 20. btfffAoBtrSgv — ou 
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Tdyiwy olo'Sv, oKKk xal Tnv Surad'av kf)^v 
[totnm colleginm tbesmotbetarum ana 
con ipao lectorum] IforotWfy, soil, a^ro- 
^SipoTwiiVdaf. 1330. 14. tkt Tic {^tf 
ifl~T?«WMtff— «waoTfl»c ^i Km ic^y ^|yn 
oTTtti tf^outq, >'pa^l0'!&a» ir^oc tOuc BtO'fM' 
fifTAc 0ov\6ijtvni. 1350, 18. y^a^rai 
wpoc Tooc Bta-fAobiras y^a^v Iri^ww 
Twrwit aiUmt ilpx^*'** ^* «v^. 1867, 
9. y^m^rM ^f&mf{ Iti^eam Tfafvv 



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nrnfo-av. 1362, alt. 

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• omni ex parte ooDtemplans, meditaos, 
tit^ioTM. 19, 23. rouro Bimfwifrat tl t^- 
^ll^ xl^fAf. hoc qoasreDtes. 29, 15. 6i«- 
(f7r T< vpoc T(» aliud oom alio oonferre, 
conparare. Tva 9^ roy vrnkfyvrra, juu^oy 
Mitaa^a btmfSirt, 230, 27. xpivw/c«at xoi 
&u»^futt. 330, 7. ff-xoirfiv juu di«(wv 
T^ vfiyfjut avri, 987, 24. &g«;oCmc 
vfiSc wwc toSto rd Wfoyfut t^nrt, 1297, 
9. &ii#ptiTf ykf TO «r«^ flTfSrw. 93, 9. 
ij(Xo}^ojMiv«tc x«2 ^Mfpov^-t. 555, 8. ii 
t6C{ TtXjunp^ic di«p4nxi. 578, 23. voTw 
|iiM Sir iJUM^rw yo/ui{iiy, e^ «vToi Oi«- 
(ftTf. 1234, 11. 

4 &t wf n /u « ] res, qoe seo ocalis apectatar, 
•ea meDle cernkor. Iy w»n *ai X^i; 
• lutt bMfhfjtao-i, 247, 22. 

^Mfla] culleginin a civitalibus ad lados 
pobltce depotatoram. btmfiai tig rki Iv 
rf *EKKah nrettnyv^iag ivorrixyuf, 236, 
14. poinpatici^tfacrorain proceasio. ^«re- 
rrvMU rnc vat^ou ^ivfiaq. 380, 22. Ol»- 
|(a» iytit tS Aft t« Nc/um Tnv aeiv^ Mp 
T9C ireXf«»;. 552, 6. q df«^ ouk itvnm if* 
ZflTov &flr<(0*t To7; hKavreug thau Terebar, 
D6 non omnes pariter jodioea in tabola 
proacripta cernere, vel ooolia consequi 
possent et legere. 1055, 18. linrutSn 
^tmfUf, n yv/Aimuiv et0X«y. 1393, 2. atd- 
vnrof I^K Tqr bteofiav [id eat, BwfovfjMtt 

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immobilia. 1406, 3. 
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;i^^T«r] yo/uovc Xt^ari. 31, 13. aya- 
«ri»VTfc, l(ly/uiTaS()<tf0>i ^tatfOtSffVfACv. 37, 
5. «( fvt Tw df M^MM* trwotlyTft/ Ttvic. 141, 
2. lart T^ diwptiu? [soil. ap>a;piw] nra- 
^/»|ye(. ii;43, pen. ivl r£ Bioa^xS rirt Sev 
iftiianta rk ^i^nfjutra, 264, 10. nai , n«y- 
ttAwHum oyTflvy, r^ StaWfi v^o; ri di«pi- 
le^. 1091, 24. AirriXdf ro df «^(xoy ov Xa- 
^«y. 1091, nit. rk mfiSrra j^pijuutra, t7c^ 
Sieutq0i«; a^paruniKk iTmu, frn dsw^txi. 
1346, 19. 
Btmfig] Btvfdvi il( rk UvBia vifA-^i. lega* 
toa ad Indbs Pjrthios publice mittere, 
qui iia nomine P. A. intereaaent et ejus 
personam reprvsenlarent, d<»naqae a ci- 
vilate misaa offerrent una cam saoris. 
380, 20. diwpouc oJ^TOuc IM^ frif^vnv 
^a^fiy] Twv feXiio'roav, oraf Sa-i yfot, ik t9c 

vw. 1407, 17. 
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fA9t vporBaXKimfv* in ne iustigantibaa 
•tque immitleoUbos. 332, 2. maledi- 

ctam tarpe. belloa, pro hontne impa- 
ro, conacelerato, et inimieo a»vo. wh 

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SevXf t/oy. 745, 4. ffAVTa ta toum/ta diiMi. 
772, 6. ovSiv igfSfi oTotc Bnfiwg lvXi)0igi{[f 
toTc ^ydMiireic tovtmc [solMiodi ant oiat 
ad l^^c, sot «rXi)0'(l{«v ad TouTotc]. 
925, 14. 

euo^iW] edes Thesei. 270, 8. ' 

i^TUMv] soil. ifyvftWf triboturo, vel veoti* 
gal aunaum, qood Atbeaia inqoilioi pro 
jure incolatua, et pro Tenia, quaeatam 
opera mercenaria faciendi pendebant. 
Twv IfTixXn^ Sa-at rl daTtxov TiXovn. 
1067, 27. 

biaa-Pt] oollegiam oerta qoaedam aaora fa- 
cientiom, et eorum per rias solennia 
proceasio, jobilantiom, tripudiantium, 
cantantium, vociferantium et laacivien- 
tiam. Tovc xaXov; btacouq nyayt hk twv 
oSwy. 313, 23. h bikpwf liai fjuBuwavt 
hBfcimtf «vXiy)»u/Myov. 403, 19. buta-wt 
avtayuv. 431, 25. 

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aa^tnt 43, 10. TidvS^t rS iitt hk touc 
ToiouTovc k'^oa^Xovf. 53, 10. rwf Ti9yt«- 
TAc obSf T«y ly&fSy Ttc trt fAWtC* 330. 5. 
Ti9vA0-i T« ^m, 366, 25. ImtXi ivvfliro 
AvToy WAp* ifxXv Tt^iwTA. in judicio ve- 
atro mortis damnatum, extremnm Ipisae 
supplioiura. 383, 19. TcdvAVAf /MAXXoy, n 
ravr elptutfyAi Bov\ofMH, 138, 7. TfdvS- 
yAi fjiv^iaiuf jtpfTTToy, q oroiq^-A/ ti ^Xtv- 
iro» [soil. fTPot X*?*'] *»^«*«^« 127, pen. 
iyi^ 9* ov ^iSoutA, il ^^Xiir^ro; (n aXX* sI 
t7( 9r^Xs«c ri^M, etc. 434, 6. fjut xakwc 
Xl>iiy Toy TidyfwTA. 488, 21. 

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ftpqyqy, A^AVAToy nnbi^cu, 358, 16. 

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&oi/c«ATfoy vpolff-dAf. 583, 20. 

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Bofv0tXv] admurmurare cum significalione 
laudis et assensus. xai fxoi fxh ^^uBhaii 
finnhU, wfiv AV aKova-n. 60, 27. Bo^vBoZv 
TIC, «c 3ffi«f XiyiTAi. 72, 5. 97, 15. 
Ap^t TdS do^u^^At xa2 i^TAtyl^Ai o*«'oi;Sa- 
(fTi. 109, 1 1. woXXouc l<^ Touc bofuBovv- 
TA( f7yai, [id est, toi/( 0TWA(VotlvTAc] oX/- 
yowc Si Towc tfNTf ATiwftivw/ff. 375, 22. Cxl- 
ffEiy Ei; TOY Ai^ Bo^vBvovret roifw rvf ixxXn- 
a-iaf, 577, 9. dopt/^ndHvAt. fremitu con- 
ciunia pertarbari, interpellari. 1421, 20. 
Ijc tov do^v^iTy ouk A9rAXXATTi0-df \oyw* 
propterea quod obstrepitis, nil ideo 
magis desioanl, oratores concionibna 
molestis vos vexare. 1462, 15. iySii H 
4>o/u( Si?y (xA( fxh fjM ^ofvB»^rt ip* S 
fiiXXw \iytiv, aXX* axouo-avti; Ufivart, 

dopt/^o;] Tqy xpu/9Siiy 't^n^iri^M rw ^yipSc 
BefvBw. diversam et contrariam mur- 
rouri coDcioois ad diota com assensu 



•dttrtpealw. 14t, S7. biftSm tuU mforw 
Tt^f&iw, «C ht lumnurtiq rt tui rvvn- 
Mmq, l««^«Ti. 519, 9. rov rirn svfA" 
(Urm tj flToXst Bifvfiot tm fU9 2ir«vrtc, 
AptiiMi cilat p. 696. «It. contra : 0tpv- 
CoKf €^ i VifMi vtvBtrwf rm/e lM;^X*vrra( 
UvTor, •Wwfliflrofl* w«»^i. 798, 19. t»- 
^«&frr« Tov IfAirtfaif QofvBott BotfjuiTm 

9f^^] conTioiam, pi-obrniD. 664, 11. 

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mfiyfAM «vTovc BftmnffBat. 1448, 7. 
Bfo^inffBM fAanrwf, 1472, 25. 

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If TMC Twy axx«y IruxJifAM-t. 514, 26. 
d^otfiv iTvat ^a#iy, fa* tk v«rf; t£v 9«' 
iMtifv iv hf^S* iiirif. 1SS3, 25. cMt tirt rvv 
X^»v ^faffi0, AXk* ivl Tic ir«fM7tfi;?c 
t^Xv^ f7y«t h7. 1441, 19. 

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406, 4. oi }ia 1WV x^ &»>((«< Ml ap«> 

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Mudv^Kimy. 772, 27. 
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tU riff iyfov in; ^von. 1367. 2. Idvf t^ 
if^nra Itfi virl( Tiic v^Xf«»f. 1369, 25. 


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1396, 1. 
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dupof a<^aifi7v. 762, 3. iMTajSaX^rrfc tov 

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vel forca ipne. ra ^(AfAarm lTMvia>ac. 

die 7?ii«r«A aui{|p0fco6en [having forced 

tht doon]» 845, 18. 
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ki^^M^M ykf, 170, 2. 

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1460, 2. £0'9rfp av UTpo;, o^'l^ovri /caiv 
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307, pea. ^ 'Iat^. noneo hereis Atti- 
9 '.419,22. Um(m apfrmn tmc lavfotV. 

1259, fm, AkXk ««2 /i i f i tfag U f w ii i 
W0fix^/^uu, 1268,4. UrmMyt*, ttS9, 
5. 1 159, 22. S;«c 'Ut^ eat Tosaric p. 

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fiom lSi7v &-8rarrac. 375, 26. •b3i2c ir«- 
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▼it, ainplexaa, aeculoa esl, apeota^it. 
533, 27. ith»t a ov v(on*t9 ainin ifS», 
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limv [id eat, t^ ^vtMit, persptcere, in- 
telUgere] ravrn, k* fjui mgH artSrwl tic 
TOvc mMipo/uiMvc v/uoc 9un}6o. 1443, 4. 

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itU^rrw iifMV h toTc Ihotf h^a^M ^Utmuf, 
312, 4. arJXftc vafaifufttJMt 0tif$if9tK 
tui t^Uf. oivitales per ae atantas, com 
alia nulla rep. Graeoa fcaderibna oon- 
jaoetaM. 289, 19* IMiaharvf wtianwt «a2 
0^fA»OTaTOV. 641, 17. Amv fM vofU(fiv tSv 
TOtouTifv /uii)fv, nay IXXw ovfjL0mU. pri- 
vatum qnid, ipsi soli pn^rion, qnod 
pnefer euni alii nnlli neqae aocidat, 
neqoe poaait aocidere. 1270, 13. liUv 
^XorfQfUiav. calnmniain ad roe nnom 
privatini pertineoteoi. 1487. 15. 

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nontur p. 50, 7. aa-fdkht xaI aitfayfutm 
naX inii^vfoi i rSv iitotrm Biof. 150, 8. 

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>«iv x«2 tou irpaTTKy. 1452, olt. 

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1106. 23. 

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»t^roy] avayttv to If^iTor tov C«»/tMv. victi- 
flMm, quam pater pro filio, si?e adbac 
poero, si?e jam adulto. sive aao, aire 
adoptatn, pbralorilMiK afferebat, rel in 
curiam phratrice itiferebat. 10.54,6. e^ 
nbiXncav timoBai rw Uftiw, oi^ Awi" 
yw Tou BoofjMu. 1078, 21. 

Iffiuc] reticatar |^er ellipsin. i tov Amc, 
aeil. flamen. 531, 16. Sxjt^^iv Itptvc. 
1313, 24. Ttv avTor rfhrw, irm^ tovc 
iiptTc, uabia^art rove a^yorrac. 1461, 6. 

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otav l^o^ao? Tele rifMi^. 1371, 16. 

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magiftralDs in pnecipais, Bysantii fu- 
isse, cojas nomine annas aignaretor. 
iwi *U^fAvafMif( M$a^o^xw, 255, 20. 
Item sio appellabantnr asaessorea a 
Gnecia oiritatibas ad oonoiliom An* 
pbicljonicom misai. rSh va( tavrou 
[a Pbilippo] vtf4.v9fAhon *it^fAWfA6mf, a 
Twv kMlimf wfXfjJL-xan [id eat, tS^ 9tf^ 
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pala. i« «p^A Ufd bdn, 1369, ie5. 
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plenum robar adeplaa, vel majores. 
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Gonf. p. 1073, 2. obi orator ipse inter* 

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tris, neutri parti roa(ps studentibos. 
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aroXXi^ Xi^^if*of IfMV nv. 1478, 23. 

Ir»TiX«(] AtheoiH cominorans peregrtnns, 
Bon oivitat« qaideni donataa, eo tameiL 
privilegio, at pares cam cifibos contri- 
botiones.neqoe majores, depeadat.466, 
6. 912, 28, 920, 10. 

irraa-hai luurk to avfA^ifOf. stare a parte 
emoiamenti, faeere oum «a parte, qaam 
aroplerti niagis expediaf. 283, 17. 2^* 
dbr&i in rrii *t, ervMX5iry, ivawfS^tu. 
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CdXf. 1158, 16. ouic tary vitw tavt' inv 
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a^(ftat'nn'\. insistat, desinat. 1450, 4. 
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dabey nieht [it retied not thert]. 547, 
24. Jo actiTo \vT&fM, X'^9^* ^^> ^* 
lifATVpac «a2 X^fOiSc* 1072, 21. m^aU^ 
BfOfAM jf&^t, 531, 5. Ti2>( S^. 879, 11. 
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•&n ^Ti0i0-)&M. 1200, 1. lei ykf itvmt^ 
fyyin UrUrt. 1461 , 17. pro va^io^nif* 

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[soil. TovTuy Tdv tf^Xw] If t« 2ipw. 

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itfXMnp. 20, 26. f{ [aPoXic] 0VfifUy«ir 

144, 20. T^ aoifov tfpi^vity, aa^ cfviv tov 
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temporis lioo valere efficere, at, vel in- 
Miperfaabito »qao et justo, id agatis, 
qood e re vestra est. 214, 5. jcaI rkt 
ilrUc, Mai rkt 3ImCoX^, aUs, l» tou arfo- 
rtf9t \iytt9, i ^tAun IrYvit. 227, 19. if- 
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958, 17. Tovra Vnnu ret ^iiuua ttal luirk 
C9U tmV tbikHt {rywinr. 416, 20. Iff^^ 
ti i^dhi» a«y aMf. 791, 20. l^^^i 
rt&r9 t2 Vmm h «r8n. 963^19. tm/tm 

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minorit fit jas et fas, qoam fidacia lo- 
qoendi. 1340, pen. irwnfU ju(2 ilyoOfeM 
h t7 iroXfi i0^ui(. 1478, pen. rov ^^voy 
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fiulfyM-tfiy ;^«(piTa(. 1481, 10. 

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901, 8. oua lirtiiXfc irrt reuq iuUrtuf 
la^y^ii^M, 1020, 21. TJi frM^aamv^ 
ttal rotf ivetKotfxa^a {o^vpt^o/buvei, id est, 
mc-nvamc. 1081, 16. I^-^' ora* ay aXXm 
I^upi^otTe arpoff t«St«. 10:^0, 25. 

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TATA )i? sTvAt. 21, 6. n ^fttvarn /wot tic, 
ir^^ IXXo&iv i«xvpoc >^>«m. 36, 12* 
IfX*^( Ttf ^, /eaIXac. 537, 16. t^xvp^ 
tr/u7v [id est, I v ujun', rel Si* v/aAv] ol i^/uoi 
110*2, aA^ vfMXq To7c vo/iAoi?. 586, 9. la^- 
pov, arcanom status, tovto to lo^vpov iv- 
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dia firmisfiiiiia. 748, 6. laxyfrrkm fAOf 
rv^U dicitar if Ca0^avoc» tortara seri^o- 
rom. 1141,25. oua im tSn "Kiym dpaWw, 

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1441, 19. liTifwy TOUTO la^^ ^ ^ 

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760, 21. obi opponitor rS hmotf lui 
^XAV&poSaraf; xttc^at. 

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corpori iagerentibos. 37, 25. 1460, 3* 
lar^ run fSfjun qate sit. 5H6, 2. ti II ft 
ialfjtotit mot, ft tiJx»»C JfX*^ — IXw/iAjf- 
WTo. 326, 27. 

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35, 26. ova Xo-m^ [id est, s( Zo'ov] ovM 
aroXiTix«c Iviof r^ aAd* iavtovc aA2 rk «a- 
TA T^y arjXtv groXtnuovTAi. 151, 4. 

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arXf oMXTtaoy. 777 , 3. 

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412, 23. 
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3. lvi(»AXoy ft; tov naImkov. 1302, pen. 

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558, 18. 

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f4oy a piaoolo oontraolo per fonas ia 
pablioo projeetom. 1069, 12. Tivf 1^ 

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M^m^Uv] fjiiKXamy [scil. d irnn&mi]. 
1«69, 11. 

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nri rtlx*. 429, 16. xa^M^t^hrotv rSv 
an^&mt, 616, 10. 756, 20. i» o^w x«- 
etXaSy. 637, S. 

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«{ iM9cl«ra^ iyPfd. professi, vel pnecise, 
abropte, rebos in omnibas, et oitra 
spem recoDciliationis. 294, 11. Iv ofc 
mabimaf^ nvSv Jtuftoc uaria^ni. 304, 22. 
•wTc xd6evwa( irifAotg, qoocnnqae tandem 
nodo. 779, 6. 

1371, 23. 
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26. Tovc f«fv Mo^^jiMtTa, rovq 91 ww* 

674, 18. Ka^c^jtAOTA tout* trarrfc tlo-i 
aw) «rr«x<>i. »«* oWJ 5f&e«iroi. 678, 19. 

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«npij>. 81 rationes acoeptornm et eapen- 
sorvm inter se constent, at neatra in 
parte qoicquam exoedat, aot reliqanm 
maneat. doss eins mit dem andem rein 
aufgeht [that one be fairly balanced by 
the other']. 303,22. tMBa^aytTnu y^^^; 
rihf ^Akao'a'af. dandam esse operam, at 
mare a piratis pargetar. 1339, 9. cui 
emore bomano manas non sant pollatae. 
Tov rouron rtvk ivroiL'niwna xafltffo»iT»ai. 
122, 17. xoy HaraXtvo'arras aurov; ratg 
lovrSf j(tfoi stodiMovc yo^«. 362, 4. 
tuAofkt YErpaff o5» lYorrif. 719, 23. o"«- 
^C imhiitii fAii xaha^, 983, 19. 

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wwiQu. evacaatio. dejectio. 1260, 24. 

naBa^ti] Sn )uteuM( not xodci^c?;, bona fide, 
saaote, caste, integre, incorropta com 
religione, av^ito^tut ^Oditvem. 127, 5. 
iuid«(Sc ^nXovv. plane docere. 169, 1. 
ttadofSi imitixBn* 271, 6. xoda^w; vo- 
>Xrai, 1316, 25. 

i«&<fio^«<] IxA^iJiTo heumrfi^. 1360, 8. 
^ ««'^f{s0'^«u liff Tov Ki^;i^iwya. otiari, f«- 
riari, cessare ab opere faciando. 974, 

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i/t*Sk. 37, 8. 

uaBtJtrlf-] ooropesoendas. 5l5, 11. 

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UmncK], 29,25.108,17.217,18.1207, 
13. 1455, 26. o1j(tren ^1^ [scil. to ap- 
yvfioii] »a2 xa^iXxst toy \oyt<rfAoif. 60. 8. 
evroi y wi^i xo^iXxi/o-av, soil, raf vavg 
MroxoifM'. 1229,11. 

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favTOv arotfTv. 141, 11. Iv roT? KoSriiKova't 
X^oiQ. 1371, 25. !» T«K xa&ijxoiJo-atff 
hfAipaif. 1372, 8. 

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varraj(n uiw&frat hfiSf mai uaOnfAkmK 

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vos, qai in ooncione sedetis, ut stantes 
oratores et ad voa verba faoientes ao- 
diatis, eummqae anctorilates perpen- 
datis. 66, 12. tl V S,ri CovXiTAt (tiretv 
tKoa^Of xa^thTrai, xai oW«c (xnhf ainig 
WMnay a^oxm. 130, 10. If itf-ow ni&iwfli 
Ax^oeofjLivot. 151,16. sxadnvTo rpiTc oXouf 
/uvrnc iv Maxi}oy(<t. 235, 22. t<^c )' «^XX<t; 
iiuidhfM^a iv niXXq. 389, alt. Kobn/Mfw 
Zm TouTOf [scil. Iwi Ty rpavl^q] xa2 
^<ouiovrr« ret iwi rve Tpanrijnc. 1111, 
pen. Tovc uctbnfjfiywt vvi; twv vo/mmt. ad 
jodicandnm. 1329, 19. omia-at kf Iv 
ifyoffrriflov tiA^vrrai, prostibola. 1367, 
26. it Tiff 'AXifavJfW umlhn^ ivrvxn, 
hutvo Xoyia-a^oo, Sn ir^Arrm, itai vrwm, 
»at roXjuSv, ciu^ tu^figvof, nvTvp^it. 
1466, id! 

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442, 14. Xoyoaroiowc jmit* t^t &y9feLv lut- 
d^0«v. 704, olt. Xfyn M^ihai, clam for- 
(i?e emittere et«in aares audientium in- 
sinoare malitiosas orationes. 858, 10. 

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277, 6. JUi&iiptf'ftrr* tw ou0*/av t^ i aw 
T0V. affirroantem, so, ni faceret, bona 
sna omnia Minervie esse donaturom. 
1204, 12. 

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9mraHo<rlouQf ay ts x»X(ouff, &v n owoow? 
2d h ffoXt; KodloTi. 585, 27. xtfi t£v vo* 
ftoflf TflUr XA&' o,T« fwdiJotrtrTai. 706, 23. 
708, 1. Ka&uX hfjiXy h viUq l<|>' inArrv 
rvuTW iiKoa^^uv. 997, 23. ikv U ««- 
^(sTbeu xfXiucni. 632, 20. 

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JtouTov. 11, 26. Toy? Jl je«T<WT^o'«c tS» 
Cm-xXImv. 13, 2. yo/AoQircti naBig^art, 
31, 10. i>^* ujuwy tiff TijT ^^aXaTTAV xara- 
0^ai&viiai. indnoi in maris arbitriam at- 
qne velnt in provinciam a legitima po- 
testate immitti. 80, 6. »a^irraa-i riiv 
ar^Xiy %U tw avvh r^ov [tUq voyurtUif 
putal. 92,18. Karaarfia-avrit tUrriy lit- 
itXnaidy. 271, 10. KaBtartiveu iavray tig 
Tiiyovs «rif< Tfl5» vnv^ayfA.iveov. 351, 16. 
ayrl ii tw rk Var^ut ky rS It^S Kara." 
cravat, oelebrari, rite peragi. 446, 5. 
Imi)*} a h v^Xtc ti? tv 0i/i^Shi, Na2 ta 
w^ayfxara Karia^rn. ad quietem et pri- 
stinam statum redierunt. 460, 14. xa- 
rarvha-aa^ai ir^t l/ue to Vfayfjut. actio- 
nem adversas me detorqnere. 643, 16. 
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orem restitnere. 1044. 27. ytabta^avbai 
tXq Xo^. 1234,5. «rpo( rkq Ka^to^nwUi 
rifxki TOV Wtou y^&fAfJUkra ivifAvrw, proat 



eM«i qaoqo« tempore prctiam uno* 

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tut. 1«85, 26. Ac •? ▼<? i« -rtw jut^wnn- 
}ijt«c Ki<r/uov ri ^s IJIxmto. 1396, 15. 
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vpuhm* rernm oonttitationi pnesenti. 
1464, 18. f{c vf^C KttTld^niv* ad tos 
pi^ii, eonun Tobis adititi. lOSO, 3. 

jM&«)uoXo>«Tv] oondicert, recipere. 1287, 

iMl&ii9ro}t(Wd«i TIM. Iiistrioniois deelatta- 
tionibas, gestioQlalionibos et prsestigiis 
aliqaem deoipere, eique veritatem eri- 
pere. 449, 16. 

x«9t;f (lyai, iM9uf(f0^<u] remittere allqaid 
de studio sao, patiqae, sen per molli- 
tiem segniliemve soam, seo in graliam 
alterius, aliquid suoram sibi eripi, aot 
^ elabi. 80, 24. ooHodendo et conniTen- 
do ftliooi aiiqnid injostam indalge.-e. 
206, 17. Ttf jud JMifltw^iWu raZrei ctfAW- 
tofMU, 26it 12. JMM^ov tut^iM^inu roT( 
Warriut jm2 ir^o^^atc. 343, 3. ko^v^- 

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•hire. 526, 27. cUroXXaynyai %td tut^- 
f7iuu Tdv aySiva. tm^tov. 563, 19. »a^<j>« 
kirw Twv Kwrnyifw, den Proeesi sinkeit, 
fallen, Uegtn liessen [to drop the process, 
flea, &c.] 652, 21. %e&v^nM rh vrpotKci 
'rUt »h\^vf. si?it alteram mese sororis 
forari dotem atqae intervertere. 854, 
ok. 9np2 SftuiBv^wai — ofAoioff vs S^Xt- 
€x&nn, S)c^n^ &v autcIc ^X?? • ®^^» ^- *t' 
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•liis prodat et vendat reip. bona, vecti- 
gaiia, eoaqoe ilia farari tacitas et eoieos 
pctiatar, oeqoe indicet, ex eo qaaesttom 
faoere. 1323, 22. uti^u^mM to v^ayiAa, 
ami lutCkkXvrai n^l^ rw av&poMror, i i9wc 
wneHnxirak n tcutw — . 1325, 15. iroX- 
XAc Mfa^ [soil. >fa^c] «r^xaXS0'^/bte> 
m nuX y^a^afAVhQ xa^^nxf . 1333, 3. 
xiii] respondet interdam Latino veU nt in 
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yfA&rtn v/aXv not &s\rto^w, id est, ou 

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▼el salnberrimnni qaoqae. 10, 9. red- 
andat eleganter initio orationis. ku) 
dii^'otf-di. 542, 1 1 . item in : oviiiFM xai 
rdfAtfCf, 543, 27. initio psepbismatnm 
legnmve. 723, 12. luii ya^ toc, pno rot- 
y£(ri» 744, 9. *m ^, formala argnmen* 
tandi, et dubia obroovendi. 318, 3. item 
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ioganas, ponamns tantisper eom hso 
ita dispatare. 856, 15. 
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rmiF«IKtf*Sh. 43, 8. ««rep£, rf iror' I^^m 

nescio, neqne oonaMiiifoi posMm^^pId 
taoden poisitis agere, ant institomre 
noTnm, nondum ansam, si belhim «per- 
te meoom geratis, qai ista in pace fta- 
deatis. 160, 2. t(«>^mc »aiime, et ao- 
dem signifioato, tfayoi^ t? Man!l [scil. 
ivihiiu], 243, 17. 244, 1. muWtmtov 
9* ia^t warr«0f ti ytyf6fAtm»tt93,10» 

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TOf*?T«w. 1370, 24* 

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*OX(;y&(«y. 11, 26. r^ litf/yoo iMtu^v 
xoipof vfAivtfW VfAfarrat, 16, 4. ft ♦(- 
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/wy. 60, 16. Af itMfoy X^sn. 70, 15. 
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0^. 120, 26. arlftt rw iuufoH, magis, 
qnam expedit. 208, 7. m/u/^sti rdr n»- 
fi¥ [die Zeitumst'dnde, the eircumeUmees 
of the tinui] aror' Wj(vtiv *ai Anu roS ^t- 
$uUw rh avfA^v v^nmtf, 214^ 5. %«i 
OUT! juiipoc, otSr* «lXXe otmvv Sarftov, citat 
Sohol. Herro. p. 175, r. p. 325, 8. tl 
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vat. 343, 3. ^vi^itv aai^. recoperare op« 
portonitatem ambsan. 343, 4. froXXwv 
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if v^Xit. 343, 19. fA&Ktffra H fnh Uti 
Keufvj nwr9 yifir^, e re, opportooe. 
424, 2. Twy avfA0ttmn xm^ 2«rst4- 
0-aTf xuptov. 350, 5. xot^ fAOt^ fit* 
T'iXdiy VfayfAar«0f turm yivomu. 506, 
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calamitosnm, adversom, oux iarop^rt 
ToSv fdfXDcr^yratfy unrip ufiSv xtv^vm^iMi. 
508,3. a^ft Tou, aliqaoasqne, xW ^iXirv 
o7fuit x^, xa{ fM9W, fAitHrifw tov x«tfdv 
um^^XXovToC) nentra in parte modtta 
Tornm et justam migrantes. 660, nlL 
vofk T^ fuyhrwt )utipo6(, temporifons 
maxima snspiciosis, vbi salas pabUca 
suramnm in pericnlom addaota libra- 
tor in ancipiti, ubi soroma res agilor, 
aut serraodi, ant ammittendi amnia. 
470, 12. vfjMg Ivot4tftt0-di hmeufng *noi 
*Afto0af(a}ntv vXlrnf, propter mtiones 
qnasdam politicas, preasi necessitatibBS 
qnibnsdam, qaibns serviendnm asset. 
666, 18. xat^, res, qnam qds siliites- 



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Mm* «M^ wtfmwtiToi, 681, 21, or 
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vfASv avrSn e^Xtrt. 681, ^9. tp!; nai- 
foiV imvTMSTM. opportBvitatibas rti bene 
gerendis. 805, 2^. Tptwv o^} juu^ Kat' 
U>>nf9rM T^v iroXiv, |v oTc tm>( ;(^i|0-/' 
^uovff i£fTa(iTl« 918, 18. avoXiiviff^eu 
JUUfov. opporlonitaten • maoibos dimit- 
tere. pati aliqao aoerbo tempore saam 
4>peratii desiderari. 918, 19. »s iv auu^ 
utaa^n juu ^jgi^ifiM ifi ««Xft. 1206, 17* 
kyoufjuu Tov /uiXXorr» PCf^ ^f^v fiiriTn- 
li«0T|^ovc nunfmiq ir«^«)o00^y. 1413, 9* 
X)»ftCilfoii0'iy, Sfct Av fid 7«# 9roXlfif> K- 
vtnrat, nrotc xat^oT;. 1445, 4. juu^m rtii 
Xis4>ds2c, correptos, oppressas, tuii ov» 
«^iie^^buiTi. i470, 24. i^ wtifinra jiam3v 

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xaip9<{>t;XaNit rh9 viXw hfMVt id eal, ^vX^- 

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r«p. tempera, sea prospera, sen ad ver- 
sa, iisqae servit et in rem saam otitur. 
678, 17. 

X4BS«>ytXftV] ma]a Douoiare, 315, 23» 
matmyo^Uf iUm HUu ^iu^itoi. 5S4, St. 
540, 21. 1262, 19. Tq MWtyofU box,''' 
»TifM rhv Tflv i^yaa-Uv t«v Iv t? «yofS tSv 

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via, igDobilis, dejeclus, degener ani- 
jniis. 247, 23. irStf-av iyu itatUav. 319, 
8. Sl y kv h'avi^w NAXMy irpax^v, /9c- 
^oiovc fl^MKTM SSttoc* 1448, 1. Xoi9opuic» 

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etari, iaerepare, objargare. 538, 12. 

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tari. JUU(ola(fioreu0-t ya^ iv^^otvi not 

MTie^ilXXouMy avoU. 93, 23. 
jMUM^MK. 542, 12. 
MMuftewt. 228, 26. 970, 22. 
>uuuh^t»< mfdrtviff^M, 251 1 22. hait w 

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xti»$\oyT, citat e Demosthene J alios Pol- 
lux II. 119. 
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&iretfron. 633, 4. 
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rinandietiB locem fHeofarendi. 800, 17. 

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^HTuV. 230, 16. firric aXlimic akhorpUn 
tuutSv vvifMtm eyp/M(^3wM. 1119, 15. 
luucSh rSn w»f6nm ttXtmo vk, iXaytrwi. 
1334, 18. Acuik* ignavas, imbellis, ti- 
midus. 1457, 3. i<^vyn x«ijedy, iSpoy«fUi- 
yoy. carmen ab initiandis dioendam. 313, 
19. juut^ ifMu pnret.uat&ffnrl'rm tlHCv, 
612, 8. T. ;^i/p(0-'roc et X**^* 

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rourw ImKorixyu. 904, 25. tvivi iir* 
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yovc. 942, 26. v»\ai nhi i^^afuw, •vii 
vvv vavWTM iutxoTf;(vevyTl(. 1050, 10. 

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11. rSh JMXoTip^twy [Sviiut, vel irfo^MM*!! 
pata] lv( Tothroy iX&ot/ut. titolo malas 
frandis, Tersatite, imposturac, huno ag- 
grederer actione forensi. 1201, 7. 

NoxoCy rovs y99ia(» male habere et traotare. 
719, 22. 

HaxovfyiXf] Ha*ov(ySv touc fifMvs Ckmrreu, 
corrampens, adalterans, latronis in rao- 
dnm spolians, et contraiioans. 721, 20. 
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yfA&raaVf airKwf, &q ay i^ if^t ^f^XPV* 
roiaZra ia^n. 878, 5. warrif AvocrruXn 
Tou KaKov^Xv, h aoxoy rt W(&mn. 766, 
25. rS ueMovoyno'tu xai ^(opt^cM ir^yfut- 
ra, oi/inoq Xtlmrai. 1111, 2. de faribas 
etlatronibos prscipoe asorpaiar. SItw 
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yoy rac. 1342,15. aXifrTwyjuUXAMro^tm^y, 
iea2 Til TMAVTA uaKougyovtran ituta^r^t, 
763, 24. 

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xoxou^ftaff-f. 749, 5. 

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aMi{ yuil Hoiuupyiaq »v»fjiinw, 730, IS. 

soKoUp^^] far, Hearing, grassator in oem- 
pitis et semitis, latro, pirata. tuuuSi^t 
sunt in numere eornm, qaoa statim, in- 
dicia cansa, liceret in carcerem daoere. 
roXs tutK^^ywst tm( ftar^aXtUtf, to?; »- 
«^p«TSUT«c. 732, 14. 4>vXax^ rufm rSnf 
lutKoufywv votha'aff^M, 1330, 4. nbi pi- 
ratfe designantnr. 

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est, naxiMs mU SX'^C% ^ «i«ro;/X«(, 
schvnirig, missvergnugt, tibelgednmt [ilC- 
disposediy, inimkaUy, malevoienth/],iuU 
ffrao^aa^ui&t* 245, 19. olXX«c ri aa{ 
/(««/(i«&)ixvrc( fid xoxSf Ip^iiy T^ Imriiikia. 
dte an gut FuUtr gewohnt war [io^ 
were accustomed to good living], non 
parce, neqne sordide, teuniter, jejooe 
, yictitare. 1359, 12. Jktxwc 2%** '^^ "'f^' 
yfjutra wtwrron hfjtSflf fMiih rS» h&rrtn, 

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14, 8. ^vpa XMMc itf^nniVMt. 1158, 16. 

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alt. l&vritiXovQti^nMuirtatqrS^ynim 
[sabaadi ypa^] *U i^ ayo^eLv Ifi^aXi). 
7S2« SO. xaxotftf-Mc [sabaadi t«c yuftu- 

1332, 13. 

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iMXiT^] hfAipA iiitbm iyi^a in&kUf w f^ivov 
tHjfwv, <lxx^ xa2 — . 285, 22. de magi- 
stratibas reos ad se, ad forom saam, 
cansaa dicendBB ergo, vocantibos, Tel ad- 
mitteiitibos. 406, ^7. 407, 5. evV vva- 
}toi;0-atXAXou/tcivoc^&iXi)0-a(.434, 16. xa- 
X£ )* Immov u/M«v, ^ av^gi?, tovc &fou( 
avTAvraq, 274, 24. xXnl^lvTiff ourot v^f 
Hfv^4>govct. ad coenam inyitati. 402, 15. 
qui cum altero faoaKates permutaret, ia 
earn IxaXft, qaem ad ejasmodi penna- 
tatiooem citaret. 1040, 10. ixaXiTro tou- 
IMflwfAa, appellabatur inrecitatione no- 
minam reliqaoram manicipaliam. 1301, 
olt. 1302, 9. xaXov/uiviic t?; y^a^nq, com 
actores, una cam reis actionis, ad judi- 
cem oitarentur. 1336, 9. xaXsi iceCC^a, 
vox heri servo stomachantis, et flagra 
in earn poscentis. heas tn, vooa mihi 
puernm, qui flagris haao servam ne- 
qaam, aat ancillam mali moris,dedolet. 
402, pen. xaXouvT«v oMf %U i^v avcUpi- 
0-tv Twv k^y^tw, 1324, 12. 

xetXiv^ov/Mivov. 403, 19. 

xaXMTfiTy] Harpocr. ex orat. Dem. in E- 
Tergom et Mnesibalum oitat IxaX^o-T^w. 

xaXXtfg^v hxi^ma^ Alt v<rraros, 1072, 17. 

x^XXe;] olKoiofjLiifJMra aai xaXXn rotaura xa2 
Tod'ttura xaTfoxiuao-av h/dXy It^Sav nai rSv 
ivrouroti avaSnfA&ron. 35, 15. xoXXo; fjih 
WX Tflff ?4'**C» ffot^fovvmy y i^ri tHc 4''" 
;t«?. 1403, 25. 

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9roX». 185, pen. ra roof ff^oyivm KctXk koI 
d/xattt ivMfsXv, 246 f 4. i*/uty rk xciXXtff-ra, 
Ivcuyot, ^^ai, Tt/uot, ra^yot, ^ofiriif 
vafet roiv ev flnwoy&^w syiyvcvro, 252, 

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riandi] la-rn tlviiy fxoi. 311,4. conf. 310, 
pen. ri ^irot; <{>^0-o^iy xaXov, soil. 9rpo- 
c^fAA, qaem bonestam, et vel specio- 
sum roodo prsetextum profererous. 661 , 
15. Iy fjkh sMlvoif TO Xu0-(TiXf ; i^a^HiX, Iv 
a TouToif Koi TO xaXoy v^fftXmi hX, 1433, 

10. xaX^ xot 0-eorhpia rav^ v/mv yiyon rk 
{fpi. 1460, 12. et 17. ironice. xaXny yt 
Yvv imiXh^ttot XH''^* HQ, 2. Kokhv y» 
v0pn T^/Aiv av vfifto-fjUvot, da w'urden wir 
schon recht angekommen seyn. da w'urden 
toir eine sckone lange Nose davon getra- 
genhaben [we should have come off finely 
then, we should have put on famous long 

faees], 660, 20. <pva-tf ov Vfo^ h^mhv i^a- 
veimBwat xttX4. idonea, proiia, faoilis. 
1411, 11. 
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Teslro. 304, 26. v^ovrou^t t^ fAJthMrrct 
ual xaXwc iroMVtf-f. et qaod diTites siBt^ 
id Tero laado oongratalorqae. 582, 20. 
xaX«c lui ivuUms ^tatfftftff&at. 1172. 5> 
1175, 19. 1180, 25. x«x5c ea l^w toDtw 
Toy TpMfoy ^laytw, 1428, 5. oi/ih fiSXkw 
i;^e( xaX£c. decomrn est. 662, 24. ivf^ 
TO xaXdtfc 1^^ T£^0-d«t. 664, 22. MiXSg. 
recte ais. audio. 998, 24. 

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Xfi^i netfxfiXwg, AC 0»ct\iX rk xf^fAar» 
<j>tfo-Jy5yny.l85, 22. 

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vra^ova-a xa/uyoyrt &9^^A9F»* 1364, 13« 

xayD<|M}gi7y. 1072, 22. 

x«yoCy. 618, 7. 1371, 18. 

xay«y] & roCt Wfvn^ 'EXXiitf-ty ZfOi rSv 
aya^Sev nai Kavivif Jtcea, hanrfo^int, 
324, 27. 

xowflXoc fFcn^Uq, 784, 7. 

xa«ry({iiy xirrouc ^0'ayTtc o^oflrsiov/Alvooff 
Tovc ffx7$cK. aientes se fumo saffooari,* 
pueris nostrisexoilato, coenam apparan- 
tibus. 1257, 15. 

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x<^ 0-Ti<{>avot? ffiAu^ayTtc. 531, 6. 

xagxTvof] morbns. So^i^ ol laT^o^, Srtiv »a^ 
xTyoy, « ^ayilasiaf — . 798, 23. 

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fieuc i7vat. 328, 18. xoforoi, olc {aw^v ei 
ay&^wot. 1390, 10. u^i/itot A Q^^^nq 
KoX o2 xa^el Twy X**^ autHc l^iyyoyro. 
1157, 3. 
xa^ou0-&a( 'Kifihaqnei ayofAt, 15, 21. t^ 
olxfMy khZi xagflToufiEyoi. 16, 18. 17,10. 
71, 2. T«c T»y xjfotfjiiiiw olxUf, 419, 19. 

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iroZreu, 478, 3. Jt* AvXwTMty T«yTpoirafy 
)i;(ol&iy xapeorouyTai. 614, 7. 754, 13. 
na^vwvreu orXioyi^uiy. 662, 6. xapwfl^tt- 
0-d'ai 2)«xiy f X Twy E/(A£y E0^ofA^ixoyT« fivSc* 
814, 19. XajSoyTSc otq ahrduf xol x«f««»- 
vafAttoi }lxft 2ti} Touiray&^wirou;. 821, 94. 
xag^rou/uiyoc Suo wciaq ixayoy ^MTiXtr;. 
1045, 14. xa^vouyTcu tc^c &<^iXi/a( IM^.' 
1232. 2. m^fMvoc rk h/jtirtfa. 1283, 
27. Tny nXixuty Ixtt^vwauro avrSv ix^ 
0ni(. 1351, 12. fflTfXi/infy auT^y tov; tA 
xofya 0ov\of4ivovt xofvwo'^ai. 1460, 25. 

x«tTa] pro Koi f7Tct, et sic, et propterea, et 
torn proat consentaneum eratet neoesse 
fjicta. xe^^TA hi'i'tva^eti, 15, 13. 

xxT^l] cum GeniliTO oniverse a) de, sito 
ad laudem rei, sive ad criminationem, 
reprehensionem, notam. o Hoi fxiytcrriit 
so^t xo^* vfjLuv iyiuifAUV, samma Jans, 
qoBB de vobis pnedicari possit. 68, 2. 
T^y o/uoMtv E«roin0«T« vicr^ atrlav M»f* 
auTou. adTcrsns euro. 646, 4. fAorauu U 
xai al XArk enCaUn iXwH^tf, de Thebanis. 
367,24. xoiyoy vva^u xata vfarm tm 
cyri^Mjm* ad omnes pertinet, omoibfw 



«QBMQiie est 503^ IS. jm^' Iv^ fjJww 
WfiffMiTOf ov rk Mf&rtm iyfanuf. m Tel 
de ana sola qoapiaai re non optime cen- 
aoit. 1413, 5. I>^ )i 'ravntf r* AktAn 
ttvat T^l^AV voju^M lufrh tvc ir^Xia»c, xcd 
^o^Xfl^u«[«cil.iXn&Sf7v«i].1429,6. rot-- 
avrwf xai tutreL rSh 3Xkm Vfoa^onUv v«- 
ftta^tia-trt tn&o^ntq. 1464, 96. pertinet 
hao etiam ilia diotio xara firavrdc tov 
Xf6tou m>|««0'&i. de toto reliqao futoro 
tempore, b. e. rationein a vobis haberi 
▼dim etiam aniversi postmodam futari 
temporis, yel, quod attioet ad foturum 
tempos, tn Absicht, in Beirachtungf in 
Besishung auf [in regard to, in respect 
to, in reference to]. — 615, 27. 756, 5. 
b) per in formnlis dejerandi, per alien- 
jos capnt. &fjmft ttar i^oikiUf, juraos 
dixit, si sciens falleret, Telle, nt dii 
male se perdant. 553, 17. 554,23. un- 

hfMinai raZr av [snbaodi aurqy] i&l- 
XtiT. nemo Testmm existimet, velim, 
mairem nostram anqoam commissnram 
faisse, ot per capita nostra, qai sumas 
ejas liberi, dejeraret. 852, 18. ipAoiya^ 
Vtt^aamffkfMWf rwi vaXiaf alrov, XAvk 
^ourm o/jttXffbM itai clp^c nvaq hivikt lira' 
focw^M, 1268, 24. XAT* lf«Xi^ff ivtof- 
MtX, pejerat, sciens et volens, tametsi 
perjoriom excidio soo sanxisset. 1305 » 
12. Pertinet hnc quoqne dictio : tvx*- 
o-^M xATo, vuuirn^iuf, rogare deos Tioto- 
riam, cam voio, b. e. cam oaatione, 
sponsione, Tel conditione sacroram et 
prvmiorom ab ipsis, Tictoria potitis, 
offerendornm. 1467, 1. Cam accasa- 
tiTo insenrit tuireL a) forroandis tam 
genitlTis, cam plores genitiri concnrre- 
rent^alii ex aliis nexi ; ande exstitaram 
aea orationis perplexilatem, sen asperi- 
tatem soni, alteram genitiyum- dooram 
aocnsatiTo mutant, addentes Jtoro. nnde 
similis exsistit dictio nostrte, in Anse- 
hung [on account of], vel reddi potest 
per [quod attinet. rk nab' vfiat ixXit/bt- 
fjutra, id est, t^^ v(xwv, tcI rei v/xirtfa 
iXKiififAora. Testra delicta, a parte Te- 
stra profecta. von eurer Seite [on your 
part]. 26, 3. rrit xark bebutrrav ^Xa- 
x«c, pro Tnc ^Xetxnc "nt baXArTni. en- 
stodise maris. 80, 17. rS ttab* satrm 
^fitf, id est, T« vaf iamw, ant o^* iav 
rw ^$et. terrore sni. 341, nit. ovfA0eUni 
fAOi TO JM^* vjuac dappfTv, id est, to vfAi' 
rt^c* /ul^c> quod ad tos attinet, Tel, a 
yestra parte, secnrum et fidentem esse. 
1299, 14. b) apudt a parte. aaT^ to 
cufA^i^n la^afAhm, faoienlibus cnm eo, 
qnod expedit. 283, 17. c) tn. t^ toS 
flroX^v ta)^ ua\ jutri^xaipoy ^rfimcbat, 
10, 13. potest bnc quoqne referri dictio, 
TQC XAT^ ^oXaTTay ^"Kanns, pro tS; Iv 
^oXirrii. 80, 17. d) secundum, Jwtta, 

ex formnla toI oaatione pnMoripta. al 

cvf^iuu, fuA* AC »U.ftUaro, 791, & e) 
per. tfa fjkh fjJim nanrh w6>Ms, iijui m2 
Kar l&vn SouXsv«0-t. 1 17, 27. rht iMtni- 
QoXkQ xoTctCefXXftir xara v^uraniat, tio^ 
galis qoibusqae prytaniis honore de- 
fnactis. 1353, 22. M rS tuA' hf*i^ 
fjuffBS, meroede dinma, diaria. 1382,4. 
Kark ^tanoff'tat, %ai r^uaiooias, [soil, ifo- 
Xf^i] ^F"*^ '''( tc^Xavtov itaMxt*fAif0» 
uni Terse talentnm ferme foenori bno il- 
iac creditam, aliis ad ducenteuas drm- 
chmas, aliis ad treoentenas. bey, odtr %u 
[ot]. 817,1. }(fXa/b(Cavoi' touj ifrmjfoar* 
o09\&v, obolatim, per obolos siognlot. 
918, 9. Koff n/iAtuiToy /uirpou/cMvof.ite lie$' 
sen sich dot Getrayde %u halben Metsen, 
haWe Metxenweise, zumessen [they had the 
com measured to them by half pecks'], 918, 
11. aad* Iv huwrt/talrSn l^iiTdltf'ai. sigii- 
latim, nnnmqnodqae eoram seorsim.per 
singula enndo. 230, 20. k«&* ha ifjJSn 
waf iiLoa^rov ^tW Xa/ujSawi. 782, 22. 
qnod idem est, ae si dixisset «a^* iai- 
tf-Tou vfMiv ttaff ha, nl xod* ha sit ad? er* 
bilialiter asnrpatnm, pro inrttim. bene 
babet ille locns. f) pro, ytyinfact naff 
IttvTov; lxa0*Tot. pro se qoiqne, seorsim 
ab aliis. 145, 11. imiXh t^ naff ainif 
[scil. /uipo(] ir&j(bn Xiv^t/Muiiv. pro sna 
yirili parte, tanquam priratas, miles 
gregarias» non imperator. 482, 8. vhi 
nay savrw Srri. als er nun sclton aus 
seines Herm IHenste auigetreten war, 
und seine eigne Handlung,fuT sich sel' 
ber, unter seinem cigen Namen, und auf 
sein eignes Risco, angefangen hatte [when 
he had left his masUr^s service, and gmi» 
into bu^nessfor himself, in his own name, 
at his own risk], 945, 20. tva fAn^h Ix- 
Xsiqrji r£ ^/m>, to nar l/cAt. pro mea Ti- 
rili, qaantam in me nnnm hominem ye* 
niret. 1210, 20. ^lyM^ct inrofp^orr^fMi 
nar ifjuivrov cvfA0dka svvolac ^rpo; bfuic, 
1473, 15. g) pro mode, in compara- 
tione rernm inter se. fAst^w ^oerlw, ft 
na'b* alrcv, ipafxsfWf. quaro pro snis Tiri- 
bns. qnam ferre posset. 156, 6* fl ^i rS 
ionS fAsi(o¥as, d nar I/mautov, xI}«v X^ 
ywf, qnam pro mea persona. 171, 9. 
iroXX« /uit^oMt, n nar 'AfA^wtikn, iS 
frotnfffnr vfjiat, multo majora, qnam qase 
compararipossentcnm mediooritate be- 
neficii in Amphipoli pnestiti. 409, 14. 
veXXa nayada vfiaq tlfyacfAkm, w nara 
rki Mi(}iou XfiTou^>^c. non tam jc^ana 
et coulemnenda, atqne essent oontribn- 
tiones a Midia prsestitse. 569, 15. aira- 
Xit4>f (y avo rov o^Xrifjutrof naSt* ^,n inrU 
n. qaatenns dependeret, eateons nomen 
factum deminui, expnngi de nomine 
tantnro, quantum dependeret. 1338, 9. 
j(jpnfjuiri(iuv xa&* o, Tt x«di}#urr«u. in de* 
liberationes ire ea dt re, de qua ideBli- 



dem deKbtntio proposita. et eooseMas 
indiotas faiitet. 706^ 23. 715, 5. 
m mr » 04ti fia] fnrww 3^/mv ^jt«lfac <v*Ci /t*d 
nmrafiahm liri ^^Uarvvv /Bm^o. 428, 

MiwCICtMi^ ,Av2 vSv rinnw. 1046, 11. 
JMTa|f9rM ftc 'Tvy nfif«i2. 1338, 16. ica- 
rij9« i£ *A^v «riyov. 1373, 8. d» ora- 
tore, fine dioendi facto, de siiffestii de- 
Mvndente. 169, 24. uariBn ia&K» rifMw; 
[adl. Airo rtS 0n/(««To?]. 348, 9. xctV^ 
JMTajBttAM*. 351, 4. fUkraZahtan Ivi rw 
fidfjuktof, 375,20. abi •stiii)e{pa diotio. 
meem0iif. e oonoiose domam te? Arnas. 
782, 22. 
- maraB&Kkttt] prosternere. uaimQa\6mg rh 
B^VT^tUrhnSivM^ifougwf, 1155,13. 

nrsitdrm vf^yfAkrm* 748, 13. b) depen- 
dere, namerare peoaniam debitam. Uv 
Vt /Ah HatAfi&Kn rh ofyv^n* 712, ult. rk( 
in, TMV vofAMV v^ovcag (n/bttac JutT«- 
$ikKitf, 727, 4. Touc Ix^VTo; T<1 Tl fl(^ 
^(jAf/tar* nai *rk taxa xaraff&KKM tU 
ri fiwXnnii^m, 730, 27. 1353, 22. o) 
depooere, ant deponenda carare in ta- 
bulario pablico sea testimonia, sea le- 
ges, sea alios generis monomenla Uteris 
eensignata. h fxa^^a tMvtfieiKKiro Iv- 
vov^A. 921, 4. rSvvlfAMfovKlatrron -^iV' 
hti y^^ks lie fa hfJt6o-ut y^/xfjutra xo- 
ra$aKKio^M, ope|ram dare et ita com- 
parare, ut monamenta literamm falsa 
IB chartariam pablioam inferantar. 243, 
25. r6fMf iutre^a\6(fra, ant si qasim ta- 
men legem jam proposoisset, tulisset, 
ejus aactor factas esset, iSv Iv i/Wfjua-la, 
iUam sinere jaoere et in obliTionem 
abire. 260, 24. 

tiiira0yJtvruii] hit>Jta-tcv l^tun, h tavt ay 
jwrnCxi^r* 62^> 2^* ^* ''''? iMLTaZ'Kk'^n 
ra/k f lUtfy iMiMc 636, 2. »ara0i0\afx/jli' 
np «^H9 xAyou, 1278, 8. 

iM'ra^eX^] pensam prsesiandam, pensio 
qoieqae peconiaria, Teniente dicta die 
dependenda. naraficlKal rSv tiXwv. 731, 
8. JMTo^oX^ fxUv h ivo 6tlf, 791, 21. 
XAraCoXmr t^Teiku rou ftiraXXev. 973, 4. 
rkt HmraficXkf tutra$aXKiii9 tU 'ro /3m;Xiv* 
T^piov nark ir^vranUf. 1353, 22. ivtt- 
ffwiv vvey^k^offbtu rkf )ia'ra$oXds.t4&4, 
18. b) tempas qaodconqae orbe sao 
circomaoto recarrens, et hino insalias 
morbi per oerta teroporom intervalla 
incradescentis. ^ovip n^'o^, ^ xata- 
tSoXd miftrovf ^ fllXXev rtw? kah^. relut 
pensio qusedam feraria stata die depen- 
denda. 118, 20. 

iMPmCftfCfiuttv TivA.neqaam artibas aliqaem 
drcnmventam eyertere. 544, olt 

uofrAytiv rk orXoTa. piratioam eseroere, na- 
rtt ex alto ad litas dedacere, cogere 
inTitai ad appelleodam ad oram toam^ 
tkon quo ipsse tendebant, a inere proee- 

d«rt; siTe at illiM ioflUM seroea, ^luU 
bus ta ipse iodigeas, e. o. speoiba ao- 
nonarias, si?e, at oogaa tibi eerta veeti- 
galiadepeBdere.dat Stope/fveftlauMfreiiy 
a««6ring0n[to«zerdseitopfe-r^g^]. Bu- 
(arriougiSfASf rk «rX«« jutT^ytiv. 63, 19. 
217, 10, 16. qaas naves kirkng df robe 
ItfAtri^S Xi/(Ah»c noKrhyaytnf, 480, 15. 
1207, 27* simplioiter est, lutraytw, ali- 
qno abdacere navi. sic X7ov lartTps^^t rk 
^(j^fjutra tuira^^tu. pervehi, devehi. 
pro simpKci kx^^^* ^^» ^* ^^^j ^- 
b) donnm, ad sedes suas Teras, priati- 
nas et debitas redocere, pneaertim tox- 
solem. KfAOf nariyuf, democratiam- re- 
stitaere. 198, 27. 212, 17. et 26. ilc a? 
M rev; <pvykiAt w.rkym, 248, 19. nota- 
y^wxp» 249, 18. rvn la nii^aiAc n«t<i- 
yayfirtm rin 99fAonf, 430, 6. narkyvmg 
*AgyaX(f9, redacentes in regnvm, restito- 
entes. 660, 13. o) deverti aliqao, bo- 
spitandi gratia, vel coromorari alicabi. 
HarayofAhw sic riif olx/ftv.ll90,26.1218» 
19. fAiihve(iir9rt itf Axnht iuvr&yt^M, ho- 
spitio ejas nonqaam ateretar. 1242,12. 
xttrfiytTC ira^k rovrco n^iuRng, 1242, 14. 

uarayiKM rSn h roXf vifMis yvy^fxfihtn 
hxaUit, 1043, 19. ti Ix^^ XArteytijknf, 
of ^1 ovfjtfMtxoi TsdvStfY r£ int. 53, 10. 

HArayi\aa^9i'] -n? 91, 3if w^onnM [soil, w«- 
^arxsuet^dnvAi] fen^aaiut^ tuLrayiXaairog, 
106,15. KarAyi}iA<rrH i Xoyoc. 213, 18. 

HariyiyMs] deridioulam,Udibriam. ^Boin^ 
M tULrayi>,uri elm^auCrrsc ttotXaX^AM^. 
gliich ais turn Spatae, ztir KunweiU [at 
if for a joke t for pastime]* 1295, 23. 

»areiyiyn^eu] l)(u Xpt'^^X***"' ^ ^ ^"^ «*- 
raylyniMu, soleo plervmqae Tersari, 
oommorarl, mlL i(yk(9fjMt, 521, pen. 

iutr»ywt&aiMv] est oniTorse, opinari, saspi- 
oari, stataere, sea mente tacita, sive 
sepaodam, sire adversos aliqaem, ?el 
aliqoid. Teromtamcn ssepissime in par- 
tem deteriorem aooipitor. 9tf6rt(w fjih 
c2rv vfxSv )uurtylwc%99, seeias de Tobis 
arbitrabar, antvobis irasoebar, aat,vos 
reprebendebam. 264, 4. itartyfontira 
rdurw iouToS;. banc saimet pcniitere, 
ipsommet sese sua sententia damnare. 
407, 7. ToTco'f^^ *a,r%y9wd9-i9 \avrSf9, 
qoi nimis de semet ipsi desperant. ni- 
mis abjecte de se censent. 1402, 24. 
ouTflJc khhyvrif ma KartyfAxaa-t r9ic *^ 
Xs«c tnXvnv ttai fAaXaalav, de ea bospi- 
cantor, Tel prsedicant, Jaotant. tntaen 
ihr %u, tagen ihr naek [to nipposB it co' 
pabU of, report cfii], 219, pen. oh ya^ 
kv xarayfUin hfAocv »uliii$c* non facile de 
▼estrom qooqoam tarn sinistra atqae 
tam ignominiose existimem. 515, 22. 
t0fif &v TIC nariyfu fxhw rSh ftifpfayui' 
9w. pnedicet, solommodo eontnmeliam 
esse. 530, 20. elpaalopost: Mffk^fiih 
av naraymioTi^, etiamd flMinoB impiim 


. ergA dooB UBt eM9* r. 21. ^)«wjc ivlh iuMr«SMiT/i0v#^ «vvav Tihr Km*. Mgi- 

v^bifir ^iik«>'mS0icm. kaad arbitror in tos bat ne effecisse, at arbitriom oontrc «e 

c«dere poMo dedeoos nllain aaimi de- daretar. 1013, ^S. i iuummiif •h luiM* 

generia. 56$, alt. Un^wfMi/ xariyvotaiav ^udra, aXX* to(«^ VX!^''* Jiwoiiatv^mQ 

[avrmj'\. 6QS,^5, roravrni! vfMM timbttaf toutov Tiiy SMfTAV, inrip«< J})* eS^c* 

jUv^^iommv. 875» 6. rlc u/triSv «^f ttartk' 1190, 8. UMnitrirfia'anrS /mu ^ UiLmt ifh- 

y»oln uw reo-aurm fJuiitUv, 1319, 4. ova /uovc. effioiebat, at bia adversos me, oeu 

i;(«'n»«ttt>(ip£.qaidoen8eainpr»diceiii- oontsauioeoi, proaontiaretor. 1972, 9. 

ve. 1477, 6. Maretymoantrt, dacernitis KaraiuU^uv rqy hir>McUv, soil, ^v/uiop, f el 

pro pceoa, ha-fAii»rih ixoa-fMuvrm, 725, IxTM'tv, item t^ 9i}ui4rX«0-(ay. 733, 5. 

8. 7 29, 26. ^^iirt i^i^ifAMtet rk Xjfil*MTtt nAxthtt&o-aro I/aov i!HiUK, effeeit, at Ja- 

Touron Martywnheu, oun ^k^ovfUfM, ad dtoea contra jos et faa adveraas me 

depeodeodam aeris illam BomaMun eos pronantiareBt 1144, 17. wXtlotof A(ta, 

ooodemnavisae. 754, 22. ma^mtifAan ait- n xaTi^(xa^a0-&i. mehr betrHgt, ah die 

T9U xanfiyfam, sabaadi iUnv^ pronanoia- Geldbusse, in die ihr meinen Mann hebt 

atis reom eaae legam lataram malaram, sehlagen lassen [jamounts to more than 

pemioiosarom, cam vetasto jure pa- the fine, in which you have got my kms- 

gnantiom. 790, 19. uarctyinia-cimu «r^ band mulcted]* 1156, 17. 

imrfoviv, sententiam se diotaros egse, jMra^^nJ-moIcta peouniaria tibi dictata. 

I tateHua male gestam esse. 861, alt. a«- Ko/xl(ta-bui r^v uara^nv, einstreiehen/in 

TuyHvt aiudaif avrdu. 879, 14. a^taiTv. lumpfang nehmen [to take in, take pos- 

581, 1. &0-riKBifovg HXovhv mtou jutra- tesstoti of], 1154, 27. i;irt9iu(kTv. 1155, 

ywwu. 1326, 19. TJiv avriiv nariyM «a- 2. Ix"*^^ '^S** ^? havuVm^. oob in 

^iw/buav Twy Itk} t?c hifAnt^rUf inarpc- OTiboR et pastore jam babeatis tantom, 

yfjUvm, nv rwv Iv' IxiwMr [soil. t£v tv- qaanti est malola Tiro meo irregata. 

fkncM-, imr^YfJikton uartyKBHart] vfMis. 1156, 23. rhv uaraHititt ixvUiM, &45, 

718, 21. t«( hf iurloTa t,n av nATuym' 25. 

ri&pa^rov. 721,2. 9rttp«yo^ [soil. ^W] aoTalovXouy] ^5y iMrtt^Xoif«ll«y w^«c 

xaTATO'fl^iTt vfAon ahron fMra$ovXiv6/att- &^fcovwi» 24(), 2. 

yoi.1444, 16. In passiTo. xa/vtywo-fjumtt uaraivifM, Karaivto'btu] prie podore terra 

nS^ rnc ^»c« 872^ 27. mergi dehiscente. ovx «v lar* »vt« roura^ 

aMiwyvuyftt] 'rnv aXitV xaTMy^ct. 247, 11. jearf^u. 578, 26. wa^nadtireu ual ovsui' 

tULTtayhtu rhv xf^Xnv, h trtfSv ti. nra^vtrai roXf mv^ayfAhoiq* padore Bon 

1268,3. ^ ^ exanimator. 616, 28. 757, 8. ju»T«lwrtti 

h uarAyfoao'tf avrSev vra^aiil^ roTc di0-/uads- tov faDy i/SovXiuo-ayro, navem ponto de- 

Tati u«ro nroi; y^fAfxarkofg, formala con- mergere, tva twq ^nio'eanroi Awwrrt^d' 

demoationis Hteris consignata. 720, 21.' o-aisv, um das Ihrige hrdchten [to dejnive 

Karxyo(a{uv ^fda* GOUer, Fracht, Ladung of theii' property'] . 883, 19^ uaraiuo'ofAi' 

einkaufen [to buy goods, freight, ladif^], ms rvf fswi avrtxa /jt&Xa, 884, 7. 

908, alt. 909, 2. iMra:^iXv]Hara^i0i¥»ai^ifm»al&)^hfAne» 

wtvahiUiM, ?el uarahSiin. 521, 10, 740,26. 

1442, 2. XAiwi^uvKy X^ reh rt n^ vr^Xii tivaf^h' 

uaraiiriQ] pauper, egenos, defioiens. 141, row xaXjiry. 260, 3. oi uarfff^VMi oh^h 

1. tuvrahirrt^ wy roOron «roXv. 813, iwy v^WTcn^fAkftn rS fAtfk raSha $Ui, 

16. xartiiua^ifaf tU to arapoy ivitafxtv, 314, 9. (^ Karaia-xfiim [o ^utao^g] rau' 

XAlTt, 9. TW [rny Auwy], 5c IwAw/u^ Irtt, 773, 1. 

iMTaSsM-TfpMc «rf$2 K&rra raZra tx^oct. sie marem stnpro vitiare. 1125, 12. 

I^nen es ihr in dem allem nicht gleich xanurtS^dai. 553, 7. ttarairiatnirM /kh- 

ihun [they /umnot compete with her on )i2c auToy (Svra. 1306, pen. 

all these pdnts], 1182, pen. xctToiiXay] i^msvrfi^ta, sKmSv mtfivrttixm 

xoTtt^iiayvKy] institoere, sancire, dooere. tuvntCKa^. 1251, 24. 

aufbringen, zuerst anordnen [to broach, uareutXiUw fifjuo. 49, 16. narax'Ksie^img 

order for the first time], vivos Unmv i<p* iU la^AfAXw. 597, 11. jtarlaXiitf-ay l^ioy 

hfMV Wfohan xoTa^fi^^df/n rouvrcv tfyov, VfoyfAtt -\>yi^iafAari. 649, 27. t?c 9r^XI»c 

492, 23. tatac^^M, 647, 13. o to; tlq Muw /Jtiyirrm tuiraiwilKnfJtivng^fiOS, 

iffyuni.rui hfJiXy tiXit^ uuraiti^at 'op- pen. 

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xaiwIiiXiay. 1410, 5. Tt Na2 o^ity ixIXsimv. 402, 23. 

xara^p^irdcu] rorsos ad comma nionem uanraKy^va-fjioil&a'ini'rnkxanrauXveriAhhyov- 

oiTitalis jariamqae saoram admittere. fASVog yt¥Sffiat vw fr^ayf/Jnw. i 

802, 18. 1317, 21. et 25. rerom pertarbationem, obi samma Imla 

iuurahatrSf] de arbitro condemnante. 541, misoentar, velot in dilovio. 299, 21. 
alt. 54/2, 6. oai opponitar awoiiatr^v, . uttvaxoifamTv, 889, 6. 
897, 2^. 1006, 5. 1013, 21 . oux l<}»i /mi xarax«f(/{siy ix v»¥ ay fit irhra nrn va^' 



rw« deportare, oonTelMre, oompdlere 
IB urbem ex agris. 238, 15. 379, 26. 
JMnuto/bUffiM T^ inuj¥, redacere in por- 
torn, node exisset. 1223, 25. rhf vaZv tU 
'Fiiof jMTW^/MM'i. appalit. 1283, 21. m- 
ranofjd(i» fovv tU i/Avro^tvf. 1286, 18. 

T»^». 277, 20. 

172, 26. rei Uofxmia uareuioTmn. 608. 
4. -roue cTTKfxiiwff. 615. 15. 755, 22. tooc 

hXv jMTAX^Titv. 782, 16. 

iMTMc^(a»C, ad Hatietatem, ad ravim usqae. 
id eat oUra modum, iolemperanler et 
petoUnter. (anqaam qai ea satiari Don 
possit, sed ingurghet sese. velat dia- 
torna fame crnciatus, xfAfAtng off vvy 
ir«fou07 rvxjp. 289, 16. 

uatasudtai] obedire, oblemperare. parere. 
^li&itc Tou JtoTMCovfiv riv6i ilo'i, 15. pen. 

Toaovojuiv aXX^X«v. alii alios aadimus et 
serimos Terba facientes. 74. 7. 

i(«T«»pi9f(W{i0>dai. 446. 11. 

JUtTMuvXuity. 352, 14. 895. 11. ttarauo' 
Xvdq Tov fic ZutiX^ctv irXm;. 896. 20. Tva 
/t*d XAToiMXMifu roue orpl^ir;. 1248, 1. 

]UitttX«{ovtuM^. 569. 9. 

iMT<i3Uif»CaM(v] oocnpare. in Besitz nehmen 
[tff to^ po$sestion of]- ttnrt ran rk di<(- 
«]pa, sedes in Iheatris. iutra>uifA0ayorron, 
1443, 21. de tempeslate subito co- 
oriente. bomines ooonpante, at effagere 
neqoeant. uaiva\afA0a.nt tdviunog ovrouc 
viri( a-ornfUts, h IXivdi^Mc. 259, 6. ourw 
f(f>av linffi^er/Miiv itvai th KaruXn^a 
Tqy «roX(y Mvm. 301, 27. t^mSv q^i tuti- 
fSv KoirtiXn^irotv riif qroXtv. Iy oTq roue Xf*i' 
Wftovc IfiTo^iTt. 918, 18. invenire, de- 
prebendere, incidere in aliqnid. a9rpa- 

1^ 909. 23. In passi?o : depreheudi. 
occQpari. oorripi, capi. compediri. ou 

iH^Xfi. 262. 19. XATt/XnnrTO o-o^x^o^ufvoc. 

567, 18. Ivl hcfMv uara\n^tl{, 1133. 

13. vv avAyiuii, 1133, pen. 
JMToXi/tm (xa^^tav avd* Eeturou. Sri orctpa- 

WfAtT. 486, 15. xaTaX£tVi(V rnv ^Uurav, 

ad arbitrinm hand Tenire. soi copiam 

arbitro non facere jns diotaro ; vadimo- 
- niam deserere. 544, 21. oux av irmu^ov 

h/jutvriv Iv iyyvjt KarayMivifAivov. 901, 1 8. 

fwiuxZi irrtfAW narixiircv tov oTm, ipsis 

bino disoedentibns, pretium annonarnm 

810 satis magnnm faerat. 1285, 18. 

hf*S^ Iv uffo^ta Kara\i\oiin roXi BWhof/i* 

VQiitdrAvbai. 1286,15. 
XttTctXifrou^ry] Indis edendis rem fami- 

liarem exbanrire. jearftXiXUToi/^xwc 

wWi, 956, 20, 
aaTAAiufii'] Xf V KATaXf u<r(trmc cturovc tmc 

l«vrSr y%f8\ xoBofout y»^diu fofuU^mWm 
362, a /Komoi' JMriXf^m. 449, 20. at 
apnd Pelroniom : < Sinnm saxis onera- 
bam, at ei cea fnrioso sangainen de 
capite detraberem.' 

jutraXn^f'tc] t«v BouXwo-arrm nifntmr&kn^iv 
TOU U^ou. 347, 22. 

jMTaXt&oDv] saxis obraere. zu Tode tteini- 
gen [to stone to death], KwpWXov xaraXi- 
d^a-arrts eu fi^v airrov, aXX^ xa2 oZ ^/t;- 
faTxsi rnv yweuKa avrov, 296, 10. 

xaraXkayn] xardKkayk^, fcedera, recooci- 
liationem paois, rediiom in gratiam, oc 
*y wottia-nrai aa-fjavo^ ctrpoc 'OXw&wwf. 10, 
14. Ix ^oo-ovh h iUirfLKKctyh rS afyufUi, 
quanti esset intertrimentom. das Agio 
[the agio"], b. e. quae esset roonetie co- 
jasqae differentia ratione yaloria ad 
Dionetam Atticam. wie viel man heym 
Umsatze verlohre, oder gewonne [how 
much one lost or gained in the exchange^, 
1216, 18. 

uaraXk&rrta^tii [verwechseln, to exchange"} 
^n^Siq TO yjfvvin tiii ttttc T(«vf(«MC. 
das Gold gegen Silbergeld vertauschen, 
sich fur Gold vom Banauier Scheide- 
munte geben Uusen [to exchange gold for 
silver, to get small coin from the banker 
for gold], 376, 3. 

uaraKoy^so'^Ai] imputare. anreehnen [to 
impute], ovx, Tw tvsfyinfjt& ri KaraXtyt- 
cnrai ^^c vfuk. 78. 6. enamerare. her" 
rechnen [to reckon], 829. 22. 

lutr&koyog] codicilli militares. tovc vwi^ 
TOV xaraKvyw, emeritos stipendia. mili- 
tia defonctos. veteranos. 167, 17. al- 
bum civinm. tov; €ovXft^r^c aa2 tou; 
hifAap/Wi xaraXvyovf 9roif?0-deu tSJv Jn- 
fjurSv, 1208. 5. ol Ix tou iMraXiyw 
votrrai. nadtflB a rep. conscripti, ejasqae 
mercede oondncti. 1211. 15. opponon- 
tnr illis, qnos tu privaCim. too sere, 
toare gratia contraxeris. 

XATaXusm] apx^ xXnpwTqv •\fn^fAetri xa* 
raKia-ae iwl tq 9rpo<}>a0-it TciuTtj. 608. 1. 
9r«VT«« i$ow xiyovTfic tov W/jaov xaTaXue- 
a-^M, democratiam e?erti. 170,^13. rirs 
Vfia-fisig hv{ a^nxo/bcfvot va^eL a-oi xatI- 
Xwov, Alaxln. 252, 24. oTftv al tSv «r<t- 
fwifAon yftK^X avotff&wtf-tv, o tnfxoi na/ra- 
XvtTcu. 1333. 7. iiMo-rhfut M,rdku9fxxifa» 
647, 13. WrtTgfliav xa* vavirciaif W^av ot- 
o-x^ov h a-oi tutraXvBtv, 150, 27. iroXXa J* 
i^on in vt^l ffov cI^riTv, avtou f*ot hxH 
KaraXvHY tJv Ivenvof, 1411, 13. xara- 
Xf Xvxa TO ffXitV. desii mare arare. 893, 
23. tl v^ayfAA )uuu0V, ot^t^fxhw ix tou 
^ravTo; y^ivov, vuv aaraXua'srs l<t>' vfjuh, 
984, 2. iftw&ov TO a-r^arsufAO, tutraXs* 
\va-^ai, exercitas eo dissolveretar, qnod 
merces non esset. 11^88, 7. XATaXu&£(- 
<r5v T«v rom^kan, 1188, 22. 1199, 6. Tiii 
enCctMfv uC^tv u/uiv xaToXutfW. 375, 8. 
xaTciXvf tv nafi, Tm. alicnjas bqspitio ati. 



2511, 94. 763. 10. 
mMnr&kuanf] rfih^wf ofJuH^ffytXrat a&in i7w( 
«fi»T«, 2t«v Ttc fUff^ f^ S^- 1209, 23. 

. d^bm. 660, 21. 

' fAtrot. opinatione mera soapicaotes. 

MiTa/but^Tvf iTv] rii fMu xarafAOfrv^T iStfob 
"koBM, 377. 2d. avroqavrUa )q oii rw- 
fdu tutvekfjui^^wui, 378. 3. rSiv /xap^ 

• Tv^iSv, Snu txftvov ^^/butra I;^eiv xati- 
(xaprupouf. 847. 11. XATA/iutpTvpfr auroc 

. tdrrout fj^ i^ ixctV«t; yiT^omoi. lOi^S. 11. 

1065. tS. 1187, pen. 1189, 12. 1195, 

13. xarafAtfutfTVfnfxinf r&Kn^» Tiotam 

•t oppressom textimooUa, iisqae reris. 

860, 26. JUT oXXqXwy uayafjiA^ufwa-t. 

836, 25. abi praepositio taulam non 

redoodat. rik ^'iv^n ftou luiTf/buifru^n. 

«t, ra^n^ xarifiAfrvffwa. 1115. circa 


suLrdfxifju^rBAi] ti ra vr^o tou tuiTtfAifj^w, 

506, 10. xarafxifA^n ctavrw^ tai temet 

. poenilet, xa2 qtivdc a>v oux <cy ip^otc Tac 

;^iX(ac f X'Wtf'cci. 601 , S2. xora/ui/M^M/ucivo; 

Tiiy f/t«at;rau nXouav. diflBdens ei, de ea 

desperans. 844, 12. 

Mttrafjihtn oucm. 354, 27. Ss-oi, ^cov Iftfmi, 

in caatra ire, HonifMVM, domi manserant. 


narafAtyifvtiv] xarei/ui^fTi ilc u/mS; avTci^c 

789, 19. Karafju^ai rhf flrgoTita tU rnv 

waiay 'A<|>^Cot/. 866, 26. 

juiTaf«u/ua;^8rt] prceiio navali sincere, xa- 

- 'rt9etVfAei,)(nfft Aaxi^i/uoviet/c* 477, ^0, 

uaravifAM Si«v. ^34, 23. rnv Jigav X*f** 

d'vtifcvo't Kat 0oa%fifjia9'i jutravgfxovo'i, 

278, 22. KaravifAir^tu, de colonia 

agrom inter 8e portionibas Kqais divi- 

denduui curant, vel partiti possident 

exercentqae. 279, 2. Karantfj^at W rouf 

nXaroifTc cU touc ^n/Movc. 1380, pen. 

juira^(M)v] dignum honore habere, deferre 

alicoi bonorem. xamf (ovn ravrnv o/jtoiw^ 

avrati /utT8;^g(y rnf voXimc. 1383, 11. 

xaretfrarM] ihrgp toy 2 }fXf ^Xov tv voXf xfo- 

To^;, xoi fii) Iv raXf irri^euQ HMtam- 

' «-aTii/uiyov^pi7Tt..88. 2. Ttf clX^iraxad* 

• ifMSurm /ufrpou/itfiyM xot xaTaqrctTov/usvoi. 
qoamvia non nisi perminutissimaa por- 
tiooea ad mensas aufferaUs annofias, ta- 
roen taota cum importaiiiUte et tam 
eonferto in agmine ad eas petendas 
ruenles, at prae angastiis spatioruin 
vosmet paene oonculcetis atqae elidatia. 

. fiara raXf rSn XarfSn riyyeu^ Karetvavt' 

rat, 808, 14. 
uarofieifAintii Titirrat, in mare piratasemil- 

MMWWt^i^tmnJhvc, 219, 25. 
nmruvMa tU rw TlUftua, 569. 5. oir«c h 

vewf naramXivnXrat hSifo. 885, 4. S^ 
l(lnrXbwi to «rX«ov, IrraZQa lutt »«t«- 
irXiT* tuir6. 886, 4. ivti^ tAj^wtu x«- 
rivXivatv Ix Tnc iwu«yMiC 'ABwa^t. 910, 
24. fic T^ vfAirt^ov ifAirofw w tutra- 
vhMowi, 932. IS. xATctirXfTy fdXXmr i«i 
Tw xp/<ri». 1188, 18. 

xarairTJiavtn'] vXucov orXlwiXTq/uA /4,h x«t«- 
mv^Six^eu ilk rev BUt. 979, 4. 

xtfTATrXovc] 19*1*}^ ZucfXixec xarcLarXevc 
l}4yvfT«. at olassia frameotaria e Sioilia 
Atbenas perveiiit. 1285. 21. 

xATa«roX(Tiuf0^J astatia atrophia eir- 
camvenire. 102. 22. 442, 21. 

x«Ta«rovT({itv] Kurtvima-tiv IviHrra a«ro- 
a^rrofAnn rh vin, 677, 6. 888. 17. 

Karavorrimu et \*ta^ed copalantar at ai- 
miles inter se. 675, alt. 676, 3. 

Karavf&Trtiy] exseqai, effectai dare. rS 
Karavfa^ihKU rk y(»ipiina» 254, 13. 
ex aiiimi sai sentenUaconficere.309,7. 

KaravtriTc^ii] xarlimi;^! /uirrot v«rr» 
raZra vvv, cm i^orra awoa^^o^v* 21. 
prae melu sese demittnnt et aobjioiont. 
sie tchmiegen sich [they cringid], 42, 
21. ^ 

Karafrrvuv] tiq tnt^i xtnivrvatv if tfw. 
295. 8. 

nMTAitrvarof] cl xtkrawrve^ru OittmXm. 
240, 9. 559, 23. ^ 

Xetrapo^i&atl oaa kv ov)s tiaru^wfJttvoQ af nc 
auToTc iu^a, toe-avra. intitwhivai xoxa. 
188, 12. ofc Sn^cM; xaro^arM. 270, 20. 
T» y xnju^ 'xarafarcu x«y txcwmii' 
IxxXqo'ian 319, pen. xctTa^fcfvoc [snb- 
audi aavrSi] xa2 }(0/ucvuf(iyoc* 320, 7. 
xaTrtfStf-l&rtj Tq «r«Tp(}f. 381, 15. iv t5 
)^/(A« Karnfv ^xhrvm, 435, 2. ou^e, 2 
Karafoo-aivr kv cl i^^h^* ^oiwvrn, 617, 
23. ^(09np xarapSrai x«&* ittacrvf In- 

XXqO^V X^pi/^, OVX ir TtfIC IjAflTAT^^- 

ff-«», aXX* it Tiff i^atrttra, 653, 5. -ro x«- 
T«p«w-ew&at tfa/^CouXiuorrt "tf-wff Ion-' 5to- 
9roy. 1440, alt. a yet^ <nff ay xarapAtf-cttT* 
avrS, ravT Ix Wfooipgo-iajff qrotiT. 1489,2. 

xaTa^ctTOc] ff-^ff Toi/ff xarap^Toi;; MiT'O^loff. 
175, 24. ToD XATa^arov KvfnBunoq, 433, 

uetrafOABvfxiXy'] rk nartffa^vfjLnfjtiya aya> 
X^>f^8. per aeeordiam amiasa reeupe- 
rabitis. 42, 14. 765, 13. 

xarifamtv (qood est ab ^^ttsiv), vel 
xarapparrtiy (qood est a ^rrtif)] COBi 
vi, impetu et celeritaie dejicere, pro- 
turbare. xaTEppafiy Etff r^y diXcttf-o-av 
SwttVTftff. 675, 19. 

x«T»ppfTvj iTEpt airra xara^iX. in aemet et 
per scmet dilabnntur. 21, 4. to xara}- 
}im roXf x«t»wff [id eat, ilc Ti x^t^] ^^f* 
1274. 16. 

KMToppnT'yt^y] oii^l xaTippnyyui rk wafa," 

. 0iKEut(^jUsy<i IfAaria itff t^v EopTnv. 535, 2. 

xaTo^^Etf-dai Twy 2e^. 552, 3. 

Karartmrai\ datu itille tehumigen [t^ht 




»Unt ahmii], whnc ehfdftfVM 9f^ rk 
fi4r* ^Xvdi /bt^Tf )i)Mtl» Twv l)«Xi)/uil'rMr, 
M iMTiifftdfirfliy, ttXX4 air^;(p?fM ^^- 
fitrnXv i(<^«<ri». 1035, 6. 
jucmnutvTCty nog^^ov. S48, 15. tlyclyini ^y 
JifAtff ^^v «r«bT» TCK/Ttt, oljc(ac ttartrtu^' 
f^hat, Tilj(n vmn^n/jtiva, 361, tS. tA 

en$a,Xot Ha-av o! Katurutifmmf, 445, 
25. iu»T«Miut4«C th 'HsTta^tav. 1343, B. 

fauTou vcvn^Cag ncLraanti^a^, 342, 13. 

1257, 17. 
ju»T»tfxfv^iiy] apparare, instrnere, expo* 
lire, exoroare, armare, ooovententer, 
aot neeestfilati rei, aat commoditali, aot 
decori, aot proposilo oajasqoe, pne- 
serUm solerter, artificiote, et sepena- 
mero qaoqae malitiose. Pnmam vi- 
deamos exempla ains bonestioria, toI 
etiam ancipitis, tam improbioris qao- 
qae viilebimos. Usarpatur itaqoe na- ' 
T(untiti«{ity iymtk, 1020, 3. 1025. 10. 
)f ovih ^iojuivoc T^i^^iic ttaraoTiMva^irekig 
ital nooff-oiKovf dUohofxiXrat, 80, 19. na- 
vttffmvao'bivroi rov aySivoi rcHhw rh rpo- 
iro¥. certamine ad banc modam oondi- 
cto inter nog atqae comparato. 1176, 3. 
KaraoTUvA^uv to ^guXXou/Mvov avo^nrov, 
19, 27. etfX^ KAt rv^niia ran *EXXi)vo»v 
fatrrw. 24is, ult. yfSi^vi, efficere fraadu- 
lentis inaobinationibo8,at sentenlia pro- 
nnntietar. 544, 3. y^oifAfM.'nXn XiXivxw- 
/bcivoy jm\ otKodtv xano-xiMc^/Mlvoy. qaod 
testis secam in forum attalit, domi jam 
coroparatoro, ut atalim sine alio nlte- 
riori app^kratn posset prodaci et exbi- 
beri. 1132, 9. yp«4>ny. 547, 27. wnCi^c 
y^a^. 593, 14. 702, 6. imnixio-fAO, 
lirt TWf 'ArrtKkv, 248, 13. mraaxByiint 
ftiy iavrmj i^yaarnfiw otmo^arrw, 995, 
8. So-a h aiirn vv iMlvou KancKtva' 
CfAWa 9n(» TO vSfjM Ifx&ruL UM j(jp}aia„ 
1356, pen. ^tarMoieskura. Tnv vwjv Woit 
aiuvwn airaa-i. instraxi arroamentis 
omnibus de meo. 1208, 17. xatcm-miSa- 
cai eravrS koX yauTa; naX ImBavai xat 
vvn(ia-'uu, 1218, 9. oTir Kan^KMveto-fjtivnf 
ifar§ Twr vo\a el t^c »Jf«? oija'af. 689, 
18. et 21. rk Iv Ev0ot^ xaraaxtveLO'bn' 
CQfjtiva cffxnrii^ta 1^* vfiAf. 409, 6. orSo-i 
• Karao-iUVAauwa to vrXoTov ofc u9nXa|(A- 
Sttvt o-oe&iiffi^^di, 293, 2. JutTitf-xiuaxi 
riv woXiv »tiT0tff. 691, 1. iie^urrof, ovotq 
h mSxiQ X)j4>flno-iTa«, xa^ na/rtoxtva^wro 
TJiv irpSJiv. 126, 21. xaTBt^^n/ct^ety wpa- 
y]bui IV iroXgi akuciyt'ki^, 622, 26. orp^- 
hX>}0^v. 1 1 13, 20. hymfXM oTfttrutfra^ itXv 
Karao'tctvaa^nvctt. 14, 26. eti^' ly r« Iltt- 
^cut7 »pQ«¥a %v Q^ivta tuti oTvmnXa xai 
a^w'u^, <X^ iMTaaTtttfi^trat r^i^pnc* 1145, 
7. Tpf^^i ;^S0'dtt( arp^ r^yrA iS «m«- 
wnvmo-fAkn, 1220, 10. aarcMKiui^uy rv- 

$ayvf)«. 246, nit. iMtmntuUm i Afii- 
juiy f«/3fp^ jm2 ^itv^y to «lXX«vilXX«» ^M^ia 
yfvi9'&eu. 505, 12. 'rix""^ tmi^rwt Mmnr§' 
^Kiveto'fAin, qnam artem ipaa sibi eom« 
menta eral, sulerter exoofitawat. 
1351, 8. Scepiiiime seqoioram i« par- 
tem usurpatar, pro oomminisci, oob- 
fingere, falso pFtedicare, facere verbia 
bominem, aat ram, alias, aliamve, qoam 
reapse sit, coasnere doles, anboniare 
falsos testes, aliosTe similes nequitisB 
administros, per quos tate tuom inimi- 
cnm vexes. «r«powouc /Ah Ttvcic nai v0f^ 
o^»( eu xATM'xivaoni, kyvrnfAOfaf II nal 
onapouc, oratione nos facit, b. e. ftlao 
DOS jaotat esse importnnos, sosbtos, 
acerbos. 1261, 22. trntv ykf hf^S/f vmo' 
rw, oiroioue rtxkf kf xtil rii >Jyti Ktvnt' 
ffnufAayf. 1126, 19. itaraaiuv&a^, noB- 
titas, iff ly» fifd ettrt»f, me esse aooto- 
rem, irel in oalpa. 550, pen. tl li /m^ 
arotouyroc 0*0v, [soil. TovTa] XATOtfitsv^ 
{ou0-i, ex eondicto atqae comparato in- 
ter se oriminantor, iutiT«t'f>tuUfM9oi 9w. 
558, 26. ykf efc l>^ Xn^i/w, vwha 
Vf&rrw »»l xaTA0iciu»{o/btfytc, sZ^rec 
Ifjui «roXi/ui(', jiAf fAhwot CoXXii, /u«3l t»- 
ffiuu. 115, 11. ilii rk nuvraoTuatoiT^iirrA 
iiaro TouTou imcfiAn va^ vfiXv, 593, 10. 
tllTi ykf Tta-ay aXndsTc [aX ovfA^ai^ ov 
o-ot pnTioi [soil. %ffeai\ — i?Tt fjkh wtfvm' 
xavcaq [soil. toT; XoilopH&tTff-i] w.rtffnMvm^ 
{fc> 612, 17. xoTcM^cftfcl^wv m^b «lXXo n 
— machinari. 1047, alt. ^» '\»^, 
1048, 18. Ita&i&xa? 4tt;lf7c iNc«y xats- 
a-MvAxirtq, quas tabalas ipsi snbjece- 
rant. 1051, 12. Tf»p«qp/o* touto# mjiX m^ 
ran olXXwy ip^wjumr, Ac XATCMiefUA^ovd'ty, 
[soil, xat auTtf]. 1105, 14. namnavk' 
lutn erSv to v^aiyfM,, 1107, 19. lutfinxot 
xATMicfvao-fiiyai. testamentam aabditi- 
tiuro, coramentitium. 1107, olt. la tov 
TouTou T^oarov fpiivra ixiyy^rrau irtarXa- 
T/xhet Ked xartnutMta'fAiw, 1114, 17. 
xaTao-xfuao'AyTtc ^avouc, ^ twixX^fovc* 
oommenti a semet ipsis sobjeotos et 
aabornatos qnosdam orbos et orbes he- 
redes patriraoniorum, qai nalli assent. 
1255, 15. oroXtTiMiy etvroTc tteLreurusuk- 
(ity. ne sibi per ft-aadem et nefaa arro- 
garent nomen et jns eivitatis, oivea se 
gere'rent, qui non essent. 1381, 16. 
htfjutfrv^ofjtwft Sira»c f*n (mi S^^npoy xati- 
a-HMvafffjLSfot lavf{0'TaU ^eaActrrau prse- 
sentes antestabar, me nihil paloram 
fixam bio oemere, eosqae id meminisse 
jubebam, qao teslari mihi possent, si 
poslraodnm flat, at ereditorea exsistaat 
et oooriantor sobmissi, et sabomati, 
precibasve indacli, at se simalirent in 
hos fiindos peeanias oredidisse. 1047» 
24. Toy «yi4(oy tov iavreS tuvrwux^ao^ 
sobornaTit, kfA^t^nrwb um rfiy yftfU^* 
1272, 6. IW r illSTf, in MMt nfiiieov 



MrrMMMMt. 1281, IS. irftf iBr vt tmJ- 

Ttfc [■cil. avyymtc IfMv] luiTt^icwMUi. 
^ iari potest, at ki onuies, tot a«- 
■ioro qii tiot, si ooosangaiiici nei 
reapM non essfnt, ■ddooereatar, im- 
p«lloroMtor gratia, pre«ibiM» fraode et 
■laoluoatiomlMa meia, lit ae coDsaogui- 
ooot aeoa falso ferreot. 1306, 4. 
MMrraoTUvmrfM.'] oaasa oonfiota, criminatio 
iosidioM etnoodax, astaU macbinatio. 
t47j 9. 555, a. 6S4, 84. ri ua^aauMva' 
CfMk TQC ^uid^juic* figmentain boo, mi- 
SHIS bio tostamratarina. 1109, 18. b) 
Optra, qoiboa srba exornatar. tk tSc 

Ttt. 689, 15. 
MrrMWMt^/wd;] oallidaiiiaohinatio. 705,3. 
Mrraraivd] HaNaralik[fcpttMhoU/umtlore], 

aapeliex dome8tica.iMTfftficf»^y tvc olxia; 

1155. «1. 

«73, «. 

ic«rM~m^^a^ai] dioitar is, qat ab ini- 
nioonm oootra ae conjor^toroai no- 
iBoro, aacbioationibua, pertioaeia, im- 
portaaitata, inatanitate, ct potanlia in 
rep* opprimitor, at joa, qood ei sit 
oertiasiioaiii atqae iaculenlissiinuin, 
tanea obtinore oeqoeat. WMxam/r^a.- 
a^irruQ M wofeLrA^Mi IHjtw. 1081, 
IS. avyntitMfctfhutfM» rUc l^a; ra^f •! 
Kartfrmfftma-f^im, 1899, 80, 1301, 13. 
1304, 3. 1328, 28. 

MAyAmnq] oonstitotio, b. e. foraui, sta- 
toa ranuB. Iv *niairn H jutra^rkati, 
845, 84. auTii lyinr'a rSv mfi 9tS»i 

f91, 9. b) oonttitatio, sea aetas eon- 
atitoeiidi, aisteodi coram, axbibitio, 
prasstatio* t)v tuaniurraoxt tTvcu tSv iy- 
^tmrm, id est, i^ttmi jutrarrwM ryyw 
4ri^ fvr, 5. et'l4. lyy^^H rS hi»oaU 
MfficiihMrM [scil. iUtn»] 1^ ifi^vSv xo- 

ifaij0UL&4, defert me ad serariaai, b. e. in 
a^s taboHs nomeo meom seribeodam 
oorat, of ssrarii, propterea, qood oaosa 
eeotdiaaem, «bi aetom aaaet de robas 
poatolatis ooram aistendia^ abi nittltalas 
oaaom* 610. dracfamis, tametsi ae oita- 
tas qaidcn in jos foiaaem* 1851, 3. 
€M>f. p. 1883, 86. 

xnTtttf^'pi^tv] in Medio, sab poieatatem 
aoam rsdigere. 18, 88. 

MwriLrrfrnfAat] tectam navia, Sehifftverdeek 
[a Mp't deck], aiM0vvlX«0tv iwi ri xa- 
ri0^rfmfx» x*'^^ ivp^ut* 910, 9. 

tiimfA&ron, 540, 8. 
MMrarAnrrw] depatare, dalegpre, eonati- 
toara. *arttr»rf turrit (a^ Mat vf^x'H^i^ 

fshmff l«{ th TiuTov iM'nytfkf* 773, 
17. iMT»rd^»Tt rut ^lifiirtut vvlf •itrw 
md TiS «lixi^. deoidit, traasegil com 
maaicipaJibas pro se snoqoe fratra, at 
sibi licaret, bs, qood ipsi dno manici- 
palibea deberent, per otinm oertis die- 
rom iotervallia, vel certis pensionibns, 
auf Termine Iby iiutalmenU'], depen- 
dere. 1387, 6. 

HArartiiniv] »arartt»6fMmt vwl rt( /Wavov. 
di stentas, distraotus, excraciataa. 1178, 

jMTftT(&fMu] deponere, depeadere, prae- 
aenti nnmerata peeonia lucre, vel ra- 
laere farla. rw xf^/Aarmf [de aamma 
vubis debita] ifetj^fAkf eu K»rldvtavbf4Xf, 
705, 6. IXitTTdt aroXv rSi voXi i MTftditc, 
h So-a 0'oi )i)«0-t [offert], iMraytDsAa-u, 
563, 87. h So-OK uartAtis wavfftrai riit 
Z$ftmt^ 564, 8. tutrtOwM i2« NMVor t^v 
iXiv9tfUv TMf "BXXatf-if. 1377, fS. aXlf*. 
/but] fMi\ k jc^lvrflmc ^n^m iAn^da- 
0wr, lutTa^dM-i. 700, fO. w^\v ^rauufreit 
hfAipAt, h alt t^ reL XvTf« JMradoVot. 
1850, 16. eu y&f hrru »<f>Xi>jua, o,t( ^S*^ 
MAra^rm Mn/Mt ynia-^au. 546, pen. 
our AV aoTAd^Ti, o^ia TOti froki{uuu reb 
Xfl^fMkra, 185, 85. ev^ oawf kr rt/bUv 
xara^irrtt MXwt »r^mrM, 530, 8. 
iUkrar^ianf •irnt rtft^v r^temevra fAvat, 
1354, 16. <^ Tovc mv^^m;? ^iixgovovvTS fjin 
XATlftdtTNtf. qoK fara debita qaominus 
dependeret, Ipsos domiaos [creditores] 
per tam longinquom tempos Tariis stro- 
phis Iadi6eatu« ••i, 988, 7. rkf it^i' 
>jkuL* lit (Jkioift jMroBtit* 488, 13« In 
Fassivo. i vvv iw-iv Iy r^ Wfcwra^, n 
T9 Xotir^ [snbaadi IxiT] XAtATtdwo'i. 
illoo conjioiantur. 780, 80. lo Medio. 
ypofAfAara, k itwm naridnro tit ^po- 
vroXiv. operam dabaal, vel aootpres 
crant, at deponerentar ibi asservaada. 
Uemn niedtrUgen, aufTiebtn [to caute to 
be depoiUid, hid tip j. 181,81. xfxiTva 
[rti y^fAfjuira] 7ea3^ tutrarnfAyiAf/^oi, 
ftaf *Af(o~ro}4M» x«TS&f/bM&«. 1034, 81. 
fw fca ^torXa xntidtfyrM, & ei« ilyvayro 
ianA, 1484, 16. fU/dUaf ivfl^irMtv xo- 
T«di^ai «rpoc Auray. mag nam apad eum 
ittire gratiam. einlegen, verdtenen, [to 
gain, to merit], 193, 'it. ri SnXa, 84, 
17. 816, 9. Sifmt KovXorro rw v^/^n 
uaribtm. oomponebant. 485, 86. «'<tg* 
i xATidf/Mfdn rkt avt%>t»t» 1170, 16. 
;i^afiy. promercri, inire gratiam, velat 
arrham reddendn gratiie penes earn de- 
ponere, ant semen quasi mataomm of- 
fieioram spargere. 416, 5. tULre^dha-t' 
0*^01 X'k*' ^^ AVT^y T«y i*df«vrov, 
1351, olt. f^c tvf(x>0'u»c fAt(H HOffoBi' 
0^«(. 686, 7. xafw^^iyoc ft^«<lk st; ri 
oikn/bMu operam datoras, Tel efieoloras, 
tmpetraloras, ot mag;istratas nos in co- 
atodiam mitteret. 1884, 8. yiyfavrat 



twrtn fh Tp©«w, h [id est, tuA* 8r yi- 

y^fAfA^m T»a] TIC «» l*C ClCxfw JMTO- 

&MT». ad calnmom dictet, a librario soo 
exoipi et in chartis exarari jabeat ; vel 
etiam ipse exareU 1401, 19. 

jutTaTiTfflfio-jMjv] uirip tou fj^» nemo'ai Tn? 

ifX^t uttra'rtrfSio-^ai vSv Td rfi/ua. 

iMrar^0tn t«» n/c*lf «y hifAnyofSiv, 1301, 22. 
KATan^iry] irolis et spe potiri. 288, 2. 
uara^yiTv] e Demoslhene videtnr Her- 

nogenes p. 252, 17. oitare hoc : la-^Ucv 

JOtra^na'^eu] pro stmplici ^vco'dai aat 

^oxirv. ?;^Xoc a\Xw( xm fiAonafla JUtri- 

^WTo. 348, 23. 
XATa^mi] a ^/bu. Jt«Ta^«y av Iy«>«. 

aiam. 614, 22. 
XATo^f iC eu BWKlfAWioi voiw-eu to n-Xrfdoff 

Tqc OVtf-^KC TO JMTaMl^fV. 826, 15. 

Hara^fSg ovroaa-l IfiXiyp^oyrat. 932, 9. 

sutro^l^liy] /bcqxfTi KaTo^fpiTOMrtty [rd 
lyxXii/uoJ i^ro ToyTou [tmJ hai-rnrni] l^' 
iripoy JijMtoTtApioy. 545, 9. sapellex, qnas 
)iA tqv ;(ffiMtv xaTiiyfi;^d»i, e saperiori ta- 
bnlalo in inferias dedacta, vel delata 
faerat. 1158, 15. 

itara^tuytn'l oonstroUor cnm iU, Ivl et 
«rg^C. itarttfavyuv iU rtluro rhtftBet oux 
l&iXuo^. ad hoc certissimam cogno- 
scendi ireri admiDicalam desoendere 
nolnit. 874, 8. tU tqv iv6fUfra¥ xota- 
^vym, ad anoillae confessioneni ooDfa- 
gieos, et in ea acqaiescens, eiqoe to- 
tarn rem pemiittens. e$ alles darauf 
ankammen Lassen [to let it rest entirely on 
that'], 1143, 15. xara^iuyofxn tic sva, ii 
^ dvdfoS^rouf . solos eos testes ederemas. 
1305, 27. ttara^v^grai tU Toy iaurov 
Bio9 &t fbiT^ioy KM 0-di^poya. 793, 1 1 . fM^ 
vflrlp rovruv mIq Beta-avof [es auf die ToT' 
fur ankommen lassen, to let it come to 
the torture"]. f^nV sIq aXXo ^uuuor fAnih 
Hara^vytXv k^Xvrroi. 879, 26, 1153,15. 
tlf Touff fAtyUrtwq i'KiyxwQ, 852, 23. tXq 
Tfly rw 0iw fMrfuntra xal a-u^^oa^vnv» 
793, 1. i(( S^xoy. 114H, 12. o2ix iU rki 
Was V^&omt aXX' ilg reif *A/ia^ixtvo- 
v<x«(. 280, 18. ^yipo2 irStf-ty ^a-av ava- 
yKoc^a^fjtnot [id est, <(Mtvfpoy waa-iv h, 
«T( afoyiMcBfio-cvrai] i^* vfJMi naret^v- 
yitv. constabat inter omnes fatamm 
esse, ut Tbebani cogerentar ad tos re- 
oeptom habere. 231, 17. ou ^ta tavta 
fir^TyTo Touf Kora^tvyonaf 1^' iavrovs, 
258, 17. Itti Tny ^etpay^a^v xara^V' 
ytt¥ i^awfv vofcoc. 892, olt. Kara^sv^t' 
TAf ir^ ufjutq. 100, 4. xeLra^tvyoiV Vfis 
TouTouc oyrac ovyytviTs. 1307, 21. 

lutraf^onXv] Af^pchrw cl vhsXrrw xrcSyrcti 
rayA&eL rS xa\Sf BouXiika-^ai tutl fxnitvoQ 
xaro^^oyiry. nihil rerom omniom negli- 
gendo, neqoe existimando qaicqnam 
esse tam minntam, nt cnra taa sit in- 

dignom. 472, 4. nara^fmtf vfxSr «»- 
▼fiy. 690, 13. &« f»SXXoy uaroi^^tfima-^^ 
vitt^a^irttfASiXkn a/xa^rltawrai. 1448,8. 

j(aT«4foyiiTMwcri075, 11. 

Mtra^uy^ ovx i^m fjoy&ktn ii^auifJt&rmf, 
1131, 15. ^woxtlirfleu fffO^iiM vouroie 
vkg roMvrof xarafuyas* receptns, late- 
bras, excasationes, sabterfogia. 1263» 
20. al rSv &\\on iJ^xnfx&rcftnara^vyi^, 
id est, ov Kara^ivywctf ol h etXXoic hit" 
»n/Aim, 1342, 23. nava^t/yiiv tk vfjukc 
rSv iiutnBivrm l«»i^«Ti. 1301,7. tot 
iH/Atv — oc T«*V »TV)(n0'aa'i xonih A^ i^n 
Karu^uyhv. 1477, 13. 

Hara^afi^to'^ai] mvrajx,a^aaheu ^krreu 
TauTA \m ifAM vuffBhras, mibi gratifi« 
catos esse per singolarem qaandam in- 
dalgentiam, Tel prasdileetionem, toI 
conniventiam. 1031, 23. 1032, nit. *»- 
raxf'pio'aff&M Mi ve^vBeu rt rm rtMu- 
ran. 806, 19. 

Kara^fif, vel xaTA^^lin*] defoodere tnper 
aliqoid. 1123,nlt. 

XATa^K^oviry] ov fl4»«T»y NOTt^ifor^ffW 
^3^c. 350,27. (Ma yf«fAp xon;^!!^ 
Toyii0iy AuTou. 515, 3. XATA;^tipoToyMtiv- 
Tic arpo^i^wxlyai t^c mvc. com aoblatia 
nanibos declarassetis, tos censere, 
nares ab illis proditas esse. 1230, 18. 
9rif{ T^ fxva-rh^ia Si^kMM Euecylfou xats- 
;^ipoT^0-iv i^fMQ. 571, 15. x«Ta;^ii^ 
Toyiidtv avTou, ieiX raZra ^^v/Siiy wt^ tqv 
lofTiiy. 578, 24. 

nara^Ufrcmay ivotficaro o ^S/moc* 516, 7. 
XATa;^ft^0yMy t^v v/mi Tffav «rpoMf. 553, 

XATa;^pfvny tov Qiw iik tovc fratiets. in li- 
beromm gratiam setatem degere in con- 
ditione vidoe. 852, 15. 

iMTa^iil0'&a<] roiavrn xaraj^jinhai ivoXo- 
yitt, 1203, 8. t5 Xoy« tMrAyjiotfihuvs 
Ivop^XitV. 212, 1. TM>c AuTOu; "Kifyws Xi- 
ytty, oTo-m^ nv lutraxi/j^nrai. 939, 5. 
susqne deqne jactat, creberrime ad' ra- 
vim, cam fastidio et odio ingerit. 1062, 
14. 1141, 27. 1151, 7. temere, Tetbo- 
tenns tantnm assereret, non reapse ap- 
probet. 1195, 22. 1197, 21. xataxp^- 
a-eta-bai roCq ^uXotc i(C ^qy olxelo^y. 
1194, nit. ew isX rS vtrviMiai — sif to' 
ftiTtoy iinao^ai xAXoupyfty narayfia^i, 
430, 11. fiSxXoy 9r^^ry, o«Dr«c >(C ^oy 
Ka'ra}(fi^a%9B^ »ut5 [soil. tJ ^^odt^ut^]. 
1467, 11. xiyj»flr^«bti xaTt;(f£ tawtji 
xot '^svitX, 277, 17. Ka.r»^ip^na^ai tow- 
TO(c i/ucfXXf -Tgx/c«i>pto(c. J 148, 3. 1201, 
14.*simpliciter nsnrpatar hoc r. sine 
X^, ant vpo^etnt, nuuri'xjpwArt w^ 
TOW? loLorrkSf m iy$a — jactabaL ad ju- 
dices. 1179, 7. Com accnsatiTO. to 
^pyupioy TO frivo^/Mfiyoy — tvntuda xati- 
j^gnff-ofAin, in bsBc impend!. 1154, 16. 

jMrkxya^fJut] Tny^itf-votyay yii/buu, n ta xa- . 
rtuj(V9'fAareu ahrw XATl^^ify. 1123, alt. 



MOfrax^muM] coUiqnare, et n t e hm tlrm [to 
wfU]. 617, 22. 

TMV wfia-$$ttv yuforonXv. plebisoitam 
legatis Philippi mendaoiter ea impa- 
Uiw, yelnt ab ipsis dicta, qaas Don di- 
xiasent. 81, 13. t. et versa 18. rk irXi?- 
a^a tutn-^ari /mov. 228, 9. 229, 2. 
ton vfoynm. 493, 10. a-w, 558, 96, 559, 
14. KATt^ittva'uiTM Tearra ilaiv hfjuit, 
1274, 4. Iv etc if t<C i/Mm; funi-\*u9T0, 
ipse, yelim ea in mala incidat, si qais 
ea de me spawit mendacia, ob qae 
pessom ivi. 1483, 5. 

praegravor, obroor malliludine et ini- 
probitate fidsoram testiam. 559, 14. ou 
]uiT«4iu^o^pTvptj0-^/iAiyoc. non obrutnm 
falsis predicationibas testiam a me so b- 
oroatoram. 846, 23. nMra-\>*viofAafrV' 
|»iJ&itff. 904, 17. 1101, 1. initio orat. 1. 
in Stephanom. 

^<^arbi fAW, 228, 18. xa'^A^'if^*- 
a^M ToS vo/MOtf. reprobare, repadiare. 
507, 6. et 9. Kati^n^off^i autou t^ 
iyhtffic* condemnastis earn in cansis 
h^w^ contra eam institnUs. 790, 15. 

rSn avdpo^«y. 805, 1. 
uartyyuM] avrov 9fowiui>J& neX namyyvag 
«r^ Tov neXi/buifx^. Tadatas esses. 
poposcisses earn yades. corasses ab 
eo [Proto] tibi pnedes sisti coram tri- 
banali Polemarcfai. du wurdest dir von 
ihm haben Burgen stellen Uuten [you 
wmUd have made him give you security'], 
890, 9. et 17. uamyyvno'a rovt vatiaq, 
ieh hdbe Arrest oder Besehlag auf die 
Kneehte gelegt, verkummert [/ have at- 
tached, made a seizure of, the slaves']. 
impetrato pnetoris edicto cavi, ne quis 
eos yendere, yel alio qoopiam pacto 
abalienare posset, sed ut raihi pro pi- 
gnore oreditsB pecuniie traderentor. 
895, 21. iMrtyyuS tw vauvxai towc wm- 
iat, ich lege Arrest drauf, verk&mmere 
me ihm [I lay an attachment upon them, 
sequester them], 895, pen. a<{Mupou/uiyo; 
AtiT^ Zrf^voc xareL rhwfjun lie Ixivi&i- 

yt$» hat fur sie gut gesagt, oder Caution 

gestellet [has been bail for, given bond], 

1358, 19. ^ftoua-a, [Atbenas] nartiyyvnBn 

&f ^m w^-a «rpoc rS neM/btof^w. 1361, 


Mortyyw] ifj^mse-ivro; [soil, ft; rd ha-fjuorti' 

^w] Scit^fAvw Tayay^eXw 9rpoc tutrryyim, 

voeil erfur einen andem gut gesagt hatte 

[because he had given bail for another], 

quia pro alio qaopiam caverat. 788, 17. 

jwiTii«ri7y] cam genitivo, prodere, indi- 

. care aliqaem. einen verrathen, angeben 

. [to betroyyiiiform. against], Doioioatim 

apptUare de re tnrpL 393, pen* JutrtT- 
mt9 AVToc \aurou, itflv Baa'anHfiso'^eUflhi 
;^iXuK ife^Xf*^^ h^Uro. 1171, pen. 

tusnttwayyiXKierBM] spondere, condicere. 
lutrs^yyikrS kaurif Tturai. addixit ei 
soam operam. 885, 12. 

nanrsmlyuv] incitare, impellere, cogere, 
nrgere, instare. driingen, treiben, Ncth 
thun [to urge, drive, compel]. toTc xai- 

9siywa%. 220, 7. iXXA, itsfi £v to^w- 
Uv Karswiiyu nf atulvo-tu, 705, 23. t« 
T?c sof T«; nariinTyw. 709, 2. o2 XFV^*** 
oreditores, uarnvuytv auriv, 894, 6. 
avfA^ouXsva'as a /xaKtrta. Karsvsiyu. 

' 1403, 8. ou /jU90¥ orpoff ro rk xarsmiyot' 
TA ofSa ahtSifKn, 1405, 8. 

JMTittrto^xfoi] pejerando caasam vinoere. 
i«rip ToS/tU Vfoav0fi9^at ffofk tSff, itq 
ov, uartwu^o-ofAhm ro v^ciyfjut, 1269, 

mTs^yat^ta^M hJ^arta Hoi. o^^w, verar- 
beiten [to vwrk up], insamere in opera 
inde effioienda. 816, 19. 823, 17. ri^ 
afyvfiriv, 974, 28. xarstfyaa^ai rduro, 
perfecit, obtinoit, eonsecutas est, quod 
yolebat. 1121, 19. 

JU»Tlpxi<r&«»] redire. SSw rtf fj^ l^kmn 
"^ ^WC^*» ^ ^** W«rou/wtfX&i7f i(c ra^ 
T»iy. 636, 24. 

MriffBsn yel narSThkn] xarir^nraf rk 
orra juU irapotvourra;. 992, 25. - & 4>»« 
^vXclTTfiv vp6Sara, avrof narsa-^ietv, 
782; 10. 

xarsx*»] roXi lip«« Tofc Ttstf viXtv Kttt th 
X/i^iuv MAiixova-t, 289, 27. tSv Xfarla-roof 
optySfjiMfoi, rk fxh Sc^axta fi^w, rk H 
Xoivk yVfj^vao-U aa] ^um^U Karaeyfiv 
hmBSfJtw, 1413, 24. fAh ravrw Kara-, 
ffX^v rvff w^ayfjtarsiav. 1413, 20. Wxa 
rk irXoXa rcvrov Karia^ov. anhielten, 
arretierten [to attack, seise]. 1121, 3. 
rS voKsfM nari^nrat, 1207, 23. rk 
v^&yfjtara XArixjuf ^m, principatom, 
snmmam remm. 20, 19* raXg vvoa^ia-S' 
a-vf vfMf xarlp^wy. tenens, exlrahens, 
dactitans, ladificans yos. 608, 7. AH- 
xctf roo'aZra ^^fjutra, 842, 21. xoo*!- 
X^f*SPOl IKf VfJtMV Koi lfEXiyp^o/t*tvoi. fcA' 
gehalten [to arrest], 935, 11. ov yk^ 
iTTtWavrai xarip^Ky jcogoy. 422, 4. 

Ketrnyofgiv] ov^fi; rw ^vymrm narnyont 
iavrdv, 33, 8. itamyopiX /(Asy l/uou, xfSfSt 
W rourw. 230, 7. rif yap ety sKotronam- 
yo^^v K^Wfjtttoq, i^on i,rt avroT^oydatras, 
407, 18. tMrnyofsX too o^kov, or ifMca. 
qneritar de jorejorando a me dicto. 
1044, 7. TO JuiTiiyo^rv ToTff mvefayjuthoig 
so-rl¥ lyKaXovfrotv, 1426, 6. T«y /SgjSou- 
XsvfAyon xarvyofsXy alfdvvrat, 1444, 21. 
vavauo"^ ?nf>i rwron luurnyo^mq aX* 
XqX«y. 99, 18. T^c wflTSf Tfiy xarnyo^- 
fjdfm avrov Xoyovc. 369,3. Com gemino 
genitiyo, personsp reiqoe. nfOfodfMv, h 



rimf [iabaudi huttf] kbrdO nurvyofsTf. 
515, p«n. 

•arvyifn/Ao] «^; tUtrk rtk^rw riS tf6inu 
wamryftf^ftMxtL Cct^Mv/uai . trantibo ad ea, 
qu8D animi tai moribas vitio dari poK« 
•not. 314, 91. \m \i Mi raZm nr&mi 
utLtrrj^fAafa «vtm/. orimiDa qaibns gra- 
yator. 869, 9. 

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1044, 11. i(Sov itfAtif l/ul ff'^X'tfc^o/uf- 
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^wq Karoudiu. 289, 13. 208, 19. 209, 

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nn ii/MfJUk w vtfuihf i^ft(6fAt9a» 1391, 

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17. 622,16. 844, 11. 1390, 19. 1412, 

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firmabat 995»24. 

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ywv, Td xATOf&wdiy, reote tt sapienter 
•xoogitatam, h rw wp^ vfiSti ttir^rro?. 
1430, 9. 

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sa, coDclusa. 830, 6. KorMpumro rk 
yjjjafjLo/tA h hmdw r? ^(f«* 859, 9. 

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rtuf raXt iivw rt xoS xar«. 22,^23. 

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juU vXoIpii Til airwi^fy lo-^Vfirara $heu 
hS, 21, 5. *arai6ti9V9fMf, lex illi modo 
reeilatsB proxima sabj^cta. 629, 16. 

MtyXP*^^ taberna vet offieina metallica, 
obi melalla liqoata granolaotor, h. e. 
ioaiiiiiitoa globolos eontendontur. 974, 

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forte aooidebat, at aea ab ea pro inoo- 
lalaa jure dependeBdom, reperiretur 
depeoflim et ia tabolis pro depeoso 

aoriptom. 787, 27. Ifi '^o ifyvftm ahritq 
that iaifM9w M if r^am{jf. 1156, 19. 
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-ndli/eulw] fSfMrhetrria diTVai.720, 13. 
al avfbiiiiM, xa&' &; iHvtlo'drt KtlfAivat, 
791, 6. T^ tIXi) x^fjMet Ituim, wenn e» 
sick aus den ZdUbuchem wkse, dass er 
die Aiaund Eingangsgeb^hren richtig 
gemaoht h'dtte [if it appeared from the 
ieU-ltooks that he had properly accouuted 
fir the import and export duties], 887, 
7. vtfjl rSi9 aXXmr rSy iy rS fSfMt MMi/xi- 
w*y [id est, yiypafAfJtifm]. 972, 13. 

Kix^^ai. 1398, 21. 

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306, nit. xiyo^ttTtfy iriyrw \6yn Xiyow 

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ifiie^^ nMCfltfC 1*^ xlyi"^. 786, 4. 

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;C(X/ofC' 926, 6. Ta^/ywc lUf&fMa. hh- 
x«. 984, 25. dffoxXiy^yai xfpi^iw IXof- 
w. 1278, 24. 

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;^<tXxdy xct2 fiokuBhi* xix^ttfAivM* 766, 11. 

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i^y X^|?«. 402, 4. xi^^ftiy tv ixitWc 
Xpovw. 762, pen, M rS ntfiulmv frSV 
&y oSrtfc imntf^tiy. 1121, 26* 

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yltt(, f^^ot;;, ffctrpi'^a, hvta xip^c /3fa-^ 
;(loc ft^oMai 0oo\ha-%rM, 187, 7. /eau- 
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uiTfip ci&roS tmI ^ixafov ir^fi^&ai. 1429, 
4. kMo(9tottVif rSycTftv. do* Getrayde 
mit Vortheil absetzen [to ull com to pro- 

Kip^Mt] Nomen servile. 1252, 28« 

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549. 27. 

Mv^iubif, 315, 22. 

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ivdvc ritt ata-^oit firMri*, Axx* M rS xf- 
^oXo/tf rSh v^yf^Arm kwavrS, extre* 
mas finis rei, in quern omnes singcilftres 
•etiones ad idem genua referendas 
«xeont, vel propositos finis; ad quern 
oranee aotiones ooHifieaot. 133, 15. 
ht r» ahrk iTv»i nt^iT^ta tUt hflApuetf, 
180, nit. oeronis, camolus inipusitns. 
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*n7t iewrS nvtemtv/AhMf liri^xi. 520, 
27. rh xi<^Xeuoy rSn A^OM/uaravy. 815, 
6. rriq l/uvc ova-iat oXw to xf ^<iXai«y Art' 
(fiMA^, 834, 5. M xifAXitW tlw^v ««(• 
^fJMi. 1390, 24. lio6\4fjitu 6/miV ivii 
xapaTialm iffoysXi^fTy. 442, 20. 

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rfi^M. 381, 15. fjA tx^ittf kri xtfuXqy 
lie Td ^Ketrrfipn ^ol^ny. 1042, 11. ri^ 

yom r^iitwatf, 1488, peo. «r«f t I(r T«y 



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xi^mK^. 322. 23. oCi tat iUotmc m) )k- M^vmn] Kfvwm aiiroy iMJni rik mfAvq 

eivetrrti Iwi Tnv jci'<tMiX^v. S23> nit. «3^ 

lutxii Kazakh, 442, 4. q /uuaga Hsi in^Ht 

avm M^Xn. 552, 22. 
xnhU, Ht^rk i^nfAoa-Bin, Julius Polios, iii. 

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xal unitfAuv. 988, 2. 
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^Acrxsn ithitcr^M, 129, 25. Ivraud'a hfJtw 

787« 17. m^vTTiMr i» nit^tii' ^Ti^iT. 
1081, 23. 

508, 15. 
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Iv luCwT^ Ttn. 788, alt. 
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xt/^v iTvat Tdv awoffhrw, 776, 17. ju- 

oiJi^iJf«if— .778, 12. 

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T«ff «r^xw>c. 760, 1 7. tor. €m« C«iaii^ [a micaitton]. 281 , $2. 

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axnris fraler, inlerdain sororit marUns. 307, 23* 

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x«. 867, 12. Titriciis. 954, 7. 

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qae se affioiuteoi oom illo coBtraxiMe. 


iTrvCihUt], 836, 15. tqv 4<»S6/MifTUfUf. 
1033, 1. 9UTitf(, l<^ Iphioratea, to* 

'reL ymrtu, iXTik v&, 1457, 16. 

xDxtc] galla, GaUdpfeL [galUnut$], qoae xiv^uvoc] ot( n w xarifrwtu ilf xA^^kweir, 

asarpantor a fabris cultellarits, ad in- ^ihotuvh^wrof tti^^thnn, 501, 16. I» 

ducendain nigrum colorem mannbiiis roXsio-^arotq i€r\Haiiiim£,6llt'it» rS 

etiltrorani. 816, 20. 827, 3. stc hf*i lixfyTt xn*))^ fv)(t €VfA^^ wfi' 

xi)X»v] TouTotc MunXna-^t, 144, 12. u^* >*/««. 1311, alt. 

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145, 27. jt** — ^24, 6. oi^ 5{rnio^« v/m7c, Axx* ti^i 

xHir«;] xoraCaX^ec Tnv &u$ay d^y i!c tov xix^mrdi, 112,5. S^rXo. 216, 8^ £o^n(<r^ 
x«flr«y ^ijwo-AF. 1155, 13. ^Tift>jJiXA- 

;^«yov >«w(9'&<tt iy t« xWo*. 1225, 14, 
Xflf] labes. ovroa a-^ftt l^v\a,^aro vi^as 

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praeoones invulgari ploribas locis oa- 

rasset. 917, 24. 
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xn^vKHW fia^io-eu, 1232, 4. 
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xov TO avfMk XaCi), tot! xtvirToi, 294, 22. 
ad iram oiere. tcu/ta xmi, rov'ra ^^» 
tf^mo-iy fb^paiireuc iavrSy. 537, nit. 2fp& 
XJ(fif*»ra. 615, 22. 755, ult. Toy lx»w» 
xixxynxlyw. 1119f 4. Tny fA/fhfAW, 1489, 
11. ort^ TOV fAMT^v rk tuAt^rmtha 
Ix/yow. 117, 7. owWy ^/mo^wv ?yTo»y TiJy yvt 
Tofff wgmpw, oWiy f^fAot «Xl«y, ft tA 
TOV qroXsfMv, xfxiyno'dM xa^ ffrt^^^yai. 
123, 14. 

xtTTot^'poc, vel, quod alii praafenuit, xxtto- 
, ,^ , . - ... 4»g^- 313, pen. 

xqgvf • internoncius, interpres, conoilja- idxf^ ^< '■'^ *f^ furnfA&rm ?,Tt ^ouXii. 
tor. 68,. 15. T« ^* x^pv^ x«TAfaT« uaarpandom tibi ooncedo. 1250, 11* 
xaiy ixa^mv IxxXn^'Uv. 319, pen. Tovd* xXmuv ^fvn. 872, nit. <bff xXov^-oiTo ^* 
flT«y Jy xq^f x«i irpiff-^iwiiff wfoyiygAf*- ywy, il &4**to itvT»f . ci sollte ihm iibel 

fAlyov. 399, 14. itSipjKu ftiy ay }ox»/(a^{i}- 
Tf. at, oantorem si quem deligere Fe- 
litis, vooem ejus prioium exploratis, 
eamqne ad edendum vocis specimen 
Tooatifi. 449, 26. iioTn^ xarafircu xod' 
sx««^niy IxxXqWay o x^pv^, ovx iav rnif 
IfqfrATqdn^ay, aXX' i? ti; i^avarSi, 653, 

6. intererat torture mandpi Oram. 1144. 

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«a* 1234, 15. ny ^^^ o x^pv^ xat^ tovc 

bekommtrit vienn er sieh an thr vergriffe 
[he would com$ badly off, if he ventured 
to meddle toHh her], 1357, %7, xXat^ti 
cilat e Demoslb. Pollux 1. 64. nbi Jan- 
germann. in annotat. complorea loeos 
Demostbenicos indicat, in qnibua hm9 
forma faturi legitur. Conf. e. e. Nostri 
p. 980, 23. fMl nrk vm^U MT^hotrm 
citat ex or. de F. L. Tbomas M. r. 
xXasiy, abi v. Ondendorp. ▼. 536. 

y^ov« ipoivh a^no-t, ravmv xotyqy t?c ira- xX|/ity] Twy i^Tt^^ xsxXutf-ft^tfy. S2« 27* 

Tpiioc [scil. ^«ynv] scrrtv StyiX^^at, 285, n'Ktio-airt T^y nof;^fx6f. 236, 10. 389t 5. 

10. TOV xn^xo; lf«T«VToc* fit ayo^suiiv nMHMt^/xim ^ot Tnc leoffwU^, th M>«X(r 

j9«vXiT<M. 292f 3. ov iTivTctvig, ov unfit, cty, euii dvfUK, oX?^ rervoroiq ^Xkfdttri, 



xXtit] claTioQla, op corporis hiimaoi. TJiv 
xlhtfCi/ KurtayiTn, 247, 11. 

ft^T«». 736, 5. 

aXXoc. 422, 9. roa-aura \(t^tTv av* avrSv 
^ KXl^a;. 1125, 27. jiXIwtw rif iXn&etc 
fA.a.^^ia.q, celanfl, sapprimens. 1136, 
25. fay Tt; /uid^' fi/c«fgav vvip vfyrnjcovTA 
^fayjAAQ nCkiirrri. 735, ult. 

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f MTif n* o/iAowc «"o». 150, alt. Slrric xXstmif 
luutw ^XXoTptotft vfTf/biiiyfy oyo/uao'dvrcu. 
1119, 15. TB» WJ«y TOW xXlflTTUff ^vn- 
y*! fxh ^vyili9, 1120, 14. 

nXnpovo/itiTv rSn aya^Sn. 171, 24. i7!&* ouroi 
xXn^o/itouff-t [vobis pneripiant, in se^ 
transferant interceptam] r?c v/jtBrifoq 
^ofuf jut^ tS* yjttiTlpfliw «y«&fl5v. 690, 14. 
TAwnjc yap ouxIt* tHc ald^uwjc xXijporo^. 
participo. 444, 13. IrtfJat, 762, 26. 
i«-txXnpoi; fu^opev. 1311, 17. <3^y ItI^c; 
v^oa^KB KoxStv KtHXnpcvSfjLnxa, 1470, 18. 
xfJtXiipoyo^qxt ^0 obun XiiTot/pyourranr. 
1046, 4. oWiySf rSv *Ayyfou. 1065, 25. 
T^ff T?fff TOUTW wwjputc fUT* afSff »ai na- 
me )o{i}f xXq^oyo^ftV $m\ha^rai* 800, 8. 

vCknfmfMq nnq ^(xn;* qui loco alterius satis- 
fectionem sea poonas ab aliqao vibla- 
tore repetere debet, ad qoem devolu- 
tom est jas pcenas repetendi. 521, 18. 
xXv^oy^^y 0-f xadtimio'iy o yofcoc t?c dri- 
fjiiaq Trfff Toy vetrpSg, 603, ult. 

xXnpoc] malta ad jas haereditatom herci- 
scandaram pertinentia habentor in or. 
adversas Macartatam. 

xXn^v] l^y y a^X^y wrtyouv h vriXtq xXtijfou 
ad sortiendam de honore qaocanqae 
taDdem admittlt. 997, 16. xXupm^ [sor- 
tiri jadices, h. e. jadicia agitare] xX^ 
p«0y [de oaasis haereditatom] xat l^txX^- 
fan, M-oi fjtmq, vXhv iKi^fO^fiSovoq, 1136, 
1. «r^ofxp£^v kkn^vff'^M [sortis forta- 
nam eicperiri] ly Tor? tvytna-rdrotq rvq 
U^ucvniq rS 'HpoxXn. 1313, 21. vfjaTq 
auTO^, vayro^y Sfn K'K»^vfAi¥wv*A^aUn, 
xal ararron tZ oW Sri CouXo/uIvmv ^y f tf 
Totn** Xa;^fty to ^ueao^piey, fA,6fot )(X^{fd' 
hfAiv, 778, 2. §vxofJtwoq, or IxXflgoS, fxh 
>ieixjtXv rSn l^moov. cam in delectu mi- 
litari sors de te jaceretar, TOta faciens, 
ut in namero ne esses in castra exean- 
tiam. 558, 15. 

xXufot^^txcf] Twy xXiifovp^txSy naX xotfonuuiv, 
182, 16. 

xXn^oup^o;. 91, 15. 163, 5. abi orator co- 
loiios ab Atheniensibas in Cherrhone- 
sum missos sic appellat. 

xXupamc ^latTHT^c. 862, 1. i^^ xXqpwr^. 
608, 1. ^ 

^tXw-ic ilff TO wpurayiToy. 351, 2. citatio par- 

• tiom liligantiom ad forum. 640, 25. 

collato Tersu 22. 
xXnnviiy] oitare ad jodicem, diem dloere. 

277, 15. 890, 17. itwyit&a-oo ouroy % fjLo^" 

Tv^Ty, h l^OfAtw^ai, S xXtiTiv0-« «vT^y. 

1354, 4. 
xXiiT^] sabsoriptor. xXuT^pa ov9* ovriyovy 

Imypa^f'i/C'tfyoc. 542, 19. xaya> xXutq^ac 

I'XW m^oo%Tiak%<ra,fAV9 avrn, 911, 14. 

&a-9rif xXnrnpf; ivo, fjuvu ormq, 1017, 6. 

Srt w^oatKXhBit vw* Ifcou [ad magi stra- 
ta m], ol KXnriiflf fxifjutfrv^naa-n [qai 

me comitabantur citantera]. 1147, 6. 

xXnTv^A XAT Ijuov Toy ^)f X^y imy^et^" 

rai, 1251, 5. 
kK(ir»(i] eodem significata. xX^to^c^ 244, 

4. 1147,6. 
xXfrnoc] habilis lectis inde parandis. (6xa 

xXivfia. 816, 19. 
xX/y))] vfrh xXmiv ti«ro^To. 609, 16. 
xXiyoorofoc. 816, 9. 
xx/o-ioy] oella, popina, tabema, lapanar. 

Schmke, Kneipe, Sordel [an inn, hedge^ 

inn, brothel], 270, 10. 
xXo9r^] oToy t?c xXo^rnc. Ip^oM'oi, xoi o'avrS 

vimviify avrayt, 601, 19. xXo^rqToo^- 

rm ^pifjuiron. 1 113, 17. 
xXi^^d^y] Kkv^ana *ai (Aafiav reL Ka&Sa^rnxira 

hyovfjttvot, 442, 18. 

XXdtf{[8ty] lo^'TTfTI Koi lxX«{lTf. 586, 17. 

xya<j)«uf. 1259, 1. 

xy^/boi] ?Xx>i im^itxyuorra h raXf Ktfifiatq vfro 
T£y )i0-/iu5y. 1248, 27. 

wna-a-M ayvieiC' 530, pen. 531,6.1072, 21. 

xoTXo;] xaraQaq yuxToc ik xotXqy yovy. 883, 
21. oTi xoxoy ly xoiXu mt y^yviTat. 883, 

xoiyoXoytro-&a«. 273, 1. et 10. 

xoiyoc] rk KoiYet [soil, vf&yfjuvra, vel aya- 
Xw/AaTtt] ^(Ofxety. expensas pablioas ad- 
ministrare iisqoe satisfacere. 15, 21. 
Ta fxh xoiva, utonk Wfjd^orraq, ttait fjitri' 
^orra; to /uipoc, t^ ¥ InAo'rov X^ to? 
xixTU/wiyoi;. 143, 5. to ixh wpSSToy wc ay 
ft; xotyoy yftu/jtriv iffo^ivofAhov, tanqoam 
locam, Tel sententiam oommanem in 
mediam projiciens, ad neminem singo- 
lariter pertinenlem, sed qaam oaiqne 
liceret sibi dictam exislimare, qai se 
ictam sentiret. 390, 6. t3 xeiyoy [soil. 
Bna-av^ta-fAa, vel p^fu/itttTO^XaXiroy] pa- 

' blicum serariam. 690, 9. outs yvy 1 1; to 
xoiyoy ayfynyo;^iy. neqae in oommanem 
massam hseredilatis intolit. 1030, 13. 
ly xo(y«f 09v><ivrn(ieo, commani oonsensa 
senatas cum plebe. 257, 3. xotyoc, oi?i- 
lis, xal <^i\&t^^omoc* 315, alt. ujueTc /jtiv 
ioTt xotvot Koi 4>(Xay^po»7ro(. 1018, 4. 9ro- 
\iruih xa2 xotvq Con&ua ^n/*aron, civile 
et ad omnes porrectam aaxilium peca- 
niariura. 329, 7. \6yoq iuutiot xal xoiyoc 
[civilis] xal vvi^ kmarttn, 524, 14. tov; 
xotvouc «rapiX&«in' y^/Mouc. 977, 14. obi 
leges, civibas omnibas commanes, qaa- 

• tenos ci ves snot, opponontor iis legibas. 



^WK propriA soript« saot oerto oatdam 
oiTiam generi. rwv U^m Kcd hjhw fAtri" 

' X^* SQbiiadi hiutwv. parlioipare dirioa 
et oivilia veslra jara voblscnm, quae 
otvibus ooinibns saiit coramunia. ISOO, 
4. fcq fttiff'avra rov iiifjtn, fjunrt xotvov to 
ttfoyfjia Karao^a-arreu, re non ad omnea 
relata, at libera posseiit consilia et ar- 
1>itrla de ea ab oipnibas agitari. 1337, 
IS, TO yif op'^oJc o,T« VfaKticv iari, viov 
WTA hutfMO-ai, Koi •^v)(ti^ ayetBns ftai yvtu' 
fxnc ^wifAW Mmv ffvfAi7ov ia-rt, commane 
indioiaiD est, perinde faujas, atqae il- 
. lius. 1408, 9. 

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sitionem in alicojus genns. 1309v 23. 
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ympfxhw' participare.s'iTelandem, sive 
reprehensionem ex eventis exsislentem. 
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flnveXiTivftsvoic. perlinere etiain hoe ad 
res a me in rep. gestas. 244> 20. 

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xa^ T«v IpyAW sTyctt. 999, 27. 

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431, 19. xotvwyof, ooosors, socins nego- 
tialionis. ein Hand tun gigeselUchafter, 
Ccmpagfitm [a partner]* 909, 15. 915, 

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babas partibas pariter patuio. 1436,24. 

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per noctem, ab arbe abesse. 238, i6. 

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e Demostbene cita| Jolius Pollox V, 

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ToT; diOMT xoXa{[iiy. o6S, 25. 

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yvywfxi*oi, 1099, 9. TOwroi/f t?? eiytut xo» 
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127, pen. 

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7. depensio debiti aeris a parte debi- 
ioris, Tel recnperatio ejns a parte cre- 
ditoris. olx, m Tnv xo/ki^v ytna-^ai rou* 
roiv rSv xfttfAaran, 987, 13. adverhiati- 
ter, plane, profecto, prorsus. anrXS; 

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o^ctX^fyA, «c S4>ii, KOfMO'ai iii)^, XfitTovp'f 
>iry. 59, 1. adducere in medium, coram 
sistere, exhibere. oT^y tiq to a-ufxa va^ 

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JQS corpus bems ad tortaram priebet. 
1142, pen. tva HOfjUrri t^v diSgvt^v Kai 
va^aiS fMi, 1143, 10, 1144, 6^ In 
passivo : vehi navi, wjirif ij* arXo^f t^y 
fAlv lo^r^, TSy ^8 utinnii; affS^aiY^fAhw* 
HOfju^ia^eu, 1465, 7. Tn in edit*: reen- 
perare, aiifferre, Incrari. Tk u^iTt^' ai.^ 
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^^0-afbfy«v, ay Tii; iiwfl Ka^tfiiT^ai. 
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rari. 420, 24. ««&£* ei /iw [morte ujhJ- 
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ignominia affecti] 'td ^^ hm.^ tt^w^^- 
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xqy. ut me coroitatns ad mensam nnmui- 
larii, ibi a me acci|)erel summam ieris, 
qua mnlctatos essem. 1 1 54, 27. tq va^i" 
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qood ipsi sententia judicum addictnm 
esset, nt a me ipsidependendnm. 1162, 
17. ovx ay8yiiyo;^a0'i, in iudioem non re- 
tttlernnt, xix.ofAia'/M'tot tciuthv, cnm ta- 
nien earn ab illo recuperarint, penes 
qoero oppignerata haeserat. 1031, 9. ev 
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[to procure again for it]* 670, 26. rw rirSifhnn v6hu nwfiioa, 786, 8. 

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sonogTo;] appellatio probrosa EaotemoDis. Mufanuei ^iXitnroc, m H tr^Xi^c ov «- 
547, nit K^imtt, 112, 3. npariuv rov aySSva, in 

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latrina : an aofirpo^c, fev] redetntor ster- *eay%imlnmi imOvfAUg h MiKfa'nfjthoi. 
coram in seinitis abjectoram. ohii vSv 1010, 18. 9 th uMXuwret itftvr^f, ant si 
wm^an Imcr&raf ikia^eu, 785, 13. vei onns intercedat, potior ejas esio 

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stissimis et inexplicabilibas militiaram en, oT; av S ial/Mf va^M, xpinrtu, 1394/, 
laboribns fracti, maoerati. 22, 22. uS-^ 23. rhg ^^C &7r&a'af,'&ua rSth vvn- 
fevtn th BvfAv. paltare. 1156, 18. fjkhB' pimv tlnXf fjtMr&ffmn i^v, rS» vifAon 
u/Atyiypp^xSffA^yifUtuTdvx^'rw.fati^m. x^ntV. gandere plena potestate jussa 
1439, 18. 1446, 15. legnm exseqaendi, vim legam exercen- 

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23, 13. foiv ap^ly«y. potiores jure mares esse fce- 

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alteram prias indioat, earn tam adboc 531, 10. xparH^a ttt^ia-eu, 531, 25. xpei- 
impnberem faisse, nondam nnbilem, al- tS^ac lo^f*o uai j(o^, 1072, 21. 

teramposterins, nondam noptam,neqae Xfam^/^nv] saoris aroanis initiare, vel im- 
▼iram passam. 540, 5. baere, cratere aqate pleno, qase super 

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400, 2. pv 9^p ivia-rarrat narix'^f xdpov. 16. 

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afflaentiaoopiaramnatam.422, 4. x^^of /(A^;^M()i^a{. 381, 12. xaTax^ctiio;, la- 
ro^ftv. 423, 1. oulenter et invicte, iiiktyx^^iMinq rk 4«^■ 

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321,14. iv^ea^atxoTfA^y^rotivtm/- 25. 

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cif^ipaiv.597,10. wa'ixikiniudmfiarri\' r<Si VM^t, fioing xai ti SMm ^garogtg. 
Xuy. 958,alt. M^finf tMrfA,ii(reu r^yr&^. 1078, 23. 

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tua-fjuimt] modestia, lenitas orationis. h ttfinu tud rk ffiara iri^wia iflriXsttnty. 
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JMm rovrotg, 174, 20. Toy 2fXoy lUc/xov 1045, 4. xpi&wy $fH')(bimn neX f upcuyofil- 
[orbem reram creataram] xx) rk difa, ifwg Ih?y i»ml r^Xg fuHfAfevg. 1278, 21. 
xx^ rkg fUkkwfAhag &^ag, vofAog *al r^ig De x^ idtyv Demostbene y. Sobol. ad Her- 
9uuuXv ^nrat. 808, 18. uSa-fMt [xxrf- mog. w. IhSSv, p. 415. 

entveta-a r^ vaihi] &g otSfnK&Mno^a »al Xfhtiv] oeraere, seoeraere, disceraere, di- 
9utie^viarara, 1208, 18. xSo'fMV j(jfvco' sceptare, dirimere, rem qoamonnqne 
vao'Tov l;^»y. 1217, 20. &ainp iX rig Ix ddbiam, nt litem, aat exitnm belli, dv 
Tov xadi0-Tarroc *So-fj.w ri ^w( ijlxot. xvT«y Twy Ifj'wy xf/yxvTAC* 25, nit. e! Ixft- 
1396, 15. Kai yckf ravr* huimg &v im ySfxnf fjth lySb, Karny^^et Y Ala^ng, o/> 
fA&Kterra |y jt&rfAu tuti ri/Ap, eos oraet. Tuwog Vh o u^w¥, citat SchoK Herm. 
1400, 13. fAsrk iUa-fjtw [id est, tua-fxlvn' p« 67, 33. locas est p. 407, 22. v«- 
rogj fia) cvyng oxouiiv. 1421, 9. o t?; P^? xp^raiy [id est, x^^{**'] '''^ '>'* ^NKal 
vilKimg ueiX rSn fifMiv u&ffMg avtrof&rrS' era^g, xat Toi>c Ta Sucxm Xlj^oyrxc* 1341 , 
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i»9« ^9'ai Axnuu^yw hfltiTt, moltaB pro- t^ itpti^-nr i7wu wfjUim, e rebus a me in 

tensioDnm, sen oontroversiarum a solo rep. gestis spectandom et arbitrandmn 

▼erbo, Tel a sola aaotoritate Ljcnrgi jadioo, recteoe ista et conyenieoter fa- 

disoeptabaQtOTy nt, prout ille qtiodqoe, ota et ex Tero scripta siot. 244, 14. rdv 

seo affirmaret, sea negaret, seo proba- ^ay rtS 90>ifAou tov ^om(V ^t* o^roy ufCfU 

ret, sea improbaret, id ita ratom et cer- sIxq^oi. 62, 24. imi ^nroCf ia Ai^ th 

tarn baberetor. 1476, 1. ioterpretari, at «^£nc* boo fatom, vel effktam. 322, 15. 

oniroorita somnia. v^ to TiXiirraiov «fi^ «rSv mWfayfjAtm, 17, 16. ir^o^ui* 

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oojasmod] est extremam qaodqae even- 520. 26. 

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omnia institata jodioantar. 12, 17. E Mfha^j Jlm%f t^ i}«l^0y Iy tmc n^k' 

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cogmtioiiiforensi8abjicientes,ve]etiaro ^X^lrmy, 1^ ar^ovM-dai. 25,23. ftp^vny 

condemnanles. 1432, 18. cS^ang e2 y^fu- toutoi;, cl ^uiX SXmo'ay wAirort, vnat^ 

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accnsare, in jos Tooare, diem dicere, aTiovft] v^* U^ wrsiam, ojrri t< htfMffim 

ream facere signifioat. xaTq>'opi7 fA^y ^i^o/towi axlqrrovoty. 422* 8. 

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/(AiiTi agt&lvTa. sine formali prooessa iioindos, 1%^ h Boiwt^ 239, pen. rk 

joris, nt caosa ejus neqoe ab accasa- Tnc }^dc ar^/btara £yiXo^, t& tov «rXovTou 

tore ad jndices deferretar, oeqne a reo mnrdnrai fiM^k» 617, 8. vrfifMra m^- 

defenderetar, neqae a jadicibns deoer- 0'Tiy avrw ^Ay«T«, vk fjth tSv ifym h 

neretar. 6lO« 13. vvioxvou/buvoy apmTy, fJoAfM, 617, 16. voffvofMyofy hfM» tU rh 

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1. ivrk ypo^c Jtlapuc^ fAt, ibid. 6. grantibas, aat immigrare conantibos. 

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awu^rrfia'ona {mh. ibid. pen. tovtm qoaeqae possidentis propria, abi nego- 

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qaeetiamcondemnare signifioat. Tovcly oentor, parte laori alia ad dominnm, 

To7c iauta^m^loit asxptftlyot/c k^imi, qaas alia ad naronUriam redennte. 947, 26* 

est atrox injoria atqae oontamelia le- MrAffig] wa^ifMMtn Irrw Stamtf aat vn^ tq^ 

gam et jndicam anctoritati oblata. 215, Tfiy ^/u^tovv kt^^ia^c* 12, 9. tres modi 

4. fli Tovc k>>jBivq fa2i»i Hfivm, f/iti fxnih legitime aliqaid acquirendi etpossiden- 
ij(Ui 1^* oT» TOVTO vmatts. 581 , 13. si di. v&i h tic ylvoiTo BiBmorifa Mrne-ig rvg 

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1930, pen. wr«H twav^erro 0! *ApiMra-. fAiTawe^(Aoceii^9rwiroTtbvov)«^i,^poc 



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wofayiwrat, 658, 5. r&c Jtr^tfii; rSv 
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6in^«pa/Mlm(.1389, 14. 

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slratu. 747, 3. 

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^ifoq IttrXamTO. per vicos arbis vaga- 
batar, proclaraans fabaa veoalet). Locas 
hie olim legebatar io libria Demosthe- 
nicis p. 270,27. post v^n ykp aXXodiv, 
ut sospioor, aoa cnm aliis quibosdam, 
qasB Critici quidam, ut nimis patida et 
pfebeia sappregseraot atqae oanoella- 
mnt, teste HermogeDe p. 317. 

KxSifffSf] aXX* ovT iw&if^w rkf yewv. 293, 
6. 929, 13. 

jMtwiy T^y nrvxlajf toTc WfA'if\iwa% Jtan- 
atuvetn, 801, 14. 
ttlm] rSv yvnunSv Srai fA^nwrn iv -nCq ftUnq 

1076, 16. 

Ku^ijugydc] scil. tf^mp, namos aareos. 570, 
15. qoantam valeat ad monetam Atti- 
oam. 914, 11. 

xuxXoc] oup^t Toy auxX«y fMm rov Tltt^euSe, 
ovii rw "Aa^nog. 325, uU. xuitXM l«r«- 
ftuwro, sarsnm deorsum, hac iliac, nolla 
oerta itiiiei'is via atqoe ratione, neqae 
proposita, neqne observata. 389, 27. 
xuxXw T«y ayo{kf fAtr Ala^tmv vifiifx,*' 
T<u. 411, 16. JtvxXo) ^tiyoav rdvt WfAOuq. 
ab alia lege ad aliam in orbem confa* 
giens, nbi ab omnibus per viceg exolo- 
SDS fuerit rejeotus. 731, olt. I^Mdiv U 
xvxXm wi^ieriv. 780, alt. 

xvfA$u¥\ 558, 17. 565, alt. \ufA$in If oZ 
imi, 1156, 25. 1157, 5. 

uwia] Mutze [caps], ci rag HUfeit rii Bo(«- 
rUi l^oyTic. 1377, 10. 

Kw6<rafy9f] xo^^inp itori h^ait o! y^«t 
[a-tmriXcw] tlf Kvif6a-Bt^Q.691, 18. onde 
coUigitnr, earn morem ctate Demo- 
atbenis desiisae. 7S6, 7. / 

KvflrpM(] gentile, non de insula Cjpro, sed 
de Attico quodam demo, sea manicipiu 
dnctam. 249, 13. 

KvTrrtn tU ySV. 332, 12. ^ 

nvftoq] penes quem estpotestas, arbitrlam, 
auctoritas, fides rei, oojus est addicere, 
dedicere, tribaere, denegare, absol vere, 
condemnare, imperare, vetare, deniqne 

. penes quem somma rernm est. xv^oi Alh 
Toc ^ayT«y rSv aya^Sn* 36, 27. kv^m 
tSv AyabSv 02 ^roXinv^/Mfyot xot hk roZrotf 
&9ravT« v^ATTirai. 37, 1. 175,16. at rSn 
^OfOJiCKfiTW Itiiotki mX 0^ov)a2 — £; Tva 
xwXuiiTfr — owj^ Ty* xvpMK ToTf ih^iimffi «r«- 
Sti. ratasfacialis^effeotoi delis. 341, \ 2. 

Tic ^v/*^^» •^C '** vA**^f lxP^tf'«vTO oT ir- 
Jpif oirroi or^yTA Tdy ^ii9m xu^ac «wto*V 
>f}«fyii/uEya(. ccrtas, 'veras, fere faotas^ 
perpetno manentes, quae rursus infeotas 
fieri nequeant. 476, 25. {vtiq oBv ts t« 
ahrk xv^M xctt fMt Kv^ia tlvait uitat Sobol. 
Hennog. p. 106,1 6.) touc vo/uot/c xvgtov? 
aroiiT ToS ^i^^axoro;. locum factt jari ci- 
vili, at pneoepta ejus in corpore delin- 
quentis plena cum libertate exerceri, et 
exseoutioni dari possint. 630, 19. rat 
MVfUt Tfiy 4>^pfl0y ytfofxvfoo ra^ai, potestate 
armato, consensu Grflcciae collata. pro 
arbitratu sqo contributionam modos im- 
peraudi. 689, ult yo/^oc it xugtof yiv^;^- 
TAi. si sanciatur, rata habeatnr, consen- 
sa nsaqae probetur. 700, 8. avaXXayii 
itv^» 944, 11. ov TWixAuT* iXfsTy, Zrav 
cl^h ta^rai 9rXeov toutw, aXXa yvy, tn 
Kufiu xadi0-T<tTS oriic-M, cam penea vott 
est eum salram senrare. 962, 19. xvpiov 
nciy^'\>itfjLVnq Toy ah'K^, pro legitimo 
berede scribi oorans. 1054, 17. tovt^s 
%v^lwQ iTyat T«v ^ufAiran, his certnm et 
ratum jus bonorom hereditati relicto- 
rum peteudorum et osucapiendorom 
coropetere. 1067,3. 11. ouxsrt tSc cvaiat, 
l<^* ? l>«aTaXeXotirt Toy t/loy mfioq Sir, 
1090, 22, hkv fxh ivuCKn^i Tiff ?, Tof 
xu^toy txin* el yirginem illam jus esse 
domnm dnoendi, cai ex jure civili earn 
in matrimonium petere atque anfferre li- 
ceat : lay ^1 fAh ^, oTway smr^i^'!'* <^oi ^^^^ 
Tirgo se spoute sua permiserit, xi^mv 
s7wu, illi jus esse earn domum ducendi 
atque pro matrefam. legitima babendi. 
1134, 20. ^iffiwt SaifAAi fxa^tv^nw %U 
T^ xt/p^y a«r^^Mio-(y. ea die, qua sententia 
peremloria a jodice foret pronancianda. 
1190, 3. Wtov hnia'aff^ai utrlp Tffff yu- 
yaixoff rS xt/pw. ei, cujus in potestate ad 
elocandum, et cojns in tiilela esset mn- 
lier. 1362, pen. ourt t?; Tu;^nc xvptoff %f, 
&kk' SHttm rSv warran, 293, 7. xt/^iay 
woMjtf-^jUiyoff [scil. T«y T>jff i^ov'Kiii ^uew]. 
impetrato, at actio de vi in Boeolum in- 
stituta, a magistratu pro legitima et 
rata dedararetor. 998, olt. I9rf2 ?xiy n 
nu^U rw fOfAw, id est, » I x tov fifMu ti- 
rayfjtin, 544, 19. t^ xupia [scil. fXi^ 
T«ff oroXtTiMtff] Stta wot* l^y ly ittacrrp 
Twy oroXfwy, ovff Uu Tourovff xoXo^ity •«-. 
424, 11. /un xv^iwTipay Tqy Tovrd^y fX^pay 
Tnc craf vfMV ^i^^ (Mi yvtiff^M, 
uvfl»q iomti rdv wear^q, rechiskraftigt 
rechtsbest'dndig [legally, validly in lavi], 
quod pater tuns illam ei uxorem de- 
disset, idque ideo,quod ei confessomet 
baud controversum jas dandi esset. 
954, 20. xv^laif filius appellatos is, qui 
legitime fuerit adoptatus. 1095, 8. Xa- 
BtTv ii h HTna-Ao-BeLt rnwoKn hjfiotg iya^h 
ov^iy ay /^ovXMyrs. proprium et.perpe- 



toan, quod tolom sit rtip. et ande nihil 
«d ipsos privftUm redeaL 1459, 25. 
«vanr tou Hfjiw. 782, 7. towc ytuofjtinvf 
*vta^ rSh n^&rw^ai htV ttaraiiifrrw, 
782,15. Kuva iyiwi Koi ^M\ov 9viiU hvl 
nniixna ivurriimt ^uX^miy. 807, 3« 
fuulmmi rrflf M mm [scil. W»ti] ^/i*lf«c 
9lxa ly *EXXii0V^a0. post occasnio Ca- 
nicalir. 9'27» 3. 
tuSian] ravra out«c fxamw xatiwaQ IJa^rtU 

f*nof itaw^irrtrat. 797, 13. 
JM»Xvity] n Tov x«Xu«rrci xpctTfTv. 1069, 4. 
jcwXvfi ov^b, i^, 1154, 18. ou^ey &y av* 
*tx^i fXtfXvi TtdvSyoi. 1230, 22. w ya^ ay 
Tct y ^^ T^ytm/CAsya xtfXSo'at 9im)&i/i}jufy 
ay. 1432, 27. JMXvtiy, /em iortTp^fnty. 
175. 25. N«Xvt(yTOt>; oyqxira; /ud l^kyUf 
Tvy uXqv. interdioero, ne exportare aa- 
derent. 1040, pen. 
xwXtn^c] il V thi rwron ««Xtrr^ ^yrfyai. 

248, pen. 
XM/A&^ttt. 321 , 16. Koo/x&^u h raXq TrofXTraic 
anv TOU «rgo0'««rftov. 433, 22. tKAfAa^t 
[Neera] fur avrw, 1356, 1. 
Juifui] ^MMu^/ulyovc tark ntafAoq* 366, pen. 
Mw/t«ec] pan qosdam et ritas Baccbana- 
iinm. 517, pen. comissatio. i»^ eUXovf 
qroXXouc M nSfxWt 1^^ a^rqy Zx^, 
1356, 4. 
K«oc ehog, 933, 15. 

juifvn] «««■«« TK u4>i/XiT«. 170, 12. fitf-wip 
ly lErXot^^, 7WV /ufiy lo-TtV, "^^^ ^* No$«D-at( 
' ^«-o<{>a(Vo/Mlvo»y HOfjU^tffbai, 1465, 7. 
iU0^>«Ti)c] Tvao-niy iut^imra uai toccStw 
atUrpQ ita^ IfAVV airavraf. 411, 25. 

>M0n] capalus, ansa* Xo^m fut;^a(p2y. 819, 
25. iv»t fMWort ro7f imOovXtuovri Xa/S^y 
^dxrtn. 1420, 9. 

Xa>^^(y] adipisoi aliqoid per sortem, in- 
terduni quoqne ex necesaitale jurin ci- 
vilis, secuiidom sentMitiam a jadicibas 
latam, nt bonorem, sea magistratam, 
sacerdotiom, hereditatem, jos in jadici- 
bos sedendi ; item operaro dare, ut per 
aortem id, quod onpis et ambis, tibi ad- 
dicator, verbo in jure poscere, Qt bere* 
ditateni,virginem com bereditate, diem 
causae tuas coguosoendse. Gonslruitur 
cum Nominativo, Genitivo, Dativo, Ao- 
cnsativo et Infioitivo. Usurpator raodo 
aimpliciter et nnde, modo cam sobstan- 
tivis adjanctls. ft IXap^ov Ufivg, si a sorte 
Mcerdos nancopatus fnissem, w; «r^oi- 
x^f^y, ut antea a manicipalibos lectns 
fueram. 1313, 24. narti^rrtQ Qsoyiynv 
X»j(orra ^offCKia, regem aacrorom a 
sorte nunoapatom. 1369, 16. o [xn^l 
Xa;^ny ivyffjuvtg tm ij^ivntn^ St inXn^v, 
earn in delecfn inilitari nomen tunm 
pericUtarelQf, optabas, at id in eornm 

namoro, qoibos 7n ca&tra exeundnm 
esset, noUom esset. 558, 14. ubi sub- 
aoditar tXf, ^iwv %v tiKhus ifJMVrS 
Xa;^fTy, sobaadi ^/xnv. egomet ipse me- 
met oaedis patratas ream agere. 554, 4. 
iXe(;^o/uiy tou kX^^ «rpoff Toy a^^^crra, 
postolabamas in jnre heredilatem ex- 
hibendo Arcbonti libello pelitorto, quo 
titolos praetensiooam nostrarum expo- 
sueramas. 1089, 17. 1090, 24. Xap^iTy 
IhtTvi IvixX^pou [scil. Kxqy]. 11 36, 4. 
ly TouTOi) r£ KMfS in^el rmq cX«;^oy tou 
xX^^ou TOU Koyawof. 1173, 3. wgo? touc 
%l\yi)(oreLf hf4.Tv Tra^tya-^i./Ai^a. 985, 1. 
TiTTapaj ilx«;^a« Jixac hfuv, 985, 10. 
ifX*^ 2^X* ^ ^fi* Saxifut0-&f(c> 1306, 
14. hvUia T^c iUat fiXa;^oy T£y var^an 
Tfl«c lortTp^of c. 539, 23. o2x &v vort T>)y 
3ki}y avTof iXa;^o/cAn. 907, 10. Xa}^avou- 
o-n tl TlKaraaTs hW Aoxf^Mfioy^oic lie 
Tou;*A/b«^iXTU0yaeyiXf«y TxXayTW. 1378, 
10. XclCi fMi rl iynXnixa, o iXap^oy auratf 
irlpuo*!. 912,2. \ayx»wi 0ov\ivuv, a sorte 
creator senator. 1346, 2. o ^ wy av iipn 
WttXiy \ay^&vm, 972, 19. irpoc tw C<w/- 
xIa fxh Xtty^&fnf, oaasam ad forum Re- 
gis sacrornu non deferre. 1160, 21. 
mta-arra vfMV rovq Xa^orras [subaadi 
}txa{ity]. 1136, 9. T«y tou eroTfc; fcoTi^ay 
Xayxamv. 1067,5. 

XaySi [id est, "Kaymw] Cmv K^nc, h^hotq Koi 
r^ifjton, tuti oil frXnyho-io-Sren w^loxSiv, 
314, 24. 

Xixxoc] lacos, in qoem mOstam, sea vinum 
recens infaodebatnr, aat derivabatar e 
torculari. ToyXaxxov0i;yrp4>|'ac.845, 17. 

AxxWJ«y. 1267, 22. 1357, 11. 

XaXiry] Tfiy «ran; toutm XaXovrrwy n)la»c* 
578, 16. fjbiya XaXfTy! 1124, 26. 

Xa/(4€aviiy] ?erbum creberrimi et mallipli- 
cis asas,cajas ftignificationes, qoae sunt 
samero plorimte, proat fortaito occor- 
rent, i(a alias ex aliis ponemas. nam in 
hojosraodi ? erbis vix locum babet ordi- 
nis diligentia. amplecli, siium facere, ad 
asos 8U08 convertere. tout* av ^xouo-ay- 
TCpXi^oiTf. 9, 7. adipisci, qaoqao modo 
acqaifere. ay oa-a t<( XaC>i, kai a-eutrn* 12, 
10. XaCot xat^oy xaTcl Tivo;. 16, 9. rkq 
}ixa( Xa/bt^clyffty. jns aocipere, h. e. sen- 
tentiae ab arbitris lat», vel legiim prae- 
cepto parere. 79, alt. vincere, domafe, 
subjugare, constringere. oyaporcayl^ 
Xii<t>diti]y, TauTa ff^aTraw xat xaTa^xsua- 
(ofxtvot, ouTOf IfMi 9roXf/ui7, xay fAnvot 
^aXXjj, fxn^i Tofiuu. Il5, 10. defiucire 
sibi meotes bominom deditas et velati 
captas, aat fascino qaodani obstriotas. 
Ix TouT«y «;tiT f xf tvouc XaCA;y ilf to/(ai}So« 
Tiouy rSnt fAiret. ravra wr^pf y. 239, 17, 
TO XaCuy Ta iiiofAtya ifAohxySn vnof/m i7- 
yai. 267, 5. Xa^cvy aX^tca, optione data, 
cum ipsius arbitrio perinissum fuisset, 
optare alram vellet, eu^tXrai to orwi^a- 



vfAMf oviiva, inoesfisset, oooopastet, il 
rap«v irvyxftw, hUa ttKuSfAWf^ 1263, 9. 
iff 9* iwtamtm i avros, iKkw fv^«c IAa/?i 
>«i$/(Mf.'889( 10. wapk r£r TetTurStv "hiyn 
fAtrk Tahr vJfMvy tA 9(iuu« \afA0hcints. 
490, 13. au»2 vvv Uynhnrtu, liU /3ov^«h 
TM, ir«p* i/juiu h vfuV XaC^y ri iUattv, 
jo8 80um a mo repetere* 1024, 23. h 
tdtw HuarroQ af vfMV Hmv i^iArttM Xo* 
$tTv, Recht ^h venehaffen [to get oru^a 
^g^t]* fetiimf yo/(«l(iTt jcffM^ fvy «rpo0^ 
Mty. 1127, alt. t2» fA^ iroXXSy im^h9 

155, 12. il fjttvSL rdu vp&miv d vrgorh' 
KM, jeo^ rd XofA/SavMy [soil, ri di«fMK3v 
^^^toy] JUtTM^wu^btadi. 166, 16. my 
Ti MMoy TO O'SfjM Xa$n$ fin KtnXrat, 
294, 22. T^yavy Vfoanxti iff troXft xfyoy 
9r«(i Tov qrpio^fvToD Xoj^^y. 324, 15.^ly 
Sa-^ T^y y^fMy XafxBantp soiL ^ yfOfA/Aa" 
lYuc* interea dam scriba legem a so re- 
oitandam in bodioo legam, aat in farra- 
gine sohedarom ad kano oaasam pei'ti- 
nentiam a me ipsi tradita qassrit et in- 
yenit. 550, 2. Xofi^^ity cum Hytff^M 
conjanotnm. oujt IM^ayro, ou)* IXa£y tav- 
<m o2 QnQaim w^iff$ug» 384, 9. Tittrnv 
TJiy opT^ xo^ yt?y ivl rwrwl Xi0m, 743, 
23. rovg thv rou pftfjutro^ rovrov atfMorma 
l^ytf Xii4^lyovc* 1452, 26. ^iuthixaroi 
«iinoq Xabfty n/Aotflav, 319, 11. in po- 
testate habere, tenere, prsesertim reom, 
facinorosam, at effagere neqaeat. de 
jadioe corpoa delinqaentis pncsenn co- 
ram sao tribonali habente, at de eo pro 
arbitrio statoere possit. Ivi ratg iv^v- 
9MQ tnaa^nn rourtn >MfA$&mns* 605, 
21* T«y aiatwfAhm Srav vroB* itv^ ctvuuc 
\&0o§0% Toy h^Mn»&ra, rvn rifAM^aoBem 
754, 26. Toy vaek touc fifMUi \iyuv, A 
w^&mw TI BiaiifAnof \a06rrtg Si^nrn, 
778, 7. deprehendere in flagitio, yel 
facinore. oDtw ^>ayipSc auroc o-tiurmi it- 
KnfAfAhoi v^ihvt, 320, 18. )^{iti <}>&o- 
y^d'avTEC, ov^ firoyqpovc Xa^Wic, o^^* 
o-^M. 499, 18. iUnf nrdy ^2 Xn^im h 
Wfocrutu Mofeu. 526, 7. JHtyji yvy, l^ii- 
94fff( ttXnvrai, 'Kaavi lm\^ iiretrren io^ 
rifxmfnrioQ, 561, 1. iiniih tov$ vSfMuq jm- 

K0U{>^E7Xll9rTai.721, 20. Iv^ TO^^avTMC 

^ahtAfACLa-t xai orMoyutT^feooi graXiv f?Xt}- 
«TM. 798, 10. ^i)«iu»Ti ToTc aiauiuff^n, 
Uy fuy xi&oM'iy, i^^y, <ty 21 Xn^dSoi, 
avyyvMfMif rv^fiv, 1232, 15. i^* ^ fioi- 
;^oy ouTOff MX/mmi Xa^irv. 1369, 12. 
>MfA,Q&nt fAAix^ 2v2 Tp dv^^orpf. 1367, 
2. interpretari, sestimare. VA^ii rhv op- 
}>qy rk 0ovkh/4ara X<t0«y. o severitate 
veatra Testroram animorom sententias 
et propenaiones arbitrans, vel oolligens. 
805, 21. fjtiv (Zv ita^t^ant ixakto^A 
tparruioy tov X^ov XaCotc habeas, exi- 
stimei. 1401, 14. accipere, vel exigere 

largitionem, mnneribos oorrompi* Xa- 
C^ oTt^dvon. plaoalus, aopitas moroe- 
dola nesoio qaa, qaantomvis exigua. 
784, 20. wamrAg tmXXa v&^sfya wfit 
TO XaCiry vofAZw0-i. 1233, 6. oro^' oSV ou- 
htg hf a(uu0'eu XoCiTy, tovtov aropt^ TouTMr 
{|^i«T« hafA^ina, vrnXM/ra rite y^a^m 
1333, 18. {«ms Aflri tov oimoparrfffp 
ov ^cM*? Xa/btCaysiv ^vo t9( ir^Xsorc* no- 
gant se qaicqaam frnotos, aat emola- 
menti a rep. peroipere. 1341, 26. obi 
etiam \Afjtii.m9 cum addito x^/uAt» 
legitar. ver. 25. In medio : ocoapare, 
apprehendere, corripere, potiri. 9eaata 
eatar^-^ia mh v&Kof, 1 1 X^ofTo b^ouoUq, 
779, 27. hiXMTM &t tT^** tuyo»k«c v/uSr, 
xoipov tomiStou \afiifMim» 675, 9. XafdCA" 
nff-^M ntufS, adTorsa rerom qaadam 
eonditione, velati prooella oppiimL 9n 
aoipo* Ttv2 Xa^di^Ct futi «ua &iaAfjM>n, *ry 
— opj wifwrlirTOMt* iJ(x«c. 1470, 24. 

Xo^ir^J TOVTO y&f torn mi Xaftv^. boo 
est illod nobOe argamentam, quo fidit, 
se effort et jaotat. 377, 26. 430, 27. 
XAfiv^ <pwh. 403, 16. 405, 16. o^mXo- 
yZ MitSiMy ivArruf rS^ h t^ w6\tt "KafA- 
w^rtvrw \h rS XiirwfytTt] yiynmff&M, 
564, 11. If rlo-a o2ry ait nittuig, nal wnl- 
M \afxv(6e. 329, 24. xal ravra, ra Xtff«- 
VfeL Kol nanti& Ivrif avTwy. 1267, 25. 
Touc xty^uyovc, ly oT; I leiTyot Vav >auifMl, 

XctfAvgorni] magnifioentia, liberalitas, m 
moneribns edendis. nif otry la^tv h Xa/m- 
v^irne, xal rim eu >Mrovfyiau 565, 21. 

X<i/A9rpo^>«v^aToc. 329, 25. 

Xay&^vuv] ikv i* ayayjicaq Xcl^ii. sin aatem 
sensim et sine sensa disperdiderit bona, 
ignorans, ea sibi inter manas difflaere 
et oontabesoere. 12, 11. o; yh^ ay IfAoQ 

Xodl}, TOUTOy ttijHSTi ToiTc ^loT? KOX^IIV. 

363, 25* S>ar% inaarm, Soff^mfeuni va^' 
0TIIXOTOC etvrWf fAnV «v ay cy6a^i v^n, 
fjnihf hyua^tu Kfirta. 411, 20. o2 yloi, 
ayflTEp Sa-i fjuir^tot, vkth* ovr» voiduca, 
&aTt fi&Ktara fxh vttfSur^ai XitvBimf, 
iv Tf fxri, ^yfpo( y that rovro 0wX6fAi9oi 
voaTv. 796, 24. fiA Xa^iry ^utf^vh aM» 
TO a^xu^oy. ne qaotidlanis impendiis 
faciandis carperet peconiam et sio ea 
sibi hand sentienti inter manns diffla- 
eret. 982, 10. /j^ rJi<ntv roue dcouc, <•,'» 
^yfieoo^ec vfuSy 4»^DTai. 1388, 14. 
X^0-ofify Ifyov fUj-^o^p«y votourric. ma- 
niis militam meroenariornm fangemar, 
qnamvis ipsi nesciamos. 661, 6. 

Xapuyytfuy. 323, 1. 

yJtxavcv] S>m f4,nii Xa;^ay0y ysttir^eu ly tS 
x4«r«. 1225, 13. 

Xiyiiv] irapaiy xai^oc fAOtonu^ Xi>«i ^dnht 
a^iiii, 9, 11. ti Xiywrtf vfMi ovrt irvn- 
pou?, ouTi j(jfna-T(ivs flro^j-ou^iy, aXX' vfAtXq 
TOuTovc, o^ro^c ay $ou\n0^i, 176, 25. fid 
MMMt >Syw T0y Tidn«T«t. 488, 21. Mv 



MtfttiTc xlyti. dH earn illis expostolat, 
nil qneritar. 1239, 27. ;(«g^c k^vkv touc 

T^. 1341 » 16. I;(ii Tiyi^ tmV u^uuv/jU* 
totf fita^ivnit >Jkyw & iro^ouo-t. 14B5» 
22. «c wfMi xl/it, id est, xtXtuii. 599t 
14. ^XX* ov Tovra yiywciy o{ i^f«ot. 610, 
25. 778, 5. xl}w, pro id est, pata. 1306, 
1. Xfyitf per ellipsin abest. ante iTra 
deest yiym tZrotq, 349, 2. im^ r^ iIpW, 
id est. Mat 2iTt \iytt ri 4^<^ia-fjui', n^ tU 
fhntf* 356, 4. o&tov^ltf^o-di [soil. Xfyov* 
tag ovTou] '«c ou ^7 mtnv, Sf ttvtf, uiro- 

S^EtV. 398, 24. (sio qnoqne Dionjs. 
alicarn. L. VII. A. R. p. 1388, 10. 
edit. Lips, rikog Ivfmyur, Jit—- id est 
Xl>wy, 2iT4.) 

XnXarfTy] t^ 2fp^y ^^^ l^^ciivw fttd* 
?^«v, XfiiXarouoY. 280, 8. 

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3i fMo-at od>&qvM. 248, 23. 

Xiiafyit T^X'^. 423, 1. 

Xs/flTEiy ^gavoy. 776, 12. fXi«D-f TJiy fjutfrw 
(tea, deserait, pnestare reoasavit testi- 
monium promissom. 1190, 4. rtXmiAa 
jxh *nq rtfXMftag Ixwrw IfAiv roig ihnou' 
fAhng, rl 9* tgyoy &<pttkiro» 728, 10. Ixi- 
Wif ^p&a^oo^ Toy o^jtoy nai ma ifMotv, 
1365, 21. f^ Xf(^w Tw Xo^tf Tflvy rht 
ytytnfJthM^ 1409, 16. Xff^ty rh M 
«rSy vpvy&ton nea^a^tfiofjt.ivin r&^n h *n 
wranL 200, 14. 737. 25. 

XMrofAagr6fu»] ri^irrog H fAW }pa;^qy too 
Xttirefiagrvglw. 1190, 6. 

^Mrora^la, 568, 8. 

Xfioror^^toy] XuiroraJ^st; >f ct^. 547, 27. 
Xtmora^Jov orpoofKX^^ [soil. xX^o*!!, yei 
^p, vel XATi}}^]. 999, 12. 

XttroufytXv rt rSn xo^x^rrwy. ad salatem 
reip. aliqiUd agere. 1428, 2. ^^mS Wc 
XiiTougyoCaiy Sorcw^ ;^4f w vv&^m vaf 
ifjuh, 992, 5. £ffV ^^(ovc^ai Xctrovp^try. 
833, 26. qao e loco colligitar, qaibns 
in facoltatibos nou essent nisi singula 
talenta binare, eos immnnes ab onere 
miiniam fuisse, qui aatem plos in bonis 
haberent, iis neoessitatem fanctionom 
incabnisse. \urwfytX9 a Demosthene 
nsarpari, at vooabalam proprinm, de 
sceuicis, Libero Patri famolantibas, aa- 
ctor est Jolias PoUax III. 143. 

XKTOv^a] tM vetf hfMV of rt rSh /ufW- 
juvy \urwfyieu, iai al ffoXirtxa/. qaibns 
soli oives obstringerentnr. 462, 14. ovk 
av hnaifAVf ^ XurwfyUg hstrovfytTf, 
otrn ol wfAOi Iw0ty. 1209, 2. 

Xmruiit] voTt 'KutrmoXg rSv \fyw, dispnta- 
tionibns Ulis, qoae destinatse sunt, at 
solammodo ore pronuntientar, non at li- 
teris mandatae posteris tradantar. 1401, 
19. palet ex opposito rmg 9* ilc Toy vXtUt 
yp^oy Ttl^na^fAinig* vel sont dispata- 
tiones, scriptsBqoidem illae qaoqae, sed 
popnlariter, ea oratione, qna in sermo- 

nibos com familiaribos et in vita oom- 
moni ntimnr. Conf. Xenophont. Mem. 
Socr. IV. 3. initio. 

Xlfc^o;] iutfjutfriif vdS Xlft/Sou, hh to yvxTa 
•7mu, &vtvntyii* 883, pen. tig t^ ^ifi^Cvp 
ifA0alna, 884, 5. avta-oi^ h rS \ifA0». 
910, 12. 

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14. Xnrr^ »ai el^iXoy i^t rS tufhfnvotrt 
rhv Ae-ip&Kttea/, 1472, 13. 

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vwg Xfuxii ttai fULfoBftt. 313, 24. 

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Xfvxovy] >ji\tv%a»f4,hwypafAfAa'n7of, 1132, 8. 

Xi&uofxa] album, tabala rasa. Awyf&^g 
Toy iSfAM tig TituuotfMU 707, 12. 

Aiem6(ic9. 1258, 25. 1259, 6. 

AtonrOtu. 1398, 4. 

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2;^t(y. 320, 5. fjtfi riifa X^&qy — v/aTp i/t«- 
vtwoidiut, 342, 10. 

Xq((f<ra»(. 639, 27. 

XuxtJSwy. 736, 7. 

XvfAo] fortitodo, fidentia animi, andentia. 
fjui^autfct TSfvng xa2 X^/uetToc, [subau- 
di vvi(, Tel inrS]. 322, 10. 

XnfAfMi] qosBstas, emolomentam, Inorom. 
26, 13. rSSv rotwron "knfAfJk&ron avaXXa- 
^6^. 37, 24. ov^fy >SfAfx» oiMtg &y ij(pi 
vefig oTg lyit TrtvoTlnvfAot irptoTiprtifjtfnif* 
60, 3. TouTO roSvo/JUt t^ti ravm ret TAfA- 
.fjukto., mnnasoala, largitiones, qoibos 
oorrompitar is, coi dantor. 96, 11. ovx 
aSff-^^yoyrcu ir^yra fAWfou TJifAfxarog «r«< 
XoiJyTi?. 157, 9. &a^np ly t^wtAwj fivren 
ivt TO XiifAfM, SIS, 13. ovT«c 2»^p»y h 
nei tkog frfigrSxhfA/jiart, 380, 14. 9ray- 
Toc ^rron XfifAfMtrog, qoi nalli corrupte- 
las largitionali resistit. 450, 9. XnfAfxa 
fAiiHv ta^i \a$tTf i/Aol, 523, 24. XnfXfAa 
yrdvro h* hhtav, ov it* vB^a "ketjABatw, 
573, 13. nbi signifioator triobolam, 
qood inter jadioes dicta sententia dis- 
cessoros distribnebator. rlvc^ ay IfM 
aOTM^M-dM huH XhfAfMirog, 721, 12. 
w^ Tw >SnfAfA& n im* ahrm fxnih ytyo^ 
viai, ial a^k rk {mvrtldirra &ni\M'ktf. 
non solum qnsBstam, vel osaram inde 
nullam retail, sed pignora adeo ipsa 
qaoqoe periemnt. 822, 12. t3 x9/btfM 
Tovd' hutatog ifjulKoySv XeiBittv. 825, alt. 
qno loco sensa bonesto est nsarpatom, 
pro re somma sris, qaam qais acce- 
ptam fert. XitfAfjut itlp^ovc* 1105, 24. 
\n/Afjuk kfyv^u. Geldpost, die man in 
Empfang genommen hat [a sum of mo- 
ney which one hat receiwd], 1201, 9. 
A«iTl;(oyTac TfiSy XtifAfjt&rm. 1335, 4. tl- 
Vntff, oTi TovTotff «lwo T«5y TiVfAfx&rtn [de 
fartis, rapinis] to fjki^ ioricVfl^Mynrig 
fjul^v ve^k Twy fllXXaiy olpovrrat kf^fA^tir. 
1342, 1 2. rk hnk ravra fM^ou 'KhfAfAa- 
rog avcHSfAtfog. illas borribiles minas 



vjli, sordido laoello Tendeni, b. e. li- 
nens se plftcari, at ab aooa«atione desi* 
sUt. 1332, 16. vdKKoTf i-iro rSff ahrSn 
"KnfxfxSLtbi^t y^k^'m vav, o ,ri kf CouXaw- 
ra. fur einerley Preiss [at one and the 
same pficf]. «i?e magni momenti res sit, 
sire levis, cajos eos anctores fieri qais 
yelit, ad omnia desceiidere parati, dam- 
niodo tax am persolvat, qno) rogationam 
omniom penes ipsos est eadem. 687, 25. 

Aijf«Wff. 793, 26. 

AnteuovJ h iiri AwaU vofAirfi, 517, 26. 

fAanlv tSv 'Orfufion iyy^a^Hyeu, 1091, 
9. tS \n^itt^j(ixi¥ avroXs aire&\tro yi*fA* 
fAatttot» 1306, 21. 

X?^i;] f^ixj^i rUs h/Mri^Af X^^ev; . nsqne ad 
earn diem, qua nos actionem io eos sor- 
titi somas, b. e. capessirimas. 1085, 
13. tavrtif ii [scil. twv iUa^n] avayKn neri 
rw )(O0XOvrocX^^fi ^Xouo-^eu. aocasatori's 
libello aocasatorio declarari. 1116, pen. 

" w « XSfiff aoTU Tou acX^pou iyinro, com 
baec bac de bereditate oriretnr conten- 
tio. 1096, 20. «r«ipi touc f^fwuff t^v XSfw 
«niro/jjT«t. 903i 25. >t3a>« r»» Xrifw [li- 
bellum accosatoriam] lAtwA^-^^n rSva' 
(l^$«. 1332, 14. Ix T?c X^£f(vc'xa2 tSv 


Xn^IV] vo/(J{» Tov XsywTft XupiTr. 59, 23. 
9v hX XiipiTv, ou^i >'^e^>f(y voXafjuv, 146, 
2. tl 9roXXel rnog Xupothrro; aHovcairt. 
1 421, nit. ov ^2 Xn^f (V xoi nrv^Sia^^at 
^oxfi. 116, 6. i( hT fed Xnpffy. si dicen- 
dam id est, qaod res est. wenn man 
frey von der Bnist ioeg reden, dot Kind 
bey seinem rechten Nahmen nennen, und 
nicht dn Blatt vor den Mund nehmen 
toll [if one is to speak out openly, to call 
the child by its right name, to deal can- 
didly'], 525, t, 

XnfOff] Kffnag not X^wt/j. 36, 18. 175, 5. 

XnffTivtn ariyKn tov itfikSfAW, bellnra ge- 
rere, non jastis prceliis aperto Marte 
commtttendis, sed latrociniis, et pirati- 
cis fartis. 46, 14. 

Xi}0^] vtfi avToy i7ra( 'knffthq xai x^Xojmc. 
23, 15. de jure leoorom a piratis ooco- 
patoram, cajas sint, ejasne, qui prias 
ea tenoisset, ante piratas, an bujas, qai 

, latrones ejeoisset. 77, 16. sqq. iv fjt,ia^ 
Tn *EXXcl^i au^avo/Mfvov 'knvrcZ rSn *£XX^« 
Mw. 140, 18. 

X»w^fHt9» flrXoTov %x^' ^^^» ^^* 

ynrrfiq\ \iwr^ilm w£v. 1237, 10. "hritrr^- 
' hq rfifipttg v^ie^w lie MapAi^Sv*. 
1432. 8. 

Xfay] auTM td^lat ifxOdai rm vtlKiruSn 
^f^ rv^mnvg, id est, ttl a^i^At uai Bt^' 
fjud, 71, 9. 

XidtK^oc mi v'knoiw fAtnfjM e^seya^ofxsfof. 

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vXfrdMc. 325, 22. Xt^off, ^ iuTw, % W^n- 
^c — i/xmo^ vr»r&(n. 645, 15. x£&«», n 
tSv T«9vra»y a/xCvnrat fAnhvt, 1262, 24. 

Xt6oirof(^] avt^a Ix tov ITitpaiw; o^^i irf ^2 
rA/Xi&oTOju/aff. 1252, 8. 

X(xvo<^^oc. 313, pen. 

Xf/tA^] Xiju^Ac xa^voutf'dat. ▼eotigfdia e por- 
tobas percipere. 15, 20. t£v oxswof f? 
T* v^ikoiro Ix tSv yvfAttwion, ^ Ix tSv